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tv   News  RT  January 24, 2022 5:00am-5:31am EST

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she let it be an arms race, is an offense, very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk with nato. announce, is it some bolstering its presence in eastern europe? moscow says that it won't hesitate to respond to that swan, the alliance is build up in ukraine, continues and tensions over the post soviet state or at the highest british media sounds. the alarm over alleged aggression against ukraine is the foreign office claims that russia's plotting to put a pro russia candidate in charge something the man himself flatly denies. also coming up this out with chaos in the heart of europe as
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a 5th stand off unfolds in brussels with anger, boiling over coven restrictions and government plans for vaccine mandate with very good afternoon. thanks for joining me. this is the internet. and we will start the sol with breaking news within just the last 60 minutes. nater has announced his plans to boost its presence in eastern europe. as tensions over ukraine continued to mount russia's already said that it will be forced to respond if those forces are sent eastwards right, let's get an update from our correspondence to oliver, who's based in burling. good afternoon to peter. this information's just come out and the last hour, i know there was details published on the nato website. just flush this out for us . what exactly is nato planning?
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well, what we're going to see is a number of nathan men, the state sending by the military hardware, mostly either navy craft or air force aircraft towards the east of the nato ally in starts denmark, spain, france, and the netherlands of all said that they're going to be doing this from to say that they're looking into the possibility of sending troops, possibly to romania. we've also heard from the united states, you've said that they are looking into whether they can be for their presence, their military presence on the ground in the east of the nate. so alliance, now, it comes as they're all splits within, over how to handle the current ongoing situation regarding russia and the tensions between it's between russia and the nato alliance over ukraine. we've seen a lot of pressure being placed on germany, where i'm speaking to you from lee in a slow fall refuse to send weapons to ukraine. now all i've showed the german
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chancellor has said this, germany would back strong, crippling sanctions against russia if there was an invasion of ukraine. but it said that for now there will be no weapons sent from germany or german made weapons will be sent to ukraine. now that we've also heard from market zada, who's the leader of the state of bavaria, who has said that we need to view russia not as an enemy of the european union. we must reject aggression and avoid escalation. nobody wants a war in europe. in doing so, the territorial integrity and independence of ukraine under international law must be respected, but constant new threats and never tougher sanctions against russia alone cannot be the solution. on the one end because sanctions have had little effect for a long time. and on the other hand, because these new sanctions would often harmless just as much well in germany over
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the weekend, we had turmoil in the armed forces. this was, as the chief of the navy stood down, and the controversy was after with caught on camera. while speaking out an event addressing a think tank in india in which she said that crimea would remain part of russia and vladimir putin. the russian president deserved respect that prompted him to step down quite dramatically on saturday evening. i think there's probably putting pressure on it because we can do it. it is easy to get him. the respect, he also gives us the caught me up and got another come. this is i have just asked the federal minister of defense to release me from my duties as inspector of the navy with immediate effect. the thought was comments i made in india and security and military policy are increasingly weighing on my office in order to prevent further damage to the german navy. i considered as
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a necessary staff. the federal minister has accepted my request and they're all split among those countries that have committed forces to send east. as part of this, nato moved to spain has said that it would send to navy vessels into the black sea while madrid is committed to. it stands to back nato fully. so in the opposition, in spain say this is the wrong move football. so the local more weight is one of the signatories of this manifest. so and the bulk of those who made the formation of the current government possible, believe that firstly, spain has no place in this conflict. we are not interested in any worse. all this is a pro cation of the united states and nato, in an attempt to reshape the world order in which they are losing influence. the us openly admits this is very important for its national security. so the u. s. and they to are escalating tensions. the united states and nato want on the one hand to
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control europe and on the other latin american literally crush. and everyone who questions the hegemony of the united states was in the united states. and they to want to direct the resources of control to europe and latin america to attack those whom they consider their main threat. in this whole story. neither spaying nor the e u has any room us. our troops should now become cannon fodder for this most enormous machine of genocide in history for nato. yo and as a big foreign ministers meeting underway right now in brussels, that meeting of e u foreign ministers be keeping an eye to see what comes out of that. sure. to see ukraine, russia, and the relationship between the a, you and russia, dominating those, talk to soon as any news. of course, i'll bring it to you here and i'll see appreciated the latest there from a course from a p to oliver in berlin. run this course live now to can well, sybil is the form of foreign secretary of india a very good afternoon. see sir,
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thanks for your time. we've just brought our view is this news nato announcing it is. it's essentially moving great military forces to eastern europe. it's, it's, it's made this announcement quite clearly on the nato website. ships fighter jets. how would you 1st react to that news? i think this is playing with fire. the gore. question is the expansion of nato, or do you, graham? and if that problem is evolved, everything else falls in place, and i'm always surprised why finland and sweden would remain out of natal during the fall when the soviet union was very strong and is fed was the 1st off over the world and continue to be outside the to the why can't there be an understanding around ukraine? why is the west, especially the not just is pushing for grants,
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membership of natal. now if on this there can be a fundamental in understanding then i think the best of what is happening is totally unnecessary and will lead to more and more tensions and conflict which will have a fall out on the rest of the world, including our country. and the i will be taken away from other danger that are developing from my point of view in asia. so that i just can't, i just failed to understand why they are just blocked mind when it comes to understanding the security, legitimate security interest up. and this whole business, which has gone on for years or demonizing business to personally, and seeking a change of regime in russia by various ways, by promoting color and everything else. and you can crisis is actually a direct fallout from this policy that has been pursued. over the last few years.
