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susan cook, that's easy to do to prove good when you were to search the blankly for his teacher or was or some reason is bernice will come on that he could ah, a useful meeting with a candidate exchange of opinions at a critical moment. that is how the russian andrew s foreign policy chiefs described their talks in geneva, which come, i made a rising tensions over ukraine and nato expansion. we recently notified congress of our intents to deliver and 17 helicopters. white house announces it's sending military helicopters to ukraine just hours after de escalation talked with russia. other nato members are also ramping up a weapon supplies to keep in touch with you. so it is enough to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provision stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases,
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it is simply a lie. and add the news conference after the talks are gay lab rob lashes out ad us officials and mainstream media. pushing fresh unproven claims against moscow. those your headlines. i'll be back in just under an hour's time with another full fresh look. stay with us or to chat with ah, it's only january so that new year's resolution to drop a few pounds still has some of us in portion control mode. but for others eating habits are year round struggle. and on this week, show an expert has some plane talk that may hit a nerve, but 1st the winter. olympic games are just days away. and guess who else will not
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be going to china? i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on our t america. ah . as you channel surf with a winter olympics, now just stays away. you're seeing plenty of fanfare on what the domestic broadcast rights holder calls the networks of n b c. but guess who's not going? a spokesman for nbc sports confirms that the announce teams for these olympics, including figure skating will be calling events from our stanford connecticut facility. due to coven concerns, will still have a large presence on the ground in beijing. but our plans are revolving by the day as they are for most media companies covering the olympics. and b c. work the tokyo
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olympics similarly and as then ticket sales were restricted to spectators from the host country. as our tease john honey reports, beijing is and even tougher tech at beijing already limited the number of tickets available to the public due to the ongoing pandemic. and now the games will be further restricted. only certain groups will be allowed to watch in person. a single case of the micron variant was recorded january 15th and resulted in a mass testing effort of 13000 residence in beijing who may have crossed paths with the patient. the more than $3000.00 olympic athletes arriving for the games beginning february, 4th, will be kept in what's called a quote unquote closed loop area in beijing and the neighboring bay province, where the games are being held. they will not be allowed anywhere else. the strict pandemic protocols have added another icy layer to the games this year. several countries have boycotted the winter games in china due to claims of china's human
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rights abuses. while the countries will not be sending an official diplomatic delegation to attend the games. they are not restricted athletes from participating panoramic and diplomatic was aside. there's another big problem with the winter games this year. a lack of snow. the games are being held and one of the dry is regions of china and will rely on almost entirely manmade snow. in fact, and yon seeing where the alpine ski events will be held. 1.2000000 cubic meters of snow will be required with the use of snow cannons, and snow guns flowing artificial snow on to the mountain. for our t, john, honey, thanks john. the perfect storm is no storm. what else to expect after the torture arrives at the opening ceremony? let's ask doctor susan brown, el, from the university of missouri st. louis, she is a sports anthropologist and an expert on china and the limpid games. susan, welcome. thank you, my pleasure to talk with you today with the us china relations. so thorny,
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we are reminded of those 1936 berlin summer games often referred to as the nazi olympics, wanting to one up the 1932 los angeles games. adolph, hitler built a 100000 seat stadium among other facilities. german jewish athletes were barred in some other countries, didn't send jews to compete, so as not the offend, be fewer and some athletes chose to boycott. and when american jesse owens, one gold, hitler incensed stormed out of the stadium, rather than congratulating a black man's back to the future. a professor, what is at stake politically in these beijing games? well, i think it is important to remember that the stakes are not quite as high as they were during the cold war, even in the hitler era. because what we have here is actually a new diplomatic tool that as far as i've been able to figure out, has never been used in the context of the olympic games and stuff about the so
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called diplomatic boycott, which is a really pretty mild effort. so there's no head of state calling to keep national athlete home from the olympic games. you could you misled by that? you know, if you're up, what we're talking about is keeping official government representative home. and we have about 14 nations that are doing some version about, although only them has specifically said they're doing it as a form of political protests. and then the other 6 are, are sort of waffling on whether they're keeping their official home because of cobit or whether they're joining us. lead boycott went up. this diplomatic boy caught the happening at the games. as you say, the athletes are still there and it's the leaders who are going what does that
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accomplish? i tend to think it's not going to accomplish much of a lot of people, or i would say almost everybody seems to have forgotten. there was something a little bit similar surrounding the beijing, 2008 olympic games. in that case, we have heads of state who announced that they were not going to attend the opening ceremony for political purposes. and we have the same phenomenon there where there was a large number who didn't attend the ceremony, but didn't stay outright. that it was a form of political protest against some other kind of excuse. and nobody remembers but today, so that political protest was completely ineffective. and now forgotten the, the by the lead diplomatic boycott, those have a leaders about when this one is led by the us. and it does have a label the diplomatic boycott. so that makes it a little more memorable. but i think in the end the public just wants to watch the
