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says yet nukes what, just a stone's throw away from america. moscow claimed they were just offensive. washington called them lion and said it wouldn't compromise on security on brought the wild as close as its other bean twin. you can a war, but nato and its allies need to be careful because you can shout about being right shout about being principled, shout about keeping your promises. but nice. oh, well, i have a habit of catching up with you in the end. how many, thanks for joining us here. a naughty international this tuesday. that's all for me, but will receive, say, will be here at the top of the out with the latest news updates. in the meantime, you can say across the days news debate and comments on our website r t dot com, where you all have a great day. ah, can you talk a little bit more about your outstanding experience as
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a financier and economy? so having been the hand of national bank, i lived on serving the country as a prime minister. major, he thought licky would have been l o. grima. she thought gone. she goes a remote. she thought it will do. she thorough curtis, my renewal willing shoot. shoot the should have multiple sheffield on foolish one. the thought of most of them are web will do in the book. sure. were some was kinda bears muskgray to ensure the little the a form you need garcia. so using the it is for blake, you will not shy libby cheney obscene may live, where i, when they miss to gabriela, what can you please us float as a delineate juniors. lexi still lower december 5th of willis and i worked here more in miss you regina center and i mean bunk. i mean boucher in his folder last night shift but no less her home level. 9th, lots of c,
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a genuinely as be his genie garage done like copland layers of sea of war. the soviet school was the user. they were had to list when he has read done law. oh, does it the kiddos with his full blanket co crane, a bully brochure name book wide enough company bid mission equally official one a slightly bump. lawson close hibler. this of this is a school vision does shut voided, so ah, much somalia, russia bully deals that are no more jupiter for what they're familiar with them. they had some below them and said should go not should move. well, this is out of the windows earlier on a leash on a 4th cushion must from last projects look at the sofa. ah, a 99 to one year work at the state. a common council did catch took
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at a precise plan of exiting for the con, crisis number sheila little to what to cause the presidential or should look on the mission reform. he's a plan for those history, seditious people. of course your president, maybe it took a while or wishes to who to document you are pro, do enjoy the discourse here. look at so much of that or cause or pay it to push shallow. so no less scroll to push out of order on your project that will look as to what the holdup with a ridge eco, viola lewis, which will hold her to protect show who co shoak crucial to order a new a. he'll call other horses which, you know, provide you with the competitors fish and put it up to a korean. you grow chokes. rico. so it was supposed to mushrooms is who are i sure
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there was, there was a 1000000 when we're from the book. it in a compromise is a little shows, but if they're not gonna collect, she'll know food used to korea for him is lukea submitted new port in the story. you sort of see when you thought and you put on, you can throw it away, but it's only can little neural curricular. well, it was awesome this to so, so put it towards the economy. concert is, should you, it's under a master. you must have been good when you had the real listeners compare us to church. so system with sex, somebody will bite the bullet to go to get to a villa. it came in that say popular again, you can initiate it for them. ok. human 9. you elizabeth kim with the committee, why am i just if you cost my pay, which is that you don't my esteem in that at the us, him up it,
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which is up. see if you look the most global korea, which he goes to want you to list a chest move she gets to the us may so unless you feel more than. 6 6 a one switch missile destiny supposed to be believe it was done. so what can must somebody what she just has said if you got the new sheila bitter. i leased a vehicle at the curb can i have with. 6 a shirt from bush, a lunch with us to move here. i was on putting them in criminal
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law with the union with the lashania shimeltonet, a solicitor, just options to chat with you on that give me a ring in. 6 a little bit for me here for you, you think affordable of doing good. i'm gonna. 6 be a better one, wanna make sure you got the most. they need a new border, co worker. if any reason was to fail the cross with ah,
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in an impoverished state, with a population on edge ideology becomes the salvation. the myth of the exclusive roll of ukraine in world history began to unfold just the shout, the host to the chair of dealing with this to reach a chuck of golden obstacles to reach you will create, you know, can i be sure that about what you would open equal to the good children. hm. what are the below? hm. oh no, i just appeal a europe. so will i be sure to will a scene on the zillow. unfortunately, ukraine, the way mister hughes jenko describes it never existed. the old russian unified state under the name key oven reuss existed only until the beginning of the 11th century and was somewhat smaller. after that it just integrated into numerous independent states which carried out expansion in all directions. and none of them
