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tv   News  RT  February 28, 2022 12:00am-12:31am EST

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ah, ah, locals in southern ukraine reports what appears to be a mis. i'll a talk with ongoing bottles for the city of norway cock of just north of crimea. meanwhile, a hope for a diplomatic solution. officials from moscow, cuba supposed to meet on the bell russian border with the un security council calls for emergent reh special session on the bushes, mich operation, ukraine at western powers. try to isolate to moscow the you close it, air space to rush and flights and announces a ban on news agencies oxy. nick on their subsidiaries. with
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your watching r. c international. my name is peter scott and wherever you are joining us from. welcome to the program. now as the russian military operation in ukraine and this 5th day, these are the latest developments on verified videos of what looks like a mis solid, a coming from the south of ukraine, where locals are reporting ongoing fighting in the city of norway cock of co. this video purportedly shows an apartment building, allegedly hit by a rocket. overnights in the northern city of chattanooga of the lower floors were damaged where a fire ruptured report say, one woman was injured on the blaze has been extinguished. excuse me,
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diplomatic talks to resolve the conflicts are expected later today with the ukrainian delegation, heading to the border with bella, ruth, to meet with russian officials now art sees constant scene ross called the joint alive from bella. ruth, with the latest on those negotiations, constant scene. what do we know at the moments about these room? it's all, what can you tell us the morning peter? well, it's not clear if the negotiations between russia and ukraine have started yet. we had information that they should begin at 8 am in the morning. so right now, but so far, we don't have information that can confirm this, but even if they haven't started yet, this can happen any minute now. and these piece talks were actually supposed to kick off yesterday, but the delay was caused by a complicated logistics. the training delegation went to poland 1st and then to bella roost, instead of going from here directly towards the bella russian border. that's
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according to a bell or russian politician who's been involved in the preparations for the summit . let's have a listen. we've been listening your delegation on the talks by a long route through the republican, poland for the territory of public capacities for the old bridge border crossing. they said to sit down to security issues since of things going on, the russian border area. and in what, in the county of region, i think they could become the victims of either accidental rock, any fire or territory or defense. that is because they distributed tens of thousands of machine gun grenades and r p g to civilians without checking over their medical certificates or criminal records. on the meetings. exact location is captain secret for security reasons, but we understand that the both sides are going to sit down for talks in the bell, russian region of carmel, close to the border with ukraine. this is where we now,
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the media are not invited obviously, but we expect a public statement from the russian delegation. as soon as the meeting is over, while i have to say the chances were initially low, these talks would happen. the russian delegation came to men's concern. they only hear that he has no desire to send its delegation to valor is on the grounds that men, scholastically to active part in russia is military operation in ukraine. this is something that the vital russian president, alexander lucas shank. oh, strongly denied that the russian said, well, we're going to wait until 3 pm moscow time yesterday, and then we leave. and as they were about to depart from moscow, the crating president phone his valid washing counterpart and said that he's ready to send his people and half ago she ations. but it's hard to tell if the 2 sides can find common ground here. i mean, what he is and moscow said publicly in the past couple of days indicates that their positions are far apart. the craning side wants to cease fire while the russian side and says that the crating armed forces and nationalist militia units must lay
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down their arms and surrender. while i trust you bring us any updates as and when you get them constant c not thought c. constantino's called reporting from bella is thank you. now journalist and political analyst, java, ron believes these diplomatic negotiations, one of the best option for resolving conflicts. if there are, there are no box, there are no peace talks. that means more wireless in the you can know, as the situation exist on the ground, it seems that the russian forces were dick order. and are you calling in maybe an amount of days and weeks or so? i think it is an option with the u. cleaning government now to directly speak with the russian government and whole negotiations and get concessions. unfortunately, it seems a bigger a game plan which is being being played up on the ukraine. and that is the, the vest. perhaps it has been influenced by the military industrial complex be they
