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boomerang, ah, a final bottles, rage all in mario, paul, russian troops continue to evacuate civilians from residential buildings on hospitals previously controlled by ukrainian forces. survivors claims they were used as human shields by nationalists. my wife told me she would never go back to the hospital. she says people were shot there in their backs and we need to pump, i'm so sorry. it's so hard to speak. they answered that they needed to stop the enemy and that we civilians were nothing to them. brushes, foreign minister claims washington is pushing kiev to continue fighting the spiked ongoing piece talks also coming versions of europeans protest against
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the use weapons shipments to ukraine with some members of the european parliament. openly saying that you have to come a to all the nato e u, instead of promoting peace acting in the interests of the people, europe has become a tool of nato and the military industrial complex with 2 former heads up. but nick, media news, i atlanta been detained by police in the still near claims. they broke recent e u. financial sanctions commission, individuals with one milla 6 in the evening in a month in ankara. here in moscow this thursday, april, the 7th i'm you know, neil, this is our t international. the siege of mario paula appears to be entering its final phase with ukrainian nationalists forces allegedly hold up in
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a steel plant in the city. no russian forces along with done yet. military troops are currently evacuating civilians from a local hospital. now, the russian defense ministry claims more than a 100 people have been held on the side by the neo nazi a self fidelity. russian troops can to fit more than 10 trips to the hospital to evacuate all the injured fitting. 16 children evacuation claim the ukrainian units, use them as human. she'd come also thumb, glanced. my wife told me that a ukrainian tank came and was shooting at a residential house. i have family there 2 kids. they were hiding in the basement. like my i know, i don't know where they are. my wife told me she would never go back to the hospital. she says people were shot there in their backs. mini to pop. i'm so sorry. it's so hard to speak. with both of them. on the,
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on the 2nd of march, the assad battalion fired at my apartment on the 5th floor, thought it, but they destroyed the city. the hospital, the soldiers were running past. i told them there are a lot of children and injured. they answered that they needed to stop the enemy and that we civilians were nothing to them. me but now when we have been evacuated, we want to thank the russian army. so we don't really road out. this is off troops told us to get ready and get out of there. they took the house. i saw a woman whose son was shot in the eye by a ukrainian sniper. why did they do it? my boobs are below. and just harling testimony. no. a civilians continued to be evacuated from the area, the apparent final battles in the city. rachel, are senior correspondent, morocco, steve with most of mary. you bulls, urban areas liberated, that these apartment blocks and suburbs. housing fighting here has changed civilians out of the way. artillery has let loose with abandon
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this year holly outskirts of variable, a battery of cell proposal. how to the far away it ukrainian, military positions or masses positions inside the as alpha iron and steel works plant, which is where thousands of nationalists are making their last time as off militants have lost their capacity for counter battery fire. these russian and allied forces no longer have to maneuver off to each volley, which gives them an advantage. accuracy that i bought them puzzled. we are launching, strikes on the is off steel factory on the nationalists. the is our battalion. we use pinpoint strikes. we don't put local residents or infrastructure in danger because these are our homes in our families. you, while artillery shakes the ground, very air vibrates from a very different sort of weapon. behind my back,
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ah, that wasn't multiple. well, it was a system of just fun. it's ukrainian nationalist positions again, when the industrial zones have maribelle, you'll just one salvo in this goes on day and night. russian grad, emerald systems have been unleashed and areas where civilians are no longer present . ah sh, chill g a must still be careful. the vast industrial complex lays at the heart of the city misses are intolerable from the onset of the battle, ukrainian nationalists forbids any sort of civilian evacuation. even sha civilians trying to flee to the disgust of russian than the allied forces were mere. also new
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to the we tried to evacuate people out of the city, but they've been forced to stay by the local militants. who would do such a thing. who would use people as human shields? fascists. perhaps there is a crisis here. people have no electricity, no food, no water while we see it in. it's just not right. every soldiers, duty is to save people to protect them. at the end of the day, artillery is a tool with limited use. leveling, mary, you will, is not an option. russian forces have come to liberated, not destroy it. which means this battle will be settled, the hard way. will be the contest between infantry and very nearly face to face. more at yards, d a. r t. for mario bull. something else to bring you to a russia's foreign minister, surrogate love. roth has cooled hopes of a breakthrough in peace negotiations with ukraine, claiming kia this retreated from its old promises. while smith thumb blew out of
