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oh, is that documentary? i see it on our t ah m l or with both reg, ponder and suffering at the border between bedroom and poland for thousands of migrants including children, remain stranded in a bit to enter the european union. we spoke to some of the people at the can company where you purchased the tour. is it a turkish company, nor does a rock or bob. you sold your cars, different, valuable, thank years to get it right? no, we don't have anything. what am it the migrant crisis? tensions growing between the you in minsk with poland now even dragging russia into the argument. and the 1st testimony of the guantanamo containing shed light on tortured us can, can disability lawyer, nancy hollander,
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described to us the importance of this trial of the victims. this is the 1st time that everyone got to cheer in anywhere. what these horrible things were done, did them now i believe it will be more and more difficult for the government of the united states to keep secret what happened to the other people. ah, hello, good morning, just going 8 o'clock here in moscow. you're watching art international. now the mike and crisis discontinue the poland bella roofs border where thousands of people have been camping in harsh conditions for the last 2 nights. but as the political situation does, heat up, the weather there is only getting colder. and among those sacrificing basic
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comforts in a bid to find a better life of families with children who are also enduring shortages of food and water. while trying to keep warm in damp sleeping bags among the human stories we've seen unfolding the camp is one of a disabled boy whose hoping to get treatment in europe. who you want to be when you grow old the day. cause i was born with a disease in his legs. we tried very hard to get treatment abroad, but we didn't get permission to leave the country. we received an offer for treatment from germany, but we were not allowed to leave could the town, after several years of not being allowed to leave, the doctor told us that his legs had to be amputated. since then he has been using the prosthesis. these are his legs. he's walking with those legs. they're getting too small for him. every 6 to 8 months, they get too small because he's growing up money and we don't have the money to change them. life until the stone is too hard. he can't go to school play in the
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playground. all the children insult him because he has a disability. what's your favorite game to play more? of course you would like to go and play football outside with these prosthesis legs . he can't. well, according to polish estimates, as many as 4000 people do remain at that border and around 10000 more, i believe to be elsewhere and batteries heading towards the frontier to try and then to the u. many refugees at the camp to say they and i desperately lacking basic supplies for on tuesday evening, the red cross did manage to deliver some supplies, including food and water, warm clothes, and also blankets and more. humanitarian assistance is expected later in the day. now. meanwhile, poland, his employ additional police and troops, as well as military hardware at the border, declaring a state of emergency miss comes after migrants tried to storm the frontier on monday, cutting through the res, why offense, and using tree trunks to try and flatten it. clashes broke out before the god to
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use t gas and the sound of gunfire was also heard. we spoke to some of the people at the camp. ready where he from, in a how did he end up in belarus? and we did visa on we come to where did you get the visa it into? because in turkey, the 1st you flew to turkey. yes. and that's where you get filarious visa. yes. why do you get bell russian visa in ankara and not in iraq? who i don't know. so this is your passport. this is bell russian visa. yes. did you pay any money for this? a lot of money. and for every one i paid $2600.00 for visa, for every one me and my mom and my wife, i, my brother,
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and we are with me. we are to will fair so no to know how $1000.00 in full one visa, one visa that is for visa for hotel. unfortunately, our ill that company where you purchased out the tour? is it a turkish company? no, it does her. it our company. how did you find out that there is a way, a lot of what people and come to her and go and when we come, they say no way to go. a lot of people go, my brother go to the germany in this rock. we bought car gall, everything to come here. you sold your cars, ears, and valuable things. yes. to get my yes, it's right now we don't have anything. now with that on going mike and crisis at the bell or russian polish border, a war if words between minsk in the european union is in full swing with both sides, accusing each other a feeling. the situation. will you pursue munificence?
