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for join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, sure is this. i hope for a diplomatic solution is talked between ukrainian or russian officials get underway on the belly room scored. meanwhile ukraine 2nd largest city heart cove is now at the center of the fighting with a huge explosion reported a numerous claim to st. battles with russian troops. and the you announce is hundreds of millions of euro's worth of support for ukraine, including high caliber arms as it condemns brushes, actions. however, plato says he has membership of them and he's not currently on the agenda. and the you close is it says space to russian flights and a name is a ban on user organizations. are teen sputnik and they're subsidiary. ah,
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good afternoon. it's just gone 5 o'clock a moscow neck diplomatic talks on resolving the conflict in ukraine are underway with a ukranian delegation. having arrived at the port with bella roofs to meet russian officials, p. f is said, it's seeking an immediate cease fire and the withdrawal of russian forces. while the leader of the russian delegation has expressed concerns about the talks having been postponed earlier and says that such delays could have cost lives with more details is constantly broad scope reporting. now, from the bellow, russian gama region at the meeting is being held behind closed doors, and we were only able to see the 2 sides walking into the room and sitting face to face around the table. no opening remarks were made for the media, but were expecting to learn about the outcome of this meeting by the state and
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statements that we expect the 2 sides will make after this meeting is over. of course, the main question is whether this a summit will yield any tangible results. expectations have been really low and judging by the public statements of the 2 sides, their positions remain far apart. the office of the training presidents that earlier this morning that the countries main goal in the go see asians with moscow is an immediate cease fire and withdrawal of russian troops. some members of the ukrainian delegation also try to act as if they have an upper hand in the upcoming talks because as they put it, their country has been successfully repelling the russian offensive. this also echoed in the latest address made by the ukrainian president, but the latter resilience give also had to admit that he's country has been forced to reserved to desperate measures. he mentioned that he is going to release all
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prisoners from jails. those prisoners who have military background now, moscow has an absolutely different perspective on its military campaign. rushes, military officials claim that ki, if is losing control over the weights of the territory that ukrainian troops are either treating or getting in circles and a spokesman. and for the russian ministry of defense had that ukraine's authority, as desperate as they've been handing out firearms do civilians which lead to quote unquote, looting, gangs rampaging through the ukrainian capital. so quite a contrast between the 2 sides perspectives, but of course that's why these talks are so important because there is a chance to stop hostilities and bloodshed. consider oshkosh said i was the conflict in ukraine does enter his 5th day. the country 2nd largest city heart cove has seen face fighting. a large explosion has been reported in the area with local swimming, huge plumes of smoke, amid what they described as ongoing battles. and next we will show you another
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video from ukraine, 2nd city to but a warning you might find some of it disturbing. but with heavy shelling reporting her calls missiles, the hitting residential areas. russia says it is completely avoiding such as well warning that ukraine is putting forces in residential buildings using civilians as human shields. something no key ab strongly denies. now alleged authentic shelling near shopping center has been reported in the northern part of the city claimed to have come from a nearby residential building. and this map shows what's happening further east, the red dots highlight here the cities where the russian army is currently fighting with ukrainian army and nationalist formations. the russian defense ministry says that against the militia have retaken territory from the train, unami 60 kilometers beyond the previous front line. well, the next don't. yes, forces have reportedly advance some 21 kilometers. now here, the key,
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moscow of aggression and says around 5000 russian soldiers have been killed in recent days with 30 russian plains and helicopters short time and about 200 tanks destroyed moscow. they refused these claims, although doesn't disclose any concrete figures and says it's been making major advances against the ukrainian military. well, in the capital of kiev, these unverified images from there. and they still show it seems where low costs are the didn't show what they say is examples of the defense systems that activity operating, give authority to the city both surrounded them back down from that claim and says that groups of russians suffer to trying to bring chaos to the streets, or that's the claim now denied by russia's military. do this just the key of is flooded with armed gangs of looters, robbers and radical nationalists. they were given guns in an unlawful decision by the authorities to hand out lethal weapons to any one without checking. i am
