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tv   News  RT  February 5, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EST

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stamps by day contractors with ours, hope headlights or whatnot. international news outlet, bloomberg inadvertently publishers a headline saying russia has invaded ukraine is come to the cabinet down a bit of a lot about it linking bloomberg to that of fake news tacos. and kind of protesting, mandatory vaccines are banned from the go fund to me side off to raising millions the platform if you just them of inciting violence. to fake news cbc is telling us, well, these violent truckers, nobody is supporting us. yeah. why don't you see come down to the soup kitchen and try to feed some homeless people or help us clean the war? busy memorial, right? the u. k. government says it will not say sorry after a report reveals it squandered almost 9000000000 pounds on useless and overpriced p
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. for here, at oddity, we get the streets of london who had the higher ups that take responsibility. and i know because i understand, i think it's a waste of money. why that actually thinking about us? and i do with them. also in the program, the audio sharing site spotify removes another $113.00 episodes of jo robins podcast. it's off of the white house, others the platform to do more about so called covey misinformation. this time the content have nothing to do with life. the city that never sleeps, it's all the international in moscow with a big mix of your top stories and all things in between the book into the program. so the criminal is having a bit of a laugh saying it may change the term, fake news to blue book news, soft or the outlet. and alice to russia had invaded ukraine. a headline was taken down off the he minutes are being up. bloomberg has since said, sorry,
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earlier in the program, my colleague meal harvey discussed the story with ortiz donald quarter breeders were absolutely shocked to find some hair raising news. on friday afternoon, the headline read live russia invades ukraine and for nearly half an hour. i mean this many americans thought that this is it, that this time bomb that the western officials in western media have been hyping up for months now has finally exploded. and that was until, of course, bloomberg took down that headline and issued an apology. we prepare headlines for many scenarios, and the headline russia invades ukraine was inadvertently published around 4 pm today on our website. we deeply regret the error. the headline has been removed and we are investigating the cos, so it was a total accident, but definitely an irresponsible one. i mean, good thing. other media outlets didn't just take bloomberg's word for this and re posted without thinking re posting this blatant misinformation. i mean, what a way to give someone a heart attack they had they story already written in some was just hovering their
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finger over the publish button. now now now now they've been they to go. so financial or fake news, whatever you like is nazi, and it's apparently not only bloomberg up to these con the tricks. right. actually the german tabloids build actually publish something even more seemingly crazy. i mean, they claimed to show a map that they published a map claiming to show russia's a legit plans of invading ukraine. it's editor said that their sources were in the intelligence community and they even outlined this a legit plan to invade ukraine. apparently it has 3 stages. first, the scenario has russia crushing ukrainian, ukraine's military forces and laying siege to all of the major cities in ukraine. second, it has vladimir putin setting up a puppet government called the people's rada, to run the country. and finally, this puppet government, according to this plan, is set to set up some sort of camps to put in ukrainians who are disloyal to moscow
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. i mean, this all just seems like the plot of some, a western movie with another russian bad guy, you know. but unfortunately, people rely on popular tabloids like builds for reliable information and it's editor should probably stick to fiction because the reality of it is, is that moscow is said time and time again. it is not planning to invade ukraine. useful facilities who put the she ski, sheila c willingly. if it depends on the russian federation, then there will be no wall. we don't want any wars, but we will also not allow our interest to be rudely trampled on and ignored. and just when you think that might be as ridiculous as it can, death actually builds did also publish another sensational map last year trying to make the same assertions about russia. so it seems like this month's long media hysteria round, and the legend russian invasion, you know, is, is not really showing any signs of dying down. we are thought guests. why rumors of a massive russian ground invasion all gaining traction in the media. this is wildly
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irresponsible, and i am shock, you know, even though you know, big news is out there and there's major on media organizations that are constantly pumping out, less than reputable, less than true media reports. you know, something like this is really, i've never seen anything really quite this bad and they have been begging the drum for a week. i'm happen to be of the opinion that i don't think that russia wants to have problems with natal, the united states with the west and what not on but, but for them to sort of, you know, announced that this is already happening. and it's not even just the bloomberg, i mean, if you just look at reports coming out of a lot of different supposedly reputable new sources, it's a foregone conclusion that this is going to spiral into war. this is serious, not new. we have to since 2014, i think once or twice a year. they're always been, it's 8 years now that they report, they want to tell the russians and they are right on the way to invest ukraine. we
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have this last april. it didn't happen, we had this since 2014. it's a real propaganda built in germany. very popular for fake news at some. so i don't believe anything and i just read the article. they rely on some secret service even though name them a. so it's authentic enough, nothing concrete in it. the author of this article is very famous, far as politely pro nato, or let's say in a hard way to rush an article. so i'm not surprised to see anything that this from him. he was even worse than the past. canadian truckers protesting against the coven vaccine mandate has had their go fund, me page shot down by that side which claims the so called freedom convoy, is inciting violence. comes author a barrage of negative media coverage, both at home and abroad. headline saying they are paralyzed in the capital and terrorizing the locals of the freedom convoys spokesperson, who set up that gofundme page told us the mainstream narrative is way off. course.
