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tv   News  RT  March 8, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EST

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ah, ah, in ed lines this, our russian defense ministry says here is blocking the main humanitarian car doors towards russia by moscow give striking an agreement on monday evening to begin evacuations. also i had this is where most of the buddies discovered in a mass grave outside the guns were read bare rate. and i say blood is the case if you have been identified so far. uncovering the grim secrets of the past, the mass graves containing the victims of 8 years of war and gone, but also coming up russian cultural figures are being cancelled in europe for refusing to take sides amid ukrainian conflict. ah,
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from moscow to the world you're watching out international mine is peter's gotten ready. joining us from welcome to the program. now with the conflicts and ukraine into its 13th day. let's start the program with a quick recap of some of the latest developments. the russian defense ministry says humanitarian car doors from 5 ukrainian cities were due to open today. russian now says corridors evacuating civilians towards russia been rejected by key f. previous attempts to evacuate civilians were previously disruptive to with moscow, claiming ukrainian nationalists have refused to let people out. walk here, insisted evacuations, fail due to sci fi violations by russian forces. agreement on the opening of those corridors was reached during the 3rd round of talks between moscow and kevin bella . ruth, on monday, russia expressed hope that the arrangements would be accepted by ukraine,
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which agreed to do so. but previous arrangements fell short. ukraine in turn, has said so far that the thoughts didn't produce any positive outcomes, but consultations will continue. and in europe, energy prices i had seen old time rec holds amid sanctions against russia. that's the european commission is about to announce a raft of emergency measures to cut reliance on russian gas. numerous humanitarian car doors have open today in ukraine after key ever. moscow came to agreement. in yesterday's talks, russia says a sci fi was declared and it was agreed that safe x rays would open from 5 ukrainian cities. here has confirmed opening some of the car doors. having previously disagreed on roots, leading to russia, russia negotiator, that he may have been made in ski, said he is hopeful. a compromise can be reached. is a question awful of a life. who cares where they go? do they go west, east, north and south?
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the purpose is to lead civilians, women seniors, keys to let them go out of the cities. that actually is absolutely understandable by us and by ukrainian delegation. i hope that starting from tomorrow, they promised it the situation will change, and i do hope they will keep their vote. here you can see refugees who managed to travel from ukraine to the city of tegan rogue in southwest russia. most of the refugees are from the city of matthew pal, where fis, bottles have been taking place. hello, william need use military operations. that's what's happening. military operations are being conducted in civilian quarters. can you understand that in civilian neighborhoods where people live, ukrainian forces were positioned in civilian quarters after they retreated? how did we manage to get out? we were there to the bitter end. we're from near mary. you call?
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no one. let's any one out of mary. you paul, itself, we were just lucky. it's just that if they place weapons near your yard, it's a bad sign. oh, they said that there was a green light for mary jo pol citizens to leave in cars for zap, rosy. but i was told that people are not allowed on this app rosie highway. the soldiers took as to rush after we lived on the outskirts of mary u. haul. the donut 6 soldiers walked around the village and said that it was better to evacuate. maybe we wouldn't have survived the next night on those who did money to flee from muddy, who pulled to the safe. so in don bus close to the russian border shed what they've been through politely but upstream with both shares the slickest on the list. but we did the on when much the number show creature of the i'm in the mantra as a young was mrs. did me so it does a should use this with
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bottles continue to rage throughout ukraine, according to the russian military. it done. yeah, it's a little guns, forces are advancing in the for the areas another sci fi is attempted to allow civilians to escape. the russian defense ministry says nearly 2500 military targets have been destroyed in ukraine since the beginning of the conflict. and here you can see video from the russian defense ministry showing its attack helicopters, which overnight was said to destroy dnc aircraft system and armored vehicles. this on verified footage shows
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a fire at 2 oil plants in the g tamir region west of kiev. ukrainian authorities said it was the result of air strikes. one fire has already been contained and there are no reports of injuries. the same time, the ukrainian army has allegedly been forced from almost the entire territory of the guns people's republic was 73 towns and cities seized both as the front lines, the redrawn some hiring tales are emerging as told to ortiz, maria phenomena with war raging, bringing death and destruction, those alive dream about peace. but here it seems. this is something even the dad cannot find. these are local experts zooming bodies from what they call this montagnier. graves of those who died in shelling and hostilities, one of 4 such resting places across the republic of logan's cook, the more readily when we saw that those pits with approximately a meter of dead new, literally
