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when you more to judge from his teacher over reason displacement in the headlines, this rushes for a minister and his us came depart whole geneva, amid rising tensions over ukraine and nato expansion. roscoe expects a written response to his concerns within a week. meanwhile, the criminal speak side against americans, the parent defamation of r, t and federal news agency. sputnik that after washington to keep them spreading this information and the report claims form a poke benedict to 16, failed to take action over allegations of sexual abuse. among the clergy in germany or service. our lessons not learned as another high rise is being built in london with the same design phone system in the taurus grunfeld tower, renewing phase about this devastating blade that kills more than 70 people. we
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speak to a man who lost his family in the tragedy. it's like, is it all profits before lives? i'm just calling happen. when will they ever learn the hello there. 5 pm here in moscow. you watching international now the top diplomats of russia and the u. s. i've finished their security talks in geneva as tensions over ukraine. remain high, washington is expected to provide more sco with a written response to the criminal concerns next week. so let's get more now from geneva and cross and speak with our correspondent pedro oliver, who is covering the press conferences that took place after today's meeting and pay to just go through then the key points that were raised. yes, all wrapped up. now we can get it clear
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a picture of how both sides saw these talk in geneva, the russian find calling them useful and constructive. the u. s. fight frank on substantive if you are going to summit down 2 to 2 words for each side said gala, from the russian foreign minister saying that the u. s. had agreed to respond to a list of russia security concerned in writing sometime in the next week. he also addressed a number of documents that were released on the eve of this meeting by the us state department. among other things concerned are, you know, these type of state department document ad dumps, if you will. they're pretty much designed to make sure that when these type of events take place, that the media, we're talking about what the us state department wants them to talk about. and more importantly that they're talking about those things in the manner. and the way in which the state department wants them to talk about what was interesting about these documents is they direct the accused arc. and the news agency splitting. it could be an agents of propaganda. the example given being that we have published or
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talked about issues and incidents involving the not see groups and fall right groups in ukraine following on it from 2014. now, off the, and splitting the fall from the only people to have talked about this, many of the major outlets as well as human right, right. watch as well. amongst all the human rights organizations of also touched on math. i asked the foreign minister what his take on that was as well as the state department's claim that they've never been any threats from ukraine towards russia . which is why you got these documents, which the u. s. department has of course prepare deliberately for today's meeting. a simply impossible to read. it's enough to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provisions stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases, it is simply alive. as to the statement, the ukraine poses no threat to russia. when i'd like to repeat, the russia has never, no, we're not a single time. efficiently threatened ukraine. meanwhile, president lensky totally support by the west publicly declared that his any
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ukrainian citizens considered themselves russian. they should get out to rochelle, and he called those who oppose ukrainian state terrorism in don't bass, not humans, but species. so it's up for debate. who threatens who don't agree? well sir, gloves press conference was open to press from anywhere around the world that wanted to attend. and the u. s. media that were in attendance, they focused on when russia was going to attack ukraine. why is russia doing this now? why do you feel that you need to make these troop deployment now, when really the security pastor of the u. s. a. nato really hasn't changed over the past couple of years. yeah, boomer smugglers nord you put a gun. i think the u. s. state department should analyze the methods of cnn in regard to accuracy. you say we are going to attack ukraine despite multiple explanations that we want. but saying this will happen. you then asked why now, when do we not attack? it's a strange question. also gala unfroze press conference was followed up
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with one from us. thank or tree of state antony, blinkin b u. s. cheap. the chief diplomat saying that the diplomatic route remained open to finding a solution to the tensions between russia and the west. right now. he said that he received assurances from said de la, for all the router, had no intention of invading ukraine at this moment. he said he'd received those assurances in the past as well, but that if the actions of russia didn't match up to that, then there would be a response from the united states and its allies and not response would be swift, severe, and united. he said that there will be a response from washington to those concerns that were voiced by moscow, and that response will be coming in the next week. he also said that there's ways and means available to take the heat out of the current situation. k, france, transparency and confidence building measures, military exercises,
