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oh, remain in the shallows. ah ah, don't, yes, we're public official fe. mario paul is now almost completely controlled by russian forces and the battle for the city may soon be over. and all the correspondents on location meets with a tank for following an attack on the ukrainian near. not the as of battalion with the head of russia space agency, slums in response to his request for economic sanctions to be lifted on the agency . stressing that international space station cooperation is only possible if restrictions are removed. you and condemned were concerned for shipment. russian
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media outlets including r t f. the west. the launch is yet another volley of sanctions against ah will welcome. this is our to international with the latest world news update is good to happy with us. and fighting continues in a city of mario poll, which has been ravaged by intense parcels for a month now. russian officials say more than a 100000 people have been safely evacuated from the city to the east. however, the red cross attempted to a school to further 50 bussey's west of the city on friday, but were forced to turn back saint conditions made it impossible to proceed. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski claims russian troops the leaving mines as they withdraw from other areas of the country, saying they are booby trap in and even dead bodies creating that what he called
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a complete disaster. however, moscow insist fits the ukrainian army, which is retreating as russian forces advance shooting down thousands of ukrainian drugs as it closes in destroying to military ass fields. rescue is searching for survivors inside a government building partially destroyed. in an as striking nicolay of in southern ukraine, emergency crews have been pulling bodies from the rubble since early this morning. according to ukraine's emergency services at least 34 people were badly injured and more than 30 corpses have been discovered. he sees the building was hit by a russian missile. moscow is yet to comment. as more and more people seek to flee, the ongoing fighting refugees continues to gather in freezing cold conditions and med menu on the polish border. many talk of the destruction undisputed in towns in the east of the country,
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killing civilians. the hitting villages say one refugee who has recently fled the don. yes, region have top security official has denied conducting an ass strike on a civilian fuel dep. oh, in the west and russian city of belgrade, some 30 kilometers from the ukrainian border, russian authority say to work because at the facility were injured, when ukrainian military helicopters conducted the attack early friday morning. video of the aftermath shows terminals ablaze with black smoke billowing into the sky. emergency work has been extinguished the flames. meanwhile, intense fighting continues in the southern ukrainian city of mario pole with local authorities saying the city is no longer under control of the ukrainian forces. the head of the donia, ex people's republic face the bass or for the city is almost over, amid reports, only scattered pockets of resistance. see correspondent, wind gowns,
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the report from the scene following a russian tank through fighting against ukraine's neo nazi as of battalion. the battle for mary u bo is in its last act. the cost has been enormous. it still is, but it is ending. most of mary, you bill has been liberated fighting. he's now centered on the left bank of the city. and i wrote a scene here under a monument to the troops and the soldiers who fought in the 2nd world war, who threw back the nazi hoards again, the grand children are doing much the same here in mario bull. fighting back the thousands of as of nationalists and neo for neo nazis that have made the base inside the hours of your blood, which is a few 100 meters to the west of us that you may see the distance, the huge smoke screen. that is where i could be blasting away as of forces
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flights as positions. we met the crew of one such tank as they stopped to rearm and re supply. what's happened here? we were hit by an anti tank grenade when we hit on a week ago, but the gunner survive you but i didn't penetrate the tank. it did, but the gunner was really lucky. tanks here. i used to flush out otherwise indestructible ukrainian nationalist positions, but they set up machine guns and guided me selves at the top of an apartment building. for example, firing had russian troops and civilians without discretion. that's when tanks are called in last night. of course, there's fear their emotions, but this is our land. we're defending our land. oh, this hills.
