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ah ah, the significant encouragement into people's lives, the u. s. supreme court vote state block jo biden's cove. it vaccine mandate for large businesses saying that it exceeds his powers. so that hasn't stopped him from urging enterprises to implement the policy and he is, will hi this, no more. queen elizabeth, 2nd son, prince andrew, stripped of his military title to ro charities amid the high profound sexual abuse case. turning view is off american youth programs to see and ends up as a devastating drop in its audience figures declining 90 percent compared to the 1st week of this year with the last
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other very good morning. you're watching out international. great to have you come mondays exceeds the bye, didn't administrations all 40. that is how the u. s. supreme court has explained blocking the president's coven vaccine mandate for large businesses. it would have required staff companies with more than a 100 employees to get vaccinated or to undergo regular testing. although congress has indisputably given ocean the power to regulate occupational dangers. it has not given that agency the power to regulate public health more broadly requiring the vaccination of 84000000 americans selected simply because they work for employers with more than 100 employees certainly falls in the latter category. it is instead of significant encroachment into the lives and health of a vast number of employees. furthermore, we have a situation where the health care mandate for health care workers has been upheld. now this was brought to the supreme court by a coalition of republicans and business owners and others who felt this was
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government overreach, that this was the biden administration in the white house kind of stepping out of downs. now, we have a statement from the white house at this point, joe biden says he's disappointed and as a result of this ruling, it is now up to individual employers as well as state and local governments to make these kinds of decision. but then we heard from whitehouse spokesperson jen socket . and she said that despite this ruling, the biden administration is still going to put pressure on businesses in order to make sure their employees are vaccinated. supreme court's decision on the osha mandate essentially means that in the pit in this pandemic is up to individual employers to determine whether their workplaces will be safe for employees and whether their businesses will be safe for consumers. so president biden will be calling on and will continue to call and businesses to immediately join news. those who have already stepped up. now at this point, despite the fact that this ruling has been overturned,
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we do have the white house and many of its allies adamant that there should be a mandate. they may have lost the supreme court, but that hasn't changed their desire to push a mandate throughout us society. but yet, this is another blow for, for the biden administration, at this point, they are coded response has been unpopular. these mandates have been very unpopular . this is a victory for the opponents of the white house who have opposed his mandate and now have a supreme court ruling that is in their favor. we discussed the ruling, peter earl, a research fellow at the american institute for economic research. he says that the court decision is a blow from i'm also showing very clearly that the by the ministration is railing and virtually every category which has been off. this is particularly talk weeks about his policies aren't having any effect on the spread of the variance, which no policy could result. but with this on top of the december c, p i number yesterday, it's difficult to see is reading get a left or the other hand, the lower the ratings go,
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the lower they can go. but i expect that the likely spin by the ministration will put on this is that, you know, we tried to save you as a supreme court stop us, which is absurd. but then again, this is the realm of politics and binds also being challenged on another front with american supermarket struggling to fill the shelves, the president and this progress is being made in raining in the countries 40 year, high inflation re blaming last year, 7 percent search in food and gas prices on global factors, but his rivals pointing the finger squarely at his administration's policies under joe biden. everything costs more, store shelves are empty, and small businesses are struggling to hire workers and stay open. this trend isn't transitory, and it's all happening under democrats. one party control will disgruntled shelf is also blind. the president's posting images of empty supermarket isles, under the hash tag, bear shelves biden with button recently claiming supply chain problems have been
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solved. i'll colleagues onto america went take a look and the area that we're finding here of the pros. and this is where we find a lot of your chops fitted agency. they are shelves are empty, a beef chicken, eggs, fruit and vegetables even non perishable items, difficult to find and some grocery stores. now in a normal year, 5 to 10 percent of food items may be unavailable. today, nearly 15 percent are out of stock. that according to jeff freeman, president and ceo of the consumer brands association and officials say things may not get better for the next 12 to 18 months. now there are many reasons for this, including an increased demand for groceries with families choosing to eat at home during the omicron serge. as we saw here in dc metro area last week, winter storms have effected major interstate. and a shortage of as many as $80000.00 truck drivers are out nationwide. that's
