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tv   News  RT  February 24, 2022 12:00am-12:30am EST

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ah ah, breaking news, hey, on r t international, vladimir putin has ordered a special military operation in don't thing the aim is to protect the people that the russian defense minister says. there is no threat to civilians and you crave. and the russian president stressed russia had no plans to occupy its neva. when i have decided to conduct a special military operation, we do not plan to occupy ukrainians. harry trees with earlier they don't yet look down people's republics, off russia for quote, help in repelling the ukrainian regimes military aggression. it comes off the don't
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boss lead us the ukrainian for with that top floor to show fire on the, during an emergency session of the un security council in new york requested by ukraine. russia on boss with this dress is moscow, has no plans to occupy. it's neva, ukraine. ah, over those of you just joining us, you're watching our t international and you're waking up today to a tidal wave of information regarding the situation and ukraine. we're going to be guiding you through all the latest updates. i do stay with us here as we try to make sense of it all. now vladimir putin has announced a military operation in don't boss during his address to the nation. this comes off to the people's republic, some dumbass turned to russia for military assistance. the russian defense
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ministries that there are no threats to the civilian population in ukraine, and the president said that would be no occupation of ukrainian territory. says if you get rich with a quote as to the article, 51 in the 7th chapter of the un charter with the sanction of the federation council . according to the friendship and mutual help treaties with the nets and luc guns for the public's, i have decided to conduct a special military operation. the goal is to protect the people who for 8 years of a bullying and genocide from the key of regime. and for this, we aim for the demilitarization and the next, if a cation of ukraine will bring to the court, those who committed multiple sanguinary crimes against civilians, including russian citizens. we do not plan to occupy ukrainian territories. we have a correspondence on the ground in the dumbass region. we have among cross coast
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reporting from don yet scans more dynasty as his downs for let's go to you 1st, moran. now a video has emerged of explosions in the guns. can you give us a sense of what the situation is like that now? well certainly this, this all started at about 5 30 in the morning when we were all looking up in the entire hotel where we were staying by this rule of artillery, which is, which has continued. there have been slight, loves as it is now. however, we can still hear the sound of explosions just not as intensely as a previously web. there was just this giant rumble of explosions, several several shelves. there were several exclusions also within the city of la guns presumably far from ukrainian positions which adjust scans kilometers.
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north of us, we saw power go out an entire dish up station will power lines of what damage. nevertheless, these, these continues now shelling with both artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems with also i hearing reports from outside of la guns province. ramon will bring us up to speed with regards to that yet, but in other areas of ukraine, the russian ministry of defense has come up and said that they are carrying out precision as strikes, targeting military infrastructure targeting anti air defenses, military air fields, as well as assets of the ukranian air force, we are hearing that the visa visa be the get precise stripes that has been and verified footage of a russian caliber cruise missiles in the air. again, as of yet, i'm verified footage, but we can certainly hear from, from here the fighting ease of continuing it is,
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it is go on going despite that despite cools for the ukrainian ukranian troops that by, by vladimir putin to lay down their arms saying that they were would be allowed without any resistance, without any interference. they would be allowed to go back to their families, but certainly must be taken into account the many positions along the conflict club here in east that you craned a man by so called volunteer battalion, such as as off battalion, which is uh which has been widely accused of using near will nazi simmer as symbols as well as being proponents of new nazi ideology. it is doubtful, it is doubtful that they will happily lay down their arms as they as the you can hear the explosions in the distance. certainly things have escalated and they are
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very intense here. lou, god's province is certainly a very distressing development for people in that region. and of course a with them today and let's cross live to remind concert now are corresponding, he's in the don yet region and we understand he was a sleepless night for many and on the at scan, how is the situation the city right now, rahman well can still hear massive explosions and artillery fire. it is a very incense. however, from the sounds of it is happening somewhere on the front line and not here in the city. a sensor of done there's can that's how has been for the entire night. we hardly slept, and jo reaching out to windows every time we heard something. however, so far nothing had landed here in the city center, but the night was a very, very alarming, so intense and continuous artillery fire continues on the front lines and that