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this time they were answering an infantry distress. cool. as all fighters had set up in a high rise building behind thick concrete wolves. infantry is no match for them. but a tank ease ah, throughout mary opal, you'll find hundreds of civilians stay a night outside their homes. those who refuse to evacuate. they keep shifts and link arms to block entrances in order to keep ukrainian troops from breaking into apartments and firing at russian forces making targets if people's homes. sometimes it works. sometimes as of nationalists just shoot them dead like horses. hey, we are in a bad state. we've been living in a basement since march 10th. sometimes we're sticker heads out. our building was on
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fire. it took a day to put out the blaze on the 1st floor. everything was destroyed looper. the national split up into groups of 10 or so people that took a positions and housing blocks. they came here and sat up in the night. you can tell where they've been by the condition of the buildings. if the building is all black and burned down than the nationalists were there, if the building is untouched than they were probably not allowed in, their russian tags avoid firing at low floors. that's where basements are usually crowded with terrified civilians. mario bull was always a pro russian city, and people here as seen as citizens of the didn't yet people's republic much like the tank crew. again, yes, others value. we've waited for so long. our patience has run act. this is my 3rd tank venture li will win. justice is on our side. we've been fighting for 8 years since 2014. most of the troops here, locals. veterans who've held back the ukranian army and increasing hordes of
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radical nationalists for years. their families have lived under bombardment and shelling for the better half of a decade. and now is that chance to end it once and for all? or i'd guys the of archie from mario po than yet people to republic. human rights watch has called on key of to investigate the alleged torture of russian prisoners of war as in response to fatigue ship published on line last week. the claim to show ukrainian 4th is shooting captured russian competence in the leg, where we can show you the disturbing video in full due to ethical reasons. and the alleged incident has been condemned by the kremlin as a violation of international law, while ukraine's president's office originally promised the prob when, if the key of to then discard the video as russian propaganda, while slot are denying reports of torture. and let's go live to, i guess, now political commentators on breaks mon,
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so thank you for joining us on the programs to break months. now. the ukrainian president's advisor originally said the alleged incident may have been a war crime, but both your crimes taught military command on the countries commissioner for human rights have since came, the video was in fact staged. why do you think with things such mixed messages from kiev? well, i don't know. i mean, as you go, as they have gone about that meeting, it seems to me that the incident is here and i've seen the videos. but of course, you know, anything can be stage in the fog for you can be sure. but the point, of course, if we had an in person, but the good that you gave the question, then we would have an impartial body to have a judge demands of the people's republic of them. this can look and, and then we will not have a problem in the you the situation. you don't have an impartial but the judge in these things. so this one claim against another. i tend to believe the more to you
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that i can't pull it up and you know, these things are usually known only much later, much after the war ended. i think the un earlier said it was in the process of verifying a range of videos, a village, torture as prisoners of war. and i think they raise concerns yet. we see here already denying any such incidents taking place when you make that well, you have to see if the u. n. is going to make on this investigation that the u. n is under pressure from the united states, and i do say there's only one goal is to put on the company as long as possible. they don't care about the chain and they just want to assure and give us when the russians are supposed to have mosque. i was already launched a private to the alleged incident state and would like to see a proper pride from ukraine as was only a promised i don't think the ban is you're going to be trustworthy, even if they're actually truthful. i mean, as i say,
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i tend to believe that and when to view, but i don't think you can expect, you know, neutral observer to believe either you know, saying in the way they're going to take the king and say, so, you know, it's, it's a pleasure the but the one thing ok, one thing you served on is that whatever on the with, with the sanctions, the deep that forming of question does is that i am convinced that the i'm, you can, you can, you are there, you can judge better, but it seems to me that the 2 on the strength and the determination of the ocean freight, human rights watch had previously wanted trying about the torture of russian soldiers. why do you think such actions haven't received more international condemnation? let me go to the media here in delhi, on the side of the americans, and we go there americans actually building the trainer when they do their supporting, you train them only the one say that the which one coming from give that's what we