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arms control agreements. these are all things that we've actually done in the past . and that if address seriously can i believe reduce tensions and address some of some of the concerns? well, the secretary of state also sketched out a potential timeline of where we could be going next. he said that once they've responded to moscow, he would expect that there would be further meetings at the foreign ministerial level, perhaps here in geneva. and if those meetings went well that there could be another meeting between president putin and president buys and face to face, perhaps here in geneva, repeat of what we saw last year, which took place in this with safety. what we have seen though is a continuation of willingness to continue the dialogue over these ongoing tensions between russia and the west. ok, thanks to that was ours. he's peter oliver reporting live there from geneva. and we
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can go to london too, because we can speak with can livingston the former british labor party and pay a mayor of london. and you're very welcome. thanks for your time this afternoon. for us today, it will give a written response to russia's concerns next week. what sort of response can we expect? she stake. why do you think difficult to tell because this is being run by the american ministration? because basically, the president has become quite unpopular poll ratings down. so rather than having serious debates the state of the american economy ramping out, the idea of the stretch from russia. and almost like going back to the cold war was to divert attention that the simple fact is, president putin is not going to invade ukraine. all that sort of nonsense is just being ramped up by a me, the american media to distract from the other problems at the biden administration
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. and do you think, under the circumstances, russia should withdraw its troops from the board with the cry, and that's the main concern from ukraine. the us the simple factors rush has got the right to have troops on its border whenever it once it's got no right to send those to the border. and he's not going to do something. but the tensions that have been wound up on this almost on another cold war between ukraine and russia. i just think this is a nonsense, the people of ukraine just stop wiring about this. they're not gonna be invited by russia. and the simple fact is, this is a distraction from all the problems the american president scott's focus on this rather than the mess that the british called the american economies in despise all the rhetoric that we see in the press can, i mean we, how your fingers crossed behind the scenes, they are working hard to find a solution. is an obvious solution though, when quite clearly, there's such
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a difference when it comes to nato and who joins the alliance. is the symbol factor after us. now, why are we got nato extend, naomi? this isn't the cold war of a n d over 30 years ago. the simple fact is russia is not about to invade the west and we shouldn't be wasting so much of our money on all of this. and the simple fact is, about half of all the military spending in the world is by the united states of america to the idea that ross is going to provide some sort of convict is absolute nonsense. it's also what you think can that the west seems to be so reluctant to accept russia's concerns about the acceptance of nato. it always gives a very strong singular response. it's not up for debate. whoever wants to join nato . can anyone who wants to join night again, the simple fact is why should we be wasting money on this?
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this is not like the post for cold world where the west and the soviet union were in here, constant tensions about the possibility of a war. all life is gone. we now live in a different world, and we shouldn't be wasting, or you hundreds opinions of pounds or military spending. we should be looking at spending that on improving the quality of life of our poorer people. so looking ahead, can we know there's going to be a response from america next week, a written response. we then hope there will be further discussion. but you pretty home for what, you know, of politics. some sort of solution will be found here. well, it can be a solution because there is no point. so the west carrying on ramping this up. i, we should be focusing on a better relationship with president putin and russia, increasing trade and things like that. as the world we now live in a,
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we should be looking to cooperate with russia helped to boost the state to the ration economy, improves the quality of life, of the polish russian people and doing the same for our own poor people. here, here in britain, something like a quarter of how people are living in poverty, we shouldn't be wasting money or military spending. okay, on that point we'll leave it really nice to talk today that was that ken livingston the form of party and pay mayor of london. thanks for coming on now ahead of the talks artie, as we heard to become the target of washington's accusations with the us state department alleging that the channel i'm fellow news i let spoken. they keep this information to advance rushes foreign policy with more on that story. his more ghastly f mother there, the latest allegations washington periodically comes out with, with new reports, with new investigations into r. t a nab, almost always regurgitated things that they've said before. i least this time we
