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me ah the protests, melbourne, in support at the men's tennis number one, no joke of it's just just won his cool battle. the challenge, the cancellation of the strategies, immigration minister and says he still has the power to cancel the joke of it's just you to hold a press conference in the next few minutes or so to come. this are not imitate, and says russia and his allies would not allow a revolution backed by terrorist continue address the summit of the military alliance assisting them. the state has extend me cuz we will not allow the situation in our homeland should be did. we will not allow a so called cooler revolution to be carried out. this, for example, was a food shop, not a lot less facade for a few broken gadget and smash windows limited doors in the buildings. we look at
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the aftermath violent protests that sweat. 3 cars extend described as a vice president and here locals about the cale. these were not our people. we were all resting after the new year's celebrations. of course, it was scary. we stayed home with the local law. they destroyed everything. people were in danger of being killed the good afternoon, just calling for harry moscow. you're watching international. i will start with an update on the developing story in australia where tennis number one novak jock of it's still faces, uncertainty that despite winning a court battle that challenge the cancellation of his visa for not being vaccinated against cobit, the countries. immigration minister though, says that he can still revoke it with a protest has flared up in melbourne in support of the serbian athlete with police
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using pepper spray to contain some of the demonstrators the me okay, well let's talk more about this with our correspondent danny armstrong. he's been following the events, the volleys, the hits, the full hans and everything else has been taking place inside the legal court today. and danny, we should just mentioned to people they can see in that many screen there, a press conference of these 2 to start being help on that joke of h. and as soon as it does, we'll go straight to it. but i mean joke,
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don't joke of each one. he's caught battle today, but he hasn't exactly won the fight, has yet to stay in the country. now that's why, of course we're all used to hearing the word joker, which wins called back and it was the same today in monday, in melbourne, where a judge ruled that the australian government on fairly revoke his visa. now that was because they thought he didn't meet the requirements for a medical exemption. his father has called p extremely and p. m. scott morrison a dictator. he's launched a brutal attack. and just recently, as we see these images of him having a press conference in melbourne, the georgia decision on monday is still yet to be challenged by the australian government. the australian immigration minister alex hawk says he still retained the right to cancel this me the at any time the usual 4 hour window for that has expired, but it does not count as the australian government did not read, detain, jock, which for question. and now some people have come out in support of jeff rich,
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obviously a huge to be an ex community out in melbourne. they around in the downtown melbourne office and chuck, which is lawyers, some smashing gas, some surrounding his car. police using pep is free and we talk to some of the people down there in melbourne. some people say they collab fitness decision has gone this way and it's not been to australian government officials. one thing, i mean we can hear what some of them have said right now. i'm very happy on an extremely heavy ceiling. legal system is functioning, it is evidence based. it is about justice and most importantly, not influenced by any politicians. the correct the wife earlier. so you see that the people on the streets of melbourne saying that happy that the decision has gone this way. of course all thought he was joking, which tried to gain entry into australia. of course, one of the most strict and stringent countries in the world as regard cole with
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regulations on wednesday, he was detained at the board. the joker thought he'd done everything in his power to prove the fact that he was medically exempt from coal with vaccination. but since then he's been detained in melbourne. he's been question the core affidavits today was released from the document where he said he'd be in question the said you've been sleep deprived. we spoke to his phone call just before in an interview that you had with him where he said he hadn't had the right breakfast. of course he's a police and intolerance. novak joker, which he said no, but john creech that is said that the whole situation has upset and confused him. i have a listen. my agent and i had done all that was asked of us in making the application for entry into australia. i did not understand what was happening and i did not understand why he was considering canceling my visa. i was upset and confused. so joker is saying his upset and confused he, his, the king of the australian open,