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we're at the point where i think we have the morale of the community. we as a police, had indicated to us on the ground that we have been shockingly peaceful. not that's the word that a couple of cops used to shocking that this many people can get together and be peaceful. and because of that they are now viewing, as we're told they're viewing it as a political problem that politicians need to solve. so i think i think it's silly what they're doing, quite frankly because it's the easiest when in the world, trudel can come out and be hero, or at least claim to be a hero. you know how, by listening to the people and they can come out and say, you know what? you're right. it went on a little bit too long. we were, we thought we were following the science, but you know, the fog of war getting the right data. it's confusing, we thought we did our best,
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but canadians want their freedom. and you know what i is just in shadow. i'm going to grant them their freedom as their leader. that's what a leader that. and i think it's only a matter of time until he does that. the freedom convoy and actually raised over $10000000.00 canadian dollars on go fund me before the bad. it statement the crowd funding website said donors can get that money back with the remaining funds to be redistributed among a charities chosen by the freedom convoy, although subject to approval from go fund me. meanwhile, another fundraising platform crashed after agreeing to host the freedom convoys appeal. apparently it was overwhelmed within the 1st 60 minutes more than $90000.00 canadian dollars were raised. meanwhile, just south of the border truckers set up a facebook page in solidarity with a canadian, a colleagues, although that was swiftly blocked by the platform as well. we spoke with a freedom convoys, a facebook page, administrator about the situation there regarding that of censorship. the
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censorship out here is absolutely unbelievable. i'm the mainstream media out here does not tell the real story of what is going on. when it came down to the facebook page. there was probably, i'm one of the 10 admins for the page. we all said moderators, but for the admins, i got my facebook page, not only it's not on, i'm not in jail, a facebook job, i'm permanently deleted. i cannot access facebook on my phone. i tried to create a new account. i did. it's like they're tracking my phone and we never incited anything, but p. c, unity. and we just want to like to have a state and what's going on. earlier. canada's prime minister condemned what he called the hateful rhetoric of the rallies frowned. to get quote, an insult from memory and truth about protests broke out off of his government introduced vaccine mandates, but truckers crossing the border with america, the health officials defend the move. citing the rising number of infections. at least 15 percent of canadian truckers are currently unvaccinated or canada. so top
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dr. waited on the whole debate saying cobit can be dealt with in quote, a more suitable way. she's a ocean, the government to review its restrictions. and david frye hyde from the people's party of canada says the state has no choice, it has to listen to the taxpaying public. i can't speak for the government and the government is not speaking for themselves. the government have absconded from their duties. they literally fled the capital and they're not talking with the convoy. they're not even talking to the convoy, they're just talking about the convoy and they're spouting off. what are the most egregious lies imaginable? and the problem is that a lot of people don't really understand what's going on on the ground to know the degree to which they're being lied. just intruder comes out the other day and puts out a tweet, saying that the convoy has been displaying racism, anti black racism, anti semitism, trans phobia. it's, it's delusional stuff. it's delusional. demonizing,
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the media which is subsidized by the government is running with it, is repeating it. and i've got to say it could not be further from the truth. if you, if you, if you wanted to life, you couldn't live better. so the u. k. government is refusing to apologize for a report revealed it's squandered a whopping 9000000000 pounds during cope it old on protective equipment. that was faulty of a price in assistive made the best possible spending decisions, given the info at the time, but no apology for carrying p p at the pace and volume we did. based on the information we had at the time. the action we took protected thousands of front line health care workers in the n h. s sensational care. however, now that the world market for p p has stabilize, the value of some categories of goods is now inevitably, much lower than the price they were originally purchased. for. remember, at the start of the pen when you couldn't get hold of them off for love? no money, no one to the public. angry at the hurry. not sorry, attitude,
