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and upholding the principle of own devices or security to eventually form a ballast, effective and sustainable european security mechanism. compliant shina believes that the security council should give priority to regional peace and the bullet law and the universe. so security of all countries and play a constructive role in resolving the ukraine issue, actions taken by the un dosher. how cool the situation would and facilitate diplomatic solution to avoid im escalation of tensions him. i thank you miss the president. she must sure will. thank you, i now give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. thank you mister president. the united kingdom welcomes the result of this vote today by voting in favor of convening an emergency special session of the general assembly on ukraine to morrow. the members of this council have laid bare rushes,
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diplomatic impotence. russia again was isolated in opposing this resolution. but russia cannot stop the world from coming together to condemn its invasion of ukraine. as each day passes in this unprovoked and unjustified war support for the people of ukraine, their plight and their fight for freedom grows. so we urge all members of the united nations to use their voice to morrow, to call for the immediate withdrawal of more russian forces from ukraine and, and this war. thank you. but she was the thank you, i now get the fire therapist had to do with india.
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mister president. it is regrettable that the situation in ukraine has worse and further since the counsel last convened on this matter, video to date, a call for immediate session of violence and an end all hostilities. that is no other choice, but to return back to the part of diplomacy and dialogue. our prime minister has advocated this strongly in his reason conversations with the leadership of the russian federation and ukraine. in this regard, we welcome today's announcement by both sides to hold docks at the bellows border. the global order is anchored on international law, un charter, and respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states. we are all agreed on these principles. we continued to be deeply concerned about the safety
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and security of indian nationals, including a large number of indian students who are still stranded in ukraine. are evacuation efforts have been adversely impacted by the complex and uncertain situation at the border crossings. it is important to maintain an uninterrupted and predictable moment of people. it is an urgent humanitarian necessity. that must be immediately addressed. taking into consideration the totality of circumstances we decided to abstain. thank you. as he were thank hill. i now give a fly to the representative of norway. norway voted in favor of the draft resolution. just 2 days ago, in this chamber, we all saw that russia was isolated and had no support for its attack on ukraine.
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russia's action is unacceptable. russia is wrong. russia east, the aggressor, that violates the very core principles of international law that the united nations stand for. on friday, these council failed its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. the counsels response to the breach of the peace and the act of aggression failed because of the veto by the aggressor itself. preventing such acts is a direct responsibility of this council. therefore, it was necessary to recon lien to day to decide to call an emergency special session of the general assembly on this issue. now we will take this matter to the general assembly with the purpose of making appropriate recommendation to members for collective measures. russia will be held accountable. the civilian population,
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including children, is suffering. the consequences of this horrifying conflict killings, this placement and disappearances fighting in and around urban areas and the use of heavy explosive weapons, destruction, or civilian infrastructure. we remain deeply concerned about the protected harm to the civilian population, norway, east on the side of the duke of the ukrainian people and its government. we are providing further assistance to ukraine. the norwegian government has today decided to provide $226000000.00 us dollar in humanitarian assistance to ukraine. let me conclude by reiterating that norway insist that the russian federation immediately completely and unconditionally stops all fighting and withdraws all its forces from the territory of okay,
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thank you. thank you. thank you. i now give the far to the representative of brazil . thank you mister president. mister president, last friday, my delegation laid up before the council. a comprehensive view of its concerns regarding the security developments in and around ukraine. nothing in the intervening period has led us to having heard those concerns a lead. on the contrary, in fact, as we speak, the number of casualties, the human suffering, and the risks to international peace and security. keep increasing by the hour. indeed, even a year in you and hcr numbers recently spread already place the number of refugees at 422000.
