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tv   News  RT  April 7, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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ah ah, behind my back with the system. just for correspondence reports, are you full as the battle for the city and says its final phase? thousands of europeans protest against the blocks weaponry shipment. ukraine is nato unveils plans, the speed of the arming of the country. and the washington post accuses so nato members have been on constructive in paving the way for an end to the war. ukraine . ah
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welcome to our international mine is peter scott to bring you the latest news from my headquarters, harry moscow? this thursday. it's great to have you with us and we start off with a round up of some pressing stories with china. taiwan relations on a knife edge, the u. s. has pledged $95000000.00 in arms for taipei. it comes the z, u. s. navy chief claims the one ukraine is made the window for a chinese attack on taiwan highly unpredictable. meanwhile, poland prime minister slammed french president manuel micron for talking directly with the mer putin saying he achieved nothing. icons office, however, hit by saying that communication was necessary in order for moscow to hear the west concerns elsewhere. at least 2 indian refiners are expected to partially replace saudi oil with russian oil. after we had to raise the price to new highs.
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the siege of murder you pull appears to be entering its final phase with ukranian. nationalists forces allegedly hold open. a steel plant in the city are seized broadcast df reports from the area. with most of mary, you polls urban areas liberated that these apartment blocks and suburbs housing fighting here has changed civilians out of the way artillery has let loose with abandon. here holly house, good. mary opened a battery of self propelled houses afar in the way it ukrainian military positions or masses. positions inside the as alpha, iron and steel works block, which is where thousands of nationalism are making their last stab. as off militants have lost their capacity for counter battery fly. these russian and allied forces no longer have to maneuver off to each volume,
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which gives them an advantage accuracy. and i bought them both on the we are launching strikes on his arm, steel factory on the nationalist bizarre battalion. we use pinpoint strikes, we don't put local residents or infrastructure in danger because these are our homes in our families. while artillery shakes the ground, the very air vibrates from a very different sort of weapon. behind my back, ah, that wasn't multiple. well, it was the system of just thought it's ukrainian nationalist positions again, when the industrial zones have maribelle, you'll just one salvo in this goes on day and night. russian grad, emerald systems have been unleashed at areas where civilians are no longer present . ah
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sh, chill g, a must still be careful. the last industrial complex lays at the heart of the city misses are intolerable. from the on of the battle, ukrainian nationalists forbids any sort of civilian evacuation. even shot at civilians trying to flee to the disgust of russian and allied forces. premier with our new the we tried to evacuate people out of the city, but they've been forced to stay by the local militants who would do such a thing. who would use people as human shield on the fascists? perhaps there is a crisis here. people have no electricity, no food, no water. we see it in. it's just not right. every soldiers duty is to save people to protect them. at the end of the day, artillery is a tool with limited use. leveling, mary, you will is not an option. russian forces have come to liberated, not destroy it,
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which means this battle will be settled the hard way, with a bitter contest between infantry and very nearly face to face. more ad gazda of r t for mario ball. some nato countries would rather see ukraine focus on fighting rather than sign of peace agreements in the near future. that's according to reports in the washington post. the peace claims, not all countries in the alliance bike ongoing piece talks with him, moscow and keith. meanwhile, nato sexy general you installed some burgers, outline plans for the further army of ukraine, including heavy weaponry. i also expect up ministers when they meet today and tomorrow we'll discuss how we can further support ukraine allies are providing both anti tank on to air or air defense systems, but also different kinds of advanced weapon systems and also both light and the heavier weapon systems to ukraine,
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our congress personally saying what have you done and he basically go get what the hell you think we've done? why do you think you're able to fight wave, train them, and we've given them a weapons. that's what's happened. it is de facto a western policy and no one should be ashamed of it. this is a war of rushes choosing, and as long as ukrainians are willing to make them pay for their decision, we should help them by hope they will be hard to steal. i support maximum military support to maximum sanctions. russia must lose, and criminals should standing court. the united states who really put ukraine up to this over the last 8 years. they put them on a deliberate collision course with russia. and i think that they fully intend to have a ukraine fight until until the last ukranian, until everything has been spent. every drop of blood that can be spilled is spelled and i think they, they make that abundantly clear their support by shipping weapons and money. and
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facilitating the war effort in every possible way. i think they're trying to harm ukrainians and russia. the whole nature of the united states relationship with ukraine since the us itself over through the elected ukrainian government in 2014 has been one of self interest in washington. they most certainly do not want the t p. they want, they want russia to pay a price for standing up against us encroachment and data encroachment. washington is set to send more weapon with ukraine in such as the switchblade drone equipped with unseen on the warheads. us secretary of state anthony blinking also said ukraine would soon have 10 until tank systems for every russian tank. and those are the western states also supply weapons. the key of german officials have reportedly claimed they've run out of arms to send. and all this comes amid continued russia, ukraine peace talks, while international security affairs come and say,
