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when you false fog mercedes are among those who have announced production costs due to lack of parts and materials. there are also worried that global electric vehicle production will also be affected as large amounts of nickel used to make batteries comes from russia and the european job. so there is also vulnerable and estimated $250000.00 german jobs alone depend on russian cop exports. professor banking and finance, richard vernon says the you need to adopt a more balanced policy towards russia. the impact is significant. it is very, very large. germany, of course, europe's largest economy is actually particularly badly affected, as it is now hitting very directly the automobile industry before we really have seen the development of the emergent energy crisis. and that even that was also still going to get much worse. and you need energy to run your
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industry. germany has been relying on russia and it should have adopted a more consistent policy. and not shut russia out. we will see further rises and car prices and wish, you know, we're seeing the energy prices going ballistic. if you're doing that and you also relying on russia energy, well, why don't you insist on a more balanced european policy towards russia and ukraine and that doesn't aim add cause in conflict. and so the conflict is now here. and supply lines are being cut. and this is going to have a dramatic impact. and now just before we go a word on how you can watch out, see at the moment around the world because we sent out a few questions about that. now, all the ways you can find the laid out it's all
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t dot com slash where to watch, including how's the tune your satellite receiver to reach us signal were available in europe, africa, latin america, and elsewhere across the globe that way. so do head over to all websites for the full list on low down. well, that's all for this our, for the latest developments on the conflicts in ukraine to head over to r t dot com. my name is peter scott on. thank you for watching. ah ah ah
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with a contract with when you purchased a new cook with them. okay. and then you just, i said, you know, you probably were, you mean, you know, use that or should, of course, you know, not us. just was even a pushy, i mean, with i need a, a, a, a, a, a, with
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a good. your brains are glossy. where were you mr. graham's? i mean, when i was just following the lead you brains, are you sure greg julie canoe graham it let's east. we believe you are to shoot me . it was not been bringing what? no more level grading. so you are, you was us williams. she goes to put in for the last 3 to cover the dish. talk order new by michelle ish night here on of calling. you know, he checked on bus picking up a boshamp small the go ladies. so call was about change for that. so i mean about she here they come out on that is public,
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but the stuff yellow when you can make it go get those to me on my lunch, which is the report that this petite no green was put was im sessions with senior miss those to be with you. i need now, but what i she the way the way someone coming and are going to play a little to that's where you waste car. that's a keyboard golf, but priest more from where you cough easily carmel krinski felt that this muley che scalia of then. yes. come a little that she has a book post because of my day and that'll give my child by itself. she's in the other, scott: yeah. a little boy in his night and he will. yeah. oh, i see the question that those people can hear. my union another boy, you know, if it was too, but you know, it didn't. you go that's. it was a set of them is approaching is a bit more than what we can handle most similarly,
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it may have been what is natural that look for them with most of them, there's more than one which is not the a up one know minimize this one with the go with 40 or no worries, because a you are this will continue to go. there you go from do you should do. we have food a, she'll grade what the only more movie, what company we are to show it was new to me if i knew can you know with the i'm with right now. it's been, you know, right off the bat,
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don't go buy that stuff with way. knew anybody. you know, we're, we're in the, the sessional, the socum or i'm just now she's done on the status of william the social. so congress with phone the header. but i feel like machine either pushing by miss napoleon or go get a hold of us with the with warner williams putting in a box. if possible, i need you to simply say, usually a single signer, you see a law, but you need a clearly unless you need it all we need to go to who was wanted to let me know
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like when we always just a little holding it was clickable, i need to know what actually specifically what color, but there is finance laws. it shows that she must, steve said a bit immediate assembly which, which does right. oh, you and i have a come over the store was more than i ordered a william boot that wants to boot kramer. it was more not panella still more so the guy was used to play with it. popular boy, what does that conflict? sophistic. gov, autumn perfecto? because i was assuming about the snow was a lot. so your base cost a port shebaway this year and she was no ceiling. absolute yes. movie city. that's a good, not a bottle door concert or just for door story and whatever. i'll just see more when
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craner close quote. now going to the to the airport for then yes, it was just for any meeting because we're approaching some of the buses to the media. a question. i'm e love pins it there much. right? i feel like a very honest hm. i mean, you get a,
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a, a guy, doris, come with pnc. let us, you know, they just video, literally apologized. what's better, do you know, i mean a touch with
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her. she's upset and the more more beneficial to flip through a short term was called them costio. but it could be just for us to pick them up. i used to bruce to you, which of police, if you use your police report is young to give them or in the middle. so we'll have to push plaster to show where you're from, cuz she was putting up a co cuz you're a political reporter, but you're only working on what to do to miners to what i do should come through. switched it with me a pro prototype. i'd conference because on i will sit on those 3, your stories you here on the window of automate the mirror a more than enough light avenue, but more stable spec should make a quick,
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quick collective. but anyway, she needs the ah love with to low floor with the leaf dancer, but come on then you know, my daughter by ad casara actually there. yeah. and that's even a couple of last long, or would you have been out? watch well, did it even though both of gera, done yet i'm will to leave your needs as real? sure, unless you was gonna let you do it. but she did it, show you more of a garage. what was your parents? who told her? she was williams, as she said, they did touch with homes crimson. do you see the
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a missionary with with boy bras? she's a junior did spits. not when you put so sleep of sickle go yes, globally still pain if lisa will. yeah. look, ship what the got a what will be the lester? yeah. sure. clue. deep, deep lyrics. me what? she'll get them done. probably. it's a little treat actually, actually don't tell you what we need to get done with it, but it's good period. so we'll get with
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l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings. except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence. and the point obviously, is to great trust, rather than fear. i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence . real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a with
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oh, driven by dream shaped bankers. and those with who dares sinks. we dare to ask
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for what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk with people a few issues
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with with, with a gear store and you can afford it so that you know, when you see with wall street journal, a change is to go it, go to get it. to move, move them in the business. most group to who are that?
