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tv   News  RT  April 8, 2022 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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sanctions of all sorts, but alas, it's not so simple. sanctions engendered counter sanctions. this translates into economic pain for europe. a nationalistic bud piazza with hillary structure the plot ortiz mirage got the reports from the heart of the besieged city of mario pl. outside the as of steel factory in which russia and its allied forces are trying to pin down the remaining ukranian. national troops attained audio recordings report that ukrainian civilians often suffer from the country's own volunteer truth to the territorial defense force went in in the looted the village. they were alluding houses and shooting, taking everything. they looted absolutely everything. the u. s. broadens it's
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pressure on china with nato expanding in the east and washington sending weapons to taiwan ah, broadcasting from our studios in moscow with news and commentary on the warren ukraine. this is our t international. now, harsh fighting in the city of mario pal as the russian army and its allied don bass forces seek to pin down the last remaining ukrainian nationalist troops. parties. but our guys do have reports from outside the as of steel factory where the russian military has been advancing on the last pocket of resistance. most of mary jo passivity, a neighborhoods have been liberated by russian forces some unscathed, some scarred and wasted by urban combat. ah, via alleys and yards, we walked as far as was relatively safe in the distance
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that $200.00 was so neat as he's the out of steel and iron works plant, which is where most of the fighting is now concentrated here on the left bank of mario full city, a vast number, thousands of ukrainian troops as well. and this is the majority at nationalists. nationalists bud the as off but that it is russian artillery struck the plot. from here we launched our drone to with us rockets and shells pounding ukrainian nationalists positions. jose was another one of them ogre the situation as intense. we're engaging and gun battles is combat at close quarters, almost face to face. the distance between buildings here as 50 to 70 meters, sometimes even closer. we've been advancing from the very morning all along the
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front line. the enemy is fighting backwards, but we're pushing the rest of them out to the as of steel factory linea. it'll be much easier when all of them are. there. are cities of lucas lighting. now that fighting has moved out of populated areas, russian and allied artillery is playing a greater and greater role of the positive motor them civilians in the plot itself which is opened up on hooks to open charities for russia to some russian artillery . they don't have to be so warri of civilian casualties. now the fight is moved into industrial zones. but with the 5 discipline, they say that we have heard on radio ah, english voices. so english language voices which says that there may be, are the woman is volunteers inside the blood, but they have also the rumors of nato instruct. we've become
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in the alpha industrial complex and that is according to various report to get and verified instructors will offices from nato countries such as germany, britain frauds, as well as neutral sweden, according to the latest report, the fighting. yeah. as you can, yes. is still very much fierce verbal dude, but his son, they worked professionally in small groups. it would have been impossible to train locals to that standard. even in 8 years, we've seen foreigners, even dark skinned individuals run so twice. now ukraine has launched high risk helicopter evacuation missions to mario book. several helicopters have even made it out though most were destroyed. window of opportunity though is closing. with every day, more and more of mary, you will, is liberated. and chances are high that soon will find out just who these,
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that ukraine and its allies. a su, desperate to evacuate more ad gazda of arti. from mario both civilians in a designated safe zone in marble. se ukrainian troops forced them to leave their homes than use those locations to set up firing positions. leslie, this was the esl, docile we were. the one will be as if we were all going to bomb shelters. so people were forced out of their homes by the ukrainian military, they just came and said, get your things get out. we asked where we should go. they literally said that they don't care and that is their building. now. it was a little her new mom. i've buried my mother and decided to stay here with the wounded. the scariest moment was when the is off fighters came. some women asked them to leave, but they said, don't worry. we just need to check something out. and then they started firing. i don't know who they were firing it, but then they just left us. they used us as human shields. our location was then
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shell, or t has gotten alleged access to leak to audio conversations, to allegedly recorded market where russian troops had been station. they contradicted ukrainian government's version of the events that saw russia accused of deliberately killing civilians are teeth, or if notional comments, our troops kicked out the russians. okay. and the troops went further. so the territorial defense force went in and they looted the village. they were alluding houses and shooting, taking everything. they looted absolutely everything. the 1st audio is a conversation between people of ukraine's security service known as asked be you and one of them is a parent the on the ground in the little town of co had a that's not far from the of the capital key of the around 100 kilometers west of it, and what is he basically doing? he's describing what he saw there, what he discovered, they, well, why don't a walking around maybe talking to residence, but that's unlikely because again,
