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saying maybe, except for so called values, or those values attractive or top stores this out on the chrome. the new cobit straight discovered in south africa presents a higher risk globally. the w h o says that it spreads around the world with nations. now counseling flights and even keeping the fully vaccinated in isolation leaked documents suggests germany tried to pressure the u. s. not to slap sanctions on. nord stream to berlin warns washington shipment sanction allies and shoplifting and vandalism. as the festive season begins, flash mob and smash and grab robberies, put us authorities to the test. ah! hello, good, happy with it's live from moscow. this is out internationals world news at 11. i'm
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calling bright 1st on my chrome. it's causing havoc around the world. the new cove it mutations been highlighted as a variance of concern by the world health organization. and it's already been detected in multiple countries. other also fear that it's highly contagious, and even people who are fully vaccinated could easily get it. nation to become closing their borders to try and curb it's spread. now the 1st images of the new strain originally detected in south africa to have been published by italian researches on the right is on the cron. on the left, the delta varied the red air. if you can see, showing that it's got many more mutations this time around, and that means the virus has further adapted, but it's not yet clear whether that means that it's more dangerous or no mean. while some vaccine developers have already stepped in and said that they're ready to provide modified plus jobs to fight the new strain, the producers of russia. sputnik v vaccine say they're working on a new shot. and they'll be able to provide several 100000000 booster doses by february if needed comes, as pfizer says that it'll make a new version within
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a 100 days if the new variant proves to be resistant to their current job. however, both developers believe that the current vaccines should already be effective against the emerging strain. but as governments of figuring out their response plans, many people have found themselves stranded in south africa. and mid newly him posed travel bound artist policy reports from johannesburg, apple. this elation, desperation, frustration, and anger. these are just some of the emotions that people here in south africa are experiencing. i'm here on the tambo. important one is the, this is the main international airport in south africa. and as you can see, the airport is practically deserted. a far cry from the scenes we saw just a short time ago when thousands of people were liveing here. but to get on any available flight, often announcement was made that most international travel in and out of african states was being implemented. that announcement came as
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a complete surprise. you had people that were waiting boarded that was sitting on planes about to take off that they had to disembark. you had people that were waiting in the skies flying that had to turn around and come back. the situation such is that you now have tens of thousands of people who are stranded here in south africa. people who need to get back to jobs and families. and at the same time, you have so many people abroad, many of them, south africans desperate to get into the country. many of them have not been able to visit for at least 2 years. and they have loved ones, some of whom are sick, some of whom are elderly, here in the country, waiting to see them. i say to them, okay, i'm coming to check in. will i be able to get home? i'm only going for 10 days to my mother and she started the computer interested. all the flat for december had been cancelled. so if you go, you can get back. and if you get back, you're going total parenting for 2 weeks and i've got 2 boys and i just knew that i,
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i actually had to knock for their flat. and i was devastated and hop broken. i've got double vaccinated, i've got a booster shot. i had all the documentation, i could have got on the flight and that would have taken me to south africa backs, australia closed the borders so that they wouldn't allow anybody to come back into the country. and so feels excessive and i feel very sadden. but i feel like the other information is making them really concerned just in a few days. everything's really changed. i was out, i got a message from a friend. i'm checking the news and then more and more news updates had to keep checking. not knowing what would happen, and then within 3 days, i mean it's all just completely changed and there's no way that i can go, i've been vaccinated 3 times, so i am as vaccinate as to be. i wouldn't make any difference. i do congratulate the, well, the leaders for taking such quick action, but i do think that they really need to be properly informed before making
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decisions that really affect the lives of so many people. the prices for the few remaining flights out of here have skyrocketed as has the cost of mandatory cova testing. now the international community is very cognizant of the fact that as many as 7 out of 10 south africans have not been vaccinated. and this is partly because they're not enough vaccines in the country. and also because many south africans are worried about the long term effects of the vaccines that are on the market. now, south african scientists have been very vocal in saying that they were the 1st to come forward and be transparent about this new variant that has been found things. so it's not a south african variant. and that it is elsewhere in the global community that instead of being applauded south africa has now been push on the blacklist policy r t to hunter's book south africa on an adviser to the italian. the health authorities says the current preventative measures are only having a limited impact on the new strike. and this could be our reality for years to come