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of course is want to record 9 times the last 3 years is the defending champion. he would love to break that grand slam record, of course, tied with roger federer and raphael natal on 20 ground. some type of he would love to break that record in australia at melbourne. but for now, this political wrangling, this diplomatic scandal seems the ongoing, serbian president alex on the beach says it's a which on scott morrison. the australian pm on the other hand is said, it really is. there is one room for all the rules are rules that the fans he's taken on. some australian government officials have taken really not taking kindly to the news that say he is going to be left into the country. of course, as it stands, this is really them when they say that he can, he is free to be in australia. we hear what some of them have had to say. morrison just lost his case against jokers which total incompetence like on
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everything else. if they seriously didn't want him while nor did they give him a visa to fi here. know back jock of it to being detained in the same place. the refugee, the health, some have been detained for 9 years. they came to australia to free war and torture . he came to when a tennis match. so as you see, some people think it's a little bit of a slap in a face for the people of melbourne who've been locked down for nearly 2 years now. on the some of the most stringent covey regulations, they think about joker, which is just coming to the country, flouting those laws. everybody has had to comply by just to basic and play a tennis match. it doesn't look like something on the political stage or that he's gonna die down any time soon. no. but, but in east it doesn't because he, the tournament starts more, less the week or so. and we heard earlier today that he was down at the tennis court that was from his uncle practicing. but you know, how much damage the whole experience is done to him physically, mentally will have to wait and see. okay, thanks. danny was artist danny armstrong. well, as i mentioned earlier,
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i did speak with the new york, which is uncle who did tell us that the australian government had completely treated the tennis champion. but now we shall be formation. the public is not the rest of the moment. she is on the way to the court and she's supposed to start to break the show. this is the information we share. this is still directing, resting, you know, as you said, from a midnight european dime. i know, no, it is really good. you know, it was many problems she really has, you know, he was the rest of the all and she was, you might be a or fortunately the guy from the tournament with your vehicle and some people say that it wouldn't be much easier if novak was just facts and 80 that what g say to them?
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well to say, well this is his personal choice. i can say i can say in my name, i personally mean, i mean, you know, this is all, you know, the other side. as you know, she has the car in december, you know, this is not a medical reason to get the last sign. a nightmare was to him, you know, in the beginning they took the phone and all the stuff you know, and then the last 2 days, even the she didn't have the break was the proper breakfast. you know, as you know, she, she supposed to eat no food. you know, the guys regime ago would be the, you know, of course, really already. i'm happy and the are so sorry. the like to australian people,
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but the government isn't ready. we're all good things to know. number one, in the, in the dentist, one of the best force men ever, you know, this is, this is what he said. now another name that i rush for letting me peyton had expressed support for ally cas extend saying date of rights in the central asian republic had been fermented by terrorists trained abroad with combat experience on the museum. even the ignition is little military. we are witnessing the aggression of international terrorism. where did they come from? these gangs of armed men who were trained abroad here and clearly had experiencing, fighting in global hotspots. system forces do not shy away from using cyberspace and social networks to recruit extremists and terrorists to create sleeper cells of incisions. we will not allow the situation in our homeland to be disturbed. we will not allow a so called color revolution to be carried out. while towards the end of monday,
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c s t o video conference russian president vladimir putin described the unrest in kazakstan as an attempt by foreign forces to intervene in the domestic problems of cause. exten, and that it was neither the 1st attempt nor the last. he specifically mentioned criminals and international terrorists who were recruited using social media on line. now, in terms of color revolutions, the russian president likely had in mind the kind of political violence we've seen across the post soviet world. in recent years, ukraine bella roost, georgia, these color revolutions all had in common the factor of a varying degree of foreign meddling. that's likely the reason why the cassock president, i express so much gratitude to the c s t o for a quick response to his call for help. he said that the kind of violence we're seeing throughout the country has gone far. passkey original upset with the government's lifting of the price controls on liquid petroleum gas. so turn the