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it's a little village and a task been and fears, fighting and fell under the control the russian army at the beginning of moscow special military operation and around a month later, in mid march, it was were captured by ukraine's forces. and shortly after that, so called territorial defense forces, how they are volunteer battalions within ukraine's armed forces. they came in and this man from the audio he's describing their behavior in their actions while they were there. and you will hear it yourself now, and you just heard a bit great. ah, he sounds surprised from what he found out and before we play another great, i have to tell you that there is another i town mentioned in these or do you have the town of marlin knights not far from qu heidi and apparently these are these people this battalion came from that place. let's take another missing from march 24th to april. 3rd, after the russians were driven out of sheer, the territorial defense force came in from mon. in short,
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during these days they were looting. the looted everything, they could, they kicked in the doors, they kicked everything. safes were opened, cars were taken away, they stuffed the cars with everything they found and took everything out. it turns out that the musk of ites did not take anything but ours went in and completely plundered everything. there wasn't anything here already because of the fighting. no houses were left even. what was left was completely looted by our own interest in is that, that this man can paris russian troops with these people from territorial defense. and later in this conversation, the one from the ground also us a have colleagues, whether these crimes and misbehavior by these people should be documented and he gets the answer. yes, they shouldn't be fall a neat. so maybe we're going to hear any like, got an official statement from key of side soon. and there were many journalists, but we have to understand that there were only particular western journalists apart from ukrainians on the ground there. so these audio is
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a conversation between western journalists. it's in english, and again, one of them is on the ground in another town, which is also like 60 kilometers west of kiev on the same road as the town of butcher that we have been here in a lot in the news recently. you remember about that, of course, but further to the west, and we can understand that this man, this journalist was sent there of course, to report, but particularly to try to find truth of crimes committed by the russian troops. and you will now hear that he actually fails to find any evidence to that. let's take a look. so basically just explain wayne both already anchor. so that, that place further on from boot check, it's been shell to pieces. facades missing whatever. there's no bodies in the streets. a call. i've just spoken to the police forensic expert is that he hasn't seen any. they think that probably people are under the rubble or whatever they've
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been killed in the shelling evidence. any right, have you to hear? told one of the german french guys that he's been killed by shilling. so in some other we haven't found that. but no excuses, nothing like that. so i don't know what the prosecutor was going on about to be honest. it's true. this place is gone far more showing damage than boucher but in terms of extra issue killings, there's no evidence goal. and in fact, with some of the old ladies who spoken to the russian troops are really nice of the, of the, gave them food water or that interests and actually said to say, if you look through news reports coming right now, out of the town of bunker that they journalist mentioned you will see it completely different picture you will read about piles of dead bodies lying on this trace. again, like in the town of boucher and you will hear accusations and you will hear about
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mass killings committed by the russian troops. but these surely says there is no evidence to that at all. and sometimes i mean, as a journalist, i have a feeling that we leave in parallel reality. some western media outlets that have been overall developed in their support for kids have now started to report on allegations of war crimes committed by ukrainian soldiers. this comes after footage which we can't broadcast because it's too disturbing, purports to show ukrainian forces shooting, captured russian troops. these claims have been largely ignored by western powers. let's take a look at what the new york times published recently. that video posted on line on monday and verified by the new york times appears to show a group of ukrainian soldiers killing captured russian troops outside a village west of give he still alive, film these marauders look, he still alive, his gasping. a man says as a russian soldier with a jacket pulled over his head,
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apparently wounded is seen still breathing a soldier than shoots the man twice after the man keeps moving. the soldier shoots him again, and he stops at least 3 other repairing russian soldiers, including one with an obvious head wound who has his hands tied behind his back. can be seen dead near the victim. it's not only the new york times that appears to be changing its narrative about ukraine. washington post has also examined the neo nazi routes of ukraine's as of battalion suggesting that white supremacists integrated into the ukrainian military could pose a future threat to the country. political analyst, alexander poverty, says, these reports are only small departures from an overall narrative painted by western media against russia in an attempt to present a semblance of objectivity. i definitely think it's the latter, you know, now that people are being becoming aware of the media bias. so this is damage control. this is a way to make themselves look objective, fair minded. but in fact,
