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ah ah, it just information that tech was witnessed in the city of boucher and the key of region following withdrawal of the russian troops. russia is foreign minister islam without fake disturbing footage from bucetti, which prompted kia to blame russian forces for the mass killing of civilians. we hear from a reporter, it covered the situation on the ground from the outskirts of the ukrainian town. i know for sure that the church left the city and marks the 30th of march 31st. this was confirmed by the mayor of your city general. didn't mention any body's line in the st. louis. ukraine's media polls its own fake news reports, blaming russia for the gruesome killing of a woman in the dumbbells city of mario. both we speak with the american journalist
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who 1st group is a normal or anti rushing propaganda from grand for a plaque. this happened in the base love to number 25 which was you. busy as a base for grading portions and a lot to be an energy company molds, the possibility of paying in rubles for russian gas spots and made i cries from, it's you neighbors, to stop importing any russian energy supplies out all ah 247, use live from moscow, this is our t pleasure to have your company today. my name is gina neil a disinformation attack. that's the response from the russian foreign minister to
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fudge dance emerge from the ukrainian ton of boucher, which shows disturbing images of the dead bodies of civilians lying in the streets and others piled in mass graves, ukraine's defense ministry. save. the killings were committed by russian troops, but speaking to the you ends under secretary general for humanitarian refers. sir gala froth claim the spread of the footage as an anti russian agenda aimed at western audience. it like a regular just information attack was witnessed in the city of boucher and the key of region. following withdrawal of the russian troops are truth withdrew from the area and accordance with the plans and privacy reached agreements. several days later, there was a staging this snowing, spread across the media and social platforms by ukraine and its western patrons, with russian forces footy retreated from the city on the 30th of march. on the 31st of march, the cities now made
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a statement saying everything was in order. in 2 days later we saw that stage footage from the streets of boucher which they now are attempting to use for anti russian purposes. but in a couple of weeks ago, there were attempts to misrepresent the situation and one of maria poles with tendency hospitals as a crime committed by the russian troops. the lights became clear, those attempts had been made to cause a provocation. the materials presented were later exposed as fights or let's not bring in ortiz maria phenomena for more. maria, good to see. indeed, tickets through the situation in boots show what happened. so many claims and kinder claims as it stands. what do we know? while the stories about the quentin town of butcher northwest of ki, if that has been under severe fighting for weeks, it fell under the control of the russian army on the 3rd day of moscow special military operation on the ground and last week it was recaptured by ukraine forces and some time after that the videos started to emerge and from that town allegedly
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showing a piles of dead bodies lying on this trace. very disturbing images indeed, and there was also information about mass grades. he reported that around 300 civilians were found bad and was quick to accuse moscow of war, crime and massacre. russia defense ministry earlier reported, but their forces had left the town of butcher on march 1st to the day after another round of peace talks on ukraine. and while butcher was under their control, not a single civilian was heard. moscow calls key of claims and provocation and the whole footage of fake. now some meter, speculate that the re, some contradiction in versus defense ministry reports regarding dates. and they say that the parents means they had troops who are still in town after march 31st. but on that very day, the since you may have posted a video on social media show and he said and in front of the local administration
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building happily announcing that the town is now cleared from his words, russian occupants and in that meteor he never happened to mention any dead by the line on the streets. also, russia, defense ministry now says that it's still control some of the territory around the pay river and is still in the region. and that is also used by some media as proof of the allies, but being in the town and in the region is not exactly the same thing. also ukraine's national police boasted another video on april. the 2nd show in bay troops clear in the town of butcher after the russian forces. 8 to one minutes long video and will now show you part of it, but you can easily find a helpful fish on the web. and as you will now see, the picture is completely different with
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well, just clear that the story should be independently and immediately investigated. and russia called on the un security council emergency meeting on the issue. but russia's request was denied. he is russia's foreign minister, sergey lovegrove. with demanded that an urgent meeting of the un security council be held on the matter, since our provocations posed a direct threat to the international peace and security. to listen to the question of the president of the security council this month, the u. k. has a so far confirmed there is such a possibility, but we will continue to demand that the presidency fulfill its role. well, it's really sad to see how they story develops. i have to say we as a journalist, i used to be very cautious with information, especially if you're in wars may i just returned from logan square,
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spent weeks covering the conflict. i had to say that it has become a rule and iron rule for all journalists work in there. not to report about anything before. official verification, even if he see an explosion with iran eyes, or you hear the artillery fire, it's really hard to say. what is really happened a while? false reports may actually heard russia's deputy permanent representative to the un . now says that russia will insist on the emergency. a special meeting on boucher on monday and also added that london does not wanted to be discussed separately because it may disturb the weston reputation. back to you. very, thanks very much, ortiz maria for national life. well, let's say bring you some reaction. the french president emanuel macross has said it, russian forces are responsible for the killings in boucher and that moscow will have to answer for its crimes. british and us officials have called for
