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tv   News  RT  February 16, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the who's the war never was the western media is left where they're going to face off for a flurry of predictions that that'd be an invasion of ukraine today. instead, russian troops that returning to base off the wrapping up rules, the border for some thing to stop banging the drums of war b, u. s. president. for one. he's insisting that the threat of attack remains very real. the prime minister in denial and is ignoring the science. he might as well be back at the cottage because he's doing not productive or constructive to help the situation. and the canadian prime minister faces mounting pressure from a piece of decision to figure emergency power meant for times of national crisis. but instead in response to approaches by truck driver who's
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blood from oscar. thanks for joining us tonight on our teams national. i'm daniel hawkins. welcome to the program. now russia may have thought a withdrawing troops from the board with ukraine on tuesday. that's not the west and officials, though, still speaking about the imminent threat of war, they say there's still no proof of a pull back. well, that's a slightly russian defense minister releasing videos off departing tanks showing a battalion rushes west, the military district, returning to its permanent base. it was rule came off, the defense ministry confirmed plan military exercises had been successfully completed. earlier on, rory, sushi and the call to discuss why the west is still not doing any of this assigns of the escalation. the russian defense minister report today and some military units are leaving their position near ukraine. that would be good, but we have not yet verified that we have not yet verified the russian military units are returning to their home basis. but i think what we haven't seen is
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evidence of withdrawal that has been claimed by the kremlin. in fact, we've seen continued build off of things like field hospitals. so far we have no clue seen in the d escalation on the ground. on the contrary, it appears to torture continues, the military buildup law. at this point, it seems like whatever you tell western officials, they're just going to believe what they want to believe. it doesn't matter that the russians defense ministry said that they're going to be bringing their ha of their troops home on tuesday or that vladimir putin and survey laughter. i've actually confirmed that the west doesn't even care about video footage, showing that actual withdrawal. joe biden is still harping on this invasion hysteria that has been plaguing the west over the past several months. we are ready with diplomacy to be engaged in diplomacy with russia and our allies and partners to improve stability security in europe as a whole. and we are ready to respond decisively to russian attack con ukraine. just
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still very much a possibility that we're kind of attack, are we talking about here? nobody really knows. but biden is far from the only person who still counting on the russian invasion even after moscow said that its withdrawing its troops the british tabloid. the sun said that an invasion was going to happen on february 16th at one a. m g m t. and that claim was sod rages even the spokes person for the kremlin. dmitri pascall jokingly remarked that ukrainians who actually believed that should set their alarms in anticipation, but obviously that time has passed. and all we can hear on the border between russia and ukraine right now. is basically crickets, but still it seems like these media outlets really love the hysteria because the son is still writing that, that, that brush might invade the baltic states if it's given the opportunity to attack ukraine. so all the while, i mean this circus is going on in the west. it really looks crazy to people that are in the, in the east store horses. cuz i what can i say to day we mock another non invasion
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day. yes, the west tried the best to make it happen. maybe there was to be a fight and and then use paper pages, but it has nothing to do with reality. it's a shame for the washington post the new york times. bloomberg the daily mirror bailed the sun and now the disinformation needs it, that there hasn't been any war, but they aren't given up. they have become obsessed with waiting for a war. donald, you know, it's one thing for politicians and the media to, to play the games of brinkman's ship. but what about the every day joe? like you or me, for example, if, if you will, from, i'm a take us to ukraine and how the people that faring amid all this rhetoric intention. right? that's a good question. you think that this hysteria, media hysteria, campaign would be aimed at russia, but it doesn't really affect moscow all that much. it's the ordinary ukrainian people who have been living through a conflict drawn out conflict and on boss in just one piece that are being affected here. i mean, this is sort of a media campaign. it created hysteria throughout ukraine. there are people organizing militias training for an alleged russian invasion that has failed to play out. and, you know,
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it makes it seem like the western powers that have been time and time again. saying that they're trying to defend this country, or actually to stabilizing it, or not some of it in fact, who have been observe in a unique situation where the west i, you, the united states in london, the anglo saxons. you were trying to do each other. and in doing so, and to mind their own brainchild, which is the new ukrainian government within the space of a month, oh, $6.00 weeks. wow. so after months of the western media and politicians accusing russia of planning to invade ukraine, specifically because they had troops near the border between ukraine and russia. you think that the withdrawal of those troops would calm people down, but unfortunately, it looks like that situation is not playing out. russian drills and crummy have also now finished with troops. they're heading back to their permanent bases. this comes a day off, the units of the southern and west and military districts began pulling back from russia's western border were exercises were also held. now another action son is also growing. frustrated with americans, constant will referee cove. you crime in foreign ministry is calling it
