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tv   Sophie Co. Visionaries  RT  December 31, 2021 3:30am-4:00am EST

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isn't and often it, oh even so you children have been cared for at the fountains house a year ago or chicken my much mom with much and he's got a nice many goals which on the middle of the issue. ah, shannon is violet. my mom is violet. but the mom of yes, my city with me. okay. allow me to a program. i'm you know, most people i was like me, i'm not. i knew the challenge is you know, you know, some younger mariska jump on. shes, i can medina,
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i oh ah hello welcome to so because visionaries me sophie shepherd, not say she climbed mount kilimanjaro in short rather half marathon about the arctic circle, barefoot schwend below the surface of a frozen lake and he's just cool. today i talk to extreme athlete when half i half
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the iceland one half extreme athletic ac the iceman. i'm so happy that you're with us today. i. hi. thank you. thank you for having me sir. i. so let's go straight to this. you say the reason for our sicknesses maladies is that we're surrounded hours with surrounded ourselves. was too much conference having deprived our bodies of natural simulations. and after flying the ancient inner mechanism. so to say that help our ancestors to survive, right? but don't just say that it was exactly the pursuit of com for that actually helped our spaces to evolve and survive. yes. and it does. neurology of our brain is so much more than, say, 500 years ago. but right now we, we have got
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a little bit to watch with the development of our brain function. and we, you know, the technology we all got now is weakening our physiology. this needs to be balanced. and this balance a can be brought back by go into the cold water and go into breathing exercises that may be able to, to connect with the deeper geology of ours to regulate our moods and to regulate in family, goes into a nation with all the technology we have this modern world. it did not stop. oh ok. so we need to stress our body every now and then to make it more resistant. that's what you're saying. yeah. and then i hear all the time
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and all around that stress kills. where does your line go between the mass stress and the good stress for the body? because it's really important to know that. exactly. because we exert our bodies to work so much. and we live in comfort. we 4 guest that stress that is coming in is air is not being dealt with physiologically in our bodies. the way it should, it results into chemical stressful residue. and that is deregulating our physiology in the death in the immune system in our and or korean system. and that results in and not feeling well that results in bird house in to chronic diseases. now the stress is constantly in our bodies present to the presence of course, the soul,
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and it is constant. and when it is constance, it triggers the sympathetic nervous system. we're just ashy, but there is no pattern sympathetic nervous system activity. any book which is responsible for regeneration repair, rehabilitation and ceiling. is this not all of that because we stress our bodies constantly. i have to do this after death that i have to do this and i see. and that results in quantities, old b, constantly present. and that is able to drain our bodies because we don't go into repair. we don't go into regenerating new energy. so what i do, which go in each of the cold and going to the brady is spike came
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spiking the adrenal axis. so much oh but it is only spikey and then the body is her dad taking care of all. ringback the chemical message you inside to buy it to reset the body so much and so good. and so effectively that information goes. dow chemical residue goes down, body feels clean, do get regenerates and energy. you make the flow in the body much better and serves us in our take modern life, but on a neuro biological al. so i see that like all extreme conditions, cold sort of forcing your brain to model eyes and activates the survival mode di know how these things work on a neuro biological level? yes, exactly. this is in the studies. i have done
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a very much tiny room. i should actually do work with their musto university. if they shoot and bite me because what i found and i is leading to get a winter cold, are able to activate the adrenal axis, which is the deep hypothalamus debit. you'll terry glance, plus the adrenal glass. it's cruelty adrenal axis. we are able to activate the depth of the brain now, will fully, which is dealing with the stress of the i see water and off know breathing in very specific breathing exercises. that is the survival mechanism. and that survival mechanism, ben. guess within our control and where is this survival mechanism?