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a 4 by 4 square with $10.00 to $15.00 bodies in each one, but just listen. it's just not right small. we lifted out $292.00 bodies out of it . sure the name should be remembered with. that's the price of our freedom. we witnessed the 1st of these grace when we worked here back in 2014 on those hot summer days. local morg refrigerator is were totally packed with courses and as the city was shelled 4 weeks non stop. they were not working properly. has power was cut off. committing bodies to the earth was urgent. see all storm give. we're a small to in leo we examined old bodies, took dna for further matching regularized the remains and re buried them with mach numbers with accordance to dignity and orthodox norms. really previously, really hope the remains will be identified soon. this is where most of the but is discovered in a mass grave outside lugens were re barrett and i say, but is because few have been identified so far. for now, who does a cemetery with simple crosses and numbers?
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no names, work has begun to turn it into a large memorial to the victims of ukraine's aggression, its official name. it lies across from another monument, right there to a local civilians kill here by fascist back in 1942 and it is also called we will not forget we will not forgive. that was in 2014 now with shelly continued for days. again, the experts have received information about new mass graves along the frontline. she was submitted for nurse last. we want to be wrong, but our experience of working with nationalistic battalions and the ukraine security service shows it could highly likely be true. and you will make, now they are waiting for the fighting to stop, to start rescuing those alive. healing those injured and to re barry, those who are dead. brief, notional r, t, from the la ganske, with public. what is the conflict? continues oil and gas prices remain at record highs for a 2nd day in a row,
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while some european leaders reject calls for about on the imports of russian energy . will gary in prime ministers among the latest st. his country is dependent on russian energy sources. meanwhile, russia's deputy prime minister says an embargo and russian energy would have disastrous consequences on global markets. guess going boomers to pull need so we can guess from a fully fulfills its obligations to supply gas to europe will moreover, the supply through the ukrainian gas transportation system has been increased. at the same time, we understand that due to unfounded accusations against russia regarding the energy crisis in europe and the introduction of the ban on note for him to we have every right to make a marriage decision and imposing embargo on gas pumping through the north stream one gas pipeline, which is 100 percent loaded today. everyone knows that oil supplies from russia are the most competitive for the european market. it is obvious that the rejection of russian oil will lead to disastrous consequences for the world market. the search
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in prices will be unpredictable if you want to refuse the delivery results from russia, that's ok. we know where to redirect these volumes. meanwhile, oil joints, shell and british petroleum say they will stop buying russian crude oil and across the atlantic. american politicians seems to be determined to reject all l exports from russia. however, the whites are says, any decision is yet to be made. ortiz don't call to reports on how such a move could affect the west. all around washington, the call to ban russian oil can be heard. america's big wigs also claiming its putin's main source of revenue prudent as weaponized energy. i don't believe this country should be importing any thing from russia by banning import of russian oil here. united states with the opportunity to work with our allies, to stabilize the energy market across the world, safeguard our nations energy security and boost our own energy independence. it's time to ban all imports of russian oil. never in the history of warfare has
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a bad guy been so exposed as putin is today. the revenue from all and guess keeps on the float. if we can isolate the oil and gas sector produce more here at home, that will do more to end this war than any single thing i can think of. banning oil imports from the world's number one, export or will no doubt come at a cost. nevertheless, some on capital hill are ready for americans to pay even more at the pump. i would, i would gladly, if they've ever suppose being taken a said jose you pay attention to when we're going to support to people's ukraine. stop basically the support of russia. i would gladly pretensions more ago someone should probably lead mansion know that americans are already paying not 10, but $0.30 more per gallon. in fact, just a week after the most recent waves of us sanctions against russia were launched, the price of oil nearly reached its 2008 all. busy time high, which caused more than a little anxiety across the us. as nations increase economic pressure on russia,
