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tv   News  RT  November 2, 2021 6:00pm-6:57pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is i'll say breaking me. breathe is a whistle blower so report. so say sorry a say solo souls in salt in flight up so that sort of full scope full scope full bit back. so back to something testing, christine, christine, christine, media, cingus, things sing, sing, sing that says us officials refuse to listen to pump. also it also ahead despite a hetero bry, hayden branding head branding, han u. s. a. n u s. behead mock receipt, the n c. the ncp of the world, the withholding holding legal, increasing link, single link lead to the lead to the difficult discipline green. the green links is
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a putting all the putting things, obviously, officer, link, diving, live, and link global global link with settling and everything of americans of american democracy critically, as well as it's how health care system. we discussed the findings, the findings, the funds with the forwards, with a former us called u. s. corp. congressman congress. congressman, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, fungus, fungus, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress is, impress, fungus, put in place congress edges. this congress hedges, this congress that russia will be congress. russia will be congress, russia will be congress, carbon neutral, carbon neutral carbon, new no. late the carbon newton 26 carbon new 36 carbon nudity, 6 carbon new carbon, new carbon, new carbon neutral carbon, new to carbon newt carbon new from that carbon new to carbon nuke 6 to delegate carbon neutral to delegate carbon neutral. at the u. n. a carbon nuke climate when they get carbon new to finally, when they get carbon new sometime when they get carbon nukes in scotland in scotland in scotland, in scotland,
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in scotland in scotland in scotland in scotland in scott, in scotland in scotland, in scotland, in scotland in scotland in scotland in scotland in scotland, in scotland, in scotland, in scotland and for the west put push it put for action had come up 2026. it takes with look at, look at how they're ambitious plans might hurt, might hurt night. her ations to her tends to persons dependent on it and in fossil 3031st ah, live and live and one, what number to number to them was on was on we international from national sco. i shall embrace. ashley wilk, my rational wilk, my measures this our 1st outbreak about us that that a whistleblower slower claiming that they may was say marry me as it may as it may as females with finals with this cove. it's with vaccine trucks, with files seen trucks with last year trucks with, as with she also was with says that she was with favorites with favorites with her
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that the same day, the same day that she wrote it, halted finding, finding a figure, letting us authorities are refusing to refusing to refuse investigate, investing on a cross axis forces spawn, and he goes on of i get, he got. so what exact, what i'll call claims of being mowbray help, stop, stop, well hobbling these broke the liberal bass rel have been published and packed and pack them for british medical journal, a respected science product, aicpa not subject. and tablo doctor has a hysterectomy, a hysterectomy, a hysterectomy mutation of publish puting, unpublished piece of information for people that for the patient wish pete matter for the patient. wish peter and zation village p the english p, the english p, the english please. this article here at the british medical breed journal. i had gib sees a d d 's a d. it details the accounts of a whitlow, m t glo. i'm an american m a. m tenant mixon infinite, infinite em batten's ads for that, that mother, that's a firm that, that all that, that help alvy about that. so that would do that. does back visit about all that. all of our have a do a math we'll,
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we'll get with 5 back like i seen in the i have the approved light white high. so it all is rooted in the end of the 3rd phase of clinical trial trial. the trial, the trial is a barrel, is a variety trial trial, trial, time mile. i'll dial dial it is, i'll it is. i'll ohio, ohio trial crucial, failed, failed, failed, failed. so oh them, hired, hired hot, hot on transcript and vincent and turned via and via and happen happen. be one of the fight has to test its vaccine even more than building 400001000 people in the world and has subject and says in facts and facts and facts and the numbers and was around from present. 4 round from present would be 4 percent 1000 percent and percent, and percent and percent. and this vin, of your firm responsible for, for the test upstairs. thing on the,
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on the boat and the 80000 able to pay the, the, the house and the, the with the, the, with the whole blow who at the other to tell you she, she, she was powers. i suppose that was, that was some was some was but he was issues with the companies we did have males ales, ales, the well, well, well, well, well, well aged well, but, well, i watched. well, i watched. well i watched welsh. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, well, we still haven't heard before any of the company or beginning of the, for any of the, any of his of his or for what, for with both body body of and of in the portable, involved so, so, so she had a list of alleged via the charlatans via and via, via, via neg while, while, while, while, while on behalf of the firm of this been to of your firm. and it was that was possible for the testing. for example,
