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tv   News  RT  April 6, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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ah, have you been following the conflict in ukraine online and from media? you have been very steady diet of opinions like who are the good guys and who are the bad guys and who is winning or losing context is largely absent and that's on purpose. with behind my back with me, i have just thought all corresponded and rod goes via report somebody who will pull
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up the battle for the city and says it's final phase or me think of the you are insecure to counselors, convened by russia to discuss us funding bio labs operating ukraine. god says the u . s. denies any wrong doing ukrainian president compared to russian troops to islamic state. terrorist despite reports revealing ukraine is so past 4 years used . i says competence in conflict with brazil think the co hungry the you funding the us as prime minister alban remains firm and decision to pay for russian gas in rubles and them up with the sanctions against hungary are not democratic. we are a small nation and we are vulnerable to others. are they punish? it's because they didn't know that we just do with
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community alive from our headquarters. here in moscow, you're watching our c, the national money. is peter scott. indeed, the top stories this hour the siege of multiple and its final phase with ukrainian nationalists forces remaining in steel funds in the city on the broadcast, the reports from the area. with most of mary, you polls urban areas liberated that east apartment blocks and suburbs. housing fighting here has changed civilians out of the way. artillery has let loose with abandon this year, holly outskirts of variable, a battery of self propelled how to the far in the way it ukrainian military positions or masses. positions inside the as offer iron and steel works block, which is where thousands of nationalists are making their last stab. as off
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militants have lost their capacity for counter battery fire. these russian and allied forces no longer have to maneuver off to each volume, which gives them an advantage. accuracy that i blip amplewood, we are launching strikes on his av steel factory on the nationalists. the is our battalion. we use pinpoint strikes. we don't get local residents or infrastructure in danger because these are our homes in our families. you, while artillery shakes the ground, very air vibrates from a very different sort of weapon. behind my back, ah, that's good. what's it multiple? well, it was a system of just thought it's ukrainian nationalist positions. again, when the industrial zones have marable, you'll just one salvo in this goes on day and night. russian grad,
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emerald systems have been unleashed at areas where civilians are no longer present . ah sh, chill g, a must still be careful. the vast industrial complex lays at the heart of the city misses are intolerable. from the on of the battle, ukrainian nationalists forbids any sort of civilian evacuation. even shot at civilians trying to flee to the disgust of russian and allied forces. were mirror with our news that a we tried to evacuate people out of the city, but they've been forced to stay by the local militants who would do such a thing. who would use people as human shield on the fascists? perhaps there is a crisis here. people have no electricity, no food, no water while we see it and it's just not right. every soldiers duty is to save people to protect them. at the end of the day, artillery is
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a tool with limited use. leveling variable is not an option. russian forces have come to liberate that, not sure, which means this battle will settle the hard way with a bit of contest between infantry and very nearly face to face. more at gazda of archie, from mario ball. some nato countries would rather see ukraine focus on fighting rather than sign a peace agreements in the near future. that's according to a report in the washington post. the piece claims, not all countries in the alliance bike ongoing piece talks between moscow and keith . meanwhile, nato secretary general, yes. so some burgers outlined plans for the further army of ukraine, including heavy weaponry. i also expect ministers when they meet today and tomorrow we'll discuss how we can further support ukraine allies are providing both anti tank and to air or air defense systems,
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but also different kinds of advanced weapon systems and also both light and the heavier weapon systems to ukraine, our congress personally saying what have you done any basically look at amazon, what do you think we've done? why do you think you're able to fight wave, train them, and we've given them a weapons. that's what's happened. it is de facto a western policy, and no one should be ashamed of it. this is a war of rushes choosing, and as long as you craniums are willing to make them pay for their decision, we should help them. i hope they will be hard to steal. i support maximum military support to maximum sanctions. russia must lose, and criminals should standing court. the united states who really put ukraine up to this over the last 8 years. they put them on a, a deliberate collision course with russia. and i think that they fully intend to have ukraine fight until until the last ukranian until everything has been spent.
