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tv   News  RT  April 5, 2022 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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i would like to express a protest in response to how the u. k. the president has handled off to request to call the security council meeting to discuss the terrible provocation by the cranium. radicals in the city of boucher russia's ambassador to the un coal se disturbing footage from the ukrainian city of butcher, a terrible provocation will so protest thing and rejection of russia to request to convene a un security council meeting on the matter monday. that's as the council is currently meeting to discuss the fence wiki through the also year on the program from a former officer in the ukrainian security services explains the potential motivation of those behind what he calls a stage provocation. and boucher here had several goals,
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cement to target various audiences. take, for example, the population of ukraine controlled by key of the goal here is to trigger hatred towards the russian army so that people do not even think about some kind of brotherly relationship with a spanish journalist claims. most of the reports of crimes by ukrainian forces against don bos residence are truth after heading to the region himself to investigate. he also voice is concerned, rely such incidents are going on reported by many western media. the terrible news that i can now share is that most of the information coming out is true and in the west. there was no desire to investigate and report on what is really happening in maryville and don bass. ah
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wherever you're watching us from today. welcome to moscow on to the global news update on r t. i'm, you know, new. okay, today's main developments in summary. first, the european union has announced a new wave of sanctions against russia, including and import bond on cool referring to the energy source as an important revenue stream for russia. the e u is also sent to issue a full transaction bomb on for key russian banks. president, meanwhile, leaves the ear wants to shift its own mistakes and economics and energy on to russia and solve its internal problems of moscow's expense. a meeting of the un security council over the events and ukraine is under way right now. discussing her renders footage of alleged dead civilians in the c butcher shocking pictures show images of them lying in the streets and others piled in mass graves,
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ukraine's defense ministry sees not. the alleged killings had been perpetrated at by russian troops. russia's you and envoy, vassily. the venture earlier slammed the furniture staged provocation and the start of today's session. but we start rage over the security council vetoing moscow's to request for a meeting to discuss what happened in butcher gilbert. right? yes, i would like to express a protest in response to how the u. k. the president has handled our request to call the security council meeting to discuss the terrible provocation by the ukrainian radicals in the city of boucher. you have allowed a blatant violation of the rules of procedure, having ignore the request. in response to that, the president of the consulate said that they will no longer reject request by countries to convene security council sessions. will let cindy take a closer look at what's known so far about the book check killings. a warning you may find the footage we're about to show you. disturbing these images from butcher
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have circulated throughout various media outlets. journalist gained access to the area shortly after ukrainian forces entered the time following the russian withdrawal. the apparently showed the charred bodies of a family, including children. the footage has not been independently verified, but t of is accusing russian soldiers of being responsible. the cities murmured no mention of any bodies in the streets in the video, and it's been released following the russian army exit. by shortly after that, the ukranian national police released this video of soldiers coming through butcher . after their tick over some rec vehicles appeared to be the only signs of fighting in the city. no dead bodies can be seen. strict interviews conducted by ukrainian forces in different parts of boot. you also seem to have no mention of the legit mass killings of hundreds of civilians. my russian troops. well in addition, on march 25th the advisor to the ukrainian interior minister posted the following
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video. now in it, people say about their homes were shelled immediately after russian forces he delivered to monetary and aid to them. the russians were there with an inspection to see where civilians are. they still the children asked if he were hungry, if we had met sin and so on. as a result, they later bought 2 of their kids and literally and now later our house will showed you after that. of course we realized that we needed to leave you my well we also managed to speak to a former officer in the ukrainian security services about the booth killings. he feels the story being told by cube is a provocation, which raises more questions than answers. which number used to go work? the story is riddled with inconsistencies. the russian forces withdrew on march the 30th, but the ukrainians released these images only on april. the 3rd this already said something the longer they would have dragged it out. the more questions that would
