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tv   Documentary  RT  March 6, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, who join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah
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in cooling you, you've got it. i knew you say he only fell dirty with a kick in from with you purchased a new cook with just a few. no, no,
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not. not resuming. pushy, well, numerous in pushy, i need some pushing because i need to stay in just a little a little more to show it. so i think you should get a, a a little would your brains are glossy. where were you mister graham's?
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i mean, when i was just following your brains, are you sure you knew, greg? my sister would believe you are to ship it or not, but when you were not available grading, so you are, you was us. williams. she goes to put in the for the last 3 to cover the dish dog order new by michelle schneider on of collecting you know, she children bus picking up a boshamp small the go ladies cause chain for that. so i mean about she here is come up with that is public. but in the sub lyla, when you can get a go get those to me. i'm glad we took it. is a report that this packet, no green up was puzzle, was eaten, sessions the would senior mr. those to be with you and he now, but what? i she the way you wait a more convenient are going to play
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a little put us will your voice car, but that's a keyboard golf, but priest more, but i'm waiving coffee, telecom net grandkids spelled out this newly chest colleague of then yes, come alberto rehabilitated both because of my my day and there because my child by itself shedding the other guy. yeah. a look, a little boy in his life and he will. yeah. oh, i see the question that goes to poke in years my union another boy do you know if it was too, but you know, it didn't, you could call it was to renew it. bill said one of them is approaching is a bit more than what we can set something similar. we have them. what is natural that look for them with a good look, with a little bit more than one, which is not this. yep. we know minimize this more than what some of those are. so they go with
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what you normally a you, but this one of them will use to go there you go from do you should do. we have food a, she'll grade you on the more multiple company we have to show it was new to me. yeah. i mean, you know with the with right now you've been with us. right? yeah. what that all, i got, doug about that stuff a year ago. we knew anybody, you know, we're, we're in the, the sessional, this or i'm just not just on the status of william the social. so i'm just gonna keep the phone the home. but i feel like machine either pushing find it or do you
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usually with them all the way and if you want. so what i was wants to do, and i could do with the whether it was like, i mean, we're not really in the supporting you a need to similarly, so usually a pretty much done with single, sorry, i'm a guy and we don't know. but even, you know what, you need a clue unless you need it or we need to go to who was wanted to let me know. like when we always just a little holding it was kilograms, and i need to know what actually specifically what color, but that is finance laws that shem shem. steve said that the media a session which which does right. oh you and i have a come over the store was more than i ordered
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a william booth is that i was to boot cleaner. it was a storm motion of the gelato used to be reduced here in buffalo boys. what does that conflict? so if you could please give autumn perfecto because i was so sim, number 3 in the snow was a lot. so your voice cast, kitchen report is too much noise. ceiling absolute yes. moving a lot out. a bottle door concert or just 4 door story and where i was just a moment later or craner close quote. and i'm going to send it to the airport for then yes, it was just for any. can the median because we're a bullshit. some of them busters to the media? a question i'm e, i've been city. my tried
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a very honest. whoa, i go do a, a, a guy doors company deal
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with pnc. and i thought you might just know they just video. just really apologized. what's better? yeah, i mean, i actually thought with for sure she's upset, and the more more of an issue. so flip through
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a short term wisconsin castillo, but it could be just for us to pick them up. i used to produce g, which was part of the list. if you use your finish and the publisher to give them on my bill, so we'll have to push plaster to show where we can buy your from, cuz he was putting up with a proposal to buy your own emotional today. my next door i do should come to switch to looking at a portal i. the principal knows cylinders through your store as you know, we do a quick gift, but you know, she needs the finish. ah
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a lot more with me, but come on than you are my daughter. bye up casara. actually, they did not see for a couple of us latino, which in and out my left to remote pulls of gera, done yet. i believe it does really sure. on what she was gonna let you do with it, but she said it did show you more of a movie. distola grew up, so it was really good up to the older teachers, williams, as she said, they did touch with homes crimson. do you wish the machine will do it? with boy bras. she's a getting your didn't spits, not when you put so sleeve of cyclical vineyards, globally greenish lisa will look ship like a gary. what will be the luster?
