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tv   News  RT  November 29, 2021 1:00am-1:30am EST

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ah, the headlines this, our ami chrome, the new cobra strain from south africa spreads across the world with nations canceling flights and even keeping the fully vaccinated in isolation. also to come, president biden, and the mayor of san francisco face of public backlash after they are caught violating their own mass mandates. and parents of the school in texas have their personal details posted online after they speak out on critical race theory and mass mandates. we hear from one of the be posted our personal information or addresses and told the internet to, to attacked. another guy threatened a bunch of us at a school board meeting. ah,
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my good morning. it's 9 o'clock here in moscow. you watching artie international. i one micron is wreaking havoc around the world. the yo code mutation has been highlighted is a variant of concern by the world health organization and has already been detected in multiple countries the rule. so phase 2 is highly transmissible. and even those who are fully vaccinated could easily get it. nations have already started closing their board is to prevent its spread. well, the 1st images of the new strain originally detected in south africa have been published by italian research is on the right is on micron. and on the left, the delta ferry and the red aries do show it has many more mutations. that means that the virus has further adapted, but it's not clear yet if it's more dangerous. but while governments are trying to find that out, many people have found themselves stranded in south africa. i'm devastated. i feel
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let down by my government. we are relying on information on the internet. if no one knows what's going on, we have done everything. we are tripoli vaccinated. we have done everything is good citizens and now we are unable to get home. i'm devastated. i'm frustrated. i just cried the whole day was basically glad to be with the children that we don't know when we won't be able to make it. now. i'm 76 years older. it is a fear because it is tom. how can, how can go tomorrow without seeing my family, they treated me like you're called criminal. that threw me off the plane. i didn't get my luggage back. told me, i'm not their problem. and then i said, well, what did i do? when i said the cabin attendance said, you told me 3 thorns to put my face more. god forbid the rules. it says you're allowed to take a few more while you eating and drinking all was doing exactly. that was a, by me rule, it was total total paranoia from the store with you so that all would insisted
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while you get vaccinated, if you still con, travel. and if you still can't be with your family, i have family in south africa. my sister lives in south africa and, and i've not seen her in close to 2 years since of covered and my daughter and i was trying to south africa now to find any be with her and her family. i think it's important, but the u. s. is doing and around the world to be cautious space, see not knowing what the new variant is doing. but it's also on the same point. very frustrating and upsetting for what it's doing to people around the world and not been able to see their families. while the scenes that have been developing here in south africa are very emotional. the 1st announcement of this new strain was on thursday and it took the government and it took b, the tourism industry essentially completely. i surprised. and within hours you had
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most of the world's airlines canceling. they fly. i've been quite a few days. i see a port and say you have people who've been pixel flights in a matter of minutes. sometimes people were really on the flight 10 minutes from take off. and then the announcement came that they had to get all the flight or people who were on the roof of the countries and the plains with turned back. people here feel completely laid down. you have a strong feeling of people having being stranded because you have so many people here who need to get back to work who need to get back to families overseas and who are some stuck in south africa. now what's important to notice is so we coming up to the tours the month here in south africa. busy the month of december and for the last 2 years because of code that the industry has at the kind shop 3, talking to people here, they say that this is not going to be in the south african truism. that's when so much money in last night sunday, the countries president pose a gave
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a state of the nation of grace in which he criticized the international community for making such a quick decision. without enough research, urge international community to reconsider options. you have a problem here in south africa where there are millions of people who have not been vaccinated and who refused to be vaccinations for 30, the international community, of course, of that at the same time, the scientists in south africa has come out to say that this new varian has been depicted in many countries around the world, and they believe that south africa should be congratulated for being the 1st to identify and come forward with the information rather than being solely blamed for being responsible for spreading or supporting reporting from south africa. that will we discuss this further with henry, she's from the wits research institute that does look into vaccines and infectious diseases. and she says the new strain shows more mutations than ever before. and they don't know whether current vaccines will be effective against it. the concern