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have raised, i think those who staged this provocation tried so hard. they made a series of serious mistakes. why didn't they remove the white bandages from their arms? pretty much all of those who they showed on video had white arm bands. those in the city war, those white bounce, while russian forces were present to show their status as civilians. the task here had several goals meant to target various audiences take. for example, the population of ukraine controlled by king of the goal. here is the trigger hatred towards the russian army so that people do not even think about some kind of brotherly relationship. another target audience is the population of western countries. and one more target audience is the leadership of western countries. in the west, the task is to create a public opinion that will be unambiguously favored towards key of and against russia. as for the leadership over the goal is different. they need a reason to gain maximum support for the cranium. authorities. ok,
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wanna bring you some more reaction this time from academic, an independent journalist, jason michael, who's written extensively on the conflict. he said there's an urgent need for an investigation and thorough analysis of the events. well, the main question for me would be a question. all chronology the timeline, all the events is certainly something that would cause any independent analyst. and some confound that the russian forces is acknowledged even by the ukrainian site we're leaving at butcher in the north on or blah by the thought here. which by then by the party forced we how the barnes. ready so be ukrainian for your cleaning and for the garden, the police unit going into the city. there is no indication any way or of a massacre. a number of events that then continue to happen from there would
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indicate thought charles, the arrival of the mayor, number of police swarm the battalion and then the body and police security units preparing for a sweep of the 30 and nothing is then reported of a massacre until. ready the, the evening of the 2nd of april, which leaves a window of 72 hours between the departure of russian forces on the arrival of the ukrainian. i think a fair analysis of this situation would say that there is an urgent need for an investigation that that has to be forensically analyzed, which hasn't happened at the the chronology as we already discussed. we would say that, well, yes, that would be a need for an investigation on to phoebe un security council i under the chairmanship of but it didn't refuse that to russia, i think,
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is quite worrying as confounding to say the least something else to bring you new disturbing footage, apparently showing captured russian soldiers executed by ukrainian troops has emerged online. for obviously reasons we can't show you the extremely graphic video in this original form. several men in uniform are seen lying on the road in pools of blood with their hands tied behind their backs. one of them apparently, still alive, as suddenly shot in the head several times at close range the killers or heard chanting pro ukrainian slogans. russian officials say the gruesome incident is under investigation. separately. we heard from some russian soldiers say they were tortured, while in ukrainian captivity. didn't really posted it. they made me constantly without even asking questions. it was just non stop screaming. my lack of food, people were being beaten, they didn't even scream, they howled. it just doesn't sound human. i've heard a man's ribs break, his alms break. a civilian was watching,
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brushing news on his phone. he was taken there as 71 year old man with diabetes. he was lying there, his hands bandaged. they were women there also. the look was who knew some of them as a new can they tied hands and feet and were beaten them? i had a beard and their attitude to was chechens is bad. they were kicking us in the face on the had on the ribs threatened to hang and castrate us. they filmed us during the beatings ushered with notion of bust. they'll extend key. they put us against the wall and many ukrainian soldiers were deciding what to do with us. some one offered to shoot at the legs, some one just to kill when we were kept in the gym. it was very cold. they constantly mocked the pilot's beat. them forced them not to sleep. they were saying the pilot could return to russia only as disabled people shall issue out of this will you give veterans in a shop interviewing us. we were lying in the gym blindfolded and heard how they beat one soldier all night. and in the morning they said, do you even know that you sat next to a corpse?