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every drop of blood that can be spilled is spelled and i think they make that abundantly clear their support by shipping weapons and money and facilitating the war effort in every possible way. i think they're trying to harm ukrainians and russia. the whole nature of the united states relationship with ukraine funds. the u. s. a top over through the elected ukrainian government in 2014 has been one of self interest in washington. they most certainly do not want the t p, they want, they want russia to pay a price for standing up against us encroachment and nato encroachment. washington is set to send more weapons ukraine, such as this which play drone equipped with unsee. alma warheads, us the secretary of state anthony blinkin also said ukraine would soon have a 10 am to thank systems for every russian. thank anders or the western states also
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supply weapons. the key of german officials have reportedly claim they run out of arms to send notice comes amid continued russia. ukraine. peace talks, international security affairs commentators or heeds resolve believes for being the country weapons could lead to more civilian casualties. is brahms are actually gone because the suicide gone, so they are classified as an offensive weapon because they have a very signature and t armor. su personnel role. so what these drones will do is they will increase attrition against the russian forces in your crane, which will in turn escalate the conflict in your brain because then russia will also commit itself to escalate the pos they want the ukrainians to continue fighting to weaken russia because russia as much, is a bigger threat to, to nato as they perceive it, as opposed to the ukrainian bio weapons to your brain. it's not going to help bring
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down the conflict. what it is going to do is the infusion of advanced weaponry, like these kamikaze. busy drones americans are providing the s missiles provided by the british or french entities, missiles provided by the british and the americans. they are going to only increase a christian against russian forces. it will lead to on controlled escalation where there will be a lot of casualties. and there will be, there will be no pre per se, or our graceful exit for your korean artifice. conflicts. so remember, this is your premium lives at risk. that is ukranian territory at risk of this american, not british territory at miss. so it is for your premium leadership to decide what they want to do, what their own future ah, after a un security council meeting that was held to discuss us funded by a loves ukraine versus ministry defense, to shed more lights on how the by loves and ukraine allegedly operates on their parents imparts ortiz kennimore. ben can take us through thoughts. the meeting was
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held at the un headquarters in new. ready york in the eco sock chamber and at the meeting we heard from the russian ministry of defense describing a lot of information. they have about these bio labs in your brain, how they operate, and how they have impacted the local population of the country. this is some of what we heard from the russian ministry of the zan shoes. according to the ministry of foreign affairs of china, the pentagon controls 336 labs in 30 stage outside of the national progress. such modernize, 5 days of defense are located throughout the territories bordering in russia. and now there were some allies of the united states that did what they usually do and respond to any talk of these bio labs and simply dismissed the
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entire thing as a vast russian fabrication here some allies of the united states. yet again, we are witnessing the russian federations misuse of the united nation, and it's privileged position within it. as platform for this information. we regret that russia is once again using the united nations as a platform for this information. now the united states and the united kingdom made a point of not attending the media. and we heard russian officials express somewhat disappointments about the fact that seems like there is a big effort to selectively look over the information that russia is presented to just desperately tried to argue that these labs, that somehow they don't exist or somehow these labs don't pose any threat to public health when the information presented by the russian ministry of defense speaks for itself. but there are many countries around the world that share rushes concerned
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that these bio labs don't only exist in ukraine. they're in many other country than potential health rich risks associated with them. the fact that military kind of activities could be associated with these labs is something that many people around the world are concerned about. while us officials seem to argue it's not important and accuse anyone who brings it up of being a crazy conspiracy. theorist. ukrainian president followed him in the lensky recently said that russian troops a know different from isis. that despite numerous reports including from western media, claiming ukraine itself doesn't shy away from resulting to help from islamic states . these maria phenomena reports here has compared to russia with terrorists from the so called islamic state, speaking at the un security council. earlier this week, president lensky said, russia is no different from the notorious terra group. in the car of limbs cut the throats when raped and killed, and for the children,
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the tongues are pulled out only because the question did not hear what you wanted to hear from them. how is it different from what these lemming states harris are doing? the occupied territories? not similar, but worse, according to ukraine's foreign minister. what we've seen in recent weeks is that russia is much worse than isis when it comes to its atrocities and massacres. serious accusations are made before any independent investigation or any solid evidence of russia's actions apart from delayed, disturbing, the dears from the ground. that moscow insists a fake warning. they'll be more to come for what the zone and little monster, according to confirmed information on the evening of april. 4th in the town of mush, june 23 kilometers northwest of kiev little service men of the 72nd ukrainian main center for psychological operations conducted another stage killing of civilians allegedly caused by the violent actions of the russian armed forces for subsequent distribution through western media. similar events have now been organized by the ukrainian special services in sumi can no top and other cities. speaking about i