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with we didn't have a senate hearing with, with serious men and stars and stripes discussing an r t video about a statue receiving too many views that has happened before ls this time. the gist of it is that washington has come out and said that, look, media that is independent and free and generally aligned values, the interests of washington. at these, when they report on something it is, it is news, it is unbiased, it is a, it is balanced when r t reports on the same thing, it is propaganda. and this information, this, this is the gist of what they have said. they have listed the all sorts of examples where they believe that r t has a twisted and twisted facts or twisted news or narrative. for example, we, we had an incident where they talked about ortiz critical coverage of the european
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union's response. initial response to the pandemic, which is, you know, completely justified you had the president of the european commission come out herself or so on the line and apologize. issue heartfelt apology to 700000000 european citizens who were left disappointed with that with the european union's response and reporting on this somehow in the eyes of washington or the state department, eas, propaganda, and this information. there was also an interesting bit where they compared our t and student to, to b, b, c, and voice of america, voice of america, which until up until 2013 was forbidden from broadcasting in the united states. because there was an understanding that it is propaganda intended for foreign consumption because it is unhealthy for americans up until 202000, sorry, and 30 of all manner of insiders and former employees. the voice of america come
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out and say over the years that guess it is essentially funded by congress an arm of congress. nevertheless, this is opposed to charge for them of journalist. there's also a very interesting bit about weekend leeks. when colleagues, by the way, which is never published alive, which is statistically more accurate and more dependable than that, almost any media outlets in the world, be it cnn, bbc or we have an r t, statistically they have never published alive. so. so here the problem that washington has us is they allege, and this is a live they allege that are te, published a wiki leaks, expose a information about a new data. deb, before we can leaks did, which is a lie that's been debunked for years. what happened is we can, it's published a true of, of a new information, and they forgot to they forgot to on twitter to announce that our,
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to announce that because they saw it on their side and, and 4 year is washington has stuck to this port. the odds he published weekly weeks information before wiki leaks id, which is an outright lie so you can understand the general level of fact checking in. in this report, there was also a bit about turkey saying the russian coverage russian media coverage of turkey before it's short shot down a russian jet was neutral after it or this shot down a russian jet. it was negative. well, was that surprising? imagine mexico shooting down an american jet. what would american media say or say someone else shooting down a british jet? can you imagine the headlines of, on the daily mail, for example. nevertheless, this is, this is the latest dump from the americans for their latest investigation into art, ian, and boot, nick, but it is much the same as it has been in, in past years. ah,
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now another news there today. a new report is claimed that the former pope benedict to 16th failed to take action in 4 cases of alleged sexual abuse while he was serving as archbishop of the german cities of munich and prizing. the study by german law firm looked into cases of abuse between 945 and 2019. and how church officials handled them well. according to the report, over 2 thirds of people investigated turned out to be priests. the port also said that the former pope supported this latest inquiry, but denied any wrong doing. we spoke with wilfred festal, men who says he was a victim of sex abuse by the clergy during that period. and he told us what he spent 3 someone. it happened in the summer of $979.00. i was 11 years old back then pastor act served as st. andrews church and when he left s and groups of people started attacking me, they knew i was one of the reasons he left. we moved to another district of the town and in 1999, i began to be affected by my experiences. i could not work,
