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ah, to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, go with protests to rub in europe is countries wrapped up new restrictions making the lives of the unpack, ever more complicated? distracted by policy gave the british made is dominated by headlines about the prime ministers locked down parties. but ignoring as a result, a whole host of other crises, record inflation to search and living is totally, nope, against underway without his men's number one ranked player thought of a joke of it imported from the country. he's labeled a potential cause of unrest by the government for being with
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a that will welcome great. have a company here on the internet. trends is leading europe once again in terms of daily cove case loads, clocking up more than 270000 infections in just 24 hours status. anger over the matter on government's new vaccination pass was vented on the streets of paris. the send a 1000 strong protest, so clashes with the police and it came right after the national assembly had given his blessing to the new vaccination gives access to rushed from incentives to the fully job replaces the current less strict health system under which
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a negative test was sufficient and this not only france, the scene unrest over coded in recent days with anger. it restrictions in other european cities also boiling over ah, a queen, a record breaking 24 hours in germany and not in a good way. when you look at the 7 day indices that the, the number of infections of coven 19 per 100000 of the population, it's past 515 nationally. if you look at things locally in berlin,
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it's close to $1000.00 per 100000 of the population vol. so seen the bonds as fair as the german military say that they're going to implement disciplinary action against it's serving members who refuse to get their vaccinations. there are some cases that have already been opened in relation to that. there's also a number of new rules that have come into play in berlin. if you're riding any of the german capitals, public transportation. you're going to have to have an f, f p to mask covering your nose and mouth. that's a much more substantial face covering than a normal surgical mask. also, if you're riding that public transportation to any event, which there will be more than 10 people at, well, that event will be covered by the to g plus rule. what that means is that if you're going there, you need to be vaccinated, recovered and be able to show a negative test that was taken within the last 24 hours, or that you've had
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a booster vaccine shot. if you're under 14 years of age, none of that matters because you're not covered by any of those particular rules. however, those people who run the hospitality industry in the german capital say not enough as being done to keep them afloat financially, while everything seems to be done to try and keep bars and restaurants opened, at least in some fall. the earnest of his i'd earns emptied both on this place in september 2018. we worked, providing people not only with food services, but we also have cultural events, bernice and celebrations, for our neighbors. the lesser years haven't been as one of them to be would definitely demand on the money of tourists. previously, we had groups of them, even people from france, england, and spain. i'm now is dried up the same as the number of birthday celebrations and events, especially with elderly people. this is samara refused to wave of cancellation, coupled with christmas been cancelled, but definitely feel the impact of it. and absolutely want to receive more financial
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support because we have no more chance of being left standing. it's not just in germany, that new rules are coming into play on monday. if you're in greece and you're over 60 and you're not vaccinated. well, you're going to get a 100, you ro fine. in fact, you're going to get that 100 euro fine every month until you get vaccinated. it all schools are also getting underway again in greece. on monday on friday, though, students were extremely unhappy with the ministry of education that building being pelted with missiles by children saying that they wanted substantial protection against coven 19. and that the measures that were being put in place, which is not enough to do that. those who were attending that protest said they wanted schools to reopen, but they needed to reopen in a manner that was safe from the virus. in austria, over the weekend, we saw another saturday of demonstration,
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thousands of people on the streets of vienna. people extremely unhappy with the measures that the austrian government have taken when it comes to trying to fight against coven 90 least business owners. thus that the measures that have been taken by vienna, a taking them pretty much to the wall killer is definitely extremely silent. we had to remain shut down for half a year during the last long lock that filling all the required applications for subsidies cost the money that requires the help of the tax consultants. every new lockdown, new applications, new subsidies. it's exhausting the offer. sometimes help comes extremely late to some people and upon the rocks. after all of it, we regard himself salary to till i applied for financial support during the 1st wave. but my application wasn't even onset or so i think they've just been overloaded when they can't work as an excuse. but i think it was just like that just in following waves. i received help but received it with a delay and it wasn't very clear what amount of money i could count on his been
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very hard. it's very hard to plan. anything else, staying in austria, county hm. at the austrian chancellor has confirmed that his government is pushing ahead with its plan to introduce mandatory vaccination at the beginning of february . it's a controversial plan which is drawing a lot of criticism from a small section of the austrian population. it's also a plan that's being watched very closely by a number of other european countries, including here in germany, to see how it plays out. but across europe, nations are taking a number of very different courses when it comes to them trying to snuff out this latest wave of cov, at 19 being. while italy's cove pass is also harder to obtain. now at negative test, no longer enough restrictions are, although pushing some italians to even break the law with oneness, recently arrested for issuing fake champ certificates ah.
