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ah, a just information that tact was witnessed in the city of boucher and the key of region following withdrawal of the russian troops. russia's foreign minister slammed disturbing footage from boucher as a disinformation attacked the images have prompted. t evans, some western countries to blame russian forces for the mass killing of civilians that says you. k has blocked russians call for a un security council meeting on being a great a media pulls its own fake news report. blaming russia for the gruesome killing of a woman and the don boss, city of mario, we speak to the american journalist who 1st broke the story. i guess the normal
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anti russian propaganda from the brain. but we know that this happened in the basement school number 25 with as a base for grading portions. and more disturbing footage emerges from ukraine, apparently showing the execution of injured russian soldiers as we hear 1st and the count from russian soldiers describing their ordeal in captivity. people were being beaten, they didn't maybe scream, they howled. it just doesn't sound human. they beat one soldier all night, and in the morning they said, do you have a note that you slept with a corpse? ah, so i am here in the russian capital and your watching are to international. i'm your host donald quarter. welcome to the program. now disinformation war,
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that's the assessment from the russian foreign minister of footage that emerged from the ukranian town of boucher, which shows disturbing images of dead bodies of civilians lying in the streets with others piled and mass grapes. ukraine's defense ministry says the killings were perpetrated by russian troops. now a warning may find the following. images. images were about to show you disturbing . these pictures are from the town of butcher, which have circulated throughout various media outlets, as journalists gained access to the town. days after ukrainian forces entered the area in the wake of a russian military withdrawal. they apparently show the burned bodies of a family, including children. these images have not been independently verified, but kiev as accusing russian soldiers of being responsible, commenting, commenting on the boucher killings foreign minister survey lab. ralph said that the story is a disinformation attack and has anti russian has an anti russian agenda aimed at
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western audiences. this information attack was witnessed in the city of boucher and the key of region. following withdrawal of the russian troops, our troops withdrew from the area and accordance with the plans and previously reached agreements. several days later, there was a staging this now being spread across the media and social platforms by ukraine and its western patrons. with 2 expressions, forces 40, retreated from the city on the 30th of march. on the 31st of march, the cities man made a statement saying everything was in order. in 2 days later we saw that stage footage from the streets of boucher which they now are attempting to use for anti russian purposes for a couple of weeks ago. there were attempts to misrepresent the situation and one of mary polls maternity hospitals has a crime committed by the russian troops. it later became clear those attempts had been made to cause a provocation. the materials presented were later exposed as fights. the
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international community was quick to lay the blame for the mass killings of civilians on russia before any investigation had even taken place. with us saying it will call to suspend russia from the un human rights council. earlier french president emanuel macro said, russian forces are responsible and that moscow will have to answer for its crimes. and while british and us officials have called for an investigation by the international criminal court, the u. k. has blocked russia's call for an urgent un security council meeting on monday, commenting on the decision brushes and bastard to the un again said the future killings were a stage provocation by kia from the very beginning, it has been clear that this is nothing else but yet another stage through occasion, aimed at discrediting and deacon realizing of the russian military and leveling, political professional, personal in russia. i sing the, the truth of what i'm doing would you would have been so good. now for more
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details, we're in a crime. cross live now to rachel blevins. thanks for joining us. rachel. now the tensions over the un security council meeting on boots are obviously very high right now. so what's the latest? yeah, the ambassador certainly did not hold anything back during that press conference. and he specifically went on to note a number of the claims that are being made that are being spread all across social media right now. and how they simply don't line up with the facts. he referred to this as a false live operation. he specifically noted that the mayor of boucher was smiling and happy and talking about how the city was free of russian forces just a few days before mentioned mentioning nothing about any sort of civilian casualties. and he then went on to take a look at the videos that are being posted across social media to know how they simply do not line up with the world in which we saw that the russian troops were
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there in boucher for weeks that they were there with the civilians that the civilians were allowed to walk freely. now he also noted that all of these statements that he was making that he wanted to be making them before the united nations security council. however, he noted that it was the u. k. that claim and came in and blocked that though, and he referred to that action as unprecedented. take a listen to what he had to say. i'm president, i'm believable, unsinkable that we were denied the security council meeting that we requested these behaviors very lucrative and reveals through attitudes of the west to ukrainian people. well, looking to discuss with you a clear cut through occasionally, english, classic gibber style is going to have serious implications for international peace
