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ah you will see it till about 3 or supposedly reco. gracie, you will see i knew i was here to what is in time with abilities, parental stability to raise issue. it's brought the global measures alicia menu me 0 is different than said and what did it at the bull cheese to break things to store. but i want to show come in biological extent on. so just employ. yeah. like, you know, usually a do. i mean, you can, you even use boys also dionisio with
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them again i didn't browser my so, but as english come in a model j e n n e. he meets libraries of laboratory lewis. that was a billing each school. although at young medium with you these teaching lupo,
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she will need to be able to pull no ash stub letter that i will get out of jail must. so but our senior as no one i want to talk to you either probably the local guys. she said i'm pushing. yes, we could just go forward until you can. time warner are about to we should be a leg is good or not, probably not anybody else. to not was you for all you didn't are there was a we sure what i see here us. no it but so focus the severe storm bill. you start order, then you here. thank you for your structure, issue a small one and not some of the all the computer that you my the and there was a little so bullock authority with those used in my song a here. i'll talk to bill you scared was it was, this was also easy, but disco me was, or the city was like me, she you, which is a typically
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a very familiar to me. you lead so so about boss me, religious d and, but then you, me, a somewhat boss knew you listening fiancee, douglas, and it's twice the stuff, you know, putting me on a diet as all it was politically. because we'll need a less you only a moment to put on your team and $80.00 a month. what i was in your needs be writing ideas to post school, but usually it's a, it's a thought i certainly would've done make. i'm could you play me which but again, we can use one little mock data more with cookie cutter more to the right to do it . there was a rest in a celebration each with sure lillian girls on us. i won't really lose it, but i mean, yeah, let me know. it was for me to call. could i pay to go and use your medical?
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but it was, it was one we have a piece of want to get used and they gave me it was a little bit to live in your course focused on medicare number there is no alicia, yes. when you start, you listen, you go the bathroom, will go to the dealer idea, but in a meeting, those that are on the door when they're a little immediate, even to me, if you're still in a minute, you're not comfortable still. and so the friend wished and you were a bit miniature to 30, and because co contingent by don't go at each part of the bell. you just go out or re issue it for the spot. and i grant you fantastic across the globe that are still not responsible for you. and the other issue dawn did disappeared. wouldn't smother with was movement where you aren't the p manila disclosure here if the premium your sports
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of your sky. yes, i am catherine. both are still out of this movie similar to 30 on borders on. if there were a venue, a sober past nielsen, but in order to live your car is brand new julia. so i do for, for my old red shift on the couch, the stuffs get exclusive, so by no actually, no more than a month due to the review with home schooling. if it is possible, the staff can, you will with some a program that the business loan or the ability to go to us, which is the word when you focus question you go. cuz if you sit on the flu here for a minute, bill you store with lloyd's of publish it. yeah. i knew when you the number. yes. yes. the guy used to it. yeah. are you balls go for that is dylan you're good to realize. i deal with one polls. got me, you put them through the yes no, the only a special i knew the of she is positive. there's
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a new about a new position up on that from sleep. the degraded medical unit 731 was established in 1932 thousands of people, almost the present chinese and the 3rd russians became rural material. the subjects when treated as human beings and were referred to as logs. they were infected with cholera, typhoid anthrax and plague pathogens. people what caught open alive and dismembered women were raped and after they got pregnant, infected with syphilis and gonorrhea, they were still alive when their stomachs what count open and the fetus was pulled down to see what changes had taken place. the victims were completely drained of blood and all this was done to create biological weapons, prepay, keynote when you shun, you little russia, korea annella's i do diagnose you update that information about how many people
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unit 731 kill varies. some sources say $5000.00 others would that they go at twice. that number sam, danielle, genuine in pneumonia, a bachelor company is still valuable. nonlinear is i use the elderly just 3 can. there was more of this putting in yet leniently won't material. and luca in futile in this you for more me. yeah, thank you for there. at the bottom, all a few few of them are the fewer orders that are motto, elizabeth, supreme in yellow studio, a boy the more miserable. so for them still you still in your bill, you spirit over the years, 3 of the napoleon you on the middle floor in the used in luscious alicia menu, missouri was just the concern. but did you, unless you move see up with that it was mailing you just get a little of but he's gonna order him muscle,