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i think he was being the sticks. and here's footage of russian soldiers and one of the regions surrounding mario pal at fighting against nationalists groupings. you can see an armored carrier providing cover for russian marines while evacuating those injured or some western observers who say they are being shown a one sided picture of the conflict by their media at home. i've gotten to don't boss the find out what's actually happening. their spanish blogger, political analysts, reuben, his birts is one of them. he saves western country. supporting care with weapons could be complicit in what he calls a genocide. as part of my analysis of the situation in international politics, especially on the internet and social networks, there have been reports coming in for 2 or 3 weeks. that there have been civilian deaths, especially in the city of mario pal, at the hands of military units connected to the government of president zalinski,
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be it the as of italian or members of their regular ukrainian army. since this media content is not available for axis in spain, along with many other media sources related to the russian state, i decided to try to get as close as possible to the scene of these events. so i was even able to go there myself to check to the best of my ability, what kind of information i am getting at home in spain, the terrible news that i can now share, which i have done so the other day, for example, to a spanish tv channel with a big audience, and also an interview to horizontal a, is that most of the information coming out is true and in the west, there is no desire to investigate and report on what is really happening in maryville. and don bass in this is clearly a political agenda, which i am now exposing. i do not support the russian state, nor mister zalinski, nor any political organizations yet. but what i'm simply trying to lay out here is all the information regarding the conflict and ukraine regarding the civil war in
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john bass since 2014, the most important part of this all is that my own country, spain and the west, are supplying weapons to the government of ukraine, we need to look at what is being done with these weapons it because if they are being used to kill civilians, as i think they are, than this is genocide and therefore my country will be complicit in genocide. i am not sure we can say this is really happening right now with absolute certainty the what, what i am asking for what i am demanding here. and wherever else i am, given a chance to speak is an international monitoring mission to find out what's really going on. but especially in cities, where there are more journalists risking their lives, such as patrick lancaster was been revealing such atrocities on a daily basis. while allocations of fake news seemed to have become a common phrase amid the conflict in ukraine, multiple stories have circulated in the media over the past month,
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only to be later debunked ortiz, donal quarter, has been taking a closer look of some of them. shock and outrage among western audiences. after images of a massacre in a small ukrainian town near keith, called boucher many of grab their pitchforks and torches, blaming russia, but few have stopped to ask, how do i know what i'm being told is true since so far? the only source is keith's seed bud. zuba. w world is already seen many wool crimes at different times on different continents, but it's time to do everything possible to make the war crimes with russian military loss manifestation of such evil on earth. at rome, kill 2 such crimes would be included in the special book of torturers will be found and punished camilla bulge. it's really the job of journalists to examine, scrutinize and double check the reliability of their sources. instead, the mainstream media has been acting more like the ukranian government's p r team. take a look at this segment from cbs shared with us on a video images that your government has gathered of what has been left behind
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outside of keith that i do on a share with our viewers. margaret brennan, of cbs admits that zalinski is team handed her some photos videos, and she's now going to broadcast them on tv with 0 independent corroboration, just openly purveying a foreign countries war propaganda. this is what's considered real journalism in the u. s. there were even reports that foreign journalists weren't allowed into the town on the 3rd of april. on top of that key of has time and time again demonstrated, it's probably the last government whose word you want to take at face value when it comes to horror stories. remember, snake island latimer, zalinski claimed ukrainian troops valiantly fought to the last soldier, defending it. none us more wolf, 13 ukrainian defenders were killed in russian bombardment on thursday. all of the buddha gods died heroically. they did not surrender. they will be award to the title of hero of ukraine post humorously. aside from the fact that there weren't 13 but 82 ukrainian soldiers on the island,
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they didn't die fighting the russians either. they surrendered and were safely returned to their families through a prisoner exchange hoops. clearly, that mistake wasn't embarrassing enough, though, since the lensky was pretty quickly added again. several days later, he claimed russians had bombed a memorial to the 10s of thousands of jews who were massacred in bobbin yard during the 2nd world war to the world. what is the point of saying never again for a to years? if the world stay silent when a bomb drops on the same site of bob? no, at least 5 killed history repeating. in addition to zalinski is naming and shaming those who didn't immediately point the finger at russia turns out that story was fake as well. one day later and israeli war corresponded, visited the site and saw a completely different picture. the bobbie or memorial site was neither destroyed nor damaged after touring over the big site. and he report with certainty that no monument was damaged and no wall mess or shell hit the area. it's not clear whether