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athletes compete and one, the games have started. that's what they'll pay attention to. so i'm not really sure whether it matters that much, whether politicians attend or not. well, to protest what the white house at the time calls, genocide, and crimes against humanity in china. we're not sending our leaders and back in 2014. the obama isn't biden. skip the. so she games as a rebuke to russia. when edward snowden found political asylum there, but we and 60 some countries didn't even send our athletes to the 1980 moscow games . after the soviet union invaded afghanistan, then tit for tat and $84.00 u. s. s r lead more than a dozen countries boycotting the los angeles games. susan athletes spend their entire lives readying to compete. and when we skip on olympic psycho many will h out have countries. the boy caught it by not sending. their athletes tended to
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suffer next time were is 4 years generation in athletics. well, i was one of those athletes. i competed and track and field in the 1980 usaa limping trials. i didn't make the team, but i was there with all the athletes. did, and that they weren't going to moscow. and it was a terribly demoralizing experience that made us step to coal about our government made us feel that we were just on being used by our government. and it led to a really strong feeling among that generation of athletes that government governments shouldn't do because are politically effective and they only punish the athlete. and so actually if you pay close attention, you'll find out that that has been a consensus since the end of the cold war. and there has been no boy of that kind in which had to keep home the athlete since the end of the car. so that's why what
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we're talking about now is not nearly as serious because there is the recognition that boycotts are actively harmed the athlete. we are speaking with the university of missouri professor susan brown. now who is she said the head competed herself. i've only got about 30 seconds, but i must ask you to take us inside that olympic village bubble that the athletes are confined to even more normal times. this has to be an intense moment, isn't it? it's really intense. and even in normal times with security is very intense. for other reasons, it's the fear of a terrorist act or something like that. but when you add that together with the coping restrictions, it's not going to be, you know, life as normal in the olympic village. i'm sure because normally there's a lot of celebration on the exchange between athletes, and that's going to be highly limited. now. susan brought out, thank you for stepping into the big picture. there will be no or heard immunity and
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mainstream corporate media helped. we will not leave this virus behind the way. we cancelled polio and smallpox doctors. you've seen us interview here and other public health officials reckoned that too many vaccine holdouts have mathematically prevented us from reaching, coven heard immunity way back when edward r murrow held a microphone to the ground in for founder square to record the sound of people calmly walking to bomb shelters during the nazi blitz, he told the world this is london. oh no, it is a modern day talking heads might retort. see that back then? if you heard something on the radio, you could believe it. these days, vaccine doubt is fueled by commentators some discreetly vaccinated, some whose lives cobit eventually claimed. even donald trump mangled the message,
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admitting that he's boosted to booze at our recent rally. the president and i are vax and get the booster. yes, i got it. okay, so the dog, dog, dog, dog, dog on. when colvin, wary conservatives, so pine that, as far as i'm concerned, this pandemic is over. what listeners and viewers here is this pandemic is over. meanwhile, we are witnessing the story of our lifetime times to on their own either the pandemic or climate change would qualify and we are enduring. and media are disturbing both as a tension hungry overstatement blurs information and opinion with battle lines. so drawn obstinate c is extreme when $200.00 plus died and millions of other texans froze during a storm, the collaborative stay power grid,
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so proudly detached from the national network. former governor and yes, energy secretary, rick perry proclaimed texas would be without electricity for a longer than 3 days to keep the federal government out of their business. the prevailing pivot on vaccination is i got the job, but not because i was told to it was my choice. you see as alma kron romps. the narrative has retreated to loathing mandates. rather than talking about surviving cove, ed, we're talking about talking about cove. it 1st, do no harm, doctors are sworn and a hippocratic oath for the media need not violate the 1st amendment. we otherwise abuse by amplifying nonsense to quote ed morose sign off. good night and good luck while many suffer economically during this pandemic, and because of inflation,
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the rich get richer. who and how and how are you with food? this is the big picture on r t america. ah ah, ah ah . with us in simplest possible form and get started and all that needed to be done with it before actually. and then this stuff expanding so where those creations come from
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and hopefully the switch that see is all the contribution the science can you? so there may or may, we should all be may or may, we should all be angry because of what's going on, right. can't understand united states history and the role that slavery play is already a very formal institution. by the time united states became a nation, it actually define the nation, the rise of capitalism clearly on the backs of slate. and it's laid down. if you had investigated lynchings to any great extent, you believe that really having the country and country still stands in brick. i'm from the south. everybody. i know. know what this thing to some extent. i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war and the south is winning. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure.
