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ah ha, so is this our in our see you sign him seek is may have to wait months at the union batteries board is to get processed. if a plan from brussels gets to go ahead. bright groups though, say the move of throws away the rule book, also to clap middle continues to escalate the situation directly on our borders. can ask for military security in the euro atlantic region. he continues to deteriorate. his foreign minister slams nice. i, for lack of diplomacy at a meeting with the u. s. secretary of state where warnings were exchanged over the ukraine. that while washington threatens moscow with new sanctions and the c i, a is embroiled in the child sex abuse scandal that involves children. as young as 2 years old, dan, revelation uncovered in declassified agency. got,
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ah, hello, good morning, just gone, 8 o'clock harry, moscow. you're watching art international. now, violating asylum writes campaign is around gree. had any you solution for thousands of asylum seekers attempting to get into europe through the beller russian border. brussels wants to extend the asylum processing time by months and keep the migrants in special camps. however, right group, say it sets a dangerous precedent with member states ignoring their obligations. if the you can allow a minority of member states to throw out the rule book due to the presence of a few 1000 people at its border, it throws out any authority as on human rights in the rule of law, stopping detaining and criminalizing people trying to find safety in europe, brakes international and european asylum law supporting the detention of migrants
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at e, you borders put politics over people's lives. the e. u is trying to get tough on migration, particularly on its east in bo, does. now, in a bid to tackle the issue that it's gone to in 3 countries, controversial emergency asylum measures that will give poland lithuania and latvia. the power to hold people in special asylum processing cent is up to 16 weeks. that is a massive increase on the current timeframe that they can do that for weeks. the moves have shocked your human rights organizations. they've accused that you are playing politics with people's lives and bowing to pressure from eastern european member states. and that said that this is fueling an empty migration agenda. these new rules will also extend the time that these countries have the even officially
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register asylum applications that could now increased up to 4 weeks up from a maximum of 10 days. at the moment. now tensions only eastern borders of the e you have been high for many months. the e u is accused bella russo frying migrants to minsk and dumping them with the buddha. the e. u says minsky is attempting to destabilize the union by flooding it with migrants in reaction to sanctions. it's placed on bell roost. minsk though, rejects these allegations to protect our borders and to protect people. we are giving flexibility and support to member states to manage this emergency situation without compromising on human rights. this should allow the member states in question to fully uphold the right to asylum and align legislation with the you. a quiz quint, even you diplomats, and nor makers of finding this pretty hard to swallow. they describe the move as
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lowering you standards and even violating you law, leaving many to question how the e, you can hold itself up as a protector on human rights on the one hand and implement these measures on the other. charlotte, even ski r t. paris was not the only border in the spotlight at the moment because migrant seeking to enter the us will now have to wait in mexico while their claims are assess is to return to donald trump's border program. the one which president biden called in humane will have a close look at the story a bit later on. now, a lack of diplomacy, that's what rushes for, a minister accused nate. so all of this moscow in the us exchange warnings during a meeting of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. lab for over expressed his concern over the deteriorating security situation for those. and it continues to escalate the situation directly on our borders. and as for military
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security and the euro atlantic region, it continues to deteriorate. there is only one treaty left between russia, the united states, on the limitation of strategically offensive weapons. the treaty on short, medium range missiles and the open skies treaty were essentially torn apart by our american colleagues. what we heard from said gala, for all, was a list of issues he has. and what russia has with the way that russia has being dictated to by nato, by the united states. and by the west, he said, time and time again, the western partners of russian nato, the united states. everybody else saying that they had either miss on mis understood or deliberately misconstrued the minsk agreement. and until that was properly adhered to that it could never ultimately be a reality on the ground. so galafaro also said that in the very near future, moscow would put forward a new security strategy. and you security packed that it wants to see, have some certain things written down in black and white as far as the relationship
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between nato and russia goes now, antony blinkin, the u. s. secretary of state also had given a press conference following that meeting. he said that as far as he was concerned, and as far as the united states was concerned, russia posed a significant risk to the security of ukraine. there would be serious consequences for russian aggression toward ukraine as well as some of the efforts that we see russia taking to try to destabilize ukraine from within. well, the problem with sanctions, of course, is as they always results in counter sanctions and fight said gay law for all did say that there had been essentially a failure of diplomacy from his west and partners and said that if serious sanctions were imposed on russia that there would be consequences going back field away. usually posterior group. no. it's new as they say, how is sanctions follow? of course we will react. we cannot not react. well will be our response. it will be