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but i was in. yeah, you should be should do it. so the welts who's built them. good though. even with doug, i wills agree showing these will not only are cool. i. e e e was a pretty, she museum. you mean? yeah, nice cities here. posley at the about the with the mean. yes. me. i was on what is the way the premiums and i mean, it constantly will be naming no, going to be a pretty me else mostly on us by the sale school's. i use, i'm going to was yeah. you can, i, you know, you're standing in, i mean it kind of kenya about those or not, but i will. and then you bassetti us doing approach if you wish you needed to get us the mistake. it was a pretty sure on the hooks premium in with somebody age or
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a in the village says me, if you sleep doing a shot, you claim him. bush go, shoot a bus all in of due to she's got to go to the bone grafts of judicial stewart. i'm good do. when she was here, we might done good. collect to put a show. victor, you should come because you gentle creating a startling example. the polish, to put up a control and pulls up and then talk to them. this'll doris, them. when you go. so dustin, him, you did teach, you've got them good to know. you know, if it's not me, cause could you got to put a year to just leave a guy should see nothing but a bomb. he bought a car bomb which include thing to do so well. so mostly jim city schools. so use of blood. you build a book, but color scheme on. those are 2 things that are pretty mortgage, this little serious consumers. you pull up a couple of books, maxine, why not? if you give me a list, you know, had you was a blessed, nice, and you thought of people use costanza because they list you with a some fancy you email is latonia kentoria mclaughlin. bought that. don't just
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leave it again. let me loose dipping. yup. bus deployable from, from a lender, but you need to collaborate with while, and you could be bush and bush. some is come. so use a number of human guys then list you used to tell about acoya katara canyon is abreast. see, but the game of those to be doing a premier tonight so but just gotta let them wash told we bonnie, i just as much a bus missed rosie e. but as i bought the cookie, the mary, not a booster privilege. kirkwood was more detailed, but it will work but useless. copper, atlanta on the market a saturday is to ship to is to breast feed into a possible boss me. but the use of kentoria really quick, which is janice you to us. so 1st of which vehicle about a put it by sima boucher mm. so his mom, susan cornelius about them. she be sca yes. we finally re truly dahlia ethically. it said but again after loyal doors, tamala, strand mortgage. the group was all in the premier east coast, or what could be americans who religiously know, kind of distribute them, going to collect there, but ideas for some of us about boston who shifted,
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you know, crane yet scenarios by me. lot of the bullet east eastern i me to can ski is it's at least a cock microbiology got quite unique. i'd be willing to talk a bit of st. louis. camille, just talk to remedy, constitute corporate are able to forum industry for lots of disc is feeding a new system. it will collect through new study pretty but so we'll come put the blog um towards store laboratory studies. so you can use that to me. it's 2 terms more than 3 when human normal. mr. borrow one is tisha, a concrete and against a bomb in train, your gross g, r a as a creature. the gov war, se shemika started in organ ukraine. them now mother me, that sort of age a club duty, but it would, you let his d americans castile only a posley, mcdonald's antsy waiting laboratory style, proud you'd say, sleeve when you become damaged. unable to little grand scheme microbiology. beautiful again. i mean, you can skip this study,
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i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence, and the point obviously, is to great trust, rather than fear. a very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy,
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even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing up in the future. when was the course renewed as you speak on the bill in your senior, mostly mine, or wish you were banding all in ports of russian oil and gas? new g i. g with info. let me know when you have regarding joe, by imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so
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there's your boomerang with a concert daughter who has him now because, i mean, here's the mr. so hutton, in your grade, i mean, he's just on, but on this much gotta saga senior or a c t a dealer, he's a junior be or you could be a, you know, i should say number 20. and if there was in your boss who was he, 3 of them in position was rushing, you know, with him. so were senior sugar, who are the wish to brains? corporate has been, you mean per hour, but, but sure from when it was a table,
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it wasn't a company in a room. i should labs a 20 percent done to slander in a senior scrub. you see a polish haircut, went in for mazda gizzards and years with a decent ease and your work done as soon as new equipment is sort of the machine that he's the so yes, let's go with this problem there. so she's in the country. one has a mean, she's in spirit, you and sarah boardman show us prior which are glass, of course, properly by me to create a number for matson you through us. so it is not with us with our boss, not a sword with
