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this is faith ah, in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, your head lines right now. here we're in our teens and national nato stars and large scale navy drills in the mediterranean sea. all of this i made face of a conflict in ukraine. a british government minister stands down while slamming the prime minister, lamentable track record, and tackling claims of massive fraud in the government's cobit loan ski. in germany, one is dead and 3 others are injured off for a gunman opens fire in a university lecture hole before as we understand turning the gun on himself with he's found a julian assange,
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wins the right to appeal to the u. k. supreme court. to prevent his expedition to the u. s. on espionage charges, the ruling has been welcomed by his family and support. what happened in court today is precisely what we wanted to happen, but we're far from achieving justice in this case because gillian has been incarcerated for so long and he should not have spent a single day in prison with got some really big kidding stories tonight. live from moscow worse now, just off the 10 pm. it's all it's you international. welcome to it. by the way, the u. s. and it's nato allies have started a series of navy drills across the mediterranean sea. but 12 day neptune strike exercises come amid fears of a conflict in ukraine, although they have not been directly linked to that crisis. secretary general le installed vogue says the alliance is considering deploying extra troops along russia's borders. that's the latest. now the very latest on this story with ortiz
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peter oliver, an awful lot going on on monday concerning nato troop movements and planned movements as well. what we can expect is that there will be more nato troops arriving in the east of europe. later on monday, us time, they'll be a call between the u. s. president and european leaders. but earlier we heard pretty much confirmation of this from the nato secretary general against dalton bag . nate will not compromise on court principles. we stand for the right of each nation to choose his own alliances. and naples door remains open. nature will not compromise on core principles. we stand for the right of each nation to choose his own alliances. and naples door remains open while those navy war games continue in the mediterranean, involving the at yet the american aircraft carrier, the u. s. s. harry truman. we've also heard on monday from france, denmark,
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the netherlands, and spain who've all either committed or said they're considering committing moving military hardware or troops to eastern europe. now dmitri pest golf, who's the the kremlin spokesperson, said that moscow as paying very close attention to these movements. reduce turn that are such nato actions and increase nato activity. now, borders cannot be ignored by a military who are responsible for the security of our country. there is a constant process of drills, maneuvers and military build up, which has never stopped and will continue. e u foreign ministers were meeting in brussels on monday. they had a lot to talk about, including proposals by the you commission for as much as what could be 1320000000 euros worth of financial package for ukraine. but one thing that jo said, but l, the a u foreign policy chief did come away from the meeting, saying was pretty much what he said when he went into the meeting,
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which was there would be no pull out of a new diplomatic stuff in their families. from embassies in kiev, similar to what had been done by the united states and the u. k. i don't think we had a time at large as far as the negotiation going on on the going on. i don't think that we had to lead to rain and i believe there was an awful lot of pressure on germany in there for a minute. donnelly, in a bad book and this meeting of foreign ministers on monday journeys come under a lot of pressure because it's refuse to send weapons to ukraine. now, germany has said it will provide financial aid. it's also said that will provide medical aid and that it would increase ass surveillance operations carried out from romania. what we've also heard coming out to germany is the, the chancellor here all i've shown saying that should that be an invasion, that there would be strict stream consequences for russia, but amongst senior politicians, including those no longer in government, of course,
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and the in the terms of markets zone to the leader of the state of bavaria. he's been speaking to the press saying that europe shouldn't talk to russia as if it was an enemy. we must reject aggression and avoid escalation. nobody wants a war in europe. in doing so, the territorial integrity and independence of ukraine under international law must be respected, but constant new threats and never tougher sanctions against russia alone cannot be the solution. on the one end because sanctions have had little effect for a long time. and on the other hand because these new sanctions would often harmless just as much. meanwhile, boars johnson, the british prime minister, has been having his se that's after london sent thousands of anti tank weapons to ukraine just last week, as well as a team of special forces to train people how to use those while barry and ukraine now the british prime minister saying that an invasion of ukraine could be a disaster of historic proportions, but we also need to get