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you impose sanctions against me, against bell russians. you went for a hybrid war against battle roots. look at the media, economics and politics. and now they've got whole the security. it's a hybrid war, and you want me to protect you from migrants, among other things. we are facing a brutal hybrid. i touch on you bold us. but i was you strip and asians maidens distress in assume it to and shirking to wait. meanwhile, lithuania has declared a state of emergency in its regions, the porter by the race and is to blame game unravels between the european union. minced poland is also pointed, the finger at russia, it was done of as moral not the refugee crisis has now been tormenting the e u for over half a decade. and finally, the evil engineer behind it has been unmasked and its well dar, russia,
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russia has its own far reaching goals. undoubtedly this is d stabilization of the situation in the u. an attempt to permanently destabilized central and eastern europe. undoubtedly, these are russia strategic goals. it wants to have an instrument of influence and blackmail over europe on the free world, acting with someone else's hands. officials in warsaw stop. just short of elaborating exactly what role moscow is playing in the calamity on the poland and bella ros border states that are, you know, both not russia. they also choose to emit historical details of how polaroid helped turn iraq from which many of the migrants are fleeing now into the mess. it now is now polish politicians. here kids look a shank and means of making problems for iraqi migrants should recall how iraq was destroyed with the most active participation of marcel. yeah, some of the thousands of migrants on the border may very well. remember the sounds of polish boots marching past their homes,
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a memory hardly nostalgic for those who are now freezing on the board in makeshift tents and scraping for food. but also is steering the conversation in a different direction. sanctions. we will stand for the strengthening of sanctions and the next europe in council meeting. we will propose not only strengthening sanctions in the current situation that is expanding the number of people who do not have the right to enter the u. and we will also propose far reaching economic sanctions. well, this is a statewide, somewhat expected from poland. it's a nation, consistently deaf to migrants please. this time though, it's message is being echoed much louder by both the us and the european commission . as long as the regime and belarus refuses to spect, international obligations and commitments undermines the peace and security of europe and continues to repress and abuse. people seeking nothing more than to live in freedom. we will continue to pressure lucas jenko and will not lessen our calls
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for accountability. delaware, my stop was in people's lives at risk. i call for approval of extended sanctions, possible sanctions, and 3rd country airlines involved. we also want to prevent the humanitarian crisis and ensure safe returns. it's a message which is in stark contrast to previous statements, even those by the same person to those who cannot go back or stay home, we have to offer alternatives. this means 1st that we must offer legal and safe routes globally organized by us to those who need our protection. the commission stands ready to look into the necessary budget means to support e member states who will step up and help her settle. refugees, europe and greece. a work in hand in hand for the people on the greek islands. we signed an agreement today for a new center unless it was by september 2021. we will bring decent conditions to migrants in refugees and support local communities when migrant storm the borders
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of the you through greece, italy, spain, turkey. it's so good and every member state has to chin and help out proportionately, but when they choose an ally of russia for well the same purposes, then unleash the sanctions. the use policy is double standard because if we ask ourselves the question, where do the roots lie of miss latest crisis? the answer is worse. the sanctions and arms explore that. the you always present themselves itself is a liberal union that respects human rights. but what we observe now has already happened in the you external borders where people needed help. food supplies, water and medical assistance, but people and, and their dignity came 2nd. and the rule of the problem is definitely not belgians . this issue began when european union and the united states and nato supported
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wars in syria, iraq, a wonderful many other countries. when just over a year ago, poland took a hard line anti migrant stance. it seemed there was no mending of this ideological chasm between warsaw and brussels. well turns out nothings easier when you find a common enemy. okay, but we can go live now to the yet that russian side of the board with potent and speak to a correspondent that konstantin roche call from constantine. good morning to you and we were hearing that the red cross had managed to deliver some supplies to the migrant. say what, what's the situation like at the moment? the police poor poor. oh,