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we've heard from the representative of the people's militia here in the net. sca republic adored missouri and he said that the, the, the nest people's republic military are now using all available methods in order to strike ukrainian army positions. and that is done in order to freak the rest of the territory of the netscape people's republic. city of laker mario both drama tours and our sly mounds. coal, so very intense fighting is taking place in the south of the republic that's about a 100 or so kilometers away from the netscape, closer to mario pool. and once again, according to the representatives of the people's militia, in some instances, ukrainian army are indeed retreating and where we're waiting on the confirmation of that. i'm not sure if you can hear the sounds of explosions at the moment, but we can hear them very well. i'm not sure the microphone can pick it up,
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but it is happening and i can smell gown gung powder in the air as well. so it is a really incense if it's reaching as far as the sensor. now i'm on the embankments here of the columbia river in domestic around me. i can see municipal transport. so working, i even saw joggers here a little bit earlier today. and i can see there a trolley bus, it is full of people, so her life continues as usual. i was the monitoring a local, her social media earlier as well. it seems that the people are very happy that their protection had the finally began. and so they're all hoping that the 8 year war her will finally be over and some of them are even joking. that's of the city of done that sc is probably the safest a. it's been in the last 8 years. and of course everyone is hoping that this will
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be sustained indeed, and remind thank you very much for that update. and thanks very much. the both of our correspondents were very fortunate to have you both there on the grounds that sir mike garcia, reporting from the guns common causeway from don. yes. good. do stay safe. i have the have a feeling is going to be a long day for all of us. in cranium, president vladimir lensky said martial law has been imposed in ukraine and that ukraine's military infrastructure is now under attack. he made an emotional appeal to the population of both countries, ukraine and russia, and said that he had tried to coal president posted, but no one had to onset him. ukraine's foreign ministry meanwhile, accuses russia of unleashing war against you cried. now, according to local report, solutions can be heard across you train. rather than say, blogs have walked the city of ca, calls which is in the east. explosions have also been reported in the area of bar
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soap on the add port, which is may kias and ukrainian military command posts are reportedly coming under rocket attack as well. while the russian defense ministry has denied all claims of rocket and air attacks on ukrainian cities and ministry spokesperson said that there are no threats to the civilian population of ukraine. as high precision weapons are incapacitating military infrastructure, including ad defense facilities. for the un security council has just concluded, an emergency meeting requested by ukraine. that's off to the don't boss. republics had asked russia to provide them with military assistance with russia saying that aim is to protect people on ukrainian territories. watson, gray, the occupation of ukraine is not included in our plans. the purpose of this special military operation is to protect people who have been suffering from genocide by the key of regime for 8 years as well as cross live. it's who are correspondent in
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new york now. caleb moore, penn. caleb, could you bring us up to speed? we understand the un security council meeting concluded a short while ago. can you tell us what we guys sure. it was an emergency meeting rather late at night, starting at 9 30 pm local time of the un security council and russia as the rotating, having the rotating position of president of the security council. russia opened the meeting and from there we heard various countries speaking. now, the united states spoke and made a lot of extreme allegations against russia, said that the entire conflict lies on the shoulders of russia, that this is all russia's fault. and they echoed a lot of what was said earlier by joe biden, in the statement that we heard from the white house that was released just as the meeting was beginning. here's some of what was said in that statement, and then echoed by the un. the un representative of the united states,
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the prayers of the entire world are with the people of ukraine tonight as they suffer an unprovoked and in justified attack by russian military forces. president putin has chosen a premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering. russia alone is responsible for the death and destruction this attack will bring. and the united states and its allies and partners will respond in a united and decisive way. the world will hold russia accountable. now, russian ambassador to the un benzene switched roles from his position as the rotating president of the security council to his role representing russia as their ambassador at the un. and from there, he proceeded to refute a lot of the fall, swords that were stated by the united states and other countries that were accusing russia. he pointed out that there indeed have been 14000 civilians over 14000 killed in don't ask and don boss since the intervention and the united states