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investigation by the international criminal court as well. and the polish president states, the images emerging from the city are assign ukraine needs more weapons. but the russian and boston to the u. s. claimed it was ukrainian battalions who shall the time after the russian military left. and the washington is ignoring that possibility. journalist alexander caught sue was imbedded with the russian military shirt, his thoughts with us on the situation to mrs. la, i spent almost a month here, the city of neutral. and so what sort of relations there were between the local people and the russian military who was not aggressive? it was normal and even did business. there was an exchange of military dry ration for daily products. there was no aggression or conflict between the russian military and local residence. the people whose bodies that are now shown on ukraine and television were killed not long ago. and i know for sure that the troops left
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the cd and march the 30th on march 30. first. this was confirmed by the mayor of the city of butcher who didn't mention any bodies lying in the streets. there is a white bandage on the sleeves of many dead people. this is the identification mark of the russian troops and local residents. just in case tight white bandages to show. i'm one of you don't shoot me. of course, for the ukrainian military or nationally such bandage you dissemble of the enemy. a former us marine intelligence officer scott ritter, told us he isn't convinced that the ukrainian government is interested in a thorough investigation of the which killings we've seen, the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court. a talk about his intent to investigate. why isn't he knocking on the door demanding access to these bodies, demanding of the absolute necessity to, to do these forensic examinations of the dead to find the data that would point a finger at yahoo?
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the perpetrator was wild blue, the ukrainian government funded a thorough investigation oba incident that was with ukrainian government in bad life. look, they've already achieved a propaganda. the entire west is outraged. at the voucher incident, the entire west appears to be blaming russia, so the ukrainian government does need to do any additional work. now another story to bring you today a lothian energy company is mulling over whether to pay moscow for gas in rubles, and move which could potentially violate current anti russian sanctions. the firm has a long term contract with russia for natural gas until 2030. but the fact that it's even considering the move is leading tours of disapproval from elsewhere within the e. r t. charlotte davinsky picks up the story. it could it be coming a bit of a shock? that's a deal. it's been molded the moment. the baltic states in particularly have been
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pretty cool at the moment, making a big deal about the fact that they have stopped apparently all in ports of russian natural gas. and we heard from the lithuania, president of the weekend, who took to twitter to actually call on other you countries to follow suit. and according to the c, e. o. of lack of is natural gas storage operator. the import stopped on april 1st. if there was still any doubts about whether there might be any trusting deliveries from russia, current events clearly shows that there is no more trust since april 1st, russian natural gas is no longer flowing to latvia, estonia in lithuania, and know that it wasn't an april fools joke, so it's pretty hard to tally. have both countries have stopped imports with russia when we hearing from this laughing company in the last 24 hours that it's looking to sign this new contract for russian natural gas with gas pom. that will take it
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all the way to 2030. now this comes as well as much as renewal than europe is experiencing this unseasonably cold snap at the moment is pretty freezing here in paris right now. and that has prompted some governments to have concerns about energy security in the future. and very soon in the future, so much so that they've told consumers to think of turning the thermostats down or even avoid using certain electrical appliances at certain trigger points during the day. we've also seen countries like germany and austria triggering alert systems due to their concerns about energy and leaders who have previously opposed very tough sanctions when it comes to roshan gas in the oil. and now, changing that to falling were discoveries, and just outside to keep over the weekend. does mccaul,
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bas scenes in the area around butcher? this is what president micron had to say, a 100 to 6 them. what has happened to butcher calls for a new route of sanctions and very clear measures. we will coordinate with our european botanist, especially germany. and we will take further individual measures. and i'm in favor of a new round of sanctions, and in particular, on cohen petrol. we need to act good, good. the present, michael has also said that france could look at taking measures owner countrywide level to even some german ministers have conceded that sanctions on russian energy may actually be something that can't be avoided. and that's lead to a bit of a split in the government because we know that the german economy minister has continued to say that a ban on russian gas would cause much more harm and good. and this is something that you ministers having to cheated through at the moment as they meet on monday,
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tuesday, in luxembourg. but it's not just germany that could be the ones that need to be convinced on this level. hungary to has been opposed to sanctions on gas and energy coming from russia and with the win over the weekend. victor open. that is unlikely to change. ah, ukrainian media has tried and apparently feel to pin the blame on moscow for the gruesome killing of a woman in the dunbar city of marble. the victims brickley mutilated body with a swastika carved in to our stomach was fined by russian a trip soft. they cleared out ukrainian, neo nazi ace off battalion forces from the civilian building a week ago. please be word disturbing. images are ahead. picking up the story from a ukrainian media outlet presidency, landscape advisor lead the charge on social media posting an image of the victim. and claiming she was killed in gus to mel in the key of region. the advisor then
