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tv   Documentary  RT  March 4, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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o direct, what is true, was his faith in the world corrupted, you need to descend, have join us in the depths or remain in the shallows? ah, the world is driven by dreamers shaped by frontier, so those with theirs sinks. we dare to ask
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ah. with cooling you, you've got it.
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i knew you say he only fell dirty with a move from 1st this isn't what i said you purchased a new cook with them. okay. and then you just let, i said, you know, you probably were, you mean, you know, use that or should know, cuz you know, it's not us just resume pushy plus who i need a, i need a, a, a, a, a,
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a, with a good your brains are glossy. where were you mr. graham's? i mean, when i was just following the lead your brains, are you sure greg julie canoe graham it let's least we believe you are to ship it or not, but when you were not available, gradings of you are, you was us. williams. she goes to put in for the last 2 to cover the dish dog order new by michelle ish night here and i was calling, you know, she checked on bus picking up a boshamp small. the big ladies so call was about change
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for that. so i mean about she here, they come out on that is public, but the stuff yellow when you can make it, go. get those to me. i'm glad we took it. is that a port? a kid? no green was pulls was eaten socially. that would senior mr. those to be with you. i mean now, but what i she the way, the way someone coming in are going to play a little put us where you waste car. that's a keyboard golf, but priest more from where you cough easily car met. grandkids felt that this military scalia, of then yes, come a little that you will post because of my day and there because my child by itself share in the other. scott yeah, a look a little boy in there his night and he will. yeah. oh, i see the archives pushing that. those people can hear my union another boy, you know, if it was too, but you know, at him you can call it that. it was
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a set of them was approaching us a 1000000 more than we can do much similar. we have the most natural that look for them with, with, with, with a little bit more than one, which is not the a minimum. this one with the go with or no worries a you are the show could then we'll use to go, there you go from do you should do we have food a. she'll grade the only more movie. what company we are to show it was new to me. i knew i knew a little sure. yeah. with right now he's been you know,
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right off the bat. don't go by. that's the blue a year ago. we knew anybody, you know, we're, we're in the, the sessional, this or i'm just now she's done on the status of william the social, the so called on the phone. the heard of them. but i feel like machine either pushing by miss napoleon or go get a little more the white glove. so what i was wanting to do is i could do with the weather if there was like, i mean with warner williams putting in a box if possible. i need you to simply say, usually a single signer, you see
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a but even, you know what, you need a clearly unless you need it. or we need to think because i wanted to let you know like when we always just look like a hole in your phone was clickable. i need to know what actually specifically what color, but there is finance laws that shem shem. steve sat at the media a session which, which does right. oh you and i have a come over the store was more than i ordered a william boot that was to boot kramer. it was more not panella still more. so the guy was used to play with it popular boy, what a conflict sophisticated. gov autumn perfecto. because i was assuming about 3 in the snow was a lot of ways cost a put you be we do here. i should know it's you absolute yes. movie city a lot, not
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a bottle door concert or just for the or story and what i'll just see more william later craner close quote. now going to the to the airport for then. yes, it was just for any meeting a because it will it abortion, some of the buses to the media a question e, last pins it there much. right. a very honest whoa, i mean,
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you get a, a, a guy, doris. come with pnc. let us you must know they just video just really apologize. what's better? yeah, i mean those are both. so i actually thought with
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her, she's upset and them are more of an issue. so flipped through, a short term was called them costio, but it could be just for us to pick them up. i used to bruce to which was part of the list if you use your a new procedure to give them or in the middle. so let the bush plaster to show where your from, cuz she was putting up with a proposal posted by your own emotional to, to mind as to what i do should come to switch to the pro prototype i'd conference because on i will sit on those 3 i saw as you hear the window of automate than they
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are a more than enough light avenue. but almost like sure, make a quick, a quick collective. but anyway, she needs the ah with a low floor with a bully, leaf dancer, but come on, then you know, my flora buy up casara actually, they didn't. that's even a couple of the slow, which in all my left did it been all pulls of gera, done yet. i believe yours needs as richer unless you was gonna let you do with it. but she did it, did it show you more of a movie star that garage? what was you that you're up to?
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the ultra shows williams. as you said, did you touch with homes crimson? do you see the missionary will do with boy bruce? she's a giving you spits, not when you put so sleep of cyclical vineyards, globally, to plaintiff lisa will. yeah. look, ship what the got a what we'll get the lester. yeah. sure. cookie diplomatic smear. um what she'll get them done. probably it's a little treat actually, actually don't tell you what we need to get done. so you can be doing a puzzling you've been exposed to the producer, but it's good period. so good say ah.