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a propaganda failure. yet let me fall. in recent days, the united states has hyped up the threat of war and created an atmosphere of tension february 15th, as the day of the propaganda failure for the u. s. and the rest of the west home. yeah, i think the united states and nato, i've really hyped up the situation clamoring that russia is on the brink of invading. russia has a legitimate point in opposing the continued expansion of nato and china supports russia's position. wal freaking out would not be good for the european countries, and wal will be very destructive of economic exchanges and economic activities. we want to see peace prevailing between russia and ukraine. we do not want to see any war breaking out, but more importantly, we do not want to see you cree become a natal member. because we know for sure ukraine becoming
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a natal member will constitute a vital threat to the russian legitimate security interest. and i think countries with decency in the world should sympathize with the position of russia, and we should oppose the continued expansion of nato into you crate. i've called for ukraine to become a neutral country. so i would call upon all the stakeholders, including ukrainian, or russian, all the naval members to embrace peace from them. talking about war. it seems. sports is raising above the current international tensions, excused from russia and ukraine were seen at the winter olympics in beijing, hugging on commercializing each other after they both won metals. this comes to spot you crime, promoting criticism after told it's athletes to avoid approaching any competitors from the russian olympic committee team if they were holding flags. ah, his prime minister's feeling the hate after him,
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things rounded on him for triggering never before used emergency power to deal with an ongoing protest by truck drivers against vaccine man that's kind of his opposition. leader told him it would have been better if you just stated his cottage where he was accused of fleeing to when the protest 1st fled up. isn't it true that the prime minister's actions could serve to actually make things worse and not make things better? keeping canadian safe, protecting communities and neighborhood, and ensuring jobs and our economy. this is about the prime minister's video, logical attachment to keeping covet restrictions and mandate. 63 percent of canadians want to restrictions and mandates to. and conservatives presented a motion yesterday asking simply for a plan, but the prime minister is in denial and is ignoring the science. he might as well be back at the cottage because he's doing nothing productive or constructive to help this situation. the emergency that is supposed to be applied only in case of
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a national crisis. it gives the government additional powers for 30 days, including the ability to freeze bank accounts. is not meant to be used against peaceful demonstrators which the truck is happening, or the accused of causing disruption. that one of the drivers, in ottawa told us he suspects the emergency powers could be abused. politicians understand that if they use this drastic measure that it can be abused and that's exactly what we're seeing today. we're not at ward anybody. nobody's dying, nobody's getting kidnapped. but this federal government is trying to save face from a politician named justin trudeau was trying to save his political career. and it's absolutely wrong. he needs to be held accountable. and citizens need to know that he is violating the canadian charter of rights. one person should not have the power to initiate such a drastic measure by himself. this should be a unanimous 100 percent agreement of all premieres across the country when there's a split and you have members of your own liberal party. speaking up against this action of imposing the federal emergency act,
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it shows division. it shows that there is no support when he got in was 32 percent of canadian boats, the lowest in canadian history. and now those polls show that that is slipped only 16 percent. so this is all about justin trudeau trying to save his political career, trying to say, face and play like a rock star on the world stage as wrong. or supporters of the truck has so called freedom convoy remained camped out on parliament. highlander countries. capital atmosphere is festive. the purchase began over 2 weeks ago when the government made jams compulsory for tracks for truckers rather work and cross border routes. all the say, most kegan truckers of act some 85 percent. in fact, i'm just and true, has defended emergencies act on his co would rules our discussion panel, moldova, with any rights all being breached. you cannot assert to stand for freedom while you simultaneously oppress the freedom of anyone else. and this has been an ongoing
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issue with justin trio and canada. i mean, ever since he chuck, he's been nothing but hypocritical. and the air of hypocrisy has to come to an end . and i'm very proud to say the canadians across the country are not having it. they're going to stand up against this. it's a little bit hypocritical, if you ask me for the media and the trudeau government to act. now as if it's truckers who are causing all of this havoc, you cannot say that the restriction of movement and the destruction of the economy is necessary to protect public health for 2 years. but then all of a sudden when canadians are taking it upon themselves to stand up for their liberties. now it's too far and how dare you interact with people's abilities to live their day to day lives. i don't buy it and i think most of the canadian public doesn't either. well, it's about the same attitude with many people here in europe, even those war action ended. but i'll fed up with the lack of liberties that the political establishment as imposed. busy on the french old, the germans home, every country in europe, the canadian civil liberties association, claims just trudeau has not met the legal bar for declaring an emergency. he has to
