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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  January 13, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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when the fireman's kids came on, that's the all time. why bought episode with that cutting board and oh yeah, that's the most beautiful moment. busy i listen, i love the show, but that moment when those 3 kids and i saw a boy, this poor man is dead. but can you ever imagine what a legacy he left forever? those 3 beautiful villains, self asserted kids with that cutting board that he had read. i just thought this is the beauty of the show. it did, they cut the cabin and he was a little it was a little clamped. yeah, i always read him about clamps moment because i, i tell him, you know, they're really hard. but those kids i asked to say they are by chance people and it's been so great getting to know them. they're just wonderful. and that was a moment they took all our breath away really, really impact you as a person. i know the idea is for the man to live to a ripe old age,
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but one that doesn't happen one life gets in the way and the end of life to leave those 3 children. i thought, boy, that is a life live there that look at those kids everywhere. they go leave people much thing. now that must have been a man right there. so i want to, you know, i'm just saying the tank has many varied shades summer caprices. some are funny, some are very, very touching as we're in season 13 now or what get me your idea for the, the mix that makes it such an addictive treat. you know, it's interesting. i think i hear so many different things. i think people are fascinated by the sho, in that i think it's the american spirit. everybody wants to live that dream of being able to take your life into your own hands and work for yourself. be an
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entrepreneur not have to be under somebody else. so i think that that is captivating to all ages and men and women on a lot of people said that entrepreneurs, you know, it's funny, it's fun, it's fascinating. some like us charts, they think we're good mix together of, you know, all the different things and, but i really feel that it's that heart warming, like you said, there are those bad moments. but there are also the really touchy moments and you know that we are making people scream, come through and changing lives. and i think people want to also know how to be empowered to do that for them about yeah, one thing i like about the show and often mister, wonderful leads it, but i've seen other people do it. there is a fail safe point where somebody goes by with an idea that never is going to pan. you can almost feel the vibe coming off it. or i feel like somebody for their mental health and their families well being has to step in and well as he says,
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take it back and shoot it. there's nice ways to say it, but there are some times where i'll watch to show you seem like a nice person, but there's not enough there. what are you in 400 k know, know you've gotta, you've gotta stop now. don't borrow money. you know, that feeling i've seen you do it a few times. it must be touching and sad. what happens? yeah, absolutely. i mean, you know, like i know i've done so many products, mix between my own products, helping others with their products, actually about a 1000 products. so i can tell you that i know what it feels like to be in their shoes. but i also know when they're stepping a quick fan, you know, when you just feel, i mean, i don't say that i'm always right. but like, you just know from experience that what they're telling you. and if they keep going forward, it's just going to get worse and worse, and they need sometimes you need to like say, you know, this isn't the right one. but there's something else like,
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there's nothing. you know that story was it. i think it was gone with the wind, right? she wrote one book, but it was gone with the wind. so you know, you just need one great idea to change your life. but sometimes you gotta let go of the ones that maybe when you think about the, the chain of events that has to happen from the inspiration to the point of purchase. it's such a long circuitous route. certainly, i always think they should be easy to find if it's disposable, you can't get hung up on it. you don't know that by sending it cutting the chief the the week doesn't come in on the next one. i would do that just as a practice exercise. well, you know, the funny thing is, is, and i know i have the spirit myself, every entrepreneur that comes up with ideas. definitely think their product is the
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best thing since sliced bread like they and they not like a they most of them no matter what it is, will continue fighting and proving you why it is the bad thing is beyond the show. like they just don't like a dog with a bung. so it is part of the nature. but you got to see the forest through the trees when it's going to work. but also when it's not going, you got to remind yourself that bread was a stable in the american diet when it was in one. so even sliced bread, see it like? so. yeah, along the way i learned some lessons. you know, it's funny, i got my every well kit because i'm going to test my food sensitivities. and i thought i looked it up. i thought i was, i think florida got money and this and sure. and then i thought, what else do i have around the house that i have the, the guys thing that you clean, which is a great item. i can't remember it's name,
