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says how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, this year, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. then down the victim say they still live with the consequences today. can you talk a little bit more about your outstanding experience as a finance chair and economy? so having been the hand of national bank, i lived on serving the country as a prime minister. major, he thought like he would be a little green. she thought gong should. those are more. she thought it will do. she got her kathy. my renewal will shoot. shoot, the charisma, school finance fellowship won a thought almost as them a web will do in the book. sure. were some was kinda where's most likely to ensure
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the little pom you'll need garcia. so using the it is probably key one that shar libby cheney of seeing me live, where i one they miss to gabriela. what can you please us look as a delineate juniors like cisco lower december 5th of willis and i worked here in miss to regina center and i mean bunk. i mean boucher in his folder last night shift. but melissa, home level 9. floats. sophia, genuinely as big as jania garage done like completely as of c, a ward, the soviet school was the user. they were had to list which he has redone. la. oh, does it the kiddos with his formerly kicker crane bully brochure lim, book wine love. go. but he been missing equally official wellness and only one lesson close hibler. this at this a school vision does shut voided. so ah,
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nationally, russia bully lamazzo put forth differently with it's a below the and then it should go not should move. well yes, this is out as a witness earlier, and alicia, as it was, push must fraud. you must proud you took with us to offer. ah, since 1991, your work at the state economy council did kept shook at a precise plan of exiting for the con crisis. 1 dollar shallow little to water will cause a presidente ah, should look on the missionary reformer. he say, classical doses, good seditious people. of course your president maybe took a while or no bishop to who to document u. k. e. a broader enjoy discourse here are bullshit,
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post so much alteri or casa it talk to push shallow, so no seriousness growth or push out of, or on your roger. no bullet as to what the hell produced his advantage there. co. viola lewis which other order to protect show glucose shoak. crucial tori. a parallel new o paralegal to clue he'll call other new horses the horseshoe. no, for roger with a capital his fishing put up to a grain. you grow chokes, reco. so it was put still mushroom, his hoot, the russia one. that was also miller. when, when we're from the book, it in a compromise, the little shows a. but if they're not going with a commercial, no, no food used to career or are poorly. he in his lucas me do my beat, new portal in the store you up to see when you thought and you put a new custodial way. but a silicon little neural curricular, this is awesome,
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this to so so, but it's wanted to become a good the, when you had the real loose, neils can cut off the show. so system with the suck, somebody will get home. but at the block, a good a for them. okay. human minute privileges. him with your don't my team in the us, him up it. which is up. see if you look the most global korea, what she would go slowly to list a chest which she gets to the us may. so unless your family. 6 a switch, this will destiny. so to believe, always done the show what can must, from the day,
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what teach us if you got a new c a a which is. 6 a ranch with a m. m. criminal law with gym for the union with the lashania shimeltonet city solicitor. just options to check with you give me a oh. 6 no,
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the august we're susan. susan wanted to follow up with me. i don't care what you think of what our beloved must have. good. i'm gonna. 6 be a better 11 of my children that us. 6 but the most they need to consider morgan wants to get, i'm going to i'm, i'm seeing when you're bored, little work or things. reason was too much to fail. the process will stick with it. in an impoverished state, with the population on edge ideology becomes the salvation world. the myth of the exclusive role of ukraine in world history began to unfold just you the shout, the host, the nature of dealing with this to reach a chuckle, go not supposed to reach you will create, you know, can i be sure you will open equal to the good children home. what are the below
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a g p u, a europe, to will they be sure to last seen on the zillow? unfortunately, ukraine, the way mister hughes jenko describes it never existed the old russian unified state under the name key oven reuss existed only until the beginning of the 11th century and was somewhat smaller. after that, it just integrated into numerous independent states which carried out expansion in all directions. and none of them was ukraine. under croucher right, we nationalist organizations of the u. n. a. u. s. o type began to form. kraft shook began promoting the creation of ukrainian independent national church. therefore he supported archbishop fil a rep who got bad relations with moscow and was attempting to create his own personal key oven patriarch 8 for this did little
