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tv   Documentary  RT  December 6, 2021 7:45am-8:00am EST

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are you being led to some well, direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah! backbreaking toil. forced labor stress. industrial injury. corporal punishment.
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oh no. words with which we're all familiar. are you certain that the world you live in abolish slavery long ago? ah, meek mussman. he's 23 men lives in bangladesh, in a place called natalie. now my love is hello and what the law about doing isn't on the i'm a familiar to the national play as a provider. like for malo, i think doesn't on the side of the cost with ah,
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not long ago, mohammed passed his university entrance exams, but was never able to start his studies. ah, mohammed's father, no la min, used to work at the break out. but he was injured. who did it most? his other lower than what i was eligible for the shop about or is that guy? i live, i live vigorous, it is a tiger weekend. i shall 2nd toys that one the one of on because i had to lay she has it about the last oil. i'm a shower for knowledge off i. higginson ali said it all $3.00. it up pretty all $3.00. either on the left, obama with
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mohammed had to take his father's place at the brickyard. his family needed the money. bangladesh has seen a boom in construction over the last decade. with a population of around a $160000000.00. people need some way to live in comes a low. so there are plenty of factories that make cheap bricks. no one knows exactly how many, but it could amount to between 8 and 10000. around 20 percent of them are illegal. but even the factories that work within the law of a working conditions that are far from either comfortable or safe, they don't just imply men, but women and children to it was mostly men working at the brickyard that allowed us to film. but a few children also,
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i need to get on camera times with the whole families and even villages come to work here. bricks can't be fired during the rainy season. wet weather floods the kilns. they say that this brick yard off as good working conditions. the labor as maintained that it provides fine living conditions and 3 meals a day. none of them actually said that the owner instructed all of the work is to give no interviews on pain of dismissal. the production process is straight forward. the clay is collected from a quarry and brought closer to the brickyard. then it's mixed with water to the right consistency. the wet clay is then poured into wood molds. the production process is mostly
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carried out by hand. some mechanical tools are used in certain stages, but only when it helps to boost production volumes. if you are able to compare a mid 19th century brickyard to this one, they'd be almost identical. mohammed started off on the wrong foot at the factory. his crew had to work overtime, but the manager wouldn't pay for the extra hours. and so mohammed complains to the owner, talked about other yes, a little glove with alleghany. i'm got out the door father and we got our little dog. hello girl, anita. 5 lump dog owner, one minute to columbia, our bul with it by i bull hobbin up. i'll look him up live in can tony alcoholic or the new analogy latiere villa. k bar, wouldn't our building might lousy being
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a fully decided allows me i love them with nice. delighted disable i when i wanna come back to the dallas festival, to live with the kill mohammad is talking about is when the workers put the bricks once they are dry and fired them for exactly 24 hours. if it hadn't been for his fellow workers standing up for him, but now being nothing left of muhammad, but ashes and brake, dust it up all on will you have the knowledge, la vega already another good may not have the shape. i gonna roughly what was his or yeah, because i've got a little cool. um. well i was a club. only one of them. could you redo it on, melissa hill. what about calico would want to go to a local woodridge amazon a company? does it a dominic i surely will. um would i am on
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tuesday directly monday with out of town will be from okay. the large load. i'm okay. i wanted to know if i've got it monique, as to whether taken nancy kennedy double voice she'd take with toby money, tara michael, lift mildly about the so called bill vision about the table. no laundry. because i shall take more beach da da. hi. i'm under college and it was in the dark. fidel i is in the money with on with a good nazeer manidez. i will the type of dog brickyard owners often complain that a quarter of the bricks crack after being fired. they used the losses to justify under paying but half and quarter breaks sell even better than the whole ones. when it comes to cheap housing, anything goes mohammed, so a doctor about his injuries and paid for the treatment with his advance. then he went back to work at the brickyard for the rest of the season.
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ah, the amount of it a little clue is another one that i moved. and i thought what i should get gobber should get a minute about iraq. i've got a that the global publish it golly. and i'm modal. glad out of was you from one? ah, this guy's also called mohammed, and he's another seasonal brickyard waka, is 23 years old and comes from sonata biggie village is around. that's the one big especially with the boy that i couldn't take but but it wasn't it within the 5. okay. oh well no, no i didn't. mohammed is not exaggerating when he says they risk their lives. i see that brake dust for many workers. it's the cause of
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severe lung and respiratory diseases. ah lamb shit that i like the monitor. yes. ashley, that will i will it. will it good parent when i'm molly antonia muscle. bra ah. the workers receive around $800.00 for 6 months of work, which is usually paid up front. they're promised separate over time payments, but generally that never happens with between the owner and the workers, there's a go between the same person who stands god over the labours gives them their money and he's also the foreman, often meeting out punishment. beatings on the own. ah,
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i don't wanna hear about our movie channels. i'm only with molly. i got him. he said adequacy. think it just so happens that mohammed's father used to be a foreman ah, lower level dog, a dog for monday, the mother with door, he read a little. what is your last william the way i'm awfully high. and in every conflict, it's always the foreman who gets the blame. oh, workers are often locked into their hearts, so they can't leave as soon as they receive their advance. which does happen sometimes. mohammed still re is not about overcoming or winning. he was kept under lock and key like a hosted jewel prisoner. some workers even managed to call the police
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about of the guys assa, bullish. actually they get done up on our religion. i got through saturday. i'm back with you. i'm actually writing a see what am i to be a booster or lose my job? he can elect my this, the garlic boulevard that love my love, but i would say what that brought it would be picked up. one of the lies are going to put that up when booking now go to like one of our i never got a nice when i said what it, what i think. no, that sounds like a legal but always edible and they say that's what he's pull it out. what it a my name by the now i know that i should lose. i'm getting them monday might actually use oh my love. you don't love like
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a dog. he still got on unless the limo to get lucky on what it was a minute. yeah. got going on. ah, mohammed is going to a funeral village has died. just like every one else around here. he also worked at the brickyard whole of his earnings was spent so that his family could live in this village. the house he left behind isn't even built of brick fragments. ah, with she died both of us when we get a hot viashi's dog. what a death by boy at that de la garza. yeah. that i'm good as i know that i'm but as a i'm the boss. but other than i thought, i think that been going on. what about out on a c legation, idaho, but that i guess i'm done with william dies sunday. i think about it. there's no
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happy ending to these stories. no one stands up for the workers and their rights, and the brickyard owner faces no sanctions. it's all too common, but it is their reality. ah, what happened? i make no city, no borders line to nationalities. and you, as a merge, we don't have authority. we don't have a vaccine, whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better,
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we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with oh, driven by dream shapes bank. concur sent those with dares sinks. we dare to ask
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ah, top headlines right now here. what anti international vladimir putin arrives in india on only his 2nd trip abroad since the pandemic. and it comes just a day ahead of the president's plan video chat with joe biden. this with the message from joe biden to western media goes into overdrive with allegations of an imminent invasion of ukraine. europe in the grip of a winter of discontent over soaring energy prices, a group of monitoring fuel poverty warns that household heating bills and the u. k . could soon doubled vaccination and cooperation the only way to beat the pandemic .


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