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stuff, young cat, breeland, who is mix and hip hop in country with the nashville. turn it up, sir, like the next nelly. i think this kid is going to be hard. just did something with keith. urban is going out and tour this year. all years, all night tour with russell dickerson touring right now. but my man is going to cut through all that kind of. well, he's it right now. we will talk to breeland right after this. dennis miller plus one. hey folks. welcome to dennis millard plus, while we're happy to welcome our friend breeland to the show is a platinum selling artist to his they view track my truck, the country hip hop hybrid hit, number one on spot of flies, global viral. it be listed in 2019 he's going out on the road this year, which is it's a challenge that he's going out with the country club. singer russell dickerson and
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you can look for them out there this year. please welcome breeland. how are you? my friend that was a great introduction man, if you're going to be here. know braylan. i don't know you're too young to remember . i think you're 26, but in 1900. 84. you got to go back and youtube, a cat who boxed for the united states in the olympics. and mark brayland mar. yeah, he was a bad the tallest welterweight i ever saw. my man was quick like sugar re quick, so go back and watch mark freeland, and you'll be proud of the name say, i think we're actually like this. oh yeah. yeah. oh, that's cool. well, he was one of my faves when i joined the hard to believe in 198437 years ago. we must be near 60 now, but he could box up. all right, you're going out on the all yours all night tour with russell dickerson. i'm
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telling you, brother, i just did a road gig in washington, d. c. a while back is different out there. now that i hope you're ready, because this is covert and the arm a crowded, it's made the road a trip. the place right now, did i already know? i actually came up the road there. bentley, did my own leg of the cross country tour this fast ball is kind of right before on the crime. here we were dealing with delta darian and i was really fortunate to not get thick and nobody on my team. but i know how crazy it is. out there, so we're going to try to take all the precautions that we can. i know dirt used to have a road manager named merrick mill b who did me when i was on the road. is eric still with him? do you know or you didn't run across town? i didn't come across eric, but it is quite possible that he was on there and a big crew about 40 guy though, is that he could have been one of the guys for sure. he told me the nurse was great
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people man, how did you find them? was it was that a group the and out with them jeff fun is so cool. he's really big man like he goes out and buy like 40 to 50 mile a day, like before the day of the show. and then they'll come back in and i back and i'm, i yeah, i don't want any part that was on you know, braylan if you're going to be, if you're going to head literally have the name during the bentley, you better be because you that is not a soft name, when you say during that late you're thinking that sounds like somebody can take care of themselves. so good to hear that he good. when you go out with russell, are you guys going to go just nationally or is it an international tour? what's the venues where you had now to with the all years, all night tor. yeah. and it's mostly, it's mostly the northeast and kind of midwest for the length of the tour that i'm
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on. we're doing about a dozen days, but it's all domestic all here here. in the state, and it's cool cuz i actually get to play in new jersey. it'll be my 1st time ever playing in new jersey on my for i stopped and billy, which was kind of my home town. i'm from southern new jersey about 30 minutes outside of the city. but this will be my 1st time playing a show in jersey, which is my home day. and my family and friends are definitely going to pull up. it's funny, it's like a locus. philly for interaction between music. i remember when they're all came out with blue eyed soul, and he was a big get it kendricks fan, and they all messed up. and now you're much enough with the world of country, and it's just good to see all these 10 rolls weaving together. man hands across the water, stuff. that's really nice. this cool thing is, i mean a lot fusion i realize going back historically, glen campbell with make thing a lot of motown, an arm being goal is version of country music back in the seventies and eighties
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and you know, i feel like what i'm doing right now definitely would it be possible for people like that? we're constantly adding news down to the country algorithm. there's a beautiful song, but i'm just such a campbell fan. he was a genius who was the best session acts player in al a for the wrecking crew. the man had beautiful pipes and he's saying a song that you've got to check out breeland towards the end of his life when he knew he had dimensions called audios. it is a white man give that gives that a tumble. it is a beautiful. it's like that johnny cash song written by trent reznor and 9 inch nails. it's a beautiful sojourn a science car thing from glen campbell. give it a listen. it's a, it's a beautiful song called audios. so i guess your big hit is my truck. but when my truck comes odd, it's more of a like an internet sensation, right? you go back remixed and re release and it becomes a huge cultural event. right? yeah. so i put it out towards the end of the 2019, i totally independently. just,
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you know, click the link online to be able to, to distribute across the internet. and i didn't have a marketing plan or theme or really any thing for that song other than the song itself. and it kind of organically started to move on on tick tock, which was just becoming popular at the time and in some names throughout social media. and by the time 2020 rolled around, i was in a signed a record deal. and the song really started to pop off kind of right before the pandemic. so oddly enough, i didn't really get a chance to perform it until a good here and a half after i had been out, you know, because there were any shows going on for so long. i people ask me now they're like, are you, are you tired of singing that song and like not at all because there was, i didn't know if i was ever going to get to perform it in on. and i take every time going out on stage and getting the energy from people. it's good to be able to be