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but it's the yellow. yeah. so i have to and i love finding an item that makes sense, anthony, you know what i mean? where i look at. oh, now that is a clever idea and i guess scrub that, he's got to be the biggest one. right? yes, scrub. daddy is huge. i just got a report from the base or past 400000000 in sales, which is crazy buyer. he's fit everything. the perfect product, you know is the, he's the dream products for me. i think now we have over 40, forced use it's disposable. so people have to keep buying it. i. yeah, and we're in 33 country. it's just, it's amazing how it's done. the plan, the lesson plans, the put the lessons in the graveyard. it, whatever. i use always love what i as far as the comedian and i was on the road and
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very big hotels and i checked the back of the shampooed thing. and i always thought this is an absolute genius notion that they just tag the word repeat off at the end of the shampoo directions. really apply shampoo rooms dot and you know, so genius, kid and for p r said ad repeat. maybe we maybe one out of 10 people the way up the largest. it's a gene is notion it. that's really sure. i wonder how many people repeat. i don't use to not anymore, but we're also jaded back when when i was a kid i was they, i guess it needs to and it's just i have to just because i'm talking to a sales genius and to tell you my favorite one is there used to be a way back when in the midwest, people didn't have access to the big cities and not everybody could get into
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chicago. so the catalogs were big things and there was one catalog called the sears and roebuck catalog and there was another one. i'm always black in the name, but i think it's called water house or something. another big catalogue and the man from sears and roebuck waited till the water house catalog came out. and then he took his and he took an inch off each frame or each side because he said when they, when ladies who were in the neat business with their household go to stack these, they'll always put the smaller one on top and you'll be able to see sears and roebuck, i had to put the books reading and say, that is honestly, that is so funny because it is off by policy in a lot of what people do, what they buy, what they put around, you know, go back to are noted, i was trying to think, i can't think of what is there so many other things where i look at the product and
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like rents and repeat, they're telling you to do something again, but now i can't think of it. and i think the same thought is you. i think you have to do this just so you use it up fat. but not coming to me. i hate to get glengarry glen ross, but coffee is for closer and whoever put that thing at the that said repeat, that's a stones killer. let's hear some point and i love the new i love the new rubric that people can be altruistic through their business. look at the bomb, but guys, but also there is some part of me that loves the killer aspect of it. that way, back when, when american entrepreneurs got it off the thing you're fighting for your life for so long, you don't have to be a bother. you don't have to be malevolent. but at some point, you know, you want to, you have to want to win, or there's going to be people move in by you at the speed a light who want to win, right? yeah, you're sure. i mean, it's very caught. i the,
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the retail market, the product market is extremely hot, and the worst part of it is not. i mean, if i had to say like, what do my, on the north, i can tell the minute they walked in there either suffering from foster ready or they're going to be knocked off. and so speed to market is your only solution really blessed thing. i always found the show, i know, you know, i always say you gotta ask the market if you don't someone else. well, where your name becomes the noun for the product. at some point, you know, the, what are the post, it's eventually post the name post, it becomes the thing. and the only way you do that is by rolling the battlefield right up front because everybody's going to say i could put scotch tape on the back of a little piece of paper. you've got to get in there and roll the school right away . yes, for sure. i always say that about clean. i see. no, we can't get no,
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i don't know about grand made it clean. actors like other brands, but everybody positive there actually issues but it's, well, yeah, i saw. right. or you go and even there, they have the subliminal thing, where you pull the one up and had feature the next one just in case you want to go back in and do an extra deb this stuff. so genius, we're talking to one of the pre eminent practitioners of it in our culture and a sweet lady to boot, you know, are for years on shark tank 13 season and it will come back and we'll, we'll talk to lorie about what she's looking for to pitch, i know she's got the 0 or hero very will pill that all back right after this with lower your near on dennis miller plus one ah, the so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials