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i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics. sport business. i'm sure business . i'll see you then. mm. oh. for years we've heard that talk radio and cable news conservatives, carp about re distribution of wealth from the wealthy, accomplish too lazy takers. and as we've been coping with coven well has been moving, but in the opposite direction. by one reckoning, a new billionaire has been minted every 26 hours since the pandemic began. and economist, richard wolfe reminds us that history recommends against this widening wealth gap. this is the kind of situation we once learned was the ancient pyramid in
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ancient egypt. when you had some people, you know, building pyramids to their family, why a lot of people couldn't eat the 3 of 1000 billionaires in the whole world. whatever success you want them to have is coming at the expense of hundreds of millions of billions of people who are denied success because they haven't the money to have a decent all want to get a proper education or to be healthy enough to learn. yes, isolate did this, the success or huge numbers. why shifting wealth this way? who are the newly filthy rich? let's ask i t boom bus co anchor branch your bore. you have reported that just 10 people own more wealth than 3100000000. other people combined who are some of the heavy hunter? i got to tell you how i read this that and it actually made me angry because i was
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like, this can't be logical that can't be real. but in the 1st year real, i want to take a look at some of the names here because a lot of tests leave the richest man right now. and his net worth increase 122000000000 dollars last year. now a lot of these guys the, their money is obviously in the stock market, their stock price for tablets that nearly a 100000 percent does the onset of the pay that need to remember. his net worth jumped about. $40000000000.00 in one or 2 days when hurts made a deal to purchase a whole bunch of capital to add to their fleet. now another navy probably no, of course jeff bezos. he's the founder of amazon. his increase last year by about $5000000000.00. amazon stock is up more than 65 percent says market dipped at the start of the panoramic. obviously, e commerce became a crucial part, a mid lockdown, which just puts things up even further. bill gates of microsoft. gr, about $7000000000.00 that the poultry compared to some of these guys right now, microsoft doc has doubled since the start of the pandemic. you remember, as people went to work from home and kids were doing school from home, people starting to go to microsoft teams and things like zoom as well. how larry
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page of google, he's the co founder there. it grew nearly $50000000000.00. google doc jumped more than 150 percent since the loath at the beginning of the pandemic. and one, you may not actually know as bernard. i'll not, he's from l b m h. i'm going to see, and he's actually for a short period of time with the world's richest man. how and his wealth grew by more than $60000000000.00. again, as some had accessed cash with the k shaped recovery, luxury brands were able to thrive during that time. and of course, mark zuckerberg is also on that list. he grew about about $25000000000.00. i'm not surprised that we've all been drinking more during the day. but now here comes inflation. whenever the by any thing, how much of this instance wealth is flowing to those who are selling at higher prices. if you just look at what happened with corporate profit last year, when place became a real problem, especially in 2021. in the 2nd quarter of 2021 profits rose by 10.5 percent to
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a record $2.00 trillion dollars. while the 3rd quarter, so rise of 4.3 percent hitting another record above 2500000. i was out as we are in the midst of the 4th quarter earnings seasons right now. s and p 500 companies are the largest traded companies here in the united states. they're expected to go up 22.4 percent in the 4th quarter. and overall corporate profits throughout the whole 2021. small 49 percent increase for these guys as you're paying more. so it's safe to say as these giant multinational companies, they worry about inflation pressures there for sure. seeing a profit. look at the car industry, holland, we're seeing record prices in automobiles right now. and both you new and used to limited supply from those supply chain issues. we've all talked so much about, but as people are willing to pay for me, they'll continue to go up. you also have an issue of shrink depletion as well. and i want to keep that in mind because some of these companies, they're not raising their price, they're keeping the price the same. but instead of getting 20 oreos, you might get 15. the help wanted sign is everywhere. it's
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a seller's market for anybody who knows how to do anything. so wages are going up to. but at what proportion to the way prices are going well? wages are becoming an issue as well. because amid the great resignation, as they've called that, we've heard about companies being forced to pay more. but the reality is the average is offering just about 3.4 percent. while we're seeing a 7 percent inflation and much of the sentiment from business owners, these people who are in charge who are in charge of raises. well, they're saying, well, we don't want to give them a 7 percent raise because inflation eventually regulates itself. it'll come down, those prices are here to stay. but look, how would we know? i don't know if you know what was the price of milk when you were a kid. i know when i was a kid in the night, the ninety's with about a $1.50 a gallon. where is it at now? close to 40 or $4.00 per gallon. so those grades don't ever come down how and they stabilize, branch bore from boom, bust the one business show you can't afford them. is that the great plug? great. is that the for eastern on our
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t america. thank you for stepping into the big picture course to many americans are clinically obese, one tv commercial ass after another asked you to ask your doctor about some diabetes prescription and who among us isn't trying to shut that quarantine 15. but social and other media project that got body aesthetic that leads many to an unhealthy relationship with food. if this hits a nerves, say hello to disorder and trauma, therapist, ashley mac can actually those who don't suffer them. might trivialize eating disorders as binge and bar to lose weight, but are not, these disorders are cry for help. more than a cry for help. they're signing a symptom of a bigger problem, which is mental health. what we're seeing since the pandemic is, and as severe increase in anxiety, which is actually tied to binge eating behavior pretty directly in research along