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are they want the reference to be short know in the you can and i think that may be part of the problem because it was very known to everybody that there is no match to the russian military and nonetheless, there, then there you can is more often father wishes that that means that the peps rest wants more war in the, in the, in that part of the world. let's now have a look at the developments on the ground in ukraine, marked in red and blue on this map of the 2 don bus republics, according to the borders recently recognized by russia, the russian defense ministry claims that the guns militia forces have re taken 30 from the ukranian army, some 60 kilometers beyond the previous front line. while the near forces have reportedly advanced by 21 kilometers and zooming out to ukraine as a whole. these are the cities that russia's ministry claims to be. the thieves
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ought to be currently fighting for these on verified pitches are coming from the ukranian capital, where local se defense systems are actively operating. meanwhile, this voltage was filmed in ukraine, 2nd largest city shark of where residents have reported hearing, couldn't fire and explosions overnight on this next video, purportedly shows an explosion near murray will pull the targets of which is still unclear. we are working to confirm what's actually going on in that area. meanwhile, forces of the done yet and gone through people's republics advancing westward with ukrainian troops, purportedly surrounded near the city of mario. let's cross live now to our correspondence on the ground more i'd guess div moran was the situation like
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on the phone lines. the well, what we are hearing is that the city of mary you pull, which is ukraine's largest port, is, is now almost surrounded with, with the garrison. that is there. the russian side has said that it is nationalist elements that are putting up the stiffest resistance and that those units belonging to the regular military to regular formations, that they are choosing to negotiate. and in some cases, lay down their arms and return to their homes. but it is very difficult to verify this information at this time because events are developing too quickly. and because there are so few reliable reports close to the front lines where it is extremely dangerous. the situation there is that many rooms have been mind. we have received reports from the city of the dance, which is a half way between the crimea and mario ball,
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which is at the axis of russian advance, which is a, which is where you credit units have planted in the city itself. and in the outskirts minds, for example, to, to surprise that to devastate advancing force as it is very difficult to reach mario pool, the vicinity of mario pal at this point. unfortunately, in the part of all of this, our civilians who are all over the next people's republic regards people's republic as well as parts of ukraine who are hunkering down in basements and the waiting for the all of this to end ah, cook up with
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there has been according to reports, more than a dozen civilian casualties. here in the city of the near victims of fun, directed find and the neighbourhood civilian neighborhoods, places wet weather, apartment buildings and, and other houses. we have seen, of course, soon over ukraine, different reactions to this operation. there are certainly civilians who have been happy to see russian forces but there, but they have also been those who have been less than happy to see again. russian troops advancing through through ukraine on the whole, with authorities, with the, the good, the good with the, the, the administrations of various villages and towns there has been contact. they have a been somewhat responsible have tried to fly to agree try to negotiate with russian forces about responsibilities, for example, about joint patrols with police being with police being kept up to speed and
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allowed to do their job to prevent looting. for example, to prevent crime murders from taking place in the anarchy that is often left behind . after military operations and the lady, we discussed the actions of the military claim to enter the city and sure order and reassure residence. they convinced me that this would not affect the life of the city in any way. there will be order in the city. our police will patrol it in full there is, there is of course, also also the fact that the russian military has been keeping us up to date on it's statistics, which is how many various military infrastructure sites, objectives they have destroyed, which is shaft. this point over a 1000, as well as the majority from what we understand of ukraine's air force has been
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destroyed. many before being able to take off many jets, many got us before being able to take off in strikes, directed at airports and, and fields and hangers, and other objects belonging assets belonging to the ukranian air force via west bank of the west bank of kia, this also said to be under the control of the russian military, viv could the situation and care fees of course. desperate made much more so after authorities there, boosted that they had handed out almost 30030000 assault rifles. 10000000 rounds of ammunition, r, p g 's, as well as grenades to the civilian population. we heard at 1st that the only a passport was required. there was footage of people just coming up to the to boxes and, and trucks picking up guns by the dozen and, and leaving, which has resulted in as we have seen on social media, get