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have all the time and we, if you a down newspaper, you know, must goes about to fall. i mean, the changes are winning a mass and you know, i don't believe that that is what you read in a newspaper, political commentators on break months. many thanks for your time. we appreciate it . thank you. now they had all the russian space agency roles, cosmo say cooperation on the international space station may be in limbo if sanctions continue to be imposed on rushes space industry. and this was in response to letters from western colleagues in which rushes demands to lift sanctions were left unanswered. let's find out more about this now. i don't call to join tina stadia. don't know what exactly did the head of the russian space agency say. while dmitri regoza was certainly not happy with the responses he received from western space agencies to his demands to lift the sanctions on russia space industry, nasa basically said that it's going to do whatever washington tells it to do. and
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the european union space agency said that it's going to forward the letter that goes in, wrote to the governments of all of the member states. however, waiting around for the bureaucracies of 28 countries is just not something that the head of ross cosmos is willing to do. instead, he said that the west really needs to understand that it needs russia for anything and everything connected to the international space station. them cruise mover, they need the international space station without the russians. they cannot come there because no one but us can deliver fuel to the i assess no one but the engines of our kauger shifts can correct the position of international space station dodge in space. debris, but nobody's getting rid of the sanctions. i was on, you know, with law sanctions on the radar. what does the future have international space station corporation look like? well, march 31st was the deadline. actually that ross cosmo had set for western space agencies to lift the sanctions that i mentioned before. regoza again said in his
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letter that full cooperation can only be restored if they are lifted. he said that the sanctions are intended to bring hunger and despair to russia. to basically to bring the country to its knees and because they have not been lifted a deadline on when to end, full cooperation is going to be a very soon given to moscow for approval. as for what's gonna happen with the already existing contracts. this is something that we don't, we can't say for sure. right now we don't have enough details in that regard. but another thing that we're goes in did was voice is frustration at these completely unsubstantiated rumors that were going around in the western media that russia was actually planning to abandon american astronaut mark vaughn to high on the international space station. let's take a listen to what he said. a new through mushroom, some of our partners claim that russia and ross cost was decided to keep the american astronaut and nobody. and they're not even joking in all serious as the, even as far as we know, informed his mother the such
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a misfortune had happened and by the evil will of the russians. he would now forever fly in space. of course, at 1st were to this with great surprise, then it caused extreme irritation because nothing but speculation and inappropriate hence of the lack of integrity of russian colleagues is behind this. needless to say that astronaut did return from the i s safe and sound earlier this week. so the sanctions were imposed. what did they include? while russia has been facing an unprecedented amount of sanctions from the west? since, of course, since it began its military operation in ukraine, but in late february, another sanctions package was launched against russia, which included a number of agencies connected to russia space industry. most significant of all is likely the actually russia's mission control center. it's under sanction. on top of that, europe space agency suspended cooperation with ross called most on sending a rover to mars last month. we also, around the same time, saw
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a suspension cooperation between the british satellite company, one webb and the bike and cosmo drawn that company wanted to send dozens of satellites into space, but it ended up canceling that so with this, with these most recent developments in the space front, it looks like the future for cooperation is not looking too bright at best buy. denise, i don't know. thanks for coming in with the details that's on his own quarter. now the un secretary general spokesperson condense burton's censorship of russian media outlets, including all t suggest suggesting the measures violate quote, the rights of journalists to, to do their work everywhere. today the u. k. government announced her sanctions against a number of 1st states russian state media, including journalists, those sanctions who employ as as its freeze. just any comment regarding that, how does that correspond with the principles of freedom of media?
