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tv   News  RT  February 2, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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that kaiser's financial. why the guy? i don't buy. hey, i buy a futures. that's not a friday. that's the last time i buy it from the future. so crocker watch kaiser. replace. ah, the russian foreign ministry vows to retaliate against german media outlets in russia. now for germany, use media regulators slops are broadcast bomb r t 's sister channel r t. d. also ad on the program today that you asked nato response to russia's proposed security guarantees is the link and published by a spanish newspaper. the document rejects russia is key to mom, including keeping neighboring ukraine out of the military. and the you could soon put the green label on the gulf nuclear power paving the way for subsidies on
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tax cuts as members states clash over the switch to renewables. in the midst of an energy crisis, with one minute past 9 in the evening here in the russian capital list wednesday, i'm, you know, with your mid week news update, the russian foreign ministry has said it will take action against german media outlets operating in the country. that announcement coming just hours after our sister channel, our t d was blocked by germany's media regulator. this step deprives us of any choice but to start implementing retaliatory measures against german media accredited in russia as well as internet intermediaries who have all betrayed early and unreasonably deleted. the channels accounts from their platforms. and earlier r t accuse the german regulator of suppressing free speech after
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a sister john the r t d was hit with a full band that includes online news. the networks protection arm is taking the regulator to courts after it was wrongly named as the channels protest. her ortiz, deputy editor in chief on the balcony, gave rise to shame a breakdown of the dispute via a license that was obtained with absolutely all reporting european rules and regulations. according to the european convention on transferred to your television . and we are free to broadcast via that license in the 30 plus territory across europe. they are saying that our tv productions, which is an entirely independent production company, is actually the tv channel that broadcasts from germany. and there's generally absolutely no broadcasting happening from berlin at all r t d e. the tv channel is o broadcasting right here for moscow in, in fact, there studios are essentially next door to where we're sitting here. and we were
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here all launching the channel mid december. yet nevertheless, the regulator is asking the production company to start broadcasting, which they are not even doing. and to do it not just on television, but to do it on the all the online platforms, apps, etc, etc. which again, the production has absolutely no control over all of this is centered right here in moscow and the tv broadcasting as well is done from here. what do you think they were afraid of something that we do here at our team? i mean, it definitely seems that there is quite a lot of apprehension about a different voice, like r t is where it's being present there, you know, and they're under fire. not just under it from authorities. in, in germany, the youtube channel was taken down within hours of the over the beginning of the broadcast. that is obviously an american company. and then indeed there was pressure being put on an indicator independence satellite operator. util sat to
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take us to, to stop broadcasting our feed as well. so it really is a multi pronged attack when one of the comments that you've made regarding this, you say, quote, we will not be removing our feeds or channels voluntarily and encourage all platforms not to be bullied by the media watchdogs, illegitimate minds that does it seem like bullying. yeah, absolutely. and we've seen those done not just with regards to the broadcasting, but various productions have had all of their various partners, bullied, including banking, banking, relationships, other operational relationships, pool or for the last number of years. and we believe that, you know, the art production position is entirely not just legal and in accordance with all the rules and regulations, but is beyond substantiated. and that we're hoping that the courts are going to see that and side with them. likewise, our t v,
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the channels position is entirely legitimate within germany and other european markets, and we will be defending that position yet. in vasa, the russian foreign ministry spokesman murray as a heart of accused germany of breaching its legal obligations, leaving moscow. she says with no choice but to retaliate. just don't let berlin now say that they weren't offered a way of staying within the international legal framework. we offer that repeatedly and at the various levels. we've pointed out solutions to problems that were not created by us. but if germany has steamrolled through its obligations in protecting freedom of speech, then we have no reason to be shy about retaliating. we also got the thoughts of turn, can i fill a former foreign minister of austria? she sees the crackdown on r t d as punishment for the network success. i think we all i have been observing at development that is more political than fact based i it's
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really hard to detect a really like a really a real logic behind to pull ongoing punishment sanctioning all of our t german, i believe, is who smiled situation that due to the fact that there is a certain demand for a different way of t. v. broadcasting to, to the fact that the websites are key drama has already yielded some success in german speaking audience. there is a certain aneice that's the reason being a certain way of showing that the german t v. stations motive to blow those which are financed by public money, by, by the audience people simply half a deep distrust of all of it. so what to really miss and the whole debate is effect based argumentation. it has become from the german side,