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zelinski was lying, or if he really believed what he was told, the main thing is though it ended up being yet another fake story put forward by key f. there's also the tr noble nuclear power plant, which the lensky wrongly accused russia of bombing. needless to say, there was no lack of scary projections of another atomic disaster in europe either chill, normally we will hold in that room low. i'll in, as you closes as did tomorrow, out on the side who was facing. so nimble over what guys should we fully meet? these are you still in the ne suspenses are hoping so after all these ukrainian tall tales about a legit russian crimes one after another turning out to be fake. should we really just take his word for it when it comes to boucher, the worsening situation surrounding global energy on the bills. people har being forced to pay as a result of the politics of some western countries seeking to solve their problems
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at russia's expense. that's what vladimir putin as to the meeting of his ministers . to do it says this when the situation in the energy sector is deteriorating, as a result of non market harsh measures, including administrative pressure on our company. gas problem in some european countries were witnessing another attempt by our partners to shift their own mistakes in the field of economics and energy on to russia and to solve the issues and problems arising in this regard. again at our expense. meanwhile the european commission, president ursula vander lion has said that you is working of further sanctions against the criminal, including a bond on buying russian coal on, on russian ships, and trying to port ortiz, your correspondence. charlotte davinsky told me more. you leaders have a meeting to discuss in thrash out, which essentially would be a 5th round of sanctions against russia. we've heard from the commission present a slip on the line,
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basically outlining what she said of the 6 pillows of areas that are being proposed . as you mentioned, that it includes an important band on coal from russia that would be with around $4000000000.00 euros a year to quite a big hit that also fought transactional bands on a several russian banks, including the countries, 2nd largest. she said that would hit almost a quarter of the market banking sector in russia alone, 23 percent. she also talked about for the listings of individuals who could be targeted by the sanctions directly. and also said that the leaders was still considering a ban outright on oil imports from russia to novel. delane said that the sanctions were needed to cut the russian economy deeper in light to those events that have been emerging in. gotcha, these atrocities cannot and will not be left unanswered. the perpetrators of these
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heinous, cramped crimes must not go unpunished. the european union has set up a joined investigation team with ukraine. it's task is to collect evidence and investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity in ukraine. russia is waging a cruel and roofless war, not only against ukraine's brave troops, but also against its civilian population. it is important to sustain at most pressure on putting on the russian government at this crucial point. now these measures haven't yet been approved, but they are due to be approved later on tuesday. that's according to the commission itself. however, it's clear that has been division within the use of the ranks over the last few days. as ministers have been meeting to try and think of what the next steps could be against russia. we know that russia natural gas is something that certain states
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such as the baltic states and poland want to see on the table. but that doesn't to pay to be up for grabs just yet. when your countries like germany have resisted these sorts of cools because they're so heavily reliant on what sion natural gas import said. german minister saying such a ban do more harm than good and could bring about mass poverty and unemployment in germany. if that was brought about and it's also been suggested that hungary leader who is boyd off the back of his re election over the weekend. this is victor open, has also been resistive to some of the sanctions against russia to of course, all of this comes is the, has been grappling particularly over the last few days with this unseasonal cold snack here in northern europe to deal with not just the high rising cost of energy, but also increasing costs of food. all of this part of the blow back from those
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sanctions that the has been imposing on russia. the pentagon said had cannot independently verify the notorious footage from the ukrainian ton of boucher trotting that quote, we have said even before that the russians were going to be brickle. as we mentioned earlier, moscow has called the accusations of atrocities in butcher a stage provocation. ortiz worlds apart. host folks on a boy who join me or in this to do to discuss how hard rendering imagery has been used to manipulate public opinion. there is a whole genre, cold atrocity propaganda and it emerged well, well, i would say that even if you know a couple of centuries ago, but with the emergence of broadcast television, it's been very popular. and i think one of the most memorable examples, maybe our viewers, remember that the so called nariah testimony, the testimony of a 15 year old simple girl from kuwait who was with tears in her eyes telling
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stories about how iraqi soldiers were you know, pulling babies from incubator is in the hospital in the way the hospital stealing those incubators and letting those poor babies die on the floor. and that story was picked up by numerous american immediate was repeated by the american president george bush, senior at the time. i think he referred to at least 10 times. it was supposedly independently corroborated by amnesty international, which conducted supposedly independent research into that all to be proven for later time as well. some 17 percent. i was just reading of the american public before the testimony. we're in supports all boxed and against the rock, q 8 that rose to 60 percent following the test. it was very, very instrumental in swaying the public opinion precisely because it was heating at