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absolute waste of money isn't absolute waste of public funds and it's a dismal, isn't it? but 23, hold accountable for it. i mean, what really ends up happening if we complain about that, who are the higher ups that take responsibility and i'm up to them say, i think it's a waste of money. it would be much better to actually pay attention for education and, you know, with all the fuel, the prices go off and everyone struggling and living foods like with double. so yeah, that's a waste. why, why they're actually thinking about and to do what fits them again. there is on page 199 of a government report is a disclosure that there was a loss in values of 8700000000 pounds of the 12 point. $1000000.00 pounds of p p purchase sucks more than the entire ministry of justice budget, about 7 percent of and it just running costs or enough to build more with
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a dozen new hospitals. nearly 700000000 pounds worth of equipment was found to be totally unusable to point 6 and it was sent to items not suitable under what thing 3.6 for the housing supply. that's good walking officials don't even know where they ended up. dr. on the front line here, we're doing their best to fight the virus off here in the pictures, the switch a new label placed onto them and only will label show that it was actually the date. and then you label it had a new date printed on it. so somebody must have gone and printed off is not millions of labels changing the use by and expiry date zone lots of p e which which happened all around. not to mention those lucrative p p. a contract signed and sealed by tory thoroughness fall struck by that tory pow 5000000000
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pounds was spent. even though many have no knowledge of procurement. the v i. p lane has now been deemed on low for by the high court. but it's not just to be. the government has written a 4300000000 pounds of fortunately claims. coven business support, learn more than 10 percent of the total sum given out. officials dispute the amount but promise to go off to each and every pass, and the opposition say they can't trust the government with the public money. as far as they control the endemic waste and thrown under the tories are pouring taxpayers money away. yet at the same time, they are hiking taxes, asking working people to pay even more. they cannot be trusted with our money and are totally out of touch along with the government's laissez faire attitude to fraud. this will be particularly galling to hardworking households, wondering how they will pay the higher taxes the chancellor is imposing this april . millions of people are struggling to financially recover from the pandemic,
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which makes reports of billions of pounds being wasted with nobody holding their hands up a hard pill to swallow and traverse johnson. well, it seems like he may have to hire a cleaner all the sweet thing under the carpet he's been doing recently. shot edwards dusty, aussie london government has actually facing calls to apologize on yet another front for you turn on mandatory vaccines and in care of homes. and of course the n h. s critic se some nurses suddenly found themselves in untenable positions. it was the white policy at the time, supported by the clinical evidence and the government make no apology for it has also proven to be the right policy. in retrospect, given the severity of delta, we spoke to roger seagull, the director of one nursing home in england. he says, at the end of the day, it's just too little too late for any kind of apology. when we've been saying right
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up to the last day of the mandate became necessary to be fixed. this was how home mckesson. we're getting 3 kind of tough traffic and offer you an apology now is, is too light. and unfortunately, it's not just the 40 to 70000 people that the last that i need to apologize to. it's all the current can work as well because the burden of care fell straight on to the people that were left in the sector. and we know that the effects that it's hard on staffing, we were 120000 people. sure. prior to the problem that make and cutting, another $40.00 to $70000.00 on to that figure is essentially it says, it's not to mingle agents. and the effect on the entire industry is just brought it to its needs. an estimated 40000 care home workers resigned from the sector since
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it was announced, they would have to get jabbed by the 1st of april. the governments, as it flip flopped on that now was the situation is change. so his roger signal and again unfortunately throughout the government to show that their decision making has been reactive. ralston proactive. and i think until we get a government that actually looks ahead and talks to the care sector and plans for the future with the sector in law and giving equal curriculum staying with health. we're never going to move forward. unfortunately, i told the campus our here on our tea podcast and joe rogan has had more than a 100 episodes deleted, but this time they had nothing to do whatsoever with cove it that story and more we're back in just a 2nd with join me every 1st day on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess on
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the world politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then o is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way, or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted you need to descend, have join us in the depths or remain in the