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and security of the worst interrogations rushed to can. i mean, a security council meeting on the educational gilson of guys to sometime ago sometime ago. so you can see where there's a now, it's important to know that the united states is saying that it will go before the un general assembly and call for russia to be kicked out of the human rights council. of course, russia is noted that there are a number of accounts of hypocrisy regarding the u. s. and its action here. however, moscow is still saying that is calling for that un security council meeting. and i hope that it will be an option at some point in the future or to correspond rachel blevins. thanks a lot for those updates. now we're gonna cross live now to daniela's i or journalist and also thanks a lot for joining us. daniel. the 1st question i have is about the media, of course, and the media and key, as well as western countries. they've been quick to blame russian forces for these
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boots or killings. will we see moscow punished before any investigation has even taken place? do you think? wow, certainly, yeah, and then the media jumping on this like there is no tomorrow. and the reason very simply is the media, the western mainstream media has signed on quite enthusiastically to the disinformation war that their government are running. in fact, the london guardian recently ran an article worrying that russia was winning the disinformation war. and that the british should, should try harder for the airport. busy to, to, to take away the victory from russia so that the press is signing on, presenting extremely one sided view of this whole conflict and, and they are really jumping on this issue like crazy. well, daniel, do you think it was right for the media to immediately assign blame, especially at a time of war when or where we're seeing so much,
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actually unverified information and images emerging almost daily? of course not. i mean, it's never right to jump to conclusions. you should examiner, all the facts very carefully and wave them and, and try to analyze what's going on and consider all points of view. but the press, obviously has not done that. well, also connected to that, the russian ambassador to the us it's been, has been pointing out the washington's basically ignored the shelling of boucher by ukrainian forces. right after russian troops had withdrawn from the area. why do you think those details specifically have been omitted in the western media? because the western media doesn't want to present anything that is, as it all negative regarding the, the ukrainian side and wants to put all the blame on russia. i'm. ready really quite explicit about it's really quite not really quite outrageous. and also the ukranian foreign minister said that after boot checked after the butcher killings,
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the west has to provide ukraine with all the weapons it needs. do you think this incident is being used as a tool to politically pressure? the west in contrast, i was calling for negotiations with moscow. oh, undoubtedly. i mean, that's been, that's been the, the pattern and past wars. i mean, in syria with the what the staged poison poison gas things are. those are clearly done by the, the rebels in an attempt to stampede the u. s. inter into intervening. and that war . and this happened in the balkans, 900 ninety's and 19 early 999. they were estimates that a $100000.00 coastal bars were missing or killed at the hands of serbian troops. and that was one of the reasons why nato decided to bomb serbia beginning in late march 1999. those figures,
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those estimates of the number of people killed or, or missing, were later revised downwards by 97 percent. and most of the killings occurred after the after the nato bombings began. and the killings of course, were roughly evenly divided between a coast of ours and serbs. so yes, the, the west is expert and drumming up these phony casualty figures in order to advance its side. well, just one more quick question for you here. why do you think the u. k rejected rushes request to hold a security council meeting? because they're afraid of what might come out. that's why i mean. ready they, they don't want a and a ball round, dispassionate analysis of what's going on of that city. they want to presented as one sided lee as possible. and so therefore, a hearing in which, in which russia, you know, gets, gets a chance to make it reviews known as the last thing they want. journalist and
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author daniela's. ok. thanks a lot for joining us on the program. thank you. the ukrainian media has tried and apparently failed to pin the blame i moscow for the gruesome killing of a woman in the city of mariel located in the done yet people's republic. the victims, brutally mutilated body with a swastika carved into her stomach was found by russian lead troops after they pushed the neo nazi as a battalion from a civilian building a week ago warning, you may find the following images disturbing. picking up the story from ukrainian media outlet, president philanthropies adviser, posted the news on social media as post showed an image of the victim and claimed that she was killed in gustavo, and the kiev region of ukraine. the advisor then updated the description to say that the atrocity possibly took place in murray opal before deleting his own post altogether. shortly afterwards, ukrainian media admitted they got the details wrong and pulled their own reports.