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the stumbled talks in response to the sprouting of realism in the ukrainian position, our forces conducted the escalation in the directions of cave and china, him as a gesture of good will and to help with the movement towards an agreement in response there was a provocation in bushes which is immediately used by the west to announce a new batch of sanctions as well as atrocities against russian prisoners of war by ukrainian neo nazis could assist you with. well, after the assemble talks the immediate aftermath. russia said their negotiations had been constructive. ukraine's proposals also confirmed its desire for neutral and nuclear free status. the russian defense ministry promised to reduce its military activity around kia and turn off on both russia and ukraine were to postpone decisions on the future status of crimea. and on bus sugarloaf, raf believes kiev shift in position. mean someone else is pulling the strings though. but the old man you the go to specify the inability to negotiate. once
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again, characterize is the true intentions of care on its line of delaying and even undermining the negotiations through departure from the understandings reached. we see this is a manifestation of the fact that the key f regime is controlled by washington and its allies who are pushing president salenti he to continue hostilities. another main part of what he said is the fact that the key of is taking marching orders from the west. and that's actually not really a new concept for many people who've been following this conflict long before russia's military operation began. the u. s. in its nato alliance were sending tons of weapons to ukraine and they were sending military advisors to train its troops. it's actually as if the west wanted a direct conflict, a proxy war between moscow and kiya. the washington post even said that basically the some nato countries want to see ukrainians continue to fight and continue to die in this conflict. and that's only really reiterated by what western leaders have been saying lately. i also expect of ministers when the meet or today um,
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to morrow, we'll discuss how we can further support ukraine or congress person. ah. saying what have you done? any basic milligrams or what the hell, your degree done? why do you think you're able to fight? we've trained them and we've given them a weapons, fatuous, half, and it is de facto western policy, and no one should be ashamed of it. this is a war of russia's choosing, and as long as ukrainians are willing to make them pay for their decision, we should help them even now the u. s. is planning to send even more weapons to ukraine using the lend lease act. now for any fan of history, that person would know that the us use this book bill in world war 2 to lend out military equipment to countries that were fighting the nazis. and the soviet union was one of its main recipient. so it really is ironic that now this bill is being used once again funded by seized russian assets for bank's bank accounts. and the weapons that are sent to ukraine are inevitably going to fall into the hands of
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actual neo nazis that are fighting russians on the grounds. now, how to add insult to injury. really, alexei aristo, that she's a close advisor to ukraine's president vladimir zalinski. he recently admitted that he knew that an armed direct conflict between moscow and kiev would break out before it actually did. so this begs the question, why did ukrainian authorities not war in ordinary people about this in advance? why didn't they allow them to have the chance at saving themselves and their families well, a restore which said himself that he didn't want them to leave wasn't a war? oh, so it was possible to tell the ukrainians that russia would attack when, when you for sure that he would. but these would have provoked master flow of 12 to 16000000 refugees. they would have blocked all the rows and then the army would not have reached the defense areas and the inhabitants would have to be crushed with tanks and shot. the statement is really significant because it basically confirms
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what the russian ministry of defense has been saying about ukrainian tactics since the beginning of its military operation in mario pal in key of and now we know in ukraine as a whole, ukrainian forces have been using civilians as human shields against their will. meanwhile, there's a growing voice among european stressing governments to stop sending weapons to ukraine. in italy, for instance, the hush tug not in my name is trending on twitter. the actions of this government of shame are not done in my name and do not represent my will. not even that of many other italians who have to suffer from these criminals, let's say, no descending weapons to ukraine. this is not the way to ask putin for peace. italy has failed. it could have been the one carrying out negotiations, and instead you are sending weapons. it's a bad diplomacy from italy. let's avoid throwing fuel on the fire or we'll take big risks to yeah, and are you are a corresponding, charlotte do been ski has been looking further into people in europe are urging