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and with as adults and health care professional, i'm disheartened. i've been putting my private life aside for 2 years. just like all my colleagues as well to deal with the pandemic for this reason, seeing these things happening is really sad. ah ah, ah ah, ah, we were away that this police investigation was not over. i really hope that with
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this arrest, we can put an end to this sad story. i am very disappointed even angry. it is difficult to understand how a person who's worked for many years in hospitals and healthcare can do such things . not injecting the vaccine as a crime. it is as if a priest does not believe in god. mm. staying in europe, british prime minister barak johnson's popularity hit, an all time low. this is of the party gay, scandalous, dominating the u. k. media with a string of revelations about boozy shindig, taking place a downing street, and it's sucking attention away from a barrows of other crises affecting the country. and hawkins express. it's
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a tough time to be you. k prime minister for was johnson's cabinets, have been criticized for their code response. the countries seem decade high inflation, soaring energy bills and living costs with stagnant wages, record breaking ambulance and hospital waiting times teenage knife crime in the capitol. yet it's one thing that has brought anger from both the public and his party, crushing down on johnson bringing him to the brink of disaster, both in the poles and parliament, a party, or rather a series of parties with very bad timing. the picture was quite a contrast as the whole country, even the queen was locked down or at least social distance thing done and shoot officials apparently held boozy parties and cheese and wine get togethers. what in our faces seems like a hang over. so far things don't look good. for the 1st time in years,
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the opposition has taken a solid lead in the polls falls, also show large numbers of voters, even tories. what in the prime minister's resignation? even dozens of his own. m. p. 's are calling for a no confidence motion as protest as gather outside number 10 for a mock work party. ah jokes, a sites for those in the u. k. it's a matter of perception and principal. why have people followed draconian rules been separated from dying? relatives faced isolation and restrictions on base at a life while those in power have lied. the suitcase of wine is definitely the tory equivalent of a bag of cans. a pint of wine. this is nothing. the number 10 lads drink it by the suitcase christ. if this was what johnston's downing street was like,
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jerry looked down. imagine what was like before. why do you think they call it downing street? it's fun damage. control media. speaking of a double whammy operation, save big dog. yes. but allegedly, named by the prime minister himself and operation read, meets the former mass calling of don street officials to throw as many as possible under the bus. the latter, a bliss of policy changes to appease of public and em pays from scratching the b, b. c. license fee to putting the military in charge of patrol in english channel from saving a chest to binding booz downing street though, why this wasn't done earlier. beats made some looks like he's getting on what's called a charm offensive. he's trying to introduce things that he thinks the public will like. he is, for example, threatening to limit the fun thing of the baby said. he says he's going to get tough on migrants coming across illegally over the channel. he's saying that very
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soon or restrictions uncovered to land, but it's too late. all of those things might be attractive individually, but he has permanently lost his moral authority on this issue. and since the issue of the panoramic has been the biggest issue for the last 2 years, he will always be, we can from now on tons, johnson come back from the brink. the coming weeks will tell. but policy it has once again shown 2 things. there's nothing voters have more than a line politician, except when a line politicians thought them having policies, but goes ahead with their own beliefs in the united kingdom have arrested to teenagers and south manchester to be question by counter terrorism. police about saturday synagogue hostage crisis in texas. the suspect another incident has been identified as a 44 year old british citizen who interrupted a morning service taking for people who the situation ended with the death of the
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suspect. when a swat team stormed the synagogue after a 10 hour stand, all the officers were freed, left unharmed. both precedent button on the u. k. foreign minister described it as an act, terrorism, as history and open gets under way. the world number war men's tennis play will be noticeably absent, of a joke of which has been deported from the country after he lost his appeal against the decision by cambra to revoke his visa of a vaccine related concerns that senior serbian officials have trumps the expulsion as being political i think with railey and australia, i know for it is cumulative themself was this kind of procedures pressing against your courage, missing the years. i think the decision is scandalous. i'm disappointed and i think it showed how the rule of law functions in some other countries, that is how the rule of law does not function. it is incredible to me how we have
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to totally opposed court decisions within just a few days. so there have been 11 days of physical and psychological harassment. novak chuck, of which has been denied an opportunity to win a milestone 10th title in australia. political pressure has led to the revocation of his visa to satisfy public interest. it begs the question whether athletes will, from now on being costs, are rated like criminals and deported when it suits the political interests of powerful individuals. will joke of which was 1st attained for not being vaccinated, but was released after when a court battle was defense team pointed out that he recently had cobit than the most, that he'd wrongly filled in an immigration for what really concerned australia's immigration minister, though, was the joke of which is presence could lead to unrest as anti faxes were rallying around his course. his decision to deport the tech install was unanimously supported by 3 federal court. judges starts in joke of it. she's home nation of serbia. people there express their anger and frustration of the decision. serrano.
