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as you get all this stuff on your lap in indianapolis, i love bob. you can thought now along man, up at a bit a well i me let me go lation store bit. yeah. now he thought he, i hate long i can do that. and i ah, on own island in the philippines. boom top do not unborn gay. the philippines underwater klondike. lou divers here find gold beneath the waves. just off the coast. ah, 3, this is sabrina maha. just like all the others. he came to pendleton to make his
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fortune with him while he's doing so. civil rena tells us how things work around here. ah, ah, nice shape, uncle. i no longer winkle virus and a boy. i met oh no application i did. and i know on asking alarm nekisha with the 1st people to find gold here with the spanish, as early as the 18th century. but within a 100 years, a learned flood, got in the way. in the 20th century, americans came but was swept away by a typhoon. for decades, big corporations have kept selling the mine own could eventually we're driven out
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by low margins. that once they'd all gone, the gold drivers moved in and nothing it though i made up i'll give you thought the hail ma jalen and the lame dog malibu matthew, thought it on. well, i've known the problem with the work carried out here is that the gold, divers cripple coastal integrity. they dig tunnels and bring sand and gravel from the bottom to the shore and that cold his landslides and floods with wow, don't ha ha, and i got my head up a got my she had a, i'm gonna ali bower from pretty soda up monkey not dial welcome, hernando de la and look it up and up on me here. kira
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makena to completion. rollin must be shit up. we long but the law don't say law linda, that with 19th century placer mining looked much as it does now. the air was pumped by people rather than generators, and they didn't have diving suits, other than that, it's almost the same with not one lesson, i mean, don't. huh. but not on it's on, but i on yonge above my face. now medical her i'm going thought none and the own stuff on under bill but got up with john milling on my gun magdalena born and i'm with oh yeah, and i b b that's i wanna buy underneath the civil rina's wife or as anita picks
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through the sand on the shore to find gold. her method may be less productive, but it's not as dependent on the weather. and i am i from lackey. i fell with i am with oh my god and i'm on a honda like no, no mirror by phone. oh i pick it up, i'm in a claim on read the shows and i don't i'm in on my bon bola, daniel, i'm out. oh no, you're not my lab one by that my here up on she said,
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i indic. i mean, well, i mean, i've been having a high up off as a lack of wind up. i'm in the, i know, i feel like that got something with it. well, i'm a fan myself. i me ah, and it, those are in part of a middle now i own my head off my lap and i love that. i had none that you didn't thought middle mid yet. not this jamara on. not here. i'm gonna, i will and i'm not young. and on, gosh young oh oh and they on them the helena, the younger one now hail up not young. like i said, rina's talking about the bands for decompression sickness or contains nitrogen that the human body can't absorb. we'll have nitrogen in our bodies. but
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in a harmless, dissolved state. ready if pressure falls too rapidly went coming up too quickly from a di, for example, the gas forms bubbles in the blood, which some say start to boil. a badly calculated ascent can lead to severe paralysis. but sometimes you with . ready kindful fan, it may may or may make 2. ah, i mean it, but they get up in the beef is not gonna buy up
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from the boise level. but abby, this is what i have additional nourish. good, i mean up on that old vanilla. you know what i mean bottled ah, let them on didn't some i know, but the dead i don't, i mean being that if your, you know what i me say loudly, but they only saw me bits about all the mom and he thought that they had a dinner that was, that is good, i mean, ah, and also is dependent on but in gay captain, it's an administrative position, the sort of district and the captain is one of the buyers of the divers gold. the problem is, this kind of mining by individuals is forbidden,
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but there are workarounds, commercial placer operations emitted. so prospect has formed cartels to look like a big company in the eyes of the law. the captain thinks it's better to buy the gold rather than constantly send the police to drive the diggers away. ah, oh, it all got it. ah, lena woolly and a dd bubbling up a molecule month. nobody will ashlyn lucky tongue, a bumper on knuckle, meet that at my, i wonder young elaine the mark on a lot by media auto auto. this classic gold extraction method uses mercury. it's called pan amalgamation off to taking out the stones by panning the ad mercury to the sand and mix them together. when combined, mercury and gold attract liquid mercury is not as dangerous as its vapor form,
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but it is advisable to use protection. of course, the mercury golden mixture is called amalgam. now you need to pressurized the mercury and boil the rest away. ah, remember the liquid terminator in judgement day. in reality, it would have had to be under constant pressure to express other particles to avoid becoming an amalgam. now this part of the process is quite hazardous. so a gas mask is essential. mm. with alice, i'm because i i know with that can i help you find the apple pie but not all the other for me to good but then the other. he thought, i think i got the thought, you go no matter what,
