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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess when the world politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah, i would prefer to be la la la will. he now was i, british prime minister boris johnson's political life is just hanging by a thread for the government inquiry into downing street locked down violations expected to be released later today. paula police probe is underway. us in the program here. one ot we speak to a british mother whose son died often he went to a and e with chest pains, but was told to wait for 4 hours to see a doctor and countries across europe, east that co breed restrictions, despite ne record infection rate, while health officials get mixed signals on the threat of alma crohn a.
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we're lining up the top headlines right here with our t international 7 pm on wednesday, 8 right here at moscow. i'm rural research show you a variable. welcome to you. the british prime minister is on the ropes with an inquiry into so called party gate lock down violations set to be released of boris johnson faced the fury of m p's and a common showdown with calls for his immediate resignation. i would prefer to be led by law than a lie. i will. he now has a legally proving parliament, misleading the house decorating with dodgy cache party. and while the public suffered, every moment he stays his dragon over the agony for families who reminded of the sacrifices they made, when will the prime minister corp horn and go every day, the prime minister latches from scandal to scandal. and meanwhile, his government has written a 4300000000 pounds to fraudsters,
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instead of writing of loans to ford says, why when the prime minister write his resignation to the queen? well, it was indeed a very heated prime minister's questions this afternoon. as the primary subarus johnson clings on refusing to resign, it comes as we still are awaiting the very much long awaited su, gray investigation report. it's still yet to be published as the weight gets longer and longer though many people have taken to social media saying the anticipation is more exciting than waiting for christmas. even though many of these threats a uses are saying to, we really need a report to confirm the parish. johnson and his colleagues were breaking the law at the height of the pandemic. meanwhile, the leader of the opposition, he's calling on bars johnson to go saying the prime minister life twice, misleading parliament about these parties. on the 1st of december, the promised to told this house in relation to partition locked down. all guidance
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was followed completely in number 10. on the 8th of december, the prime minister told this house i have been repeatedly assured since these allegations of merge the walls no party. so since acknowledges the minister of quote replies to him, when he now resigned, oh mister speaker, at least 16 alleged gatherings in downing street parties have imagined come to light report is expected to make conclusions on at least some of them. now what we do know is that includes the 20th of may 2020, where by allegedly a 100 people were invited to the downing street party to make the most out of the wonderful lovely weather and also bring your own booze. in april of 2021, apparently, 2 parties were held on the very same night where one attendee was even sent to the nearby shops at top up on the food stamps and returned with it in a suit case. now,
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quite crucially, that party i was on the night before prince phillips funeral, and since then, downing street has apologized directly to the queen. now, more recently, an allegation comes with birds. johnson on his birthday party on june the 19th. apparently there were 30 people endorse where the prime minister was presented with some cake and staff saying, happy birthday. now many people say the prime minister has indeed been caught red handed with all of this. but boris johnson has repeatedly said that he didn't know he was breaking any of the rules while some of bars johnson support to says some of these parties. and indeed the birthday party was not premeditated. people came and presented him to the cake on his birthday. the saying happy birthday was there for about 10 minutes. it was not a pre meditated organized party in the options. he was in a serv ambush to take, as well as we still await the su gray investigation and have finding some people do say that it will confirm at least some breaches. in fact, some are saying that must be enough evidence to suggest at least an element of
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criminality, considering the metropolitan police have now launched an investigation. interestingly though, when it comes to the su gray findings, they will be sent directly to the prime minister. and then it will be up to him to make a statement to the house of commons. so some people are saying, will we see the full findings? will that be made public or will the prime minister choose to redact some of that information? what we do know though, is once that report lands on doris johnson's table, he'll have just a few hours before he has to make it publicly known and release it. and as every minute goes by now, the calls for him to resign and for him to go, i'm guessing louder and louder. the british government also wanted to fire over the ever growing h. s. waiting time is which can sometimes have fatal results in september. for example, last year 27 year old norman barker was taken to any in lincoln with chest pains. he died outside the emergency unit after being told he'd have to wait for 4 hours.