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a match. this in thinking you crime promot from a russian perspective is going to be a painful, violent and bloody business. this could be a new check, awful lot of movement in this story. throughout monday, most of our movement seems to be in the form of nato military hardware, either moving or planning to be moved further towards the eastern frontier of the alliances boundaries. we spoke with a former foreign minister of india who gave us his views on the crisis and ukraine, a kind of all civil things to europe, his regrettably not in control of his own fate. right now. i think this is going with the goal question is the expansion of nato to ukraine? and if that problem is evolved, everything else falls in place. and i am always surprised why finland and sweden would remain out of the needle during the whole war. when the soviet union was very
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strong. and his tread was the friends over the world and continue to be outside the door. the why can't there be an understanding around ukraine? why is the west especially not just is pushing for your grains membership of natal? now if on this there can be a fundamental in understanding. then i think the rest of what is happening is totally unnecessary. and what is surprising is that europe is not in control of his destiny. it is united states is domestic politics that are pushing for a confrontation of what you claim. not the thing is that a natural war is inconceivable. all will control the escalation, not at night, the site gap and it'll be devastating. so i am 100 percent sure. and other than want a war. and i don't think the west or europe wants more either. so this kind of needless muscle fixing by the europe and by needle it only in venoms the
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situation makes it more difficult to dissolve. ultimately, you have to have political negotiations on the basis of equality and mutual security. and that is the core of the issue. and the goal of the physician, meanwhile, authorities in the self profaned republics, and the don bass region claim kia has deployed heavy rocket artillery right along that border. that's as they say more than a 100000 ukranian soldiers are currently stationed in that immediate area, villages and towns in the republics of done yet, new guns they been getting shelled for years from the other side of the border. thousands of people have been killed. i can to change that to this county, but there are times when i come to go to the shifting. if i'm next to my house fall
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on my way to school under a shot. i run home. if i'm near school, i can hide in a cool basement. you need more than i was born during the war and maybe i will die in the war. i don't know how far of it. it's painful and insulting. you go to bed and wonder whether your house will be destroyed me. ah, you wish there are no shells flying here? you walk carefully, you run the household. what else can we do? first again, every day they shall know the heat in the village. i
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. people are suffering, many of them have been mentally caused by the fighting. my husband died, the child has tilted. my son died in 2015 in combat. ah, yes, i can't box out here in moscow. a senior conservative minister as resigned in the u . k. in protest of the government's handling of fraud allegations and multi 1000000000 pound coven contracts. theodore avenue is ex, it has power for the pressure on prime minister boris johnson. already reeling from scandal over lockdown parties at downing street. that's cross locked in london right now. he's, he's joining us here on the program. now the bad news isa. it just keeps on piling up the prime minister. what can you tell us now about this shock resignation? absolutely, this is the resignation of a peer in the house of lords, lord agnew of olson, who served as both a cabinet and treasury minister and his role was responsible primarily for
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investigating cases of corruption or fraud. and in particular, his frustration which has led to his resignation today is linked to the governments bounce back loan scheme. now this was a scheme which was hugely popular in the country at the time. loans being given to small businesses of a height of the pandemic in the lockdown. to help save businesses to help save jobs, the treasury doting out 47000000000 pounds of money to desperate businesses all across the line to give them a lifeline. but as the national audit office estimates that up to potentially 5000000000 pounds of that could have been, fortunately claimed lord agnew spectacularly resigning the discharge. folks earlier saying that the, his attempts to try to get these instances of alleged fraud investigator will met with nothing but in action by other government officials. it is my deeply held
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conviction that the current state of affairs is not acceptable given that i am the minister for counter fraud. it feels somewhat dishonest to stay on in that role if i am incapable of doing it properly. this is not an attack on the prime minister, but a combination of arrogance, indolence and ignorance freezes the government machine. now we heard lord agnew saying that he didn't intend this as an attack on the prime minister boris johnson . but it won't be interpreted as anything other than a huge political blow to a prime minister already under immense pressure bar. as johnson already receiving criticism from all spectrum's, all sides of the political spectrum for accusation and revelations actually of parties being held in downing street during the course of the lock sounds in the u . k. and this evening, it's emerging of birthday policy was held for borrowers, johnson organized by his wife. now, wife carrie in the cabinet office of downing street during the 1st national