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says, cave seems to know they subject rather well. ukraine is law known as a safe haven for his logic stage. he had his back in 2015. the new york times reported their presidents in easton ukraine. they were fighting on key if side we like to fight the russians, said the chechen who refused to give his real name. we always fight the russians. the war for us never ended. we never ran from our war with russia, and we never will, according to different estimates their number, it could amount to hundreds, including ukrainians who joined isis in syria or iraq. and also foreign jihadists fighter is seeking a place to hide that same year. i hate to lose my tail. saline tried to ring the shoe to the european parliament. to date the ukrainian authorities have made no attempt to deny the reports and have neither disowned these fundamentalist isis combatants, nor sought to remove them from territory. ukraine has been claiming as its own,
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given the serious danger posed by isis in islamic terrorism in general. does the vice president hi representative, not consider it appropriate to rethink or stance regarding the conflict between ukraine and russia and engage in closer dialogue with russia? with a view to containing this fundamentalist threat, key of didn't seem to be bothered. islamic terrorism is not typical for our country . that is why the ukrainian special services do not focus on it. they act only on the basis of the fact. if another state asks to extradite a person or when information about the militant falls into their hands. so when in 20191 of his learning states, key figures, namely it's deputy minister, a war known as, as she, shiny of georgia, was detained in key of after leaving happily in ukraine for years. it came as a bitter surprise that the arrest of one of his la mc
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state's top commanders here in kiev right under our noses would surely suggest many of the world's most dangerous men. do think of ukraine as a safe house. corruption in all state bodies. the police courts, prosecutors opens doors to abuse. it seems the i says key refers to when describing russia has something ukraine is already more than familiar with itself. well, earlier we spoke with scott ritter form a u. s. marine coin surgeons officer, uses a former zalinski adviser previously cited isis, tight 6. i think ukraine knows its history with isis very well. they're just denying it because they understand the, the predicament that it will place them in the eyes of the west. you know, most european nations, the united states view, isis is the mortal enemy. and it's, it's difficult to square ukraine's cosy relationship with isis. but, you know,
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ukraine hasn't tried to hide this very well. there's a former presidential adviser to, as the wind skew is given. you know, interviews where he talks about of the, the isis use of terror, of murdering civilians in terrible fashion to make a point to, to control a population using the vehicle of terror. and he says this in a, in a very, you know, approving manner. and this is important because it's not just talks about the link between ukraine and isis, but to level to which ukraine has adopted isis practices as a mechanism of population control. and when you consider that in light of what we've seen in the book of i and other places, it becomes clear that this kind of terrorism that's being inflicted on the ukrainian population by its own government is, is the isis playbook. and ukraine has openly endorsed that isis playbook.
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european commission has moved to activate a mechanism that could isolate budapest from you funding. this comes right off to prime minister v to all buns. recent re election was followed by hungry making the decision to pay for russian gas in rubles, as well as voice and concerns about potential blow bike from unseat bush and sanctions. no closer, it wouldn't be a problem for us to pay and roubles if the russians want to be paid in roubles, we will pay them in re bull, cynthia. or i think the most important contributing factor of the european economic crisis is the set of sanctions that we've imposed on russia. we are going to have to pay the price for that as well. and we have to prepare to actually pay the price of this. and to manage the european economic prices, m p. 's called on the you commission to sanction hungry over concerns about the rule of law and democracy. the mechanism which follows several years of tension
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between budapest and brussels could potentially result in suspended voting rights for hungry. and guardians, we spoke to felt the country has been punished for his non compliance with the you as the assembly rights against what he wants. and well, we don't represent the use values and we don't comply the way they would like us to . and we don't do what they say, i'm them of them, of the sanctions against hungary are not democratic. we are a small nation and we are vulnerable to others. wasn't that they punish us because it annoys them that we don't do as they say get into the can do is obviously if there had been a new government, they would have negotiated. but the way it is now, i don't know. it feels like justice has been served, both the good, if the european union would handle it quite differently if there had been a new government. as things are now, there won't be any changes and we're just getting closer to russia. record my mom. meanwhile, the european countries which have joined unseat russian sanctions have seen street
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protest, demonstrates as rallied in sophia, calling for an end to weapon shipments to ukraine, demanding bulgaria, take a neutral stance, as well as an end for nato's presence in the country. of this cold for the government's resignation. protesters in italy, lids fled during prime minister mario drug is visited, sorry on tuesday. police on standby is on see war demonstrates has joined other groups to protest government policies. including fir, the nato aid to ukraine. then thousands came out across grease during a day long nationwide strike as a deepening economic crisis and price hikes exacerbated by sanctions against russia . hits people's pockets to strike left fairies, imports the capital without transport on hospitals, on skeleton stuff. germany has seen a similar pitcher amid inflation rising to 7.6 percent that's as the european union has reportedly failed to agree on his latest 5th batch