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toppled the government of ukraine in 2014 and the showings have gone on. there has been a food blockade. there have been drone strikes, other have been other attacks leveled against the peoples of the these eastern regions. and they have been asking for russia's recognition and support for quite some time. and now in response to the attacks that russia has, has observed and the threats against them, you know, russia is, you know, listening to the people there and moving in to protect them. now he pointed out that russia does not intend for this to be a long term military engagement. they hope that they are assistance to the peoples of don, ask, and lew han. scott can be transition towards civilian aid very quickly and demilitarized. they simply intend to protect these folks from the attacks they're enduring. i hear some of what in bows, nor to benzine said before the un security council. so now i would like to ask the ambassador over the russian federation to say on the records that at these very
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moment your troops do not shell and bomb ukrainian cities that your troops do not move in the territory of ukraine. we will provide you with information about how the events are developing. this isn't called a war. it's called a special military operation in don bass. now that exchange you just saw, that was, as the ukranian representative was speaking, he was asking, you know, asking questions of the russian representative. so he then answered the question, to which the reply was, why you interrupting me when i'm speaking at which the russian ambassador replied, don't ask me questions while you're speaking. if you don't want an answer, it was quite a heated exchange on the floor of the un security council. as russia made clear that the peoples of the don boss regions are being protected,
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the russian ambassador pointed out that all of these accusatory words against russia don't seem to show any concern for the 4000000 people that live in these eastern regions. and the don bass regions, and that they don't seem to be of any concern to these countries that are leveling allegations against russia. now the meeting ended very abruptly. it was a short meeting. countries stated their position. then the gavel was banged, and the meeting ended. so it was quite an abrupt meeting, pretty clear differences between countries and the security council chamber that we saw earlier tonight at the emergency meeting. so very little resolved, but thank you for bringing it up to speed. caleb moore pin speaking to his live from new york. well, let's cross lie over and discuss it further. now with for me, us diplomat. jim johnson. thank you very much for joining us this morning. we'll waking up to such distressing and confusing news on the way. and let's start with the explosions that have been heard in several ukrainian fifty's because rush us
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defense ministry says that russia is not targeting any civilian areas. so what developments can be expected to as the day jewels on? well, it seems that what we're seeing it initially is a kind of a shock and all can pay. and if we can use that phrase where russia is very dramatically striking at military targets, that could be construed as threatening to the gong boss. republics. and i would say beyond that probably dismantling the infrastructure, the military infrastructure of the ukrainian state. let's remember that in a statement last year, president putin essentially said that ukraine can be a viable, prosperous, independent state. it has a good relationship with russian does not threaten russia's vital national security . but if it insist on being a platform for nato and for hostility to russia, then there will be no more ukrainian state. and i, i have to wonder at this point at what when, when we will say that the credit status is cease to become viable. this is not an
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attack on cities or on civilians, but essentially, you know, the chickens coming home to roost after after the west and ukrainian returning a deaf ear to moscow's demand for security guarantees, or 4 minutes, excuse me, 44 q to meet his obligation on a minute to agreement. so now, now we're seeing the consequences of that. so the kind of media lead a lot of method lensky said he had a phone conversation with president by didn't that foreign support is expected, but that president payton promised to respond immediately in the case of authority intervention. so what are the chances that the west to what intervene is pretty close to 0 present by many clear that there would be no direct military response to events in ukraine? certainly, no american troops were getting involved militarily praying. they've gone through
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the posturing of saying token contingents of american and other nathan forces to various countries border and ukraine, whether was talking about poland or elsewhere in the region, not bordering or can like the baltic states, bulky area, romania and so forth. but i don't see any circumstances we're american or other nato forces will be directly involved in ukraine. that was made clear up front. and i think mr. prudent has taken that into his calculations. so the u. s. has said that it will now apply full scale of sanctions against russia. that what exactly can be expected from that that, you know, that's a very good question. i don't think the, the people washer to know. we saw the initial list of things was that came out after the recognition, the don't boss republics, they were certainly not perfectly impressive. russia has worked very hard the last 8 years of this crisis to make it so sanctions prove, i don't think there's much they can do. and i think they know that even this cut