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i had dizziness, i could not drive or simply go out of the house. my whole family was suffering because of that. i started visiting doctors to find out what the problem was. and finally i got to see a psychotherapist. i told him the whole story and he said i had been through a really traumatic experience that triggered memories of all the abuse i had experienced. when i saw the pastor munich, he was standing among other pastors smiling. i told myself, listen, paraphilias disease. so he'll most likely keep going. he did. well, it's not the 1st time that senior catholic clergyman have been under fire over alleged sexual abuse. numerous other cases have been reported to another german cities and also in ireland and france. milford kasselman again says that after his letter po benedict changed punishment guidelines for clergy guilty of sex offences, but says it has taken so long to happen when i am feeble on the flight in 2006 in
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2008, i sent an ottoman emails to the munich diocese, i wrote about my experiences with pastor x when he was an s, and they ignored my letter in 2006. so i tried again in 2008 when abuse victims were demanding compensation for the 1st time. they then described my letter as criminal blackmail, but it's clear that i hadn't been blackmailing the church. those officials who came to me realize i was a victim right away. they also realized they themselves had been used by the church . they were simply fooled by it. i was 1st of all concerned about justice because the pastor just went to another place when i was writing the letter. it was important to me to protect others and may 2010. i wrote to pope benedict. i told him my whole story on may 21st. i got a response saying the pope would take care of it and he really did. but as we have seen, it took 2530 years for a victim to open up and start talking about it. and i phone a half years after london's deadly brent fell fire tragedy fears of a repeat have emerged among the public and made plans to build a new high rise in the area with yet again,
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only one set of fire escape stairs for its residence. shoddy dashti has the details in the shadows of the grunfeld power. the tragedy that came the lives of 72 plans are in place to build a new skyscraper twice the high and just to see me away. despite the public inquiry concluding the safety policy also grunfeld, how a failed this new building is set to adhere to that failed policy, including the requirement for just a single escape staircase. we would, he knows that single staircase christine cases are difficult to use for fire fighting and escape the same time. the whole situation is that the every become very crowded. you have to have escape routes on the exterior of the building because mainly could be naturally eventually the proposed high rise is designed to accommodate hundreds of households and would adopt similar policy neville to care
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last 5 members of his family on the 14th of june, 2017, and that night residents were told to stay pert. i'm very concerned the fact that once they case a staple is also going to include they put, why haven't they still learned or from the previous, you know, do we want to go straight into planning and make it? and then learn from mama states. we shouldn't do that. the government is currently reviewing the provision of escape routes and building regulations while the local council in fists resident safety comes fast. the safety of our residence is our number one priority. we take to fly with developers to ensure that anything they build is fully compliant with all safety and other regulations as a minimum and the local people are fully consulted. we are aware of this development and we will be providing a response to the planning consultation. while new homes can no longer be caught and combustible material like that,
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which called flames to shoot up the grunfeld tower, the government is still yet to remove cutting since thousands of tar blocks in the u. k. and unlike to do so, before 2025, the survivors on the bereaved reckoning. another high rise building while lessons haven't been learned, is unforgivable. we still haven't finished with the inquiry so, so the proposal to be given all even new laws or recommendations or whatever it is, it's like is if we can in on profits before lives, this can't happen is when will they ever learn? it's still nothing has been learned, they say lightning doesn't strike twice. but is this really the place to build a tower and with questionable safety precautions as the community is still in morning and waiting? just chuck edwards dusty, aussie london, now a man at the center of a conspiracy theory about suppose it f b i involvement and last is capitol hill, right is set to be questioned by
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a congressional committee. right. yet was caught on camera before and on the day of the protest size and paper and quote, go into the capital and was put on the f. b, i want to list whether his name was then dropped from my list, barking conspiracy theories that he was actually working with the f. b. i a claim though, says repeatedly denied me longer. federal agency has remained tight lipped on the matter under intense questioning. it briefly acknowledged the man, but declined to comment. 3rd, who is re epps? i'm aware of the individual sarah. i don't have the specific background to him. on the night of january 5th, 2021 eps wandered around the crowd that gathered. and there's video out there in canada, tomorrow we need to get into the capital into the capital. this was strange behavior so strange that the crowd began chanting bed bed bed bed bed bed. miss