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exhaust all legal options. first, on save up, the move is going to harm democracy. could go beyond that, could cause really long term harm here. now, adjusting trudeau and acting these emergencies act, i think the government has just gone one step further in saying that i'm, you know, we're sorry, but the civil liberties you thought you enjoyed as canadians are actually only subject to our whims. and i just hope that it doesn't get to a point where things actually do become violent because of the actions of the federal government. because you know these protestors, they do not. they do not want conflict in that way. but when you take away, i guess people's right to peacefully protest when you even threatened to remove their children from them. obviously things are going to rise and as in attentions and escalation, the freedom convoys gone truly global on monday, as you are talking about, we saw thousands of people to send them brussels from across the u. u. do you think this is making governments thing twice about relentless? coven restrictions? or is it making them double clamped down and saying, we've got the power you got to listen to us. people know that understood the less
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than i'm sure of that. you know, in most countries in europe now, governments try all, are really ready to start. the mission is to take them down. now is the time for parliament everywhere in europe to really look into the restrictions of liberty. and i don't think any government in europe would dare try to go for any still to go on the program, pulling her troubles on ice as roches teams. gating star commendable steps back on to the ring following a doping scandal. we speak sort of limbic legend, who knows exactly how tough it is at the top. but just one of those stories that ahead of the break. ah ah
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ah . mm. herman by dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask
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ah, welcome back to the program. no, no, on my case, the european giddeons talked court has ruled brussels can slash funding to number states that failed for poll dates laws. it's a major defeat of poland and hungary, which had challenges the ease freezing of billions of euros. he remarked for the country's pandemic recovery. he has ot, he shot at david's. its ruling is likely to provoke massive tension between the in you, in poland and hungary. what the ruling does is essentially means that the cash handout suit member states across the block will be dependent, says, or can be dependent on them, trusting in law abiding by the rule of law, the primus, you've, you know, which some say is the cornerstone of this block, it's been a source of contention for you. and the court made that decision today saying that the primacy of, you know,
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had to stand. now what we have heard over the last year from the news that poland and hungary countries which are sliding back when it comes to democracy, that they are undermining the primacy of laws. the laws such countries that join the you see that they will abide by their attention to the whole sways of things such as the judiciary, meteor, independent, women's rights, and also migrant. so many, many issues. and now the court is keeping the european commission this ability to with holes payments in the future. that has, of course, already been quite extreme reaction on that from colon. let's have a listen to what the country had to say. we need to defend ourselves against an attack on our sovereignty. poland has to defend its democracy against blackmail that aims to take away all right, to decide about ourselves. now many countries have welcome big decision by the court saying that this is a vital step to protecting the live or the prime and speed of the you. but it is
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not as clear cut as it might seem. the court has said that that money can now be withheld from countries that don't respect the rule of law, but we'll have to wait until april for the european commission and for the delay to make a decision as to whether she wants to wield that power, power that would be for the 1st time, again, a member state and poland is also id to hate back to saying essentially if that's the case, it's going to look, withholding its contributions to be huge. now that could be a bit of cutting it's news off despite that space. so because poland is the largest beneficiary of in you funds at the moment. but the story is still not over despite that decision by the court. and of course, live to a nickel, america ship climate from paris. thanks for joining us. nicole, a good tabby with us today. this looks like the end of the method of the use talk court basically backing you in this legal dispute. does this decision tell was
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a surprise unfortunately, no, i think maybe can be the surprise for some people who are pulling in under it tonight. who don't know the real nature for that is your opinion in the treaties and the whole goal of the european union is a supranational entity. we're all good people at the end of the day will be taking decisions for all the people living in the european union. and that's the way they want to build it. they want to build your opinion that way to it's not it's, it's not really supposed to do surprise. it's not a secret. and they are just shown today through the sort of the court decision that today the find the man in matters of democracy. the european union decides and not the people. busy of the nation states, members of the european union. what do you mean because of this decision as a precedent for such future disputes and how do you think it's going to impact the relationship between brussels and poland and hungary? well, 1st of all, this is strong misses from coming out of the european union. they're towing all member states for attempted or who can be tempted to go there on the way on