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president biden has warned that some of those moves could also end up hurting. you ask consumers, as we all know, prices, americans are paying for the basics, food gas, housing are all high and they could go even higher. ok, get some bad news for you. the u. s. gas price has reached a national average of $4.00 a gallon the highest in over a decade as a byte administration now considers banning russian oil a band isn't even an effect. and yet the economic consequences show just how reliance the u. s. is on russian oil. last year the us doubled its crude oil imports from russia, bringing them to their highest level into decades that totaled over $4700000000.00 . so what we will get for the big, big crisis. everybody wandered across the ocean and you know, new york and so on. so what we, what we would see now is that with nice price increases the, the entire financial system will fall apart. and i think this could already be the
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stone that brings everything into into a crash. the midterm elections are gone for the democrats, if the price is right and people are in the us, don't know how to pay that bill anymore. so i'm very, very concerned of the democracy in the us. and now due to the sanction, due to these things, we're not really necessary who are voluntary and i think they are planned for ages already, but not a well thought through. i think while banning russian oil would almost certainly mean even higher energy prices for your average american washington's energy giants could be looking at some mega profits. anthony blinking has been busy trying to get your opinion leaders on the anti russian oil bandwagon. and the european commission seems in favor tomorrow. the european commission will table proposals on how to
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quickly get rid of our dependency on russian fossil fuels. this means diversifying suppliers, switching to liquefied natural gas and pipeline gas. re powering the e u by investing and renewables, improving energy efficiency. not everyone in europe is on board though. that's mostly because it's simply not possible to do what washington is suggesting. the federal government has been urgently working for months with its partners in the european union and beyond to develop alternatives to russian energy. this cannot be done overnight. it is therefore a conscious decision on our part to continue the activities of commercial companies in the field of energy supply with russia. president biden said nothing is off the table when it comes to sanctions aimed at russia. ok, but can america's president affords such a policy when he's also promised to keep gas prices low? the white house seems less than willing to find out how the president has been approaching. any of the steps we've taken as it relates to russia and the actions
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of russia and holding president putin accountable is to take every step to the maximum impact that will impact president putin, the russian economy. we are looking at options, we can take right now to cut us consumption of russian energy. but we are very focused on minimizing the impact to families. if you reduce supply in the global market place, you are going to rise, raise gas prices, you're going to right ride the raise, the price of oil. and that is something the president is very mindful of. and focused on washington. got plenty of strong words for russia, but as the recoil from western sanctions causes more and more collateral damage. it may be only a matter of time until bided. we'll need to play nice. well to flesh this out. let's cross live now to author and journalist thomas roper and to daniel show, professor of latin american and caribbean studies from us. and daniel, welcome to odyssey international. i'm going to start with you thomas. if you don't mind. european politicians have wanted to diversify the energy sources for some
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time now. but it's such a critical moments. it seems the you house, you know, few options, but to, to keep, you know, the russian oil flowing. what do you think the next move will be? oh, i could not sure what the next move will be because um, there is no way to quickly right now, diversify anything or contracts a long time. it will be expensive to get the i l. n g from asia. and what will agent then do? where will they get the gas from? so, and this is quite complicated. i think it's unrealistic. so i'm just, i'm just really well even can say, amused about where they're, what they're talking in brussels because it's just far from reality. sorry. and how do you think this will affect the ease green deal given the current crisis? well, the green deal is a deal for investment. so it's a deal where some industries will make a lot of money and they will maybe even try to, to make this fast and then pay more money. but whether it will help we have seen
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last year in summer, less wind. and the result was that the gas coming from russia was led into the power station store to give electricity. and it was not, not in the, in the, in the reserves for the winter. so the green deal is quite good thing because you have to control wind and sun and this is what i didn't explain to me how that went to do, you know, well, yeah, and that's quite a good point. i'm even across to you now, daniela. we have a situation in across the atlantic in america where gas prices are the highest since 2008 now over the present. but it has the mid term elections coming up. do you think he's willing to take the risk of bunning russian oil or does he seek? and the american economy seek to benefit from potentially higher ellen g prices and maybe turning on the types of shale or even more the united states right now. the republicans and the democrats are blaming one
