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[000:00:00;00] a, a don, yes. republic officials say mario paul is now almost completely controlled by russian forces and the battle may soon be over. and archie correspondent on location meets with attack through following an attack on the ukrainian neo nazi as up battalion with western media reports accused russia of abducting multiple residents and sending them to labor camps in remote russian regions. that amid evacuation efforts as more people flee to the east,
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we ask some refugees what they think of the claims. it's not like that at all. no claims about people being in slate or nonsense. i'm here because i ran from the war . tried very hard to get in the bus. no one forced us will have all passed it to now hands folder statements to the country a life view and condemns britton's censorship of russian media outlets including r t as in the west launch. as yet another volley of sanctions against moscow. ah, broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international and john thomas, certainly glad to have you with us. first, let's break down what is happening in the ukraine conflict gives top security official, has denied allegations of conducting an air strike on a civilian fuel depot in the western russian city of belgrade,
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about 30 kilometers from the ukrainian border. now, russian authorities say 2 workers at the facility were injured when a duel of ukrainian military helicopters conducted the attack. early on friday morning, video of the aftermath of showed terminals ablaze with smoke, billowing skywards. emergency workers have since extinguished the flames. meanwhile, intense fighting continues in mario bowl with local authorities saying that the city is no longer under control of the ukrainian forces. the head of the done yet people's republic says the battle for the city is almost over. amid reports, only scattered pockets of resistance forces remain archie correspondence guards. you have reports on location following a russian tank crew fighting against ukraine's neo nazi as a battalion. the battle for mary hugh bo is in its last act. the cost has been enormous, still ease. but it is ending, most of mary bill has been liberated fighting. he is now centered on the left bank
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of the city. i wrote a scene here under a monument for the troops, and the soldiers who fought in the 2nd world war drew back the nazi hoards again, the grand children are doing much the same here in mario. but fighting back the thousands of as old nationalists and neo nazis that have made the big inside the as of steel blood, which is a few 100 meters to the west of us. that you may see the distance, the huge slope screen where it could be blasting away. how's off forces flies, its position. we met the crew of one such tank as they stopped real and resupply. what's happened here? we were hit by an anti tank grenade. when a week ago, but the gunner survived you, but i didn't penetrate the tank. it did,
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but the gunner was really lucky. tanks here. i used to flush out otherwise indestructible ukrainian nationalist positions, but they set up machine guns and guided missiles at the top of an apartment building. for example, firing had russian troops and civilians without discretion. that's when tanks are called in. last, of course there's fear their emotions, but this is our lat. we're defending our land. oh, this is all these tom, they were answering an infantry distress. cool. as all fighters had set up in a high rise building behind thick concrete walls, infantry is no match for them. but a tank ease ah!
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throughout mary opal, you'll find hundreds of civilians stay and nights outside their homes. those who refuse to evacuate, they keep shifts, and link arms to block entrances in order to keep ukrainian troops from breaking into apartments and firing at brush and forces making targets of people's homes. sometimes it works. sometimes as of nationalists, just shoot them dead like horses. we are in a bad state. we've been living in a basement since march 10th. sometimes was sticker heads out. our building was on fire. it took a day to put out the blaze on the 1st floor. everything was destroyed is the roof. the national was split up into groups of 10 or so people that took up positions in housing blocks. they came here and sat up in the night. you can tell where they've been by the condition of the buildings. if the building is all black and burned down, than the nationalists were there,
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if the building is untouched than they were probably not allowed in their russian tags. avoid firing at louis flores, that's where basements are usually crowded with terrified civilians. mario bull was always a pro russian city, and people here as seen as the citizens of the did me, it's people's republic. much like the tank crew. again, yes, of those values. we've waited for so long. our patience has run act. this is my 3rd tank. eventually will, will, when justice is on our side. we've been fighting for 8 years since 2014 most of the troops here, a locals veterans who've held back the ukrainian army and increasing hordes of radical nationalists for years. their families have lived under bombardments and shelling for the better half of a decade. and now is there a chance to end it once and for all, or i'd guys the of archie for mario pool that he had people to republic. russian
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official say more than 110000 people have been safely evacuated from. are you able to the east with over 3000 residents fleeing to russia? within the past day? embattled cities, deputy mayor, however, says ukrainians are being abducted and forcibly deported. western media has been quick to support the ukranian position, saying civilians are being sent to labor camps and remote russian regions that need menial workers are t correspondent, oman casa of investigates. the claims due to the ongoing special military operation in the ukraine schools here are currently closed and their facilities are being used to temporarily housed there if you jeez, or come in here or from mario, paul, and sell that to go and speak to some of them and ask them what they think about the headlines in the west that are saying that they're being kidnapped from their own city by russian military, at the new thought that the sim need. duncan is not like that at all. no claims