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decency worship center institution western plenty to store it. miss crow pollyanna . since you're going to stop lashley underinsured garcia, there wasn't a dog. my walk, or where is, is sharon ricardo mitchell, to course the washington post our answers in what? and his turns toward that here and waiting for them in person was miracle, burst in washington a. she used to rush robert up to eat and i had come bill of of show her sure usually was cheryl each than and still a lot of giving you a dish that video out ah polish to will propecia but the tone and that again his own was up of new standing is get to watch her signal and you start to name, you can eat posley at the by in the bill. you schedule to mr. to do claiming some use them he system. but on this
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a shot he pushed me just the 100 little ukrainian as archer. so full name of unit of pastors categories who you cause the tickler, but i'm pretty you just got senior in on crating. it's a new and it does is pitts, at least mostly my donnas pitts at least the soon as opposed to grade job. but the so long in the greater the premium to complete the does, would peacefully skip falls. cool. probably news bull, some kind of caught up as but who got thrown when you percentage of careful scribbling did use techniques, could couple 2 object of pollution that bus nice tip can greatly be elegant. it's a lease these blue shield could go it either still done the club, but i thought it was issued by the xena stores that about to its ability schedules are no with cheap acidic, you know, to produce at least his but i to negatively just would not totally 1000000 less even at the willing lower. you know, one more. my g to papa day of keith was to pilot kudos. coastal as bul medieval, a pollution. i can use mirror. but the more store clay in the building use the nicholas good. you know, a summer with utica, gus does talk trailer se naive was up and they pulled up by which was originally
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this pushy, can see it nipple did. allegedly sharon, who brought amy's just for, but also sure. what use anywhere in the world? can i see anybody in your on the billing is qc. you see it on the do through gram. i'm an easy on on with the upgrade to you. be with you? lobrado loses junior bureau sat on the cruise, k going to school for country russell. no green, a regional jersey, it's a shout on a spreadsheet. no grades to which on that because we are said to me, ask you do all of our, you know, the coming out, the last of she's here in the ceiling. i wish now possible, but i would say what you persist goldstein's bits. are you stuff with sasha corona? well, it was you and we did. he also you love import us. anyway. i'm going to promise to show my grain. bring you down your name and you want to do martha dish. the dish. does that all good? i mean, yeah. so we'll put in nobody still special, but i thought i could keep opening on your mobile and
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h in the website. i just have to put in an issue with the linda. no, go ahead. i need someone to contact me a, but i couldn't get it to shoot a propaganda and the understand what principal billing issues about the position now. but again at the not a minor. anybody on the machine was you can't now you push only 230 or really oh, but i put up in the ration to go for just a lot of throwing the fiesta. missed their stuff on the train you understand of yours for you and your ability sky apartments, different level of the not with
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this you can, you can usually use some of the show on your own, but we're here. but usually with i wish you could see the with us i can check with you see a doing it yet and pull a garage door with campbell and yes. with them nobody. america got. i'm with nicholson to to pull courtney. congress deal the social lobby, the clock on times, and when you became a 1000 with champ, we can get it all together night. oh, it's michelle tucker, jalap, but you got to read a book, a mini concert. i went to school, but i tell you i need to put pictures. i need a concert british the a nash ness,
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a couple boss of stella. we teach cooking element, tottenham private. hi, john mogley sent me. that does get to you good as the butcher because i did you buy me to kind of cook neither, but he and you can use social dishonest, but mostly it was pretty money for us to come. new grammar to hope was contorted, which notion him showed it because it was because it is because they came in the what doc? no digital. if any took a look kind of would you would use, glanced mila. but a to the me, me stairs to work on his little yes. a shy you mean just those that i'm i couldn't use the shiny making a go up machine at the bull cheese to break me just a lot better. one is to shop and you've glad to will you give me money? that's all about a duty. get the worse to bernice ordering. these are busters to bill pollution. still been more than a lot of that so. so what bus me, but again the, me, somebody wish to be a bus, missed normally on the door of the of club in north edge, a play me j. i knew we used in the premier colleagues, but again us crating the grimy lot of the dollar at the boiler. so bob boss, me, but the feeling it will but see i so bob boss, me, in fact zone is the blue any you put a gin of category,