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good for. if we control us, we are able to deal down with stress much better and that has shown itself in the university. i was able just by using my ho, what in this is detroit university in brain stance, i show to be able to control and willfully go to the survival mechanisms of my brain. and then may distress from cold water coming upon my skin that my skin temperature doesn't go down. that means i am able to regulate to stress mechanisms inside that deals with body temperature that deals with what a stress is coming to my buddy pain. and all that i'm cable just by the hour
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of my loss to you and we lost stacks. we don't know about this because we never exercise our bodies willfully short term inflicted stress upon the. and this is where the cold water comes in. it is a great teacher to do so, ice water swimming grey. it puts extreme stress on your cardiovascular systems. yes, lab muscles contract rapidly and you run the risk of heart damage. how do you deal with this fact ally when you take bass bass? not everyone can take a nice bath, i suppose. no, of course. it's like a if a muscle is not exercised, it becomes weak. it doesn't mean that the muscle is not there. it is there, but it needs a little way. and that more and more and more and more. and with that,
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i tell you within 10 base motivated people are able to go into i see water, i can make people 80 years, not having been i see water just one afternoon. i can make them able to go for a couple of minutes into i know why, because i bring them to their natural condition. if you, if you look to kind of your vascular related problems into will it is killer number one. why is because we are too much in complex. diskin is the biggest organ of ours. it is never exposed to temperature changes while all day and temperature receptors. pain receptors, and electron receptors ends up in our skin. the skin is the biggest organ of ours
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and we got it, always dressed, covered up, no stimulation. logically, it is directly connected to the vascular system, which is 1000 lotus in every body of us. and it contains millions of little muscles . if you exposure to the co than the little muscles, millions they are, go to work. what happens? hot rate is going to go down because the blood flow is being helped. and then when the blood flow goes better through the system, it reaches this cells much better, which gives me you much more energy. so energy goes up and heart rate goes down that miss the real cost is coffee. so stress presence goes down because what happens when you have an ex salad regions? hot rate of $20.00 to $30.00 times bow per minutes, 24 hours a day. this is for people who live only in conflict. so they have an accelerate at
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heart rate, which is a signal to the liver, to produce coffee. so adrenalin and add wrinkles, and that makes the body keep on. don't people go get. there is danger that we live in constant danger of too much heart rage, bona and a little muscles the millions in the size d. similarly this because of being dressed all the time, all the time in the warmth, they are not in the right condition. they don't help law, so go to the hockey or because the lack of the condition of the millions, little muscles. so there's the danger. and when you go into the cold there within 10 days from 15 seconds in a cold shower, a day one. and that day to 30 seconds to 45,
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just gradually go. and then you find yourself in said 10 days in 10 days you are in your natural condition. then the millions of little muscles are back in business, bringing the blood flow to the cells and a heart rate then goes to its natural amount of bees. and then there is no sir. what is our natural condition? no stress, high energy. when we're going to take a short break right now and when we come back, we'll continue talking to exam outlet. when the house i can be asked me to stay with us. ah
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was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable . i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america. florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets, is fostering and the biggest player is $85000000000.00 industry. is mosaic, and i, there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aqua for my. there's a chronic i don't want to hear that word poets, but that's what it is. in 2013 my, all our family dog, my brother was 21 years old, myself and my father were all a whole lot and the good play. right?
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yeah, yeah, maybe they'll actually were more help is more important in a things that have happened in the world are being done by people who had a great vision of how society could be better. but that great vision is typically the left hemisphere representation is not real. it doesn't take into account any of the complexity of reality. the subtlety of how various and complex people i put them into categories is this lot is bad. we'll get rid of them, you know, and change is an organic process. change is an evolution and the opposition is not between the status and everything must stay the same and everything must be ready. key chain, a radical change is not the way that that kill ah
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ah, and it has to be rash, to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can choose your customers and dump a sick so also they can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to me,
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that's best getting away with murder. mm hm. and we're back with one house. i can the iceman when, what is it called? the cold stimulates, better connection between your body and the brain. are you saying that, for instance, if i jump into phrasing water and tell myself that i'm not cold? i'll just stop shivering. yes, that is in the and that will work that way. but 1st, because of the condition is not yet very in 10 days. you get much more wilful control just by thought. because you learn to connect with the stress
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mechanisms inside the brain. they will be accessed, they are due to body, you exercise your mind, your brain, cuz it's all connected. and then because you do it, you get to nation with that you get neural pathways done and it becomes stronger these neural pathways. and they're very soon, you're able to use these neural pathways, access stars, and to deal with stress in any other way in your daily life. so to coal is a teacher. the gold is able to break the neurological pathways and to distress mechanisms inside the brain. and bring it within your willful control. yes, i had to admit, you know, i know one ice skater and cheese about like 45. and tis because she spent such big amount of time on an ice rink and it's really cold around her, most of her life,