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a new artist, new to performing, but have a couple songs that people know takes a lot of pressure. i'll say that song as our friend refers to to new york times, best songs of 2020, las rolling stones, 10 best country collaborations of 2020 the collaborator of course, sam hunt and nprs 100 best songs of 20. 20. it's so funny. out happens another to think that you roll it out and then all of a sudden it gets a hook on tick tock, no less. and then you start playing it, let it run out. it's like fish and then a year and a half later. boom. you get the big strike bad and, and all it all goes like that. your life changes. definitely, man, it's a game of momentum. i think in putting that song out, definitely kind of gap people hip to what i was doing and help me move to nashville with some, with some connections already in place. and since then, things have been rolling beers on me with dirt, bentley, and, and hardy,
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just hit the 100 on billboard. and that's my 2nd entry on the chart. you know, the 1st since my truck. so i'm, i have a lot of a lot of exciting things coming this year and just showing people how much i've grown with since that 1st output. you know, since my truck i've, i've learned a lot as a songwriter as a vocalist and kind of refine that sound. but it gives people a lot of the pop and country flavor that they know me for listen, know, keep the urban burks, brinley, these are bonafide catch your young 26 year old man newly to national in the last year. so i banker last couple years and they must send you that you've got the bottom fives man because these cats are not collaborate with just anybody. when you 1st go in, is it just easy for you or right when you go in? are you a little? remember the 1st time i met some great comics? i got a little weird right at 1st, but are you able to smooth and just hit the ground running common lingo be in the music? yeah, i think anyone that loves music,
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whether they create music or not, i'm going to vibe with them because it's such a big part of what i do and who i am. and i can tell that you're somewhat of a music archivist yourself. i definitely love digging in and understanding the history behind a lot of what's happening right now. so i think you know, for keith, urban and, and dirt list, honor guard, and even sam hunt, a lot of them have done so much research in our, our at listened to so much music that when i get with them, we find ourselves just having a lot in common, even if you wouldn't expect us to have a lot in common musically. and from there we kind of both bring our influences to the table and see if we can make something totally new that that still feels authentic to both of us and the things that we like to do. so i think each of those songs kind of just came from a mutual appreciation for music 1st and foremost, and then, you know, they're kind of set the stage for us to be able to be free creatively. yeah. and it's kind of cool to have keith know young brother in nashville, you got an awesome guy, hit nashville. he's a bit of an outlier to,
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he could probably show you the room and say, man, i know what it's like to come in from nashville as a welcoming place. i'm not cast in any aspersions, it's a groovy place and all st. tonight at the music. but when she gets somewhere, it's nice to have somebody who's done that before. you can lay a few moves on, you know, so far as how to how to weave into the tavern. definitely. and i think a lot more and more you being are that are from here are from the south that are finding that, you know, obviously keith is one of the think, you know, you guys tonight from canada, they've got, you know, dirt is from arizona originally and spent a lot of time in colorado, them obviously it's from the southeast from atlanta and then spent some time and alabama. but even he came in with, with the different type of flavor to the stuff he was doing, you know, adding them hip hop elements and, and some of that man,
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a labor to country music. i think everybody who makes it is doing something a little bit differently than everybody else. and though, regardless of where you're brown, if anything, being from somewhere else makes it a little bit easier. i would say to have to have some of your own labor because you're going to be bringing something different. and i think for me, a lot of the best that i've had comes from people respecting the differences that i'm bringing to the table. and you know, a lot of these collaborations of kind of been built on that push nashville is just a great place man, if you want to get authenticity and get away from all the shallowness of traditional shelburne. nashville is got a really cool old scene. but if you want to get out and i can get your sure. nashville, if you've got a nicely to it's a good place to hang. so to me, it's a perfect melding of old school and the brave new world. i always love it when i'm in nashville. are you ever played any another, but i played the rhyme on and that's what we're going to talk about when we get
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back. cuz when i was on stage of derive and looking up at those windows bad, i almost got tearing up. i thought i am in the i am in the center of it all here. i want to see how it fell when you were, when you were there, were talking to our friend breeland and he's a platinum selling artist, his debut track, of course my truck. you're heard the genesis, so that starts out on tick tock, then goes huge. hit number one on spot, applies global buyer of 50 list and 200-1000 going on the road this year with his all yours all night tour with russell dickerson dates throughout the year. when we come back, we'll talk a little rhyme, and we'll talk a little opry. we're talking about music, where it goes from here. this is breeland, and dennis miller plus one news .