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seen. i do not want to guess what the west will decide to do, threatening some financial sanctions, new sectoral sanctions. this is a dead end road, and in the andy will back fire on the initiators of these illegitimate unilateral measures the secretary of state of the united states and the foreign minister of russia. we're never going to get to the bottom of all of the problems between the 2 countries here in stock o. what we may potentially take away from this is something that antony blinking said after his and his meeting with sir gala for avi said that had been a frank and full discussion and honest and sober ad debates and that close their foreign ministers, both senior diplomats would take that away to their respective presidents, and we may well see some more discussion it that much higher level in the very near future payroll over there, we'll outside the discussions with antony blinking. ukraine was also the subject of
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talks between lab rove and u. k counterpart, elizabeth truss, and the meeting were so eagerly anticipated to that the russian foreign minister was forced to literally ordered the press out of the ring. with him on may be journalist expectations they were justified because before arriving in stock, homeless trust was in estonia, where she post for journalist on top of a tank for many did channel. the spirit of the former u. k. prime minister, margaret thatcher, who was snapped in a similar pose in germany 35 years ago, now commenting on the photo trust said it represents her and the case strength in the face of russian aggression. richard becker from the anti war answer coalition says, it's not russia, though that's on the march, but the u. k. america and the rest of nater presentation on what's going on from the us side, from the secretary se blinking sites is so lacking in credibility. and so
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full of threat since $999.00 just 22 years. the number of countries in nato has almost double and its fraud and fire from the north atlantic, which is what it was called. you know what it's so it's called the north atlantic treaty organization. but it's clearly the strategy became to surround russia. presentation is false on the part of, of lincoln. it's not russia that's marching westward and you know, every year surrounding the united states, a little bit more or germany or france or britain or any of the nato countries. but that is what is happening in regard to nato and its relationship to russia. c, i a employees have been involved in sex crimes against children as young as 2 years
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old. and only one of them miss charge. that's the dumbing revelation after try the documents for the classified by the agency. because you don of reports more than 3600 pages of deeply disturbing material. 75 of them ever more. so the part of the trove logging sex crimes against children committed by at least 10 c. i a employees and contract as in the worst of cases against very young children . one had inappropriate sexual activity with an unidentified 2 year old girl committed to having inappropriate sexual contact with funder. then 6 year old on 2 separate occasions, the personal evaluation board or did you, nana, mostly to recommend termination and revocation of his clearances. the eastern district of virginia us attorney's office declined prosecution of based on taint issues. this individual whose identity was clothed by a code name along with everybody else was fired but never charged according to the
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papers. and other ca, employee was caught with thousands of inappropriate images of children. on his work laptop, the agency employee had used his united states government laptop computer to view approximately 14000 images of pornography, of which 1400 were of under age individuals. the united states attorney's office decline prosecution of in favor of administrative action by the agency. in view of the personal evaluation board recommendations is recommended at this case, be closed with no further action was any legal action taken against them. while the answer to that question remains a mystery, none of the 75 pages mention anything of the sort. they do mention a cia contract of elm who crawled into the darkest corner of the internet and thought he was seducing a child. the child, luckily, turned out to be an undercover of b. i agent from allegedly solicited an undercover special agent from the fbi i in
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an online chat room in an attempt to travel interstate for the purposes of having sex with what he believed to be an under his child. the case is being closed, the agency terminated the contract with the individual, and again, apparently no further action was taken. yet they say they take such crimes very seriously. while we cannot comment on the reasons why specific cases were declined, we do take very seriously any allegation there are. prosecutors declined the potential case based on an improper assessment of the relevant factors, except according to unconfirmed reports. the c, i a was actively unenthusiastic about the idea of legal action against its employees and contractors. concerned more with the risks of classified information being compromised in the court crossfire. and it took years for these papers to even become public and reveal that apparently the c i a badge is a real life equivalent of a get out of jail free card,
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even for the worst of crimes. what we have heard sent request to both the cia and the u. s. attorney's office for the junior to get their comments on this case and we'll let you know when we get a response. now. meanwhile, the former analysts c. i a analyst and were so blurred, john cardiac as does say that the c, i need serious changes when it comes to transparency. c, i a, officers and contractors can commit the most heinous crimes, crimes against children, and not be prosecuted. they're very good at covering up crimes. all they have to do is say sources and methods. all they have to do is say that they want to protect classified information. there should have been whistleblowers at every step of the way. and the reason why it took so long for this news to finally see the light of day is because the cia fought it in court. this is what the polygraph is for. it's supposed to weed out perverts and criminals and crazy people,