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off of north string to or the suspension of the certification, i think is very much in question since no german government can really survive by cutting that thing off for permanently. so i think this could be a lot of harsh rhetoric and running around like chickens with their heads cut off and threatening, but they won't really do much of anything. and in your opinion, to think that president peyton is deficient to declare this special military operation with inevitable. and i'm interested to know whether you were shocked to. so when you had the need, what i say, yes, i was shocked. i was a little bit surprised at the speed indecisiveness of what i expected when it became clear that he was recognizing that done by republic within their constitutional borders. that he was putting the crane authorities in a no win situation. because then they're violated from russia's point of view, the sovereignty of these new states and would be obliged to withdraw their forces
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from the territory of those republics and stop all the shelling at the line of control. something that they probably didn't even have the power to do given how little control zalinski certainly, or even the central ukrainian government has over some of these forces. i expected this to be unfolding over the next few days, perhaps weeks. i did not expect it to happen so decisively and it's such a wide spread matter on so short notice. we've got these k sites to the story. now we've got a president bind in saying ukrainian on to unjustified attacks from russia make a rush is saying it's protecting people. so we already know which side the mainstream media is going to deciding with which claim carries the most weight in you with you. well, i think the russian claims there's more weight, but you're right, the mainstream media around the world will carry the, the, the nato narrative just like they did do on everything else. and i think that russia is also long since made. it's made up its mind that they don't really care
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with these. people say they're going to stay state their side of the story. they're going to act on it the they've got their ducks in a row. militarily, they realize there's no real response that could come from the other side and they're going to brass it out and let the other ones call them all the names they want to. let's see. and then and chris, you, i'm for jump up and downstream. all they want and it won't make any difference. to what extent you think western governments will be trying to influence the way he has deals with this crisis from today on i think from today on it's not entirely clear there's any key of to do with the crisis. what, what, what, what, what the ukrainian state will look like in the very near future, and whether there is a ukrainian states and whether mr. zaleski is even the head of anything that can be call a state in the very near future is a very, i think, a very open question will have to see. i, you know, i think one of the less is the russians were learned militarily,
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was from their operations and syria, where they don't necessarily have to occupy a wide swath of territory. they can, can target it a very precise way. the structures that they wish to destroy hostile formations that they wish to destroy, leaving the other side with not much to work with. and that seems to be going on here. i don't maybe mr. less he's going to find himself the head of a non government in exile somewhere in the very near future. thank you for joining us on the plan for the u. s. department jim josh asked me appreciate you insights on the whole situation. thank you. thank you, maria. we spoke with independent, won't generalist patrick lancaster who is on the ground in don. yes. day when we were at the sight of the id is to revise explosive device attack on the road. going from done yes. to lift. we were documenting the aftermath and as we were there more shells started coming in. it was
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a little bit nervous situation thing definite increase in the showing coming from ukrainian territory and increase in the use of improvised explosive devices. yesterday there were 3 civilians killed on the highway where tween done? yes. can go look. and this morning there was an explosive device outside the tv station. the main tv station headquarters here just exploded and knocked out almost every window in the building. luckily, there was no civilian casualties, but this shows definitely increase in the hostilities from ukraine and increase in the targeting of civilians. the fact that they are showing areas. this is something that they've been denying to the last almost 8 years now. they've never admitted that they were showing civilian areas,
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so i don't think we could expect them to admit it, but the fact is it's happening for them by then have announced a g 7 meeting, he called on nato allies, to deliver a strong united response to what he called rushes. needless act of aggression against ukraine. we can go to our correspondence to get more on this. now let's go live to poll asleep. he's in berlin. paula, good to see this morning. what do you think we can expect from beth g 7 meeting while we're going to listen and hear much of the same condemnation that has been happening all along. we've heard from joe biden, that this is an unprovoked and justified action on behalf of rush. in fact, we're hearing the same kind of language coming out of everybody who has started responding in the early hours. now we've heard, for example, from joseph burrell, the high representative of the european union for financial phase and security policy, saying, and quote, we strongly condemn rushes,