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so we spoke to his mother. now tommy and kid chest pains, they said they'd pay for an ambulance, but they got told there was going to be a chill out like i was actually told us to sit down. but there was no way to say that people were standing outside normally. hot. you know, given a week 9 leave, wow. well, i was still got not given my home since, and i'm only wasn't able to tell. now need to be told we have to wait for was a come across to me in a call. i teach down in europe, stop, stay in for an average. just come here and you know, i'm not the one that just a lot of loans because of according to the study, more than 40 percent of u. k. hospitals failed to meet the 4 hour waiting time target. so far this year, 6000 patients have had to wait more than 12 hours and a any patients waiting more than 5 hours are considered far greater risk of death.
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now cases similar to no one boxes are apparently on the rise as covert puts ordinary services on hold. in its 1st year more than $53000.00 had the cancer treatment delayed. and over the same period, more than 4000 excess deaths were recorded not related coded. and we spoke about the situation to a joy grover and emergency medicine consulting the last 6 to 8 months. so within the united kingdom, as in many other countries, i'm sure there has been around 10 to 20 percent of hospital and sees related only to go with patients, which has meant that there is no slow processing of visions list of visibility obits for people who come in mid problem, other than corporate, which then leads that people are spending much longer in the images it augments before they can go to the hospital bed up. so that is a problem. and if you look at the end, it is in
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a data last to last year and they were about 80 to 90 percent of patients who came to the emergency department in less than 4 hours on the last 6 to 8 months that has dropped significantly from 90 percent to 65 to 70 percent. so that's a significant problem at all interested apartments in the united kingdom office, but our country is across europe are lifting covey restrictions, despite near record case numbers being reported. and there's plenty of confusion over the plans with the w. h. o europe chief say the armor con strain could spell the end of the entire pandemic. while other officials disagree. ally from paris was because we're not live, but this report i got from charlotte, who was he just just about half an hour ago, with more now from the french capital. well, a year ago, people were living in fear of cosy, but here we are today. and despite there are recorded new numbers of cases in
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europe, it seems that the concerns of european governments are melting away take fronts. for example, where a year ago, 20000 cases a day precipitated a 3rd national lockdown 500000 cases a day at the moment. and what does the government do to respond to that? well, it's easing the restrictions from next week that comes at the time when there is still intense pressure on hospital staff and capacity. and despite that, those restrictions will start easing form that next week it's pretty mind boggling . but france isn't the only country doing that austere to falling suits in announcing on wednesday, the from next week, unvaccinated to be under their own specific type of lockdown. we'll be able to go back out to st freely. although still most able to access to westport. above because they are unvaccinated, and there is this question about whether this is a more of a will to continue these types of what people described as being to community
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restrictions. whether government just simply giving into this. there is now a ray of political who sees from austria saying, restrictions now it's too much. and in fact, the restrictions are impossible pretty much for the police to monitor some all to say the restrictions are easing as a result of vaccination levels being quite high across europe. the average now is at 70 percent. and there are also restrictions easing in denmark and in england in the u. k. but all of this comes amidst a warning from the world health organization that this pandemic is far from over the idea. it said this narrative that this is now a mile disease is simply wrong. the w h o saying that actually health services are still inundated. he, casey, and you were, remains the empty center, old base pandemic. so is the light at the end of the tunnel. what we've been here
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before with the easy restrictions and then been put back to square one. but the reality is it does seem, is it coded 19? now he's going to linger like a bad smell and a bad smell, we simply going to have to get used to many more still to come this out. here on the oxy international us politicians are pressing the panic button on ukraine while the white house prepares its response to russia security proposals, but also will be discussing all that live with the form of foreign minister of austria. karen can, i was here with us in the studio and we'll be going live with current in just a moment. i hope you can stay with us. ah ah