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lockdown again, more revelations that will just heap on the political pressure of a prime minister who is previously survived. accusations of racism, of corruption within his administration. but it could be these parties which eventually do cause him to be brought down as a prime minister before he had denied any wrong doing. but previously we had seen him also apologizing the dispatch box. this time in the house of commons. i wanted to apologize. i believed implicitly that this was a work event. but mister speaker, with hindsight, i should have sent everyone back in sight. i should find some other way to thank them. and i should have recognised that even if it could be said technically to fall within the guidance, there would be millions and millions of people who simply would not see it that way
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. now a senior civil servant su gray has been tossed with investigating those revelations i'm the prime ministers alleged role in the and the results of her reports. and what she finds could determine the prime minister's political future as pressure is mounted on him. not just from the back benches of his own party, but also his political opponents, who opposed him on everything from briggs to his policies, to and locked down both political forces within the country. all of the essentially bang for blood and keeping their eyes on what that report could been for. journalist lee joining us live. thank you. the wiki leaks found a julianna's sanchez won the right to have is extradition case reviewed in the u. k . supreme court. of course, he's wanted by washington on espionage charges. there's still no prospect of us on
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actually being released. as fiance says, his health is worsening off the suffering of reason, stroke in prison. the latest now with ortiz shot, your head was dusty. unison has been granted permission to take his case to the court. of course, that means that he can now appeal to us extra addition decision that was growing up . the end of last year was that was my decision whether the court ruled to overturn a previous decision not extra, right? doing this on, on the basis, it would be oppressive, considering how high a risk of suicide he may be if he was sent to the united states and held in cost center throughout the year. last year, the courts change their mind following a to day appeal. as the u. s. offered a sudden, packages assurances as to the fact that he would not be held under maximum security because dishes are in the last few minutes we did hit got announcement and indeed
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morris is the partner of the sergeant child is as a victory. what happened in court, today's precisely what we want it to happen. but we are far from achieving justice in this case because julian has been incarcerated for so long and he should not have spent a single day in prison. as long as this case isn't dropped. as long as julian isn't freed, julian continues to suffer for almost 3 years. he's been in bellmarks prison, and he's suffering profoundly day after day, week after week, year after year. we also heard from the wiki, the editor and chief, he says, again, this is a small victory, but of course uniform still remained behind the prison bog down. last prison. what we need for this case to be dropped entirely. that is, that is, that is the only real victory for war for journalism. but for julian, this is of course of the problem longed incarceration is already been for more than a 1000 days. and most prison. we've always been protesting vigorously. the fact
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that after the united states lost in the lower court, they were allowed to, to submit the so called up. so sort of assurances with it. the general's purpose perspective is just absurd since the ruling in favor of the united states some months ago. so just team off the high port directly behind me to allow this case to be sent to the supreme court. now, not all cases go to the supreme court. there must be an all people point of law, and the case needs to have a public importance that now has been deemed a public importance in the sanchez team. we're arguing those implications for the future of public interest reporting and the ability to defeat politically motivated cases. they argue that this case is absolutely politically motivated. we look throughout the year last year, all of these reports of the cia plus to kidnap kill assassinate, a song spy on him. while he was hold up in london's ecuador and embassy,
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they argue this deems it a politically motivated case. and as we well know, under the u. k. u, as extradition treaty, nobody can be expedited on political grounds and that is indeed enshrined in that law in that treaty. then, of course, on the grounds of future reporting, many of us on to supported on and did a defense. they argue that the united states is simply making a example of june assange for revealing these legible crimes of documents relating to the war in iraq and afghanistan. ah, a