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with that, we're seeing rates and depression increased. and what we know is that depression is just as likely to cause the same health problems that we are concerned. weight is causing diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. you know, i'm not surprised to hear you say that the pandemic exacerbated this because it's been a very tough time. emotionally, we are cooped up at home. the delivery service is, isn't delivering the greenest stuff possible. so i find that unsurprising. and there's another aspect of this have been eager to ask you about because a generation ago, the playboy magazine air brush was blamed and now instant graham seems to plague young women, how big a factor is societal weight discrimination. it's a significant player and eating disorders on every part of the spectrum. so,
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you know, we're seeing people who the mark they consume of social media. the more likely they are to develop an eating disorder, meeting disorder to look like increases in way in decreases in late. we're also seeing weight segmentation that is bringing us into this new wave of the anti diet movement. people don't want to be told any longer, that they need to wait. we're trying to get to this place where people can decide for themselves what needs to change. and actually, what doctors are measuring are obesity with b, m, i, which is actually a measure of height by weight. it's about size and appearance. it's not actually a measurement of health. so what is happening for some people who are being told to lose weight? if they could be as healthy as any person on social media. wow. we're speaking with ashley mccann, a therapist. her website is her name 20 years ago that low car, high, fat atkins, diet was popular. dr. atkins, book was marketed as high calorie way to stay thin forever. it's still among the 50
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best sellers of all time. but after quick sometimes dramatic weight loss many may be most gain back, the weight isn't the yo yo weight loss pattern itself a health risk? absolutely is. so it's an interesting question to ask because this is something that most people aren't unaware of. what we're seeing with frequent yo yo, dieting is that people are regaining more weight and they lost their lot losing muslim as they're coming back with higher that to muscle indexes. and then we're seeing again an increase in rates of diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure. what do you make of this fasting theory that friends tell me about and they have results to show for it. they say eat everything you're going to eat within 8 hours. does that work for me and fasting? yeah, the thing with interim and fasting, or any type of restriction,
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is that we can become very preoccupied with food. anything that we are telling ourselves we cannot have our mind might latch on to and have us think about even more, which is why we often see people gain more weight back after they have loss. so once someone stops the diet, they swim even further in the other direction. the best thing that we can do for ourselves is actually examine ourselves as a whole person. we issues can be a symptom of another problem. and we need to look at the stress that we're under as parents dealing with finance at work, we need to look even that our adverse childhood experiences understand why we are in the body. we are in what we're struggling with your weight. we need to look at depression and anxiety and see the whole person in their experience to actually find true house for someone who is watching us or hearing this is a podcast for whom this conversation hits a nerve. what should they do?
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reach out to a specialist, find a mental health counselor to look at what's really underneath the problems, to address the stresses in life. and if you're struggling with health issues, you can work with a dietician to learn more about how to eat in a way that is gonna support your health. but know that depression, anxiety and the challenges we're experiencing could be the true. actually my can thank you for joining us. this is real important stuff. i hope you'll come again and thank you for watching the big picture. we're going to be back same time next week. if you'll watch in real time, our live stream on youtube is at youtube. dot com slash r t. america. and all of the big picture shows are available on demand that you tube dot com slash the big picture r t. and all of this and much more from yours truly. and our vast cast at r t is on the free, portable tv app and the app store, or google play, or on any connected devices,
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portable dot tv. i am holland cook in washington and at holland cook on twitter. where a few follow me. i'll follow you question more. ah, ah ah, ah ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
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with ah, with is the earth still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos? you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon is i'm trying to get in to, to step by step. the amazon empire has extended its group on the world that walks like end up being quite like a dog gets it out of. so amazon looks like monopoly trades like a monopoly makes money like monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially it controls the market place. it's not really a market, it's a private arena, a world where a single company controls the distribution of all our daily products and the
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infrastructure of our economy is loose the world according to amazon. ah all going to sophie co visionaries, me sophie shevardnadze. well theoretical and particle physics continues to be mysterious, almost an occult science and the more you try to figure out our reality, the more confusing and counter obvious a gets. well, i talk to noble prize winning physicist, professor head art a tough to today professor.


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