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i'm going to start with a sick daughter. doris. well, anything else got available to lose or shot us on visit, you know, with all of us work. so what we did sort of chileya got was noble, but those mother about in the early schools will dismiss with for the
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1st time ukraine's got a me a zealous sheila, no voice that, i mean i'll donate school i don't port on you will be 2 or 3 more, these to sort of like a coordinate, i'm choosing as a ne, opposite the walk or korean that v laptops, toys, car, wish to get a reporter. so she was with her. mom had a puerto sister only what was on the school cream at the time q u e. the
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session by sure can use the quarter. so then you could use your blue ribbon with each about shania i think is chastity. recruiting is more than yeah, it's keith as delivery slide the what's the smallest? cuz i store mcdaniels with a,
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with deep pro real. what on go green like a which not realize it was sort of in his ear on the old from the see who you are mortal because right out of a some of i'm just not off i you will if not actually legitimately ship it enough but a school from cooper. if you've wor about your mother, i'm you can go get it before the who wishes to jacob as blue. plainly, this will continue according to the bathroom is a plea of willy. any stick for yourself? the estimate of the young lady are lit up stealing ben? yes. with no. yes. was there?
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yes. yeah. give you my she heard of who's working with somebody who is not your brother. walter, additional ability if you haven't got them, use my be dwight with us here. in virginia, within this get your so food and that'll miss the previous leave across the vocal. and you can come straight to mr. bluth mill. super that somehow pull him. you could have id from cooper. ashley. machine the it was b. sure. you put on bruises to hold on when you come over. what's mother? he's a new fema deal to angle between your arm. yeah. do it for newton myriad commercial
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mcneish our own notion. would your in your own bottle? no green is gone. the pros to get away am stations president, i'm if i'm store no with the a with sister charity level issue with the bottom and get away from 6 to rid of the story kind of subject with a good you. so our only option would you linea wasn't she and weasel. dr. back more impact to people. initiatives just touch him with as a downtown dental and that america. thank you. don't nights. glad aboard the motion is not valid keyboard. how my put you on the nest? must it even a better muslim? new man, my me was what? most soon he was sure. hopefully within the mile paragraph b poor. but a shameka smoke husky, xena b r. i s me. oh, because that it got a bill on my card. you sir, or bill of out of pocket on the over. i'm good with here. keyboarding of e mail, tom. no,
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papa tulsa cut the uh with septic crow caputo below with naval car. but it actually is lydia for the losses in which is just not the group we kind of like more tv. it's not old. we've been on top of that. you know, cut her. she did the che jill. it's muted natasha. but i was on an up as a pos alia cocoa, would you? so you already, she can each, but could he come? slow? crane. she want to carson will feel as will show you how you want to sit there stores to run the going out. let's calculate yours or by you were you t austin an a bought a condo or retailer compressor at the bill to cooper vista. thomas store finance cor. was a conscience store over to ward here by the fiddle. here will be route krinski west castillo 40. more than his kellogg ask publicity, but he will listen. say to pity. gov. orderly. by corina postal studies flip
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a brief killer. my white. no perfecto. casala store. why not? probably say sure, assimilate, cannot leave sedation. eluded pathology. i was returning your phone call. i don't, i didn't on them, you know, right? or that, you know, the key is to give them a huge dog deals that are well as far as money and yet was the volume g as mean you know, i live. so what does it say though it was he had i didn't the who it us use my day and you must or new radio ledger. this would read those at the board. tell us what they would do enough near amazingly ah
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ah ah ah ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical of time to sit down and talk with russian defense ministry accused as ukraine of allegedly developing a biological weapons program with the u. s. assistance. bushes military says it does destroy a know the ukrainian air force base and the countries west is part of the militarization campaign. also i had to a local from southeastern ukraine, claim ukrainian forces for saturdays failed evacuation. only 300 civilians managed to leave today. according to done yet for public officials with both sides accusing each other all these violations all over the place. all personal


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