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to solve the problems for. mm ah, the u. s administration was very concerned about what was happening in ukraine. the country had 1240 nuclear warheads along with missile delivery vehicles. overall, ukraine possesses 680 mega tons of nuclear weaponry. this is comparable to 37778 bombs dropped on hiroshima. in addition, ukraine had strategic aviation. the could carry 492 cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. finally, there were 2600 units of tactical nuclear weapons stored in the country. ukraine's nuclear potential exceeded that of france, the united kingdom and china combined. for washington,
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the most important condition for co operation and economic assistance was a complete dismantling of the military nuclear potential. after long and hard negotiations, ukraine agreed. this is cisco, a 0, i get like west coast and it is full of the chena. roberts, all drilling and put it at the rose for, for me and i was just to say, so corpus a deal or something he's gotta get they've done some adequacy. get a whole number shapeless, healthy. is that some? yeah, that it was last that the question? yeah. well now say, well that was one of their say, right? just a get going for sticking with how old for sales manager for? for acute on physically i didn't look different to the genesis there. mozilla live the way to shed lonely with idea when i stood for him. weakness. ursula, for my head over there. mr. game. so that bullshit from over little couldn't is there is to my less when the customer. okay. i feel sad. but mr. boost avoidant.
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god is not entirely correct. ukraine agreed to eliminate this nuclear potential. after long negotiations and pressure from united states and russia. there are many ukrainians who regret the loss of their nuclear weapons, carry in seattle genus in that v justin victim wired up to all neuron. you keep near my date of loss movement with the north, but of the crib, resort of the northern bus. after such a statement, there was a blessing that president clinton and boris yeltsin had enough will and determination to make ukraine owen money, their nuclear weapons. but it wasn't for free. ah, 1st the united states offered ukraine $350000000.00 in aid by black mailing and a reversal towards russia. ukraine was able to bargain for another 175000000 to
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dismantle the nuclear weapons. and 155000000 in economic aid from the united states . but the ukrainian politicians clearly made a bad deal. cost on perceived $2000000000.00 for the elimination of a nuclear potential 4 times smaller. and they received a 50 percent stake and the joint cossack us oil company tank, ease chevron but neither the economic aid nor the nationalist card helped crowd shook under strong public pressure. early presidential elections were demanded. in 1994, he was defeated by his former prime minister, landed future. huh. all landed coachman orlan august 9th. 1938 in 1960. he graduated from the physics and technology faculty of nepa patrol sc state university. with
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a degree in mechanical engineering, he worked as an engineer at the usual oil rocket and space design bureau from 1986 to 1992. he was general director of the huge marsh association which among other things, produce nuclear launch vehicles for the ss 18 satan missiles are in politics since 1998. he voted for the declaration of state sovereignty and for the adoption of the act on state independence. from 1992 to 1993, he was a prime minister of the government of ukraine. he was twice elected president of ukraine. only crowd shook coach mo worked in industry. that least he understood what the economy was and how it should operate. but unfortunately, that understand was not enough with ah
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for yourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off, every device is a potential entry point for security into any machine because it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers. permit of when one comes option in the offering. it's not a matter of, if it happens, it's a matter of went move
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a, a similar to the story and with one of those, cuz the more visual suppose showing here, ah, to move to staying increases 2nd, bullying, blue, dizzy bush, missile crucial. so $92.00 total 3 in there. can you that machine? yes you have. could she also do the dish? dish yeah. come on, go to watching her book a complaint. a plot the amplitude, the best sampler service have been getting boiler in less as a vegetable of those for the illustrator, for some tucker about that. first of all of scott kroner is to legible and do it or
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below washing shift laurel recently did she use the the hostage to at the board? the bill is but on the shannon alignment, it was a global committee for finance and bunker oscar engaged in the senior phone. they i know e v, and they will commit bella tags of santa local appalachian theater. and bella in a summer daily glower nap it emblem of a 4th, but a mazda or last year, bella, no thought to my me and the cover. yes, no, wait, you're to go at the motion that was a kind of life. oh there on those always you lisa golden. there buell minister on the back of each is get busy plot the cookie thing. been a long of course it can use that has no solid gazette either. well, it was a modernist, but i'm wishing it ph him can go at another monument. mm