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. the mob, the u. k is reducing quarantine in a government mandated out tell for people coming from south africa of the british health. secretary also believes that cope it's going to be with us in some form forever. he was asked to learn to live with cove and we will never defeat it. we have to learn to live with it. we have to learn to live with it as we have learned to live with flu. of course, it is not flu and dead. you know, we need to learn more about in cases of, of new come, have already been discovered in germany in belgium, the czech republic. and there are at least 13 cases in the netherlands that came after a flight of individuals came in from south africa. now, in a separate development, dutch police had to raid plain just before it was about to take off. after it emerged that 2 of the passengers on board had been in quarantine hotel and had escaped from that desperately trying to leave the netherlands to try and get home
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as that panic is spreading. it turns out that the quarantine hotel that they had escaped from ad there were individuals who had presented with the omnicom. strange, you really get a sense of just how scared people are at the moment. some individuals are now facing a lengthy stays in quarantines, which are incredibly costly, particularly in the u. k. for me, there is just no ways i can afford 50000 rand, which is equivalent to 2 and a half 1000 pounds to be in a hotel in land. and when my home is around the corner and, and i live on my own, where i can self oscillate. and secondly, with the job that i meant to start. if i'm now i'm starting approximately 3 weeks later, which means i'm 3 weeks without seller, which is basic. i've worked it out which is basically my rent money for the month. i'm a british citizen, i've lived there for 23 years. i have to find a way the government has to do something about the hotel quarantine and people are
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up in all that got government con, make these rulings, and then expected citizens to pay for it. you know, for those who were fully vax, as we heard from those individuals facing problems from south africa, they really thought perhaps this pandemic was about to be over, at least for them because they followed all of the guidance. they done everything that they were asked to have done. so this must be coming now as a bit of a cold shower for people in europe to realizing that having 2 or 3 jobs just isn't enough. when we faced these new strains that we know so little about in france, the french health ministers resigned to the fact that omnicom will be found here and says that the government needs more time to look at it. they don't use if you don't know if they'll need to you since it's circulating in the u. k. italy, in belgium, it's probable that there is a case in circulation. and france researchers are looking at whether vaccines must be modified, but it's too early to say, since it was only discovered a few days ago. scientists who i spoke with on the telephone yesterday,
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including internationally say we need a period of around 10 days to no war. meanwhile, the ministers, the health ministers from the g 7 countries will meet later on monday to discuss this new variant and how it possibly can be tackled at the same time as the experts are really left in a situation with a race to understand exactly what this mutation means and what that means for the a fight for the end of this pandemic order. the 1st country to ramp up restrictions is israel, which is closed its borders to old, foreigners earlier naughty. we spoke with israel's former, you and ambassador. he says the measures are unnecessary burden because there's simply not enough known yet about the new strain. it personally, i think maybe it was too much, but it's better to be on the safe side. when you do the, with new variances, we don't have the data, but i hope that, you know, within 2 weeks time will be able to open our borders. you know, is really the wide open. everything's open and stones, lawns,
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events though i think, you know, it's a precaution because we don't know exactly about the value we have cases. actually . as of now, we have 2 cases of confirmed it only cron variant in his. well, that's why the government decided to act very, very fast, and to close the borders to foreigners. we allow only ladies to come in, in those after grantee for 3 days. even though we have the vaccine, sal debates, you know, whether we should use the technology. it to actually one of those that carry the very end to, you know, we have it or should the courage to follow people that, that's debated and that would go to the supreme court. i'm sure again, so actually as we speak, the government decided to we initiate that policy, but only 2 people who are confirmed with with that very well. so it's either valid to know it had a few people. i hope it will be the old number, but i'm not sure the policy would state because the latter resentment to that policy in parliament and in the public, you know, it is impossible to do to shut down
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a or the flight worldwide. we cannot do that every time the, the new variance coming out. but the yes, i think we should, they watch it carefully and learn how to deal with it. then we should expect that the public to be patient about it do cooperate with the guidelines and usually documents suggest berlin tried to pressure washington not to impose sanctions over nord stream to the gym of foreign ministry also bought the u. s. that sanctions against the new gas pipeline from russia damage, trans, atlantic unity that he got out of now report. well, germany has outright confirmed that it has reached out to some us officials to some your senators in a bit to discourage them from imposing new more sanctions. on the nord stream to gas pipeline, that ins all the way from russia and into germany. the confirmation came in a response to a question too. from a journalist with artes roughly video agency have a lesson less, as there is a document suggesting that the german government at members of the u. s. congress not to impose sanctions on the node stream to pipeline. because this new would