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was ukraine. under croucher right, we nationalist organizations of the una you ana, so type began to form kraft took began promoting the creation of ukrainian independent national church. therefore, he supported archbishop fil a rep who got bad relations with moscow and was attempting to create his own personal key oven. patriarchy. and this did little to solve the problems. mm. mm. ah, the u. s. administration was very concerned about what was happening in ukraine. the country had 1240 nuclear warheads along with missile delivery vehicles. overall, ukraine possess, 180 meg or tons of nuclear weaponry. this is comparable to 37778
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bombs dropped on hiroshima. in addition, ukraine had strategic aviation. the could carry 492 cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. finally, there were 2600 units of tactical nuclear weapons stored in the country. ukraine's nuclear potential exceeded that of france, the united kingdom and china combined. for washington, the most important condition for co operation and economic assistance was a complete dismantling of the military nuclear potential. after long and hard negotiations, ukraine agreed. the official scholars thought this was in order to get back west coast and it is full of the chena. roberts, on juniper rose for, for me and i was just the status of go to plus a deal or something he's going to get they've done with somebody to pursue that. i'm looking at the whole number shapeless, healthy is that some? yeah, that was for the last that the question. yeah,
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well no sir. well that was one of their say, right? just a get going 1st taken what it said. you know very well how old for sales letters for, for acute on the local, you know, a little different. the genesis their mozilla, the quatre shed lonely with idea when the storage facility weaknesses very similar formats over in the sick again. so that bullshit from over little coating as recently, unless there's not exactly what i feel is similar to but mr. boost avoidant, god is not entirely correct. ukraine agreed to eliminate this nuclear potential. after long negotiations and pressure from united states and russia, there are many ukrainians who regret the loss of their nuclear weapons. a unit. it genus him that v justin. victim wires up to will neuron. you keep them on the of morton with rattle about the grim ah resort of the northern bus.
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after such a statement, it was a blessing that president clinton and boris yeltsin had enough will and determination to make ukraine eliminate their nuclear weapons. but it wasn't for free. ah, 1st the united states offered ukraine $350000000.00 in aid by black mailing and a reversal towards russia. ukraine was able to bargain for another 175000000 to dismantle the nuclear weapons. and 155000000 in economic aid from the united states . but the ukrainian politicians clearly made about deal cost on perceived $2000000000.00 for the elimination of a nuclear potential 4 times smaller. and they received a 50 percent stake in the joint cossack us oil company tank, ease chevron but neither the economic aid nor the nationalist car helped crowd shook under strong public pressure. early
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presidential elections were demanded. in 1994, he was defeated by his former prime minister. landed future. huh? oh landed coachman born on august 9th, 1938 in 1960. he graduated from the physics and technology faculty of nepa troughs state university, with a degree in mechanical engineering. he worked as an engineer at the usual oil rocket and space design bureau from 1986 to 1992. he was general director of the huge marsh association which among other things, produce nuclear launch vehicles for the ss, 18 satan missiles. in politics since 1990. he voted for the declaration of state sovereignty and for the adoption of the act on state independence from 1992 to 1993 . he was a prime minister of the government of ukraine. he was twice elected president of
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ukraine. only crowd shook coach mo worked in industry. that least he understood what the economy was and how it should operate. but unfortunately, that understand was not enough. ah, ah . what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation,
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let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down and talk ah, there is extreme nationalism which has been released in the u. s. and they want those dominance, but surely they are sensible voices in the u. s. c. that's gone to where you are heading, gone through gore. war is not the way there is another way it could be would it wouldn't fall on everyone. and i certainly believe that the corporation between china and the united states, anyone for that by to russia, would benefit man guiding much more than a contract. lou
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photo national other this my budget area. this is a similar to the story and with us cuz the more are all supposed showing me. ah, the absolutely sustain increases. second bullying with c f crucial a machine? yes. yes. we shall see. it. british commander was to watching her with a complaint, a initials, a dash of all of those for a little bit more because i.


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