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addressing our residence of g f. everyone can leave the capital freely by a designated road. this road is open and safe. i want to emphasize once again, the russian army is attacking only military targets. the civilian population is not under threat. where you can see the 2 don bastrop public se recently recognized by russia as independent countries. red dot saw locations that russia's military with groups of to yet going against troops is currently fighting for so as you can see, there are numerous battles of tans throughout those 2 don bass regions. and over to that on bass front lines now where this video proportionally shows an explosion in the southeast in cities, maddie, you pull the target of which is still unclear, although we are trying to confirm what is happening in the area. meanwhile, forces of the dynette school against republics are advancing westward, where the cronin shrieks reportedly and retreats among the aries take in this, the village of nicholas mc. erica, where an elderly woman said she narrowly escaped shelly
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with your phone. oh, you. when you're training troops are believed to have been surrounded by russian armed forces near the south eastern city of mattie, you pull reporting, or miss, and other developments to from the front lines. his mom had ghastly f. what we are hearing is that the city of mary opal, which is ukraine's largest port a is, is now almost surrounded with, with the garrison. that is there. the russian side has said that it is nationalist elements that are putting up stiffest resistance. and that, that those units belonging to the regular military to regular formations,
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that they are choosing to negotiate. and in some cases, lay down their arms and return to their homes. but it is very difficult to verify this information at this time because events are developing. so quickly, and because there are so few reliable reports close to the front lines where it is extremely dangerous, the situation there is that many roads have been a mind. we have received reports from the city of dance, which is a halfway between the crimea and mario ball, which is at the axis of russian advance, which is a, which is where you credit units have planted in the city itself and in the outskirts minds. for example, to, to surprise that the devastated advancing force as it is very difficult to reach mario pool the vicinity of mary opal. at this point, they have been, according to reports, more than a dozen civilian casualties. here in the city of the near victims of fun, directed,
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find and the neighbourhood civilian neighbourhood, spare places, wet weather, apartment buildings and, and other houses we have seen are of course soon over ukraine, different reactions to this operation. there are certainly civilians who have been happy to seize russian forces, but there, but they have also been those who have been less than happy to see again. russian troops advancing through through you crate on the whole with some authority with the the good, the good with the, the, the administrations of various villages and towns there has been contact. they have a been somewhat responsible have tried to fly to agree try to negotiate with russian forces of bad responsibilities. for example, about joint patrols with police being with police being kept up to speed and allowed to do the job to prevent looting. for example, to prevent crime murders from taking place in the aisle key that his cellphone left
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behind, after military operations and the lady we discussed the actions of the military coup aim to enter the city and sure order and reassure residence. well, they convinced me that this would not affect the life of the city in any way. there will be order in the city, our police will patrol it in the vehicle. there is, of course, also also the fact that the russian, the military has been keeping us up to date on it's statistics, which is how many various military infrastructure sites, objectives they have destroyed. which is at this point over a 1000, as well as the majority from what we understand of ukraine samples has been destroyed. many before being able to take off many jets by the helicopters before being able to take off in strikes, directed at airports and, and fields and hangers, and other objects belonging assets belonging to the ukranian. air force via west
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bank of the west bank of kia is also set to be under the control of the russian military. viv could the situation and care fees of course. desperate made much more so after authorities there, boosted that they had handed out almost 30030000 assault rifles. 10000000 rounds of ammunition, r, p g 's, as well as grenades to the civilian population. we heard at 1st that the only a passport was required than that there was footage of people just coming up that, that the boxes and, and trucks picking up guns by the dozen and, and leaving, which has resulted in as we have seen on social media get a verified footage anarchy in the, in the capital a capital of ukraine. nevertheless, the russian side says that he's making all efforts to avoid civilian casualties, which, which includes a bad on bombing blog to launching
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a rocket missiles at indiscriminately at cities. and trying to keep will stripes, procedure stripes to our military infrastructure sites. and again, have reiterated that they are offering ukrainian forces. those that don't, don't belong to nationalist or neo nazi battalions. they're offering them the chance to surrender, that they will be treated with respect and allowed to return to their families. what is to yet, scandal against troops to advance? many of those soldiers do have the chance to see loved ones. one of them is alexi city of who managed to seize parents for the 1st time, after years of being separated by the conflict with to. so if you don't, you know,
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mom you have a couple students though with some of the of a fortune, a strategic missile commands rushes, northern and pacific fleets, reinforcing their staff as part of boosting, rushes, strategic de, deterrents forces. it does come as the you and other foreign powers, announce hundreds of millions of euro's worth in military supplies to you crank. and what we can do with this half a 1000000 euros. that the yesterday we decided to grant of ukraine and our forces to know that these have a 1000000000 reviewed or will be devoted to provide defensive arms. what high caliber arms anti tanks, all kinds of agreements in order to repel declaration. well,