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another. it's a full informational war, a media war against russia. no matter what president biden does, or any republican does, they blame one another for not being, quote unquote tough enough on, on russia. but the truth is objectively, they've dug themselves into a crisis because there is a certain dependency on gas in oil reserves from russia. they've gone as far as to reach out to nickel asthma on the p s u v. and so i'm here is leadership in caracas in venezuela. they floated the idea of a new rounds of talks with iran, the china employee, the old colonial tactic of dividing conquer. but the season in time period was leadership in caracas is going to know how to deal with the situation in venezuela . busy any oppress, blockaded country has every right on the international scene to have economic
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relations with any major power to alleviate the suffering of this blockade has existed since the time of barack obama 2014. so i, everything has changed in the past 12 days since the russian or intervention in ukraine. and the reaction out of washington is, is surprising. it's a very dynamic situation right now. i'm moving back to you thomas. now we have 2 major economies in the you, france and germany, and they have openly said that bush and oil and gas is too important. they also seem to contradict the commission. he wants to reduce dependence on russian oil. what do you think the outcome of the discussions between the states and the commission will be? well, i can look in the future. um, the problem is if the germans seem to be more realistic because the germans know that without russian gas and they have to switch of light, it will not be enough electricity even for living. and i'm not talking about the economy and i'm not talking about prices. so we really have to understand that from
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my point of view in brussels, we have people who are just fighting for i dollars. i d o g, which is trans atlantic. and there is no real is no real is no realistic view of the situation there. because whatever you want to do it's, it's simple. we have a limited limited gas on earth and whether, whether you can change it or not. and there is no way and, well, i don't know what they were, what they will agree on and made a rush will make the decision for them as we heard yesterday from the vice premium and prime minister in russia. maybe russia starts to switch off. yes, because right, as is fit uh with the sanctions, i don't know. maybe russia will make a decision. what else? you know, we're certainly seeing the fallout from this conflict on many different levels. and now moving back to you, daniel, we seem crop prices rise. you know, as you know, you, russia and ukraine have a big chunk of this market, nickel and olive minium, to titanium palladium for the aerospace industry. what do you think the global
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impact this would be on resources in general? or the russian leadership has been calculating since 2014 or since 2000. and when putin came in to power, they've calculated very carefully what to what extent they can sustain in embargo in sanctions. it's been round after round of sanctions against the russian people. and as of course, the tragic thing about blockade. the fact the everyday family is the most. the russians have calculated carefully that this moment 12 days ago with russian troops entering into ukraine. this represents, arguably, the historic watershed moment, the emerging of a multi polar world. in the economic sense, the russians have calculated that they can do this. they can sustain these embargoes in the west is germany. and england is the us is going to be scampering
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to try to make up for this. i think all parties are affected. but russia increasingly can pivot towards china towards iran. toys is clearly polar world, and it's only because we're in 2022 in not 2014 or 2000 in 2001 on 1991 that the russians could make this gamble was so far they seem very confident and i'm afraid that's all we have time for john, so i'd like to thank you both for your time today or not see international. so often journalist thomas roper and daniel shore, professor of latin american and carbon studies. thank you both very much. thank you . are russia has long been an established producer of high art and culture in the western world? not just oil and gas, but i made ukrainian tensions. the situation is drastically changed with many of its cultural figures being canceled, shoulder bends, he has more. the way anger towards russia over the war in ukraine is now
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spinning into unexpected sectors with culture caught up in the geo political fray. anyone who doesn't speak out against president putin is being considered to be no longer neutral and needs to be cancelled. that's leading to many renowned international artists being dumped from their positions. positions which don't normally come with a slice of politics at the site. a boycott is underway, some that is more stringent than that during the cold war. even at the height of the cold war. cultural exchanges between russian, american and european artists continued. what's happening today is different. it goes beyond the cold war. it's a real war, a strong words from an or perhaps that he's now buying into the canceling of high culture with the met promising that it will sever ties with all pro putin,