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folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one. talk and do a really bad platinum showing artists is debuted tra, track my truck, not truck my track, and he's going out on the road this year with his all yours all night tour with the dates throughout the year. so give it a look, a hearing, i have to tell people to track these dates that i'm the old square. everybody knows where to go for this stuff. and kids are fluids in it. you'll find him breeland. i think you hit the daily double man. i think the driver in the opry. let's talk driving 1st. what i floyd right. but it's for him as well. i was almost in tears, brother the, the history is weeping out of the walls. there isn't let you know it was so cool to, to be able to do it. i was opening up for dana carter who had the really big smash at strawberry wine and i didn't cover of that song earlier here and she heard it and she really liked it. and so she was like a, it's the 25th anniversary. i'm doing a show at the ryman plan on,
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on that album i would love to have open. i was like, do it. that's a no brainer. i would love to have never played the rhyme. and what was interesting about it, you know, if there was a lot of pressure on me, one it was my rhyming debut. and to it was a bunch of people who were there to see her. yeah. so you know, she does ninety's country. there's a ton of overlap between ninety's country and some of the stuff that i'm doing. so it wasn't really my audience that said once i got go in. 6 it just fell, really felt really good and i could sell it. i was starting to win those people over and by the in the my people were standing up and cheering them being i've been felt really, really welcoming to be able to, to sing in such a historic location on a night like that for these people on, for dina, and be able to bring my a game even though my style is a little different than maybe what they were expecting. so it was a great and i had a lot of fine came back out and saying strawberry wine with her at the end. you
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know, it's just one of those nights that i was trying to be as president as possible because you only get to day view at these places one time. and i feel like the upgrade was, was a similar vibe. tell me about driving before we moved to the operator. did you hit the ball hard men? were you just on your game? i'm get goosebumps here and it because there are those nights as any entertainer when you're in stage of thing for i am seeing the label, the commissioner's name. i am straight from the yeah, i definitely felt like it was a good, a good show and, and any time that i really have a chance to do a full, we'll say, you know, 4045 minutes of material versus like sometimes i come out only get to do a song or to the different type of energy i get to tell a different type of story when i'm doing a full set. you know, so i can, i get a chance to play some of my slower songs. get a chance to show you know, some, some variety and versatility my, my delivery of my performance. and i had a chance to really take them through a, through kind of my,
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my process creatively. tell them a little bit about why i'm here. what it is that i'm trying to do, and i definitely feel like it helps them have an understanding so that it was a great performance. i'm really critical of myself. so it's hard for me to say it was like perfect or anything like that, but it was one that i felt was nice. let me extrapolate, i from the one song to song such to the 45 minutes and say you've done singles. you've done a piece, you got it. i think in the near future you're probably step up to an album, right? keeping the comparison between 12 and an extended set. it will do album still have themes, brother, they just, your group is tracks all cobbled together. what, what's the, what's the feeling behind an album in 2022? yeah, a lot of people don't really care about the album nowadays. a lot of listeners and a lot of artists like, i think it's important, you know, i grew up on albums. i listened to album start to finish. i don't like when i hear an album and the transitions don't make sense. i don't like listening to
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a body of work and feeling like it's random, right? so i'm trying to be really intention, project and sons of getting all of the transitions down. that's what i've been working on. the nose since the top of the year is literally just, i want people to be able listen from the 1st song to the last song and not really even know where the music is starting and stopping. i want it to be a true top to bottom experience where the transitions are fluid. we've got musical overtures, we've got little kids, braxton, and things that, that tie everything in nicely because all my favorite have done that to some degree . and i haven't really seen it from a lot of ours recently, some china being bring that in to my project this year. list the fuel your favorites for my brayland, i'm always intrigued. you can always tell somebody by who they do cody dig. and stevie wonder is my favorite all time. i just i just love his writing. i love the
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instrumentation he goes, quit is with the music that you don't expect. i don't have as much of that on this project. it is a little bit more straightforward and commercial in that regard, but there are a couple moments on, on the project where i'm bringing kind of, you know, some of that whole school musicality that, that people will appreciate. but i'm also bringing fun records to obviously with the song like my truck and having the internet success. you want to continue to give people what they want from you. but also, as you can introduce them to different sides of your creativity and different sides of your process, and that's, that's what i'm trying to do here, is bridge that gap. and then also there's a cultural bridge. the project is called cross country. so there's, there's a lot of country element, there's a country element to every song on here, but i'm bringing in elements of blues on the spot, you know, hip. 6 hop rock at times and, and just try again. school for short. just just try to bridge the gap between our
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country and all the other genres that i, that i love, the judy good, george clinton, when you're growing up, because soon as you say fun could. so funny, it's almost like a blood test. as soon as i hear i could tear the roof off like, or in the grid you yeah, i think in terms of like some of the, some of the funky or stuff. and even in that into that disco error, my dad really put me on her when fire. so i've been listening to a lot of their stuff. i don't know how much their stuff is influencing this project, but got some really cool strong falsetto parts that i think people will appreciate . kind of that might be reminiscent of some of that stuff. well taken back to this go, we got the freak and i think you did. you not jam with now. rogers recently. did you not do a piece with him?