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about this variant is that it has a large number of mutations many more than we've seen before. some of these mutations we've already seen on other variance, and we know that they can be associated with increased chance ness ability and possibly increase what we call immune escape. what that means is that they're more resistant to the protection that you get from vaccines. we've also seen that mostly initially in young people, and i haven't yet heard anyone talk about the lack of smell and taste with this variance. we also have noted, and this is the true if you seeing the reports that we're getting from other countries as well, where they're also now identifying cases that people have been vaccinated and in some cases fully vaccinated. so what we don't know is whether, what this variant is,
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is managing to do is to overcome vaccination completely. the antibodies that you get from vaccines completely, probably not. we're still hopeful that the vaccines will protect against severe disease. and with the other variance that have emerged, well, the advisor to the italian health authorities is warning that the virus is getting around old preventative measures. and this could be our reality for years to come. charlotte, when ski in paris takes us through neither you use response to the new strain. cases of, of new come have already been discovered in germany and belgium chakra public. and there are at least 13 cases in the netherlands that came after a flight of individuals came in from south africa. now, in a separate development, dutch police had to read a plane just before it was about to take off. after it emerged that 2 of the passengers on board had been in
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a quarantine hotel and had escaped from that desperately trying to leave the netherlands to try and get home as that panic is spreading. it turns out that the quarantine hotel that they had escaped from there were individuals who had presented with the omnia corn strange. you really get a sense of just how scared people are at the moment. some individuals are now facing lengthy stays in quarantines, which are incredibly costly, particularly in the u. k. for me there is just no ways i can afford 50000 rand, which is equivalent to 2 and a half 1000 pounds to be in a hotel in london. when my home is around the corner and, and i live on my own, we can self oscillate. and secondly, with the job that i was meant to start. if i'm now i'm starting approximately 3 weeks later, which means i'm 3 weeks without a seller, which is basic. i've worked it out which is basically my rent money for the month. i'm a british citizen, i've lived there for 23 years. i have to find
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a way the government has to do something about the hotel quarantine and people are up in oars that got government con, make these rulings, and then expect the citizens to pay for it. you know, for those who were fully vax, as we heard from those individuals facing problems from south africa, they really thought that perhaps this pandemic was about to be over, at least for them, because they'd followed all of the guidance. they've done everything that they were asked to have done. so this must be coming now is a bit of a cold shower for people in europe to lising that having 2 or 3 jobs just isn't enough. when we faced these new strains that we know so little about in france, the french health ministers resigned to the fact that omnicom will be found here and says that the government needs more time to look at it. it'll case if you don't, with only the u, since it's circulating in the u. k. italy in belgium, it's probable that there is a case in circulation and france. researchers are looking at whether vaccines must
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be modified, but it's too early to say, since it was only discovered a few days ago. scientists who i spoke with on the telephone yesterday, including internationally say we need a period of around 10 days to no war. at so far, the research suggests that it has been heavily mutated from the original cove. it 19 strain which those vaccines were developed to be able to protect against more research is needed. but the reality is, experts fear that is new variance like this ab keep emerging. we are in now and never ending cycle. we will have to learn to live with cove it. we will never defeat it. we have to learn to live with it. we have to learn to live with it as we have none to live with flu. of course it is not flu and dead. you know, we need to the learn more about it. meanwhile, the ministers, the health ministers from the g 7 countries will meet later on monday to discuss this new variant and how it possibly can be tackled at the same time as the experts
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. a really left in a situation with a race to understand exactly what this mutation means and what that means for the a fight for the end of this pandemic. charlotte davinsky, there will law with fears. mounting men over the new varied spread around the world . the mayor san francisco will spotted flouncing her own mask mandate when she was dancing at a nightclub. ah, san francisco may, a london breed is seen at a party in san francisco, not wearing a mask endorse violating her own into a mask mandate. meanwhile, children across san francisco have to wear a mask while learning through the week party and like it's 1999 without mass quality, cd has fallen apart. london breed already got caught once before violating her own rules and had plenty of excuses. and here she is again, or she's not me, are you?
