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the join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business and show business. i'll see you then, me the as a story to the victim than the walker saw tragedy are being told. we're also trying to figure the motive behind the driver of the van with one black lives matter activists saying this is the beginning of a new revolution. we will discuss with our panel gas prices in california on the verge of reaching the $5.00 per gallon point, the president binary decided to finally do something about it and asking the members of opec to do the same. in new york city leaders are pushing to allow more than 800000 non citizens to vote in local elections. we will tell you if this will come true and if this is more about political power or justice, allow for other cities to follow suit. and it's
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a story from the movie screen coming to real life as nasa launches a double asteroid redirection test into space. we will bring you all the details. i'm kind of used in this story and more on today's news use use right here on our t america. ah, thanks for joining me in charge with killing more than people and injuring dozens more at a holiday parade and walk a show. wisconsin had his 1st quarter parents on tuesday. now daryl brooks junior was arraigned on 5 counts of intentional homicide. and archie contributor molly barracks explained. brooks has a criminal record that is that many wondering why he was an already behind bars for this tragedy. now warning, you may find some video in this report graphic. the community of wil kasha is morning, the horrifying events that unfolded at their annual christmas parade. sunday,
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the residence held a vigil lit candles in honor, those killed and injured. i have 2 sons that both have marched in the parade in the past, actually multiple times. when to try to understand the devastation for the people who had losses or injured. i heard of them the police say 48 people were injured and 5 people were killed. when darrell e brooks junior ploughed through the police barricades and raced along the parade route, hitting performers an parade goers. a horrifying tragedy that shocked those who live in the small city of some 70000 people. i'm speechless. this is my community. who am i spend every weekend on main street with my friends, and sharing happy experiences and making memories? and i know my community to be a safe area among the victims,
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a long time local parade favorite, the milwaukee dancing grannies. they lost several members of their troop and an 81 year old volunteer. they received an outpouring of support on social media where they posted updates about their members, police and will kasha have charged 39 year old darrell ebooks junior, with bio counts of intentional homicide, a charge that carries a mandatory life prison sentence if convicted. he has an extensive criminal record dating back to 1999. in fact, he was out on a $1000.00 bon after an incident on november 2nd, when he allegedly ran over a woman who says she is the mother of his child. she told police he ran her down as she walked across the gas station. parking lot in brooks was arrested on 5 charges, including domestic abuse and reckless endangerment, according to court records, even then he was already out on bon for an entirely different alleged crime in 2020 involving firing a hand gun. also has an outstanding arrest warrant in nevada, in an unrelated case where he was arrested and allegedly job bail in 2016. the
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milwaukee da's office released a statement saying it should not have recommended such a low bail for brock's. they've now launched an internal review into the decision for r t i molly barrows, to join me now to discuss this tragedy and the motive behind the driver. we bring in retire chief deputy marshall, matthew fog, and ed martin publisher, a pro american report dot com. thanks for joining me gentlemen. for to be with you . a horrible, horrible tragedy to say, and it obviously affected a lot of people in wisconsin estate that's already been unfortunately going through some, some situations for different issues over the year. matthew, i want to start with you because right now we're ready searching for the motive and it is as simple as he got. he was going to gun down a woman, or is there more to this, you know, and do you think this had anything to do as it was alleged by one of the activists with one of, with a group that this had something to do with the acquittal of cow written house 2 days before. well, it's hard to say i may, we know that america is
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a powder keg when it comes down to racism, whether it's what it is and law enforcement was outside. we know that there was a lot of problems with lot of issues there. and so right now we just have cause the rittenhouse thing, the black lives matter situation. we pad other students in situations in this country, a dillard down there in south carolina killer walk until the church killing a bunch of folks. so it's hard to determine. i me, i wasn't there, i do noted details, but again, someone says that, you know, he was a modem because he was upset. i just don't know, i me. but if that's what it was they, they want to bring them. they're going to bring a full brunt of the law down on him and rightfully so, because you know, you can't just go and kill and take lads just at yahoo, hanson and do it. but the powder keg that would deal well. and there is a paradigm and, and add a you being a part of different conservative groups that have had very, very bad apples had been attributed. they try to demonize entire move based off of one person that might not even have anything to do with moving their actions on