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different matters whether comical or social and they give the european union is sitting at a strong single saying no, there is only one interpretation to european union law. european union law is above all the other out of your opinion, decides also if so, this is coming from brussels coming from poland and hungary is going to be very interesting to see what direction they go into while the be ready to confront their, your opinion, where they stand their positions, we've heard of the prime minister or about say, a couple of years ago that he was moving, getting out of your opinion, be ready to go out of that. but he is the broker, some sort of a deal with the european union because at the end, if they see if they say they recognize the spot from the european, that means they admit that they will reducing part of their liberty and their freedom and democracy. so that has a cough in your opinion, that if you don't abide, you won't get any phone is going to be very interesting to see how far hold it in, 100 actually go to defend democracy and freedom of the way they hear it. you
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mentioned this being signal to other countries in terms of their response. do you think that so all the states, all going to take this, that the descent from the use line, but we tolerate that and do you think that could further lead to divisions emerging within other member states? definitely, i think that there everybody's going to be watching very closely what's going to be happening in budapest, in warsaw and then the next week that's going to be streaming important. we do see that the european union is full of reach with crisis. it's having a very difficult time getting everybody around the table and on and agree on different matters now. and so it wants to give a strong sales team that does anyone, boston, that boss or the, those boxes are the commissioners in brussels. different countries want to see how pull it and then and we could get out and get away with it. so get out of this situation. i think this is going to be extremely important for them if poland and hungary can reach some benefit of this and show that they can sway some sort of
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political advantage over the european union and get out of it. definitely, this was for the way for other european member states, which we want to follow. however, that we're talking about over 150000000 euros of, of subsidies coming out of brussels today. so really there's going to be a tough decision involved in sign. but if it's because they have to stay under opposition at the same time, try to get that money. so i mean, i don't think we're going to see other members did come out now, but they're going to be watching what's going on very close me. what you make of the timing of this because at the moment, of course, when all west and top officials are cooling for unity to that alleged russian aggression. you think it's surprising, busy to countries being really trust. i like best buy brussels. this is such a bad timing coming out of brussels. i can't imagine a worst timing at a moment where the european union is trying to have to speak. one voice is talking about deterring war in ukraine and just being one your european union. that's what
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they're saying. the beginning, we're not nation states together together, we're just one political entity. we see that they have not been able to do this with ukraine. and now in this situation, 2 countries which are close to ukraine, which come from eastern europe. now they're, they're getting attacked or hit harder by the european union. this is the worst timing. this is setting up an extremely bad message from brussels. we're showing that it has to, it has to be hardball on its own members in eastern countries, countries which are of course, interested, and what's going on if you're interested in what's going on with the china built in the road. interesting and collaborating with russia. this is getting a very bad signal to those countries, and i think these countries, the single they're getting that they're going to be wanting more freedom, more independence and maybe getting out of the european union. you mentioned in the 1st question, some options that hungary and poland could undertake in response to this decision, decent, they will be happy to stay in the club in the long run. not the way going now,
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not the way if really they are a damage or defending liberty of freedom and democracy. these are really, really the values that he's country. they can upstate, this is, this is a message being sent out thing if you want to stay in the club, there's no problem. just a bay of a, the survey and you'll get the subsidies. if the values are financial and they want the money, then they will stand up if they're real values or defending democracy and freedom, then they have to get out of it or they have to negotiate something with brussel. so there are some, some domains in which we will not jeopardize our democracy. there are values which are above yours and we just don't negotiate with that. that means that the end that we have to get out of the club will do it. and countries like switzerland, norway, u. k. recent, the are not in the club, and apparently they're doing good. they're, they're not doing so bad. so this can be something that there will be more in the, for the following weeks, months. definitely. these are, these would be, i would say big steps for them, but probably on their side they're thinking about the possibility of maybe getting out at one moment. if they can't find, if we can find