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very politicized. it's a very, a harsh punitive approach towards our tv and this, technically, it was a kind of political chandler, it's, it's not motivated by puny legal arguments will be r t d. so i has been going on for months now. indeed, since launch day ortiz nicky, are in take a look back now at the turbulent events surrounding the channel. the r t. d low in states was an exciting day, but within hours it wasn't just reporting the news. it was the news with the channels live stream deleted from you chip, just a short time off. it went on air, then just days later, there was a finding increasing interference in the channel signal after it was taken off one of its 2 satellites. after german authorities claimed it didn't have the license
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needed to operate in the country, but the thing is it doesn't need one having obtained its broadcasting license in serbia, which just like germany is a signatory to the european convention of trans frontier television. the member states of the council of europe and the other states party to the european cultural convention, or reaffirming their commitment to the principles of the free flow of information and ideas in the independence of broadcasters which constitute an indispensable basis for their broadcasting policy. most of them, which i know about the closure of bank accounts and so on. there's a large number of tactics. they're using c r t d cons operate, they're infringing on freedom of speech and that's very bad for great. but the european regulator is clearly under a different impression. the license must be issued in germany and the application must also be filed here. first of all, this is a real irritant, and we will take care of it. so what's the reaction from the german government? what it seems they've decided to stay out of the ralph and now, although you don't have to dig too far to find the kind of tone being set by some
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in the ruling coalition, the media authority and youtube rightly pulled to plug on the pirates station of the enemies of democracy and lateral thinkers, this repeated attempt to circumvent european and national laws, underscores the danger of this self proclaimed t. v broadcaster requires action at all levels. so could this be the end of the road for the short live channel? well, archie, d. e is already preparing to fight on. we also talk to the former president of ecuador, i feel korea by this situation. he sees germany's actions against r t d, a sending a dangerous precedent for press freedom. but of course, this is unacceptable, whereas pluralism, whereas democracy, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, same post these rules on others while they themselves act quite differently. for me personally, it's unthinkable to resort to all sorts of tricks to restrict the freedom of the
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press and individual media outlets. in the fact is that when they're alternative points, some countries are afraid of losing their well domination of the cultural and the idea logical level. but it's a good thing, control the c confrontation of it at the same time, almost always remember that these are separate opinions, proficient double standards, rule the world. and the rules are only enforced when it benefits those with the most power. everything depends on them. meanwhile, they allow will do things themselves that would never be allowed in any other country. if we want to develop as a civilization is humanity, we must adhere to the same truth, the same principles. and these principles, among other things, implied the provision of freedom of the press. but this cannot be achieved by blocking the activities of individual media individual channels in certain countries. can. let's bring you another of today's headlines. stories here in our t natural gas, nuclear power could soon be classed as green energy,
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and the the european commission supports the idea which has been slammed by environmental groups as greenwashing. our europe corresponded peter oliver takes up the story for a u. n. she's been in focus for quite a while with energy prices across year of being through the roof. but what we've seen on wednesday with the e u commission outline their plans to reclassify some natural gas projects and nuclear power projects on green energy investments. what the u commission, hope that this would do is that it would well take a couple of boxes, really one that it would get investment cash flowing into energy projects to get more energy projects off the ground for to supply much needed energy to the european union. countries also that it would help the european union take some of it or meet some of its climate goals that it's set. now, mary, had me get us twos the commissioner in charge of these type of things outlined
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exactly why they've gone down this route. we need to use all the tools at our disposal to achieve climate neutrality. we putting in place strict conditions for their inclusion. they're subject to clear limits and phase out periods. some will use this instrument and others may not. but whoever invests will be certain that the product they're investing in should it contain nuclear or gas. they will know, well not everybody is happy with this, but some will start with those likely to be pretty particularly pleased with they saw france and germany will start with paris and swell from generates just over 70 percent of its electricity from the nuclear power. well, they may well just become one of the greenest countries in the european union if this eventually goes through because of their use of nuclear, it's also likely to be quite well received here in berlin. germany does use an awful lot of gas to generate electricity and awful lot of renewables as well. but
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gas is seen very much, is the bridging fuel as they try and transfer more and more towards renewables. the gulf stream to gas pipelines, the much talked about. thus, infrastructure project between germany in russia look more and more important. should this plan go through and gas ultimately be designated on the green field. we'll see more, more investment towards gus in and across the european union. i said not everybody was happy though, and heading into the meeting on wednesday, we heard from austria, denmark, sweden, and the netherland old saying they didn't want that. the gas added to the list. there's also a whole host of environmental group. well, he say this is essentially just moving the gold post to fit what you want to hear and what you want to see and amount to little more than green washing. the complimentary delegated act tabled by the european commission. sacrifices the scientific integrity of the taxonomy on the altar of fossil gas and nuclear lobbies