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ah ah phenomenal you. it says he is a sphere in your fast, you're far enough then and. and the other side came home and you're back home. so i would like to envision that does it personally, do you live in it just like that? your one direction? do i need to? i'm from the other side. ah ah, well, it's great to have you with us today for this program,
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but the white house is expected to send a written response later today on rush of security proposals that is, according to us media reports. and the biden administration has until now rejected the kremlin key demands, for example, keeping ukraine out of nato and pulling back forces near russia's borders. meanwhile, us politicians are raising the panic level over ukraine. republican congressman at ted bud had written to the secretary of state saying, quote, given the fact that the biden administration stranded an unknown number of americans in afghanistan, i write to you with extreme concern for the fate of american citizens in ukraine. that's off the white house press. secretary gen saki ruled out an american evacuation from ukraine. and the idea has been widely ridiculed on the late night suck. it's no organized evacuation is planned. why is that? because the last one you organized we'd love to help out. we're
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good going to go on expedia. thank you. and while next run up its military activity with wargames on the way in the mediterranean. russia is also bolstering it c defenses. more than 20 war ships have just been said. now from russia, southern ports for exercises, where in the black sea are also large scale russian navy drills taking place in the barren c in the arctic at least 30 ships and 12000 personnel situated right there. well, let's learn more right now. karen, can i so the former foreign minister of austria joining, i'd say live in the most go studio. great to see this things. thank you so much for joining us here. and thank you for the invitation. good evening. this story doesn't go away any time. so we're talking about ukraine nato. what is essentially turning into a stand off except the white house? now karen is expected to respond to russia, security proposals, and until now, as i'm sure you're aware they had dismissed them out of hand. is this possibly
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a sign of progress? do you think? yes, because i don't believe that the grain file is the only and number one priority fly from a us one such a point. i mean, we all know what they really care about what they have already about. it's the situation in the south china sea, it's taiwan. it's china, it's technological edge. so these are the really, it's just for them and not so much about ukraine joining on. not trying to nate, so this has been on the agenda ever since. 2008 and nobody was really enthusiastic about it. what about the nato chief? he n stalled him book. he's been firing off a lot of really harsh rhetoric about russia, about ukraine, but then he said this week, quote, nato will not deploy combat troops to ukraine. is that a change of tune from stilton buck? after his harsh, correct, do you think could be and. 6 maybe there is some rethinking or really reflecting and not just reflects in on that whole topic
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because we have seen a lot of some, some, some rec, reactions that you cannot really consider as reflective. and let me refer to a very distinguished us diplomats will died sometime ago, george cannon. he was actually the one who had coined the containment of cold war policies in the late 1940 s. and the church cannon was still alive in the early 1990 s, when there are the force measures for enlarging the need to the 4th. and he said then very clearly that this is a big arrow. don't do it. i think it was a 9956, that he says, then that's a statement by canon should, should be set, it should be implemented. it's a very dangerous situation right now when it comes to the potential crisis with ukraine. you've got a lot of harsh rhetoric coming out of nato members as well. you've got other
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countries who would like to join nato. you've got russia saying guys, stop. show us a bit of respect. stuff encroaching along our borders is not russia moving? his board is westwood. you know, i wanted to ask you this though, because now, because i have a funny feeling that there is some sort of backpedaling going on here regarding what's going on between europe and russia over ukraine. just the other day germany has said now it will not send lethal weapons to ukraine. croatia has vowed to pull its troops out of nato. if there is a conflict with russia. is there a problem with unity in nato, or is there any cracks, appearing in the family alliance of nato? do you think? yes, and i think this cracks have been around at least since 2002, 2003 when we them saw the preparation for the the iraq war. and i remember very well that then it's a secretary general in february, 2003 really being barred about the whole alliance falling apart because they have then a very deep going splits inside the alliance between the so called old and,