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a solution with brussels. right, that's we have time for today. nicholas, it's political analyst, thanks for your time. it's around naughty. thank you. ah, now there's outrage and i've got to start over a decision by joe biden to commandeer some of the countries funds, which are currently frozen in the us banks. what else is order? $3500000000.00 to go to the families of the victims of $911.00. despite the fact, none of the hijackers responsible were from going to stone, is provoked last demonstrations in cobble. now all the countries funds held in frozen when the taliban setbacks of power, the court will still need to approve biden's move. but with the i've got economy teetering on the brink. that's foot locals wanted urgent rethink and warn about what a terrier christ. mit. i'm a lot of america has stolen us, got money, and they want to give it to their own citizens. they were politically defeated here and as revenge, they still are money, increase anarchy. we call in the world to help us get back our assets. this is our
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money and the nation should get it back. my the most money belongs to widows and orphans of war and should be immediately returned to our state. it's an acceptable that our money is being dispersed elsewhere when we are in trouble and the need for another people were attacked during funeral. pres mosques were bombed, wedding party, just talked. they turned our mosques into graveyards. they killed our people who will compensate their families. i mean, this is a completely illogical and illegal announcement. we are demanding our money back from the us. now in a statement that's not about so the us will face international blame if it doesn't reverse the decision. they whitehouse those as it doesn't recognize the group as an adjustment power and is therefore withholding the funds. director of the afghan association in london believes the washington may grow to regret that decision. the not nation is predict and that nearly 90 percent people are just living on $11900.00. and that is the salvation of to more than
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a 1000000 children defending the right of the money to hold people. this money is not for spending to be honest, this is a federal reserve to be a whole. that's a, it doesn't mean we probably recommend this money to behold right now, not to be even given. the thought of this is the money that every county has a federal deserve this one backlash, which of those other countries holding the money and not just a bank that blended these things happen to them as well. despite being at the central doping scan, let the winter olympics rush in figure skating progeny camila believe a lot of side to top lead his board following the started with singles event on tuesday. she'll be competing again in the frisco program on thursday. and i believe was clear to complete by the court of attraction for sport on monday. and so after had been revealed, she tested positive for a bad substance back in december. the result was only reported that shortly after
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she secured goal for the russia olympic committee team in beijing with investigations fit ongoing issue. when's any further metals there's been announced, no ceremonies will be held. we spoke earlier to to time elliptic figure skating champion caterina of it. the german legend thanks. believe his performance on tuesday was hugely impressive, given the global scrutiny. she's under. i did not want it to be to her shoes or to have that pressure and to go out there and gauge as brief as she did. she did a little mistake, but still, you know, she had to go out there the entire world was watching. everybody had an eye on her, and of course, on the rest of the competition in this whole game, she is for me an absolute victim. she's 15, she's the minor and she should have not dealt with what she has to face right now. we have not the complete result yet,
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but i think definitely adults who are around her and who have put her in the situation in what she's is now is just unbearable. my imagination, what she's going through with your 15 year old. everybody hath lost, you know, there is not one single winner in this single game we're having on right now and take it to take the team competition. you know, there are 6 accolade of each country. so all those other teams, they have no matter ceremony. this is the worst. what can happen to an athlete you're out there. you're out there to win a metal if it's a whole different civil bronze but you win a metal. and one of the most important things is to stand on the podium to hear your national anthem, or to share it with your competitors. young. a lot of times you're friends with and you have absolute respect for each other. so for this alone it's, it's, it's really no fair decision, you know, by holding back,
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because they don't know exactly what the outcome will be. in general. it's a disaster for sports, i must say. and especially for those, all the other athletes who are involved in it, stay with us and use use shoes in just a few of its time, the team and i all back in half an hour with the very latest jonas again that ah, for months the u. s in the u. k. of warned, and russia made invade ukraine. and yet there's been no invasion for their part. the russian submitted abundantly clear. europe's current security arrangement is untenable to bangalore. saxon powers of war, russia august, about secured. ah, an invasion remains distinctly possible. that's why. 5 i've asked several times
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that all americans in ukraine leave now, before it's too late to leave safely. the president of the united states, warning americans to get out of ukraine. now, they did the same day. they decided to move the cia station an embassy farther from the russian border. but in doing so, they've had to destroy documents and computers. no, there's nothing suspicious about that one organ asked our expert about why did you have felt this actually was necessary? and the significance of what was destroyed and freezing the bank accounts of citizens who approach as your roles. that sounds like something a dictator, a do not the head of a parliamentary democracy. yet that is exactly what canadian prime minister adjusting to a doe is doing to those involved in a freedom convoy. meanwhile, the ottawa police chief has resigned after.


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