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with industry on the stock and just look up for a muscle around noon. she kitty doesn't being in the green show on a nurse to me as possible. mama cook go goose creek summary tamika. but i put his ashley of dc. wanted to work with one of the news, please go to corporation and meet with you. but he has not put the key chain of times to not work for phones or something like that. and then we got that with brain need to have them
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look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with her driven by address shaped by frontier. so those with
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ah, who dares sinks, we dare to ask ah, a key role wish to do is to ship a wish with with
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visual a z is a gear store and you can afford it so that you know, when you see with wall street journal, a change is to go it it go to get it to move. move them in the business. most could be who are that? i'm finished with boucher junior boards here through the doris. well,
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anything else got about to lose or shot us on pieces, you know, within those 4 cylinders, we did sort of chileya look a little bit about those mother about in the early schools will dismiss with for the 1st
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time ukraine's got to me a zealous sheila no voice that, i mean i'll donate school, i don't port on you will be 2 or 3 more. there is just sort of do i need to quit? i would even coordinate. i'm choosing as a ne, posted the will korean that v laptops, toys, car fix to get a porter. so she was with her mom had a puerto from lee. what was on the school cream at the with the, the session by sure can use the quarter. so then you could use your blue freedom to do to paul chin. yeah. i think he's chastity. recruiting is more than yeah, it's keith has died of believe died that the worst of the small was cause i still
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mcdaniels with a, [000:00:00;00]
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with a wrong
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with deep pro, real dongle, green mecca, which not the real issue to sort of been year around the old from the federal
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federal yes, because right out of a lot of shit and you will not actually legitimately ship it enough. a preschool from cooper if you bought a new coca before the horse shifted is move away and leave. this will continue according to the bathroom, is a plea of willie any stick for your son? he is still a young lady. we are lit up steel and then yes. with no. yes. was there you us? yeah. get my, she took it home with
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all these other 2 with of course anybody who is not a job or they were there additional ability of you have to do the thought was that means mother. he why didn't. that's the earliest one of us here in the junior senior picture. so food and that'll miss the previous leave across the vocal. and you can come straight to mr. bluth mill. super somehow pull him, you could avoid me from cooper bush when the machine the it was b. sure you put on bruises to hold on when you come over what's mother? he's a new fema deal to angle between yard or do it from newton meters. me national conditional notion, would you renew on bottle? no green is gone. the prosecutor william street is president. i'm if i'm store no with here with i'm just
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a charity level issue with the put them and get away from 6 to rid of the story car, subject with a conditional our only option would be really near wasn't she and weasel. dr. back more income from to people. initiatives just touch him with residents, our dental and our america. thank you. don't nights. glad aboard the motion is not valid keyboard. how my put you on the nest. must it even a better muslim? new man? my me was what most soon he was sure, hopefully within my playground be poor, but a shameka smoke husky xena data need. oh because that at the vehicle with you, sir, or bill of out of pocket on the over. i'm good with here. keyboarding of e mail, tom. no, papa tulsa cut the uh with septic crow caputo below it may have little come, but it actually will lydia for the losses in which is just not the group we
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kind of like more tv. it's not old. we've been on top of that, you know, cut her. she did the che jill. it's muted natasha. but i was on an up as a pos alia cook a. would you so you already she for each, but could he come slow? crane? she more carson will feel as will show you how you want to set their stores to run the going out. let's quickly dierdre by u. d t. i bought a condo or retailer combustor at the boot. the corporate vista, thomas store, finance cor, was a conscious store, will to vote here by the fiddle. here will be root planes. q s castille 40 more, then he's going ask publicity liberation. say to pick of order luba, green postal studies flip a brief kid ashburn, my white no perfecto gonzales store. now please say sure, assimilate an ugly foundation. eluded pathology. i was returning your phone call. i
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don't like hearing on them, you know, right. or the bad, you know, the key is to give them a huge dog deals that are well as far as money and yet was the volume g. is that that has mean usually what does it say though it was he had i didn't the who it us news my day and you must or new radio ledger this would read those at the board ballasa they would be enough near amazingly ah ah
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ah ah, ah ah with industry to restock and just look up from what you normally must always runyan noon. she doesn't being in the green show or not to me as possible. mama cook gas gosh, sit creative suddenly tamika but i to his ashley. uh, this is one of the most of the biggest pieces goes down to $1.00 to $3.00,
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but of course position to pick you. but now it's not. but the key for the chain of times to not work for phones or something like that. and then we got that voice id that might be worth a 1000000 residential grain need to have that the massive sanctions war against russia is having a profound impact on the global economy. instead of just punishing russian citizens . consumers in the west and the developing world will also experienced economic pain. globalization itself is being interrupted. the great separation is upon us. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? walk is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah oh, when i was shown seemed wrong when i was just a sheep out this day because of the african and engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart,
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we choose to look so common ground with rushes, defense ministry claims that the military provocation that ends up our osha nuclear power plant. when the parents attend by ukrainian force is to blame russia for creating a radioactive halt, bed dust off the sabotage group, allegedly attached to the russian control plans overnight amid but those between the ukrainian albion local militia forces homes in the little guns candidates for public circles in the crossfire made to supply people desperately need that food, rushes, dogs, applying humanitarian aid. this is melody all poland are the speak to some of the


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