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tv   News  RT  March 25, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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ah, reports emerge of russian forces taking control of mario, both city hall for a month of intensive bubbles, fighting with ukrainian horses continues. there. also ad on the program. european leaders object to moscow is demand to pay for their energy supplies from russia in roubles. that's of the currency begins to call back value lost amid the printing prices on the new york times has drawn rebuke for if you turn on corruption in ukraine and in the war, a reversal that appears to be part of a wider trend among main streaming media outlets ah
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wherever you are catching the program from today. welcome to moscow on to the global news updates on r t. let's get straight to the main developments then in the ukranian conflict, the russian defense ministry has said it has achieved its primary objective in the 1st stage of its operation in ukraine. the in the reducing the capability of ukrainian forces, which it says will lead to russia receiving its main aim. the liberation of don bus . russian officials also stated on friday that over 1300 of that soldiers have been killed with almost 4000 injured. while it's being claimed, the city administration building and murder you poll is now under the control of the russian military. and european commission chief 1st love underlie insane the block won't let rush to circumvent sanctions on use. energy supplies as an instrument to blackmail that comes after moscow announced that on friendly nations
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would have to pay for russian gas in rubles. now these dramatic images are from the city of hot tub. in ne, you, for a gas pipeline damage there after a munition allegedly hit the facility fire, which broke guards. as a result of the strike prompted people to flee their homes. it's still unclear who was responsible for the incident of this footage. meanwhile shows the city of murray. both were locals are trying to survive him and running bottles. burden cars can be seen the types navigating list of these witnesses say. there are problems with food and gas supplies, as well as teaching hot water and communication for the heads of rushes, negotiation teams loving myrmidon. sky said earlier that peace talks between russia and ukraine had been ongoing. throughout the week he ended the 2 sides almost agreed on many minor issues, while the main political goals are still to be compromised. to say to christ
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delegates who would representatives the ukrainian delegation, talk about optimism and great progress in the negotiations. but i don't share that optimism because there is no movement on the principle positions that the russian side insists on. unfortunately, we see a desire on the part of our ukrainian colleagues to delay the negotiations. they take their time and frankly say that they have many decision making centers which certain positions have to be coordinated. an interview for the b, b. c, members of the ukrainian delegation directly say that the leadership of ukraine coordinates college positions with foreign advisors. this is quite frankly, and very self revealing, while quite a few things had been as said that this a breathing with the russian defense ministry and then let's try and go through it point by point. so at the moment our russian forces have blocked f. i major cities in ukraine that includes a key f, a harkell fi czerny. gov. assume me,
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and nikolai of now i here san region which is adjacent to our rushes. a crimea is now completely under control of the russian military, as well as most of the ports of the zappa rosier region. now, they also added that the ukraine's air defense systems and ukraine's a air force had been practically destroyed in the countries. a navy no longer exists now ukrainian casualties are up to date, have amounted up 230000 people. 14000 of those i have been, i killed the defense ministry are saying that this operation is contained according to plan and ukrainian armies of combat potential had. now been seriously depleted and that will, of course, allow to complete the russian armies. maint ask and that is the liberation of both
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vanessa and elegance, people's public south russia, sa priority. they added is to rule out at any casualties among civilians. and for that, they are using high precision weapons in order to destroy or ukraine's military capabilities, their bases, their equipment, and other things as well as amazon. we keep the, you know, so we're quite as of the as of battalion, dr. women and children from basements, threatening them with weapons and sending them towards the advancing units of the don't ask republic, in order to hinder the offensive of the native force. super russian armed forces on the contrary, seek to avoid unnecessary losses. before the thought of the offensive ukrainian troops are invited to leave the compet area and returned with their equipment and weapons to their home base. what you unfortunately, during the special military operation, we have suffered losses. as of today, 1351 service man have died with you and 3825 of her