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a verified footage anarchy in the, in the capital. a capital of ukraine. nevertheless, the russian side says that he's making all efforts to avoid civilian casualties, which, which includes a bad on bombing blog to launching a rocket missiles at indiscriminately at cities and trying to keep will stripes, procedure stripes to our military infrastructure sites. and again, have reiterated that they are offering ukrainian forces. those that don't, don't belong to nationalist or neo nazi battalions. they are offering them the chance to surrender, that they will be treated with respect and allowed to return to their fabulous forces. the minnesota, the russian ministry of defense will continue to treat all ukrainian armed forces service men who lay down their arms with dignity. we understand that they took an oath to protect the people of ukraine or some of all who lay down their arms and
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cease resistance will be returned to their families. but on the whole, of course, there is a mood of escalation, international escalation, that is the big fear. now, a runaway escalation that could lead to disastrous disastrous consequences. we have heard the european union and nato countries say that they will supply arms, including heavy munitions to, to you crate to ukraine. sant forces via corridors seen west and ukraine. we have fall to her tremendous numbers, thousands upon thousands, tens of thousands of guided missiles as well as anti anti air missiles. and even reports of jets, jets fighter jets that they are planning to hand over to ukraine. it is unclear how they will be able to do that, especially in you of a statement by senior russian official, the any such transfers could, could potentially be targeted by be targeted by precision stripes. nevertheless,
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the situation of course, developing at a very rapid and a very concerning speed. but we will try to keep up with development here, especially nice than is the ukraine in that the nets republic as it is recognized by a, by us in russia as a r t, the senior correspondent broadcast the of not thank you very much. beginners updates in the don bus region. thank you. the united nations security council has called a rare emergency meeting to focus on the situation in ukraine with the u. s. and is western allies seeking to isolate moscow. russia recently used this veto as a permanent member of the council to cancel a resolution against moscow. while china, india, and the u. e. all abstained. on new york correspondence killable reports, the representative of the united states hurled a lot of allegations at russia, accusing russia of many things, and blaming russia for the entire conflict. hear some of what we heard from the
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representative of the united states before the security council. we need to take extraordinary actions to meet this threat, to our international system, and do everything we can to help ukraine and it's people. just this morning, president putin put rushes new killer forces on high alert, even though he is invading a country with no new killer weapons, and is under no threat from nato, a defensive alliance that will not fight in ukraine. we urge russia to tone down is dangerous rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons. now from there are a number of countries aligned with the united states echoed these allegations from the united states, placing the blame for the conflict solely on the shoulders of russia. now we heard china take to the floor of the un security council meeting, and when china spoke,
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they called for a de escalation, they urged dialogue. here's what china had to say when they spoke to the security council meeting. china supports and encourages, or diplomatic efforts conducive to a peaceful settlement of the ukraine crisis and welcomes the earliest possible direct dialogue and negotiations between russia and ukraine. at the same time, china supports equal footed dialogues between the you and russia on european security issues. the security council should give priority to regional peace and stability and the universe. so security of all countries and play a constructive role in resolving the ukraine issue. now from there we did see russia take to the floor and debunk a large number of the allegations. and he did rhetoric, we heard from other countries, one theme that was very key in the remarks made by russian ambassador and
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a band via was fake news than the fact that there are videos circulating throughout the internet. that purport to be from ukraine showing russian atrocities. when in reality, some of them in been filmed in libya, some of them have been filmed in syria. some of them have even been filmed, come from video games and united states. there are videos of actual atrocities committed by the ukranian military against the peoples of the don boss, region that are now being shown as if to place the blame on the russian military. so a lot of deception, the russian ambassador took to the floor. here's some of what he said, the bunking all the allegations being hurled at russia in the moment. she just to, to these now there is a need to focus on resolving the situation which precipitated the crisis, which, which we are grappling. this crisis broke out not as a result of the launch of the russian special military operation in ukraine, but much earlier when for 8 years you turned a blind eye to the crimes perpetrated by the ukrainian nationalists in dunbar. and