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right mm i ah . so what we see now is a decade long soccer, illegal, labyrinth of horror story. could you in a song? well, he goes through, back and forth, various court system, here in the united kingdom. all of these protests is when they heard that announcement some few minutes ago. they all are opted into child saying free, free at eunice, orange. of course this isn't the end. he's still behind balls and there's still a long way to go for doing a song to try and fight against expedition to the united states. we spoke to want to contribute a richard med host who has been closely following the hearings. he thinks that
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julian assange has a strong case with the supreme court. we have to be clear. it's not guaranteed that they'll take the case. i. 5 personally think that they will because this is a very important point of law. it basically is the united states, the requesting state, allowed to provide assurances after its last the case, you know, there being a sore loser, effectively because julian is on one is extradition battle in january 2021 fair and square. and then the united states provided assurances afterwards, they spend weeks arguing that you know, special administrative measures and these horrific conditions that they're going to put them in are fine. you know, they, they, they weren't convinced that this is the right way. it's thing to do. and then once they lost the case there, they started providing these assurances. and this is what needs to be determined by the supreme court. if can a requesting state in an extradition give assurances to an appellate court to, to an appeals court that were not given that were not provided in a magistrate support. so this isn't just important for julian assange. it's
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important for all extradition. and it is 100 percent relevant to british common law and to the public. and to keep in mind that even if julian does end up free, he's not safe and other jurisdictions. if he steps foot in france or germany or anywhere else where the us as an extradition treaty, that again start a new thing. so i, i really can answer that question, but i certainly hope that the supreme court will do the right thing. there's been a deadly shooting and the german town of heidelberg, just several hours ago. now. a gunman opened fire in a university electrical, a killing a shooting and injuring several others. before us. we understand he did turn the gun on himself. let's get the latest now off, he's danny, i'm strong. you have been following this, not for the past few hours. in fact, as i understand, you've also been following a press conference with local police in the area. what can you, what can you tell us as a major, developing story, of course, on this monday, one dead, 3 injured after a shooting at heidelberg university. that's the oldest university in germany,
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one of the most renowned in europe and world in the world for that matter. the police said in a press conference just wrapped so recently than an 18 year old man himself. a student stormed into a lecture theatre around 1230 local time, open fire on the students present, then left the building before turning the gun on himself. now police said there were 4 injured originally, one of them critically. and we can confirm now that one of those victims that was critically injured has to come to her injuries later in hospital. there were reports that she had been shot in the head by the attack in a police had the perpetrator who was acting alone, a lone wolf attacked as it were, with a student himself unused a long battle. go not so rifle to me, the type is held in 2 hands and propped against the shoulder. a search after the attack did find it. there were 2 of those such guns on the about the body of the
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attacker. now this has been a huge event in the city of heidelberg, a huge student population. there we have had some comment from the chairman of the student body piece ableman. he said, this is a catastrophe. and incredible shock to the city. the north of the city has been cordoned off. a swat team was deployed a helicopter also to aid in the the search the is there is no threat to the public as we understand. now of course, the threat was neutralized when the attack had turned the gun on himself. police say there is no political or racial motivation behind the attack. the gunman acted alone. however, when they did 1st, when news of fierce attack 1st broke on social media, there were reports that this was down to radical v g. and his him and the perpetrator had some kind of deep hatred for students and was exacting some sort of seek revenge for the suffering of animals on humans. that was rubbish,
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than the lisa said. now that there was a lone gunman, 18 you, 18 years old, former students there is a, be in a press conference has been wrapped up, is kept up today and we will keep you up to date here on any information that we have. and when it happens, all right, danny, i'll show you the latest on this university shooting from heidelberg. thank you. well, europe's energy crisis could potentially get even worse, according to russia's gas prom underground storage levels in ukraine. and the you are right now an old time record low, according to gas infrastructure, europe, which represents suppliers. the storage level is down by one quarter from last year . and that could pile further pressure on household with price is already going through the roof. in fact, there already was 4 times higher than last winter alone. meanwhile, though, germany is voicing support for gas usage and europe's transition to green energy of berlin has asked us to award a quote, green investment label to