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even the correct yearly plan that you're no claim. yup. anyway, stacy by me small. yeah. let schneider is that a book called dunnahugh. she has to easily when you said to me, but the giving me where to boise bobby, which incorporates from my book invoking craner. but that one moment cuz i to the so number is home is where my go go. social, no stamps, could you put your name or your old nature you'd like me to read the granite accuracy. are you from union wars which almost corona police just know speak to somebody in the plant? i'm all done, a break windshield appointment for my children. am i sort of curious as to what people do with your child care? what, what did you break of computer? you beat was away so you can project i need is near the really really young yoda's least the heroes of concordia plan nationally. most cars mostly on skirmish luna bushes his course. i used to talk to him just theory of museums and one is for what to do so. so my boss, me well easy. the key cook early her curriculum corn go. nicholas bill was
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a valid chilled cook. he slew bush, if was distant now, complete on the seat initially i was going to keep it all to razor's bureau, chilly to new briley. but again, you know, what i selina scheduled for a few people. worship at the bull summer. stop name brian williams. zachary bras. c . begin, the war materiel. would you talk to she showing the swedish a quarter from sheila cream will be said, she's a custody journalist. told me she rooms up a postal wolf give credit for usa. i've been investigating and trying to find congress across the world's 28. i long before the conflict in ukraine. a long before a
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year. i investigated a lot of information on dr. originating from the us government database. i have collected documents from a grueling that the bank a warranted rider american companies more than $18000000.00 for biological research activity insider bank ago, funded by the interest in ukraine now. so i published documents proving that the u. s. government conducted biological experiments on allied soldiers in georgia and you pray, 1000 your soldiers in georgia and 1400 soldiers in great. according to these documents that originated from the program, from inside,
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there are these internal documents, and they are well thinking and they threw that according to the sources, the banks are engaged in biological research on local sanchez, according to the documents. it is done on time or 2. now this is the exact quote based on here, and this will with broader warranted cigarettes for me to do a few g, a 3 la florida laboratory city on the southern there on the is usa. scope were to remove the political propellers. ridge locker room. it was worth a figure on the finger news. what of bus 1? 32, apparently crane. you, chrissy. but it only him, but she gave us bureaus pretty me creams. could you mortgage? can you herancha your, what are you just go to her out of order some syndrome? what are your social cilia? are you, are you not early to, to thought im, so could you with
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a prison on the either cathartic rock tournament, even the work do you uh huh. yes they are both. are you never office from this mutiny? which is pretty mean you look to relinquish girl her. there you go to your left on us know are you 8 years learning or he shook his computer even that you would easily incorporate some query with lazy territorial crane. the recei walcross you pain, the theme in the kitchen. family authorities included e, we visit they to stomach was a rubbish. just as daniel, vic acquainted them billing each skia construct. see william but again the more than it was august fossil the sucrose for sonya a. him in the is a 3 and has moody so that you won't have been in your gut bill and get you scheduled in walker. break of you fly way kind of gives humans tuple to me to let me get sunni is which is decamped. you say i give to the libyan also d sugars. a lot email, not serious was lawyer, but i got that processed submitted that she would be any senior brown, amos, erica. when you still can, i am,
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excuse you so that he's cooper there. worsley was almost done in the cumulative, but there is let it be just as quick as good as jupiter brady in europe. what was buddhist i'mma? joseph d sugary bubble. although she was looking at buey, she was on salem is possible. but anyway, miss you though, but a you genius, her cousin and suitable nest i could meet them, is not a loss here in ah, united states has always had a news and tax on other countries. economic sanctions are, are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the country that you're talking about here.
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and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the whole world. and we need to make rules for the rest because without out there we can do a a 4th with
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already completed with with that you for that reason yet to get your for the walk. so yeah, i was
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a bit behind my back bags with cisco. i've just thought all correspondent report from audio full as the battle for the city and says it's final phase. thousands of europeans protest against the blocks weaponry shipment. ukraine has nato unveiled on the speed of the arming of the country. ah, and the washington post accuses some nato members have been on constructive in paving the way for an end to the war ukraine.
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