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yeah, that's right andrew. so last night was relatively come. no major incidents were reported at the polish bowers border, but i can't really say this is good news for thousands of migrants stuck here for one. they had to spend another freezing night out in the woods, and you can probably see the smoke from the campfires behind my back. something that's absolutely vital for surviving in this campus. temperature is now draw below 0 degrees celsius at night. and these people have to sleep right on the freezing ground, not just men, but also women and children. and yesterday by the russian volunteers and red cross saw brought food and drink in water to the camp. out this resulted in several, quite chaotic scenes as a and a provision were distributed among the migrants. but that just goes to highlight how das, for these people are and that, that there is lack of essential things like hot meal and water. you know, i was in between doing live reports for the news when one man walked up to me and beg for my open bottle of water for his daughter. now that's telling isn't it? i'm unfortunately here you quickly get used to see people suffering. for instance,
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we saw a woman line unconscious on the ground the other day. it's hard to tell what had happened to her because there are no medics around, but people near by climate it was because of the tear gas that had been fired earlier. one of the biggest impressions that we've taken so far is how naive the refugees are. most of them are under oppression that europe's wealthiest countries, like germany, would love to well from them. but simply don't know what's going on down here at the border. but they believe one once everyone finds out, those countries will. so how force fall into will let everybody in. there are rumors among the migrants that germany has somehow already send cars to pick them from the border. of course, it's highly unlikely that the polish government will all of a sudden softening stance towards the migrants. in fact, it's still a really hard line approach, declare in a state of emergency and deploying regular army units along with security forces to the frontier. so far, the border guards have managed to keep the refugees on the other side of the fence,
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but there are reports of more migrants approaching the frontier from bella versus force. meaning the situation here could escalate rapidly. okay, well thanks that update. konstantin, that was that constant. roche coffee's at the border between batteries and poland, keeping on the situation for so thanks for now. now to the 1st testimony of guantanamo detainees, shed light on torture at the us detention facility lawyer. nancy hollander has described the importance of the trial for other victims held in clandestine giles around the world. nancy honda is an american criminal defense lawyer, mostly 9 for representing to guantanamo bay detainees as well as we supplied. chelsea manning charge in the us with the leak of classified data and who's really she won a nancy was betrayed by actress to jodie foster in the movie motor thing in a bag to get my detainees held without being charged will in her recent interview
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with us he's going underground, she described the case of magic. can he recently gave detailed account of torture used by america in the wake of the 911 attacks mitch con pleaded guilty to links with al qaeda and his sins cooperated with us authorities. nancy says his testimony may have wide repercussions. the 1st time a detainee is, has testified on, on torture. yeah, the quote, a stain on the moral fiber of america. what kind of torture and tortures would know being used at the supreme court. and in observe a, the case, of course, was using the senate committees investigation. what did the constitute? well, that that was the other significant may be more significant. part in this case is that his testimony was public. and the generally nobody's been allowed to say what happened to them in the black science. ah, they're, they're what they say,
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what my client has said to me. abraham allow sri is classified. they've never been allowed to explain what their feelings are. this is the 1st time that everyone got to hear, ah, in anywhere what these horrible things that were done. did them go back and look at the 16th century england and you'll know what happened to him basically just horrific. and that's what happened to the others in the black sites also. i mean, so nothing has happened. i mean, this is just in the past few days, nothing has happened. that senate ripple refused the ca of illegal torture in 2014 . and he says, when he says clearly, the more he cooperated, the more he was tortured. that's when he says yes, the whole thing is so is so too horrible. the senate report makes public some of what happened to our clients,
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but not everything. and now more is coming out and now i believe it will be more and more difficult for the government, the united states to keep secret what happened to the other people, the 911 people and my client. and of course, there are 26 men in guantanamo who never been charged with any crime who had not pleaded guilty. they're just there as if some kind of permanent detention which is totally anathema to the united states. russian defense minister has shared his concerns with military high command about the u. s. conducting unshared child maneuvers near russia's borders. but more details his, our senior correspondent, murant gasdio. russia, as you said, is voice and growing concern about what is happening unfolding and the black. see,
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i mean, judge for yourself for now, 2 weeks, us as porter, which is a guided missile destroy off the united states. navy has been sailing about the black sea with its armament of capacity of a 100 guided missiles of various types. then you had a u. s. as tanker u. s. as john dental supply and oil tanker come into the black season, make sure that the other vessels i able to operate for an extended period of time. and this is all happening right on russia's source. them you had that joined by u. s. as mount whitney, which is a command ship of a strike force the united states sick fleet flagship. so in essence, the united states is saying that this is all part of a training exercise with its partners in the black sea region. russia says that what is happening is destabilizing the security of the whole region. us is creating a multinational grouping of armed forces within the immediate vicinity of the