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were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself and we started adopting those techniques when i was station and mosul among them, wordpress positions sleep deprivation and using hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do in war comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america will later sacrifice the shimmer effective,
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interrogates over the past 2 and a half years, russia, nato agreed on very little. if anything, however, both agreed to meet for a high level meeting and they did in brussels. both sides made their case, nothing was really result lots of words. what happens next? maybe action now we have e cigarettes, i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes. and do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce? are these new cigarettes or making the tobacco tours? they folks walk back to dennis miller plus one. how about a delightful time with laurie grenadier? i huge shark tank them as i said, i seen all them and some of the modern ones i haven't but the i the probably have seen 11 of these 13 seasons and some of them. i've watched them
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a time after time if i find them particularly innovative or sweet. laurie's a prolific inventor entrepreneur, having created over $500.00 products, she says of a 1000 which boggles the mind. and the season 13th, as i said, currently airing fridays on a b, c. and i'm trying to think of the other 5 and what the mix is, because it is a beautiful algonquin round table. as i said, mark was always so good. but when he began to do the preemptive things have put me off a little or play the game. i can see where the 1st guy in there was a sweet enough guy, but he was to jesus. i'm the guy who said that at the end and the 1st couple seasons and he never wanted to push any chips in it was, it was to down market. i said there's got to be some magic to this with this guys too much of a sweat act. i love david out, he seems like a great cat. mr. wonderful. makes me laugh by loud. heard you seems like a good cat. you and cause i like because i think she does not bridge and
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a man driven world in many ways. so i love them. yeah. and that's burnett puts that together, doesn't a survivor car to see the 1st guy. yeah, he was the 1st guy and he put it together with based off of brag. and then you pay for an actually. and mark was the one who put it together. and the that is the mark kevin, and i are on every episode that at that we shoot. and then robert and david and barbara alternate and but it's about solid all of us. and then they have guess, charts, each these in and mark did mark put that together. very smart, very a. his sense of salon was gertrude stein leg because he put those people together. i can look back on and think, wow, that's a nice business dinner that he's organized there. you know, i think it's
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a pretty good who comes in periodically robin seen him in a while, but the ring guy and i want appeal to ring story back anyway. i think he handles himself well as a judge, and i'm wondering, i don't remember the exact episode, how do you know everybody has rank? how do we miss that? or how did the guys miss that? what was the pinch jamie, that was jamie. i think what happened with jamie came in with a big ask if i'm remembering right in the sweet guy, i think what it was is for me, i just didn't have enough information. i thought it was really smart. i thought it was really good. he had a big gas, but there wasn't anything that he had said that gave me i information enough to know that it was going to get made and really work and, and all of that, i think i was just, that was a little for carriers on i should have been that you know,
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that was what one, they got away, people always that they done and i don't look back and i don't look back. i actually don't even regret re, but that would be the one. but yeah, but it's all gravy at this point. look at the nice life you've carved for so i don't even know where you start. i'm starts. don't interest me as much as currents, but at some point, would it be fair? it asked you what the 1st spark idea had and how you want about pitch in it or tell, tell me about the very 1st light ball moment. yeah. my 1st life moment. you know, i was always thinking of things and ideas and i thought i was going to be a writer, but i was always thinking of ideas and things and then i thought i didn't do it. i do it half way. i see it out there at the best seller or something similar. and then when i thought of it was an earring organize, you're actually 100 pair peers to put on hearing the tiny little space that was cool. they were all hanging like