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this. do you think it's right to pursue that type of talks or just to look at this as an individual on himself, or should it be a backlash on the movement? if that was the anger that, that motivated him to do this well, but scotty, that's exactly the hypocrisy here is a conservative. say, if someone does a crime, they should be held accountable. he or she and what the media and the left wants to do is say that it's all about hyphenated groups. imagine, imagine scotty. if this was a kuanz, a parade, and it was a white guy who drove into it by now they would have probably had black lives matter up there. jesse jackson would have been there, al sharpton would have been there. i'm sorry, my colleague on this panel says america's counter peg with racism. that's just not true. what is a counterpart powder keg right now is the media lying and very importantly, we have out of control prosecutors and out of control law enforcement advocates like a o c. i use the term loosely. these people on the left progressives are tearing our cities apart. go to chicago in the city on the weekend,
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you'll get shot. go to st. louis where i'm from. you will get shot and what the common denominator is. lot of mur soros funded, but not only sure us there ale she yesterday said we ought to look at the bail requirement. the da in the walkie admitted that he because he's a lefty progressive piece of garbage. let this guy out and this guy killed 5 people . we have to get our arms around the real problem. it's not black versus white. it's leftist communists to want to destroy the country versus we the people. and that's what's at stake. well, and i also just need, i'm going to go to the next, every math here, but it's more also i think it's evil versus good regardless of color, regardless of any of our ceo versus good in. but there's also, you know, we see it on both sides of the aisle on this, and there are bad people on both sides in every movement. so matthew, to your response to that, can this be looked at as possibly a reverse racism type of issue in this case that he was actually gunning down somebody. and could it be considered a crime, should it be considered a hey crime? well, again, i can't tell you for sure whether it could be considered hate crime,
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unless i know exactly what his motive was, and i'm sure they're going to try to find that out. but the reality of it is, is america is look, i'm a u. s. marshal, right behind you see a sas is big, it's with badge is that with the new york post, the, you know, right now i'm in a class saxon that has thousands of black us marshes saying that race has destroyed decrees. when i'm telling you, if you look at all statistics of america, america, there is a real race problem in america who we go out, the law enforcement, how we treat people, all, that's real facts and that's, they're trying to say that, you know, you don't have bad and good on both sides, but i'm saying when you look at the numbers all in statistics, bear out that race is really what affects a lot of black communities and why these communities are where they are in, in the situation. they're in with these drugs and his guns and so forth. we could not go out the white folks the same way we could. when i was working the way we could grab the black folks, we couldn't throw the prisons up with and they was using drugs just as often. so it
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is a race route, a keg and america. and that's what we're seeing. coming out right now. we're seeing it all the time now i said then, is it justified to have an action like this? if it does turn out to be in to have any action is justified because of why did the in the cycle that i guess is happening in communities. no, no, it wasn't just that would deal with dan. it killed a $7.00 to $8.00 person there's and it took him to mcdonald's. when i'm saying you is, it just shows you that this there is a race issued american. what's happening in the more immediate talks about it, the more people upset the more people are beginning to see it on both sides. and you're going to have these and even written house situation. people wonder what was that all about? was that, was there a racial aspect to that whole thing of why he went to black last night? a movie? we don't know. i'm that i wasn't investigated. i don't want to 2nd guess what investigate is came up with. but i do know that there is a serious race problem. american, i've dealt with it. my hope is that we come in and to your perspective,
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we've had this conversation for is a race, a 2 way sides. is it to a road right now, because you're saying the reverse racism? am you're seeing this guy if he is justified in going after a group or you know, no, no, no, but either one of us is saying that it's ever justified. i mean, murder is murder, what i am saying, and i know what i, when i think we should be saying is in the places where the worst things are happening to people. they are led by progressives. and that is racist. i will say the student teachers unions are racist. the black and choose me, they and then die, but they're mostly liberal whites, that one st. louis and that run chicago and that run dc. they are racist. they're allowing people to be trapped. there is racism in this country, but the problem is the people who yell about racism and up the ones that are running it in st. louis. people are killing each other because they don't have jobs that are the education. and they happen to be black and brown. that's all liberal progressives. the woman that's a prosecutor in the city of st. louis wants to spend more time on domestic abuse