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her skin, and the way she looks, she's like maybe at most 30. so i do understand how cold can also have an impact on a physical appearance, but as far as insurance, like if the key to endurance and health is submitting your body to stress, to an adrenalin cleanses out all the bad stuff, right? is that what we're saying then do i really have to do i, per se, like an interesting bungee jumping because it seems like much more pleasant weighed upon been traveling to my veins. exactly. so they compared blood samples, they took of people doing the breathing techniques to, to the ad for amount of adrenaline, the level of adrenalin 2 people doing their tourist bungee jump in fear. brady selected the people left a fearful ice and they took them will voluntarily in
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a group of people, they to deadlock before going into their 1st budget junk go, ben de compare dose block samples where the people doing these breathing techniques . and then they saw that the people doing and lying on the sofa doing these breathing techniques. they have a much higher level of adrenalin than the people go in into their foods. but you do . so you don't need to go directly into the cold. if you don't like it, etc, dra friday, breathing techniques, you know why the breathing techniques come from. they come from going into the cold . cuz the 1st thing you do when you go into to go this year. so in that show simply that baby deep breathing makes you ready to
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face press. that's what a dust deep leading changes the bio chemistry in the body, into death vendor. i'd really comes in the good hormones from in that's what we do when we are stress. oh oh oh goodness. oh yeah. it. when we have sex, we do deep breathing. when we deliver a baby, we do day breathing when we are struck by off in life. oh oh, it's always deep breathing and now i modified the deep breathing and i done how to could you do university. and then as a, give me a injection of a bacteria and i will show you that i can control my immune system that i can make my immune system work bad that you have written in your books
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that i did that. and then and then they said, yeah, that's baby job. you are the iceman. you are the only one who is able to do that. nobody else is your training. i said, no, i think this is natural. we have lost the ability to break the course. we live in the shallow be reliving flow to come for and then yeah, horse you don't need to do much anymore. but when you are in the cold, you do watch wall. and then did biochemistry is going to change in size. and then yes, theoretically speaking, because when we're speaking right now about the benefits that resisting cold has brought to you and in general, how beneficial it is for her to drink. but because you breathe in extreme conditions, because cold is extreme commission can for example, same thing,
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the tube by going to sahara and practicing extreme heat resistance. yes, i did that too. and i showed in the sahara or a desert without drinking, i run one bathroom and i lost fire with wow, not drinking. but my core body temperature, my functionality stays the same. i love to control my body in the cold, but it also words the but one thing that are like adjusting your body conditions to extreme heat, is it as beneficial for a human physique as an ace to adjusting your body to extreme cold? i think it a tutor cold, it is, it is better, you or your body needs to work more into tools. if we go into the sauna,
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we're passively let's the heat in and it shows her corona virus, or virus. in general. if you go in to do so on a, at a certain point, it kills to germs. it kills the bacteria, kills their virus, or it is passive, me. when you go into the cold, you have to work. your body needs to work. and that makes you mad, it's much more exercised for the body and that will able to be able to tackle the cardiovascular problems of this work that is not necessarily done in the heat or in the cold. it does have well, okay, but you're saying that your model is resistance to cold is not supernatural than everyone can do it. right. let's say i want to start here practicing when taking
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a cold shower. you 1st squeal and then relax and then start to enjoy. but then you start seizing before you know it. where is this line between where, where is this lie? where hypothermia actually begins? yes, i prefer mia against when 2 degrees or 2 degrees decreasing within the core. deplore body temperature that is and their whole body temperature is the $37.00 degrees is necessary. 40 liver to function, well, the lungs, the heart and debris, that's a full body temperature is able to close around to these corridors. and that happens when it begins to open up because a different fraction is no, not able animal cold within the cool and when the cold, then the core will be cool,
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body temperature will be effective and will go down and then very soon we get angel . hypo barrier, which can damage us with when it goes to $3431.00 degrees, then k b a. we spirally go down. if no external body needs it will come, it will go down into coma and you will die. so we needs 37 degrees to function, well, inner core and a and by go into cold showers and all you learn to have a de veins from stress, basil and better. and then you are able to stay longer in the cold course. your a may take core body temperature. so in the beginning and what i say to the people,
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don't shock your body. go once into the cold and i can russia as a tradition, i say why not to take every day of cold shower. then in the winter time, you will be able to go easily into i see water without losing your poor body temperature. that makes you feel so much more powerful insights in your her vessel assisted your cardiovascular assistant, which is i, which is it all 100000 kilometer. that is all your chest is in the cold, your feel, oh, you are there. is that master all your geology? if you know, and as freshly your roster, if you know how to beat to pull you out when you know what is so interesting to me speaking to you that i don't want to make these just one
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program. i want to go on and go on talking to you so you know what guys, we didn't a record to programs with one half faculty iceman. so stay tuned for the next one to find out more self about what ice and cold just to you, your body and your brain. ah, with ah,
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with one with each one. i was just my with him. he's a curriculum. well that the game is that with water, with machine that i did with no, i need to go put that amount with power for one you with
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ah, the new years eve headlines from r t joe biden promises to the united states work, deploy offensive strike weapons in ukraine, during an hour long conversation with the crisis over the country, stretches towards another year from the energy crisis to pope it tonight. so we talked to the hungarian foreign minister about 2021 is defining dilemma and determine to see in 2022 with a bang germans band from buying fi works for a 2nd year because of coded block to poland. the capability go with .


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