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that's i i thought i'd never key advocate was caught now roger ivana and the one that we did and we were just trying to think of what else could be added and it was such a hodge podge of a gone musically. like we had this kind of early 90 break fee that we started with and then filled out somebody's classic rock type cord, the grungy elements do it, and then the openness about it as well. and now roger guitar playing and just a creative mind is kind of the sprinkles, is it creates a video of so many different genres that we were touching on. and you really the only person that we felt like with versatile enough to add thought to that record and we was kind enough to get on it. and dad, his flavor. and for the 3 of us to be honest with the music video, you know, he's just the legend, man. they got the 500000000 record gold. i don't even know. well,
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listen if you need, if you need cohesiveness for a divergent, like you said amount of john or has the need a waiver to bring it all and, and put it in a volume now from the disco era through boeing up through now keith, urban and our guest breeland, my man is the master. and proof of the great. now rogers, i want to talk to you about the opry. for 2nd grade, when you get a standing over there, when did you do a night? late? 2021. tell me about it. oh, yeah. we did a view is in october and it was, it was just a special moment mailer and they gave, they gave me the whole history of the place. and obviously, some of the history i was aware of, and i knew the significance, that it, that it had culturally within country music by to look at that wall of names and in all the different members of the opry over the years. you know, is really cool. to be able to make my mark on that stage and, and bring
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a different energy to it. then i think most other performers that i, it was, it was humbling. so i thought really honored to be able to, to come out there and i was nervous and i was like though the pressure is on we had, i had the day to thing at the opera one time before my actual day view for. busy the loretta lynn benefit concert or flood relief and he came out thing and that was really special, but it was different than my actual oper debut, where they're like 1st time doing, you know, being a part of the show. and i mean, i was super nervous at 1st, but as with any performance, once i get to that 1st quarter of whatever it is that i'm thinking, i kind of go away and i was able to step in to that moment think nicely. and they gave me a standing ovation. i was definitely a small about it. these are the moment that i, that,
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that i was looking forward to when i 1st started making music as an artist and knowing that i was going to have to be a part of that, that equation. and i knew that the opera and the ryan men were the 2 locations in town that i wanted to be able to perform. and, and i got to do in 2 weeks apart. so it was awesome. well, listen at the opry, 90 years, i guess somewhere in there, it starts out as the barn dance. i think late twenty's early thirty's, that goes to the opry. they call it the grand old operate 1st, and you got to go back and check out my man. d ford bailey. switched on. brothers like a bob. yeah. that's i'm in history. my man is so groovy. harmonica player, he did something called pen american express. it just kicked, he comes up and he becomes an opry favorite that's, that's in the late twenty's. mad. and think about that 90 years drive and now we got breeland receiving the hand off. it's a beautiful thing, isn't it?
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thank you ma'am. yeah. there's just so much history to be able to kind of carry them in to do really good about it. yeah. cut to cut the 2120 and they'll be some young cat saying back from the ford bailey through breeland right up to me. now he'll be speaking through some sort of mind playing back by that, but you're part of it part of it. thank you. really is our guest. he's gone on the road. look for me all yours all night to rustle dickerson dates throughout the year. you know, i'm from my truck and a good young car. 26 years old. the world joyce, your baby go, you did up good to meet your breeland. thank you so much baggage beer. all right, that's really this is dennis miller plus one. ah,
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