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because she gets funded for it then, and then on violent crimes. and it's all black on black, so we have a problem, but it's not somebody driving into a a parade. it's the system that's put us in this place, but let's not lie about it. it's not white supremacists, it's not republic. it's progressive democrats, a osi and her ilk, have what on their hands for all of this bail reform stuff matter. i'm not going to say that about liberal to listen to this stop this liberal versus conservative. you can be on either side to be a stone cold races when i'm saying you as what i have observed in america since i've been a u. s. bossy growing up in this country. i have seen racism come from democrat and republican. of course, it doesn't matter, of course, i don't mind is the institution is still the way it is and it uses to let it go. so therefore, most people that in power are white. you look at the u. s. senate $12.00 or 3 blacks in the whole united states senate. and you say, why is that? that's because racism i'm trying to tell you is structural is systemic. and that's
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the reason why i have a class action that dates all the way back to 1994, bringing up so many issues a race in the united states march. so that works on the us problem of justice. and i want a major case in federal court. that right racism systemic. are you talking about 2nd 10 seconds and 1010 seconds. the 5 people are dead because progressives in milwaukee let a guy out on bail that i don't care if it's racist or not. that's just wrong and the people do now are taken advantage of it. that's the starting point. usually it's black people getting killed by others in chicago, other places, so we can agree on racism. but as to this, the crime here was committed because of policies that american should reject. ok, matthew, and we're going to end on that because we actually can agree, at least at that point, or at least it looked like that across the board. thank you for continuing this conversation and his gun never has invited his face with skyrocketing gas prices
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going into the holiday season. and he's releasing millions of barrels of oil from the country that oil reserves. but will it be enough for americans to face with high fuel costs that are pinching their purse strings? marty's john had, he has more from florida. it's perhaps something to be thankful for this thanksgiving and maybe even an early christmas present for american consumers. the white house announcing tuesday, the department of energy will release $50000000.00 barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, the largest release of oil in us history to combat increasing gas prices. president byte and said that he's quote, taking action to help americans deal with the rising costs of inflation by, among other things, relieving the congestion of container ships. bottlenecked outside us ports, releasing oil from the countries reserves to help deal with the demand outpacing supply and creating a global action plan to lower gas prices overall in the long term,
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and reduce america's reliance on oil. and while our companies are combined actually will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight. it will make a difference. it will take time, but before long, you should see the price of gas drop where you fill up your tank. the bad news is that it may take weeks before americans will reportedly see a change in the price at the pump. possibly not until mid to late december even thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel holidays in the united states with triple anticipating 53400000 people traveling this thanksgiving holiday. and that's up 13 percent from 2020. and while the majority of people are expected to fly, aaa says millions of americans will be hitting the roads. and triple a reports that the national average for down of gas right now, regular unleaded is $3.40. that's significantly higher than the same time. last year when fewer people were traveling or on the road because of the ongoing cove in
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1900 pandemic. in many states, the average price of gas is even higher, like cal fornia, where it's at more than $4.00 a gallon for regular unleaded right now. the u. s. is release of strategic reserves, according to president biden, is in coordination with other countries, including south korea, china, india, japan, and the u. k. as of november 19th, the u. s. had 604500000 barrels of oil and its reserves. according to the department of energy. so at least some help is on the way for news use use john honey. after the break, i did the members of the new york city council and just prove the republicans. right. and the reasoning behind the democrats and not wanting to fix the crisis at the border while we're going to seek answers after the break with well, and i make no,
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certainly no board is just like to tease and you finish as a merge, we don't have authority we don't to look back seen whole world leaves to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together with for the recent reason, house verdict is a cautionary tale for many in power ideology from to anything resembling justice
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the jury of thought otherwise. unfortunately, our leads when more times than not, they were informed by their ideology and they were pursuing a revolution from the top down. mm sure don't seem an official, mr. mitchell, someone at the school to check up with some dinner to wash them. we'll discuss it. and wants to see that they've gone yet. see you supposed to do this? i was asked to follow them giving you besides bexla me at the with him in another she can usually sit almost by you. so what i'm going to look up in did is they took the test once and she lives right?