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their governments against escalating the conflict, saying they are being hit hard by the sanctions against moscow, a has been some anger in europe over that military assistance has been given to ukraine. it's fine with some protests that have been held in certain countries like bulgaria and also in italy. now interfere, we're talking about a few 100 protest is outside the parliament on wednesday, you were unhappy that the politicians were discussing these plans to send military aid to ukraine without war unfolding and then interior and in italy. protestors were unhappy that their prime minister mater druggie was there to sign a new idea for the possibility of the city to become a base for manufacturing equipment for native and in the european parliament. such actions have also been criticized by some m. p 's including any piece, including this independent member for ireland. we cannot ignore the role of nato
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and the e u instead of promoting peace and acting in the interests of the people of europe, ukrainians to you, citizens. and yes, the russian citizens to has become a tool of nato and the military industrial complex class. they went on to describe the worn ukraine as unjust. but she also said that the sanctions, as a result of that would, that have been plastered on russia by the, you know, the western nations or what is causing the high energy prices, inflation. and also she described what it is as being a catastrophic and drop in the living standards. and those sorts of warnings over concerns about things getting tougher also coming from some pretty top european politicians to market lecture, which we're facing tremendously high inflation. of course, it affects many people. we're all going to get
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a little poorer in the future. it's really going to happen. we have to be clear about it. there are issues over the cost of living in the crisis surrounding that spilled on to the streets of athens. oh, when say some 10000 people i took to the streets, let the government know that they are unhappy with some of the ramifications of that war in ukraine, and some people on the streets describing society increases being on its knees. partly as a result of this, meanwhile, we know that the e u is thrashing out this effect set of packaging of sanctions against russia over the war. and ukraine. technical issues of so far delayed the block and finding unanimous approval the wall. the next step is at the house, been discussion that this could include an outright ban on oil and coal. thought if the e u is wanting to still shows that it packs a punch, it's going to have a difficult time doing that because it does have to get all leaders and to agree
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unanimously to whatever those sanction packages are. or your correspondence, sharlitra miskin, are staying in europe, where an italian m e p has said there is no justification for an embargo on russian energy resources that, that i do general via tv. okay. to did i heard that we are talking about a complete embargo on russian gas, which would be absolutely unacceptable for our economy. and this is based on the facts reported by the ukranian government, about boucher, but they are already serious doubts about their veracity. meanwhile, ukraine has accused hungry of directly helping moscow. it comes of budapest saves it, will pay for russian gas in rubles oz. russia requested it also voice concerns about the potential blow back from anti moscow sanctions. hungary, foreign minister says his country just wants to remain neutral it's time for ukrainian leaders to stop their insults directed at hungary and acknowledge the will of the hungarian people. this is not our war,
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so we want to and we'll stay out of it. hungry has already come under heavy criticism from brussels, with the european commission even threatening to isolate budapest from you. funding the mechanism which follows several years of tension between budapest on brussels, could potentially result in suspended voting rights for hungry. we spoke to people in the country who feel they're being punished for the countries noncompliance with all of the use order as a semi it's against what the e wants and well, we don't represent the use values and we don't comply the way they would like us to and we don't do what they say. i'm them up with the sanctions against hungary are not democratic. we are a small nation and we are vulnerable to others. wasn't that they punish us because it annoys that we built do as they say. i mean, to look at this, obviously if there had been a new government, they would have negotiated. but the way it is now, i don't know. it feels like justice has been served with the european union would
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handle it quite differently if there had been a new government as things are now, there won't be any changes and we're just getting closer to russia. can other story to bring you to day to former heads of the news? i clit sputnik media have been detained by police in estonia. nobody has been able to contact alina, cherish over, and her husband, multi dmitri tourist held since the arrest alina headed. sputnik news in estonia until it was shut down by local authorities in 2020. she then created the independent news outlet. sputnik media, which was also forced to close last month. as tony as chief public prosecutor claims, the former journalist broke recent e u. financial sanctions on russian individuals. sputnik international editor in chief fountain. and the some off leaves. europe may be seeking to provoke russia by targeting. it's journalists, we still have no information or confirmation on where she's at or where her husband