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according to this whistle blow participants player to play it play for dinner, whole the whole we are, we are we after they are there, they will receive the see the jack jabbed jazel so did that. instead of the side of the set of giving them proper medical attention on, on, on top of that r t acute at the company at the company at the company, out of lacking lang, let 8 lack. i'm lack of battle wax. that all the back page actions, even lateral, back with that, with that with audience to well, some says would cause what could be updated as updated as side effects. they could, they could call it added adverse events. so well, some serious symptoms that they showed after the jo after the jo, after them. we could be interpreted as s as ice, as effect, as, as somebody would, as we would have to look into it for it. also at all are orleans up all of all the one online, all, all, all under all from the all american the all did wish that ordered the old hamlet that opened all the rules weren't. right. which is really crucial for the physical
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vaccine because it has to be store has to be so, so as to be so as to be stored at a certain pressure below 0. this was, for example, lamp down take takes a transportation of van vaccine. so chatting also show he talks about $77.00 sub label labor laboratory lay specimens. animal intimately email, even tamales argues malay, target mailing. ultimately, the ultimate lasers malays ultimately, the smell intimately onto ma, am to melia. start off for while una blowing the whistle whistling and on on the she says this is had happened, contact. she says a she was hired for bringing this all to light so so our after our company already according audi, until i went to the assembly to the assembly, to hello may or may under, under f 2, or can to assign to shoe shoe issue issue. well, she put, put, put everything, everything together and, and said, and, and said, and sent and sent at $22.00, f, d, a, the mental mental audi until it until it until respond held responsible for the
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book. all of the bible, cbl tables, able's able 3 actionable cable. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. within hours, jackson junior seed jr at an emergency now from the enough, the 8th, in a thanking her enough for her can in a certain and to find her that the f. d. a could not code, not on any investigation that and that might result a few days later, jackson received a call from an f, the 8 beta a, the da da da da da day us her report, but was told that, but no further information could be provided she hadn't, she heard nothing further, nothing in nothing relation to nothing, little to nothing. the report to nothing bought into nothing to nothing. so where is the federal over syringe, the federal over series? the federal lowville near it all their while higher it all, there's the food and drug, all higher. it all that administration done with higher it all the information and higher it all that will give higher it all than what we've just hire it all the i did just hire it all the i did just hire it all that could have been what could have bold could have seen as an art could have booked him as an art could have
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stick sought could have been sought, could have bought the saw. it could have bristled, sought, could have blower you sought, could have been hell come that could have been hell come that could have been hell come that could have been e the or but rather the of diego getting back anybody to her that he very said the name day that he had of the honestly she but he, she but he, she then crosses a very concerned person and aunt and a top and all that and all under his hand up and handle handle in. and on september last she asked, she asked, which is, is important hall because the color that's before all 5 will, 5 the 5 years back that he got the got the approval of the of da. so, well, the only logical assumption sometimes these, these, these, the of the i will look into these, to the clothes, address them, and well make a decision whether and whether and whether they were they imported aids, they, they, they, of the but they are, they, in the see them the them the same yet a yeah. yet a yeah. yet a wise of products he had brought out quite at 5. i got quite a quite well,
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it quite was reflected in applies what was recommended. find that white emergency use you by the lake and the ye of the egg. you did neg, do you? not a yes. a uni of 80808 allegation salad. adolescent ellison, telecom and telecom delgado league apart from bailey, the ard, from bailey, the ard, from belgrade to chrome, billable, and nonbillable, interim belly, british medical, umbilical, german, crumbling, and crumbling and crumbling in 1st despised, briefly briefing, document the submit, completed 2 and month f. d month f demon, a advisory committee meeting held on abel 10th date of december 20th 8020 m bailey sa disk. tammy, a disc. tammy, us fires flappers fabrication for emergency use unsafe authorization portion of through its cov nights. in between the 16, the come that made no man notion of problems pro at the vent, obviously it the next, the next, the next, the next day, the sta issued the authorization of the vaccine. well right now,
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of course now of course now surprise her is was, was looking was, was looking was, was looking was fear was get there was, there was, there was just, it was, was, was, was plastics, was teams when, until i was going into was prove it was seeing was seeing was when 14 force use children and, and interestingly enough, pfizer has again hi this, this us very, very fur, fur, fur, fur, fur, fur, a very contract contract, ventura, ventura, ventura. here we are for, well, well, clinical trial trials. oh, this celia, this is some sipping that must see seen as alarm singing. our civil sib late is late and lately just dis, reaches disregarding the to guarding ladies who child child child these to as angela gauge intelligence each, each each are jammed into each body to budge, or which we have, of course stashed out to suffice reserve entire vitalia of the of the i will of course i will. of course i will. of course i was to was well, does well to suffice of their opinion and this english as to was maybe was why was why was a bully was even the, was these and was claim was, claim was sions,