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in addition to the joint package, germany is sending a 1000 anti tank weapons and 500 stinger anti aircraft systems. while denmark is also announced plans to provide anti tank weapons. sweden, meanwhile, is sending 5000 anti tank weapons as well as body armor, or more than a 100000 field rations. these plans do come amid why to cause for pace in ukraine, from the use artist peter oliver reports where ukraine has be receiving military hardware from the european union. but the ukrainian president, floating me as a lensky, is looking to get full membership of the block for his country. the ukranian president saying that there should be a special mechanism puts in place to fast track ukraine through to you membership families. but we appealed to the european union for the immediate accession of ukraine via a new special procedure. we are grateful to our partners for being with us. but our
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goal is to be with all europeans and most importantly to be equal. or certainly some signs that there are those within the european union that would be very keen to see this slip on the line. the commission president said on sunday is speaking of ukraine de o, one of us and we want them in on monday. we've also heard from the liberal block within the european parliament to made voting me as a lint skis party and a temporary affiliate member of the block within the european parliament. they'll be voting at the next committee to make permanent. but when it comes to the idea of ukraine joining the european union, there's also some of being in oring about whether it's going to happen anytime soon . we've heard from sha, michelle, the european council president to said that there are different opinions among member states when it comes to the matter. all 27 existing member states would have to sign off on it. there's also a whole load of criteria that would have to be adhered to for ukraine to joy and b,
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e. u, as it stands at the moment yoseph. but al, who's the, the high representative for foreign affairs of the european union was asked if it was on the immediate cards, if it was on the immediate agenda, ukraine joining the european union. he said it wasn't something that was coming up in the immediate short term. we're trying to request a membership. what do you think about and is it possible as a dell is not in the agenda? believe me how to do for more practical things. membership is something that we're late a lot of years while ukraine is part of an associate agreement, which has been since 2017, there is no formal application for a session talks when it comes to ukraine, joining the european united yet. okay, well let's get the thoughts now of a political commentator like a hammer. he joins a cert from germany. thanks for coming on. i can what you make of these proposals.
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them firstly to fast track ukraine into the european union. well 1st it is not possible because you can't take somebody into the european union. who is that war? basically for a secondly, the you, the ukrainian economy is not even slightly ready to go into the european union. so i don't give that and give it a big make them independent on raw materials from outside. and it would form the biggest and the strongest economic block in all history. and this is the absolute nightmare for the americans. what they said all over rodzinski and everybody said it and wrote it in the book. so this is what i think it is about and the war is just a good, good occasion for them. that's why they pushed so much for a good occasion to force the europeans back into the nato and into the alliance
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towards the americans. and the media has prepared this for ages now, so it has basically not too much to do with the actual fighting in ukraine. it is more a thing that they walk, the better are planning for ages already. but of course i can, you know, the argument is that they do have to act when they see what they say is rushing aggression on a european country. i suppose this is what it's all a bagged just finally on one of the elements of the sanctions. swift was seen as sort of the economic nuclear button. they didn't go wall in on swift. some russian banks have been sped. why do you think masses? well, these banks belong to americans or brits 2, or what i could could imagine is there are bodies in the west. it's fair. who would say no, no,
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not my bank or not my partner bank because i still want to do business. this is anyway, very hippocratic with all the sanctions and so on. so that's why i think they make a difference between the one bang and the other bank. ok, i can look, we're going to leave that good to talk to those softening. that was like a hammer and the con, missed and political commentator come to live there from germany. thank you. thank you. now the, you have a band, artie, and sputnik and their subsidiary companies in a heavy crack down on russia is foreign policy chief, made the announcement that taking a crucial step to turn off the tap before the russians. information manipulation in europe may banning russia to date and sputnik from broadcasting india to be in union. but it does come as passive increase european prussia on russian media