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what they're doing, what's happening is that they're kind of, they can't control the narrative the way they would like. you know, in that, in the ninety's. you know, you could control the narrative because there was no internet. and so you could more tightly control or, you know, now there are just too many alternative views of information and real information and route to get out. and they know it. so the only way to deal with it is to admit part of it. and then make themselves look objective, but without changing their main narrative. and their main narrative is a need. and just about anything that's done against russia is allowed the u. s. has approved $95000000.00 of arms sales to taiwan stoking tensions with beijing. that's after china stood, steadfast against us, pressure to denounce russia's military campaign in ukraine. now there are reports
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that us house of representatives, speaker nancy pelosi plans to visit taiwan. but beijing is staunchly opposed to that thing. if she goes, there will be consequences. the volume crucial. you go to the u. s. side should honor its commitment to the one china principal and the 3 china u. s. joint communiques cancel the plan, visit of us house of representatives. speaker pelosi may stop its official contact with taiwan and fulfill its commitment of not supporting taiwan independence. if the united states insist on having its own way, china will take strong measures in response to unswerving lee defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity at all possible consequences that arise from such a visit will completely be borne by the u. s. side. adding fuel to the fire nato member states led by the u. s. r. set to provide weapons and cyber tech to nations . in the indo pacific region, in a show of support against china,
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martinez done quarter comments. it tried to bully china and to taking a side and it failed. nato says it's done with talking and has moved on to saber rattling. we see that china has been unwilling to condemn russia's aggression and has joined moscow in questioning the right of nations to choose their own path. so i expect we will agree to deepen nato's cooperation with our asia pacific partners, including in areas such as arms control, cyber hybrid and technology. working more closely together will make us all safer and more secure. so let me get this straight. nato support ukraine's right to choose its own path, but not china's, and that north atlantic treaty organization sure is barking orders far away from the north atlantic. we have seen the shine law is unwilling to condemn russia's aggression and begging has joined moscow in questioning the right donations to choose their own pulse. this is a serious challenge to or, or soul. it makes it even more important that you stand together to protect albert
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values as always nato's following close behind the u. s, which has never hidden its burning desire to contain its main competitor, china only now, washington's inching closer than ever, towards a military confrontation with it. having failed to shame beijing and to thinking it's on the wrong side of history. the u. s. is switching gears into fear mongering . it almost seems like we can't go through a month without some new revelation coming about china. in my mind, the chinese are building a military that is capable of coercion, which requires us to have a strategy to be able to stand up to that coercion or defend the indo pacific in the broader world order that the u. s. and our allies value washington also claims china is acting aggressively by setting up military bases in the south china sea. instead, the u. s. says it should militarize the area again, the south china c. $95000000.00 worth of american military equipment has been
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approved for taiwan, used to achieve that end, including patriot air defense systems. then there's august, the security packed between australia, the u. s. and the u. k. when it says it wants a free indo pacific, it clearly means one free from china. and so the pacts entering the growing arms race for hypersonic missiles. china, on the other hand, is sending out a warning to the west. don't provoke beijing. the way you did moscow, anyone who do not want to see the ukrainian crisis, should refrain from doing things which may lead the other parts of the world into a crisis like this. as the chinese saying goes, if you do not like it, do not impose it against others, all the while the west and its allies are fixing their bayonets in japan. recent poll suggested people want to break with the countries post world war 2, tradition of leaving defense matters up to the u. s. and strengthen its own national defenses. the european union with all its past rhetoric of peace,
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is also rearming with germany, for example, pledging $110000000000.00 to modernize its military. it's foreign affairs chief, even called the e, was last high profile summit with china. a dialogue of the death looks like all is revealed about the west foreign policy when it doesn't get its way through diplomacy. it's our way or the highway. but maybe the u. s. is trying to have another wall, like a you credible is not enough. so the house was at the same time, the one that challenge china over taiwan. we know there will be consequences as sad about chinese foreign minister. you know, obviously this was it, it becomes true. it will, you know, there will be a implications and the consequences, you know, you can expect a strong response from the chinese side. oh, so it's really confusing to see at this point of time, us cindy massey glossy to taiwan, to provoke china, to support to tell