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bunions things shouldn't be this. it shouldn't be to take into account isn't accounted their accounts, they're kansas and unimportant, unimportant, and sentences, buttons, buttons worth buttons. it's still to hear bands still to hear back from then from a from, from them, from and out from. well, i get from the old, free from her the, from only look for uncle out fraud. take fraud, take fraud, take from the story with dory, with little would it wouldn't it would it would doctor the doctor before her before her before 2000000000 dr. bill who knocked her before he knocked her before and after bidding anything to her bidding, anything to her being anybody thinks her being anybody thinks her body to body to bitter, bitter, bitter because this is because the troubling to trouble here. trouble, but it's trouble with the process. bless. it's not able to do with africa. subley of africa, double by africa sublet, because sublet, because supple itself. okay. he goes, okay, he going on. thank you very much, very much. okay, well, okay, bye. spoke spoked, spoke reading. you reading university my crops, he been viola duties, doctors who silent as a reply because good concern res allegations could j. lepers could j who was could
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j to would eyes trend vaccine is tra his truck, his truck, his truck is truck. bump bump will open up the 10th prob, prob, potential problem with, with the how this article in medical journal could you address that it would affect us or could us or could affect public confidence. ready in the matching succeeds, right? really should a mistake change to your state, you have to your state, you have to your state firm i but it's, it's important to, to, to know when you know, whatever mistake, whatever mistake what is happening is happens. happy back, hold to the bathroom, afternoon pathology, a j. a do with it with, with, with this cuz we've been with us already that with the lord said not just for is to last week said for p for who should remember florida or is that or is it we're in any many millions in the world. how old is old is old, and it's effective it's, it's a face to face america because reputation, reputation on a global sibyl scale, is suff, is suffering with wide spread and
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a view that's debates. democratic prepress is as is as well as it, while it have well health care system. and certainly according to a recent of acre it in 1717 country. and that's despite if, despite of this, by describing by describing by us the melting bike with the melting by the admiralty, by the admiralty, by the envy of, i envy of my world. the of, i will be like the like the, like the, like the, like, the, like the, like the, like the, like i mark my market. i see sometimes receive, sometimes receive messages. it is, it is, it is, it is that sometimes require i'm quarter i'm or is a little. there's a little options as well to what to what, but that a patient just has been rewarded. now for more than 240 years, 40 years, 404040 the system of good assist over in the system goes system and it's assist the system and has been the assist envy of the system work in the system. work in the system, work in the system, the system, the system on up the system up the system. i talked about the survey adults with long by the time you asked the congressman government wrong political,
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what he described. but you estimate that you estimate the as a reflect because it's the mechanic that we could really in charge out. we had, we had now as a court state corporate stations are very, very powerful of the, in piracy policy pars, not the people really voting. it's really the corporately the corporate iterations that run through the corporate or the corporate corporate which has run medicine. they run the military military here and they rest your ra rutledge. they run off mar schools, are schools in our school now. so we're a long off from what people think is democracy christ? no, no, no, we're a long way. we're along we're, we're a law. we're law. we're, we're, we're, we're, we're, we're, we're in, we have love, never, never allow allow. we're allow, it looks like we're love democracy, love democracy, we're loc receive we're we're, we're a lot of people, people with a lot of money and control the control of the monitor in the cherry system. the
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republicans are very, very, very much we're all in this problem. i described just a few 51 percent voting voting. you can turn it into a one, turn it off air turner date and turn it, and then you can turn or turn it into a corporate state and, and protect it and protect a big corporation. so the republic falling into that same pressing cycle, but one by one bond got in and what they're doing now is to worst because they contain us all a policy. essentially, we're essentially wrong on as long on this long down business sound busy and spongebob and expanding all this money, money, money, and state interfering with a private property. just a medicine. a wanted to have one of the debated debate on the care like we have for, for, for, for, for it's that has made it as much,
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much worse. and it is gonna get much worse soon again, much worse soon again, if we don't release this, this freed us from that. the starters nice aids in, in yoyo l. i am its limits, some its come its got discount ground, especially in, got got with pres, potent endorsing. then dash is going to commitment to becoming a carbon neutral a comic money. lo, late better, lo lake, better lo, lake 20 twisted, taken into some torrent of global contents, surveyed titian efforts into it. but there was a possibility of that being said, the task of building a carbon neutral economy no later than $20.20 right is also relying on the unique resources of a forest. eco forest. eco forest. ecosystems systems are significant them. second passengers them's joel for robust them. so been carbon stems dioxide systems and criticisms, and criticisms, and criticisms in oxygen. what will indeed, our country has about our country to protect our contents of all the world,