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a historic high, according to the american trucking association. and because of this export say to expect price hikes and food shortage is similar to what we saw in 2020. now here's what you're seeing. as a result on tuesday, walmart kroger, and albert's in stocks did albertson's. taking the biggest, indicating a trend among major grocers being affected by those supply chain issues. also, these trips to the grocery store are costing shoppers even more with inflation rates soaring to 7 percent for the 1st time and for decades now, with the united states seeing more than 700000 cases of coven, $1000.00 per day on average during this omicron serge, it's slowing down food manufacturers and causing grocery store workers to call out sick. and we heard reports from companies talking about. they had more positive tests in the past 2 weeks than they had in all of 2020. those positive tests are taking people off the front lines in forcing companies to shut down,
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manufacturing launch preempt and it's leading to just simply not enough supply. experts say that things may not return to normal until staffing levels are restored . this hand demick let's up in the global food distribution network is resort. with the only constrains sweeping america, few people donating blood, there's been such a decline that the country's red cross is declared is 1st of a blood crisis. it says there's no less than one day supply of critical blood products. we spoke to one of the specialists in washington. she told us that doctors are having to choose which patients get transfusions and which don't. red cross supplies, 40 percent of the nation's delay. and we typically strive to keep a 5 day blip supply on hand at all times what we've been experiencing as it relates to the current blue crisis is that we've had less than a one day supply of critical blood products in recent weeks. so that's what
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distinguishes this particular blood shortage in terms of capacity. blood cannot be, may factored or stuck out every 2 seconds. some wine in the us needs blurred as doctors are being forced to make difficult decisions about who receives transfusions and who will need to wait until more products become available. so covered is definitely a factor in terms of the blood supply. as we're seeing a 3rd in koby 19 variants that impacts the ability for donors to be able to give as you have to be feeling well. and of course not symptomatic. the situation will continue to become more dire and ongoing, and it will impact patient care tremendously. prince andrew,
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the 2nd son of queen elizabeth the 2nd has been stripped of his military title style to middle high profile sexual abuse. casey will no longer be known as his royal highness in any official capacity comes after us. judge refused to dismiss the civil law suit from a woman accusing the duke of york of sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager. booking a palace release. this statement with the queen's approval agreement, the duke felix military foundations on royal patronage is up in return to the queen . the chick vehicle continued not to undertake any public duties on defending this case as a private citizen. well the case of question was given the go ahead on wednesday, it was filed by virginia, jeffrey who accuses the prince of sexually assaulting her back when she was a minor, she says that she was trafficked by convicted p, the fall geoffrey epstein and forced to have sex with the prince, set up scenes property. the princess categorically rejected these allegations. all the claims 1st surfaced around 2 years ago. back in 2019. the prince gave
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a lengthy interview to the bbc in which he said that he didn't even recall meeting his accuser. however, after that interview, he stepped down from public duties. but till now, he'd still been linked to 8 british regiments, including holding a military rank at the iconic granite here god's earlier more than $150.00 british army veterans wrote a letter to her majesty, asking the queen to deprive us and of all that his ranks and titles within the military saying that he failed to meet his high standards. former home office minister norman baker says that the queen has made the right move. but think that we're going to have a summer or a year old in pharmacy revelations that under require to provide evidence to the american coach wants to put him as possible. so that's that of course required. right. to say the legally people are jo proven guilty in this country. i didn't even america. and therefore,
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you could argue that should happen until the cold case happens on the front is of course you also in your home, the veterans and many other myself have to get him proper, really and gently distasteful to carry on. with that he started building room need all the remote long as they are with him to get to the queen and not being fine or anything like that to operate in britain. he simply having what was given to him by the queen taken away the americans trusting the mass media less every day scandal hit cnn has lost the lion's share of its fuses. ratings drops by 90 percent when compared with this time last year. parties, nicky, aram reports since call it hates. more of us are choosing to stay home and the figures show while home. we're all watching a lot more tv than we used to. but i'll tell you what we haven't been watching see,