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undermine us credibility and damage trans. atlantic alliance, unity would you confirm the german federal government efforts to come to the sanctions. i can say the departmental chiefs of both the foreign and economics and technology ministries visited washington dc recently and conducted fruitful negotiations with representatives of the u. s. government and congress. we are continuing incense coordination of efforts with the usaa ministration on the implementation of a joint statement on nordstrom to. we regulate exchange of views on the subject on many levels, opposition in regard to sanctions is well known where categorically against any sanctions against allies. so they should not surprise anyone to have a car. well, germany could become one of the main benefactors from nordstrom to gas pipeline, becoming operational, in fact, it could help the whole of the e u, you know, deal with the energy crisis. but according to the german ambassador in ukraine,
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nod stream to gas pipeline is still at least 6 months away from that. now the whole construction has been hampered by some fierce opposition coming from the u. s. that has been slapping sanctions on various companies involved in the construction of the pipeline and coming from ukraine as well. see a huge chunk of a rush as gas gets into europe through caves pipeline. so now with a new, a modern pipeline in place, kia fears that had services will become obsolete. that despite brisk, repeated assurance is coming from both germany and the russian president vladimir putin. that nod stream to will not be turned into an economic web. a waiver smash and grab robberies, shook the us during the thanksgiving holiday and the weekend black friday sales with many people pointing out that the police seem to be overwhelmed with the level of crime that erupted. i'm with the christmas holidays just around the corner. now people are asking if the authorities can actually keep their city safe for their
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hands, apparently tied by new policies were on that next from saskia. taylor, remember the days of good cop bad cop? well, dec on in case you missed the memo. now every cop is a batty. well we need to completely dismantled minneapolis. police department. i ah. no. no. off to george floyd's mad at people came for policing budgets were slashed, force was and no go stop and such was out. accountability was in. so where are we now? while the politicians who pull the money plug, leaving police departments high and dry, might feel safe for neg gated communities, but for the rest of america? well, from coast to coast, from small towns to big cities, crime is on the rise. one year and the biggest annual spike of homicides in 60
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years later states and now trying to fast track a return to the good old days over the war. in order to reverse the tide arising, crime, we need to stop deem it demonizing and sabotaging the dedicated men. women who risked their lives every single day to keep the rest of us safe enough is enough. we cannot de fund the police. we need to refund the police. instead of less funding, we need more investment in public safety and a knife in the back of the democrat law makers everywhere. almost 90 percent of marilyn's black voters back him because if they have been most affected by fewer patrol cards in the neighbourhood, and this isn't a one off. this yet has seen a wave of pro police candidates be elected all across the country from liberal
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seattle, to minneapolis, the very place george floyd died at the hands of a police officer. the list really does go on. it turns out that lol assess is not as exciting in real life as it is in the westerns and for the democrats already terrified of the mid term bloodbath. this could be a death knell already blue republicans, the proud gun toting law and order party a polling 8 percent higher than democrats nationally. it's almost like voters have realized that it's one thing to shout a slogan to make a gesture. it's another thing to come up with a real game plan. it does not present any sort of plan for what will come after. there is no specificity as to what services which provide what law enforcement would look like. what residents can expect. police might be back in demand, but it looks like too little too late. the usaa saying record numbers of offices leaving the force and recruitment numbers away down despite all types of incentives
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to boost them. when you start treating those who hunt for criminals as the criminals themselves, then also willing to go out and take a bullet few, a lot of the competent people who would make good police offices, a refraining because they feel that they can go to prison for doing their job, 3, a police officer, you put your life in jeopardy. now some feel they're not protected. that criminals have more rights than police is to day. the careful what you wish for what started as a catchy slogan and a bed to be down with the voters turned into a radical agenda that's been kind to criminals and cruel to the lawful annex australia is set to introduce some of the wells, toughest anti troll legislation there would 4 social media companies to disclose the identities of online trolls from it. as to scott morrison says he wants to put a stop to a lawless internet. i want to ensure that australians are safe online,
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making sure that the rules that exist in the real world must exist in the digital an online world. the online world shouldn't be a wild whist. where, where boston and bigots and trolls and others can just and anonymously going around and harm people and hurt people, harassed them and bully them and, and sledge them. that's not a strider of the lord would set up a complaint procedure for those who feel defamed. bullied or attacked online platforms will be required to collect users personal information, likely to include their names, email addresses, and telephone numbers. and if a case goes to court, judges may require social networks to hand over that data. and it's those online companies, not the uses or owners of pages on their side, who would then be held responsible for hosting the damage and content. but there's already been a while for backlash against the plans from users filing privacy is wrong. people