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again, today you did not mention at all the suffering of the residence of dunbar. that's the russian ambassador, pointing out that while there is so much concern for the people of ukraine, there seems to be no concern over the past 8 years for the people of the don boss region. the peoples republic of don adds the people's republic of lugens and what they've been enduring, the shelling the food blockades, the dan on their language, the threats against them. there doesn't seem to be any concern for the lack of democratic freedoms in ukraine itself. ukraine is being portrayed as a democracy despite the shutting down and jailing and suppression of opposition parties. so we add the russian to bastard, taking the floor. and just kind of refuting a lot of these allegation. now that was followed by a very theatrical speech by the ukranian representative in which he spoke in both english as well as russian and which she, you know, did
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a lot of dramatic things and made personal appeals to members of the security council. however, the meeting then ended pretty abruptly, the russian ambassador ended the meeting and it concluded not a lot of agreement between great powers represented in the meetings, some pretty big gaps in their understanding of world events. but it seemed like one thing that did bring everyone together was a desire for the fighting to and it seems like everyone wanted the conflict to come to an end. everyone wanted their to be some kind of resolution. so that is at least one thing the countries had in common despite the fact that they had very, very different interpretations of events. you foreign policy officials have agreed to provide lethal weapons worth 450000000 euros to ukraine with policy direct your sir barrell saying the block will freeze a substantial amount of rushes, financial reserves. so can cross live now that beat oliver who is in
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berlin. pizza, what is the latest on those sanctions from the you are these have been the most forceful sanctions of the european union of put in place since were his invasion of ukraine. we heard from ursula on the line that you commission president, who said that there would be some economic blow back upon europeans from the sanctions ball from these measures, but said that they were necessary. now, one of the measures that has been taken is that russia will be cut off from the swift payment system. yoseph barrel. b hi, representative for foreign affairs of the european union. said that this measure had been taken, but it didn't mean that all russian banks would be cut off from swift to disconnect the financial system of our country, which is as strongly interrelated with other countries. another economies can not be the are lay this with a scissors overnight. we have to keep her possibility of for the financial system
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to work in order to people. ready to use it and to send money to their relatives. but don't worry. this degree of disconnection is carefully calibrated in order to create the maximum damage to the financial system of russia. and all russian aircraft are to be banned from e u. air space and a comprehensive move we are shutting down the e u. air space for russians. we're proposing a prohibition on all russian owned russian registered and russian controlled aircraft. these aircraft will no more be able to land in take off over fly the territory of the european union. and that includes the private jets of oligarchs to
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hi representative for foreign affairs. burrell also said that aren't the sputnik would be banned from broadcasting in the european union. we've also heard from our team editor in chief, who responded to that announcement that taking a crucial step to turn off the tap before the russians. information manipulation in europe may, banning russia today and sporadic broadcasting into the p and union. you would say you, scott, nuclear, the e u that for years has been selling the whole world. how much of the treasure and love freedom of speech, how they appreciate and love diversity of thoughts, diversity of news and information. today in response to the actions of russia, ukraine meant to protect russian speaking citizens. there. the you announced that we won't broadcast there anymore. what the president's decision to start, the operation has to do with us is unclear. it's absolutely obvious that no matter whether we continue broadcasting or not,
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the operation would proceed. it's absolutely clear that it's just an excuse. they wanted to close us for a long time, but it would have looked bad in the eyes of their own citizens, our audience, because it's against freedom of speech anyway. and now it convenient excuse appeared and they decided to get rid of the long lasting, uncomfortable issue of us. and our huge audience in this way will find some other way to communicate with our audience for sure without direct broadcasting. but the people of the european union today can see how much the lot of talk of freedom of speech costs of the european union has promised further sanctions, while russian troops remain in ukraine, we can expect more developments throughout monday and throughout the rest of the week. so we'll just, you'll keep us posted on those developments pizza thought the correspondent, pietro oliver reporting life on berlin. thank you. well, earlier my colleague kevin o' insults a political expert, john last long to express concerns that used one of our c would raise a disturbing precedent for freedom of speech. sing ursula vaughan delay in the