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the scene of the killing and murray, opal last week, has since been visited by international journalists, including r t reporters. again, the following footage is disturbing. i had the so sna howard asked to sidney him. and this in fact is the corpse of a woman by the look of it she was raped and a swastika was carved into his stomach where sticky the but he's been here for quite some time. for now, they cannot get out and very it, because there are a lot of corpses throughout the city. this corpse was discovered relatively recently, soon, and we will trust for the information we would take it out of here. about the american journalist, patrick lancaster, who was the 1st to break the disturbing story from the city shaped. his shared his views on the program earlier. i think it's just the normal anti russian propaganda from the grain. it's really just the way it is. blame inside, blaming the other side, but we know it for a fact that this happened in the basin of tooth number 25 which was used. busy as
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a base for grading, unfortunately, we're going through building to build and just seeing everything decimated, just talking to the local talking to some of the d p. r. mobilization soldiers, one of them who happened to show us this basement of this school school number 25. busy busy he took it down, we could see many amounts of cranium uniforms and patches and flags and the huge dash of weapons which in the purchase we've heard. unfortunately we. busy partially covered actually with uniform uniforms as well. her stomach wage had
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a swastika just being shot from hard to tell what it was, carved on, painted on with blood, but you could see what had happened there. this woman had been tortured and strangled. now this is not the 1st time we've seen allegations of fake news emerging amid the ukrainian conflict. multiple stories have circulated in the media over the last month, only to be later debunked. and earlier i took a closer look at those very stories, shock and outrage among western audiences after images of a massacre in a small ukrainian town near keith, called boucher many of grab their pitchforks and torches, blaming russia, but few have stopped to ask, how do i know what i'm being told is true since so far. the only source is keith's seed bud zuba had w world. zillow already seen many wall crimes at different times on different constant stuff, but it's time to do everything possible to make the war crimes with russian military. the last manifestation of such evil on earth was wrong at rome. kill 2
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such crimes will be included in the special book of torture. as lose will be found and punished for general legal bulge. it's really the job of journalists to examine, scrutinize and double check the reliability of their sources. instead, the mainstream media has been acting more like the ukranian governments, p r team. take a look at this segment from cbs. margaret brennan, of cbs admits that zalinski his team handed her some photos videos, and she's now going to broadcast them on tv with 0 independent corroboration, just openly purveying a foreign countries war propaganda. this is what's considered real journalism in the u. s. there were even reports that foreign journalists weren't allowed into the town on the 3rd of april. on top of that key of has time and time again demonstrated, it's probably the last government whose word you want to take at face value when it comes to horror stories. remember, snake island latimer, zalinski claimed ukrainian troops valiantly fought to the last soldier,
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defending it. none us more will 13 ukrainian defenders were killed in russian bombardment on thursday. all of the buddha gods died heroically. they did not surrender. they will be award to the title of hero of ukraine post humorously. aside from the fact that there weren't 13 but 82 ukrainian soldiers on the island, they didn't die fighting the russians either. they surrendered and were safely returned to their families through a prisoner exchange. oops, clearly that mistake wasn't embarrassing enough though, since zalinski was pretty quickly added again. several days later he claimed russians had bombed a memorial to the 10s of thousands of jews who were massacred in bob in yar during the 2nd world war to the world. what is the point of saying never again for a to years? if the world stay silent when a bomb dropped on the same site of bob and jo, at least 5 killed history repeating. in addition to zalinski is naming and shaming those who didn't immediately point the finger at russia turns out that story was fake as well. one day later, and his railey war corresponded, visited the site,