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one grade my la young bonia. oh, my mcclellan, even though it means that must have been the law young. good until millennium, the she'll, she'll on and be 1000000000. was of any lena one for you been done with the go now, when it's so much get more my model released when they don't keep them, will he get that in more? no, no, no one saw the now marian up on us iowa indies from us on monday though. that's your youngest. i'm up with it though. i live in glen young in the time because i little knock. i'm in a bath. i'm not among the law. so how much does the captain pay for rosalia has find oh oh it isn't i thought,
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oh, will i be found like a be that i don't seem to think we'd really grab another look at if we end up with the gifted be hush and i am not gonna thing miliano. i had a 1000000 began a 1000000000 and we got all of the guy that again i said, reno and his wife have become rich. i'm done. so if i made it longer then he thought and he left it up on forget about it. so now they can spend the money. so what can you get for $7.00? oh, really not. we're not happy
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with myself, i put one like 11400 quite in my early gate. go hunt. and i just, i'm a new laptop i. i sent with it by and wilson. i'm on a school day wednesday that he thinks i am a been, i sat there, he's been, the prospectors are imprisoned by the gold then just enough to keep themselves alive. the luckiest might even manage to save just enough for their children's education. so that one day may be that kids can escape
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ah ah there was driven by dreams shaped banks control center. those
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with theirs sinks. we dare to ask oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that he's fancy and sugary and salty, and it's not at the individual level. it's not individual well power. and if we go on believing that never changed obesity epidemic that industry has been influencing
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very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment. so what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate mocking moon. awe back breaking, toil. forced labor stress . industrial injury. corporal punishment. oh no. words with which we are
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all familiar are you certain that the world you live in abolished slavery long ago? ah. meek mussman. he's 23 and lives in bangladesh in a place called no, actually. i will now my love is a, is anonymous, similar to the actual play markers as it has provided i shop for malo as to what he does. and i mean, i think us with not long ago mohammed part his university entrance exams. it was never able to start his studies. ah, mohammed's father,
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no lamb in used to work at the break out. but he was injured. who did it? lost his other life. a little harder shop about or is that guy? i hey oliver, this is a tucker. we got a shot fucking poison on monday. yeah. one of them because i had to lay hesitant about the lawfully marshall. i finally got a notice of ty higginson allen, that is offered allison up credit. asked me to lafayette, on the left, obama, i ah, mohammed had to take his father's place at the brickyard. his family needed the money. bangladesh has seen a boom in construction over the last decade. with
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a population of around a $160000000.00. people need some way to live in comes a low. so there are plenty of factories that make cheap and bricks. no one knows exactly how many, but it could amount to between 8 and 10000. around 20 percent of them are illegal. but even the factories that work within the law of a working conditions that are far from either comfortable or safe with, they don't just imply men, but women and children to it was mostly men working at the brickyard that allowed us to film. but a few children also managed to get on camera times with the whole families and even villages come to work here. bricks can't be fired during the rainy season. wet weather flood to the kilns. they say that this break
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out off as good working conditions. the labor as maintained that it provides fine living conditions and 3 meals a day. none of them actually said that the owner structed, all the work is to give no interviews on pain of dismissal. the production process is straight forward. the clay is collected from a quarry and brought closer to the brickyard. then it's mixed with water to the right consistency. the wet clay is then poured into wood molds. the production process is mostly carried out by hand. some mechanical tools are used in certain stages, but only when it helps to boost production volumes. if you are able to compare mid
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19th century brickyard to this one, they'd be almost identical. mohammed started off on the wrong foot at the factory. his crew had to work overtime, but the manager wouldn't pay for the extra hours. and so mohammed complains to the owner, talked about other yes as well to look glove for them. okay, i'm got out the door father and we got out of the willow grove. a little 5 will love does on a minute to columbia. our blue it by our bull. hobbin up. i look him up glued in tony alcoholic or the neo natal lucky, lucky bar. wichita killing mud la can be of what it is out of the allowed me. i want him with no delay because of i will, i will, i'm, i can bartleby to dallas festival till i will end with the kill mohammad is talking about is when the work is put the bricks once they are dry and fire them for
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exactly 24 hours, if it hadn't been for his fellow workers standing up for him. but now being nothing left of muhammad, but ashes and brake, dust it up all on will you have the la la vega? well, other than that, are they say buffer pack enough muffled with both hands or? yeah, because i've got a glum will almost fit a club. only one of them. could you redo it, melissa, that button he'll go up here. luca would want to go to a local woodridge. i'm off father, a bit. it really radical money, doesn't a dominic actually will. um what i am on tuesday, doubtfully monday with out of town will be from okay. the large load on. okay. i wanted filled out that i put it on e gospel undertaken, nancy kennedy. devil bushy take will toby, money that unlock will lift mildly about the so called global vision,