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unless there is serious change inside the cia and certainly more transparency. i don't see this changing at all how it have been at reporting this week. nursing unions from 28 countries are calling for patterns to be dropped full corona virus vaccine said they can be legally made by any qualified manufacturer. however, a union representative from spain now says that their initiative isn't getting support it. nate's, we're not, not us ethical mutsumbucker where members have global nurses united, which represents by going to in a half 1000000 half care work is formed byte. we ask that all patient for coffee vaccines be abolished or emergency axis be granted to them. at the moment, we have not achieved success in the european union, but we need to continue to work linelle pleading countries such as the united states and spain. it all ready in support of this initiative. will rich countries have obtained 7000000000 doses of the k with vaccine and that compares to just
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300000000 shots available to people in low income nations. the dream says the imbalance could lead to even more with s d. u energy stepped in and said, it insist that inoculation should be distributed more fairly no more vaccines should go to countries that have already vaccinated more than 40 percent of their population. until kovacs has the vaccines, it needs to help other countries get that to well. in the meantime, more and more countries are detecting the new omicron variant among the latest are the us, india, switzerland, iceland and greece. while the ye me, melissa, stepping up some of its restrictions. germany has announced locked down for those with no jobs or arrivals to norway now must get tested, no matter if they are vaccinated or not. and austria is locked down, has officially been extended until december. the 11th palomo to peeler again owns a grim repercussions if the world doesn't adopt a single vaccination strategy. is gala by younger meeker and letting you know,
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the army crunch trained will be followed by others. if we do not act. and if all countries dinner adhere to a single vaccination strategy at the moment, there is a global kovacs initiative aimed at cooperation in the field of excellence. the initiative is commendable, but although it initially seemed to have a well thought, our strategy, it did not yelled the expected results failure to day, we are facing an equality. despite the efforts of high income countries, only 14 percent of the vaccine convex should have received, were provided with feel it is necessary to remove intellectual property right in order to create vaccines and distribute them right as primarily in low income and middle income economies. social i, britain is led by a clown. that's how the french president is branded boris johnson as france is for me, you k amvoy, orange relations have hit their lowest and more than 200 years. micron allegedly
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made the remarks in a private conversation after a number of public ranks. bo, joe talks to me, full speeds, everything's going well. we have grown up conversations, but he strikes me before and after, as having an inelegant way about him. it's always the same circus. it's sad to see such a great country with which we could do so much led by a clown. well, in the latest batt macaroni took offense to a letter, johnson tweeted that appeared to blame franz the record flow of asylum seekers. paris promptly scrapped his invitation to the u. k. to crunch european talked on migration will last week, 27 migrants died, attempting to cross the english channel when their inflatable boat capsized. it was one of the deadly since and since the migrant crisis began, france and the u. k. have also been a long heads too. in a post breaks this meet over fishing rights, some of johnson's that a party and piece of rally due to his defense. they were in to pantomime season,
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not we. and as the french election coming isn't pretty on out for word. because the prime ministers in the town is elected prime minister of this country with a very big mandate leading this country through the pandemic. i'm surprised to hear that and, and disappointed and openly am. i'm sure that we can continue to try and work together to tackle this unconscious that we will. i will hope that we will get a formal response back at the house in former british m p. george galloway says, world leaders shouldn't make such bitter comments about one another in public on the old fashioned. but i don't think that head george state and heads of government should be publicly talking to each other and about each other in this way. it is indeed a toxic on tong corby all the we have now. but if borrows johnson is the circus clown, i'm afraid the emmanuel micron is the circus dwarf and the british and the french deserve better than the leaders that they have. but they're the only leaders that
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we've got and they have to go on with resolving war arm. i think post partum politics. this is angie nato, post nato depression. on the part of the french b, e. u. in general, we have less up. they find it impossible to bet they want us to fail. they want us even to suffer and they are ready as is abundant, make clear every day to permit the floor. thousands of people every week. drunk has the opportunity to elect a new president. soon i hope they take the opportunity to make a change just as i wish, the british people could make a change. i'm satisfied with neither of these 2 leaders, but as long as they are the leaders, then they have to obey diplomatic norms.