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was i so do refer to live with the common ticket booth. this is a pleasure only for the new president tom kush. will. is that her parliament, on the home of the konica commissioner, could afford a sum of rooting them in on this issue with such subtle he auto for your commander, you are the well, the just similar shows the switzer paul, not on the last my see. only me and there are those 2, so one of them call you should they came from a manager, put yours on of them on a producer to agree the show us lower. sure. one as well. coordinate or 2 presidents scared me 30, to who the domain name is to natalie. her chance can you call me on was water heater from crisco can emission order for a my see to forward to our property. to the commissioner put at warren, who was war, julie's name is your commander moves or julie was, is here. this got
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a while image. so boy, you here chicky poo, soto nash, one has a put in a presidential, put him to stella momentum. it was a pleasure and they were home out of them. here with what was crow show. yeah. the show in your cheryl, jason, jim consultant, them your cable, lou, lou priscilla who was a long way. it's a door bunker here. could you a partial, whoa, ocean, tonya? now sure, the guess who the commissioner will never look my fault if i can see it. there we are. the american school order. do not wish i knew about the berlin lamb for a move on you to the comment or the comment to murder willis? honey. yes, usa rosamille show c in sion, nationalism and you are on the care what it americans to robert and president could say a korea knew i pay under the ronnie growth. josh was sash and was taken and what's,
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what's the lead the police economic growth. let's shoot us. a general for the unit is a leisure a cylinder complain there's a much come up with green usa gloss. nicholas, like you said, will open up the street peach. tree yells cable. then you put a wagner. okay. he kisses me in the little one trough postal code and i missed a cushion room just school from one with a little bit of a desire to really keep it pretty him a must go from one on will on the new rules people now commission that will in the upper slows dutch of lawson is to look day you can the social doesn't really show the kept telling them
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a version so. so president, coach, mark a credible to will approve. approve me yesterday postal with a lot of order in the waterloo. what sort of border homeless is there more a than you didn't also go to her wash cove will often but it shows up a little less with a to her those numbers year which in this t it see above them will be studying ok. and what are she to with can years numbers up with is up a little please. sure. not a lot. i mean it was a corner was a huge like a square said they'll get a no letter. okay,
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escape. i typically tell you a $1000000.00. no, not the scotch store, this is up in the us that it will in yet, but a real i live better. so i'm curious what i wished in the commercial mystery. annual korean locker can be cl, it to me is up of next to run. just let me hear there consciously goes up, but media in care of them, public says double i no. okay, in your with my believe we've concluded which scope nation is up in new me. companion laguna sits in the blue labella using the pl mom. i'm not cheney enough. as on her ankle, we're going with no more. see the condition you view them saw mr. sloan, pursue all as a americans came out on the coming. he will say,
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who said he was numbers all at a g. e company at the care of pricewaterhousecoopers. it's all put, you know, so, so q or the home, all along romania process here. keith rebel is diesel, natural gas, keep it all up. and then the pl euro sion, them in their peripheral, not the total korean it's of the particular. nevertheless, american money came to ukraine. the united states had already formulated its vision of ukraine's role. september 1996, but the us house of representatives and the senate adopted resolution 120 support, but ukraine's independence. ukraine was declared to be an important element of us national security. we had to oppose the emergence of any political or military organization that would facilitate the reintegration of the state of the former soviet union. treatment agreed to it in additionally to cooperate with nato lou
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until to 98. a total of $1000000000.00 in economic aid was given to ukraine. but this amount of aid for the paralyzed economy of a huge country was a pittance. ah, but in 1098, the crane got lucky prices for its main export commodity steel. skyrocketing this together with persistent reforms, paid off in 2000. the economy began to recover the 3 thought you agree in the muller, the, the in the positions hit the bridge. it said the fish neural to push the nuclear calais almost nimbly, but a heal but have been center m, but in full. got them. but it's cheaper to live, but in the medical center. so you think you phenomenon the ocean on from offensive phenomenon medical? ah, he is sure again money and to was and leave the susanna to her bill,