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. firstly, labeling fossil gas is a sustainable activity is completely incompatible with limiting global warming to $1.00 degrees celsius and with the use 2030 climate targets. secondly, even if ignoring the risks of catastrophic nuclear accidents, it is evident that nuclear does not apply to these key principles is it poses significant environmental in social hazards at all stages of its supply chain. while there's still a few hoops to for this to jump through before it could come into force. in fact, there was some questions, put them out of me again as the commissioner about potential legal challenges for me. so member states no confirmation on that. as of yet, but it does have to go before the lead is of the 27 members of the european union wants to get puff there, which it looks like it will. it goes to the european parliament way, more than half of any piece have to vote in favor of it. right now. it does seem like it would squeak by the us, looking at probably quite a few months. so before we see these new rules come into play and we see gas or
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some gas projects and nuclear power labeled as green energy projects by the european union. just on the story i got the thoughts of long time economists fulter a hel meyer in germany. he said, europe green transition will mean higher electricity consumption, which can't be provided without gas and nuclear power, hollis. i think the green transition is right to follow. but what we have to be in mind is that all measures we tank by politicians within the european union in the european states, is to increase the use of electric electricity by electron a tronic that he calls whatever. and that means that we will need more energy we need if we take the forecasts of the international energy agency until 2050 roughly the same amount of fossil fuels than currently. and in that respect,
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we have to understand that in order to have a proper transition, we need the old economy for a certain time. we need fossil fuels, we need nuclear energy in order to set up the allocation for capital for and for this green transition, i think that's a point that is not being understood. we need a pragmatic approach. and what we hear from those, we're criticizing the current state of affairs of those we're rather following ideologies. rather than pragmatic approaches, canadian truckers continue to be out in force protesting against mandatory cove. a chance. top officials, however, have accused them of endangering public safety, including the leader of the alberta province. and it is, however, unfortunate to see a small number of people who engaged in protest over the past few days express extreme views and embrace hateful sim symbols. it's also unfortunate to
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see a small number break. the law, create a public safety hazard and a enormous inconvenience for law abiding canadians, including thousands of other truckers. by blocking the border at coots, i want to be very clear. we are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. we won't give in to those who fly racist flags. we won't cave to those who engage in vandalism, or dishonor the memory of our veterans. canadians who are, is outside to day patriotic peace, loving canadians recalled massage in us, and races by the prime minister. so again, i will ask the prime minister, who may i remind this house war black face one more time? remember, ties to the peace loving patriotic canadians who are outside right now. just asking
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to be heard. oh, yeah, and that's what they've been doing. i'd say the truck is chanting freedom. there are they're using their vehicles right now to block part of the u. s. border in alberta, that's all happening despite the threat of arrest. although it's reported that negotiations are taking place between canadian authorities, truckers. we spoke to one of the men taking part in the conflict. i realize right away i can't count all these people and all these vehicles. yeah, there was people. hi 5 in me as i drive drove my truck. it was just unbelievable. every bridge. at flags on it flying. there was companies that had big dreams up in the holding flags. what the media is, is not, is trying to show is that this is a small movement. but i want to tell the world that this is huge and we're trying
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to keep it respectable. we're trying to keep it clean and safe for everyone. we know at canada's behind us on our prime minister doesn't understand is all those trucks that are there. they're all working because of his mandates, fully have nowhere else to go. it's pretty simple. we're going to be freezing or. ready we're gonna we are going to succeed because we are leaving localities. mainstream media is really pirating at the government line or being accused alva bi, vilifying the truckers with a barrage of negative headlines. but there is strong public support for the truckers in the convoy with organizers raising nearly $10000000.00 canadian dollars in donations, some regions as well as make concessions. quebec has scrapped a proposed health tax on the on vaccinated. we spoke to journalists, keion banks, who sees the media and the government are making matters worse. i've been on the
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ground in ottawa for the past couple days and ever since conway actually arrived and the means for me has completely botched their coverage of, of this protest of this demonstration in this movement. in general. they say that it's full of racist. sits. i personally have not seen any confederate flags, were not c symbolism, with my own eyes. i've seen footage of it, but i've also seen fast swaths of people i outraged at the fact that that happened . and the thing is, i don't really trust. i don't really trust that it's true because you know, the, these people are hiding their face. they're showing their flags for a few minutes and then disappearing. but the problem is justin true was relishing in his tyranny. just intruder was enjoying every moment that he's able to scape goat a minority of people who are unvaccinated, 15 percent or so. and use that as a political step stool to stand higher and preach to his base who are eating it all up. catawba has said it can't cover europe's gas