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a fine sort of labor for home and women love jewelry, and earrings is the number one thing. so that's how i started and it actually came to me on a massage table. but i was gonna say, well, my friend was giving me a massage therapist. i was her happy guinea pig and she said, you know, there's no good way for women to store their earring and it literally hit me like a liking. i just saw it like just like that and i thought i'm going to do it. i'm just, i'm going to do it this time. and i raced home and i scribbled piece of paper. and that's really how it started. and then, or if i had to go figure out everything from 0 experience, i had to figure get a manufacturer, prototype, pat, packaging everything. you have to figure it out. but if you're determined, people seems like simpler, less and simpler times can be yesterday in the world we live. but simpler times
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that must have been what 20 years ago, maybe or something was 996 and i had to do yellow. i mean, it's not like there were internet that was just tommy, but it was not like, you know, you could just buy all the wealth of information that it was so much harder. but i had weird like things like, i really feel like that was meant to be my destiny. i'll tell you a great story. i go to, i had a woman that i knew, but i didn't know anything about her husband or her family. i just knew her, and she would help me like sell some things on the side. and once very short, her son was getting married and this was like a month after i thought of my 1st idea. and so i'm at the wedding and my husband hits me and he says to eat, you know what everybody at the table does. and i'm missing one thing to tell you. i
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needed a tool maker and i needed a factory to make my product. and she says, you know what, everybody's table does, the way that they're all will makers and injection molder. i'm like, why are you kidding me? and so there is like this balance in my lap. and one of them, her husband, this woman's husband owned the factory. that was like 15 minutes away. wow. and so i got my maker. i got my factory with trusted. good people. all within seconds, the month after i came up with my 1st idea. unbelievable. that's crazy. yeah, that's crazy. usually the guy referred to as the injection molder, and a wedding is the groom, but you were sitting at a higher table filled with them. this is why you're where you are. i had that now.
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i wish i had you are and i'm fascinated by business because to me you said something early. i notice in america now they're almost seems to be a disdain for people who have hit the ball out of the park. i guess traditionally there's been inherited wealthy people have had trouble with that. i never even had trouble with that. wherever somebody's like, take some it takes them. but i don't like people who pointed people who had to put the money on the table at the beginning when it might have been their last 50 k. and now might be worth 100000000. but they push the chips in, i don't, i so don't begrudge them that. i celebrate that to me. it's what all these people and catch the in the around the world are looking to get my god. if i go there like that, don't a king in southern california gets out of that rad snack comes over here. it starts making dollars. makes a great deal. he blows it eventually, but he gets there. it's the thing i love about america. you can think big and i
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notice that there's a little attachment to that. now. shopping tried while listen, everybody wants to do that. everybody wants to achieve that. but then, you know, i guess your point may be, some people celebrate it. and others who may be jealous of it. you. what's that thing your friends want you to do well, but not too well. but i think that, you know, for me, i have spent a lifetime not only like doing things i create products that make people happy. that's what i did now. i'm helping my entrepreneurs on shark tank for me. it's really more altruistic in that you know, yes, i didn't do what i am doing because i want to make money. i. it was more i just love creating and i like doing what i do and i had a passion for it. and i think if you have all of that and you really work hard,
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which was really hard. yeah, i mean you, when believe the hours i put in things i've done, i work years raise the i would hi. you wouldn't believe it. yeah. for of life, for god's sakes, when i 1st thought i want to be a comedian, i can't tell you what locked don. i went into i would not get high like a lot of people or i would write the jokes during the day. take them on stage $2.00 to $3.00 times a night, tape record, each one go back to the hotel room, don't go out afterwards. listen to them, write them down, count the syllables, tweak it, and i did that for a couple years. i'm not saying that makes me noble, but it does allow me when i went from broke, to making a buck to not feel guilty about it. because i remember thinking who is going to put up with i put up with for the last 730 days. yeah. yeah, absolutely. any people never know what's behind the hard work, the everyday the in and out like you just that i remember when i told courtney my
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team that i made by 25000 earring like literally by hand. my fingers were leading 25000 pair in a week because they needed the blaze at the 1st store i got into and i didn't have the money to like go buy hearing via could never afford that. so i went to michael kraft or and like maybe buy in, you do whatever it takes, but back to your original premise about this. i think that people, the reason they love to show though, is because they want to know how to do it. but then you've got to put in the work like you said, you know, you can't be grudge people that have made it because it also we get back. mean i don't know. i mean i'm giving back every day. i'm helping other damage a good cat. i'm sure mister wonderful on the deep background. i know it's bad for his brand to be. he's got to do the scrooge mcduck thing, but at heart of act seems like