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we have voted in favor of the draft resolution before the council, despite misgivings about its timing and its contribution to achieving peace. these misgivings stem, ultimately, from our unyielding commitment of respect for and interest in upholding the charter and the role of the security council. the urgency of the situation has convinced us of the need to add the voice of the general assembly to that of the security council in seeking solutions to the crisis in and around ukraine. this in no way detract from our firm belief that the council, with its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, has not yet exhausted the intro instruments and mechanisms at its disposal to
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contribute to a negotiated and diplomatic solution towards peace. therefore, we reiterate our call for an immediate cessation of hostilities for full respect to humanitarian law and for a renewed attempt within the council for the promotion of and support to a process of dialogue between the parties involved. a role that the council is inherently better equipped to provide, in order to bring a peaceful solution to the ukrainian conflict. the security council and the general assembly must work together as will renew our calls for an immediate cease fire. we also appeal to ukraine and russia to facilitate the withdrawal of all persons who want to leave the ukrainian territory. brazil already wishes to express
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its gratitude to poland, slovakia, hungary, moldova, romania, and others who are facilitating the exit of people feeling the conflict in particular, brazilians, and latin americans. mister president, let us be exceedingly cautious in moving forward. in the general assembly, the supply of weapons, the recourse to cyber attacks and the application of selective sanctions, which could effect fletcher sectors, such as fertilizers and wheat, with a strong risk of famine entail the risk of exacerbating the conflict and not of solving it. we cannot be oblivious to the fact that these measures enhance the risks of wider and direct confrontation between the 2 and russia.
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it is our duty both in the council and the general assembly to stop and reverse this escalation. we need to engage in serious negotiations in good faith that could allow the restoration of ukraine's territorial integrity, security guarantees for ukraine and russia and strategic stability in europe. i thank you. thank you. i now get the fire till gabon. i've seen a super thank you president, look and say that the counselor's meeting this sunday are to try to echo the unequivocal messages of the international community against the war in ukraine. as we have stated before this council just 2 days ago, we reiterate our constant attachment to the founding principles of the charter of
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the united nations. which compel each one of its members stains with we also have faith in the solid are in international subject, solidarity, and multilateralism. even though it is hon on behalf of these values, which give our organisation in our charter, it's folded relevance and nobility that we voted in favor of holding a special session of the general assembly of the united nations on ukraine, nor process. so our thoughts today is go to those innocent people who are suffering the horrors of a war that they have neither chosen nor provoked. here this, these thousands of civilians who are fleeing their homes, their towns and their country to seek refuge elsewhere. my country is deeply concerned by the attacks against civilians and civilian public goods and colds for de escalation. i prolong,
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when we call upon the belligerents to abstain from any use or threat of the use of weapons whose effects would be indiscriminate avenue. finally, a gabon continues to call for an immediate cease fire and the other and a resumption of frank sincere dialogue live on clocked on. it is still time you would young. it is always time to choose dialogue and diplomacy over force. thank you. thank you. i now give the floor to the united arab emirates. mr. president, the you are your regrets with the situation ukraine has worse and since our last meeting and reiterates it's call for a cessation of hostilities, we remain steadfast in our belief that dialogue and diplomacy should be the only path to resolving differences. we therefore welcome today's news that talks may
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commence to morrow morning on the ukraine, bella rose border. this is urgent and much needed. we will work tirelessly to support efforts towards a peaceful resolution. as we conveyed on friday, the developments in ukraine undermined regional and international peace and security. the u. e reiterates that the protection of civilians in ukraine is of the utmost importance. particularly as the security situation escalates. civilians trying to reach safety must be able to leave unhindered. it is of paramount importance that necessary humanitarian aid is delivered to those in need . space for humanitarian assistance must be preserved. so humanitarian actors can maintain access to civilians. we empathy and we
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emphasize the importance of upholding international humanitarian law and mitigating the impact of this conflict on the most vulnerable. we reiterate once again, the absolute need to uphold the principles of the un charter. in particular, respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all member states. i thank you. thank you. i now get her to the representative of ghana this oppressed and let me begin by acknowledging dangerous moments, relieving and notes, and the necessity for diplomacy to triumph over war. i therefore asked that even in this difficult moment and not diplomatic representatives of our states,