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injuries. according to the russian defense ministry, the military operation against the ukrainian or military that began a month ago had prevented a very large scale offensive against said, don barza republics are right here. now, very claim is that they intercepted a cold at secret order, with the preparation of the year of this offensive were supposed to finish at the end of february and start in the early days of for march. so by stepping in a, by a starting this military abrasion her to the militarize, entered in that a far ukraine. they have prevented hundreds and hundreds of thousands of deaths here in dunbar. of course people here, civilians have been dying for the last 8 years and that was said enough is enough. however, at this moment, a heavy shilling are both here in the nest can lugens quote. for other republics,
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they continue and people or continue to suffer unfortunately. or is one issue agreement proposal. the ukrainian armed forces continue to selectively use weapons in dunbar cities. an example of this is the strikes by the touch quote, when we sell system and a civilian population of don't ask and mucky of cra you. what we consider is a huge mistake for western countries to supply weapons to key if mean this delays, the conflict increases the number of victims and will not influence the outcome of the operation was the real purpose of such supplies is not to support ukraine, but to drag it into a long military conflict to the loss. ukrainian we will will bring union. now defense ministry also touch the fact that so while some a nasal countries are saying they will have no ports in this conflict. some other anita countries have been calling for a no natal imposed and they a no fly zone over ukraine. our russia said that sir, if for that will happen, they will react accordingly to of those decisions. now on the meanwhile,
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elsewhere, ukraine's and nation is battalions such as azar of ides, are right, sector and others. according to russian defense ministry, there, the backbone o f, a ukraine's of t is regime and they're saying that said there are over 7000. 0, for those people serving in the ukraine and military. right, right now. moreover, they said that at least still more than a $6000.00 foreign mercenaries and even terrorists have found work and that refuge in ukraine. and they said if of, if they're, if they will have to deal with those people will a rules of engagement that don't apply to them and they will be destroyed on the spot. now in an interview with r t on the re a novice stay news agency, the former russian president and current deputy chairman of the security council. dmitri med units gave us his take on the confrontation between moscow on the
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western block and russia's future global row. the fall interview will beard on saturday. in the meantime, here's a quick review. the last, lisa, 12 years ago you gave an interview to the wall street journal, a very reputable newspaper. and you said that you considered prussia a european country. do you still feel the way i should get well, geographically with the same country? without a doubt, russia has been and will continue to be a european country, just as it is an asian country in terms of its geography and history. russia is a european country also where european in terms of our cultural identity because a good part of our population represents the european civilization, which is closely linked to the christine civilization. but we also have a lot of people that belong to the muslim faith, as well as the rushes of a major religions, buddhism and judaism. obviously, we're not talking about geography here today. many russians included the country's
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top officials. if you listen to what they're saying, feel that we're setting ourselves up against europe as it's opposite. i have been, you know, it's them who are setting themselves up against us trying to distinguish themselves from us. they don't have a monopoly on european this. the european civilization develops steadily all across the continent shore. we are not not sent successes for the roman empire and like a number of our other european countries that belong to the germanic language groups. we have our own history, but our history is just as european as theirs. so when they say to was that we are no longer considered european, that sounds was ridiculous. frankly, that's all i have to say about our identity. i think that's no reason to make any judgments. you ask me a question and i told you that we are even more european than they are. that's all you. ah. yeah, very interesting. half our sit down that a shawn on saturday night,
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you leaders have slum moscow's, their mom, that quote on friendly states use the russian currency to pay for their gas imports objecting to vladimir putin request. they say the move would breach existing supply contracts policy or talk me through the latest we heard from the german chancellor, all of shawls saying that they won't do that. he simply said, we refused to pay for bash, an oil supplies in rubles. his argument was that there are contracts in place and those contracts are in yours and dollars. the same sentiment coming out of the poland state energy company, saying that they won't. and also they said that they can't reiterating that contracts have been signed. and that to quote them that one party cannot modify a contract according to his will. and we've heard from several e, u leaders, all of them saying that and that this is a breach of contract. some of them also scoffing at putin's quote,