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he'd rather believes swamping the country, the weapons could lead to more civilian casualties. is bronze are actually comic causes suicide gone. so there are classified as an offensive weapon because they have a very signature and armor su personnel role. so what these drones will do is they will increase attrition against the russian forces in your crane, which will in turn escalate the conflict in your brain because then russia will also commit itself to escalate the pos they want the ukrainians to continue fighting to weaken russia because russia as much, is a bigger threat to, to nato as they perceive it, as opposed to the ukrainian bio weapons to your brain. it's not going to help bring down the conflict. what it is going to do is the infusion of advanced weaponry, like these kamikaze. busy drones americans are providing the past missiles provided by the british or french entities,
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missiles provided by the british and the americans. they are going to on the increase accretion against russian forces. it will lead to controlled escalation where there will be a lot of casualties. and there will be, there will be no tree per se, or our graceful exit for your korean artifice. conflict. so remember, this is your premium lives at risk. that is ukranian territory at risk to start american british treat miss. so it is for your premium leadership to decide what they want to do, what their own future while the question of whether to increase weapon supplies ukraine has not been straightforward and even on good. some europeans ortiz shot to bend ski brings as the details the seems, those determinations of further sanctions of military aid for ukraine are seeing some resistance in europe. that comes as you leaders are meeting to discuss a 5th round to open sanctions, a wednesday, so demonstrations in several european capitals relating to the war in ukraine. and
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the fall out with many fearing that they're going to end up paying the price for that war. gestalt in bulgarian, sophia, where hundreds of protest is demonstrated outside the parliament. that's where the government and the parliament kearney discussing whether bulgaria will send military aid to ukraine. but some 70 percent of the country, according to recent polls are actually against that of that country. to remain neutral, to rhythm as well to so we will not allow to bring war to bulgaria. no, i came here because i'm bulgarian, and i insist bulgaria, to be neutral. i always did, and i always will. and we must not deliver weapons nor directly, nor indirectly by poland, romania or other country until protest also being held in the italian city overture in that came as a prime minister matter to rocky was there to assign a pact that could see aerospace becoming the dominant industry in the area,
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however, there is concern and fee that that would mean military material being manufactured . they're buying nato. drug is here to finish off italian society. what remains of it. he is the latest of our butcher is already leading as towards war. meanwhile, the other issue is the cost of living and around $10000.00 people took to the streets of athens in greece to raise their concerns about that as being a shutdown of public services. who protested, saying that society that is on its knees with the increasing bills for households when it comes to energy, but also in the to food fresh sanctions from the you do to be announced on thursday . but what is clear is that is becoming harder and harder for the block to muster. the unanimous support that he needs for such sanction packages. of course, that is partly due to the blown back from the sanctions that is now biting at their
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own economies. earlier we spoke with a former greek diplomats who says the you is not dealing with the issue rising cost, but instead raising the stakes. he saw the pictures a national strike to place yesterday in greece, against the rising cost, particularly in the, in the energy field. where the cost to have risen by 200 to 250 percent. the electricity bills and drinks are getting are almost non non payable. now with the, with the money that is, that is available to the greek people. so actually i think that the european union is actually suiting, they're shooting our, our, our leg and the, we're going to pay for these sags more than most from us. and that is something
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that these people don't, that to you does not realize. instead of coming up with proposals to start negotiations for peace between nato and russia, they continue imposing. 2 measures and measures and measures. 2 that will never end until there is a total global war that will in a nuclear holocaust. european commission has moved to activate a mechanism that could isolate budapest from e u. funding. this comes right up the prime minister, victor all buns recent reelection and was followed by hungry making the decision to pay for rushing gaston roubles as well as voice and concerns about potential blow back from anti russian sanctions. number closer, it wouldn't be a problem for us to pay and roubles if the russians want to be paid in roubles,
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we will pay them in rebuild. cynthia, or i think the most important contributing factor of the european economic crisis is the sets of sanctions that we have imposed on russia. we are going to have to pay the price for that as well. and we have to prepare to actually pay the price of this and to manage the european economic prices. i me piece cold on the you commission to sanction hungry over concerns about the rule of law and democracy. the mechanism which follows several years of tension between budapest and brussels could potentially result in a suspended voting rights for hungry or guardians, weeth votes, who felt the country is being punished for his noncompliance with the u. as a semi rights against what he wants and well we don't represent the use values and we don't comply the way they would like us to. and we don't do what they say. let them of the sanctions against hungary are not democratic. we are a small nation and we are vulnerable to others, and that they punish us because it annoys them that we don't do as they say they're