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russian border. more than that, there have been fly bus. there have been a b one, b strategic bombers of the united states, which are capable of carrying nuclear missiles and the russian of the ministry of defense says that they have been practicing bombing runs as close as a 100 kilometers away from the russian russian border. and they say there's evidence that they are studying the battle, ground them, that the united states ukraine, georgia, romania, bulgaria, and turkey drawn to exercise in the event that there is an escalation in ukraine in the event that key of decides to invade and to wind its civil war in an aggressive manner which might lead to a regional escalation or against him. they were political honors. crisp ambry says the us is using its military to compensate for the countries declining influence on a global scale. i think it's paula and growing tension. bassoon america,
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and russia, america is pushing its military presence in the globe. we know that it's trying to compensate for is economic weakness relative to china by using executor out by noting gemelli and demonstrating that. and i think that's what it's doing here, i think is also showing up as a, with our alliances in the area. i mean, we mustn't call that the u. s. and need to have made huge efforts to base that week or to surround russian territory with naval base is naval forces. this is part of a long term strategy that when a france is most controversial journalist, eric similar is hot on the heels of president manuel macro in the latest ratings ahead of the presidential elections in the country next year. a recent polls have also put some order right wing journalist, the head of conservative rival, marine the pen. he does hold ultra conservative views on national identity and has been criticized for remarks against minorities. he is
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a staunch believer in the great replacement theory. the white chair claims that white europeans were sing, be replaced by non white immigrants. when we spoke with mr. moore to discuss his political views and plans in the run up to the election, one of us have it was just, you know, about my background. my parents, my ancestors were jews who lived in algeria. i specifically say in algeria or from algeria, and not algerians as fools say, because there was no algeria before the arrival of the french. this land has always been someone's colony, roman spanish arab, been so on. my ancestors or burgers, juice from lands that no one called algeria, that's how the french dub of this country. they also marked its boundaries. i have witnessed the process of assimilation to french culture and in detail since it is about my family. i have seen it in the example of algerian jews who 1st assimilated among the french of algeria to whom they did not originally belong with algerian
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frenchman, originally from france, from alsace commune, ards, to which they initially did not belong. they were closer to the algerian arabs, who colonized them and the kristian burgers who were also colonized and converted to islam than to the algerian french. they assimilated among the algerian french, joined at france. i understood how this very subtle mechanism of assimilation works through morals, literature, history, when you perceive it as part of your own until his death, my father wrote down in a notebook the quotes of victor hugo chateau. beyond that, he liked from time to time. he remembered them, discussed them with me. you know, that's what assimilation means in france. my father spoke arabic perfectly. he adored arabic music are of jewish music and the lucy, do you understand? i know how to move from one culture to another without abandoning the original one . but through the process of assimilation,
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becoming part of another french culture. and until 1989, i believe that the muslim peoples of the my grab would follow the same path. those were different. why are you defending, martial peer done if you want, it's a matter of chance. secondly, i think that the history of the v, she regime is the foundation on which the guilt of the french is based in the 1970s . the left came up with the process as they did in all of a european countries. this summer i read a book about the muslim past. the van de lu cheer in spain and the process is the same everywhere they choose periods of history when everything was not very good in the country. let save far from brilliance, and they begin to put pressure on it to cause a sense of guilt among the people, the french spaniards, of course, germans, as well as the british americans and so on. this is the process of imposing a sense of guilt in order to prohibit peoples from defending their own identity and culture with us. this is v, she, as well as colonization, and so on. that is,
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i wanted to say that it was not the vichy regime. the unleash what happened in the end, but the germans, france, under the she was occupied. the part that was under the rule of the regime was as free zone. france did what was possible. that's what i want to say. my goal is not to rehabilitate marshall. pete's hand as journalist lee sallie mae said, and now every one is following her. that was never my goal. you know, i just wanted to emphasize the change that took place in the 19 seventy's and also to say that it's time to rivermore snack is ations. because this prevents france and french people from demanding themselves against the main thing against the invasion from the south. and islamists, subversion simply move shortly. even earlier become an a frenchman man in a sense, secure in the future. now everything seems to have changed. perhaps this is due to the fact that history is dictated by the laws of demography. as stated in your book . at the same time, there are already more than one and a half 1000000000 chinese,