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and saw a completely different picture. the bobbie or memorial site was neither destroyed nor damaged. after touring, over the big site, i can report with certainty that no monument was damaged and no ball miss or shell hit the area. it's not clear whether zelinski was lying, or if he really believed what he was told, the main thing is though it ended up being yet another fake story put forward by key f. there's also the chernobyl nuclear power plant, which the lensky wrongly accused russia of bombing. needless to say, there was no lack of scary projections of another atomic disaster in europe either chill, normally we will hold in that low i'll in as she closes as did through molly, out on the side who was facing. so nimble over what guys you me so many times these are you still in the nieces as is the hoping so after all these ukrainian tall tales about a legit russian crimes. one after another turning out to be fake. should we really
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just take his word for it when it comes to boucher new disturbing footage, apparently showing injured russian soldiers being executed by ukrainian soldiers has emerged on line. we can't show you the video in full actually because of its violent content. the photo shows multiple soldiers lying in the road in a pool of blood. one of them appears to be alive, but his shot and killed. at least one dead soldier has his hands tied behind his back and appears to have been shot in the head. separately we heard from russian soldiers who had been held as prisoners in ukraine. they told us about their ordeal while in captivity. the the video posted and they made me constantly without even asking questions. it was just non stop screaming. my lack of food, people were being beaten, they didn't even scream, they howled. it just doesn't sound human. i've heard a man's ribs break, his alms break. a civilian was watching, brushing news on his phone. he was taken there with the 71 year old man with
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diabetes. he was lying there, his hands bandaged. they were women there also. the look was who, who shows some of them as a new can they tied hands and feet and were beaten them? i had a beard and their attitude to was chechens is bad. they were kicking us in the face on the had on the ribs threatened to hang and castrate us. they filmed us during the beatings hussar wilkinson and bust. they'll extend key. they put us against the wall and many ukrainian soldiers were deciding what to do with us. some one offered to shoot at the legs, some one just to kill when we were kept in the gym. it was very cold. they constantly mocked the pilot's beat. them forced them not to sleep. they were saying the pilot could return to russia only as disabled people tell if she got this will you give fair is in a shop every morning and we were lying in the gym blindfold and heard how they beat one soldier all night. and in the morning they said, do you even know that you slept with a corpse, which i think he was bidden with sticks is a deal. meanwhile,
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battles continue in the port city of mario bull. president zalinski speaking with ukrainian media, stressed the urgent need for a solution. meanwhile, the russian defense ministry released a statement saying ukrainian troops have a chance to lay down their arms and have 3 a 3 hour window on tuesday in which they can safely take an evacuation path. we spoke with mario pl locals who claimed to have suffered at the hands of the neo nazi. as all battalion are corresponded more, i'd gasdio reports from the ground here in the east marie you. pl. well is of com prevails children with grimy faces. play bull with their puppy. explosion sound in the distance, but weeks they had been trapped in basements, his battles raged above them. we also met svetlana, a local pensioner. described. what happened here is they dock in on the salmon floor. that moment they broke into the apartment and kicked people out and there on
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the 6th floor. who was it? prescott li, crania now me as off or they on me. i'm not sure who they broke into these block also and stayed on the 2nd floor that fit lana fears showing her face. her son and sister are in an area of mary you bal still held by ukrainian as off nationalists, she fears reprisal against them. svetlana knows well what the nationalists, the capable off. oh god not, i'm not sure when i began, i tried to get through to see relatives 3 times and they would unlock me. i bank them on my knees as off i think it was gone and suffered and lapis out. what did they say to you? and i'm sorry, but can i tell you exactly what they sat? you think it was that go yourself, get out of he before we should get to your face? yes. and the 2nd time they stopped me asked me who i was. i told them i was just a local one of there's like so the sad when you get out of here, you're not one of us civilians. by all appearances were human shields to them. they
