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ah, ah ah, virginia has roared and democrats are really republic. england young kens gubernatorial . when is nothing less than stunning? he is a political novice and not the trump sarah, get this bell, whether election will, how far reaching implications, and it could signal the end of the biden presidency.
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ah my father had contacted many lawyers in both canada and in the united states and no one most prepared to do this. they were very, very brave to go up against the government in this way that my parents thought of them as heroes. and. and so did i, dave, at oral a coach, stanley has a member of parliament who didn't really help us that much. the powers that be in ottawa, we're more concerned about not rocking the boat with their american colleagues and they were about advancing a case that was brought by one of their own members of parliament. me do a lot of bizarre physical therapy's going on in psychiatry at the time, but no one had ever used a combination of very powerful drugs, electric convulse therapy, extended sleep, sensory isolation,
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and all the other methods that she was using. there had been there never anything like this where i grew up, this was my street. you see that tree there? i remember when i could put my fingers around it. we, we planted that tree so that tree is planted in 1945. it's quite a long time ago. harvey decided to write a book about his father's experiences. as he researched the legal case, he began to get a lot of attention. some strange things were happening. male was arriving in our house opened. there were all these strange clicks on the telephone then about 2 weeks after that, i'm driving to pick up my kids from a school dance clear night. clear road. from behind me comes
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a car with no headlights on. slams into me, pushes me off the road and disappears, or something that i really haven't spoken about and nothing like this of course ever happened again. but it, does it interesting questions. do sarah has been making up about her grandmother since 2009? we're going to fill a video. it's going to be the doctor and my grandmother locked in. this dance that never ends. i think of it. this has like a like a purgatory state or just like i never got never got resolved it. never. she never got better. we thought this was over. we thought this was about history. 19 fifties in early 960. it never
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crossed my mind that the united states would be using methods to cameron use to destroy ah, we have to admit, i think i know the world fairly well at peace, even if i hadn't traveled to it. but i really didn't know about the twin house. i didn't know that the twin tiles even existed home. i will never forget that. i was installing service for a gentleman, n g o. ah, one of the workers said, there is a war in the united and i was saying was,
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oh, who was in my office to choose and then suddenly the phone started to ring a lot. ah, a tiny new little about all kite in how that group was able to evolve to a point where i learned later that that 19 dogs with box cutters was able to bring the united states to our knees. with immediate need malik was ordered to florida to help drew out the invasion of afghanistan, a
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2001. i made the decision a life changing decision. it turned out to be to go to afghanistan. and to do that with my wife, my children, the war on terrorism begins america and britain strike afghanistan on october, the 7th, 2001. the war on terror began. it's public, it's pure public. this isn't just the united states, bombing, sorties, and campaigns. this is now sol just on the ground, armed people in the streets, killing people, arresting people, torturing people. and i'm a target muslim was captured, entertained in my grand air base for the in february
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2003. he was taken to guantanamo bay detention camp. accused of being a member of al qaeda. he was considered high risk, and for the next 22 months, he was held in solitary confinement. he's after 911 when i received a phone call. and it was the d isn't the director of our security. and he explained to the u. s. government asked him to arrest me. mohammed do was accused of being the leader of an al qaeda south in both germany and montreal. in the chaos, president bush signed
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a secret director giving the cia authority to kill or capture terrorists anywhere in the years that followed several dozen acro, crisscross the glow, making thousands of flights faced with an onslaught of prisoners, the bush administration drew up a memorandum known as the torture memos it set out the legal basis for using these techniques in the war on terror and cited the who did menu from 1978 judgement. within months, the cia rolled out these methods within guantanamo and all its black sites. they call them enhanced interrogation techniques.