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mention of unfriendly countries. this would be a unilateral decision and a clear breach of contract, and it would be an attempt to circumvent the sanctions. we will not allow our sanctions to be circumvented. the time when energy could be used to blackmail us is over. this is basically a breach of contract. this is important to understand. i don't think anybody in europe really knows how rubles look like. nobody will pay in roubles or paula, let's just expand on that. we heard there's some claiming it's a breach of contract by moscow, but the e u has frozen russian assets on an unprecedented sphere, much of which by right is owned by the russian people. so is it verb they're wanting it both ways? well, there certainly is the point that it's max of double standards, because for example, you have france which has just frozen the central acids belonging to rushes bank to the tune of 22000000000 years. at the same time, they have frozen private property that belongs to roughly 30 russians. and that is
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to the total of half a 1000000000 euros that's also been frozen. and the same kind of skips being taken in the netherlands, for example, where there's a letter that was written from the the finance ministry to the parliament there. and that was dated march. the 21st saying that to the total 392000000 with russian acids and transactions had been frozen. so 30 does seem that we looking at a case of double standards and i think that's a valid point against the reaction that is that the you eat the leaders and the way to meet is putting forward. now, just finally than the rubles seems to be regaining. ground on the back of the president's demand after some big fluctuations in the past few weeks. then we will is doing better. it briefly led to a 3 week high pass, $95.00 against the dollar at pod games, but it stayed well below a 100 closing at $97.00. and it is actually down now more than 22 percent since for the 24th. so it is still quite a wiring situation. we have
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a situation we put in, have made a quite clear if you want to buy russian gas will, then you have to buy. i'll come and see what is not clear though, is if he can unilaterally withdraw from these contracts that are in years and in dollars. and that's something that we have to look into. know whilst demanding western countries send more help, including lethal aid to ukraine. lumber zelinski has been comparing the conflict in the country with a selection of pass disasters. critics of said, the ukranian president is cherry picking different historical atrocities to appeal best to the country that he's currently talking to. let's go through that. while speaking with israel, he compared russia's operation to the holocaust, much to the anger of many local law makers who support ukraine, but deemed the comparison a gracious. then in the emotional address to u. s. congress, he referred to nie level, then pearl harbor seeing his country experiences the same losses every day. during
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a visit to japan, he evoked memories of fukushima and accused germany of allowing russia to recreate the berlin wall. we got reaction from international f for a specialist. richard med hurst, who believes such appeals from morally wrong and unnecessary. i think it's absurd and for once in my life, i actually agree with the israelis on something. i don't think it's right to compare the a situation in ukraine to the holocaust for both and nature and scale. that was quite the awkward exchange and you know everyone from the foreign minister to the prime minister and after the been it all kind of taken aback by this bizarre comparison. and it really just comes across. it's cringing because he goes and does this with every country that he speaks to. ironically when he spoke to the japanese, he didn't bring up her. she was not a saki, which arguably the biggest tragedies, the disasters. and in modern japanese history, probably because the americans,
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you know, dropped those nuclear bombs. it's been weird though because the west already supports ukraine. so i don't know why he feels the need zalinski in his government . i don't know why they feel the need to go to these lengths to try to appease each each country. so, you know, hearing someone quote, martin luther king task for world war 3 under the guise of a no fly zone. it just comes across is really weird. a story to bring you today, joe biden, who's in europe for talks with allies. how stated he had no intention of running for president after leaving office as vice president in 2017. but he changed his mind in light of quote racist raleigh's across the country with people he saves carrying torches and not see boundaries influencing his decision. i made a commitment when i ran this time, i wasn't going to run again. and i mean necessarily, i had no intention to run for president again. and until i saw most folks coming