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a gas while reiterating his opposition to that of nuclear power less lot more. now, richard warner, professor of banking and finance at good one for the universe in the you. k, joining us live a very good evening to use. how serious is this gas shortage in europe? and what do you think has caused it? good evening to you. well, that is very important question. certainly when one follows some of the media coverage from could get the impression that the presently rising tension between nato countries. and russia could be the reason. and perhaps, as many media outlets in the waste, all suggesting russia is somehow just tightening the screws on you're applying, reducing gas supply. but is that really the case? is that really the situation? when you look at the applied data, what we find is,
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and you mentioned the storage levels. what we find is evidence of euro western europe essentially reducing its reserves by using off the reserves and demanding less gas from russia. and that seems to be consistent with what we hear from russian sources. and also at the same time, countries, other countries outside europe that want to demand more, they order more from russia. they get more from russia. and president putin has said that, well, if you would like to order more, we will do our best to fulfill in our increased orders, but so far they haven't arrived. you know, the paraphrase, why do you think that is sort of jumping? why do you think that is a gas problem saying we offer, filling our orders here? we talked about how the storage of gas in ukraine and other parts of europe is now at old time. low is a for certainly a long time. why is that?
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why is the media, for example, particularly the british media, just going on about this energy crisis and blaming putting for all of this. but you're telling me it's not gas problem. it's not moscow. no, no. and if you look at the, the history, it's very clear that over the past decade, also more russia has been a very, extremely reliable trading partner. if you have a contract with a russian company, they will do almost anything to fulfill that contract and live up to the mutual agreement. and that seems to be the case also presently. but if, if that's what if that's true, what you're saying? if that's true, what you're saying, that then then why are they behaving this way in the media? exactly. well, it is of course, consistent with the, the fake news about russia that we've been fed in previous years already concerning
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other things. and it goes beyond russia, ukraine, assyria, all the stories about, you know, about a legend is all somehow aggressive behavior from russia. well, let's look at the fact. the fact seem to be that presently, european decision makers are working very hard to create a false flag. oil and gas, particular gas supplying crisis. because if you run down your reserves and do not order new gas as you should be to make sure you have, you know, the same levels or perhaps even higher levels of reserves compared to the previous years. and because the clearly is the demand a need for such supplies and but if you're not ordering that, then that is intentional. so that looks like a gas supply crisis,
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full flag operation, which then will be blamed on russia. because that's very consistent with some of the other supply sites restrictions we've seen in western european countries in the past 2 years. and some of the measures remind me more of the soviet union in a sort of more stalinist time when they were severe supply and rationing measures imposed in order to restrict supply and also restrict economic activity. and of course, we've seen that in the past 2 years, where the supply side has been held back by unprecedented restrictions on individual freedom on companies to do business. and of course, as people have in pointing out for the last 2 years, that is creating supply shortages. and then you introduced the west, all sorts of rules in some countries,
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particularly others. and they talked about it than they abandoned them. rules about certain medical requirements needed full truck drivers and, and, and, and so because if you suddenly have these new rules and very tough restrictions, then you are reducing supplying many industries. now, because energy is one of the most fundamental industries to keep an economy going and if you are creating energy supply shortages by, by these policies. and then you are creating a big problem. it's very, it's a clear picture of what i'm sort of jumping together. it is so difficult to get a clear picture when you, when you, when you've got 7 top lloyd's and use outlets saying one thing, you've got a whole bunch of other saying another thing here, but to be out of a day, all of this stuff rolls down a hill and it's hitting everyone like you or me in the pocket as well. richard won a professor of banking and finance at demand for university in the u. k, which we had more time i really do,
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but we've done. thanks so much for joining us. thank you for joining.


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