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yes, the key moment sich, shes leeway and she showed ah, new york city on the verge of expanding its electorate by adding nearly a 1000000 new voters. a new york city council expected to pass the landmark legislation on december 9th. the bill which proponents have named our city our vote would get voting rights to non citizens who lawfully reside in new york city and are otherwise qualified to vote. more than 800000 a green card holders and people authorize to work in the city and who have lived there at least 30 days will be allowed to participate in municipal elections. helping to elect the next mayor comptroller and a city council. they will also be allowed to vote on local ballot initiatives. so joining us today to talk about this new change in new york election lie, we welcome kerry and berg. somebody very familiar at
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a former candidate for new york city council. thank you for joining me. carrie anne, you for having me. okay, so this is some of the are obviously you probably know the election laws there in new york very, very well. so do you support this law? and do you believe that new yorkers would benefit from extending the franchise to non citizens would be very important to them. i believe that definitely there is a benefit to expanding that voting, who however i am not 100 percent in support of expanding to recall holders or citizens who are in route to become 3 car holders. and it has been, i think that we have to think about the legality of it as the council level. i know it just for municipal election. however, we do want to buy that has been shipped. so there's a $22.00. i'm actually shocked that we're doing this for and not have been open primaries the then because you would think that would come 1st before this
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particular green card photo. right? legislation and i hear what you're saying. and one of the things that worries me about this when i look at, as your representative is supposed to represent your community, and we have some of that there for just 30 days and knowing how things happen. and we have issues with gerrymandering already. how easily you could move a group in, get the vote, say that they've, they've been there for 30 days and move them back out. that's the whole reason why you don't want to have that sort of transient type of communities being able to like representatives because, you know, to that representative elect. but a lot of the questions come down to whether these 800000 non citizens, what kind of changes that will do to the character of the cities and the different bureaus in regard to the character of the city. i mean, these individuals that are here, obviously many are paying taxes, so they are, they are in they work every day. so therefore, i believe yes they should probably of. however, we do not want the trends,
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the nature of individuals that are here for a little peer to prime. and then they go over to new jersey per month. so we're going to have to really focus on ensuring that those who are fully actually have the residence and the delivery requirements impact that our board of elections can ensure that this is not going to leave any confusion. i do realize that there are many re cardholder, right in my family that work at work every day and couldn't on a particular elected officials or understand that that is something that we should be looking into. but i also think that we need to ensure that we're not open up the whole confusion because we know in new york city the board of elections is not that great administer. and that's, you know, didn't really carrier. so i was just thinking of the efficiency right now of any election board, especially in something as large as new york. i mean, think about
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a 30 day process to get a new car, get it in the system, get it, make sure that it's accurate. that actually, to me, creates a whole bunch of new problems that could possibly why this person got their card in time. but this person didn't just because you're dealing with bureaucracy in a big city like new york. that being said, is there any, have you noticed anything else being said to do, to try to make that streamline process more efficient to go along with this bill? so many times we put the horse before the card and in this case, do you feel like that could happen where you might actually have people, one person being given a chance to vote in the other, not just because the paperwork didn't get processed. i did actually see that there will be confusion with this particular process. we saw that were loading, we saw the roll out of that and system basically become disaster. i do not want to happen in another municipal election where you're voting for the may or the cultural court. this is why i think they really should ensure that there's money behind this. as we also need to kind of revamp the board of elections and pick out
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the patriot system that exists in that particular do should ensure that we are protecting the rights of all american citizens and non citizens. because we see with our election that sometimes people don't even have faith and it might be going to happen. maybe we should have possibly open primary. so that individual who are citizens who are independent, for instance, can actually vote for whatever party that they want to. i think that would actually make a little bit more sense than just jumping the gun with the green card hold. and as of right now, well, and that's also a idea of knowing what exactly the parties stand for having enough knowledge to look into it, which i would hope that they would before they went into the funding bar box regardless. so as of now real quick, i want to look at other states have said no about it said this is not what they're going to do. why do you think new york's tried to push this right now considering, like you said, the past history, we've had people doubting election integrity going in i'm not 100 percent certain