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of sanctions against moscow. with the main issue being disagreements on a total bond on russian coal in force. formal austrian foreign minister current can i so told my colleague, the stumbling block on coal impulse is not surprising. as a resource is vital to the german economy. we know that coal has gained importance for germany with the energy transition, actually, germany with all its commitments to climate change nevertheless, or the last 10 years ever since america had announced and actually transition have been relying more and more on coal fired electricity. the power stations then on nuclear and germany is actually in dire need of coal because it needs some back up whenever the weight doesn't blow. the sun doesn't shine. it needs coal fired power stations. otherwise there is a risk of her power cups. as of in germany,
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it's why till it's not just the metal political joyce or, or, and that's a joining the, did the drumbeats that is there. but it's really something of why to them. and while sanctions have restricted russia's ability to pay off his international debt in foreign currencies, moscow says he's transferred almost $650000000.00 of euro bond payments in roubles . were attempts to make its bond payments on march 16th in dollars. both credit says weren't able to receive it due to sanctions that gave moscow 30 days to come up with an alternative way to pay off the debts or risk of defaults. criminal votes person to be g p s. golf says, if there is a default, it would only be technical and created artificially prejudiced. russia has all the necessary resources to settle its debts. you know that a significant amount of our currency reserves had been suspended in foreign
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countries. if payment in roubles is not possible, then theoretically that would mean a default, but it would be an artificially created default. there are no preconditions for a proper default to happen on each other at 2 different types of defaults, regular and technical. the former occurs when the boring country misses a scheduled payment, and a technical default takes place when a contract is violated all calm before filled. well, elliot, we spoke with economist thought, hole wit, sue says, russia won't face economic problems while energy prices are high. russia has a lot of supplies, and a lot of, you know, they control a 3rd of the world's wheat. they control the natural gas. it goes to the, the germany in the u. so they've got ways to pay if they go on are exempt rural. the ruble are certainly considered currency. they're trying to do you value the robot. they're trying to force the fall by russia with the sanctions. but the
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problem here is that unless the united states floods the market with oil, which is what they should be doing, then the rest of their sanctions are all nonsense and will have no immediate effect on russia. if they do default right now they're, they're basically, you know, they're only doing business now with people that are major countries that are forced to do business with them. if they want to have heat or oil and if they want to have food. so i think that, you know, again, the way this whole thing has been handled and all parties has not been the way to handle this mess to begin with. and you know, wash or will, but we'll be able to sustain and tell the all prices come down. and if that happens, then russia could have a serious problem. but in jo oil becomes an issue or a factor. it will not be a problem because again, they've got food, they've got for oil, they've got gold, they've got money pull ins. prime minister has criticized the french president's
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micron for talking directly with the demon putin. the 2 leaders are polar opposites with knock on making an effort to mediate, to cease via the polish premier, saying, diplomacy is dead in the water residencia, mac wrong. mister president mccormick, how many times have you negotiated with putin? what if your chiefs, have you stopped any of these actions from taking place criminals and not to be discussed to negotiate with criminals? must be full to get nobody negotiated with hitler. would you negotiate with hitler? would you negotiate with stalin? would you negotiate with the whole part of the study them? well, russia announced the starts of the conflicts that one of its aims was to quote d, nazi fi ukraine. thousands of far right radicals have reportedly been active in the country and part of the dumbass since the 2014 governments overthrow. earlier a polish tv channel landed itself in the hot water after
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a swastika was apparently seen on one of its programs. the symbol was spotted in the background during an interview on ukraine. it was not immediately clear if the tv channel was aware of openly showing a swastika doing his broadcast. a polish political analyst we spoke 2 things, war falls, dismissal of a diplomatic solution to the conflict is the reflection of its allies policies. but i think a following the example. they are a senior partner as well. so in, so several times the russian president and other leaders are for the ration. this is a way to boy and to practically destroy all kinds of relations with
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duration. i think that the police are already making issues mistaken by doing statements, but it's not just diplomacy. that war, so one's cancelled according so a polish minister russian culture should be completely removed from the public. i go to the green sky things, it's no time to be appreciating classics such as were some ballet or any of the countries legendary authors. mateus biscotti again weighs in on warsaw approach to all things russian. this is a single one minister of culture in the word room. and there to say such works. i mean, we have a lot of that they versus a lot of even worse and in the history of europe, but nevertheless, and no one never called for the cancellation for total cancellation for
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a kind of a looking to do it. i mean, we got the political obedience, we have to make knowledge that the russian country is, and one of the most in the european culture, very niche, as well as the russian science as the russian. she was a fi. well, that's all for now. i'm peter scott's and i'll be back again at the top of the hour with all the latest developments from the war ukraine. thank you, lou . oh is your media a reflection of reality?
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