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have always considered mario bow pro russian and therefore sub human part of their neo nazi ideology. as of militants turned the apartment buildings with hundreds of civilians into machine gun and rocket nests into bases in every single building that we visited in mario been at the same thing broken into apartments. i want to show you this particular flat west as all sizes made their home, the places a mess that has already been visited by security services, who found all sorts of an extra ex cameras as well as drugs in the trash bin. but everywhere here are bottles of vodka, bottles of vodka pills, elizabeth drugs, the book again found the, the fight is that with dislocated here the lived here,
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the pod from leaving the place a mess will to left their uniforms behind which indicates that they too like many other as often you cranium troops that they made their exit disguised as a civilians. whiskey. i could only wonder where they found so much. i'll go here by the ways one of the military pins fit. lana is still distraught by the violence and mistreatment may be over, but the memories burn. you have no idea about what ran through. you can't imagine. we had to break bullets and shouts just to get water for the children. last some i took shower was on the 23rd of february. d. understand not you're watching an apartment then in him a new woman. next you cry that can monies him that a 90 year old woman bent like the found just his cult. had his cream and, and
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a flame and defies. and we couldn't to anything. i can still hear it scream, nigel baron, people in the kindergarten because he can go any further and risk and shot. the man who dumped the graves have to jump in when shells landing her bike one day think it's like looking at people how terrified to their families that were no words. there's nothing you can respond with outside graves, daughter form a playgrounds and kidney gardens. where a month ago children played and laughed. this may seem like an ordinary yard surrounded by high rise apartment building. but in the middle is this graveyard. people for weeks had been trapped in their basements. eddie, who attempted to flee, was shot dead by as of snipers, ukrainian nationals who forbid any sort of evacuation people cradled the bodies of their loved ones, the corpses of their loved ones for days before. finally,
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deciding to bury them here is a very small grave that of a child. the battle for mary jo bull has galvanized the russian public support for the special operation. now that the horrors and depravity of ukrainian nationalists have been laid bare galvanized and horrified in equal measure. more. i'd gazda of tea from mary jo, po that's all for this our join us again and just about 30 minutes for more of your world news stories. ah, ah, it will be long debated whether the warren ukraine could have been avoided. what is not really opened in debate, because how centers of power i've been shifting to the east, the rise of asia as it were, the war in ukraine. his only accelerated veteran ah
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needs to come to the russian state to narrative. i've studied us on the most landscape, div hammock ingles, all sons, and that for a week within the 55 we did. okay, so 9 is good, fun speaking one else calls about this, even though we will fan in the european union. the kremlin. yup. machines. the state aunt, rush up to date and spoke. archie spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band to on you to send me to school the 25th. even close with
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mm. with a gray zone inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks. without clean water or electricity, worst of all they've had to watch is the war creeps ever closer to their homes. speech ga, to correct train you financially terrain you don't look, i'm a don't use that as i was or to the ga, ga. so one time with
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a band was a little less my yes it with, with all these really well. thank you so over the only other. uh huh. a smile with
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more data because only for our, with family whole shift, the system with our solutions. put us a little bit more visually fall into the baby's job. i don't know if there's a little brought in the body shop with them a bit more checks. of course, the push couldn't go to this article more to the more the better, but it's not really quite principal. yes. when you go to 100 guzman with the recording, i don't agree you finish it. you can explain it, jimmy, and i got the news to be sure. do you know nothing about the like? i'm wondering if you still don't want to pinch because on, on you, because pretty much in lutheran church wanted phone records at your
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school for the morning and i'll be with them when when we need to.


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