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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  April 5, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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and lugens kept people's rous bubble as a sub species. what it was, which is a repeating what your predecessor, i stated, who in fact to threaten that the residence of the done as can lugan squill, right in their basements, would be huge. and you are calling on them to a returned to leave, to leave and, and to russia. and now you declared war against your native russian language. by introducing, in essence, a linguistic inquisition in a country where russian is the native language for a minimum of 40 percent of the population living and to day explosions and artillery rounds are, are exploding over the entire territory of ukraine. and not only in the east where they haven't ceased for the past 8 years. and they are exploding precisely because there was no other way of bringing peace to the don. but unfortunately, after you and your subordinates categorically refused to comply with the minsk
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agreements. at the same time, i've been preparing already back in march to solve the problem of the dunbar. sir, my military means in the course of our special operations. we have found many secret orders testifying to this. we are told that it can be no, not caesar in ukraine, however, we know very well that not only are they there, but unfortunately they are running the show. and how can it be any other way when the national heroes of ukraine are nazi collaborators, mendera and she heavier, who are responsible not only for the holocaust, for the killing of hundreds of thousands of peaceful poles, russians, ukrainians, and jews. you simply prefer not to notice ukrainian, not caesar. ah, pretending that they're simply not there, but unfortunately they are there. and they are very many of them. and among them, a lot of young people. how do we know that while they're not concealing it,
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they have tattoos made dead nazi tattoos. they decorate their, their clothing with swastikas, another nazi symbols they greet each, they give nazi greetings and they're open about in the social media over there. remember there particularly many of them in the national battalion such as i dar the right sector and the eyes of battalion available. and it would be one thing. but they're also acting like nazis and they're killing like that. and they're not just killing good pres, one russian, russian or prisoner soldiers in which they torture and glowed about it on the social media, but they kill their own, your neo nazis in radicals there are, i have shown unrivalled cruelty against the civilians which they use as human shields and a position for position heavy artillery next to residential buildings and multiple rocket launchers as well. today we've heard, once again,
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a huge amount of lies about russian soldiers and military. we have food, we have hundreds, if not thousands of videos, testimonials of people who are ready to provide testimony about the cruelty of ukrainian nationals. i'll just read some of them here with these are cru histories . we need to hear them. well, if natalia couldn't ever says the mayor of the town, no, was one of the 1st to run away afterwards. the ukrainian authorities lied that russia was not letting people through humanitarian corridors of the national battalion as of under threat of death kept women and children. and basements and robbed civilians at checkpoints. love of a gram mother with said that the, the as of baton did not del hour to leave the basement ending on trying to leave was shot at the as of checkpoint women and chill and the girls were stripped naked
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and had their jewelry and money taken away including their valentine nicolette numbers seneca, math models. it says how ukrainian soldiers kicked out a women with 2 children from a private home and then used it to la mortar rounds. and that women had 2 children . she was, they were kicked out by soldiers with blue arm bands. those are ukraine insignia, secret signals of ukrainian army. marina basil, even a torrent, testified that she was tortured in a basement by sea crane insecurity services. they tied me to a sewer pipe. when i found out i was russian, they beat me, used electric, ker, and rape me, and they threatened to rate my young daughter shop of oliver olga. you're given a we left mario bow from mung magazine. on the 25th of march,
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we firing positions of the craner, an army with position between residential homes and in the courtyard of a school. these civilians is cover in the neighborhood around the drama theater at a cranium tank drove around firing indiscriminately, including targeting residential buildings and the territory, the 6968th and the 5th school tanks were station i saw this with my own eyes met him support in the august her gave me, this is her testimony and school number 15 of mar you bought from starting from 25th of february. the ukrainian armed forces took up positions and left on the 7th of march. they directed fire from there. our building was badly damaged from the shelling on the 8th and 9th of march. there were intense shelling, intentionally targeting residential homes. ukrainian soldiers were asked to why they're doing it. they were replied that until they destroyed the entire russian spirit in whole,
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they will remain there. they started looting immediately. they plundered all the shops with them. and it was the, a forces of the dentist group peoples republic that helped evacuate us then drove us to among gucia. there are many other heart rending stories. there are russians and ukrainians, tortured to death with swastikas burden into their chests. there are looters and, and the criminals who you distributed weapons to their civilians and foreigners who are held hostages. and in spite of all factual evidence, in common sense, you're trying to lay the blame for their death on the russian military. this is absolutely unacceptable of the fact that even consider that russian military would be capable of this. and now we're seeing a blatant criminally staged events with the ukranian civilians who are killed by their own radicals in the best traditions of gab bose to accuse the russian army