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economy sky of chesnut, but it's socio economic and political demands were forgotten about in a hot phase unfolded with groups of all militants coming into action. the mango has become obvious to undermine the constitutional order, destroyed government institutions and sees power. oh, we're talking about an attempt to qu, aside from the presence of international terrorists and can extend, it seems like this is more of a region wide problem. we heard from the president of to j. stan who said that islamic state militants are strengthening their possess in afghanistan. and that there is actually over 40 camps and over $6000.00 militants that are islamic terrorists surround the region of central asia. but like, like we were talking about, just in kaz, extend, the anti terrorist operation is winding down. seems like this situation is stabilizing, and c, s t o. peacekeepers will be returning home soon. don't quarter reporting there will . meanwhile, a day of mourning has been declared. the cross cars extend as the authorities say,
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they have rounded up about 8000 people on terrorism charges with a large number of those foreigners the well, the sweeping anti terrorism operation is still under weighing cars, extends commercial capital and largest city l massey, which has borne the brunt, the violence is some of the aftermath to from these pictures you can see rises have been looting, stores and torching government buildings. many of them reportedly carrying firearms . dozens of people have been killed, including 16 police officers. there are claims that some of them were beheaded, kinda like officials also say that 3 children were killed by gunfire. now security video from a shopping center obtained by our correspondent that does show loses destroying glass kind his and grabbing anything valuable over all damage in the country is
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estimated more than $200000000.00. reporting from al massey. he's our senior correspondent, murdered guest. yes, it had been said to say that the peaceful protests in kazakhstan caused all that much economic damage. if it wasn't the peaceful protests, it was the riots the mayhem and the looting afterwards. that over scant days has caused more than $200000000.00 in damage to the country. mostly here in the city of amity and those are preliminary estimates. the real damage is expected to be much, much more kazakhstan has said repeatedly that it believes this wasn't spontaneous. it was organized, looting with more systematically hitting shopping centers and businesses at the shopping center. cctv cameras caught the mayhem in this shopping center and elsewhere. looters, of course, went for easiest pickings 1st that his electronic shops, jewelry stores,
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as well as atm. this, for example, was a food shop, not a lot left aside from a few broken gadgets. shelves were cleared in minutes. security could do nothing but watch and police were engaged in fatal fire fights with armed gangs elsewhere. and the looters went to town. there's very little doubt that this was plaid because the people that came here and did this brought the right equipment. it takes a lot to get into cash machines, but they manage to do it's taking the cash cassette. push this to the local bullshit. well, i don't want this to be happening. of course it was scary. we stayed home with almost these were not all people. we were all resting after the new year celebrations. we were some foreigners, were doing all this is we were waking up. people just went out to the square to peacefully protest and then left. and then it all erupt, it got there. i heard some kind of running around voices. so i looked out,
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most likely. they knocked out the doors of some shops. there are many electronic stores on the street level. and then they got into the car and left and there was no police which was in the lobby. they destroyed everything. people were in danger of being killed. it was scary. it's good that we live far away. it didn't reach us . everything was awful that there is no street lighting yet, and people are not turning on the lights in their homes. the people are afraid. there were different people on the streets. at 1st the protests were peaceful. this is there still worse gazette? what can a pensioner say? i'm sitting at home, i'm afraid to go out. good. it's good that we have peacekeepers now. it was a terrifying time for civilians. many hidden their homes turning off the lights to avoid attention as gags lay waste to the city of alma t. there was nothing they could do. no, when they could call for help. until the peacekeepers came.