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the cia turned to contract psychologist who had no experience with al qaeda, who had no experience with interrogations, and had no experience in the middle east. gemini, went into a cubicle, sat down at a, he sat down at the typewriter, and together we rode out the list as techniques that we thought had worked well in the series school. well, i had already been told that the geneva conventions didn't apply to the capture of detainees who did not, did not apply to the capture detainees by the attorneys at the cia. and so i don't think i thought about to leave a convention made became what i will often refer to as a modern day equivalent of snake oil salesman. these 2 psychologist were awarded
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a $183000000.00 contract to run a program of torture. see any, sometimes you don't to camera experiments on sensory deprivation overland. along with the code, we'll see a program to create a thick mix of torture techniques. all social change has almost entirely taken place in consequence on something else. it has not been controlled. we need to protect society from those that can bring it once more into kills. the strong was protect others from these people are mm. the american psychological association is world's largest organization
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of psychologists, and probably has the most influence over the community of psychologists around the world. ah, secretly the apd and they teach psychologist working in the tour to program to override that ethical code of do new home. if the military and cia required it a program of abuse of interrogations, the program of torture at the cia was designed by psychologists. and at guantanamo was designed by a psychologist and a psychiatrist after they were trained in the techniques and in the program of the cia abuse. and that's when i could basically stand it. no. and so suddenly i went from just being
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a psychologist in my office to becoming the face of opposition to the a p. s. position. war is a strategic business. our planning and our execution needs to be really well thought out. and it has consequences for years. and i was in conversations with the department of defense and with a white house. and i learned that we had psychiatrists and psychologists who were advising the interrogation teams. i dan, i learned that they were not just advising that they were involved by. i was
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stunned a it's taken all this time for me to build the picture of what's been involved here. man, the secrecy that was behind this torture program. join me every posted on the alex simon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess what the world politics sport business i'm show business, i'll see you then ah backsliders, financial survival guide. stacy blood learn about be allowed. let's say i'm
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a true i can and your great tom, grief on banks of the fight. wall street broad, thank you for helping with enjoy. that's right. fill out if you're a desk wavering moon, which we love as adults, is always built on a structure that was created 1st and childhood. so without understanding who child relationships, it becomes very hard to understand adult relationships. and that's why it's incredibly important to be able to have a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional b o. in russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. and even lost a more than a in the world of the model and the sort of can you sell it to proposal alicia zealand to produce them for the purchase. it took 5 years to close the gap on the
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world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model to skip so we'll over certify, excellent totals. key of dealing with my food oceans much more food will shoot for shift. almost a 1000000000 luca, correct? yep, the quizlet live where the pretty much it was to deal with commercial ah, in the punishment wing known as india block mohammed do was isolated from all other detainees. sh, recorded the fritz because it's very cool. i was the was level so i mean was to level no food, nothing total isolation,
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the psychological and physical torture. and i was in until the 247. they both american had sealed because of my activism that i was planted in germany somewhere to do harm to the state of america. they said either because fed little crime or we're going to put you in the georgia program. and i said go for it. that it was i was really stupid. hello bag that americans said. the logic says that without you they wouldn't meet $911.00 suddenly mohammed dean was close. the most important prisoner england on the way of psychologist
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in this torture program, astounds me. i saw that we're heading down a road that i knew was going to be disastrous. in 2002 mark put his neck on the line and one to his superior. that the c i n li, using torture. i felt like there was an avalanche. you can see these boulders coming down and you can wave your arms when you try to stop it. i could not stop what was happened. the blood thirst to torture people. it was just great for any one person. stop. you're interrogation rules of engagement. go far beyond geneva convention stress positions, sleep management, dietary manipulation. all of these things go far beyond a standard which says there'll be no physical or mental torture nor any other form of coercion. that's the geneva convention. these rules of engagement for interrogation issued by your department are inconsistent with those. my
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recollection is that any instructions that have been issued or anything that's been authorized by the department, was checked by the lawyers in your shop, in the department, in the office of the secretary of defense and deemed to be consistent with the jan . absolutely. and you, through a secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld was convinced that mohammed retreated 3 of the 911 hijackers. he personally authorized a 90 day special project status, them how to do with her and as consequences. 7, the order to abuse prisoners was unlawful. but to build up to that unlawful order, they need justification. and so what they did was, are they sent a colonel to, to guantanamo to look and try to justify what was going on. and he said, going to hannibal bay is america's battle lab. in the moment i heard that it evoked
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memories of nuremberg and evoke memories of what the not not is were doing experiments the thing they started with live the professional regime and then a massive guide broaden to the song. it was very dog except for strobe lights. and then he sat and then he stopped playing the music lid, the bodies in the floor all day long. you know, you know, i cannot explain to one someone is put doing shackle shackleton to the floor and a group of people to women and a guy come and force them on to fe
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. know that war has a moral imperative for america. after 911 was in shock, and i think we had been deeply frightened, and i think that fear was exploited. certainly in the years after that and is continued to be exploitive, my understanding is you get more 911 detainees than any other person i. i've met a number of them. yes. have meant probably more than anyone outside. can you tell me that? i can't specifically talk about what i have um my, my meetings with them or what i've learned about these men. i've met colleague shake mohammad holly been natasha ramsey, banassi amar al belushi,
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who and hi sally. these man were subjected to all these tactics. and to there is absolutely no evidence. absolutely not a shred of evidence that, that these tactics used armies man really gave us any intelligence that was important or useful to our country. ah, we created our kind of iraq with our torture programs, you know, kind of rock more to what we call isis today. dash ice or the same. it's just a manifestation of torture. these are programs that we created and were living with those results to you so that you think this is walker's?