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in the can do so. obviously if there had been a new government, they would have negotiated. but the way it is now, i don't know, it feels like justice has been served with the european union would handle it quite differently if there had been a new government as things are now, there won't be any changes. and we're just getting closer to russia than to the czech republic now, where a number of pro ukrainian protesters blocked a road in prague. yes, the europe longest urban tunnel has been blocked by pro ukrainian demonstrates as local media, se the protesters one the government to set heating levels to the minimum legal levels. and that's in order to reduce imports of russian energy. police arrive to break up classes between the protesters and motorists satellites, images of boucher that's made headlines falling in an analog. an analysis published
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by the new york times were allegedly taken by a key con chart. so for the u. s. defense department. the photos have been used by so as proved to by cubes. accusations that russian troops killed civilians in the town. that's something that russia denies. satellites. images have previously been used by us officials to shape the media narrative as our teeth. rachel blaring explains as the u. s. and it's western allies prepare new sanctions against russia over ukraine's claims of civilian death and boucher despite the lack of an independent investigation. all mainstream outlets like the new york times have now turned to reported satellite images as their latest source of evidence, the times pointing to images released by max r technology. who stated that there were bodies in the streets of boucher for up to 3 weeks before a russian forces withdrew from the city. and they were in the exact same locations when you're training in forces arrive. so what do we know about the company behind the image is we know the max, our technologies is known for having over $100000000.00 in intelligence and defense
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contracts. and that one of its top customers is the united states department of defense max or enables the u. s. department of defense and its allies to better monitor, understand and respond to global events, deter threats and ensure global security. together the many elements of macs are can help the d o. d needed far reaching modernization goals, maintain decision advantage, and rapidly identify and predict change. one of the main investors in macs are, is black rock incorporated, the largest investment management firm on wall street and 3 of its former executives are now top members of president jo biden's cabinet as really intelligent, provided by max car is actually quite substantial. in fact, 90 percent of the satellite images collected by the us government worldwide in the name of national security are created using math or technology. as a result, there was partnership can allow for southern ship on behalf of the u. s. government
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. similar to what we saw back in 2001, when the department of defense ordered another company, not just those satellite images of afghanistan to anyone, but them provoking an outcry from the media. there are 1st amendment implications here. this sets a precedent for the government to buy up all of the capability of a technology that can be used for independent verification and basic reporting. so while an individual company gets the credit for the images that are being shared, what's not mentioned is the power the duty has to control the narrative by buying exclusive rights to those photos and then controlling what is shared with the media . and they had done just that when back in 2003, the bush administration presented satellite images as evidence of weapons of mass destruction. iraq, claiming that surely the satellites could not be wrong now as to the limits of those on a company like macs, our technologies, well they have fledged not to publish images showing the movement of
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u. s. troops deployed to other countries or to work with countries that have been sanctioned by the us. and while the media is once again treating the satellite images as the only evidence they need, it was just 2 months ago that some are warning about relying on the same technology . commercial satellite images as a snapshot in time, do not provide indisputable evidence of exactly what the russian military is doing or why. however, it now seems the tide is turned once again in favor of the images produced in partnership with the u. s. government with you coming forward to questionnaire accuracy this time around in washington, rachel blevins r t. meanwhile, questioning the mainstream narrative can result in a swift bought on social media raising questions over the future of the internet as a platform for debates. earlier we spoke with former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, who was blocks from twitter, between basically accused the ukrainian national police of being the perpetrators
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of the river crimes everybody seen in butcher. and then i also criticized a present. jo, buying for labeling russia is the perpetrated war crimes. in short, i was accused of harassing people and i was also accused of wishing threats. of course, as absurd in the extreme i, i just think that this tweet touched a nerve on the whatever the far police process that currently exists in twitter is i know twitter is a private platform and they can lease it to where they see fit. but democracy dies when the citizens are no longer able to engage, in fact, based debate, discussion and dialogue. sadly, twitter is no longer such a platform in american democracy is paying the price. ukrainian president's full name is the landscape, said the russian troops are no different from isis. that despite numerous reports including from western media,