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europe had succeeded in sending out a message to the world that with the creation of the european union, they had the issue that they will not get it passed animosities. and that it soft power will not define the new world order. but what is happening is totally to the country is for follow, has it all, it is want to get, once again, getting involved in, in the stabilizing conflicts. and the, and the, and, and what is the rising is that europe is not in control of is just, it is united states is domestic politics that are pushing for a conference for you. and when you have somebody like you're in like apart from other users who are deeply in 90 with them and, and be a deciding policy, it is not. it is inconceivable that you will be given a free hand for united states has to come on board, which is not going to be easy,
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as i said, because it is not part of the domestic politics. and after the gun is on the back of it, for biden, to come, the students are coming to russia and demands. it will damage a little damage usda's over position. and it's ability as a partner. so the huge sticks on both sides. and it is imperative, imperative that there is a bilateral understanding in the united states to which is the foremost need because europe will fall in place. and you mentioned earlier what the german, me, what you said in the valley. this was actually a live streaming. occasionally, he knew it was speaking publicly. and what is it makes eminent sense. he spoke true to power, but the mood now in the united states is just that they don't want to listen to power. and the poor fellow has had submitted to that ignition. if we ignore the
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rhetoric, and by that i mean, nato saying, we think, which is an opinion we think russia is planning to invade ukraine. russia says, no, we're not planning that. if we just stick to the facts on the ground, we've got, you know, large built up of russian troops on russian territory. we have nato countries sending weaponry to europe and even more so now to eastern europe. when you got what some might say, ok, it's a stand off. is this considered? we do consider this to be an escalation sending greater military power to eastern europe. yes, of course it is because present bill didn't lead down certain bob conditions rich to my mind seemed very legitimate from russia. security point of view he's, he's not, he's talking about non extension of natal, essentially to georgia. you, graham, and model not positioning offensive weapons lost all russian. but if re not,
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this is eminently sensible. they've gotten that it was done by russia in american, automatic or latin america. you would see that the action from the united states and this fiction, that nato is, it doesn't happen. russia. and that it is just a will be. now, if it doesn't, certain russia, what's the need to expand it like a sampling? you can even do it. so i think of what the should have been trying to do by this move is to say in advance that they are not going to accept all the conditions that lay down. and also on checking sanctions. so is building steadily towards an escalation and a stand off the side would be able to easily step back without loss of face and is simply, as i said, the 4 of the question is the needle ex, expansion and the relentless expect expansion of nato. close to the heart land of
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russia, which, what any country, any country would be on except diplomacy has been a tenant in switzerland, have been a couple of meetings. but if you've got a situation to part is disagreeing and russia has fundamentally, our problem is that you have too much military mike to close to our borders. is that a sensible thing to do then to send more military? mom is not, not, it seems fairly obvious that he's just going to make the problem worse. no, the thing is that a natural war is inconceivable. will control the escalation, night, the side guy and it will be devastating. so i am 100 percent sure. and i don't want a war, and i don't think no west or europe wants war either. so this kind of need less muscle fixing by, by europe and by natal, is only in venoms the situation makes it more difficult to resolve. now, i'm not going to be how should i say it will not have
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a sense of vulnerability or will be deterred simply because a few horses have been moved into eastern europe. already the u. s. u. k. forces which are aging and baltic states and poland. a box of the will be in the system have been installed in poland. united states has walked out of the abm treaty, other b i n f treaty. so the takes security is the accept become very high. and these few additional duplicates being sent again, not d, the cannot deal with the, with russia on the, on the military side. so these are all going things in order to show all of the listing. but they're not going to matter. ultimately, you have to have political negotiations on the basis of equality and mutual security and data is the core of the issue and for the solution mrs. well,
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really appreciate your time. i guess his comments about the form of foreign secretary of india. thank you so much. thank you. thank you. meanwhile, push me dear alice, have been increasingly blaming russia for alleged aggression against ukraine that says the foreign office named a form ukraine. m p is a pro russia candidates that the company wants to replace the current president masika says the accusations are nonsense and is accused the u. k. government of intentionally escalating tensions on these donald quarter hospital, a big claim from the british foreign office, but not a shred of evidence put forward to back it up that the end of its midnight embargo, the tale of an apparent russian plot to install a puppet government and key of made its way across british headlines. and some of its details were more than fishy enough to raise a few eyebrows. confusion over u. k. claim that potent plants, coo and ukraine. foreign office claim of plot to install pro masika government and cave comes with scant the tow. it's unclear what means britain believes russia