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a 1000000000 muslims, and soon there will be 2000000000 africans in this situation. it seems that the future is for them. no. said was that he took off harrison sir. you are quite right calling on me to comply with the demographic rules that i have introduced when france flourished and was the dominant power in europe. it was called european china, in 17991800. there were 28000000 french. in other words, the same number as there were inhabitants and the rest of europe. for example, there were 8000000 britons 28000000 russians. today, it seems there are a 150000000 russians. there should be a 150000000 of us the day. and by the way of the demographic grope of the 17th and 18th centuries and france continued given the progress and science of medicine, there would be 100000000 others. take algeria, when the troops of charles, the 10th entered algeria, and 1830, there were 2000000 inhabitants. the french, as i told you, were 28000000. see what the differences add technology to this and so on. i always
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use the following comparison as an example. in 1900, there were 400000000 europeans, a 100000000 africans. europe colonized africa now by 250. there will be 2000000000 africans, and 500000000 europeans, africa will colonize europe. we need to know what we want. do we accept this situation? saying to ourselves, france is a land of vast expanses. and everyone comes with their own culture, as well as with their roots, their origins, and very quickly, all this will turn into an enlarged copy of lebanon. we see where this leads to, it will be lebanon. this is our future if we don't do anything. it has. yes, it could be switzerland. now in switzerland, it's the same. they speak different languages, but that's the only difference we are talking about. you are appear in languages, german, italian, french. we are talking about almost fraternal peoples. they fought
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a lot with each other, but so with the french, the british, the germans, we are not talking about different civilizations. whereas in our case, a new civilization has appeared on our earth. this is a confrontation between 2 civilizations. the demographic situation is leaning as to become the large version of lebanon politicians. and this is exactly what i'm trying to suggest. i need to understand what is happening in reality, instead of trying to smooth out the corners as all politicians do and offer solutions to end this problem. why did all native frenchman, a frenchman, born and other european countries lead the suburbs? i know what a suburb is. i grew up there because representatives of another civilization live there which has other sacred texts, a different family model. we are going to a confrontation, a clash. political parties are dead. we need to understand this. all our political parties are dead to day. we are trying to make a good face with a bad game. i believe that micron is not the 1st politician of the new era. but the
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last politician of the previous era, or he is the 1st politician of the new era to which you belong. he is an intermediate stage for a long life. felicia, your program is more ambitious than competitors programs. you're going to find the rule of law with europe. i mean, you want to rebuild europe on the basis of new values. maybe that would be no, no, i don't have such ambitions. i don't want to fight the rule of law. i want to fight the fact that judges have taken hostage the rule of law in order to impose their own ideological view, the lesser. and you're not afraid of the reaction of civil society because in 2017, it was by this civil society that the composition of the parliament was updated by 75 percent less was it? yes, but emanuel my on civil society is not my civil society. i'll explain why this is a question from the field of sociology a manual micron. sociology is the one of big cities metropolises. boys was bohemian society, people who consider globalization a blessing,
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who are delighted with immigration, his sociology in general, of course, because there are always nuances details. but a manual mccarron sociology is like this. but this is not mine. look at the opinion polls. it's always very interesting to analyze my sociology. i've or the popular uh, the more affluent classes which he united by love for france, patriotism, french traditions, custom lifestyle history and so on that. but what i mean for 3, that was that the french presidential candid i was a more speaking to our sister channel. archie france. so that's, haven't you just looking so far this wednesday morning, more from us in 30 ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon should now be speaking to guess in the world politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then.
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mm. we're allowing ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think you got a meeting, but only eventually there's malware of thousands. maybe sometimes millions each day they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the mini cyber in right now, i'd be ready to really worried about it. most people would really be you can put a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai.


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