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we've, you know, we've seen a lot of bilateral sanctions being imposed or during this conflict we feel are we are, our field is really the un un impose sanctions. as a matter of principle, we'd very much do believe in the right of journalists to, to do their work for everywhere. that's after the british government announced a tron show new sanctions vowing that to russian news network. artie would quite not be able to find its way back on u. k. televisions. let's take a look at the british governments reasons for imposing the ban. a warning you may find some of the following image is disturbing. russia might be the most sanctioned country in the world, but it turns out there's always space for more. the u. k. government, that champion of free speech not only applauded the decision to revoke ortiz broadcasting license, but it's now imposed targeted sanctions, unquote,
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putin's propaganda machine. for what reason? r t has propagated pro kremlin narratives around the invasion of ukraine, including that neo nazis are present in the country and that ukrainian soldiers have committed war crimes. well, firstly, ukrainian government officials themselves off to seeing videos of russian prisoners of war being shot in the legs. have urged that soldiers to abide by the geneva convention. so haga pro criminal narrative, answered the neo nazis. it is indeed true that r t has covered the alarming rise of fascist ideology in ukraine, including at the very highest levels of government. but it is also true that r t is not the only one. the whole bo was the shrines of fall right extremism that celtic crosses swastikas and white power, cymbals. it was also an unhealthy obsession with nazi germany. yes, that was a clip from the u. k. 's pride and joy, the b, b. c. there's also this
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b b c news night program called the near nazi threat in you ukraine. this got in video about a fall right children's camp. and this time video cooled inside a white supremacist militia in ukraine. in fact, has a comprehensive list of articles written by the western press about ukraine's nazi problem. funny, but my, to remember seeing any of these outlets on any sanctions list. and if you think it's just r t that spotted, as you turn on the media's opinion of neo nazis think again. western media reporting on ukrainian nazis back in 20142015 are to day calling this russian propaganda see what these very outlets wrote. 8 years ago in 2015 the new york times described ukraine's as av battalion as openly neo nazi today. and why tease, anton troy and off ski describes as of as far right. what happened did resolve complete a special training program that takes open neo nazis and turns them into
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a more palatable far right. the fascist see hile was a gesture, i would see a ukrainian game i went to the 2nd accusation leveled against r t is that generally it amplifies moscow's lies about the war. hooton's war and ukraine is based on a torrent of lies. britain has helped lead the world in exposing kremlin dis information, and this latest batch of sanctions hits the shameless propagandists who push out putins fake news in narratives. my question then is all the western journalists who helped politicians sell the iraq war to the public, sanctioned weather as it seized? were they taken off there? or did they just get away with repeating the mantra of those fabled weapons of mass destruction, o and repeat? they did, in fact, if you're interested, there's a $101.00 page report on the media coverage of the event. i'll save you the time
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and bringing the conclusion virtually all of the news coverage accepted without serious question. the political formulation, weapons of mass destruction as a single category of threat. too often, journalists resorted to what the trade calls, stenographic coverage, writing down what the military or political officials said without getting additional confirming or contesting sources. other failures frequently related to inaccuracies in the given definitions, political context or ramifications of the weapon systems mention. but for given to get a, it's not pro war propaganda when you're the one doing it. looking at all this, it's almost as if there are double standards in play. with this action, the u. k. government has sounded the death knell for media freedom in britain. we will continue to bring the news to audiences that wish to seek it and prevent a media echo chamber from being orchestrated by blank. heard officials hell bent on conflating. anything remotely russian with wrong. with these latest sanctions,
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the u. k. has made 2 very simple points. freedom of the press only applies to your press, untruths or lies only when they come out of russia. is an unfortunate moment for word starting with the letter z. many are being targeted after the last letter of the english alphabet was painted on russian military vehicles, taking part in the ukrainian conflict. will us take a look on how the has fallen victim of cancel culture? the letter said, falls victim to cancel culture and an absurd diplomatic push against russia is offensive by coal on all states. to criminalize, the use of gazette symbol is away to publicly support russia's war of aggression against ukraine. some german regents criminalized zed that is used to show support for the russian operation. but with so many ze words to neutralize the fight as far from over stop z campaign is pushing businesses to rethink their branding.