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yes. cookie. can you please explain what she'll get them done? probably it's a little treat. actually actually a dumb dumb you actually need to get done. so you're actually doing a puzzling, you've been exposed to work with the producer, but it's got fitted so that bill gates oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers are those with
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theirs sinks. we dare to ask a guy, but i want to was go with world is with you is with you. i'm with
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and still the we would you cause to play political claims. got to boot from beach still easy to the station about in the board with a key role wish to
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do is to ship a wish with with, with a gear store and you can afford it. so that enough, when you see with a new mom, a not sure do a change is to go with a good to move. move them in now. it's
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not going to who are that? i'm finished with. boucher, a sick daughter. doris. well, anything about to lose or shot on pieces, you know with all of this work. so what we did sort of chileya look a little bit about those mother about in the early school with news
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news, news news. your grains guarded me a zealous. sheila? no voice that, i mean i'll donate school i don't port on you will be team or put him away. that he's just sort of like a coordinate. i'm choosing as a ne, opposite the will korean that v. like for your wife's car or wish to it's a reporter. so she was with her mom had a puerto sister on lee. what was on the shore claiming at the time q u e. the
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session by sure can use the quarter. so then yeah, i was curious to war blue with you to about shania, i think is chastity. recruiting is who was the yeah, it's keith as di gabriel died. that the was the small was because i store with a school that with
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a with
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deep pro real on go a green like a which not the yellow sheet or through the next year on the, on the see would you or model yes because that out of a some of of shipping but you will not actually, legitimately ship it enough but a school from cooper. if you've war about you mother, i'm just going to go games before the who wishes to jacob well as blue. plainly, this will continue according to the bathroom, is a blip. really any stick for yours that he is still a young lady. we are lit up really been yes with no, you was there you us?
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yeah. give you my she took a who's with all the other 2 with whom to perform goes on your body, which is not a job or they were their admission. it goes out and use my be dwight with stillia when i was here in the junior senior picture. so food and that'll miss the previous leave across the vocal. and you can come straight to mr. bluth mill, super that somehow pull them. you could have id from cooper, but when the machine the, it will be the sure you put on bruises the whole going to come over. what's my 30 a. do it from newton meters? new national crenisha. oh newton. would you mean your own bottle?
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no. green is gone, the prosecutor william st is president. i'm if i'm store no with here with of 5th the charity level issues the but i'm gonna go with i'm 6 to read or for story car, subject with a conditional are from there. would you linear wasn't sure that we will dock dockman impact people initiatives just him we're i'm from b as a dental dental and that america. thank you. don't nice glad aboard. the motion is not valid keyboard. how may i put you on the nest must sit even a bit emotional new man. my knee was what most soon he was sure. hopefully within the mile paragraph, be poor, but a shameka smoke husky, xena diarra me. oh, because that it got a bill or a good you sir, or bill of out of pocket on the over. i'm good with here. keyboarding of e mail, i'm no,
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papa tulsa cut the up with up to crow caputo below it may have little come. but allison and your school lydia, for the losses in which is just not the group. we can talk more tv. it's not only been on top of you know, cut her. she did the che jill. it's motiv natasha. but i was on an up as a pos alia cocoa booty, so he thought he, she can eat. but could he compile crane? she my classroom will feel as will show you how you want to set a story that on me going out. let's quickly dierdre by u t. t. georgiana, border condo or retailer composer at the bill to cooper vista, thomas store finance cor, was a conscious store. and what would you like to fiddle with here would be root krinski, west coast territory. more than his killing ask publicity valuable. i should say. it's a pretty good order. luba. green postal studies flip up with ashton,
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my white. no perfecto. casala store. why not? probably say sure, assimilate and ugly sedation illusion pathology. i was returning your phone call. i don't i just on them you know, get more than you know the keys to get them printed deleon, that are you engaged the deals that are well as far as planning yet was the volume g as mean? you know, well, what does it say though it was he had, i didn't the who had asked me is my day and you must do a new radio ledger. this would read those at the board. tell us what they would be enough near to lazy maria. ah ah
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d b oh, i was all with with you is with you. i am with
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with full credit it's got to boot from beach. good enough to still easy for this patient, but in the board with me
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with ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense, bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk ah,
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there is a strong pressure or need to, to get involved in this conflict in the more active great. something more than just to supply reference to ukraine and sharing intelligence information or with, with the plan you afford to. so for instance, under the discussion about the no flight rule over you, great. and you need to, to write to have such an all flood zone. it will constitute or danger or for direct nature of conflict. and these conference, unfortunately, usually escalate to the level a
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with the russian defense ministry accuses ukraine of allegedly developing a biological weapons program with us help also ahead in the program with a day later to attend to evacuated, people from the city of mario pole in southeastern ukraine once again in your local, stuck in a blockade fearing for their lives. and we hear from an ex ukraine army paramedic whose return to one of them come to republics. she claims the army, let her don.


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