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our candles for his were our candles for his were our cont areas. eric eric, alberto india, which is also one of the world's biggest on the looters, has one of the looters has one of also set a target for forming a neutral you. the year 20, missing the summit of some of the summit or by to debt, who did debt this indian from this impact this prime minister's office is also asked or so asked for money to be told out of the for developing could have been good to countries for transition transition to clean energy g g, or sac or, or c, a taylor next. look that looks at complying with me. complying with me, complying with him in with, in the goals may not be that simple solutions heavily dependent on fossil fuels sold. oh oh. and he so picks his hair and hair and oh, that's going that's going to save us from, from do to stay $100.00 while leading to the 2nd thing out that it going up that it going up that it was for the feet that it of cia feet that it and that, that'd be, that'd be that. that'd ones stuck well, the forest will stay sharp docket and force which to renewables. 0 and the
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questions and all questions and all questions and y o electric in us if you think she'll like it. i look, we have dvd gate own gate humanity has long since since run down, run the club, rock home club realm, club room, climate, rummage, range range. it's running, it's running, it's running. it's run that route, doomsday call rooms. they call it rock and we need to act not to act, not to act. correct. why check each? correct? correct. it is already or avenue world. we only have a, do have a version for it to raise to, to raise, to raise, to be asked to raise a raise to raised around it
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. great. the great, the great question, great to know. great, who great pay the great biggest great price school, great price school, great high school. great. all these great piloted rate, the solitude rate. the solitude rate is present, chez, it's b. c for that. both phones, which i think kind of things are to properties, properties that nice property in town properties, the light, the light property, the light properties may leave a room though. so that's how i'll play around with wild sick and not know what to fossil fuel of us isn't fox tree. they just can't afford. if there is a risk, oh, will live. oh, oh, would there it'll, when he call, what would he call? what level? whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. in guest sat over in guest sat thou soon? india said the men, india sat, the others in india sat all over them. india sat down, train. india said that would in india sat tightly and india sat, the in india said that india said that india said that because that's but how many
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people, many people, many will, would i would uncover unconquerable, to keep up with roof and keep that over there to keep up with had people and food on their pates. the issue goes well beyond india that oh lord lord, ah, no, no, i'm not certain set a little a little it on certain certain strict additions to completion date and then know what the, what the week on carmen space is on time are, are we don't that they will not remember. tillman tillman. there are societies out there are already already already on consumption and coca cola, and called a couple cases for the livelihood. genuinely, you mean you factor for somebody? i'm fact pen is out of of, of countries have come to get, have comes, i tear complied, come, hide, come to light. come what come grand goals of 0 emission goals of 0 emission goals of sins made up by nations will mean for then this new goal which will be an old
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from strong interest count wanted to count for the pound for green count, run, dream count. one is countered until i count my equity down 40 at account from against count account driver and projected to projected to justice. damascus for next is 0 justice mission stas for orchestra. us until justice. by twist this if justice t, justice blake justice exec justice to bait. further this is in, in a, in christina in between and been developed in developed country libby stripy strip . it's not just that to but it's not happening. it's not struggle to, but it's not that is, it's an width of it's in with it's in with it's not fulfilled. it since it's an, it's not it's, it's not to but it's not millions of jobs will be lost. so that jobs 1000000 jobs since will be job fringed into play jobs. all the t that jobs? no it's, it's all these nation. i would say the asking. i would say it's a, it's a we thing, i would still pay it thing i would song saying i would sort of greg it's leaking. i would still to loading i would still to loading, i would still to load and i would so far away the 12 percent of concentra is consumed to consume
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t times more energy and it will and it will energy in the bottom 10 percent. and 1100000000, so some seller and africans share that frequency, share that frickin share that frequency amount of power generation capacity. as germany is $83000000.00 previous people is less and california consumed more electricity and then tie and tie, inch. and then you won't hear anything about won't hear anything about how that works. that works that way. he called 2626 and run and run. and when and when and times what happens when top and when and when under was and cause. i mean, i make me a gas one gas, one in latin know in europe and funny. funny. no one was shouting about, we shot a bank. i wish i wish i teeth wish the vending machine when they washed begged for the bags for the top 10 by 10 by 10 back. but who, who well it was fight and it's full full. so he'll proper to protect developing to that kind of that device into that. why?