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european commission president. and i'm saying that so the, you, i'm just reading, the quote will ban russian media outlets. that's r t and split. nick accusing us to spreading harmful dis, information. we try best to put a balance across. we're licensed by off. com in the u. k. and europe, they've deemed us to be okay to license we are of course going to put the russian point of view. what's wrong with that? well, what's wrong with it is that it's totalitarian. you don't suppress media outlets. that's a basic principle. if the e u is going to suppress r t, and that means european union citizens will no longer be able to watch those channels. that one forces them to watch them. it is a measure that she is announced which drastically reduces the liberties of you citizens. and i'm sure it will make the slightest bit of difference to russia. but
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it does make a difference to people who want to watch out in sputnik and, i mean we've got used to, to tell attorneys and for 2 years now with all the cobit madness. but this is, this is, this is in the same category. in any case what, what laws is she claiming to be operating under lee? you doesn't have that authority any more than that has the authority. by the way, as far as i know, to close as spaces you mentioned in your report above all, i mean independently of the issue between russia and nato and ukraine. i think anyone watching this, any european citizen watching this should be deeply preoccupied by the assault on his own rights. his own and right. you mentioned just now in your report from london about the seizure of assets belonging to rationale, goths in london. well, what happened to due process? what happened to property rights? we really saying that from one day to the next, somebody's property can be taken away just because they're deemed to be politically close to russia. this is literally dictatorship. i don't want to sound hysterical,
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but somebody has to pull the alarm bell on this and say that these kinds of measures undermine the very thing which the british government, another european governments claim to be standing full, namely the rule of law and democracy. and we, the countries closing the space to russian plains, russia is up to stop flies to europe. meanwhile, domestic flights to the south eastern russia are also being canceled for security reasons. the only way to get there now is on the roads or by train. all these maria phenomena heading to the front lines of the neighboring la guns republic, takes us through what is now light to trouble. the we arrived to rocephin rushes southwest. usually it's a 2 hour relaxing flight for moscow, but instead this time it took us more than 15 hours on a train. all major airports in the area bordering the conflict have been close since the beginning of the operation, as you can see. securities tied even here, while it's more than 200 kilometers away from the fighting. also remember,
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and her meeting with russian count bought, rich foreign secretary said that britain will never recognize ra, stop and we're one is rigid as russian mistaken them for. the nance and logan's republics war tone area is not far from here. that's here. thousands of iraqis have escaped here in the last a clean to fighting the border crossing. just a couple of our drive away, and we are now taking the same tree but opposite direction . oh, very good. we crossed the border lugens. he's now some 65 kilometers away.
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bulletproof jackets and helmets is a most old journalist working now here in both lugens and, and he has peoples republics. we're going to be driving base way through the tertiary now on the total control of the republican forces. but every day, it's still shall. i haven't been here since 2014 when the conflict between ki, of and then the countries break away east and regions of the guns and the nist started. thank you. russia haven't seen this. they sign a period here have to those events. the road runs through little towns and villages. there was one tech point just behind us, straight lines. traffic lights have counted 5 cars. i've seen a couple of people here in there and i can tell you, it does seem quite abandoned. it's hard to count of course, but according to different estimates in 8 years, the conflict took around 15000 lives, plus many fled and do not will to come back yet. and now with peace talks,
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hope so high that the war will end. finally, and here and peace will return and we journalists will no longer be required to where is this? while we're can hear brief notion of r t from lugens. great public. well, that's all for there. saw my name's peter scott called me back again at the top of the hour with all the latest developments, all notes unfolding ukraine crisis. thank you for watching. mm. ah, ah ah ah, ah.


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