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out of the fields and for junior carrying tortures carrying nazi banners and literally singing the same vile rhyme that they used to germany in the early twenties or thirties. it where the united states has ortho rise. $800000000.00 worth of military equipment to kiev since the beginning of the conflict sending more than $17000.00 anti tank weapons, including javelin missiles, in conjunction with other natal member states. that just love lowden, german of russia's lower heis, a parliament claims that weapons sent to keith were seized by far right. nationalists battalions including the adolf regiment, the parliamentary tree, groups of been at widely condemned across the world with the you and accusing the grip of war. crimes. meanwhile, some u. s. media outlets including cnn view statements from the age of unit in their coverage of the war without mentioning the groups extremist views in the pedal,
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journalist geo politics on the list. benjamin north and believes that jo biden's, criticism of the mystic neo nazi movement does not extend to his foreign policy. you see, once again a, another example in a long history of us politicians saying something about their domestic politics and then doing something completely different. and their foreign policy, this is very common in the united states. we see liberals and progresses, claim to care about human rights and democracy. and then they violate those principles around the world because really, their commitment to progressive values ends at u. s. borders. so we see that the, the joe biden, i mean, he was involved deeply in the war on libya that destroyed the most prosperous country in africa, bringing an open air slave markets. he was involved in the war on syria, which chris grated, one of the worst men attending catastrophes on earth. but, you know, biden is basically continuing the same policy and his foreign policy so domestically
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he will criticize nazis. but when the u. s. empire sees it's, you know, it politically advantageous to support nazis abroad. not just in ukraine. i mean, i mentioned syria. i mentioned libya. we know that the united states is a history of arming and training these extremist far death squads that were linked to al qaeda. and syria, and what is the equivalent of that in ukraine? the java, new sra of syria and ukraine would be the a's of regiment. and we have many pieces of evidence showing that the u. s. military has supported a isab. ah, the new york time this has been called out for reversing it's normative and corruption and ukraine amid the conflict in the country. a u turn, which seems to be part of the recent trend among many western media outlets of kill of monk and tells us us, mainstream media outlets don't approve of people speaking against their narrative.
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even if it's the same narrative that they have been using until now, ukraine crisis has made this very clear, conservative pundit, candice owen's recently tweeted out an inquiry she received from the new york times . i received an email from the new york times asking for comments regarding me, advancing ideas that ukraine has a corrupt country, similar to the russian states, e v. i replied, informing them that i actually got my ideas from the new york times and provided them links to their past articles seem it doesn't matter if she says exactly what the new york times said, and what's true that there's lots of corruption and ukraine all that matters is if you dare go against the western establishment media angle for the day and if you do go against it even saying what's true, this makes you a bad person. this logic is applied elsewhere. it seems. here's the financial times . the final factor is the complicity of europe in providing the demand for the supply of corrupt money. the u. k. austria, cyprus, latvia,
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and luxembourg. as when his offshore tax havens in panama and the caribbean continued to drive this demand, it is hypocritical of the you to demand that ukraine fights corruption when his own members stakes acceptability money generated by corruption and grants asylum to those fleeing from criminal justice in ukraine but ukraine needs more than weapons and hope he needs membership of the a you and ne, so it would be a disgrace if we did not meet the request for a you a session made by president florida may zalinski on monday, ukraine is fighting for a free europe on our behalf, since it is fighting all way. it deserves everything. it asks for. and others, candice owens, very on example of shamelessly flipping the script, the new york times holding up ukraine as an example of quote, total corruption and then completely reversing itself and saying that the country should be held up as an example for the entire planet and expressing amazement that
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anyone might disagree ukrainian for decades in a state of total corruption said autumn cit, nick, director of the national anti corruption bureau of ukraine. these schemes have now been renewed and are working again. some people simply don't want to get rid of them. national hero sometimes have humboldt political origins. abraham lincoln was arguably the country's least qualified president, a former one term member of congress. at the time that he took office. winston churchill looked like at washed up politician when germany invaded poland in 1939 and of a lot of med zalinski did not seem like an international symbol of courage when russia began threatening to invade ukraine in recent months. now the guardian newspaper of the u. k holds itself up as the ethical standard bearer, which it may be if those standards are ditching your ethical objections to the ukranian president. the 2nd it suits you. the pandora papers linked to the