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because it of that it of the far out of the way. and then when a front of act, whether it of that, whether does that, does that wall that does that wall, that devonne devonne devonne chilly, the chilly, some been chilly. i not chill eat chilly though chilly. it's chilly. the budget can stretch to the budget, can stretch anything budget can stretch, it might much construct to eat and to how to construct chilly, helping how to construct tilting how to construct to lead, to ease the pay. what to do to help countries around the world, especially developers, contradicted accelerating or questioning and city transportation address pollution problems. for the word close vertical. we all much share all, much to a clean all much toners safe all, much to safe all, much to safe, all much trophies, planet. we have an obligation, thompson to help make no mistake the state, the state. this is not a typical i got a document on the, on the green energy green and the gold green ends of those gold green and gathered
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in green moscow. i read on deck, read and altered me. no green and bold, green and green and green end. but do but take positions to be splitting, the splitting real real back from the floor and nice ones. i've linds switzerland's actually meets lean for millions, millions of people far away. and even if they did what they do, anything differently differently different, some countries or some country actually some country have a small, some control population, some conflict or some confusing. there's some kind of a lot of inter, there's some kind of in or there's some countries lot of in or there's some kind of an imaging, a lot of or capital and everything and everything. a lot of people who are own, most of most of most rich countries. it's not really going to be real to some of it from of it, from of a whole whole. and i don't think i mentioned committee
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debating batteries last last time. good. yes, yes, yes. yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, go, yes, go, yes. bluffing that i don't want i don't be doing a lot on the not the coming on. not, not, not, not, not, not legend, not blogging me lugging me, not by reason. they relaunch continents, continent the continent, 3 continents with over a $100.00 wonder wonder under under, under, under, under, under 800100100100100 events. yep. if at all, if at all, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very active. this assigned to see me earning the urgency. it's easier for you for you to call concepts of finish and effort. critic premiere by me about johnson echoed that estimate warning of warning of a possible sub doomsday scenario scenario scenario area area vallario. maria,
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korea, korea, as jerry area admitted that if i run, if a dest, his environmental agenda layer, and lead recently legal for the old, for the will produce for the urgent for the urgent, for the current. for the hell open the like to increase prescription on on 3rd, for surface surface, it seems i to seek an hour to see, but the truth, the scene of the matter is a senior voracious seam known arrange a scene. every one nourishes cmos for asia, safe or asia, cynthia, either asia, cynthia, either asia, cynthia, i bridge the scene to we're going to be able to move who renewable energy, overnighted, change rich and not have your have region from that. with this moment, when i'm only on 9th, using toil for not in use, his gal fashion for not in the intelligence isn't, isn't, isn't just not rational. it is paper clip a critical of many of many of those who are supporting ting. ting, the edge, the end, the a to have have al, that net, their, their ability to need to need sit then say say we need to have that. we need fossil that we need fuel into stuff that we need straight out that we need is just that we
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need policy that we need sions or not, that we need to honor that we need to. we've not that we need people that we need have that we need that we need in the next 2 weeks as the negotiates. as my main england, a scone, a scone, a, a, a, a come out with a cloud munich. ok that out to joust. something positive. how clean a g h p which give trying to work, but my big it biggest ist at fat. there is there is that, that, that they'd be at a me ma'am, if move from the heart coolness motions people. mm hm. mm. 11, not it. and i think this will be, will a tough time when politician the failed of failed of fail to a chicky, those big girls california, the telephone, the telephone judge had said he would rule a get his sentence claims the ghetto said
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a big farmer had said fueled has said america, cause mass air it had cause mass, erica, opiate cry, opus sa paying. there's no p evidence apiece that arise. a pin prescript recipes was not, was not was nozzles of adults pro prevail to perfect results, vision to patient and sin. nailed verizon, verizon, verizon b, no evidence show that the rise and pollute descriptions was not the result of the medically, appropriately appropriate control. pre collision of pain legend medication, shut the cambridge and to pay legend since english and in need english and eat language. in that case, margaret case, mother, the 1st trial when for drug company had come in more than get more than more than 3303 or search through or search through to ben file over crisis us, which is claim of half a 1000000 life. a 1000000 in the united familiarity states familiars over the past 20 years over the past 20 years. over the past 20 a year of the previous administration to close it, engine white emergency. after finish the finish, the figured that the number of opium, that the number of an overdose,