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those killed in the areas from which to the russian forces withdrew after encouraging peace negotiations in istanbul, now it turns out that we shouldn't have with john. i'm talking about boucher 1st and foremost. i understand that you were shown you. she saw corpses and heard testimonials, but you only saw what they were showing you. you couldn't ignore the flagrant inconsistencies in the version of events which are being promoted by ukrainian and western media. the fact that the corpses were not there right after the withdrawal of the, our russian forces, which is confirmed by several videos and the fact that their recordings were ukrainian or radicals urged shooting at those with white arm bands in other words, against civilians. if you saw that the video very carefully, that was shown today, you'll see that those people who are on the ground have a white arm bands. these are civilians, you close the hulu,
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and the fact that the corpses on the video in no way resemble those that could have been lying on the street for 3 or 4 days. and based on the sensational and completely scientifically absurd information of the new york times, they were there since the 28th of march. so the only ones who could fall for this fake are absolute della tenths or in western partners. you don't want to hear anything. and have been calling a black white and vice versa for a long time. now you can throw on some. fortunately, these countries don't give a hoot about ukraine itself. it's simply a pon, in the, in the geopolitical game against russia, which they will sacrifice easily. but in the meantime, they will try to prolong the conflict by delivering as much weapons as possible and ammunition. but the most important thing is then how have we sunk to such depths of cruelty that nationalists are displaying. for example, those from the as of battalion and you, i am, i am addressing guy li cranium,
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president, america in, in your interview with the americans, media you coyly bashfully state that they are what they are. i really hope that you were reflected on this and hope that you will find a solution to the situation because it depends only on you because need we came to you to ukraine not to conquer lands. we came to bring the long awaited piece to the blood, so the land of dunbar, not a truce, but a true lasting peace. and for this, we need to route out the cruelty which i mention. we need to cut out the malignant nazi tumor that is consuming ukraine and would in time begin to consume russia. and we will achieve that goal. i hope sooner rather than later because there is no other outcome. we are not shooting against civilian targets in order to save as many civilians as possible. this is precisely why we're not advancing as fast as many expected. we're not acting like americans and their allies in iraq and syria
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were raising entire cities even to the ground. they had no pity for them, but we felt great pity because these are people who are close to us and we felt that radicals have nothing to lose, they couldn't care less about civilian, they're ready to take to the grave with them the entire population of the grain as was clearly demonstrated by the provocation in boucher don't allow the west to achieve its goals, blood dimmer, alexandra, which make the right decisions that are needed for your country because the west is ready to fight in the ukraine until the last ukrainian take. make that decision now because the real, you know, the real situation on the front later it might be too late soon. thank you very much for your attention. by saying the representative of the russian federation for his statement. and i now give the floor to the representative. okay, you just been listening to the selling the bench for the russian envoy to the
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united nations addressing the security council there in new york, making a number of pertinent points, particularly surrounding the city in question boucher and ukraine, which saw those really hideous scenes of a legend, bodies of civilians on the streets that ukraine said that russian troops had committed. he was adamant that was not the case is saying, giving the testimony of people tortured and killed. and he gave a number of those to the council. he also direct to the speech to the ukraine president who had earlier spoken to the council, saying that neo nazi groups in this country are, quote, a malignant nazi tumor destroying ukraine. out in the west, at does not care about the country also on the shore pitcher he had made
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a number of points saying, where would these bodies before russia should not have left the city at? because then this would not have happened. it was a, a staging and an attempt to put the blame in russia, but ukrainian radicals targeted civilians at give the example of white arm bands being seen from those air bodies on the street. they're clearly civilians. and that it was clear that neo nazis had been involved or radicals nationalists in their, the targeting of them there. he also talked about the testimony of a woman with a swastika burned onto her chest. and whereas the ice rage in the west for that, he asked, so that was the speech being given by bustling the benches to the un will be awaiting a reaction to it. some more of what was being talked about in new york throughout the day here on our no
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obligations of fake news seemed to have become a common phrase amid the conflict in ukraine. most of both stories have circulated in the media over the past month, only to be later debug. ortiz dollar court has been taking a closer look at some of them. let's look at his piece shock and outrage among western audiences. after images of a massacre in a small ukrainian town near keith, called boucher many of grab their pitchforks and torches, blaming russia, but few have stopped to ask, how do i know what i'm being told is true since so far? the only source is keith's seed bud. zuba w world has already seen many wool crimes at different times on different continents. but it's time to do everything possible to make the war crimes of the russian military, the loss manifestation of such evil on earth. at rome, kill 2 such crimes would be included in the special book of tortures will be found and punished. legal bulge, it's really the job of journalists to examine, scrutinize and double check the reliability of their sources. instead,