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ah ah ah ah ah, ah, ah, of the now secure airports of almighty evacuations are underway. russians and other nationals that being evacuated abroad charter flights and military cargo planes. what they went through can only be described as an ordeal. thrash my book, and yet it was scary. of course, there was no information or communication. i'll get back to paris, but i have to explain their how bad the situation here is. they don't report it on the news. france is not organizing anything yet, but i do not think as they say in france,
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that it is bad that the russians have arrived. this is assistance to the country, the situation, and the citizens of russia. yes, more than that of my how i am more or less normal situation. thank god. we were waiting for these planes to evacuate us where stockton, with his, with face the crowd, was armed, lived in the hotel next to the square. we saw however, she was burning flash grenades were frown, so it was very scary. it's scary because i was born here and it hurt seeing all the events that happened and are happening. but everything seems to be getting better. that is because i call socrates could have put down the rights on their own. but how long would that take? perhaps there would have been even more casualties. all in all about a 100 people are being evacuated on late was military flight, but altogether about a 1000 people who contacted the russian and us to be a back to a, to out of our money alone. just just one city and they will be evacuated over about
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10 or so flood. but authorities have told us that they expect more people to contact the call to listen to request evacuation among them for a national ok. let's go back to our top story today because to have been protest melvin in support of the men tennis number one. novak shock of it. she's just one who's cold bath that challenge the cancellation to seem to had to be straight in open. well that was straight is immigration minister, doesn't that she still has the power to cancel that joke of it. she's currently holding a press conference to talk more about this. now we can go to a danny, on the strong things back in the studio. any more developments what's being said over the last few minutes and in this press conference. and of course it seems like a story that is going to be forever developing. and it's been a press conference called in melbourne is know about john rich and his father. he's father of course has been very vocal. he was the one who said he had been arrested in melbourne. of course. those are turned out to be just support heavy police
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presidents outside his lawyers office. what he has said in the press conference. he's thank people for their support. he's trying to be an authority. he said that the whole family, including his uncle, who's also been very vocal, been elegant, how his nephew wasn't fed right, was being detained. these had be in melbourne detention center for for $5.00 to $6.00 days since arriving in the country on wednesday. his mother has also said that this is been one of the hardest things that they've had to go through as a family. he. they have thanked the serbian president alexander ru, chit chat for always supporting them. he, they have. she had said that this is a new victory for her son from the poor country. she has even said the poor boy knew victory. of course, he has one that has 9 victories to his name of record for any pennies player. the auditorium and, and mail can play that is, is when is the last 3 years. this is something he really wants to defend them in
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the family. we've been behind the we can see obviously when he's been in the grand slam tournaments and he's and hike fateful to the family area of each stadium after a great when these a very tight knit family. of course, anybody who has a root cause there's many of those roots in australia know that nice expect community to stick together. there's been evidence of that out in the melbourne street when they welcomed him after his release, of course, after the judge's decision. today that the australian government on fairly revoke his visa, so as i say, a big victory for the job of each family. his father has thank people who have supported him. his mother went on to say that novak will not stand for the lies and the trickery australian government has strong woods from his mother. but of course, this is a story this developing and i don't think we've had the last of that know many, and just to recap as well, it's not long before this tony installed. this is what we went down the call county
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school for the 1st time today. in a few days, she said hasn't been fed very well, hadn't slept? well, it's not a stress. i was 3. comes through this and managed to progress it all, it would be a miracle. okay, thanks danny. this is danny armstrong. now i've had other news, the backdrop of high stakes, russia. u. s. talks are underway in geneva. the head is nato. has threatened russia though with severe costs in case of a military invasion of ukraine, need to be prepared for that. a russia, a once again, it chooses to use on force. there will be a severe costs or comic political costs for russia if there once again, use military force against ukraine. 3 continued to provide support to ukraine or political support for your trans territorial integrity. sovereignty helped to implement reforms, helped to modernize ukraine's armed forces. we also exercise
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a together and we work together in many ways. well, mr. seldom, but they are also stated that night. i would continue providing support for crane and assist it on its way to join in the west in military alliance and said, and as we said, take this will comes as moscow and washington open a week increase from negotiations. artie, charlotte davinsky has moon, our bank, the secures. he talks amazing. notice go over the conversation is complicated. it can't be easy, but in principle it's mrs. like, i think we won't waste time. i never lose my optimism. it talks kickoff here in geneva, mocking a week of negotiations between representatives of russia, the u. s. nato and the organization for security and cooperation in europe. and there is a lot at stake with some very tense negotiations ahead. over the next few days,