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about people being enslaved or nonsense. i'm here because i ran from the war. we get food hair 3 times a day and were treated well. who is understanding relatives in russia? expecting many of the people here. they come and pick them up from the checkpoints . i've read there was mashini. i feel outraged because those had lines are complete nonsense. i'm going to moscow with my grand daughter to get away from the house where we're in. we lived in the basement for 21 days. we had nothing to 8, but didn't it brad for 2 weeks. so we decided to walk tank la metis to the border. there were 3 families now group. we tried very hard to get on the bus. no one forced us. we all have our passports in our hands, oldest statements to the country allies. and i've rarely seen any western journalist here in don boston. why that picture coming out of the nest people's republic is sometimes very skewed, but it's not inside a true because there's some western journalists or have been the be working here
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for the last 8 years. and one of them is maximilian clark, who's been working here for the last 8 years. the impression i go, if people have family or friends in the side of sun donors, they can just go there freely. no one really checks the camps are there for the people have nowhere else to go. people are leaving to russia. jennifer chung but this notion of local people being drafted off of steer ross. it is not, mary, was the experience i found speaking to people. daily outrage is probably the best word to describe the feelings of the refugees here in the nest for the right from our evil outrage about the western headlines that claim. and they have been kidnapped by the russian army and will be forced into slave labor somewhere in russia, as i've talked to them. and they told me that they hear on their own will. and all
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they want is for this conflict to find the end. so they can return back to their homes and live a normal peaceful life home on costs, or if hearty don't ask us announced on friday that it's sending another $300000000.00 of security assistance to ukraine. that's as western media narratives about the war in ukraine are often backed up by satellite images provided by a major u. s. defense department, contractor macs are now this raises concerns about potentially u. s. state propaganda, shaping the media's view of the conflict max are reportedly receives hundreds of millions of dollars a year to provide satellite images for the u. s. military. it's claimed to have a $300000000.00 annual contract with the u. s. national reconnaissance office and it's said to have clenched a $48000000.00 deal last month to provide jail spatial intelligence services for the u. s. military. it also works in the field of robotics for the u. s. space
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agency, nasa, former pentagon, security analyst, michael maloof, questions. the credibility of the western media is use of satellite images in its coverage of the war and ukraine. it's a contractor, it's a defense contractor, so it provides unclassified photographs of areas that they can request and you put in the request. and when the satellite goes over that particular area it'll snap the shot. now, the important thing to remember here is that these are just a moment in time. these pictures have got to be put into a context and also the date that the, the longitude latitude in order to ensure credibility and, and that there, they weren't something that occurred like 6 months ago. russia's top diplomat has said that trade in national currencies will intensify between moscow and quote,
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strategic partner india. on a visit to new delhi survey lab, i've explained that western controlled financial systems have shown they can no longer be trusted. the reason for moving. ready ready national systems again absolutely. and the reliable nature of the bars, we don't want to do bend over here, which would be closed in your diet and the don't want to get masters can steal your mind over. so today the russian, mr. surgeon that the one that was also strategic dive, the military defense energy and also just like to be also this was the national fees to be the biggest issues and the
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western countries. and this also comes on the backdrop of you coupon and tickets. we live with sort of who sort of india to counter the dependency on the russia. the energy demand, it's important that we double down on the sanctions. the u. k. wants to see more sanctions put in place on banks on the ability for russia to use gold. closing access to ports for all vessels around europe in the americas. and also tackling the dependency on russian oil and gas that i should talk to sort of insisted that the dive within the continue as there are specially when it comes to the strategic partnership over the military or the emission which comes from russia to india. and let me tell you that this has been to the new because it's
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a privilege and i have confidence that despite pressure on india from the west are relations will not suffer. partnership does depend on a legal message as dick tat and blackmail and opportunistic considerations with regard to russia, india, and china. it is completely pointless to apply such a policy as for the current to china and then india. i think this is a completely natural root has not joined the list of the country in pressing sanctions against russia. india has also not given into the demand by washington to press for the sanctions on the country via has also taken a very strong result not entering into any sort of legal stations that these countries, either india remain committed to fostering its dive with russia driven strategic partnerships, britain is not the only state warning india against cooperation with russia senior us official security advisor,
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deli thing has threatened new delhi with quote consequences if it circumvents the west sanctions against moscow. we have very keen full countries, especially our allies and partners, not to create mechanisms that pop up the rubel and those that attempt to undermine the dollar based financial system. and yes, there are consequences to countries that actively attempt to circumvent so back fill the sanctions. that was a language of person and it's a language usually used a towards trying steve russell states. india finds it easier to get a group either from russia using the alternate alternative trade mechanism. and this is not the 1st time that india then that india. and then on 2 occasions in the past with americans that impose sanctions