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when eva, the american president himself was spotted mosque less in the shop, in massachusetts, despite repeatedly telling americans to wear them in doors. joe biden announced to k with action plan aimed at tackling the pandemic early this year. it does include mosque, wearing and social distancing, and the restrictions will be kept in place until some time. next year, we spoke to radio host and political on this day, perkins about this. and he does think that politicians should set a better example. they are lying to the american people when they attempt to force americans to wear a mask. and the proof is quite clearly their under tv screen that the elite themselves don't bother with the masts. we've seen time and time again where groups of the leads in meetings are told by a camera man. we're going live in 30 seconds and they all scrambled to get their master. before the camera goes on, the lights come on. and then when the cameras finished doing its work, the masks come right off again. they never wear them in private. they never wear
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them inside closed rooms where they don't expect to be seen. they only wear them for show. it's quite clear the elite in america do not think master are necessary or don't think that they do anything or both. but they're still happy to thrust that restraint on the public and to punish them when the public does not meet the requirements of the law. gigantic, visible hypocrisy. one of the number of will power is have started to push the citizens to get these to show us. but that does come to some people in poor country still can't even get a single dose. we'll discuss this more dilemma with a panel of guess a bit later on in the program. i being against mass mandates and critical race theory use apparently enough to get you docs in texas, parents that claim a member of the racial equity committee in a local school district. publish that personal details on the internet. and they
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claim that they were ridiculed for their views on critical rights theory. and that legal case, challenging mosque, mandates, told daniel was on the list and explained what happened. we filed a lawsuit against our local i s t. that was to block and illegal mask mandate. as a result of that, we got a bunch of kick back. this one lady who talks does she's on what you call a racial equity and diversity advisory committee posted our personal information and our addresses and contact information. our businesses and so forth and told the internet to, to attack us. there was another instant also another guy threatened a bunch of us at a school board meeting, claiming he's going to bring a 1000 soldiers. and so force locked and loaded. we, we've reported it to the school district when we reported to the city and to the
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mayor or taking action against parents that disagree with policies becoming more more common in the us because it was another incident reported to in arizona recently were school a school board president to collect adult c a on parents said that included social security numbers and financial records. so the man denied his involvement. he was sacked from his post or critical race theory as well as mass mandates. have been causing so much tension between school boards and parents. to this even come to the attention of the president when association cited threats from parents and compare the acts of domestic compared, those acts to domestic terrorism. with the u. s. attorney general and the f b. i now enfold daniel again explained to us why parents are standing up to school officials. after the mask lawsuit,
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we were joined by many people and we just keep finding more and more problems. you know, our school district is a, is about an, a d level by state average. so that means we have 3rd graders that can't read to to grade level. and yet they spend millions of dollars on putting social justice and equity and diversity training into everything is political. they use equity in diversity to actually re institutionalized racism. you know, they call themselves anti racist, but they're, they're really racist. we are fighting back. we're trying to get rid of it at the state level in our school level. and so it's a big problem in the state of texas and all over the country actually that i've been networking with, with other parents and actually teachers that are frightened and terrified that this is, this is taking over our education system in the united states. wave
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of smash and grab robbery, shook the united states during thanksgiving and last weekend's black friday sales one police officer died and some retail staff were injured. but with the christmas holidays, rice around the corner. people are asking if authorities can make cities safe with their hands tied by new policies with moral mrs. ortiz. ask your title. remember the days of good cop bad cop? while back on in case you missed the memo. now every cop is a body. well, we need to leave this matter minneapolis police department. i did all the way off to george floyds. mother people came for policing budgets were slashed forth,
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then no go stop and such without accountability was in. so where are we now? while the politicians who pull the money plug, leaving police departments high and dry, might feel safe from that gated communities. but for the rest of america, while from coast to coast from small town to big cities, crime is on the rise. one year and the biggest annual spike of homicides in 60 years later states now trying to false track, return to the good old days of law and order to reverse the tide of rising crime. we need to stop the demon demonizing and sabotaging the dedicated men and women who risked their lives every single day to keep the rest of us safe enough is enough. we cannot de fund the police. we need to refund the police. instead of less funding, we need more investment in public safety and
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a knife in the back of the democrat law makers everywhere. almost 90 percent of marilyn's black voters back him because if they have been most affected by fewer patrol cause in the neighbourhood. and this isn't a one off. this yet has seen a wave of pro police candidates be elected all across the country from liberal seattle, to minneapolis, the very place george floyd died at the hands of a police officer. the lift really does go on. it turns out that lol assess is not as exciting in real life as it is in the westerns and for the democrats already terrified of the mid term blood bath. this could be a death knell already blue republicans, the proud gun toting law and order party a polling 8 percent higher than democrats nationally. it's almost like voters have realized that it's one thing to shout a slogan to make a gesture. it's another thing to come up with a real game plan. it does not present any sort of plan for what will come after.