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a good cat. i'm sure. cuban from his ivory tower does a lot of good for people. and barbara, the way you could tell barbara gets invigorated when she sees a young woman who's been screwed around by in a different world. yet i can see her charged in like the cavalry and think it all right. i want to help, but that's one thing i like about the gals over there. you and her as there are times where you just see they can't catch break and you think, well, i remember being that girl and i'm going to charge in there. it's well the show can be thrilling the show can be funny. sometimes the people can be infuriating. i don't like when people go to the crying cart too soon. i just want to say get your pitch together. have a great item. we can cry tomorrow, we've got to have an item here, but i must say that it's the human. it's the human condition and it's presented in an interesting way, as burnett did on survivor. he sense this with the dragon's lair, brings it over here. i think it gives you a great glimpse into what makes people tick and off times that ticking is
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a cronum graphic watch that you can sell for millions of dollars, but off times just a it isn't work, but that's, that's the big of the game. listen, it's good to meet you. i'm a big fan and i, i don't mean to be grouchy about mark, but i guess it shows on your end. i don't see your opinion. you know, listen not everybody's going to love everybody. right? and you're entitled to your opinion, i tell him that sometimes to you. yeah. when he sweeps in with that, if you even talk to them, my big guy, i'll keep keep adding here. what do you chairman, going through? georgia shut up. all right, yeah. you, you, i know something i given him a whole lot. not that like right on the net. i got him here. you may give him the clock, but i'm like, you know, please, all right, kiddo, if i ever get out of my 9 to 5 job and make a buck i want to come on there and sit next to you guys. i'm rolling the dice right now. i got a couple of products and i'll keep you posted. good to meet you. i thank you so
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much. thanks for having laurie. good air. this is dennis miller plus one. ah yes ma'am. oh oh, we're school. will you, alyssa? typical, there is only 9, but already a university student that away mans national a new month appointment. let's see. i believe you've got the last. there's doors to deal with a with younger terms that he may come from. no recalls. he will show control such programs . now, bush lighting and of course with level you're special,
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but i was the yeah. my i was thinking what the plan was to get on the she was in your mind shifting to something that it was just for doug that he was much colleague. i knew it with soon lose with, with judge hayville, i'm calling for his teacher was also reason this one is a good price fixing is the problem. if you wanna free market, you've got to let the market be free. you can have half of the market free, and then half the market fixed. do you end up with the problem that we have today? while our officers are facing it increasingly dangerous environments, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops. the term that i've heard in the authorization of believe this is an ama vehicle we acquired through the 1033
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program, very free program and the government program that follows military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement. we're building an army over here and i can't believe people. i see a thing of terrorism here because it's again a feeling that ahead you have to deal with impressed who you putting in a uniform cover bands is a powerful thing. is sometimes like money in play tricks and people might, they think they can, the bad news. the walk is out the door very bad. johns are common good news. you have job security because the world desperately needs. but you have to get to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be in arms. race is on often sparing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical of time. time to sit down and talk with the u. s. supreme court. those to hold jo biden's coven vaccine mandate for large businesses, which allows the monday for health care workers to go ahead. the queen of england, 2nd son, prince. andrew, is stripped of his military, stifles over a high profile, sexual abuse case. and allied peacekeeping mission in kazakhstan, comes to an end. as the situation in the country stabilizes this by much speculation, the west of the russian part of the contingent wouldn't leave those the headlines this hour. that's all from me, pete, this god, what i'll be posting on the buttons, neil harvey will be here with the full news program in just under 60 minutes. thank you for watching.


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