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updated the description to say the atrocity had possibly up at the mario both before deleting his own post altogether. shortly after ukrainian media admitted they've got net all wrong on pulled their own reports. let's seen of the killing and murray the last week was witness by international journalists, including r t reporters. a warning the following footage is again disturbing. i had so snow had asked him, and this in fact is the corpse of a woman by the look of it she was raped and a swastika was carved into his stomach. the body has been here for quite some time, for now they cannot get out and bury it because there are a lot of courses throughout the city. this corpse was discovered relatively recently the sooner we will try for the information we would take it out of here. american journalist, patrick lancaster, who was the 1st to break the disturbing story from the scene, offered his views to the program earlier. i think it's just the normal
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anti russian propaganda from ukraine. it's really just the way it is. blame each side, blaming the other side. but we know it for a fact that this happened in the basin of to number 25, which was used. busy as a base for grading forces, we're going through building to build and just seeing just everything guestimate and just talking to the locals. talking to some of the g p. r mobilization soldiers, one of them who happened to show us this basement of this school school number 25 and mary. busy busy he took us down and we can see many, many miles crania uniforms and patches and flags and a huge dash of weapon use which perkins we heard. unfortunately, we found this. busy woman partially covered actually with
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a couple of uniforms and a pretty uniforms as well. and her stomach wage had a swastika just being in shock. i'm seeing that it was hard to tell what it was, carved or painted on with blood. but this was, you could see what had happened there this woman had been rapes tortured and strangled to patrick lancaster speaking to me earlier. meanwhile, there's been a new scandal over an image circulating on social media, apparently showing a swastika broadcast by a polish tv channel. the notorious symbol is clearly seen in the background during an interview about ukraine. it comes out to ukraine's president refused to condemn atrocities, allegedly committed by pro key of radicals during an interview on american television. when asked about some brutal cases attributed to the notorious adolf
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battalion latimer zalinski simply said, the extremist members of the group are what they are. a soft battalion that is said to be nazi affiliated organization, operating as a militia in your country, said to be committing their own atrocities. household was one of those many battalions. it will need, you know, they are what they are. during that interview on fox news, vladimir zalinski also said the adolf battalion is fully integrated into the ukrainian military. however, that fragment of the interview was later deleted from all of the american networks online resources. the ukranian president's latest stance on the adolf nationalists as a far cry from his own attempts to pressure them to disarm back when he assumed the presidency in 2019 yeah, pretty simple system can use. you sort of a good. yes. you will get to be a british list because on auto zone meeting,
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but then you need me to let you know for sure, i mean was up. uh huh. what do you live with when you mind moving the apartment through? so should be good to look at the bill with the, with the way to move that moment up for julio. i'm slid the she mozilla, we showed a little key theme is going to show you from here. it's nice to me. well ahead of the conflict in ukraine parlor tree groups like the neo nazi a's of battalion had been widely condemned by human rights groups. in 2014 amnesty international call for an investigation into possible war crimes. car died by such ukrainian forces during their military cracked on civilian descent. in don boston, we spoke to some residents in done yet to say they witnessed the latest alleged atrocities by age of troops. she does over the eyes of fighters who are defending themselves, not as if a look at the destruction they left. they had been here for 8. yes, they killed local people to pick it up. oh no,
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what your one man had his throat cut by one of their member ash. then he had a daughter. well, she is 7 or 8 years old. are they meet people? abducted them with bags on their hands, which go? yes. oh, well this is what was left by their middle full. they were running here on the 3rd floor with guns in their hands. don coleman, then there were tanks, shooting thought, we were afraid to go to the toilet, is be wanting you to comment on the can you turn the cameron showed the ground floor. this is the ground floor form. this was my flat. the 1st shell hit my roof, my belly managed to stay alive than they used. farmable liquids in the house burned down. they knew people were hiding. i basement confusion reins over the future of pakistan's prime minister imran camp bounce after members of his party, blocked a vote of no confidence in the pm on sunday and dissolved parliament. i protesters have been taken to the streets in a show of support for a camp who blamed foreign powers on particularly b u. s. for trying to intervene in his country's domestic policy and force his
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departure. washington rejects those allegations. in while the high courts met on monday in the summer, but to discuss whether they blocking of the new confidence vote was constitutional, the opposition had hoped to use the move to ost iran. come from office. well, let's say a try make sense of all the goings on with ortiz worlds apart. host oksana, boyo, who joins us live in the shoot oksana to visit a react good to have you on. and you've recently returned. i just came back on friday at a asked, so you'll have a good feeling of it. and really just looking through the story here, we've had a new confidence vote block, the parliament dissolved. the high court today monday, waited in on whether that was constitutional or not. how do you see this and fall and give us the background on this journey till tomorrow? so no decision is taken yet,