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the mainstream media has been acting more like the ukranian government's p r team. take a look at this segment from cbs shared with us on a video. images that your government has gathered of what has been left behind outside of keith that i do on a share with our viewers. margaret brennan, of cbs admits that zalinski is team handed her some photos videos, and she's now going to broadcast them on tv with 0 independent corroboration, just openly purveying a foreign countries war propaganda. this is what's considered real journalism in the u. s. there were even reports that foreign journalists weren't allowed into the town on the 3rd of april. on top of that key of has time and time again demonstrated that it's probably the last government whose word you want to take at face value when it comes to horror stories. remember snake island latimer zalinski claimed ukrainian troops valiantly fought to the last soldier, defending it. none us more wolf, 13 ukrainian defends,
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were killed in russian bombardment on thursday. all of the buddha gods died heroically. they did not surrender. they will be awarded the title of hero of ukraine post humorously. aside from the fact that there weren't 13 but 82 ukrainian soldiers on the island, they didn't die fighting the russians either. they surrendered and were se if we returned to their families through a prisoner exchange. oops, clearly that mistake wasn't embarrassing enough though, since zalinski was pretty quickly added again. several days later he claimed russians had bombed a memorial to the 10s of thousands of jews who were massacred in bob in yard during the 2nd world war to the world. what is the point of saying never again for a to years. if the world stay silent when a bomb dropped on the same site of bob and jo, at least 5 killed history repeating, in addition to the landscape, naming and shaming those who didn't immediately point the finger at russia turns out that story was fake as well. one day later and israeli war corresponded, visited the site and saw a completely different picture. the bobby,
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our memorial site, was neither destroyed nor damaged. after touring all over the big site, i can report with certainty that no monument was damaged and no ball missile or shell hid the area. it's not clear whether zalinski was lying or if he really believed what he was told. the main thing is though, it ended up being yet another fake story put forward by key f. there's also the chernobyl nuclear power plant, which the lensky wrongly accused russia of bombing. needless to say, there was no lack of scary projections of another atomic disaster in europe either . so normally we will hold in that low, i'll in, as you closes as did room on the, on the signs you was facing. so nimble oprah, should we fully meet these? are you still in any suspenses? i hope so. after all these ukrainian tall tales about a legit russian crimes, one after another turning out to be fake. should we really just take his word for it when it comes to boucher?
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now the pentagon said i cannot independently verify that and tories footage from the ukrainian time of the chatting that quote, we have said even before that the russians were going to be brutal. as we mentioned, moscow has called the accusations of atrocities in boucher staged provocation. ortiz world support host fix on the board to join me earlier in the studio to discuss how heart rendering imagery used to manipulate public opinion. there's nothing you there is a whole shandra cold atrocity propaganda and it emerged as well. well, i would say that even if you know a couple of centuries ago, but with the emergence of broadcast television, it's been very popular. and i think one of the most memorable examples, maybe our viewers to remember that they so called nariah testimony. the testimony over a 15 year old simple girl from kuwait who was with tears in her eyes, telling stories about how iraqi soldiers were, you know,
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pulling babies from incubator is in the hospital in the kuwaiti hospital filling those incubators and letting those poor babies die on the floor and that story was picked up by numerous american media, was repeated by the american president george bush senior at the time i think he referred to at least 10 times. it was supposedly independently corroborated by amnesty international, which conducted supposedly independent research into that all to be proven false later on time as well. some 17 percent i was just reading of the american public before that testimony were in supports of action against iraq issue weight that rose to 60 percent following the test. it was very, very instrumental in swaying the public opinion precisely because it was heating at the you know, the most vulnerable point. you know, the, the butchery, the, the murderous aggression against the most vulnerable of what, you know,
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who is most more vulnerable than babies in incubators. and at the end of the day, it turned out that it wasn't the simple girl from kuwait. she was actually a daughter of the equate ambassador. well, the, let's, let's listen. looks on it to, to dot actual testimony we, we can played for viewers. no, i volunteered, volunteered at the hospital with 12 other women who wanted to help as well as the youngest volunteer. the other women were from 20 to 30 years old. was there? i saw the rocky soldiers coming to the hospital. they took the baby of incubators. took thank you, bears and left the children to die on the call. when you look at the, you know, your, your hard eggs, but it was established today, 2 years later, they said that she was actually a daughter of the kuwaiti ambassador to the united states who lobbied very hard for the american troops to go into his country. it was the pretext for the gulf war. it
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was later established that a couple of babies actually died and kuwaiti hospitals, but not because of the iraqi soldiers who never asked of their food there. because of the kuwaiti, a doctors and nurses who deserted the premises. but all was forgotten later on, but come on in every conflict since then we had a similar story bid in yugoslavia in syria, in libya and some hard breaking story that served that precise purpose to provoke western intervention. and i specifically remember because i was back down on the ground in libya and guys it out story of gadhafi viagra being distributed among good off his soldiers. and that story had, you know, it, it went all the way to the international criminal court. they had of that war that, that time, i think his name was lose. murano. com pull, went public, saying that they have the evidence and they have the testimony,