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that the number of deaths that the number of had risen with that the number of said that the number of time that the number of it among them, that the number of americans that the number of since that the number of since that the number of since the end of the 20th century. in fact in 20 alone without, although 9 midnight midnight mid people were victim opioid misuse include misuse and teenage. it is an adelaide in adelaide and now go into 7th in 7th, and of which were prescriber, screwed edson and it's mostly pain relievers. let's talk to somebody who knows already who no to audi has audi has audi has audi has audi who? no, no, no, no, no, no popo, he'll he'll, he'll, he'll, i can have him that. how campaign campaign campaign? oh gosh. you check bradshaw. welcome to out. well, we what, what was, what was that there said there were 10001000 of these, of these, of these cases that are in cali off keeping kate, this is, cato being regarded k as
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a historic victor is talia victor estate. victor is k for big for what does it a bit mean for bit for pain, for people pain flipping like if a big room full supply that's at the base crisis, the big, the big, the big it, it, it said it said the very gained joyous press that at that, at, at, and at, at, in more and more importantly importantly, it, it sat, sat, sat, this is, this is, this is, this become, has become an america of merrick merrick, very common knowledge, knowledge, knowledge companies act like companies act like companies at purdue, pharma at sat, sat, sat around and sat around the board room at table in at mann at mann, made a decision to talk to target target a blue collar in color areas, animal or america or areas like scholars, southern ohio or in ohio or eastern kentucky, west fricky west virginia. yeah. because yeah, because yeah they, they,
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they knew that they knew that their new or new variable per school. eric ship school, eric ship school, eric, shit, school airfoil air. or it would need to be something that blue collar were matt workers, math people work happening in my and i am spy. they knew they knew they knew mom laura, laura, so they're there. and we know since how, how, how we how we feel. wow. largely hours later, not knowing what we know in worse and worse in dylan, dylan people in courts, parts to provide the provide, provide, provide emily, emily, emily with families with emma with amazon's. emma emma emma, just emma's emma's m, or loved women's adapt wine. we've logged why i'm logged. why mr. loved,
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why mr. loved women centers and centers and systems. sister stone, sister stone struggling in sex, it insights into some system systems, travis, travis, something and so just some stuff comes with an organization, guys, asian, the maisha, county nations. they should, they should, because they ship to station to station, as they facial haley's. here a should survey should say, race this, this, this a that and put up up up a decent enough cases of his mouth, his mouth while the judges all the judges say, yes, yes, yes. so i believe so if the believe so the trust over i'll what stows was the what stove done via was so telecom was so what? so i haven't got it so chance. thank you so chance. thank you. so to go, we will be at the transcript yet, but it sounds exactly that. it sounds like sounds down down a fail download, kill down to sound breakdowns out in a sounds of evidence,
6:34 pm
downs of it. it downs, downs, downs, and, and, and, and, and, and when and when again, and i to get in and i get in one or 3 or 3 out of that house. it is that it, that it's been down to, to, you know, we've got got 1000000 people people here who's my benefit affected by, but it says it, it, it, and to end end, end of end to end all in the fall and by their, for their, for their aim, their aim, their, their, their, their, their, for their, for their sit, their citizens, they're just, they're like that they like that there speak their has their for their, for their can give evidence evidence. maybe it's a trad citrus the the judge will chose a job that shows no children up know to ever just as children, cherise and joseph judges. we'll just, we'll jump result a job result a job result, a genetic genetic jelly thick. jeff. dick. just dick just dick ge appropriate provision for of pain medicine proficient pro. isn't it for something more for, for, for the, for how for how for cat precast prick to the doctors threw up considering the
6:35 pm
perceptions ins while the while the, the companies meant to make it make happening, the dropping dropping. dropping. it's, it's, i mean, i mean, i think they're think they're risk responsibilities sponsibility, there's enough responsibility, responsibility, responsible route. i mean route we would, we, we know that, that at pharmaceutical drum circle, drug drug reps came, escapes, kiddies, areas like the area that i was talking about previous briefly 3. and essentially, essentially they did was, you know, they, they convinced these doctors, doctors, they, they, they use statistic is that before not bizarre. rock become this. because i'm, because from medical is from medical is from medical recycle dose. i'm a kind of a kind of skewed statistics to convince events you don't flison. are there doctors to black or white turn by turn blank or worked, or where to register? or proper, proper effect or right or right after descriptions of course, but, but, but
6:36 pm
a lot of these doctors that words that we're going to back in about were just just hometown out counters who wanted, wanted to head to tell help the people in their can, their can their unit community and produce barbara canada, these dotted these dotted these for pharmaceutical workers? reps, doctors will use high pressure for sales, actually stack dignitaries, factories to convince actually system that dentistry says from the dentistry says from the dentistry drug was say drug was and drug was this drug was drug was, was in drug was i was a drug was i was a drug was say drug was drug was drug was the last drug was that cost drug was drug was lost, drug was having including yourself, of course became, became dependable. the husband, the husband threw up a prescription there it appeared, fight, fight, find isn't between the health benefits. and the people who was struggling, shrugged, then turns into a dick. and when i said that, like when be drawn, who should been roy who've been in that line, should it be left and adults ethan should have 11 to statin, to statin to state and to be a federally?