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only not to i think it is, are, it is not a new to the practicalities of using a mechanism to trade. countries that have come under sanctions as pressure on the eastern world, intensifies the u is asking china to maintain neutrality of the ukraine conflict with the european commissions president wanting beijing not to interfere with the west sanctions against russia. the european council says that china should abide by the when's general position denouncing russia's actions in ukraine, china to not turn the blind eye to russia volition of international lo and these principles enshrined in the un charter and principled sacred to china. so we also made it very clear that china should, if not support, at least not interfere with our sanctions. it would lead to
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a major reputation or reputational damage for china. here in europe, china's prime minister has responded by telling e leaders that beijing would push for peace quote. in its own way, china's president has emphasized that the global community should support dialogue between russia and ukraine and not add fuel to the fire. asian has traditionally close ties with moscow, a relationship strengthening. in recent years, while china and india pursue a neutral stance over the ukranian conflict, they marked the 72nd anniversary of their diplomatic relations. on friday, the chinese ambassador said both the countries should stick to a long term perspective and a cooperative posture. we discussed the improving relations between india and china with benjamin chow, a senior fellow at the center for china and globalization. and i did come our job, an editor at the magazine, india today. both china and india are still having
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a very steep coat of growth. and development, there is really no plan to not cooperate. he's got economies which are dominating the ward in terms of economic growth in terms of, you know, emergence of sort of a total open population, very large consumer base. they are the biggest consumers off russia, oil, the other biggest consumers of middle east oil. one of the objectives, the prime is channel china, is to also formally invite most of the prison wanted to attend to briggs stop, meet china is holding. they doing that. what was the original quote? as a grouping of converging economies, market is not essentially a very strong force to balance the views of the west. obviously, we had some water problems which came up when you simply between the 2 countries
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and which has not been resolved. and that was one reason when the last week, for example, when one g, the chinese foreign minister came to india. we had all the docs between the 2 countries. but the border issues they did not catch up on trends to india and china and china year together is 36 percent off. the world's population and 20 percent told judy p nominal attempts. so russia offers oil in defense to india. and russia offers point to china and they have seen john harris again to us. seems a tree warning, 2018 china india has $100000000000.00, a trade between the, between the 2. in fact, india, russia only as a $9000000.00 trade. so yes, that is a growing closeness and because of the economic sanctions, and this a fight between, let's nato versus a russia,
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then they are trying to build an alternative forum via the bricks, in which, as i said, india, russia is already very close in the china a trying to closer the international energy agency members have agreed to release oil from their reserves in an effort to bring down prices. but the measures appear to have had an immediate impact or not really, amid a lack of information about the amount of oil being provided. us president joe biden previously announced an unprecedented use of oil reserves in response to widespread criticism about the skyrocketing prices. ortiz, rachel blevins, explains this is the 3rd time president by then has approved or released from the u . s. strategic reserves, and this time around a 180000000 barrels that can be released over the next 6 months. now, by saying that this is a way to tackle some of the store and gas prices. however, he has been met with heavy criticism,
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both from experts in the field and even for the former president, donald trump is supposed to only be used for large scale emergency or conflict. now i see where biden has just announced he's going to take what we so carefully and magically built and what will be a futile attempt to reduce oil and gasoline prices. they will soon bring it down to empty again, it just never ends. now the buying and ministration has tried to celebrate this move on twitter with the white house chief of staff even saying just how historic it is. however, that criticism has followed them to social media and many have been quick to point out that even though this has never been done before, there may be a reason why it has never been done before. you guys are actually bragging about having to release record amounts of oil from the strategic reserves. i came to the historic alley from afghanistan, the biden admins, historic events are unprecedented in their terribleness. this is not what the
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strategic oil reserves is for when rather than by then came into office, he championed his green energy policies and talked about how he was going to reduce the country's reliance on fossil fuel. so as a result of that is repeatedly called on opec plus over the last several months to increase production in order to tackle the storing prices. however, they have repeatedly said no. so now it seems like by then is turning que domestic producers here in the us. however, it remains to be seen whether they are going to. 2 follow through with his demands and increase investment on there and in order to increase production. now, if you're wondering whether biden is taking responsibility for any of this, well, he was very quick to say that he blames all of it on russian president. our prices are rising because of food is actually, there isn't enough supply. and the bottom line is if we want lower gas price,
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we need to have more oil supply right now. all across social media. there have been post showing stickers placed on gas pumps across the country, which feature not only biden space, but also the words i did that. it's become a picture of just how frustrated american consumers are with this entire situation . and now experts are saying there's no guarantee that the latest moved by the vitamin ministration is actually going to lower prices on long term. and in some cases it could make the situation even worse, reporting in washington. rachel blevins, r t. former us diplomat jim john trust says it's not the ukraine conflict that has caused the rising prices, but rather a mismanagement by the biden administration. i say really are releasing well from the strategic petroleum reserve. will have a small and one time shot of impact on lower prices, but it won't be a lasting impact. and once that's gone, there's no more that can be done. it's like a pistol with only one bullet,