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we maintain the commitment of our states, the dialogue and the objectives of peace. last friday. because of the exercise of the v to this council was unable to assume it's primaries, one's ability to act on a trip to international peace and screechy, follow the russian federation aggression against you creek and it's time for the general assembly to our gym is received, rout responsibility and to pronounce of on the matter. and it is for this reason that ghana voted for this resolution just adopted. as we consider the resolution we have just adopted. it is important that we do. so sobriety not only for this generation, but also for those whose blood and to speak to us from the restless grace of the 2
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was as a condition for becoming a member of the united nations. we have all declared to accept the obligation is contained in the chapter in our very meant of our peace love in nature to day the peace we seem to love this. treachery cannot therefore cause a norman bastisse to participate in the emergency special session of the general assembly in a constructive manner to unite around the core for peace. his top end is unjustified war that has already caused the needless loss of many lives. i thank you very much for your kind attention pushing. thank you. i shall now deliver statement in my capacity as the representative of the russian federation of the russian federation voted against the draft to resolution submitted in connection with the fact that its sponsors proposed that it be registered,
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that the security council failed to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. at the same time, we did not see even a hint at an attempt to reach a constructive solution at the council with and yet 2 days ago we turned we blocked a draft to specifically for the reason that it was both one sided and imbalanced. we have not seen any new initiatives since then. the u. n. and the united nations security council were created in the postwar period with the aim of saving, succeeding generations from the scourge of war to that. and global power is reached, concurred to reach agreement among themselves. ideally, to reach consensus and in any event and certainly not to attempt to push through decisions on one another, nor to attempt to disregard the interests of any member of the p 5. this is precisely why the council has the vested right for permanent members to block a decision. this is not a privilege. this is
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a mechanism for insuring the balance of interests which is of such paramount importance for the entire world. and through this balance of interest for that shipment of global stability, any attempt to circumvent the position of the russian federation, any attempt to disregard it undermines the very bedrock of the un charter. there is a need not to push through such schemes but rather to endeavour to find common ground regardless of our western partners. attempts to avoid this including when they this re guarded our legitimate concerns in connection with nato's policy and the western and both countries of violation of the core principles of the always c e. on the indivisibility of security. now, there is a need to focus on resolving the situation which precipitated the crisis, which, which we are grappling with. this crisis broke out, not as a result of the launch of the russian special military operation in ukraine, but much earlier when for 8 years you've turned
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a blind eye to the crimes perpetrated by the ukrainian nationalists and dunbar was and again to day. oh, you did not mention at all the suffering of the residence of dunbar even little for it was little indeed. well, what was the, the homes in that box, which is, which was me raised by the ukranian armed forces. and these images are now obtained being taken by western military outlets and being portrayed shamelessly at the consequences of our military operation, ukraine. and today, during this meeting, once again, we care lies, deceit and fakes on use. labradoodle pad about the indiscriminate showing buchanan a cities, hospitals, and schools. but he's gone. the russian army does not threaten civilians in ukraine . it is not showing civilian infrastructure authority to to civilians is now paused
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by ukrainian nationalists will effectively who sees the as hostages, the residence of ukraine, and they are using them. now as human shields move, there is a multitude of a bit of evidence. so from ukrainian said that the nationalist list, despite their protest, are taking heavy equipment, multiple rocket launchers and, and deploying them in residential areas. this is an egregious violation of international humanitarian law which needs to be duly condemned. also do the, essentially, this is the same tactic that is being used by isolate her. all responsibility for the possible repercussions of follow lies at the feet of them. i don regime the residence of ukraine are also threatened by the ongoing radicals, a giving power to all of those who wish, including cope prisoners from escaping from jail. they are taking a weapons which are now being used by more dirt marketers and, and thieves and criminals. that social networks will have sufficient evidence of
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this from the residence of kia and other cities that this demonstrate the reckless approach of the ukranian authorities visa v. their own citizens just now against the russian federation and social networks. there has been information war has been unleashed, in so far as evidence of destruction of civilian infrastructure by russia military does not exist. the ukrainians strikes and accidental strike. one end of videos from dunbar are being portrayed as such, and these are actually being carried out by ukrainian nationalists. furthermore, social networks has a post of nadia occasional manuals about how to create fakes to depict our military operations and fabrications. and the social networks have 1200000 who such fakes circulating. we urge our colleagues not who a 8 and