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oh, this is absolutely war. crimes we knew there were crimes. ah, this new substitute notion is here to rectify 10 years of deceitful and secret collusion to impede the will of the membership into intense stephen rising, the protest is possible with the api is coming to an end. we are here today to reset our moral compass. we had been trying to 10 years to prevent psychologists from being part of national security interrogations. i think that in your school we acknowledged we apology in school and we changed, ah,
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stuff to being held for 3 years. madame was released without telling us here. so it would have happened if i got on a plane con, back on to england, but what would have happened? would i end up in guantanamo would these would these painful with this plentiful period ever have happened? would i be the person i have today? i can't answer those questions, but i do often say to myself, why didn't i just get on a plane and go back on her mohammed, duties confessions were found to be the result of talk. he was released without charge in after 14 years in guantanamo or i was no match to them. they destroyed me. they won, they broke me. and there is nothing i could say, you know, to save my face or to say, or i won. no, i did not because those people out of professional doctors who studied just for
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this purpose to destroy human spirit and make it dependent obedient and make them confess to whatever they want them to coff has to do in august 2017. the 2 psychologists who created the cia torture program were about to be put on trial. we were soldiers doing what we were instructed to do. we knew it was lawful. we knew it was a wiggle. we knew it had been vetted and approved. do you think it's possible as a psychologist that an individual who was subjected to them suffer long term visible or psychological judge? do you think it's possible that our sleep deprivation taken to the extreme couldn't do severe mental pain or suffering? objection? the c, i a settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. no liability was admitted.
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world law and government will intensify the problem of the growing anonymity of the common man. but we muster, mister cl, spreads neither friendly and not unfriendly around us. a world in which we must at last take final responsibility for ourselves to ensure that in the fight isis and al qaeda, we continued to have all necessary power to detain terrace wherever we chase them down wherever we find them. and in many cases, for them, it will now be guantanamo bay. minimum. $1000000.00 construction program has been announced at guantanamo bay,
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which could see it treble in population. what makes this issue important? guantanamo has become the calling cry. torture is some sign of american power that allows people to think that america will be great. again. united states right now is one terrorist attacks away from re instituting torture. since the 1950s. we know these techniques have been used in afghanistan, argentina, australia, bonita, present, british guy on british camry, canada, chimney, cuba, great britain, guatemala, honduras, iran, iraq, israel,
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lithuania, moroccan, northern on pakistan, the philippines, poland, romania, thailand, turkey, uruguay, vietnam, and ian was, ah,
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when i was showing wrong when i was just a shape out date because of the attitude and engagement, it was the trail when so many find themselves, well, the part we used to look for common ground virginia is roared and democrats are really republican glen youngins, gubernatorial when is nothing less than stunning, he is a political novice and not but trump surrogate. this bo other election, how far reaching implications, and it could signal the end of the biting presidency.
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as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others. she was a hero. i might buy everybody here. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl. a to to, to achieve really was, was pol, change a read on the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's go start leaking all this together is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming here, is that documentary? i see it on our tea. ah,
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well the american nurse is suspended from work to refusing to take a coven shots on religious grounds and comments as the by the administration sets the dates for mandatory jobs to be extended to workers in the private sector. i. unfortunately, they deans that my religious beliefs were not sincere. it's kind of surreal, honestly, because i love my job and i have been a coven nurse for since the beginning if you have any proposed to titan restrictions on, the unblank sedated daily cove cases saw to an old time breath cold pushing the health care system that to the limit cool sentences, the french presidents, former body, got to 3, is in jail, a violence against pro just this an incident that went viral.


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