6:37 pm
that's a good question. and i do want to clarify that there are, by that there are plenty of people in america, people and globally that have people have legitimate people that need medication like this medication and like this medication will. but we're talking about something completely, definitely work leaking. if we now please, please, you know, can remember group 1718 years old and having a very minor and you know, thinking scribe, scribe scraps, greske rutledge, great grams of volumes of oxy gotten for in for injuries, things like that, that there's them there that i don't that i don't think they're think they're a government government or, or, or, or doc doctor or any doctor or any medical medical professionals sectional. uh huh . who, who wouldn't that? so i think it's got to be a collective effort to answer your answer your question. i think think that you've been the pharmaceutical companies that have to make that happen, is that a less it let? let us on louis decisions that are says that are city, michigan, michigan, city,
6:38 pm
and state and city instead of assisted in a fit and affinity sydney sydney domestically domestically dom sit, sit since it city thing that the government's proposed $26000000000.00, settlement to force battlement pharma to helen to fix this is element enough is elementary enough is element you met, you met, you met, you know how, how do you measure measure the measure and with end where the president interested in that like then we like that like this all in california in california, you know, you know, i'm a little scared. i'm a little skeptic. in 2020 over 20600 and billions ports were prescribed dr. dr. us even sit in a known problem problem for such a long too long chill, i'm sure helpful. chill chill for chillies, ringing, ringing. they love it as well. why l e y l e y a let a fair la la la la, la, la, united. looks like a like a late. it looks,
6:39 pm
it looks looks elizar that no was on. so i was off, so was off that i was out in zach zach, zach, zach sure. zach, zach. zach and it looks like lazar. let's stay late and look and look and listen what's happened. look what's happened, look what's happened. look, you know, i kind of, you know, i look at it there's, you know, there's, there's, you know, it's, you know, i got a note, i note i demick as we know it is to me there's, there's 3 tier 32332323, that we've already, we've auction we've, uh, we've uh, we've, uh, we've, uh, we've off our, we've optima, we've, uh, we've, uh, we've, uh, we've also, we've opted for scrap up to prescribe outside of a very, very, very strong a, b b, e killer. yes. and then and then in the void left when left, when this is fine. wally address, i guess the that was not that was not left from those pay for killer. was present
6:40 pm
for unfortunately exploited by drug cartels in prescription use. and, and i made in the trend and the trend infant and different in maryland, maryland because it doesn't exist, exist, exist, it was successful purposes, exist, cards as well. so it has moved into this is erica speak sensors. they just knew this boom, boom, boom, boom. as a had buyers are and this is really we're seeing the station is this is of his status is in the center to center. it is a picture and it's just devastating. updating, updating and thinking of communion communities in community seeing and prospering, and prospering america being there, being a, being a pivoting and putting them, putting, i'm, getting, i'm getting, i'm getting there a thing there. a thing of saying of being a paying them, sensing and sensing covenants. going through the cold, it feels like this is still gonna go and i'm gonna at most get most is the what's the next statement? negative to try the neck. right?
6:41 pm
the neck. hurry up to the neck. hurry up to get the negative. a lot of negative, a lot of nicholas drawn up the neck, going drawn up the neck under this, the next to the next clinic clinic to the next. i think the next, i think with nick, think the neck of the band and encoded ada this has unfortunately exacerbated, did it. i did an extensive rated of rated that of rated did it. but the, these cases are going to draw out what we have to do, what we have to do, what we do now is pass to be an funding and enough resources available to not only to help me to not to tend to not leashed and drugs and them without an induction in america, but also, you know, this has been going on for quite some time. now we're talking about to do pharma was $9698.00. so a lot of those people that were struggling then been ship builder and and not putting up emphasis and infrastructure for sure and to educate. and to do most of the trauma, the drama that went through the trauma, the drama, the being there from that emily is
6:42 pm
a big deal is that there still isn't enough. there's treatment or treatment options available. there's, there's some air there, and countries like there's just, there's the fact that we still have people who do not have health care and, and therefore their chair and their, their even, their, their therapy, their again, their and their, to their, their, their, their, their, their, or their, their underlining, their, their, their concern is of interest of may with accounts and pack out, and that accounts for the fine account, right? account, right? account to check, right? you're really, really taking the time to ritual or, or written a recap or, or a regular, or, or, or next, the group representing britain stay late hospitals and trustful, says colleague until the government didn't lay it's mandatory cuddled of vaccine.
6:43 pm
those policy goals for health care stuff and as, til next year, as the head of se, trust provider says, that'll help the medical help the medical health service get through the difficult winter period, a had pet. otherwise, he said, why you, why risks, why and why is it an act lighter than it was a bunk, sedated workers deepening of staff should we've got a very, very, very difficult winter event coming up. however, we know the up, however, in a chess is very, very, don't to be full is very, very, don't to be full is very, very stretched. so it makes sense to set that fat that, that's a line. that's one. that's that percy of the pitched past asked asked if we lose very if really lovely, large number loveland bikes and i love related staton. i love we love protection. a lovely over the wind love, hilarious, lovely that it block that love will also constitutes a risk to the patient safety and quality of care. what's carol, what's carol, what's it comes as you can paramedics carries fears of a can unprecedented cry cas, facing the cow cancer. sir, with one local to her department last week,
6:44 pm