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russian artists. and some of the most prominent names in their fields are being singled out. take the lady get gave, considered to be amongst the greatest conductors of all time. his refusal to take a political stance has seen him stripped of his role as conductor of the munich philharmonic, as well as other roles. now alter, sing at and in the trigger has had all appearance is suspended until further notice despite being vocal that she does not agree with the war. that denunciation apparently didn't go far enough for the met, who wanted her directly to denounce president putin. even institutions like the bolshoi and the marine sky are expected to behave. they have public funding and in the eyes of the world talking about the bolshoi and talking about the russian state is the same thing. the pressure is so intense that some are quitting,
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rather than being forced to make a declaration that includes the musical director of the to lose orchestra and the bolshoi theatre. over the last few days, i've witnessed what i thought i would never say my life in europe to day. i'm forced to choose and prefer one member of my musical family to another. individuals who refused to denounce that war are one thing, but russian culture is now under a much wider attack. bali performance is such as sworn lake have been pulled. compositions by to kosky had been removed from orchestra's, and ties by some european museums to their sister. institutions in russia have also been severed, once unfolding has been described as a new form of mccarthyism. russia has even been banned from you revision. the decision reflects concerned that in light of the unprecedented crisis in ukraine, the inclusion of a russian entry would bring the competition into disrepute. some points to the move
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is mirroring the situation in russia itself. with some art workers have taken a public stance against the war conductor, even villainy cove from paris was apparently sacked by a moscow theatre, often using a performance to oppose the war in ukraine. but his boy coating performance is actually going to help the situation in ukraine. or will this move only go further to isolate russians who are already beginning to feel that they are part of a witch hunt? charlotte, even sky r t. paris given the events of the past 2 weeks, rushes warning for nato to halt expansion or the surgery seem to have been all but forgotten. but they were acknowledged by the west more than 2 decades ago. when the current us presidents warned that nato expansion in eastern europe could provoke russia,
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i think the one place where the greatest consternation would be caused in the short term would be to admit baltic states now in terms of nato, russian, us, russian relations. and if there was ever anything that was going to tip the balance, were to be tipped in terms of a vigorous and hostile reaction. i don't mean military in russia, it would be that nato nevertheless, did expand into the baltic states. and despite there still be no direct confrontation with russia, the military alliance is open, his combat radius with lots v. a recently announcing an increase these miniature budget to reach nate. so target figure is a former nato supreme allied commander said president putin's actions have reinvigorate to the alliance. i spent 4 years the supreme allied commander of nato, at every conference, every meeting of high level nato officials. i would find my way to chancellor angle of merkel of germany and the minister of defense versus lavonne to ryan. and i
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would say to them, you've got to raise your defense spending. and i got nowhere in 4 years. in 48 hours. vladimir putin has inspired the germans to effectively nearly doubled their defense budget. a smart move on the part of germans. vladimir putin may be the best thing that ever happened to the nato alliance. do have the impression that western leaders are going on with the sort of living in a fiction world heavy, heavy years old, who are disasters of the notices. i mean, is there any answer economic disaster, they're heading for world war just in order to, to show that they are more democratic. you in other parts of the world and in russia is a virtue signaling and, and these leaders are not looking out for the welfare of their countries at home. they're just taking wild risks. there's also people calling for actually
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getting older nato into the war with russia over ukraine, which is of course, totally in seen but, but that exists. and i don't see a sensible people in it. i mean, there are sensible people in the west, in the united states, there are sensible people, but they are very far on power in marginalized that's all for this hour, for the latest on the continuing war in ukraine, head over to r t dot com, my name is peter scott, and i'll be back again with more news for the top of the hour. ah ah
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ah. it's 7 o'clock in the morning in sight of his bedroom is the safest place, a man else because it has no windows. with.


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