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polish and stony regulators have already banned russia, tv broadcasters, while states like the u. k. and france reviewing their policy over r t yet through chief of art and spoke. it says so, the movie exposes the hypocrisy of western claims to respect free speech. you would say you are scott, what i'm not going to ask you that for years has been telling the whole world how much the treasure and love freedom of speech, how they appreciate and love diversity of thought. diversity of news and information today in response to the actions of russia, ukraine meant to protect russian speaking citizens. there that you announce that we won't broadcast there any more. what the president's decision to start, the operation has to do with us is unclear. it's absolutely obvious that no matter whether we continue broadcasting or not, the operation would proceed. it's absolutely clear that it's just an excuse. they wanted to close us for a long time, but it would have looked bad in the eyes of their own citizens or audience because it's against freedom of speech anyway. and now it convenient excuse appeared and
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they decided to get rid of the long lasting uncomfortable issue of us. and our huge audience in this way will find some other way to communicate with their audience. for sure, without direct broadcast costs. yes. but if you could export, john lochlund did express concern about the you ban on our team saying it would raise a disturbing precedence of freedom of speech. what's wrong with it is that it's totalitarian. you don't suppress media outlets. that's a basic principle. if the e u is going to suppress our t and split, that means european union citizens will no longer be able to watch those channels. that one forces them to watch them. it is a measure that she is announced which drastically reduces the liberties of a you citizens into i'm sure it doesn't make a slightest bit of difference to russia, but it doesn't make a difference to people who want to watch r. t and sputnik. and i mean, we've got used to, to tell attorneys in for 2 years now with all the cobit madness. but this is,
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this is, this is in the same category. and in any case what, what laws is she is claiming to be operating under the you doesn't have that all through the right to their according harbors. of course, there is the position of the turkish government and the position of the baton party are not the same as but on our tv. consider the need to enlarge them towards the east as a threat against $30.00 to $30.00 officially and legally is not citing with russia and this conflict currently. but the bottom part, we consider ourselves on the same side as russia, as, as china. and iran is pocket fun and all other countries of asia, which are facing the same, and similar tracks. now, amid the sanctions, russia rouble currency has plunged about 30 percent in recent days in the u. s. and other western powers to impose those har sanctions over ukraine conflict. how do
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you go? he don off gave more details to peter scott quite a day on the markets. i woke up this morning, check the news, check the exchange rates, and the roubles taken quite a bit, what's going on? well, indeed, it is by far the worst day for the russian markets for the russian economy as a whole. because over the weekend, of course, the united states, the e u and their allies, they imposed the harshest and the most hard hitting sanctions by far targeting the russian economy, targeting the russian central bank. again, a bunch of russian banks, including the biggest ones, have been excluded from the swift system. so yeah, it is, it has been quite bad for the russian national currency, the rubel. i mean, it does, it hovers around a 100 rubles per dollars. now, just to put it into some context before it was standing at around 76. so it is a pretty big dive, and the 100 rouble it is. well,
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it is. that's how it's trading right now. but at the beginning of the day, it passed that mark and was well over a 100. so yeah, it is, it is a very difficult day. and the russian government has already announced the russian central bank has already announced a bunch of measures that it will take to help the russian economy to help the russian bank. because a lot of foreign capital has been well extracted from the country right now. and according to the russian prime minister, the government is preparing its own set of measures again to help the russian economy in a very difficult time, which is now for it. now, for example, the russian stock market, it has been officially announced that it won't start the trading session today. so today's trading session has been effectually cancelled. but if we turn to london over there, the over there, the russian companies, some of them have lost over 50 percent in value. so, i mean, again, also a very,
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a very tough day for russian big companies. there was see how the russian economy fast in the future and if any more, because the west has already said the us have already said that there will be, there might be very likely more sanctions on the way to head the russian economy. so arguably unlikely this, this is not the, this is not the worst that we have seen. he crushed on. are they watching our scenes, national will be back again in half an act. ah, ah.
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i'm after events, any watching, going underground, as we again appealed to any journalist or ball edition from ukraine or nato countries who support kiev to come on the show and explain their opposition to vladimir putin. recognition of no hands can donates republics. we have yet to probably hear from the other side, even if they are only too willing to appear on so called nato nation, mainstream media bow while they do nation me disease ukraine is the only new story . tomorrow is the one year anniversary of jo biden's defeat agreement with the taliban. so what was it? all 4, tens of thousands of nato, dead or wounded on calculated numbers of ordinary afghans, killed, wounded or displaced. joining me now is prolific journalists, an author and ville may guarantee lowenstein, author of prophets of doom disaster, capitalism making a killing. a catastrophe and pills powder.


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