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apparently claiming its 1st victims. zurich insurance acts as its famous dead logo after letter became russian pro war symbol. who's next in line? 0, z z, tom. zoom, global generation z sleeping, emoji. vladimir zalinski. national security and woke ism have never been so close. washington is sending another $300000000.00 of what it calls security assistance to ukraine. now says western media narratives on the war often depend on satellite images provided by a leading us defense department, contractor, mac sauce technologies, and his ways phase of us state propaganda shaping views on the conflicts. max are reportedly receives hundreds of millions of dollars a year to provide satellite images for the pentagon. the company remains the key
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provider for the us national reconnaissance office. it said to have clenched a $48000000.00 deal last month to provide jose spatial intelligence services for the u. s. military max, our intern eagerly shares with the public image, is seeking to discredit washington's adversary's, like china and iran, while it's blocked from showing the american armies own movements for the pentagon . security underneath my kimberly's questions, the credibility of the western media is reliance on such a compromised source. it's a contractor, it's a defense contractor. so it provides unclassified photographs of areas that they can request and you put in the request and the, the satellite goes over that particular area it will snap shot. now the important thing to remember here is that these are just a moment in time. these pictures have got to be put into
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a context and also the date that the, the laundry to latitude in order to ensure credibility and that there, they weren't something that occurred like 6 months ago. thanks for joining us. our nazi international will be back at the top of that with with ration of achievement of world renowned russian ballet dancer rudolph, new day of. now, we've discussed a little bit about this in preparing for this interview. was a good friend of yours and you actually say that he's more of a family member. that's correct. yeah, absolutely. because my mother and he i know her and he was calling her mama
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and young mama honey perfectly. he could not see his own mother. and for, to rent in the last moment that he could met. she could not recognize him. but anyway, she lived all his life around the word marines in russia, everywhere. so rational could not have met it on my side. and the route of maury se, so it's really a great opportunity to make alter rations, know rudy, for what you lost. because rudy. here was russia and the met ambassador that there could be for a country all over the world. not many. so he's the best ambassador for russia all over the world. absolutely. tell us a little bit about this festival. and why exactly was it set up? the festival was an initiation of a group. i am very meddling remembering names, but they must say particularly. and yet, jackie, as i called her and on the greek cosy way,
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and as she is the person who organized than they had the idea to do really a festival, to honor. she's person in his own country, as he owner. also his own country all over the world. and in the difficult times, we don't forget that because really what he did, it is unbelievable. all over the world to bring a country around. never, never, nobody could have known you say what he did. no one could have done it, tell me a little bit more about his legacy. how is his memory still alive? and what was he like as a person, as a person, that was a real a real exotic acrobat is the definition that they can give to him for him. it is, it was with the elegance of a little bird, with incredible muscles he head. and when he wasn't jumping, he was not catching back earth magically was staying there. people would see him
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without patching her smack. and while she was that he fed the elegance of those incredible a wide animals that no human has that he had. and also the magic as a magic air, or for his personality, his spirit, his soul, his heart, and his incredible power. because he was a very, at tremendous strong character, strong character with himself because he all their past, his, humanity's posse, his humanity is his human. but needed this hover past every limits and only by america lafleur of maria. maria le. incredible. and didn't amusements. energy. you can succeed to that normal people never. they can arrive. does that result? he was of a passing any possibility that he himself the head. and he was so severe with his sam with himself that really this is the reason that he was alternately,
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if and this is or is, is the reason for weeds, special persons in special are these are they are either because they other pass the human limits. it is a moment of magical 2nd that you have that cosmic energy that lifts you up in the now. well, when we were talking earlier, you mentioned how beautiful russia is, how eclectic it is. and it has its different cultures and it brings it all together . or can you tell me a little bit about your memories of russia then? and how is it contrasted with your idea of russia? now, i will tell you something, to be honest and sincere. i am always very denison very since yet. i cannot have a good opinion for before because i have never been in russia before. huh. i knew about russia. i knew of russia. i knew everything,
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of course, culture and everything in this. but i knew everything because of not a yes because he was always from morning that he was getting lab with the child that you would have the bottom of the child with the lives that he would see. he was very superstitious of he would see how they were posed to see what it would be . he was just plain like a, like a child with incredible enthusiasm that the only children they do have. but i must say something then before i can not say. but what i have discovered in this trip in ashby could have only been once to see of course, how to meet that with. only 2 days it is not enough. i saw it on my badge and that said, but now that i could have because of the opportunity of this festival of murray, if they have invited me and with great pleasure in spite the difficulties in spite of fur of there is all the time. the only one who came here.


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