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a bad the proliferation of such this information. although i fear that once again, these, this call will fall on deaf ears. i now resume my duties as the president of the security council, and i give the floor to the representative of ukraine distinguished members of the security council. i would like to stress my gratitude to those of you who have supported the request to call the un general assembly emergency session. i immediately expressed my regret that once again, the rule 20, all the provisional rules of this cute consult has not been properly applied by the
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presidency. however, i expressed my relief that these rape of the institute of the presidency of the un security council will be over in less than 48 hours for those who appears to see no reason in supporting the request to have the emergency session. despite my yesterday's letter sent to all of you, but the representative of the dresser, i would like just to tell you the following. do you know the most often warning now in the most of ukrainian cities? attention, error rates, please proceed to the shelters. and i do recommend you to look at the pictures and footages or what happened afterwards. day to day night
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tonight. i will continue to invite old members of the security council to join the catharsis. these probation of this institution that will only save this institution for next generations ross are persists in these aggression this by the initial plan of this creek. and it failed. and the old seat these fella prompted the bloody and mad russian leadership to all that heavy ceilings of the residential areas. critical infrastructure and storage is of hazard materials in retaliation for ukrainian resilience and resistance. it is extremely alarming that the russian
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president has supported has resulted today to open nuclear black male. the world my stake, these threat very seriously excellence is now the most in stance. fighting occurs around the ukranian capital as well as the north east. harkey, su me, your new give and in the south here. so on. mario long range operation though and tactical aircraft high precision long range who happens multiple rocket launcher systems are widely used against the ukrainians. among the most telling, recent examples of russia and course of action in ukraine. me style strike on the town of silky, which is practically, he's a saba of the capital. emphasized here the oil, the pull causing
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a large scale fire. it was also selling in car keep that damage to the gas pipeline. according to the cleaner health minister, victor last score at least 16 children killed scenes. 24 february 2022. when a large scale military aggression against ukraine was launched, on february 6th, on february 26, a 7 year old girl who had been seriously wounded during the selling of the king. the garden sun in the city over the car, died on the same day due to the selling and gunshots. one child was killed and 2 wounded in the national children hospital asked monday in cave you to strat air raids, matalin you there in the hospital is in a number of cities including key park. if sue me here being out to name just if you
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could not operate normally ukrainian children are born in bomb shelters. according to the ministry of educational ukraine. as of now more than 30350000 school children have no access to education. $33.00 schools with or $5500.00 students are closed due to severe insecurity in civil areas. today i have brought these are boiling facts to the attention of the unicef asking to respond immediately to the situation the proper qualification, to the actions of the russian federation. and take all possible measures to stop so that that and violence against children in ukraine due to the latin russian aggression. i send the it by the diplomatic note and i'm looking forward to work
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with the unit staff on the issue. the law office of the enemy. as early february 27 have amounted to nearly 4300 personnel killed and over 200 taking as prisoners a war. the detailed information is posted by the ministry of defense of ukraine. distinguished members of the security council. as always, russia denies that his soldiers are taken prisoners. that is, that taken prisoner, some are recognized. oh, the soldiers that are healed, ah recognized. in this regard,
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ukraine has opened a hot line in title come back alive from ukraine for relative. so russian soldiers who are not aware of their whereabouts and cannot contact them. the hot line is opened by the government of ukraine. over $100.00 kools from russian mothers were received during the 1st ala opiates walk. it is unfortunate, however, that to day pursuant to the decision, oh, the prosecutor general of the russian federation. they see the line and the dedicated website has been shut down. so i want
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to use this opportunity to read the telephone number for anyone in russia who would like to call and ask about the keels or taking prisoners or soldiers, what they can prisoners in ukraine, adding inquire about their well being. it is 380894201860 . we will distribute this information after the meeting. and i hope that after i read this number, the russian federation and the government would not shut down the website or the united nations. we condemn the bellows is being deeply engaged in the armed aggression against ukraine. since the beginning of the russian
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aggression these country has provided is there to re.


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