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is at and what so what, what, what their accused of this sort of persecution against journalist is happening? well, as far as our news outlet is concerned, as far as our organization is concerned, especially in, in, in the baltic states. we had similar cases in latvia where people were now facing criminal charges just for doing their job. as journalists, we see it perhaps as the, as the way to provoke rushing this, todd because baltic states have been very vocal about searing economic ties in every, any sort of ties with russia. as of now, i really don't think we're talking about proven speech of any sort at this time. it's almost like a new integration of the european reich, appearing right now. because at the say they're, they're asking for a dialogue with russia. they see that the dialogue is necessary to resolve the ongoing conflict. but at the same time, they're just break and destroying every opportunity for a dialect possible. by benny rush,
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news outlets. there. sanctions have restricted russia's ability to pay off its international debts in foreign currencies than it's meant for the 1st time. moscow settled to almost $650000000.00 worth of euro bonds in roubles. russia attempted to make its bond payments on march 16th and dollars, but because of sanctions, predators were not able to receive them. that gave moscow 30 days to come up with an alternative way to pay off the debt or the country would default, hence the attempt to paying roubles. fremont spokesperson dmitri pascall said, if there is a default, it would only be technical and created in an artificial way with russia has all the necessary resources to settle its debts. you know that a significant amount of our currency reserves have been suspended in foreign countries. if payment in roubles is not possible, then theoretically that would mean a default,
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but it would be an artificially created default. there are no preconditions for a proper default to happen. and maybe just to expand that out, there are 2 types of the 4th financial and technical financial default occurs when the borrower has not made a scheduled payments. and a technical default is when an agreement is violated or can't be reached. international investor and financial commented, or jim rogers told us that russian default is bad for everyone, including washington. absurd situation for washington, and for russia, the money is there. it's good money. and even then, if russia turns around, it pays rouble, they're still paying pay their debt, which is why money is money. many people don't want the robot because they cannot spend it like they used to be able to. but i find this is artificial and not good for the united states. washington has dictated. russia cannot use in us
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dollars to, for anything that put sanctions on the dollar and said they cannot use it. by the way, this is hurting the us because it's driving many people away from the u. s. as the world's international medium of exchange and more and more people are getting word, we've got to find an alternative. this is a snowball effect. nobody how this comes up is going to be a snowball effect. certainly this month, but more important in this decade. now freedom of speech and social media is a bottle. it's appears becoming more acute during the ukraine conflict. not example . being former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, who was blocked from twitter for criticizing president biden and offering another view of the alleged mass killings of civilians in butcher that the mainstream media are saying he since had his account reinstated. well, it looks like i've been reinstated no official word from twitter about what the
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problem was or how, why it was resolved. but i'm sure they took notice of the concern expressed by many of you here on twitter. thanks to speaking up in defense of free speech. good night . yeah, he's back now, but this is what scout ritter's follower. so when they logged on previously to check as tweets, twitter itself has not commented on them. however, users were quick to question how freedom of expression actually works. on the side, we spoke to scott himself about what happened between basically accused the ukranian national police of being the perpetrators of the crimes that everybody seen in butcher. and then i also criticized president joe biden, for labeling russia as a, as the perpetrator of war crimes. in short, i was accused of a harassing people and i was also accused of of voicing threats. of course, as absurd in the extreme i, i just think that this tweet touched