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the you know, the most vulnerable point. you know, the, the butchery, the, the murderous aggression against the most vulnerable. what, you know, who is most more vulnerable them babies in the incubator. and at the end of the day, it turned out that it wasn't the simple girl from coy. she was actually a daughter of the equator bastard. well the, let's, let's listen knocked on it to, to that actual testimony we can played for years now. i volunteered, volunteered at the hospital with 12 other women who want to help as well. i was a young the frontier other women were from 20 to 30 years old. was there? i saw the rocky soldiers coming to the hospital again. they took the baby of incubators. took thank you, bears and look the children to die of the call for. when you look at the, you know, your, your hard eggs, but it was a stablish to 2 years later,
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they said that she was actually a daughter of the equate ambassador to the united states who lobbied very hard for the american troops to go into his country. it was the pretext for the gulf war. it was later established that a couple of babies actually died and kuwaiti hospitals, but not because of the iraqi soldiers who never asked about food there. but because of the kuwaiti doctors and nurses who deserted the premises, but all was forgotten later on, but come on in every conflict since then we had a similar story bid in yugoslavia in syria, in libya and some hard breaking story that served the precise purpose to provoke western intervention and i specifically remember because that was back down on the ground in libyan been ghazi, that story of gadhafi viagra being distributed among good off his soldiers. and that story had, you know, it, it went all the way to the international criminal court. they had of that war that,
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that time, i think his name was lose murano. com. paul went public, saying that they have the evidence that they have the testimony of the american officials, including us advices, and rise was very public and very certain that even did happen. whole hit to find out after get off after, you know, the united nations authorized a no fly zone over libya and after good off he was brutal murder them. his country was turned into one huge slave market. it appears it immersed rather than it was wolves. even though that story. okay, we have to interrupt that russia's envoy to the united nations is now addressing a un security council meeting on u crane. let's listen in to what he has to say. re, greenwood mozilla, and ski. morgan would like to thank martin for his visit to moscow, during which as far as we can judge, he had some useful meetings and discussions of better than anywhere else. he should
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know the efforts that rushes undertaking every single day to organize humanitarian corridors. however, the arrangements reached with the help of international mediators is consistently not being at implemented by the ukrainian, sorry, i'm not going to overload you with figures you can. as such communicators are published every single day by our ministry of defense. i simply would like to say they're just out of mario ball toward the east without any participation by the crania inside. we have managed to save $123.00 and a half 1000 people. now over all since the beginning of the special military operation. over 608000 people have been evacuated to russia, including over a 119000 children. and we're not talking about any kind of coercion or abduction as
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our western partners like to present this or rather of the voluntary decision by these people is testified by many of videos that are accessible in social media. we met him president. another topic of the meeting was declared today, which is practically not being discussed today. so i'm going to leave that out. i simply would like to take advantage of the virtual presence here of the president of ukraine and would like to address him directly. now we can place our near conscience, sir, as the un grounded accusations against the russian military, which are not confirmed by any ah, any eye witnesses. and we spoke about this in detail yesterday at our press conference. vladimir alexander, it,
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we all remember when in 2019 you were elected as the president, the ukraine. now there were a lot of hopes tied to your election because you were ah, you oh work as a candidate there pledged peace and an end to the warn dunbar, sir. ah, including the russian speaking population which had pledged to protect those who why? so it seemed that we were on the verge of correcting the historical and just as when, as a result of the my done, a crew in 2014 ah, ukraine began to be transformed into a hateful anti ration that seemed to be on the verge of being turned out of that page of being turned in how ever those hopes serve failed to being admitted to materialize. and now you scornfully call the ah, the residence of don't ask and lugens good people's rous, public as
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a sub species. when i wasn't repeating what your predecessor, i stated, who in fact a threatened that the residence of the done as can lugens will rot in their basements, would be huge. and you are calling on them to a returned to leave, to leave and, and to russia. and now you declared war against your native russian language. by introducing, in essence, a linguistic inquisition and a country where russian is the native language for a minimum 40 percent of the population of movies and to day explosions. and artillery rounds are, are exploding over the entire territory of ukraine and not only in the east where they haven't ceased for the past 8 years each other. and they're exploding precisely because there was no other way of bringing peace to the done. but unfortunately, after you.


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