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and new european members as rumsfeld that then you a secretary of defense coined it and i would say, what was the case is iraq could turn even harsher into case of your claim, because on the middle east you can still agree on some issues. but when it comes to a situation in central europe, eastern europe, and it's a lot of ukraine, you can say it's trust halfway between central europe and eastern europe than many more people affect it. and it's interesting that we have already seen this dissenting. why says if i may say, for instance, in the and the person also president my call right now, why we are speaking the political derek. this of the major parties involved in the normal, the form of russian political direct us, french and precision german meeting in paris in order to, to get something done at least on the, on,
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on this level of diplomacy. and my call has said that several times that the has to be an understanding and an open dialogue with russia. he says that although micron has also been pretty tough with food and over the years as well, although when, when food and has visited macro, and they're very, very chummy, very, very nice to each other. but i can't imagine the conversations, karen, they have behind closed doors. now let's just get back to this, this whole potential crisis over ukraine. russia is staging enormous military drills right now in the barents sea in the atlantic down in the baltic as well. they're off, dozens of destroyers and war ships on display going through drills. then you've got tanks as well during that military drills in western russia. the video is, we've been showing here currently have really been enormous some, some analysts saying we haven't seen military trail is like this in decades. russia is putting on a really big show right now. do you think it's having the desired effect that the
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kremlin would like to see? i think that nato should very alert about its real fitness to, to confront another crisis. it has been not the even 6 months ever since this tremendous defeat income was that did the whole native presence was dismantled in a few hours by some real various coming from the hindu push mountains. so the biggest military lives will see seated there in a very humiliating way. then never was any serious maneuver critique why this was watson's from no lessons learned. and when you see the place that you have just describing, if i were to officially, i would have at least now some of the proceeds are the combined forces within a to really fit for face something. but i mean,
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that's just it all they combat ready because what we're seeing from russia here, and of course, like nobody wants a conflict current. i'm, let's just be a great nobody wants a war. however, with the military drill as the russia is engaging and right now, it's basically showing that russia is armed and ready for a conflict that it will get into unfinished very quickly. but i don't think nato was even remotely ready to engage with russia if it were a kinetic war. exactly. and need to is the coordinator of various armies were all that we shouldn't forget. one aspect that, as i always like to highlight its language we have for, i mean why, why do the partition and the united states, the forces have this very close relationship. it's language and within that need to alliance. even so for us that you will stuff people and so on 6, some english. but the whole supply chain of directive orders is something that was in one your life is centralized, military force,
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as is the case with russia, works in a different ways. so fitness, the right enough for fright is definitely there on the, on the rushing side. but as you have said, that might be some back dropping on on the side for what he's evidence of because i, i, i mean, i've been teaching at the defense college for about 20 years. and austria is not the naval country, but with rough ron tables, debates that are also often nato officials coming and in the debates. i must say, i was not really that impressed by their overall reading of self international development . let's, let's shift gears here just a little bit with all the anti russia rhetoric for example. and then of course, the energy crisis going on in europe, nor stream to gas pipelines still don't get officially getting the green lights to go ahead. do you think nordstrom see, will eventually get the green light given all this?