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and then in the past year, the channels ratings have taking an astronomical 90 percent dive and it was doing so well this time last year. so what's changed? well, donald trump, for one love him a low, if in his time in the white house generated an endless supply of contents. and it seems view is just don't find new so interesting with him out of the picture. but cnn has been making plenty of its own headlines and thus proving quite a turn off to what about the story of the now form? a producer on chris cuomo show who was arrested for child sex trafficking. prosecutors claim in 2020 john griffin, page nevada woman, more than $3000.00 to fly her and her adopted daughter to his home, where the child was molested by the 44 year old. for several years prior to 2020. the defendant solicited young girls, including the minor plaintiff for the purpose of knowingly persuading, inducing enticing and cursing them to engage in sexual activity,
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sexual exploitation, and or sexual trafficking. report say the evidence include drone, video of griffin, and the 9 year old girl naked cnn was of course, quick to respond to the scandal, claiming it was unaware of the employees actions aligned that the channels have become quite familiar with off the another. now form a producer for the channel, rick salih. b was also revealed to be under criminal investigation for serious allegations involving potential juvenile victims. the case has been assigned to detectives from the child exploitation squad of the major crimes bureau project, very test report and ledgers. salih, be solicited nude photo is a 15 year old girl. and so c, n. n has fallen so far from it's original tagline of the most trusted name in news . now becoming synonymous with a quite different reputation. you can be on seen in right now. you know, huh. and the networks ethics are also in
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question off to being forced to fire primetime star chris cuomo, after he was found to be secretly aiding the defense of his embattled older brother, the foreman, new york governor, andrew cuomo, following his sexual harassment allegations while another cnn big named dog, lemon faced his own ethic scandal. the uncle was criticized for covering just the smallest trial after the empire acted, testified in court that the host informed him via text message that the chicago police did not believe he was the victim of a racist homophobic attack. but then cnn's top talent always have enjoyed pushing the boundaries he was here. genji was here in like have this, this devil water vision we were saying earlier, you and i embarrassingly, democrats on now more likely to watch folks news than cnn. but overall americans trust in the media is diminishing by the day is not just cnn that viewers are
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turning away from. but folks, news and m s. n b c are also seeing their rating shrink with people turning to, oh, tentative commentators like joe rogan, who has millions more listeners than took a colson folks news and cnn. and yet cnn is worried about you is concerned that without its voice, people will be directionless. cnn's oliver darcy worries people will be directionless without the major media. if people are tuning out what's going on in cable news, they're just, you know, ignoring everything and living their lives. and we're not really getting the information that they need to them. still become desperate. afghans are selling the organs in order just to afford food for the families in the countries. hunger emergency gets worse. story after the break down with
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a a, [000:00:00;00] a ah, with is happening here and i was our day i was on the door and then to be known globally as the home of big coin city. and we're witnessing the demise of gold as a monetary. the
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monetization, ah welcome back to you and we'll food program is warning of a tsunami of hunger in afghanistan, where half the population has been struggling just to obtain food this winter. and the situation is being made worse by sanctions and say so bad. in fact, for some they've actually resorted to selling the organs afghan matter, $2300.00 equals the price of a kidney or how long that will feed a family. his unclear i couldn't go out and beg for money. i was not able to back then i decided to go to the hospital and sell my kidney. so i could at least feed my children or some time
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a lot of little welcome to modern afghanistan with the organ trade is flourishing. amidst a dire economic crisis, 99 percent of the don't is selling kid needs of the people encountering economic problems and only one percent of donors of the ones who donate that kidney to a family member. it needed to most donors come from poor families. that may not be aware of the consequences, plus the deaths won't go away by themselves. most of people leave the country, fearing for their lives, but some also leave in search of jobs. and when those people cannot make it to other countries, they come back home and they have to pay the money they had borrowed for their travel costs. and to do that, they sell their household belongings or sell their kidneys and some people even decide to sell their children job. now. as dog for the shark, the chaotic us nato withdrawal and the taliban takeover pushed afghanistan into
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financial chaos. subsequently aggravated when the west froze afghan assets abroad. and when foreign funding was suspended, the un is now launching k $5000000000.00 a to pay. this is a stock get an absolutely essential stock cap measure that we are putting in front of the uncharged. richard bay, without this being funded, there won't be a future. we need this to be done. otherwise they will, there will be outflow. there will be, suffer for those who have sold their organs. the suffering has already known be there. russia's health authorities, a warning the country might face an unprecedented wave of covert cases in the coming weeks due to the spread of the army con variant. and with only around half the population, fully jabbed officials and our implementing strict measures in the bid to boost vaccine uptake. russia 2nd city st. petersburg tightened its rules on january 2nd,