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it's a shame he's one of the greatest sportsmen of old time. i think it's a political decision by the australian government, especially because he comes from serbia. probably. i think we all took the decision personally. some extent, because no joke of it is a great man of his people. it's a fox. people identify with him with his success and also what he just went through . i think i think the outcome of the story was expected. politics got involved, but at the same time they gave novak the opportunity to become a symbol of freedom like planting the seeds of freedom. he has done very well and i congratulate him for that. is independent, generous. charley bull says the australian government does miss handle the situation. well, i think it is a mixture of conversation. i'm directions and just the general trying to my nation and a come to receive a lockdown. i was very polarized because of a strain years in particular. edwin should be treated the site,
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but at the end of that he came to my son is sort of money that he wants. he shouldn't go ahead. so yeah, i should have been much more clear about it. mr. just told him not to come all to get back to like everybody else is the talking and change. you can expect somebody to come across the world and that is who you are. and then spend a week in jail was the fact that he was always reasons why people call me back or maybe did. and i'm all the medical exams. but then tonight let's move to the country. that's the bookmark. ah, the lynn has voice, strong opposition to a you plans to re brand gas and nuclear energy as green fuels. germany's economic minister had this to say, labeling nuclear energy as sustainable is wrong, given its high risk technology. this is more than worrying the simons come after the european commission published a draft proposal,
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which suggests classifying gas and nuclear as climate friendly energy sources is gain momentum. thanks to natural gas, hyper inflation and power prices sitting homes in factories across the continent. the commission just upon the proposal by saying that it would also facilitate the use transition to green. the activities covered in this complementary delegated act would accelerate the phase out of more harmful sources, such as co and moving us towards a more low carbon green energy mix. we spoke to the chairman of a local alternative for germany branch, who says that the german economy actually needs nuclear energy. nuclear power is a vital source of energy for our country for the years to come. because what we don't need and what all the germans fear is the complete disruption of the n s. she prohibition system with the danger of black out it's, i would say
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a matter of ideology, much of the public view on this topic depends of course on media. i would say painting off the topic nuclear power plants have been dealt as an environmental problem for quite some time. and the only solution for the energy transition has been well seen and shown, and propagated in renewable energy. but more and more people seem to understand that the transition aims to 100 percent renewable energy cheese will not be able to meet kiss. pointed the finger of blame at moscow saying that it was behind friday's massive cyber attack on ukrainian government websites and accusation. russian denies brushing it off as
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baseless. this comes with the tensions between russia and the u. s. escalades, american media and officials claim russia is preparing a false flag operation in ukraine. moscow slung those allegations as well. nothing nato promises to curtail its advances closer to russia have yet to be met. america's national security advisor compared the current events to the ukrainian crisis of a years ago. we saw this playbook in 2014. they are preparing this playbook again and then, and we will have the administration will have further details on what we see a potential laying of a pretext to share with the press over the course of the next 24 hours. we're living in a world of fake because ation. so fake news and until it is proved somehow we'll continue to presume that it is fake news and it is a call physicians we spoke with jonas daniel, this are about this false flag allegation. he says,
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claims russia is sending saboteurs into ukraine, in his opinion, is just propaganda latest accusation by us and to the, by the us government that russia is smuggling 7 tours into eastern ukraine. i mean, this is example of the propaganda campaign. the hot and the hostile aggressive propaganda campaign mounted by the us and a campaign that makes russia very nervous. so up, so as america trying to calm things down or trying to raise the war fears. i mean, if russian troops in advance of the borders of germany, i mean western europe with the very concerned and they would, they would demand some kind of. busy concession by the russian, but the now that nato is advanced the borders of russia. somehow, nato can't understand what the fuss is all about. this is ridiculous.