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a nerve on whatever the far police process that currently exists in twitter is. i know twitter is a private platform and they can lease it to where they see fit. but democracy dies when the citizens are no longer able to engage, in fact, based debate, discussion and dialogue. sadly, twitter is no longer such a platform as american democracy is paying the price. satellite images of butcher made headlines following an analysis published by the new york times were taken by a key contractor for the u. s. defense department. the photos have been used by some as proof to back. he had stuck his ations that russian troops killed civilians in the time, not something russia denies. while similar satellite footage has previously been used by u. s. officials to ship the media normative as ration lebanon's text. as the u. s. and western allies prepare new sanctions against russia over ukraine's claims of
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civilian just in boucher despite the lack of an independent investigation. all mainstream outlets like the new york times have now turned to reported satellite images as their latest source of evidence, the times pointing to images released by max r technology. who stated that there were bodies in the streets of boucher for up to 3 weeks before a russian forces withdrew from the city. and they were in the exact same locations when ukrainian forces arrived. so what do we know about the company behind the images? we know that max, our technologies is known for having over $100000000.00 in intelligence and defense contracts. and one of its top customers is the united states department of defense max or enables the u. s. department of defense and its allies to better monitor, understand and respond to global events, deter threats and ensure global security. together the many elements of macs are can help the d o. d meet it's far reaching modernization goals, maintain decision advantage,
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and rapidly identify and predict change. one of the main investors in macs are, is black rock incorporated, the largest investment management firm on wall street and 3 of its former executives are now top members of president jo biden's cabinet as really intelligent, provided by max car is actually quite substantial. in fact, 90 percent of the satellite images collected by the u. s. government worldwide in the name of national security are created using master's technology. as a result, there was partnership can allow for censorship on behalf of the u. s. government. similar to what we saw back in 2001, when the department of defense ordered another company, not just those satellite images of afghanistan to anyone, but then provoking an outcry from the media. there are 1st amendment implications here. this sets a precedent for the government to buy up all of the capability of a technology that can be used for independent verification and basic reporting. so while an individual company gets the credit for the images that are being shared,
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what's not mentioned is the power the duty has to control the narrative by buying exclusive rights to those photos and then controlling what is shared with the media . and they have done just that when back in 2003, the bush administration presented satellite images as evidence of weapons of mass destruction. iraq, claiming that surely the satellites could not be wrong now as to the limits of those on a company like macs, our technologies, well they have fledged not to publish images showing the movement of u. s. troops deployed to other countries or to work with countries that have been sanctioned by the u. s. and while the media is, once again treating those satellite images as the only evidence they need, it was just 2 months ago that some are warning about relying on the same technology . commercial satellite images as a snapshot in time, do not provide indisputable evidence of exactly what the russian military is doing or why. however, it now seems the tide is turned once again in favor of the images produced in
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partnership with the u. s. government with you coming forward to questionnaire accuracy this time around in washington. rachel blevins, r t u. s. broadcaster nbc has coals, something of a stir after publishing an article about how often the biden administration mixed bold intelligence claims without backing them with any solid evidence. us officials said they had indications, suggesting russia might be preparing to use chemical agents in ukraine. president joe biden later said it publicly, but 3 u. s. officials told n b c news this week. there is no evidence. russia has brought any chemical weapons in your ukraine. joe biden has repeatedly claimed brushes, planning to use chemical weapons in ukraine. he even said, washington was drawing up a response, but the article claims those statements were never supported by any evidence. by nor so spoke by china, potentially supplying weapons to russia. again,
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there was never, apparently anything to suggest that investigative journalists, madeep madiba believes governments are walking a risky line like giving stories to the media based on so few thanks kids or she'll issue in the situation or to use changes to the public and she knows what they're doing as much and i. ready and see over the years you choose to teach why.
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ready one and one place you must, you know, become so safe to get people to you. but we often everything you wanted to know about biological weapons next, but were perhaps hesitant to ask you to stay with us for a short documentary. and i'll be here again at the top of the ha, ah ah
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