even boss pleading without public tart, a think twice spoke or call, a call has called a simply call. young enough has called people to call to cover the call the work call. oh, cool, cool go hoffman's also corporate. so quote on costco and brooklyn help. yeah, her nature of the house cobra. however, the will be have into the help of the how that could simply how them drive. they're having ambulance in the health system. they're having the ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hands an providing other hiding other hosp, lighting, other hostile sighting, other halting, other halting, other housing, other hosking, other hosking, other hosking other hot b. what mother? pretty. what is healthy? what so healthy? what, but really what strategy, what strategy, what strategy, the safety and effect, the 7 oc, elation, and aging. anyone eligible to get boosted jab before wind jab before wind janitor or one daughter to told us her though that the vaccine in a she was to go to wanted her an h. s. that her to having problems theater started her, started her. there are reasons why people made use not to get, not that not, not, not, not as not, not really because they don't lead in the vaccine book. they're made with personal religious reasons or the major label,
6:45 pm
the label and health reasons. now we should allow individuals to have placid acids oscillating to exercise their rights. vickie, one isn't because as a help help, irrational wanted technology retention attacks. he touch potentially and have just done this challenge to see how she teachers, national what, what watching the, it's mindy am leaving the i'm in the evening the i eastman, the clinic and in the an exiting the austin in the adding clinic. you can in the afternoon the early in the annual in the morning in the audi stating the i'd say in, in the essay in, in the item to ready to leave nathan, to me, you're me to not quite sure where payton payton going to my pocket and managed to buy it and works latent eatonton, latent, competent, competent, completely to do to be so you'd be safe either. you'd renewed, renewed, renewed, renewed mid needle of the day. your and you exhausted it. you said you'd so fatigued is difficult. blake, decisions and you worry them to buy happened to new and new brand new patients will, i should get haitian,
6:46 pm
i call it patient care patient. we some patients don't patient our patient work for patients and him. patient patients, name patient id say hi service. and we have had a huge number of people in the dna chest. it's been a chest spinning chest, lacy of the last year after. after that, the governor. i think i can have him ta hell's enough that we never did to the energy energy office or the sentence, but the lighting id, id, id id, research by brief care with care with care was foundation has shown that over 75 percent of an age stuff of considered leaving, leaving leave in the past. 12 within the parsons, within the past, with within the possibly every, within the past. thirty's, within the past with were within the past. gus, save in the past and there was a to say in the past trotter to say in the past trotter to say in the past likelihood they would quit likelihood they were to in the next likelihood they will likely hood they, dr. likelihood they may get says likelihood they, with the and ha, likelihood there was, needs the likelihood they want to take, rightly who they were able to take, rightly who they were able to take. rightly hood,
6:47 pm
they will action as an action never before in action or inaction. action and action movies thinks they're doing still skills to help you out. yes. i believe the google again, i just is blanket that we take too much from doing that. we complain too much and then we can probably get, we'll get, oh there is absolutely. categories be wrong. i mean the, i was in a chess is googling it arounds. well, the oldest broken was we are all 4 tires and we might need to have minutes to do it over the last 10 years. if we have decent stayed and keep our own here's, here's the head, a head and embarrassed heading head. we're here, here's, here's, here's, could appear independent here, here, here, here enhanced. if you have, you have the best when you're not trust me is the following year when year a year after, you can only by short, packets of cash or cash or cat food. if you're not sure when he's going to come in, and so every other problem,
6:48 pm
we have to pass pains path from house in the past for them to very, very usual side here in moscow. and i've been assigned that whole time as well as well as well. and really here overnighted, andrew used a molding a thick blanket of folk to sog to solve it on the capital. enough to your role is to declare a yellow allow emergency because the plan reduce that reduced lab reduced liability that he had a little bit of warning for moving further through that ability. but it, it more for the extra for that, for that and for the, for the, for the ultimate laser. there's also, there's also, there's also, there's all the evocative auto pays of the online authority. recommend you try out . although the kind of ground folk that you'll commonly see in cities around the world and it's, it's definitely a rad. could rad could wrap. and here in moscow, half an hour from out with a very clear view of what have you of what have you of was hang around. well, ground, feel round thomas will be here with you will be he next. we heartily. he news
6:49 pm
with. mm hm. mm ah ah ah, ah,
6:50 pm
with ah, patty, this is max, this iser that this is the casa report, the cost, cost wise wise, you know, things are things are things are, of course, if they're not playing out as we been predicted thing, they win, boy and i we've got very central banks putting on their kabuki costumes and getting ready to why did the, why did they go on stage? stay staying profane form. therefore, rural little lick gnawed to to, than been a day to raise rates by their mistake. then i'll, they are able trades followed by massive quan,
6:51 pm
a quantitative easing. me print any prints, any printing, frank, frank running. frank, frank, franklin, stimulation, translation strength. one once again, one get one. 0 boy, it gets so entertained. so thank yes math. yes, that sounds very yes. yes, your son's birth. yes. your son's birth. yes. wiki and it's probably because everybody's every food, every, every rap, every because every about every believe every perhaps every about every about every because because of because i dick alita, dakota. c because i me because out, because that because even that because that because bad because bad because bad because at the causing because they because those candles can't be handles. cadden just can't son can only can hawkish pills, camp of camp hills, canada and mills, casper and hills county moves and pills, cap rate, hudson pill skaggs moves. no skags moves. and pills. cakes, moves, and pills. care forward one year or 2 year yields fear your spike boots by inflation not being not being not be temporary. awesome. so spoof is that the fat
6:52 pm
f a because as a g p. p growth is only up to growth hooper to growth sent in the growth the 3rd quarter growth or new growth, new growth, novice, a growth novice, a growth oven. nicholas, a growth. nicholas a growth is press a growth reset,
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