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billionaires ro in manhattan has the most expensive apartments in the world. they cost hundreds of millions of dollars. your property tax on them. well, that is just a fraction of the worth and it's adding to the growing problem of affordable housing in the city for the less well off. marty correspondent kellum open explains the south central park and manhattan are 7 skyscraper buildings that are referred to as billionaires ro. these are homes only affordable to the ultra rich, while billionaires ro is certainly driving up rent and housing costs for average citizens. one thing it is not doing is increasing tax revenue. new york city's property taxes are based on assessed value, not the sales price residence of 157, the luxury apartment building. that's part of billionaires ro, also get a tax break because the company owns them. affordable housing. far away in the bronx. it's a pretty convenient loophole that allows the billionaire residence to have some of their tax burden used. i've looked into the controversy with former new york city
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council candidate and lawyer marnie hall, lhasa. it is a huge tax discrepancy. and that, you know, a lot of activists have been calling to end the 421, a tax subsidy because the city lose it. so much money and in $22011700000000.00 of money that the city could have got for city services. we don't have so that's, that's a real problem and it creates a tremendous amount of income inequality. and that's where you see again, you know, like the, the story is the rich get richer and the for get for 430 to park avenue, both to being the tallest residential building in the western world. its 85 stories with a nice view of central park or take the building known as 157 that consists of 92 housing units above the hyatt hotel. the very existence of these buildings drives up housing and rent costs for average citizens. non billionaire residents of new york city have often been complaining about the high costs of rent, which hasn't decreased very much despite the worsening conditions in the city.
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shows repair, cluster gases to hi my surgery for apartments right now. and i can't find anything really in my opinion, for me for less than $40000.00 problem to fix them. the fiscal year. $100000000.00. pardon what department? taking advantage of all the assets of the new york city, but they're not paying for the financial strain of accommodating billionaire housing goes even further. since the pandemic, new york city has lost much of its appeal, the ultra rich are going. busy elsewhere, central park tower has 89 percent of its apartments vacant, according to the new york post. and all 7 of the buildings w, billionaires ro, you've got a half of those luxury housing units sitting empty. so in such a situation, shouldn't the housing costs and rent go down? well they aren't. i mid rise in crime and inflation. new york city housing costs
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are still. busy sky high working families are struggling and many look on and say the game is rig caleb mop and r t new york. okay, let's finish up with a quick glance at hughes from around the world. we'll start enough ghana stand. we're a deadly bomb attack has rocked the capital. a child and the taliban soldier, confirm dead nearby. shops and homes were damaged with windows smashed police. so the explosion was close by an improvised device situated on the road side of the news on much light to note young cheng salt lake, known as the dead sea of china, has turned pink. changing color is credited to water owl gait plus the high concentration of salt and wraps it up for these news. our appreciate your company with that, with the dates in the
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me, i oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers and those with 2 dares sinks. we dare to ask oh well, it's showing wrong when all 3 just don't move any world that you have to shape out these days because they advocate an engagement. it was the
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trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. with i think what by that'll help at least get a quote on it. please keep it going and push and push it. if i had a few but there's somebody some little a few minutes. got little bit 3. see what i still love with it at the but i booked with loaner vehicle in your school because you believe a little bit give hope. all right from where you will be with you a follow up on a wild life. but here for a little for any weaker, clear from a brush your project, we start the new bruise.
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ah, your may i am i yes. what is it? is she i am now alyssa, typical there is only 9 but already a university student. she could well be the most famous and talked about child in russia. now i think i am lisa's brothers and sisters are way ahead in their studies too. so might even try to get into university earlier. my daughter was only one when they took offset the news. i had to wonder if give to children with a product, a very early studies or just had a natural gift coach. you should you teach chemistry to a 4 year old and what about other people who has kids were so far ahead of other children their age? are they more successful now? to seek an answer? i met some child prodigy and adults who had been described as prodigies. don't
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local choose to scramble to call them, but yeah, but the actual tone with select vehicles for thought under sure, on free lunches questioning to direct them. when is the sketch putting them in the open enrollment coach? give that away means national robot. if that's everything. in fact, he better, but he will not get his teams and you much. but when the, let's see him live dibiase glasses, there's doors to deal with or get started with the one cooper. his teacher was awful reason this one is ever going good. good. 6 mm ah, it's a block of have 7 children, so getting them all dressed, they're ready to go for a walk is a challenge. they don't use babysitters or ask the grandparents to help and their kids are all being home schooled. yet. elisa is already
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a university time del passed his year 9 tests at 75 year old laya has finished 4th grade at for tara is just getting ready for school. i long as to, i've already learned to read failure to say who's the youngest or the only to not get break in any records. for sure. was anyone shipping something that it was just a double? you should anyway. lucille was as much. hello, thomas, thought israel ne, with her senior thought would have been, can you much, but for middle and the compass was mediators form the muzzle wasted. logistically, mackenzie, what im had told you not to get? somebody advised me that honestly, to assist you with the shipping methods you at no cost, i appreciate them seem to it's cyclical is don't believe that some children are born gifted. they think that any child's intelligence can and should be developed as early as possible. that's why they've developed their own accelerated teaching method. mr. chip lacoff says they have enough material to ride to duck tauriel theses toward yes, yes, yes, i, yes me, i didn't look.


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