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and bonded people nylon. did physician take more beach to dal, why i'm under college, and it was new dot fidel high. isn't the money with on with good nazeer mendez? i will, but i will, toby brickyard, owners often complain that a quarter of the bricks crack after being fired. they use the losses to justify under paying, but half and quarter breaks sell even better than the whole ones. when it comes to cheap housing, anything goes, ah, mohammed saw a doctor about his injuries and paid for the treatment with his advance. then he went back to work at the break out for the rest of the season. ah, i moved along with it a middle initial on that one that i moved
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and i thought i should get robert should get a medic minute about iraq. i've got a that the global allergic guy and i'm moodle cluttered off of route one. ah, this guy's also called muhammad, and he's another seasonal brickyard worker. is 23 years old and comes from sonata biggie village is around us. it will make certain, it was all, it was an invoice that i quoted with by you and i won't be on the well, no, no one has been mohammed is not exaggerating when he says they risk their lives. i see that brake dust for many workers. it's the cause of severe lung and respiratory diseases. ah, la michelle, i like the monitor. yes,
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they can. actually that will i will it. will it good parent when i'm molly antonia muscle. ah, the workers receive around $800.00 for 6 months of work, which is usually paid up front. they're promised separate over time payments. but generally, that never happens with between the owner and the workers, there's a go between the same person who stands god over the labours gives them their money . and he's also the foreman, often meeting out punishment. beatings on the owners behalf. i don't wanna hear about our movie channels. i believe with kim allan. i got him. he fell out of the
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season. it just so happens that mohammed's father used to be a foreman. ah, lower level dog, a dog on monday, the love of the letter. they read a little, what is your last william the way of or who i and in every conflict, it's always the foreman who gets the blame o workers are often locked into their hearts, so they can't leave as soon as they receive their advance. which does happen sometimes. mohammed still re is not about overcoming or winning. he was kept under lock and key like a hosted jewel prisoner. some workers even managed to call the police about of the guys asked of lucia thumbs up on our religion. i got through saturday, i'm back with you. i'm actually writing
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a see what am i to the gender, a booster or lose my job? he can elect my with the garlic. the was it love my love. i wish it was that blood, but it wouldn't be picked up well enough that what the lies it up when booking now go to like one of our but they never got a nice one. i said what it, what does it, even with a legal, what always that whole. and they say that's what he's pull it out. what it a my name by the now i know that i should lose. i'm getting them monday night. actually i'm going my luck. it will not like they don't, he's still got on unless the limo to get lucky on what about the next one? ah,
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mohammed is going to a funeral village has died. just like everyone else around here. he also worked at the brickyard. all of his earnings was spent so that his family could live this village. ah, the house he left behind isn't even built of brick fragments. ah, i die both of us when we get a hot viashi's dog. what a death by a boy at that de la garza, you know, that i'm good as i know that i'm but as a i'm the boss. but other than i thought i think i've been going on. what about out on the luxury auto that i guess i'm gonna take middle wm dot sunday, i think because there's no happy ending to these stories. no one stands up for the workers and their rights. and the brickyard owner faces no sanctions. it's all too
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common. but it is their reality ah, ah ah ah,
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i have often said transparency for the powerful privacy for the bell. this bitter cares about privacy or people care about is power. julian assange has become a symbol of the battle, the privacy information is power. that's what's going on in the world. a huge struggle with in governments and corporations to want to keep information secret and others who the democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have a right to know what their minds are doing. watch how assange helped shift the conversation around transparency. um, so what that battle has done to him, i feel like children's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest, most powerful employer in such
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a situation. it's remarkable. the smallest home when the stories is shake, the way here when i say tension is spiral over ukrainian shape that price russian waters with an authorization for something mosque. i'm slammed as a provocative and threatening action cross also to come described as a dark. thanks for journalism kings sarge support is lasharon tubman london high court 3 linked to allow his possible expedition to the united states. yet another hearing his name needed to decide his fights. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of law. this is an absolute travis to you . i mean legal, gross, and devastating tornadoes tear 3 parts of the united states with death in kentucky alone fade to be more than 7 ah.


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