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why they're pushing this agenda right at this moment. the idea that maybe it will threaten the democratic party, we will have more numbers so that they will have the support going into mid term elections and so forth. however, this is just the municipal law, right? you're not going to have report holders voting at the state and federal level. so it really only affects the city council and other municipal level elections. where in essence there's already a democratic strong hole in the city. so i'm not a 100 percent there in white pushing it maybe. ready it's a little bit of a precedent to hopefully move the ty at the higher level of government ultimately. but again, that would be a constitutional issue if you get to the state and federal level it now. and if a re, a trial for other states, i'm sure we watching very closely like they used to do. thanks for getting us here inside korean. thank you. so we hear fairs of space,
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debris hitting the earth. but what about an asteroid? well as, as launching humanities, 1st astro, a deflection test mission. say that 3 times fast. and in a scientist hope this very tests may in fact save earth from an incoming rock from space. natasha suite has more on tuesdays launch. it's the action clearer and suspense of hollywood movies. but the threat to earth by hazardous stories is rooted in fact, not just fiction. and that's why nasa is launching the dark mission and they're hoping just a little bit of free direction can go a long way. movies like armageddon revealed the fear that some of us have that an asteroid could simply fall from the sky. the fear is not far fetched, but the question is, can scientists do something to prevent it from happening in the 1st place? some say yes, we look at the mo and we look at the earth. we see that it's full of craters, saw more on the moon on the earth, which is of course,
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telling us that impacts off small bodies on earth, foul. now, geologic time scouts are normal and this is the 1st time in history. we can do something about it that's for dark, comes in, which stands for double asteroid redirection test. the goal of the mission will change the speed of the incoming object, but ever so slightly, even as little as one centimeter per 2nd. scientists say doing it far enough in advance would cause the object to miss earth entirely. the objects for this experiment are double ashtray, didi most a half mile in length. and it's moonlit time warfare which measures about 160 meters long or 525 feet is roughly the height of the washington monument by comparison, the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs measured about 10 kilometers or 6 miles wide. it is correct that, that dim or force and did a most or gravitationally bound to each other or over to each other. and so that went ard, it's due more force and changes its motion. there's also going to be a tug on data most on the dark spacecraft arrives in late september early october
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of next year. ill use a ton of navigation software to deliberately crash itself into mil that day. more fist at a speed about 6.6 kilometers per 2nd. dart mission systems engineer ileana adams says this asteroid has to be fairly close to earth. the good news is that nasa can stream data back to earth before hitting the asteroid when we approach it. it has to be at such an angle that it gets lit by the sun because we will and see if it's the asteroids really dark. we won't be able to see it and won't be able to head using smart navigation. and hollywood got wind of nasa's dirt mission and are basing a fictional movie on it, or movies about 3 scientists who tried desperately to warn the planet of it. impending doomsday. comet and are ignored, or movies made up. it's a comedy. but in fact, the brilliant scientists at nasa, or actually launching a mission, but back to reality, nasa says this test in particular is very telling it since these asteroids are the
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most common, your earth and reportedly the oldest scientists say these fine mixtures of rock and metal are 4500000000 years old for me before on the planets came into existence. european space agency is expected to send another aircraft to the asteroids in 2024 . and nasa is launching the dark mission late tuesday from the vandenberg space for space in california reporting from los angeles and hutcher sweets. our team thanks for watching calculate. ah lou. anti bully still seeing the cash right on police report. it's an all cash in december 2020, a group of anti fascist. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. for her people, organization,
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an idea that fascism must be opposed the channel out the gate route. they may kill their faces, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten reuben. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teachers that are all american. we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in the recent riggle house verdict is a cautionary tale for many in power ideology from to anything resembling justice the jury thought otherwise. unfortunately, our leads when more times than not, they were informed by their ideology and they were pursuing a revolution from the top down with
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ah, breaking news from the u. k, where a huge fire has broken out at a plastics. recycling factory in yorkshire. costs include about sphere to be toxic, smoke into the dark sky. the locals have been evacuated from the area. code ocean deal is struck in germany for a new governments and the chancellor finance minister, all our sholtes will replace angle americo and says you don't reduce mandatory vaccination. oh vaughn and unrest and losing spreads in the french i was he surgeries of guadalupe and malta need against new cobra restrictions imposed by paris including mandatory vaccination for health workers.
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and as a whistleblower in the u. k. claims a state funded clinic.


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