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the u. s. is heading into these talks already saying that it's talked about and thought about potential sanctions against russia. if russia invades ukrainian accusation, that the u. s. is labeled against it. russia has denied that consistently. so what sort of sanctions are we talking about? the u. s. says they severe, it says that there will be sanctions on energy goods on consumer products and also on the abandon on exports of advanced electronic components as well as software. and that are coming out from the u. s. is led to huge disappointment already from the russian site. russia will not bow to you as pressure and will not accept any concessions. the unilateral approach proposed by the u. s. a. nato can't be used as the basis for discussing security guarantees. one of the big miti issues that they will be discussing is the former soviet union country of ukraine, particularly the issues in the crisis that's been ongoing now for many years in the
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east of ukraine. now, the u. s. and nato of accused rush over the last few months of building up its troops on the board of ukraine. it says that an invasion of ukraine by russia is imminent. as soon as the snow melts, that is something that russia has denied consistently in moscow says how it moves its troops within its own borders is something that solely for moscow to decide. now, this also was original dismay, so of those claims by the ukrainian defense minister back in november, who said that he had seen no evidence of that increase in troops. however, since then, ukraine has changed its mind now kiev has made no bones about his intention to join nato. it is something that he has been asking for many years, and that is a red line from moscow that is unhappy. an an easy with the expanding nato alliance, particularly in soviet union, the former countries of the soviet union. but despite those protestations from
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moscow that has fallen on deaf is all, i also sent a very clear message that will not compromise on core principles, including the right for every nation to decide on path, including what kind of security arrangement. so wants to be portal i got certainly part of the playbook eyes to put out a list of on absolutely non starter demands. and then to claim that the other side is not engaging and are going to use that as somehow justification for aggressive action. russia has several other demands to as part of these negotiations throughout the week. the particularly relate to through deployment from nato, and also weapon deployment. now, despite the fact that the u. s. is said is entering these talks and it will look at some of those requests from russia, essentially. other ones like need to allowing ukraine to ascend the alliance all
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off the table. both sides are going to have to wade through very deep water and do so very, very carefully in order to keep the peace geology belsky, or t. geneva. okay, well sir, discuss the security talks further because on the line we have dr. martin thrown at, he's a senior lecture in political science, the heidelberg center for american studies, and you are very welcome what you expect. so what can we expect from these talks she think martin? well, i think the worst case scenario would be that one said okay, so i would say our demands have not been met. and if the russian side says so, then take this as a, as in an excuse or as an initiative for military action. so i think what we could expect is that any attempt is made to diffuse the situation at the moment and em, but the demands of both sides in their full will not be made. i think your report
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or sketched it very well, that there isn't really much muchly way for compromise. that because the earth united states or the west will not compromise on this issue. that a southern country can choose its alliances and for, for russia it's, it's a red line that nato should not get any further into western security arrangement. so this is very difficult, even though is the no opportunity. he think martin, to find some sort of mutual security deal, where both sides feel secure. because i know both sides have taken extreme view at the moment, at least they have in each other's opinion. but surely, you know, if they know each other's opinion now they wouldn't how these talk to, they weren't prepared to negotiate something. i think there is a, did the theoretical possibility on, on, on 3 things. one is perhaps that there is some understanding on missile issues and nuclear issues, but there is also, i think, potential compromise on troop deployment. so need, or, of course will not,
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or united states will not withdraw its troops or from the baltic countries where they are deployed. but it's a rotating deployment. and the, the permanent deployment of a new base and poland, which was planned under the trumpet ministration doesn't seem to happen. so, or, and also, i think on weapons deployments, there could be some kind of arrangement. and theoretically, i think on the ukraine and nato issue, one could say that the west would say, ok, oh, we will not have russia have a veto, who joins nato. but there's so many difficulties that membership of ukraine is really not an issue in the next 5 or 10 years. so i think along these lines. but i think the basis for compromise is indeed quite weakened, but it's important that they are talking from the perspective of a. and i'm not saying this as a scholar was a citizen of european union. it's a bit disturbing that united states and russia talk bilaterally over the
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heads, of course, not just ukraine, but also the european union. and i'm fully understand 4 percent cogent wants to see he's not recognized again as a world leader and not 1010 years ago. and obama said he's a leader for regional power, but why his fight and doing this? and i think some people in germany or in the you are a little bit worried how a serious biotin takes european concerns in this when, when he talks bilaterally to the reference on the american sort of perspective on ukraine. why is this such interest, or has there been such interest over the last few years by america in crank? ah, well, i think there are, there are several business related interest strategic interests. and it's also, of course, that ukraine wanted to become a nato member.


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