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i o join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure, but i'll be speaking together from the world of politics. sport, business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah. breaking toil. forced labor stress. industrial injury.
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corporal punishment. oh no. words with which we're all familiar are you certain that the world you live in abolish slavery long ago? ah, meek musselman, he's 23 and lives in bangladesh in a place called noah holly. i went to my lovers, hello and what about if i did on on what actually isn't on the i'm a familiar to the national play marvelous. it was a type of iowa 5 foot milo activity. and i mean by that,
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because the thing is not long ago mohammed parties, university entrance exams, but was never able to start his studies. ah, mohammed's father, no lament used to work at the break out, that he was injured under the lost his other right. delagarza house owns of the shop of boys. that guy i was on the other with vega if it is a tiger weekend or something. i said well, monday one of the i'm does 8. i do late. she has, it wasn't vosta, he a marcella, linda roneesh off. i hate is only $33.00 and i'm pretty are pretty awesome. and then it will left obama. i think it's
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ah, mohammed had to take his father's place at the brickyard with his family, needed the money. bangladesh has seen a boom in construction over the last decade with a population of around a 160000000. people need somewhere to live in comes a low. so there are plenty of factories that make cheap bricks. no one knows exactly how many, but it could amount to between $8.10 around 20 percent of them are illegal. but even the factories that work within the law of a working conditions that are far from either comfortable or safe, they don't just employ men, but women and children to it was mostly men working at the brickyard that allowed
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us to film. but a few children also managed to get on camera times with the whole families and even villages come to work here. bricks can't be fired during the rainy season. wet weather floods the, the labor has maintained that it provides fine living conditions and 3 meals a day. none of them actually said that the owner instructed all the work is to give no interviews on pain of dismissal. ah, the production process is straight forward. the clay is collected from a quarry and brought closer to the brickyard. then it's mixed with water to the right consistency. the wet clay is then poured into wood molds. the production process is mostly
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carried out by hand. some mechanical tools are used in certain stages, but only when it helps to boost production volumes. if you are able to compare a mid 19th sent to re brickyard to this one, they'd be almost identical with . mm hm. it started off on the wrong foot at the factory. his crew had to work overtime, but the manager wouldn't pay for the extra hours. and so mohammed complained to the owner a quote for the dell father, and we got a letter to wallow through army del 5. who am i gonna need to pull up the, our bul by our booth hub in up. i'm looking math glued in control. now look at hallmark or the neo natal lucky, lucky bar, which in time, okay, william martz's, law convenience. we decided to lock in the room with no delay be single. i will,
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i will. i'm looking bartleby to dallas festival, to live with the kill mohammad is talking about is when the workers put the bricks once they are dry and fire them for exactly 24 hours. if it hadn't been for his fellow workers standing up for him. now being nothing left of muhammad, but ashes and brake, dust it up all on will you have the knowledge? another good that you got this. sherry buffer packing myself when we were closer to the government. our goal. um, well i was 1st club and we wanna redo it on melissa that way he'll go up. he'll go good. want to go to woodbridge? i'm us a dot com money. does it a dominate actually will um, automatically, doubtfully,
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monday with out of town will be from okay. the large load. i'm okay. i wanted to note that hopefully monique, as to whether they can answer you can, is it available? she take the money, tara michael, is mildly about us. all calls will be in a volatile nylon physician. take my beach to dal. hi. i'm under college and it was the dock. fidel isn't pneumonia with on with nazeer monday as i will. the bible, dalby brickyard owners often complain that a quarter of the bricks crack after being fired. they used the losses to justify under paying but half and quarter breaks sell even better than whole ones. when it comes to cheap housing, anything goes, ah, mohammed saw a doctor about his injuries and paid for the treatment with his advance. then he went back to work at the break out for the rest of the season. ah!
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let me look. it is another one that i would have thought of what i should get, robert should get a meeting about iraq. i've got a that the global publish it, and i'm little glad out of was were from one ah, this guy's also called mohammed, and he's another seasonal brickyard waka, is 23 years old, and comes from sonata tiki village, who's ever, i'm not the one big. so been invested more with it, but i quoted it pushed but it wasn't that within the 5. okay. yeah. well no, that wasn't mohammed is not exaggerating when he says they risk their lives. i see that brake dust from anywhere because it's the cause of
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severe lung and respiratory diseases. ah la michelle, i like the man. yes. this is a slate that will i will. it will it does. and will. and molly get done? yeah. muscle bra, ah, the workers receive around $800.00 for 6 months of work, which is usually paid up front. they're promised separate over time payments, but generally that never happens. with between the owner and the workers, there's a go between the same person who stands god over the labours gives them their money . and he's also the foreman, often meeting out punishment meetings on the owners behalf. ah,
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again, i don't wanna hear about our music, dallas holiday grandmother with kim allen together. he fell out of receiving. it just so happens that mohammed's father used to be a foreman. ah, lower level dog, a dog for molly, the love of the door. he read a little. what did a laugh, william the way of awfully high? and in every conflict, it's always the foreman who gets the blame ah, workers are often locked into their huts till they can't leave as soon as they receive their advance. which does happen sometimes. mohammed still re is not about overcoming or winning. he was kept under lock and key like a hosted jewel prisoner. some workers even managed to call the police
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about of the guys asked to push out. it doesn't allow religion. bruce, i'm back with your muscle. if either you see what am i to the gender thought i would have done either them boucher or lose my job. he can lease mileage the garlic all day long. i would say it was i thought it would be picked up one of the like you can put that up when booking now go to like one of our but i've never done it at the phone ice all night and what it, what does it know that i use a day ago, but always at home. they say that's what he's pull it out. what it a one invite. yeah. oh, i love that. actually, i'm getting them monday night. actually i'm good on my luck. you know,
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i still got on unless the limo to get lucky on what about the next year? got one. ah, mohammed is going to a funeral village has died. just like everyone else around here. he also worked at the brickyard full of his earnings was spent. so that his family could live in this village. the house he left behind isn't even built of brick fragments. ah, i die both of us when we get a hot viashi's death by who it is that the landlord has actually. yeah, we've got on board as i know that i'm but as a i'm the boss than others and i've been good. been going on. what about out on the luggage? i guess i'm done with william by sunday. i think about it. there's no
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happy ending to these stories. no one stands up for the workers and their rights. and the brickyard owner faces no sanctions. it's all too common, but it is their reality. ah, all that money printing is driving up the energy costs and it's gonna force russia into the you. and for that to happen, nato and american military has got an exit germany. i call it here 1st. you say, i'm crazy, but that's what i'm calling with
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. i have often said transparency for the powerful privacy for the bell. this case about privacy or people care about is power. tuning into sun just become a symbol of the battle of the privacy information is power. that's what's going on is a huge struggle with governments and corporations to want to keep information secret and others who the democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have a right to know where my children watch how assange helped shift the conversation around transparency. come see what that battle has done to him. i feel like children's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest and most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable the civilized or how the presidents of russia and the us hold crisis talks
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triggered by tensions over ukraine. joe biden raises the threat of sanctions against moscow, while vladimir putin calls for diplomacy and slams calves attempts to undermine piece talk. a gunman is arrested in southern moscow after killing 2 people and injuring for others and a public services center. hope frances slams the e. u for trying to enforce supposedly inclusive language, likening its actions to the nazi dictatorship. ah, a broadcasting lie from the russian capital. this is.


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