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but it's pretty clear the pakistan is going into early elections within the next 3 months. i think the main question now is whether in run hung will participate in that or not. and, and it's a very interesting to hear if case of democracy because he has a pretty wide support among the people. and you can see that both in terms of, you know, public rallies that he can gather and you know, support on social media. but he faces pretty strong opposition in the parliament in the national assembly. and you know, it's, it's an interesting case for political scientists. what is more representative, the popular will of the people, the majority of the popular vote or the majority of the parliamentary both. but for now, we will have to wait and see what the supreme court has to say if it's in one hand is allowed to, to participate in the, in the next elections. i think he sounds a pretty good chance of winning, if not, than perhaps the, the countries facing
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a full blown constitutional crisis. but i have to say, you know, precluding your next question is that there are lots of connections between pakistan and ukraine, which we discussed, which we can discuss about in the 2nd i'm just interested in. walked in run, come, said himself recently that the turmoil seen in his countries connected to his refusal to follow western rhetoric and condemned russia over the war in ukraine. as far as you are aware, are those calls grounded in reality? it's not just about following western rhetoric, pakistan for quite some time has been fool. he integrated into the so called american war and terror, they contributed troops. they hosted the american military and during the, you know, the war in afghanistan, the soviet peasants and gaston, they were the primary forest of farming. would jackie deem that for the soviet salad than the americans? you know, we're very, very eager to see that. but i think over the years,
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pakistan has developed the sounds that they have given the law to the americans and received very little in return. so once it came to power in 2018, he said that we need to be to have a more balanced relationship, not only with the americans, they still want to cooperate with them. but they also developed a pretty strong relationship with china. a good relationship with russia on hand was here in moscow on the 24th of february, when obliging with an hunch the military alteration in the ukraine. and just a few days before that, i had a chance to interview human mama. but then i ask you whether it was politically sound decision to travel to most these precarious time. and he said that i, i don't care, i have national interest in my own mind, and i'm going to pursue them no matter what, add funds that have been speculations at certain hours, tried to dissuade him too, from travelling to moscow and from associating himself with russia even though
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definitely there is no military alliance between moscow and his mom about this point. just to get to the point you meet earlier by possible part of those between pakistan on ukraine. how do you see that? well, i've heard that from a couple of people around the kremlin, in fact, several close advisors to vladimir, pretend that the rational little ship saw pakistani case as a possible scenario for your korean. and by that i mean that when the americans needed pakistani support then arming which he did in the beginning of the african soviet presence in august. and they quietly looked away and allowed as i'm about to develop it's nuclear weapon, it's nuclear bomb. and there were some speculations, fear is in the russian literature that if you crane is allowed to follow the path that was following that, that would also acquire new nuclear capability. and in fact, present landscape, just earlier this year at the munich security conference,
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the primary trans atlantic security concerns announced publicly announced his decision to look into that possibility. methanol rebuke, either from the audience or from other western leaders. despite all existing non proliferation requirements and legislation and the filling in the kremlin was that if your crane was allowed to pursue that pass, it would present the real, real existential danger for russia. because the flight time for nuclear arms rocket bits in key. if moscow is to 3 minutes, you know, that, that's not enough to even make a call to moscow that you detect that a certain launch and suddenly not enough to make, you know, a calculated decision. so ukraine acquiring some sort of nuclear capability of would put this in russia security station in an unbearable choice. so according to the advisors and the criminal, that was one of the reasons why our kremlin saw the needs you neutralize ukraine's military infrastructure. at this point of time it's, it was a have
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a decision definitely for the pooch and acting on personal and moral grounds because he has quaint for a long time, the russians and ukrainian, the part of one people. but at the end of the day, he's the president of russia, and he has to follow 2nd strategic rationale that the, you know, requires him to protect russia 6 or tantrum. ok, so we away thought high court verdict then tomorrow choose the on weather and run candle, stay house prime minister of pakistan. oksana. thank you very much for checking to see drill folks on the boy of world support here on at r t c. thank you. now for 8 years since 2014 people and on bus been going to sleep, not snowing was fresh disaster. they may awake too many of the worst atrocities occurred in the so name gray zone. next we tell the story of the people there who have injured through it all, stay close. ah
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ah, ah needs to come to the russian state to never. i've side as i'm phoning most landscape div asking him not getting all sons and that for a group in the 55 when. okay, so mine is gonna be the one else calls with. we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine. the state aren't russia to date and split our t spoke neck even our video agency, roughly all band to on you to send me to school with
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ah gray zone inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all, they've had to watch as the war creeps ever closer to their homes. speech ga, the correct train. you've banassi terrain. you don't lose them. why don't you zealously out to the darcy george. so one time when there was bizarre gaze up a santa maria.


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