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and that's all they've got. i remember this was going on even before the war, and ukraine started that mr. biden had an act of the number of what they called green energy policies. that were really a kind of a war on oil and gas and other fossil fuels. even when we would take into account ukraine war, it's the response to the war rather than the war itself. that's causing the prices to go up. there was notable inflation going on already before the crane war started . and now it's becoming much worse. the un secretary general's spokesperson condemns britain. censorship of russian media outlets including r t, suggesting the measures violate, quote, the right of journalists to do their work everywhere. today, the u. k. government announced her sanctions against a number of 1st states russian state media, including journalists,
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those sanctions who employ as as its freeze. just any comment regarding that, how does that correspond with the principles of freedom of media? we've, you know, we've seen a lot of bilateral sanctions being imposed or during this conflict we feel we are, our field is really the un un impose sanctions. as a matter of principle, we'd very much do believe in the right of journalists to, to do their work for everywhere. that's after the british government announced a trench of new sanctions, vowing that russian news network r t would quote, not be able to find its way back on you k televisions. let's take a look at the british governments reasons for imposing the ban. now warning, you may find some of the following images disturbing. russia might be the most sanctioned country in the wild, but it turns out there's always space for more. the u. k. government that champion
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of free speech not only applauded the decision to revoke ortiz broadcasting license, but it's now imposed targeted sanctions, unquote, putin's propaganda machine. for what reason? r t has propagated pro kremlin narratives around the invasion of ukraine, including that neo nazis are present in the country and that ukrainian soldiers have committed war crimes. well firstly, ukrainian government officials themselves off to sing videos of russian prisoners of war being shot in the legs. have urged their soldiers to abide by the geneva convention though heartier pro criminal narrative. as to the neo nazis, it is indeed true that r t has covered the alarming rise of fascist ideology in ukraine, including at the very highest levels of government. but it is also true that r t is not the only one. the whole bo was the shrines are far right extremism,
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that celtic crosses swastikas and white power symbols. it was also an unhealthy obsession with nazi germany. yes, that was a clip from the u. k. 's pride and joy, the b, b. c. there's also this b b c news night program called the near nazi threat in new ukraine. this got in video about a fall right children's camp. and this time video called inside a white supremacist militia in ukraine. in fact, has a comprehensive list of articles written by the western press about ukraine's nazi problem. funny, but my to remember seeing any of these outlets on any sanctions list. and if you think it's just r t that spotted, as you turn on the meat his opinion of near nazis think again. western media recording on ukrainian nazi's back in 20142015 or to day calling this russian propaganda see what these very outlets wrote. 8 years ago, volunteer ukrainian unit includes nazis in 2015,
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the new york times described ukraine's as av battalion as openly neo nazi to day. and why cheese anton troy an off sky describes as of as far right what happened to dissolve, complete a special training program that takes open neo nazis and turns them into a more palatable far right. the fascist zig heil was a gesture i would see at every ukrainian game i went to from bbc's 2012 documentary stadiums of hate produced back when the u. k. stayed broadcaster acknowledged the real influence of ukrainian neo nazis. the 2nd accusation leveled against all t is that generally it amplifies moscow's lies about the wall hooton's war and ukraine is based on a torrent of lies. britain has helped lead the world in exposing kremlin, does information. and this latest batch of sanctions hits the shameless propagandists who push out putins, fake news and narratives. my question then is all the western john las who helped
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politicians sell the ra pool to the public? sanctioned weather as it seized? were they taken off there, or did they just get away with repeating the mantra of those fabled weapons of mass destruction? oh and repeat, they did. in fact, if you're interested, there's a $101.00 page report on the media coverage of the event. i'll save you the time. i'm bringing the conclusion virtually all of the news coverage accepted without serious question the political formulation, weapons of mass destruction as a single category of threat. too often, journalists resorted to what the trade calls, stenographic coverage, writing down what the military or political officials said without getting additional confirming or contesting sources. other failures frequently related to inaccuracies in the given definitions, political context or ramifications of the weapon systems mention. but given forget a, it's not pro war propaganda when you're the one doing it. looking at all this,
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it's almost as if there are double standards in play. with this action, the u. k. government has sounded the death knell for media freedom in britain. we will continue to bring the news to audiences that wish to seek it and prevent a media echo chamber from being orchestrated by blinker officials hell bent on conflating. anything remotely russian with wrong. with these later sanctions, the u. k. has made 2 very simple points. freedom of the press only applies to your press untruth our lives only when they come out of russia. ah, space is an area for partnership against all odds. that's the message from the head of the company that's to send the 1st private astronaut mission to the international space station. the crew of, for is to be launched next wednesday. here's how the ceo of axiom space has described the work of the i assess. it was very clear to me that the legacy be


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