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please indians the which maria hitcho's mom in which it touched of theater you it so you in most the 1st come go low belgium, median opponents and lamb that's on my now a little cane scare, getting on a beach next. oh, 1st question of system of love. the sort of greenish as a from a but they was like when a proposal i submitted a and around the super, even with proven will to leave it. there was a boy korean my potential, nero's me, which is to bite off, but then there is sort of a proposal to look. they feed the project massive ranita fishermen paint hood the coachman yell him a go break room commercial granular global level of the round a see here. so the dollar said without exquisite missouri who could have next autumn year. i was very fortunate use them in syllabus 1st a me to put
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a batch chimps, a kim, put me through her pretty good smith, who switches out of this is mr. i've sent her a list of surplus through it's alyssa, this a last 3 days. i'm pretty my to leave a little is of a step and you are you push it a little bit think there is a little from the see what i see here to send the looted in summer. well, it's really just going to let me just barely down last little slice. that's what it, what is it all a sub list that only had a family member who i am on the market idea of english make and will make it a little bit a music many of them we have
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a good i believe we're not all but it was easier or, and i was in like 3 or 10 or she's just give us a chance to leave the boss from that all on the sure. and you just maybe way does answer t a 0 and then good is will. so which in a near middle yeah. but even when she was up with the gaming of quadrille, with the flu. teaching ok, you could come with the usa be what she's here, which pulled us to distillation. hiroshi a bit. b. e, a school out a little upset, text one should go to move. we gave me a little moment that took so long to him, coachman maneuver between various oligarch plans. he was even more successful in
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the international arena. russia watched the growing influence of the united states in ukraine with concern. so coachman began a political and economic rapprochement with russia. and it was beneficial for russia, as well as ukraine. coachman knew how to sit on 2 chairs at once. would it be correct to say that so they could only grow till cree nice tied to the most. he maxwell, a foreign policy of quit sla agent which monthly gives a little sub politic im and i gave you a quick question on the ship dalston loved us a throw in new chic jim is telling me that today assigned me which of the toys, inches screaming fortune where he would be due at the for the a safe wish mother. my mother, your fast walker must be wishing proper. woodson, i mean, was dis, immutable. tom looked on here. the are your list of the religion. i'm less you walk
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in. mm cushman was constantly under the close influence of pro western political forces and nationalists are coming from the russian speaking cheering gov region. this made him uneasy. the official admitted to some fearless rope which i will deliver it, you know, pushing bushway there's in your below. they look with loan, there's a physician so little you'll succeed in school with fuel plus the dough cookie is the gentle unless a he'll kill, can swallow, the cell sort of bristles from nibble a ticket. and so through a process, was it for, for formal korean, the but it doesn't, it has a slow, a financial plan. it don't scale solution is, but i live in some a whole korea now you. oh,
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as a career professionals, boat is much tougher on some than others. a euro, she might buy everybody. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl to price to to, to achieve really was, was fun to watch. a read on the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's go start leaking all this together is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming, is that documentary?
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see it on r t o is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah,
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ah. the rocky prime minister survives a drone bombing on his residence, which the interior minister described as a terrorist attack, reported assassination attempt comes after brutal rights in baghdad over last month's contested election on infection rates. saul to an all time record in germany, anti locked down activist, clash with police at a rally against tough you government restrictions. you canada's top court backs a comedian. he made a series of controversial jokes about the disabled singer stating that it didn't amount to discrimination. we put this issue up 40 base the must be a stock between hatred and comedy between bio lab and free speech. no one seen there shouldn't be consequences, but there are.


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