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shallows. ah, 20 minutes thought they are here in moscow already own streaming site. spotify has spot another controversy by deleting more of the joe rogan experienced podcast that this time they had nothing to do whatsoever with cove it $113.00 episodes were taken down without explanation. on friday, most of the episodes removed and new and don't contain anything that's been deemed as misinformation which triggered the previous deletions. it is the world's most popular podcast, pulling in an average about $11000000.00 listeners per episode. now it all comes off to the white house, waited on the dispute with the press secretary jen saki urging spotify to get even tougher on so called cove at misinformation. so our hope is that all major tech
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platforms and all major new sources for that matter, be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the american people have access to accurate information on something as significant as cove in 1900. that certainly includes spot of fly, but ultimately, you know, our view is, it's a, it's a, it's a good step. it's a positive step, but there's more that can be done. and so just one moment look back at how this all started. a joe rogan was rounded on recently off, he was accused of airing false claims about cobit and vaccines. that prompted a number of high profile musicians on spotify to quit the platform saying they wouldn't be on that if rogan was response. what if i said it would start labeling shows that discuss cove it now competing on the whole controversy, spotify. c, e o said the streaming giant does not close the monitor robbins podcasts and sees itself as a distribution platform, not his publisher. we got reaction from christopher harris, the executive director of an hyphenated america. really dangerous for white house
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to take the steps that they're taking to try to do an end around and not directly try to press free speech. but through their associations with big tech companies. they're trying to suppress free speech slippery slope is going to end up eventually we're government is going to control all content they might not do it directly. is an unholy alliance between big government and big corporations. when there's someone who speaks out and speaks in opposition to the narrative of the left, that this is when they begin to flex their muscles. they have a problem with the fact that someone like joe rogan is speaking out against what the narrative agenda that the white house wants to put out. so rather than try to do something that is blatantly in violation of the 1st amendment, it is use of partnerships with big tech to try to oppress and suppress the voice of joe rogan. so as to hold a controversy over coven misinformation rumbles on, just
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a reminder, the w h. o recommends getting vaccinated, but germany is under fire from its allies, for not being tough enough on russia or amid the tensions with ukraine. now that my, my does the price, i'm not least moscow as berlin is mulling, a huge list of sanctions. annabelle already blocking russian media in the country. he's a senior correspondent, but i guess dia picks up the story. germany has sounded self with an awkward position. who have russia, which is unhappy with germany, full adds hostility. but you also have all these nato people and ukrainians who blame germany for not being hostile enough for refusing to flood ukraine with, with guns and arms and for refusing to cut off its own gas supply. i am frustrated that germany, amazon, or noah, has not yet acted decisively regarding warts going to germany does have a longstanding policy about not sending guns into was a,
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something about morality had sent, but it felt comfortable sending a fully fledged field hospital and, and thousands of helmets which ukrainians found offensive. the behavior of the german government lease me speechless. the defense ministry apparently hasn't realized that we are confronted with perfectly equipped, russian forces that can start another invasion of ukraine at any time. what kind of support will germany said, next, pillows, ukraine, it seems, is picky about what it gets for free, regardless wise germany being so difficult. i think the house these to understand that one of the big issues that we will face in dealing with ukraine and in and in dealing with russia is the heavy dependence of our european friends in particular on, on russian gas, which doesn't make an awful lot of sense, if you know anything about germany, and they're happy to say so themselves, that won't happen. our allies know exactly what they have in us. germany is the
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heart and soul of nato in europe. the numbers tell it, not only has it committed billions to ukraine and containing rush over the past few years. there are as many as 50000 american troops, permanent. he stationed and germany and thousands more. being deployed to europe via germany. merican nuclear weapons are also stationed in germany, and berlin has made very clear it could cut off its own gas over this russian aggression that we've been hearing about. for years. i soon see in the event of any aggression we have a wide range of responses available to us, including nerd stream, till we always one dialogue. but in light of the current situation, toughness is also suitable germany and russia, i embroiled in more scandals. the media this week, germany ordered r t d e r, says that channel to stop broadcasting in the country. a day later,