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might use to install a friendly government in chief. the u. k. government made the claim based on an intelligence assessment without providing evidence to back it up the okay, foreign offices press release had more than a few inconsistencies take if danny mariah former ukrainian m p, he cited as moscow's potential candidate to replace the current president vladimir zalinski except more i of his, on russia's sanctions list on top of that, his party failed to even past the last parliamentary elections. 5 percent threshold . this guy's not exactly poised to take the country by storm and seizing his property. sure was an interesting way of appointing him head of the future occupation. you have made my evening. the british foreign office seems confused. i've been under russian sanctions since 2018 due to a conflict with victor med which shook my family's assets are frozen there. how the united kingdom, secret services and foreign office can square that with russia supposedly wanting to make me the head of an occupation government. that's the question for mister
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bean. london's not just spreading questionable stories about modern ukraine though the day before this story broke and added to the hysteria of russian invasion fantasies. the you case, foreign secretary liz trust gave a speech praising ukraine for its resilience against invasions of the past. we urge president painted to desist and step back from ukraine before he makes a massive strategic mistake. ukraine is a proud country with a long history. they have known invading forces before from the mongols to the tosses. unfortunately for trust though, she also demonstrated a lack of understanding of the regions history. the mon goals and tars were one in the same invasion force, often referred to as the tar mom goal yoke. so when she says from one to the other, it's not exactly clear of what's in between for russians. diplomats mistakes like that are both laughable and disturbing. comical as these are now is not the time
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for laughing. we are witnessing the actual professional level of people who alongside making absurd statements, a providing ukraine with lethal weapons, increasing the own military presence at russian borders and encouraging care to further undermine the minced agreements. well, we have to look at the rec hall, the opposition challenge and services and how they the news we had. the debacle about the iraqi was me to present or weapons of mass destruction where you have fish and challenges services alleging that the syrians have chemical weapons when in fact resist less fundament miss them recently we've had a terrible at some of the withdrawal from i got a sound which our position intelligence services didn't know what was going on. and i for the, for the ration to come and, but you have to look to, you know,
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what is she and versus interested in graduation class to have, instead of the, let's say, in the pride, or is it a restriction for us to have our mutual ukraine which $399.00 she wanted to 2000 and jane. meanwhile, authorities in the self proclaimed republics in the dumbass region plan kia has deployed heavy rocket artillery at the border that says, they say more than a $100000.00 ukranian soldiers are commonly stationed in the area villages and towns in the republics of done yet going to guns, a be show for years from the other side of the border with thousands of people killed. i. oh, i can time to change the simplest county, but there are times when i come to sleep. we go to the gym and shooting. if i'm
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next to my house while on my way to school, under a shot, if i'm near school, i can hide in this cool placement. you need more than i was born during a war and maybe i will die in the world. i don't know how to survive it, it's painful and insulting you go to bed and wonder whether your house be destroyed . ah . ready thirst you wish there are no shells flying here, you walk carefully, you run the household. what else can we do? every day they show us the heat in the village. i . people are suffering. many of them have been mentally caused by the fighting. my
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husband tied to the truck that has to it is my son died in 2015 in combat. ah, yes. do you case? high court is bound to deliver its ruling on with a julian assange will be able to appeal his extradition to the united states. it's just the latest stage of the wiki leaks found is long legal bottle to avoid being sent to the us where he faces espionage charges. well, let's go live to london, artie correspondent shall i just dash this following this story for his good afternoon. shoddy. it's another, it's an understatement. say it's a big day. it is, it is such a significant moment yet another one for julian, a sorry, take us through what is going to be happening in court room that to that well, in the next few minutes, then the u. k high court will deliver it decision to allow or not to take his case to the supreme court,
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where hopefully for him he will be able to appeal that us decision to extradite him to the united states. now this follows that jesus isn't just last month in december where george's rule to overturn a decision not to expedite 10 based on the fact that it would be oppressive, considering he's at a high risk of suicide. particularly if you sent on any you ask that custody. now the court then change their mind following a tuesday hearing whether you put it there is lots of appeals in place saying that they were offering an unprecedented assurances to june to talk to he would not be held a maximum security prison. however june. it's all just team, they say that that's meaningless because they can be revised at any point in time in the future. so as soon as the ruling in favor of the united states assault just came off, this high court behind me to allow this case to be appealed at this free court level. now not any case, not all cases, i can go to the supreme court and cracked them up in arguable points of law. and