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when the united states trump era migration policy that requires migrants to stay in mexico while their claims being assessed as a back to restart, the rule was, were reposed by joe biden. he suspended the program as part of a campaign pledge to reverse his predecessors, hard line immigration policies, but now he's provide something he wants described as in humane donald trump's remaining mexico policy is dangerous in humane and goes against everything we stand for the nation of immigrants my administration will end it's we want to end this program, but we also believe in following the law. and that's exactly what we're doing. as there was, there was a ruling that required us moving forward with implementation. what's officially called the migrant protection protocols, though it's commonly referred to as the remain in mexico program. it was instituted by us present donald trump during his administration,
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requiring migrants who would like to get asylum in the united states to wait in mexico for their approval. they don't wait in the united states, they wait across the border in mexico. the biden administration initially tried to dismantle and change this policy that was left over from the trump administration. but they were immediately taken to court by officials in missouri and texas. now it appears we have a texas judge ruling that the remain in mexico policy must be re implemented. and as we wait for the ultimate results of an august lawsuit, now there's been a very significant increase in the number of migrants crossing the u. s. borders since joe biden has taken office, a lot of videos and information has been revealed about how these numbers are rising. the number of people crossing over the us border has been a big point of contention. many of jo biden's critics in the republican party and
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in local and state government in places like texas, arizona, new mexico have been very critical of biden, and his administration and how they handled the situation on the border. so it appears that starting next week, some border towns in texas will be re implementing the remain in mexico policy of the trump administration, a policy that biden initially opposed and tried to dismantle, but appears it will be re instated, have more and then i will finally you will never guess who the new villain is in the war or misinformation. what it's kathy, that's right. the new york times claims the keep fee lines featured in viral content to help to spread false information. as you'd expect the accusation to fire up social media with some calling it preposterous. this black mark zak, a book is elicit, calibus is
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a lie. cat to human translation has it works. according to the new york times. it has videos and yes of q animals usually cats have gone while for almost as long as the internet has been around. now it is becoming increasingly clear how widely this old school internet trick is being used by people and organizations. paddling fake information refreshes say they are dead serious about your cat videos and even counted the cuties in the past year. a pop media has published videos. keep preaches in 12062 posts. across a 103 facebook page. the posts had links to other e. polk media websites. twitter was like what the fairy tale. ah, hickey wants some misinformation. i mean,
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grumpy cat was pure propaganda. everybody knows that. we out here bringing down the state, working on his new lo information material. while she on international mr. coming up to half past 8 in the morning here in moscow. good to have you company. we're back again at the top. mm ah ah, well, she seemed wrong when i just don't hold any rules. yes. to shape. oh, it comes to an engagement equals the trail. when
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so many find themselves wilson born, we choose to look for common ground. there is no pinnacle of evolution. everything's a bacterium. is a product to 4000000000 years of evolution in a specific environment. so a week. so in that sense, when we are, the few survivors are then develop a long, long process you. so as in severe springs at yellowstone, we will not do very well. and we'll do much better since the war drugs started as a way to combat a gray problem. what's the war on drugs? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected to this time. the fight against drugs still good to try and shake. he told us that andrew was
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a competent short form, is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in the river like that something else had to be happening. the postal service delivery is a $155000000000.00 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's mail right now. the us postal service is an a flight of its life to say related issues such a bad financial shape. now facing default, the postal service is a cash cow, and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put into a federal budget. there was a mandate that you're bringing a $100000.00, new revenue every month. the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's privatization from the inside out. that's
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a big, i mean, it's not about the public giving them the service that the design is not about quality trade workers. it's about with a ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle
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. again, there are rumors of war. there are rumors of invasion and again, the country is ukraine. there are allegations of a russian military buildup within the country's borders, though it is a fact, ukraine is receiving lethal aid from nato countries who benefits from this stratagem? i cross sucking ukraine. i'm joined by my guests, alexander claxon in london. he is a researcher at the university of lancaster in philadelphia we have walters melodic . he is a organizer with the answer coalition, and in otto, where we have paul robinson. he is a professor in the graduate school of public and international affairs at the university of ottawa heart. gentleman cross hoc rolls in effect. that means he can jump any time you want. and i'm, i always appreciate, paul. let me go to you. first thing in ottawa, i don't know, it seems like groundhog day again to me. i mean we had this in the spring lead attentions were flaring. a lot of vom bombastic,
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bellicose rhetoric out there. what, what is the stratagem from nato side? these of the ukraine go ahead. it's hard to tell because nato is, is on the one hand up supporting ukraine, giving it up from mac, it backing, giving it soliloquy, backing on the other hand. um makes it very clear that it's not actually willing to defend it. militarily, so he had a mr. bloomington, uh, the other day saying that if a rationalist attack, he'd crane of united states who put heavy sanctions on russia, medical sanctions and a military response because of course, ukraine is not a member of later. so on the one hand, the e. c, nato, kind of egging ukraine, alana burden and lending it support and on the other hand, backing off as well, which is probably no desperately good combination. alexander,
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i can help get the feeling that nato, and particularly the leader of the, of the alliance. the united states wants some kind of military conflict because at the end of the day, this is a entry ukraine conflict that needs to be resolved. and there's actually a roadmap for that. it's called the minsk accords here at which of course western diplomats don't like to make much reference to it last spring. they said, oh yes, yes we believe in the men sca a process, but then they kind of drops out of the rhetoric here. it, it seems to me they walk in. there's a kind of a nerd, a hint to zalinski and cab. you know, we've got your back, but as we just heard from paul, if there is a military conflict, there'll be sanctions, which of course is not a military response. it's very difficult to read this. go ahead. alexandra. yeah, absolutely. well, i would say as well, we have to look at the big picture here and actually take ourselves back to 19 ninety's. surprisingly, to actually perhaps understand this conflict a bit better because a russia for a long time has been adamant that it is against any nato expansion is sorts.


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