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shortfall if sanctions cut russian supplies from the european market. volume of gas needed by the european union cannot be replaced by any one unilaterally, without disturbing supplies to other regions around the world. while russia is the leading natural gas supplier to the european union, accounting for 38 percent of consumption, norway is in 2nd place providing around the 5th or fears of a supply shortage. have intensified with european energy prices surging over the past year. the natural gas price, it's an all time record in december, amid threats of sanctions against russia, delays to the launch of the north stream to pipeline unconcerned over the crisis in ukraine. the own. delighted to welcome into the program
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for discussion. oil economists, mom, do sell a may joining us today from the u. k. welcome to use or what do you read into this statement from to how do you think some countries in europe where we're overestimating the health care todd is able to provide indeed they are. i cannot supply and o n g to the european union because the bulk of it's a g is already one crafted for in the year. better creature. and i would go as well as to say that even if you are the entire export or well and you buy the united states for slavery and got that in the hardly match the amount of bad guys that i ship or why do we have here which is from 185-2200 1000000000 cubic meters. so
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not to one company can supply the p and union in gas. oh, rush and supplies gas supplies through the. and of course you've got washington repeatedly calling on the e. u to reduce its energy imports from russia. is there any chance of that happening? it will not ever happened, even if there was a u. k. and i go as far as to say that as long as you know am doesn't embarrass sanctions on any suppliers. and nurse sitting to gas pipeline, i think, and i show supplies. we continue. however, i did what i said,
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that the whole exports of the united states and canada and australia, which is an impossibility, a cannot match or oddly match b as supplies of russia. you've got could tar just to point to it as well, could tar itself calling on europe to resolve. it's disputes with moscow, diplomatically to keep energy supplies on the continent, secure, will europe listen to that? i hope they do. but i think under pressure from the united states, they may not i, this is alicia times. i've been one of you sizing in id. i'm that of pressure from the united states. improving the way that things not to certify no same to which has been sitting.
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i chance september 2021 and good to have the union is, is energy prices and 2 is me. hi, sky up know prices are a natural gas. i realize that this is now and you hear from guys who are that the times and by many is the lead 0 emissions and also the transition all with a pleasure avenue in the program, visiting professor of energy, economics out the c p. your business group, dr. mom, do salome many thanks. thank you. ah, can know the story that bring you to j. c and n president jeff sucker has announced his resignation as president of cnn on
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sherman of warner media is news on sports, the vision over feeling to disclose a romantic, a fur this cross live now to our cheese, at killer my pin for more on this killer give us a sense of why this is happening, that it's more to do with him lying correct over him, actually having in the fur well, it appears that in this surprise, email that went out to the staff of cnn, jeff zocker is resigning. he is stepping down and the reason listed is that he failed to disclose a relationship that he had with a colleague that has gone on for the past several years. the idea was that understand and policy. if he was having a romantic relationship with
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a co work here, he would have to make it public or make it known to the company. he did not do so, and so he is stepping down. however, many people are looking into this and wondering if this might have something to do with cna ends dropping ratings. the viewership of cnn is in significant decline. but regardless, the official stated reason is this relationship. cnn's been under fire recently, caleb over several other scandals. can you just remind us about some of those oh, sure, i mean in december the f b, i arrested a cnn producer by the name of john griffin. john griffin was arrested and the charges are pretty serious. apparently, john griffin is charged for setting up a facility for interstate commerce, in which he would lower miners and their parents, so that he could train these under age women. he could train them in the art of being sexually submissive, quite a serious, serious charge. he's now in custody awaiting trial. now this is an individual john
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griffin, this cnn producer who worked with chris cuomo, the former very prominent cnn individual who also stepped down over allegations of colluding with his brother, the new york governor, who resigned. now, more recently, we saw kat rosenfeld who is a cnn commentator. she compared the audience of us podcast or joe rogan, to people that are overweight and unhealthy. and then went on to say this. here is people who, you know, they like something that we consider ourselves more enlightened. don't think it's good for them. you know, we think that they're internalizing this misinformation that they're using it to make bad decisions. now people heard these words about the popular us podcast, or joe rogan's audience, and many chuckle, because the numbers simply don't match. cnn struggles according to official ratings
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data to get 700000 people to watch their broadcasts. whereas joe rogan is podcast, get 11000000 listeners. so some heard these rather condescending words towards joe rogan's audience and, and kind of chuckled because more people are listening to joe rogan then cnn. so at this point, yes, people are reacting to the decision by cnn's top chief to step down over this relationship. people are looking at their falling ratings and wondering what exactly is going on in the primary tv network in the united states. yeah, the bosses, jeff sucker leaving his post the seo of cnn killer, thanks very much. bring it through about ortiz killer. while others where we leave the round up for now, what is a busy day? i'll bring all the updates to you at the top of the hour. do hope you can join me then this is our t ah
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. mm. bring you the very latest every out the day. this is are now snow from everyone with with this is boom. but the one bed there, so you can't afford them, it brand new board and i'm ready. lemons in washington.


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