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there is no specificity as to what services which provide what law enforcement would look like. what residents can expect. police might be back in demand, but it looks like too little too late. the u. s. the saying record numbers of offices leaving the force and recruitment numbers away down despite all types of incentives to boost them. when you start treating those who hunt for criminals as the criminals themselves, then also willing to go out and take a bullet few, a lot of the competent people who would make good police offices, a refraining because they feel that they can go to prison for doing their job, 3, a police officer, you put your life in jeopardy. now some feel they're not protected. the criminals have more rights than police officers to day. the car for what you wish for what started as a cat t slogan and a bed to be down with the voters turned into a radical agenda that's been kind to criminals and cruel to the lawful
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taska taylor there. okay, well let cert returned to cove. it now because as the world powers do start to push their citizens to get a beast a shot, the world health organization has expressed opposition to rich countries extending their inoculation program. while vaccination rates are so low in poor countries, across much of africa, less than 10 percent of the population has had a single days. no more vaccines should go to countries that have already vaccinated more than 40 percent of their population. until kovacs has the vaccines, it needs to help by their countries get that a to no more boosters should be understood at except to immunocompromised people. most countries with high vaccine coverage continued to ignore our call for a global moratorium on boosters. or we discussed this issue further with
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a panel of guest, a gas station issue, availability do vaccines. i should not paradise, even a booster to all, but instead to 1st be sure that all in the population have received the job. it would make more sense to ensure that most people at least get their 1st dose of the vaccine love and then pushing for people to have the the boost. we shouldn't be in a position where we're having to choose, we should be supporting the increased manufacturing distribution of vaccines. one of the reasons for booster shots, of course, is that we know that the immunity generated by vaccination decays, it over time, particularly actually in the elderly and most vulnerable, and certainly up to 6 months. these booster shots clearly have, are really significant impact laughing or important. we have to look at the efficacy of the actual vaccine because we still know that people who have double days you can still policy and also still and be affected by the virus or finance.