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the case needs to have a public importance for judas sanchez say that this is a high is important for the public and it would have serious implications for the future of public interests reporting and the ability to, to be politically motivated cases. of course, they argue things like the reports, the plot, the c, i a plot to kill chip, not poison during the song. while he was told dr. london, dorian embassy, please, that this is politically motivated. and as a reminder, under the u. k. u. s. extradition treaty, nobody can be expedited under political grounds, and then of course when it comes to the future of reporting many of students, sanchez, defense team and of course is supportive like those outside the high court here today. they said that the u. s. is making an example of june is sancha pool revealing all of these alleged rule crimes relating to the war in iraq,
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afghanistan. so what happens here on, in what will happen later on today is the high court refuses to certify any of these 10 points of order. they will then go back to the magistrate pull the lower court here in the united kingdom. and essentially, it will all boil down to the home secretary free to protect. she could indeed refuse act tradition is not likely to happen. many people think it's very unlikely indeed. and then, of course, in the meantime, you decide, remain pulled up in bo, motion, prison. the most notorious prison here in the united kingdom. now this is essentially a long ordeal for doing this. so just some horror stories for him and his supporters. protesters have all the walls stood alongside you in the saw to they say the ultimate price simply telling the truth and we know, you know, sounds faces up to a 175 years behind bars in the united states. if he is convicted and found
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guilty over there, and many people say, what do you face of for trials specifically when we look at how he's being treated here in the united kingdom. and many people saying the court behind me is a kangaroo on sunday. and thank you for the edges, dusty that with the latest on june the song, extradition appear. in other news, 1st class she's took place between protesters and police in belgium's capital. on sunday, around 50000 people took to the streets against fresh copious restrictions in the country. they've been brought in his belgium's infection. right so currently spiking to never before seen highs at least 15 people were injured. does the scenes turn violet? ah, a
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with no by committing to everybody. there was water everywhere with the other side that there is there to put to prove that the school with people are angry about the question. and the toys we like to read about time. there is a lot of smoke everywhere. anybody do evacuation the board and the streets around a maybe
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a few minutes ago that there were a big glasses in between the police and people all were in black. there's still some people who are held by to police against people who were thought of the excesses. much of the anger on sunday was directed to the use leadership with the crowd rallying outside the european actions service building. that's the equivalent of a foreign and defense ministry. he foreign policy chief, he has a barrel, has it officer is windows of smashed. rel wasn't in at the time, but he did later visit the site and get them what he called the senseless destruction and violence. over the weekend, germany saw hundreds rally too, against restrictions there with lisa right here. seen detaining protest is jeremy, still pushing ahead that with plans to make vaccination mandatory parliament set to
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debate that issue this week and friends also. so protested his capital against the new vaccine past that comes into force to day. it will be required to enter public places, unlike your previous health pass, a negative p, c r test will no longer be accepted. and that brings you right up to that you watching are to international latest news headlines from around the world to all coming to you will be back with updates with long, long mo, when i was showing wrong, when i'll prove, just don't hold any new world yet,
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to see out disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah i ah i'm after it's, as you knew what you're going underground from a country dominated by doubts over the premise ship of wars. johnson as he tries to save himself with something called operation red meat for the 2 and
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a half 1000000 food bank uses. who value be suffered under conservative leadership? red meat and food itself is something that must be substituted and sacrifice under so called rising cost of living crisis. joining me now from eugene, oregon is professor micheal factory, the u. n. special rupture on the right to food to discuss the nutritional value of neoliberalism. thank you so much. a professor factory for me on special roger, i suppose i better just start with something very general. given that where i'm talking to you from not far from food banks or something not seen here. now for decades. why is food scarcer in 2022? when there's more food supply than ever before. you know, thank you so much for having me and you're quite right to start with the question of food banks, especially the u. k. so 1st it highlights that the issue of hunger and malnutrition is not just a matter of poor countries. rich countries alike are having a serious issue today and it is on the rise. and the increased use of food banks
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indicates it's.


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