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already give out too much personal info, t social media and no government should forest any corporation to violate their users privacy. it is 100 percent obvious that scott morrison wants to use this against his online critics. the only reason for forcing and on to become mr man is to take action against them. genuine trolls are mostly fake accounts, so that will work just morrison's mouth and brain. unusual disconnect, the sooner he goes, the better government must be pleased about the framing and to troll could have used a few other labels, anonymity and in law id collection law. while strangers already locked onto the internet giant this year after it brought in the online safety act, which lets a government commissioner, demand information on abusive, anonymous accounts. facebook hit back of that, that it was impossible to monitor all comments or twitter says that such moves put, whistle blows at risk. well, let's talk about this now with bill mew, who's the privacy activist and technology expert, and also john gore with us columnist and
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a talk radio host both. welcome to the program. like to know your thoughts on the legislation. first of all, bill, that's the toughest anti troll legislation. there is too much sure about time to i . it's a little bit of a mixed bag. i think it's a lot of the regulators around the world are starting to have a fresh look at the sort of an anonymized users that are running victory all in a lot of our trawling on the internet. there is, however, a limits to how this would be feasible. i can't see how if twitter gives in draw straight yet and agrees to the set of rules, how it would then be able to refuse to get into other more ha draconian regimes which seems to suppress a descent. and to scroll down on whistleblowers, where the same set of rules could be used by a state enormously malicious manner and twitter words are given on this particular
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old facebook or any of the other. then likewise, they could be asked for a very similar stages or very similar regime in other countries where i think most of us would agree, it will be somewhat unacceptable. and john, it had a good intention where the devil's going to be in the detail. the thing, yeah, of course he said the devils can be in the details as you say, but the simple bottom line is the moment they band and the president of the free world, donald trump, then facebook in particular, became a publisher just like the sun newspaper or the daily mail in britain, if they're gonna decide who can and cannot speak on their platforms, their publishers, therefore they should have the same rules apply to them when it comes to libel, defamation, slander, cetera, et cetera, as newspapers to in our country show. i think australia on the right line. we do have to be careful take on board. exactly. and what the other gentleman said, but i'm sorry when we get people on j. k. rowling. the harry potter author being
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bullied and harassed and thrown, thrown around on twitter. it has to stop and these people to hide behind anonymous counts. so if they have to pass ball the name, the address of the individual, and remember it's saying only if he goes to court, they would have to give that name over. i think that's right. did she had a case here in, in britain were jeremy coban, former leader of the labor party. somebody thought it was a good idea for me more of him and put in a lane down a few always on the day of the attempted. liverpool children's hospital massacre. that man has been tracked down. that man has paid out of course settlements. and that's right because no newspaper would ever of publish their am. it's not level plainfield and a bill. it does seem as though the law is taking decades to catch up. it does no, we can't keep treating the internet like it's some new fangled toys. 26 years ago, i 1st got the internet. the laws really been
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a bit slow on the uptake here. and if there wasn't a problem, then governments when feel the need to act, if it was all such a jovial atmosphere online. well, i'm not sure i can bree agree with the previous commentator who i saw a banning donald trump as a a means of i'm posing sort of unreasonable restrictions on the social media platforms have been under pressure for some time to prevent the worst trolls and to have some sort of sets of rules, a draw lines across which people should not cross without being banned. and he would think it was absolutely blayton that the former president of the united states crossbows wrote the lines on a number of occasions. and we would need the protection, and on top of that one here is where i think social media possibly needs to be pushed even harder is around the threat to sort of our children. i've we recently, we've seen leaks research that is expose the really negative effect that social
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media can have on under age children, especially young girls. and we wouldn't let our children drive cause, drink al, go all or smoke underweight, and therefore i think we should be pushing foot a lot harder for age. gauging on social media. i don't, i would be boring. a younger, totally bill of both. just let john respond to those toys where you can actually accurately assess a child's. 1 age to make sure that young people aren't getting online. i think would be a positive that though there are things here that could be positive, but the whole regime, i think he's open for be ok. let john come back on a few of those points. interest in a bill mentioned that the censorship of donald trump lead to the free world democrat, a democratically elected of course. and if you look at the latest po will probably get re elected again. but you think it right then that the taliban are on social media. do you think that's fair to that you went on to how the children you think