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one of the issues that i think they should be willing to finance fund it from the perspective of the individual. yes. surely it will still will center protect against the possible infection and its consequences, but nevertheless fronted public health if even really good perspective the greater dish to reach with the vaccine. ideally, do. who are lucian? and why do you think this new strain has emerged in africa? do you think the low vaccination rate is something to do with that? because this is the 2nd time a strain has a martha africa if i'm not mistaken, farmers on stand it. there's no shortage of vaccine supplied south africa. what there is a lot of backseat hesitancy, same thing we're seeing in central and eastern europe and a lot of that is driven by lack of trust in the vaccine. and in the governments promotion the vaccination. i think there's something about the messaging. i think that education is key because we do still have a lot of hesitant people not wanting to take the vaccine. and also just really, it just seemed quite unfair that it's still mandate. nice is now mandatory,
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that health work is should have the vaccine. i think it should also include education, if not all that vaccinated the monday, we will not stop from that perspective on natur section 7 know frontiers. that is the very meeting of the panoramic viruses are not so interesting. unfortunately, certain governments are funeral of mine is a rescue was killed in last week's mine. explosion inside barrier being held, the instant claimed the lives of 51 people and there was still an ongoing search for more victims. with more in the story, his dimension pack was an incident such as this, the tragedy goes far beyond simply those who lost their lives. we met with the larry who had worked at the siberian coal mine for decades. the people who died in the aftermath of the explosion were his old time friends. he was lucky not to share
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their fate with him or not for 2 or 3 years ago. i used to work in the section where all the people have been recently killed. they were my friends on that day, i was off, i was working in a garret when my colleague called me, he told me that he'd heard one of the employees talk about a convoy of ambulances rushing to the mine. i immediately got in touch with one of my friends, and he confirmed that another friend of ours who worked in that section didn't get out. that's how i found out. this isn't even the 1st accidents this man has seen at this mine. in both cases, he lost his friends and co workers who as he claims, had to work under increasing pressure from management. when you remove the label, there was another explosion which occurred in 2000 a full when i used to work exactly in that area of the mine. but that was completely different story. 13 people died since then. it looks like something has happened to the mentality of people, perhaps different type of people who've been hired in the management. i don't want
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to accuse anybody or sound baseless, but in my view, it all resulted from an unbridled crave for coal. is not my business to reflect on how much coal is needed and how much money has to be made. but there was much pressure for more cold supplies. and of course, all our guys always had it at the back of their minds. that actually everything could happen. in fact, the criminal investigation is looking into what exactly led up to the accident and stories like valerie's are all being taken into account to figure out what happened . why and whose negligence ultimately caused 51 people their lives. and any of them lived right here in lennon's cruise nest, essentially a minor city with population of just over a 100000. most people here are miners or at least know somebody who is. so that means that the accidents at the lowest version a coal mine has it very close to home. but despite the magnitude of the tragedy,
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work in the mine will eventually resume. and while the life of a minor is not easy, the larry says people in the region don't have many career choices. so they go under ground. you know what to do with your money? will people just do that? job's they go to the coal mine. the worst case scenario is always on the table. it's a game of chance. it isn't true that man is descend to die. it isn't true and they won't give up. it is not correct to say that it's scary down there in the mine. it isn't true. however, what happened is dreadful. the accident caused many people their lives. and while it is a great tragedy, the larry is thankful to the authorities. as they are quick to offer, support here that would seem would form, i'm sure everybody will be provided with financial aid. every family with children will be supported, will get help with paying for university fees. there's no doubt such incidents have
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happened in the past and help always kate, immediately. the larry's perspective on this incident is shared among many of the miners living and working here, and the central russian camera of a region and wild is horrific accident has taken a huge toll on people, especially those who lost their family members. life will inevitably go on, but hopefully with some changes and measures that will prevent anything like what happened in the severe in coal mine from ever repeating mitchie pica with that report from siberia. so that brings you up to date, the nice i faucet ident to get go to website flip stories too. you can find that at 18 oak. join me every thursday on the alex, silent show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world,
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the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me ah, you were to there was that your eyes and your post yet that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they fail to mention is that you could make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video games. a stacy been a couple of them and so we formed the 1st one, so it's up to one of them to have it was originally the president. okay. much with his normal phone. of course, to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick with it. hang on to a spike. surgical installation fitness to live near bottom. and miss thompson with webpage bentley up in the booth, but even started yet. gala boy, well, you mo, storm you my video it out or you may know neil's good guy of the owner,
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but i would that be cool with was deducted these it's odd to do. i also use from the craft all the way up to the top management. they're under a lot of pressure and stress and computer programs that follow you around all day. i mean, we know what everyone is doing. it will get an email or your boss to call you all. and they would say get pictures back or 5 or 4 else. one of the managers of post office operations was calling the post office is tell them i told you guys no over time this week fix it. so you know they're, they're being told to lie, cheat and steal. it's tough not to break. some kind of.


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