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anti russian rhetoric north stream, that's profound misunderstanding about more stream. and it starts with many people presented. what is politicians or the tarheels as if that's where the 1st time that gas natural gas is flowing from russia direct to teen, russian gas pipelines coming into europe in the north east. and so that's so many, exactly. and we're speaking about an enlargement of an existing pipeline, and that's it. that pipeline was decided upon in 2005, it's when operated in 2011. there was a demand for more thought companies got together and said in 2017, we built an enlarged stream. that was no stream to. so this is number one misperception by many people saying all the time sticking about most of them and it should be happening. it's there, it's only that there's an enlarged pipe and as an a large amount of natural gas, the job flow from russia to germany. so this is number one perception misperception
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. and it's all very bizarre. how should i say that there's a lot of, of gossiping, really in many tonsil race in the west because to say, we wish we think about excluding the rational federation from the 1st. but at the same time, don't touch more stream, as is the case with the germans on the altars in particular. but how do you then want to pay your bills? do you want to travel was physically go to russia and pay in cash bills? because that was the case. the circuit did in 2011, 2012 when iran was excluded from the swift and no financial transactions of any book possible. so you cannot ask on the one hand, excluding the russian federation from current financial mechanisms and at the same time say no, no, but we still said in the gas and oil is my there's, there's
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a lot of, there's a series of statements without a full reflection to the very end of whatever the announce can we shift gears a little bit karen, and talk about another subject while i have you have it so good to have you. here are the most go studio for this program today in the u. k. in england for example, we've seen boris johnson scrap the covert restrictions. now no covert passports. cobra policy has no mandates on injections this out in the other essentially a sense of freedom was returning to england. we're also seeing a number of other european countries now signaling that perhaps by the end of january or in the middle of february, they also might relax all these cobra restrictions and actually relax that with all the travel restrictions as well. but your homeland austria is still being very, very harsh with the people. austria is trying to find the and vax, 30043600 euros. now every single month. how can you justify that, or can you explain that to me when other parts of europe are literally saying by,
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by cobit and dropping all the reactions? exactly. i mean, there is a i a very strange situation right now in austria, in particular, namely adapt most the public, the medical services and a decision take us act as if there were no world around them. it's really like a universe by itself. and i've been upsetting, ever since i was the past 2 years, i had the trans vince of travel. i lived in france partially over the last 3 years . and i felt like a traveller of to 17th century selling people in 21st century. what life is like in france or turkey in russia and people are within their little bubble. and especially with, with the current government that is just kind of really being full of themselves.
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they know how it should be done, shot should be handled and it lacks logic for the reasons that you have just been describing it lex, most probably also a real legal basis. that's the moment it will be brought to the constitutional court. i'm pretty sure that there will be 4 lines in the legislation. you've got the old new code, stephanie, the newer bo code 6 section 3 where no government can mandate some sort of medical thing on a person's individual. freedom, actual personal, private choice. and apart from that of the 10s of thousands of written statements by associations, individuals and they should have been dealt with probably probably before watching in parliament last week. so i, i have no idea what is really pushing the government into the direction. but i fear
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that it will and, and that's from us loss of trust by the people. and why do you think that is why he, why would they be such a lost lots of us because still a year ago, a government official space said there will never be a mandatory vaccination. so if on such an important topic, you have a 180 decrease a change of mind and legislation, people lose trust. karen, look at all the protests happening all over major european cities at the moment, even in germany. the other day officials said, we have not seen demonstrations like this since the 2nd world war. and they saw demonstrations in over a 1000 cities and towns all across germany. the other day, and we had them, oh my gosh, if i could remember helsinki, london parcels, the big ones, and also, i mean, these demonstrations are enormous. and for some bizarre reason carrying the mainstream media doesn't like to show them. i don't know, they, they call these protesters or they call them like a danger or manage them society,
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i guess because it doesn't fit that mainstream narrative. i wanted to ask you to, we can really make signals from the w h o these days. there are some members who say that the armor can bear and is essentially just a common cold, runny nose, headache, fever, sore throat. but then you've got other members of the w h o and other companies saying, now you've got to get your vaccination. people are dying right here. why? why do you think we are getting such a mixed signal from what is the world health organization and others? i fear it's a, it's unfortunately a spirit fall time. we are living in a very fragmented world. and it's a lot of leadership, it's the loss of all the neighbors here and delve courage and back bone to really stick with one pass. so that when in many countries we started with the booster to set vaccination considering also as necessary. otherwise, he'll consider that i'm vaccinated. i remember that was the general of the w h. o
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doctor ted all said, very clearly, please forget about the booster. first, roll out an explanation for the other hemispheres is to kill because he will never, ever get rid of you tense of mutations if you do not start doing something at all the transfer of the virus and it's and other elements in but it's on the african cognizant angel or latin america. so when you, when you read the statement 5 has, organizations are genera. you also can read a much more sub weiss and what is all that intriguing is the way to european union is taking up here of a kind of legal role that it doesn't have. that's right. we know all speak about the korean vaccination parse both while i grew up on the street carried was need a yellow world has organization pos for them which i have.


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