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claiming ukraine itself didn't shy away from resulting to help make states all these maria, for nation, i was more not here has compared to russia with terrorists from the so called islamic state. speaking of the un security council earlier this week, president zalinski said russia is no different from the notorious tara group. it'll molecule, the curve, limbs cut the throats when raped and killed in front of the children. the tongues were pulled out only because the question did not hear what he wanted to hear from them. how is it different from what these lemming state terrorists are doing? the occupied territories? not similar, but worse, according to ukraine's foreign minister. what we've seen in recent weeks is that russia is much worse than isis when it comes to its atrocities and massacres. serious accusations are made before any independent investigation or any solid evidence of russia's actions apart from delayed, disturbing the dears from the ground that moscow insists
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a fake warning. they'll be more to come for what the zone and little munson, according to confirmed information on the evening of april 4th, in the town of mush june 23 kilometers northwest of kiev little service men of the 72nd ukrainian main center for psychological operations conducted another stage killing of civilians allegedly caused by the violent actions of the russian armed forces for subsequent distribution through western media. similar events have now been organized by the ukrainian special services in sumi connote up and other cities. speaking about, i says, k of seems to know they subject rather well. ukraine is law known as a safe haven for his logic stage. he had his back in 2015. the new york times reported their president in east and ukraine. they were fighting on key of side. we like to fight the russians, said the chechen who refused to give his real name. we always fight the russians. the war for us never ended. we never ran from our war with russia and we never will
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. according to different estimates, their number could amount to hundreds, including ukrainians who joined isis in syria or iraq, and also foreign jihadists. fighter is sick in a place to hide that same year. a hateful is mateo saline tried to ring basia to the european parliament to date the ukrainian authorities have made no attempt to deny the reports and have neither disowned these fundamentalist ice as combatants, nor sought to remove them from territory. ukraine has been claiming as its own, given the serious danger posed by isis in islamic terrorism in general, does the vice president, high representative, not consider it appropriate to rethink or stance regarding the conflict between ukraine and russia and engage in closer dialogue with russia, with a view to containing this fundamentalist threat give didn't seem to be bother it. islam of terrorism is not typical for our country. that is why the ukrainian special services do not focus on it. they act only on the basis of the fact. if
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another state asks to extradite a person or when information about the militant falls into their hands. so when in 20191 of his learning states key figures, namely it's deputy minister, a war known as, as she, shiny of georgia, was detained in key of after leaving happily in ukraine for years. it came as a better surprise that the arrest of one of his la mc state's top commanders here and kiev right under our noses, would surely suggest many of the world's most dangerous men. do think of ukraine as a safe house. corruption in all state bodies. the police courts, prosecutors opens doors to abuse. it seems the i says, key of refers to when describing russia has something ukraine is already more than familiar with itself than boat. so multiple, now we're after weeks of 1st bustles, more humanitarian aid is now reaching those civilians you chose to stay in the near
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destroyed city. with so amusing, odd seems helped to get to russia. well, though we met by waiting family members or sees at roman closer reports, not been getting hundreds of messages from people around the world, her looking for their loved ones, a hearing, maria lable, trying to find out their fate. there's no communication, as you can see the, the city is a devastated. i will try to find as many people as possible. woman from st. petersburg contacted me through social media. she's looking for her mom and her and they live in this building. this building is in fact, so i have hold the very alive and doing how well with you leo from st. petersburg wrote to me asking that i help evacuate her mother
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. irene is sac franco. and irene as a robina, is that you? yes, that's us. are you ready for evacuation? yes. ah no, he's nice going. i don't even know how many blankets we have here. i sleep in a sleeping bag here. spike. we'll get. we'll one we are using our bathroom as a fridge because it's the coldest place in the flags. water supply has become a problem. port irene has kidneys are causing her agony and i'm suffering from dizziness. it's hard jungle of a congenial digital. ah. a man in the city of far ra stove in russia is looking for his mother. he contacted
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he contacted me some time ago and just now i was able to reach this address. ashley and there, right now i have a map right here. we're only 2 minutes away and hopefully she's still there. and if she's ready to leave with me, go take her to the roster off and reunite her with her son with mum. hi, thank you for getting in touch. we're doing fine. i assure you that you can trust these people and all come as soon as i can to pick you up with . we are now exiting the city. how firm are you both?
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i can finally take off this helmet. as you can see, we have some passengers with us. these 3 ladies have escaped the fighting in the city of maria full and very soon went on in about 34 hours. i will make sure they cross their russian border and meet their relatives. meanwhile, we'll come back here and we'll continue delivering humanitarian aid and helping all those that needed. well, that's all for this our, for more on any of those stories do head over to r t dot com or our social media pages. my name is peter scotts, and thank you for watching. ah, ah
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ah ah .
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