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unjustified attack on ukraine. it is unprovoked and we hold the criminal responsible, the same language coming from fund delay and who is the president of the european council. the exact same statement has been issued on her behalf on twitter. now we are hearing that nato may also meet the shortly the secretary general hadn't yet responded. but the last comment from him were that there is a lot of stake. and he accused russia of trying to redraw the borders in europe. and also try to rewrite what he called the entire global security architecture. we are hearing from bobby johnson. he has treated that he is to quote a port. he says he's spoken to the ukranian president lensky, and that person has chosen the path of bloodshed and destruction, and the u. k. and its allies will act decisively. the united nations secretary
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general has issued a direct plea to president putin saying in a close, in the name of humanity, bring your troops back. he said that this is the saddest moment in my tenure, and he has been in office for some 5 years. so we're likely to see the same kind of comments as i say most mostly the sentiment that this is unprovoked and unjustified coming from the international community, but will keep you abreast of developments for that. we appreciate that said i thought he's correspondent paul asleep speaking to his life from berlin with the latest the well, we can bring in another guess now less cause live to journalists and mileage. thank you very much for joining us on the program this morning. in your opinion, was president putin decision to declare a special military operation inevitable? in retrospect, yes, the signs were all there. the moment that the letter from the 2 leaders of the dawn bash republics was made public or tuesday's letter that was made public wednesday
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afternoon to day requested rushes, military assistance under articles of the mutual friendship treaty. it was obvious that something was going to happen. i didn't expect the extent of the operation that seems to be unfolding. but as of wednesday afternoon, it was obvious that at least russian peacekeepers would enter don bass. that's what i believe was going to be the most likely outcome. so that the us president vida, and he's saying ukraine is on the unjustified attack from russia. meanwhile, russia of course, is saying is protecting people so which claim carries the most weight in your view . well, depends with whom biden's claim will obviously carry weight in the part of the world that's under domination of what president called the american empire of lies . whereas obviously boots claim might, is definitely going to resonate more in russia obviously. and the question is, how will the rest of the world, including china, india, africa, south america?
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how will they react to it? i think basically the entire world will have to choose sides. but in terms of public opinion, i guess we're going to see the us is saying it's not going to apply full scale sanctions against russia. so what do you think will we can expect from that full scale sanctions? i, i don't even think that people at the white house know what that means if they want to go fully separate all diplomatic ties. sweep to system banking sanctions, everything. everything short of open war. but then again, those sanctions are, themselves are approaching an act of war and the sanctions that have been imposed already. i don't like to call them sanctions. it's, it's, it's the wrong word for it. but they already approaching an active war. and biden himself is that repeatedly the d u. s. doesn't intend to fight a war with russia. so i'm not really sure. i think there's
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a lot more. ringback stuff coming down the pike in terms of symbolic deeds for internal american consumption. but specifics, i don't know. i think what the most nerve wracking thing is, where do things go from head, do things continue to escalate or come? we hope for some kind of calm in the coming hours and days, the ukrainian leaders lensky. he said he had a phone conversation with president biden, and the foreign support is expected. and we already know that president putin has promised to respond immediately if there is any foreign intervention. so knowing that it's not with president by the knowing what are the chances that the west willing to v personally, i will go on record right now. i think the chances are very, very low right now, especially with the speed with which the russian manager has reportedly been moving . i think a lot of the people at the pentagon or spectrum's or had a nice lot of the people in brussels. the command are completely caught off guard
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by this i think any sort of military intervention plans. i mean, again, binding the said he doesn't intend to send american troops into your brain to pike russia. and i think was very, very clear as to what kind of response russia will level if something like that happens. i think there's going to be a lot of rhetoric, a lot of angry rhetoric coming from the west, but i don't believe they're going to actually pull off. britain enters world war one type thing i could be wrong. get into if that, if that's the case, we're all going to die very quickly. i'm sorry to say, but i don't think that's going to happen. and now the use foreign policy chief is alleged that the entire crisis of ukraine was manufactured by russia. if it all rushes fault, no, i don't think so at all. no, i've been ukraine has been doing this.


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