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russia ordered deutsch avella to shut down its office and moscow, and pulled their journalists accreditation mad more. besides, all of this, after the german foreign minister, who herself is a member of the green party, was asked to settle this issue calmly, peacefully, and refused to even discuss it as kept it, no hurry. but there are some differences between coalition members, the greens, nasty p, the f t p is not quite as bad as the greens, the green to turn into a very aggressive party, especially towards russia. i hope trench. the shots doesn't bout that. he should oppose foreign minister burbock if she acts the way she has been. for that comes a difficulty because a foreign ministers, highly independent. she travels around the world, giving speeches, and flaunting her opinion. the chance i could always be there to pick up the piece and say it doesn't work like that. nevertheless, i hope all of shots will stick to splits will guns, and remember the great merits of his party, the s t p being one which promotes peace in europe. these compromise on some points
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already says really on a glimmer of hope. it is ironic, isn't it that the green's, the party of, of peace and renewable energy are leading germany's war hawks against russia. so no germany isn't dragging its feet. it's very much a nate who fought hosting an army of american troops armed with nukes and with thousands more soldiers on the way. lest we forget germany has its own military with guns pointed at russia while it's economists devised new sanctions and containment. or that's it for now, here we're not international wrapping up this news constable. what is it? the 6 o'clock hour now here on saturday in the russian capital, thanks for joining us. we are returning soon with work your worldwide kaiser's financial survival guy. i don't buy
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a i guy on the futures as of friday at the last time i buy it from a future stop. rocca, watch, guys are reporting a digital smart city is a city that's using technology to make people's life easier to happier. collecting a lot of data to try to improve the way things are in theory, these big organizations that are now the mating and pulling all that data together . they're not looking at using individual necessarily, people's data being collected so much data that there's a real possibility of privacy violation with something most of us wouldn't want to wells transparent, but we must live with permanent surveillance. mm
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hm. in with african retention, you're what you're going underground after a phone call between putin and johnson who the kremlin appears to have characterized as utterly confused coming up with a show as you can. morris johnson, arguably braces for war, both at home and abroad. we analyze a week that is arguably shared a damning light will number 10 antiques, while the donation troops had towards eastern europe to prepare for battle and 24 hours after the beijing winter olympics opening ceremony, we investigate whether there will be repercussions for nato nation and allied diplomatic boycott, bowlers hm. or coming up in today's going underground. but 1st, this week you gave me, johnson temporarily escaped from his em fees at home and paid
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a visit to ukraine's capital care where he threatened russia with de facto military action and sanctions in one russian soldiers to cap cross the border and ukraine. this is a growing number of british nps score for a new confidence vote on jones of leadership. after a censored report into alleged criminal government, covered law violations was released this week was joining enough and beckons field in the u. k. is the chairman of the campaign for conservative democracy, john strafford. thank you so much john. for coming on. i gotta ask the obvious question. he won one of the largest conservative majorities for your party in recent years. he successfully enabled bricks it so that we were able to get out the european medical agency so that there could be mass vaccination against cove. it you're the conservative can pay the conservative democracy is not democratic to get rid of your leaders. it causes democratic, i mean that's the whole purpose of democracy, is that you can change your leaders, change your crime is to change your government without having to have
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a bloody revolution. and that's the way it works in the united kingdom. in spite of the fact that we have got false within our democracy, we are able to be critical all our prime minister and our leaders, and that's all to do with free speech. but of course, it is not just the electorate, it is the m p 's in parliament, it will have to say over johnson's fate. yes, and that is one of one of the folk lines in that the conservative party needs to actually get more accountability within an organization. and by that, i mean the following. first of all, the conservative party chairman should be elected by an accountable to the membership. secondly, they should be proper notions are considered part of the conference.


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