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a q r. code cove id pass is now required to get into restaurants, entertainment venues and non essential shops. only the fully jabbed, coded recovered, and medical exempt are eligible. this is angered local enterprises, one bar and in particular he is decided to boycott the measure. gaining increasing support from the business community. we spoke to him about the situation tucker, then you got to use him as she doesn't cure code or no way related to people getting corona virus. they are an element of coercion, business as a dying. when clients come, they asked a show, a q r code, a lot of clients just turn around and leave. and each client is as valuable as gold . from the long before the pandemic that was not enough customers, but now the situation is even worse. clients are leaving in the business is losing 70 to 80 percent of their income, and soon it will be impossible to save them. we were sympathetic to the measures all last year, but as a result, according to official statistics in st. petersburg alone,
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around $30000.00 small and medium sized businesses went bankrupt. if the introduction of cure codes was actually helping save lives as beauty, salon, shops, and restaurants closed, then i'd be the 1st to sacrifice my business. but these things are not connected in any way. society is becoming divided according to vaccination status, and those who are not vaccinated are being deprived of their rights. your forties have responded heavily to my statements. they've carried out a huge number of checks, ended up fines, and even threatened me with criminal responsibility. but i am not afraid, and i believe that what i am doing is re, its freedom is more important than fines. so she's got a dust on me while a built. when did you say k, the pass for public places right across russia that this now under discussion in the countries parliament's head of the hospital for war veterans. maxine cabana says that the q
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r code system helps to reduce the risk of virus transmission. bullish but i fully support the government's decision that q r codes are for starters, for the protection of people who go to places where they are checked, this means that you are vaccinated, hence you can go there and have less risk of god forbid being sick and passing it on to someone else or getting a disease. i also fully support those establishments where they are checked myself and my family visited such places many times during the new year holidays. and there is nothing shameful about sharing your q r code, which simply indicates that you have been vaccinated. i have not seen any cues or negative reactions to people who show q r codes. mike's of word has become microsoft woke, the name of the word processing program hasn't actually changed, but it does now boast an extra function alongside the usual spell checker and the source. it offer suggestions on more inclusive language. ready for word processing
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apps. going what this new microsoft feature will make you watch your tongue mankind gender specific language detected, use human kind instead. man power. another manifestation of toxic masculinity. labor is a better choice. postman use mail carrier for the sake of all those post women in the world. made consider gender neutral house cleaner, just to be on the safe side. the final nail in the coffin of gender bias. thanks bill for making the word a safer place. that wraps out of this news out. really appreciate company here, and aunty, don't get lots more news on our website. if you got
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a moment check it out simply had to auntie dot com. ah with while our officers are facing an increasingly dangerous environment, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops. the term that i've heard in the militarization of believe this is an amber vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program. very free program with the government program that funnels military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement with building an army over here. and i can't believe people aren't seen 1st thing an agency elder with terrorism here because it began a feeling that hey, you have to deal with are you putting in uniform beds is a powerful thing is from time is like money in play tricks and people mind they think they go bad knows what was out the door very bad. john, john,
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the good news that you have job security because the world desperately needs that you have to get yes, i do, you need me. in fact, will i? lisa typical. there is only 9, but already get diversity. students that away and rational a new month appointment. let's see. yep. you got the last, there's dos, the deal to get it then noble. choose able to call with he make them come, nobody calls and he will show control such programs. now brochure and of course with them. well, you're special, but i will the yeah my what i say the 3rd grade and of course the what the plan was to get a push in was in your mind getting this,
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lavet dokey said he'd ever is safety magic the burglary. the number of e cigarette uses worldwide has increased dramatically in recent years. in 2011, there were around 7000000, so called vapors by 2018. their numbers had grown to 41000000, a nearly 6 fold increase. the relentless rise of a vapor cigarette has not this case. the attention of the tobacco industry. the players have now joined the bandwagon and are marketing innovations. we're seeing java long. good. forced to go 6000000 in the fortune in this year on. so
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just want to put on lock to commit. i course doesn't visit for bissell for the


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