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the american officials, including us advices, and rise was very public and very certain that even did happen. i'll had to find out after good, after, you know, the united nations authorized a no fly zone over libya, and after good off he was brutal murder them. his country was turned into one huge slave market. it appears it immersed rather than it was wolf, even though that story was run by multiple out let from bbc to al jazeera. it was all false. and one thing that doesn't matter, does it because the purpose is dawn. so even if they come out later and say an apology, what does not care in the case of that girl, 50000 iraqis died following. absolutely. and one thing i was listening to your program, to your conversation with the guess earlier, and you ask a question, how come that those formerly sober thinking journalists were buying it so easily and it's actually a very valid question. even the pentagon is not buying it. and the pentagon is not
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citing the story, but all the international outlet, those for mentally or supposedly sober thinking generally is our own running a way that this story of buttery at butcher. and, you know, you need to understand the ukrainian set of p, our mentality to understand that such, coincidence is not coincidental. you know, buttery and butcher. i think there were a couple of bride p r minds. we decided that, you know, this is a great headline for the westerners to swallow and, you know, in church term, that calculation, i think proved accurate. it just in terms of the reaction from at the information that's being sent from ukraine. because that's what it is because the people in the west can't make up their own independent minds and what's happening anyway during your hosing pull out of points of you being out. but taking it over here, you've got the president going on a drive to virtually every major country in the world going on prime time
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television, going to congress, going to parliament and getting an uncontested at questioning about what he's actually saying, what is actually happening. so in is that the p r drive that's going to continue? is that the way this war is going to look at progress? well, at the end of the day, and this is all he can do. i mean, he's trying to mitigate a and fight this war the best he can. so i'm, i, you know, the present lines aligned. that's not the, an issue for me. i think that has been happening with politicians for, you know, times memorial since time. so my point is he's not being challenged, she's not being challenged. that's precisely in the bell turn to the point of views are also not allowed. our channel is taking off has been taken off the air of all social media. but one thing i want to mention here is that a couple of years ago, nater, explicitly publicly passed the doctrine of the so called cognitive warfare,
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which is pretty in prettiest, straight terms, laid out what they see as an alternative to kinetic warfare. that as manipulation of public opinion, trying to sort of shape the views, the public views and the country to the favor of the political position. and this is exactly what they're doing. you know, they've been investing in that for quite some time. the ukrainians got a lot of help and support that expertise from the west. and ultimately they are banking on the fact that perception is reality. you know, the famous phrase that the americans like to repeat, and i think the russians or the rational leadership, at least in banking, on the opposite prime, is that reality sooner or later will reassert itself. and it will, i mean, i've been through that multiple times and i can promise you, this story is going to fall apart within the next couple of months, if not weeks us president joe biden has, once again accused a rushing counterpart of being
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a war criminal. whoever retired us or forced colonel rob bernice believes the title might be a little more appropriate, closer to home. you know, under the standards of president biden, is laid out for the president of russia. then he should be considered a war criminal also. because of his actions and they withdraw all of us can stand and america has been responsible for killing civilians and even our own friends in many, many conflicts that we've been involved in. what's good for one should be good for the other and we've got to operate in fairness and there's a lot of investigation that has to occur. and what you need to expect in every country should expect is that after the conflict that all doors would be open to investigators to come in. the united states and nato allies are not allowed to participate because they are not impartial. the president,
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united states has already declared the president of russia, a war criminal, and that he is actively committing war crimes without any investigation. 4 minutes to 7 pm here in moscow will be back at the top of the our, with all the global use updates on there been quite a few this tuesday stay close. ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe,
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isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. i spoke with edison, both, both the models. you need to do both with a, a, a,
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a, a, with kind of a, a personal number. you know that we're talking with well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't know. i mean
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you have to shape out the same becomes the attitude and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at that point. obviously is too great truck rather than fear. a very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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a i like to express a protest in response to how the u. k. the president has handled out to request to call the security council meeting to discuss the terrible provocation by the cranium. radicals in the city of boucher rushes ambassador to the un calls the disturbing footage from the ukrainian city of butcher a terrible provocation while also protesting the rejection of brushes to request to convene a un security council meeting on the matter on monday that says the council is currently meeting to discuss the event we also hear all the program from a former officer in the ukrainian security services. he explains the potential motivation of those behind what he calls it stays all vacation in the task here.


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