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international consortium of investigative journalists and shed with the guardian as part of a global investigation, however, suggest zalinski is rather similar to his predecessors. the league documents suggest he had or has a previously undisclosed steak and an offshore company, which he appears to have secretly transferred to a friend weeks before winning the presidential vote. also, as is now obvious from the viral videos of zelinski, pre presidential life, his career may have been an entertainment, but he took it extremely seriously, his a workaholic. he's always meant business and he is a team player. these are the qualities forged in a sequence furnace of post soviet showbiz life that gave him the edge. first. vladimir zalinski was a fraud and a huckster, exposed by the international consortium of investigative journalists and their pandora papers. but now he's the symbol of courage. so what can we take from all of this? well, it turns out that according to mainstream media,
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fax and information are subject to total recall and negotiation. turns out the only truth you can hang your hat on is whatever they decide the truth is to day. gala bobbin artsy new york. meanwhile, ukraine itself has been suspected of trying to manipulate media coverage in its favor and utilizing more than a 100 p r. firms. a new investigation suggests that the countries foreign ministry distributed materials with guidelines on how to cover the conflict in ukraine. the dossier included approved language, key messages, and hundreds of propaganda posters. we heard from the journalist who carried our thoughts investigation. danco will not only this dossier, but all of the propaganda that we've been subjected to in the west. and in particular, the united states is aimed at prolonging this war. that has been going on for the last 8 years. my investigation, which i published in min press news shows it's
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a very multifaceted approach using t r firms more than 150 p r firms in the u. s. u k. and in ukraine itself, some of which are linked to the u. k. government in particular, we also have lobbyist here in washington, d. c, who are writing speeches for vladimir the lensky. we are getting a completely, i would say manufactured narrative, the curated narrative, to manage our perceptions of what this war is. and much of it is actually being done here in washington. we have russian state media being censored as well as anti war media in general, being censored. now we have ukranian propaganda and state department propaganda receiving the opposite treatment being promoted, even though it's very clear as i demonstrate in the investigation that is just simply propaganda. it is not news in any kind of in anybody's imagination. the south africa has proposed
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a draft resolution of the united nations general assembly in response to another resolution from ukraine and its allies demanding aid access and civilian protection in ukraine. but whereas the south african draw focused on the humanitarian situation in ukraine without the portion of blame to anyone, in particular, the rival measure criticize moscow for creating a quote dire humanitarian situation. russia how to appeal for countries to support the south african text. arguing that the resolution frosted by ukraine had become politicized. the general assembly decided not to act on the draft, though the rival resolution received a 140 favor. russia, syria, north korea or a tree and by the roots voted against 1238 countries, abstained. we discussed the issue with the co founder of the inside factor newspaper in south africa, investigative journalists, and what would be so much energy. ready that's been used so much energy that's been
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put chase choice, but the same energy has been used against those. well over until i get the situation and i get the choice in syria. so i think this is what we call one side of the coach. you know, i think if you look at the history of that before we go anything else from corporate negotiation, i'm confident the country will not be we, by the way, that it will and tricia from the power that be in the united nation towards why be known to be over the past few years. and also in this story, retired pakistani, lieutenant general harun of slum, told us why he believes his country was among those nations abstained from supporting ukraine's resolution. i think, god, what the purpose of this resolution should i b. b, who, managerial, and not just the criticism off rachelle all the you battles. and that of the united,
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a britain, a d e r. a boss does wrote a letter to the government that we should dig, stand against russia and make our policy clear as so our government to categorically said that decimal happen. certainly a neutral stand of pakistan has affected the we a u. s. and you looks at our stock and our prime minister bold decision to visit joe moscow. so i see really positive improvement in the racial box. that is our lot for this our from the new studio. but our programs, they're just beginning. find out what showing next. ah
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ah ah it's 7 o'clock in the morning inside of his bedroom is the safest place a mouse because it has no windows. with monday with the only women in the risk of family granddaughter, daughter, mother and grandmother.


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