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it's right there are certain terrorist organizations have still got accounts. of course, we've got to have and i said the same rules as newspapers, radio broadcasters, tv stations, it should be the same. and i agree with you. 26 years. the internet's been here. they've been much too slow. the new media oligarchs. how basically running roughshod over taste and decency, i agree with bill about children that needs to be looked at. i also agree that we need to tackle peter files who are using the internet in this way, but it also has to be about free speech. this is not about curtailing free speech. this is about releasing pre spent speech from the powers of the new media. oligarchs. why ali got wine. deed should not zuckerberg. being able to set the standards, the taste and decency around the world. why? who gives him the gold given right to do that. they've taken over the media. they've read local democracy. when it comes to local newspapers, local tv channels,
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radio channels, cuz they can do whatever they want. it is the wild west and it needs clamping down on the same rules for a newspaper as in the internet as to twitter. as to facebook, how could you possibly object to that? at a cyber hate expert says that media companies never reform on their own without government intervention bill. if they were running license bars, they'd have to stick to rules if they haven't got any rules. where's the incentive to clean up their act? problem that we have here is the australian, a setting of sets of rules which are repeatable in australia, and he will hold to each different country to set their own rules. and i think the other commentator tried to paint that the taliban is equivalent to donald trump. will i'm sorry, but i think rules should be applied, but it's a question of jurisdiction. first of all i'm. 8 the, if it just takes a very simple piece of vpn software to hide your actual locations are going to be
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enormously difficult to accurately as ascertain where people are located. on top of that, there are different sets of freedoms, of speech and other freedoms in society. that are different across the world. therefore, if someone is critical of is lung in america, that wouldn't be seen as a problem. but it would be seen as a massive problem in the middle east. like why yes, i already know that you knew it is like all about horrible. you did that will the scene of the problem and i would be seen with all enormous horror in other countries in the west. and therefore, if we have a real problem here about what is acceptable and what is not, and the jurisdictional issues are not going to go away. a john, it is comparing apples and pears, though, because we're, but we're using examples of people who are using their proper names and we know who they are and their high profile. well, this law is aimed at is the anonymity and the sued iniquity of people bullying and
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attacking people online that need to be called out. anonymous accounts need to be scrapped on twitter and on facebook. it's more of a problem on twitter. you shouldn't be able to go. so bill comes in and goes, oh val stop whistleblowers knowing wouldn't the foul abuse that people are receiving death threats. and then when you to where young girls, you know, so comments about their and the way they look their body image, et cetera, cetera. the 1st and fastest way to control twitter and facebook is to ban anonymous accounts. you cannot and should not be able to have an anonymous account . i would comprise a bit and say, you'd have to register as indeed scott morrison, whatever his name is in australia wants to do. this is a good initiative. we should be backing it. and we should be moving forward on it. there is no way they should be able to act in the way they're acting when every other media organization has to abate the rules. if you know, nobody would have printed that mean in a newspaper. and as if it was ok,
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a photo shocked image that so conservative counselor can go and do that. then it gets retreat around the globe in milliseconds. that's what's wrong. and the best way to get rid of that is to ban anonymous account. i say coy outrages, things are on twitter or on facebook, but it's my name behind it. you don't like it. you can argue with me. if i can step them or i can get ban, and that's the way it should be. it has and i have some form of control bill we already see with this with television, it countries got its own law on what you can a car broke out, but that hasn't stop companies having international channels. you can watch discovery anyway. you can watch national geographic anywhere or disney plus or any of them. they seem to have coped. yes, i'm not sure that i would actually want the regime in my and mall to be able to set up a very similar set of laws. but the historians just have because if it's down to the local court to decide who's a details are,
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are exposed in this way. what is to twitter or facebook or, or anybody going to do it, but it let the g 2 government in mind more. unfortunately, that's the case, or unfortunately, you may or may not like like a tell about old russian ready or whoever made those authorities have a set of a court within their country. that dean some sort of comment to be a lie below. so trolling in some white and demand the details of someone, then you're going to lead to people being exposed, who i believe need some form or protection. so we possibly need to have a broad brush approach where and i know neighbor t is eliminated in the norm, but that may be some special application procedure. okay. a special class is are able to put it basically and clean live and not now will you agree with australia, not will the saying only when he gets to court. but if i thought that if there would stop this trolling in.


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