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sandy was right out of that. sir, i cannot answer that question. what we spoke to bruce marx, he was a republican member of the pennsylvania state, a state senate, and he thinks it is too early to dismiss the fed man. conspiracy. if i could have determined that he wasn't involved to do that, he did nothing wrong. the 2nd answer is that he did something wrong, but he's cooperating, and therefore they don't need him to be on the list. and then the 3rd answer is of course that he could have been an f b i informant. that whoever put him on the list didn't realize it at the time. and then once they realized that he was an f b i, informant, they removed him from the list right now that, that's just speculation. but it's possible the f b, i has used infiltrators in the past that joined organizations and then encouraged illegal activity. and i think it's a matter of concern, and that's why it's really important for the f
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b i and the department of justice to explain to the public whether mister apps was acting on behalf of the government or, or that it wasn't me. well, the see i, his shed light and mystery illness, affecting some diplomat so called havana syndrome was 1st reported by staff at the u. s. embassy in cuba, in 2016 and then in other facilities around the world. however, you see i, his nie rule, dance. involvement by foreign act is such as russia, in the majority of cases of honest syndrome plotted by russians. apparently not ca, rules out foreign attacks after probing for a year. we assess, it is unlikely that a foreign actor, including russia, is conducting a sustained worldwide campaign, harming us personnel with a weapon or mechanism. mysterious illnesses have been targeting u. s. officials abroad since 2017, causing hearing unexplained sounds, headache,
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and nausea. attacks of an invisible enemy, secret microwave weapons, cricket wading noises. majority of cases turn out to lead caused by medical, environmental and technical factors. time to close the case. think again, with 2 dozen unexplained cases, there's still room for conspiracy theories watching out international thanks the company to south, and i'm just coming up to hop on 5 it moscow. we're back again with more stories at the top. ah, on this addition to the paragraph, we discuss the ongoing nato, russia pensions. we ask, what is nato strategy? also, what is russia strategy dealing with nato, the sport expansion? and what are the likely outcomes for both?
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join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking to guess when the world politics spoke. business i'm show business. i'll see you then. yes ma'am. oh, oh, risky. in fact, will you, alyssa? typical there is only 9, but already a university student that away mans national world. in fact, a new modest appointment. let's see. yep. you've got the glass door to deal with a, with a brand new system. now brochure, nebraska, of course with level your special. i was the yeah. my i was thinking what the
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plan was to get on the she was a new mom, she's in the some dignity with sue, lose with, with his teacher was all reason is balise. we'll come on to a so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lane finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting
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those techniques when i was station and mosul among them, wordpress positions, sleep deprivation, and type of thermo. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant children. whatever you do or more comes from home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america will sacrifice, shall most effective inter ah organ to sophie co visionaries, me sophie shepherd, nazi,
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well theoretical and particle physics continues to be mysterious, almost an occult science and the more you try to figure out our reality, the more confusing and counter obvious a gets well, i talked to noble prize winning physicist, professor heather at hoffman today. professor hoop, thank you very much for agreeing to talk to us. that's my pleasure. we did an interview, but we couldn't see each other because it was over the satellite. so i'm very glad that we're able to do this life and in person. our last i, we were speaking about black holes. this time, since we're meeting face to face, i thought i would ask you all the big questions. because i don't know, and i'm going to see you next. so let's start with this, your noble crises for studying. electra weak interactions, the 4 grade interactions that govern the universe of which gravity is the most basic one. so gravity for us is this. think that help us stay grounded,
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so we don't. so are somewhere in the universe. but do we have any idea how gravity actually came? what it is, is, can there be a universe without gravity? well, gravity didn't just come and a go. it's not a force you can sit on and off, or something like that cavity has always been there. the question is, of course, to understand how to describe it, and that was the kind of questions we physicists ask. we don't ask an explanation as to why is it there and how did it come? our questions are, are we have to ask her? how does it work? how does it fit in the rest we know of science and the ultimate goal is have all scientific phenomena, whatever they are.


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