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a independence. that's something that we know red light for the chinese is a simply, it's hard to understand that it's simply acceptable. you can see right now there's a response that matching china, basically everybody says, you know this, the government has to respond strongly as soon as possible. russia's top diplomat, sergei love. rob has cooled hopes for a breakthrough in peace negotiations with ukraine. thank you. has backed away from previous promises. will system, woo. i was in the assembled folks in response to the sprouting of realism in the cranium position in our forces, conducting the escalation in the directions of care. and china is a gesture of good will and to help with the movement towards an agreement in response, there was a provocation in purchase, which is immediately used by the west to announce a new batch of sanctions, as well as atrocities against the russian prisoners of war. by ukrainian, neo nazis goes to school. still, moscow has said the talks in istanbul,
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we're constructive with ukraine appearing inclined to remain outside of nato and not acquire nuclear weapons. in turn, russia's defense ministry promised to reduce its military activity around kit and the northern city of sharing the gulf. also, russia and ukraine were to postpone any decision about the future status of crimea, and the dumbass. foreign minister lever says king of has shifted its positions. however, in a signal that someone else could be pulling the strings. but globe move you to go to specify the inability to negotiate. once again, characterize is the true intentions of care on its line of delaying and even undermining the negotiations through departure from the understandings reached. we see this as a manifestation of the fact that the key of regime is controlled by washington on its allies who are pushing president salenti heat to continue hostilities for those rooney. with a recent washington post article claimed some nato countries want to see ukrainians fighting until the bitter end and
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a proxy war against moscow. u. s. presidential biden has been open about arming and training ukrainians to engage in combat against russia. meanwhile, lot v as defense minister and a senior fellow at the atlantic council are also calling for more military support for ukraine. nato's chief yawns, sultan burg made it clear that more military support would be heading to ukraine. $9.00 towards support ukraine. at the same time natal main responsibility is to protect and defend allow us on the on to prevent this or conflict from escalating to full fridge war between a nato on the on russia. and the reason why we have last week. so the deployed $40000.00 troops on there is directed to command a, to the eastern part alliance, and also added more a troops under a national command, including a more us troops in europe. and this presence is to help prevent escalation of the
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conflict. washington, if they wanted to stop this, they can continue because they do basically control zalinski could get him to agree to the terms and to come to a conclusion that they had agreed to even before the hostilities began. but this, this, but as long as they keep feeding the weapons this into, into the, into that country, ukraine will fight and there would be more slaughter on both sides. the intention of the west is basically to contain russia. it has a far greater geo strategic purpose, and ukraine is just a cog in this, in this machinery of western of the west of the u. s. lead unipolar world order ukraine's president vitamins. lensky gave a speech to greece's parliament and presented statements by ukrainian allied forces in mario pl, including ethnic greeks and even members of the neo nazi as of battalion. the
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inclusion of the far right battalion whose insignia is based on the knotty german wolf's angel symbol, sent a rift through greek politics with opposition. law makers issuing condemnation and a wave of criticism erupting on the internet. the day of great shame for the greek parliament during his address ukrainian president zalinski showed a video of a nazi his off battalion fighter supposedly, of greek origins, talking about the war. greek government officially whitewash has neo nazis. nazis are getting standing ovation in the parliament of the country that gave birth to democracy unacceptable. fiasco of greece prime minister allowing soleski to address greece, parliament topped with video of as of the italian neo nazi member, shameful. former british diplomat william melanson says zalinski is inclusion of the as of statement has proven scandalous and even eroded support for greece's
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ruling party. i think that this scandal of this as of a madman being allowed to even address a whole greek parliament is, is, is an example of the fact that greece does not have its own foreign policy. now it's highly embarrassing for the government. even the opposition is furious. about it, a former prime minister summit us is furious and i think we're going to see a little more come out in the wash over the next few days. because it's not enough to say that this is just greek slapdash behavior incompetence. it goes deeper than that. so, and it's annoyed a lot of people and it's highly emotional, particularly because of the large greek community in the south of the ukraine. so those my initial comments, although i can also add that apart from the some greek political parties that refused to attend the show in cyprus,
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the cal party also refused to attend the show and possibly the biggest party in cyprus. so let me so say it's a shame that greece doesn't have the independence of hungary or turkey. you see. so it is a scandal, and i don't think it will cause the fall of the government, but the government will definitely lose a lot of votes. as the wes ramps up sanctions against moscow seeking to cut russian fossil fuel imports, european countries are set this year to pay more than 9 percent of their gdp on energy sources the highest share since 981 industries a struggle to cope with soaring fuel prices and regular people tried to make ends meet amid surging inflation. the e u wants to switch from cheap oil gas and coal from russia to more expensive supplies from the u. s. norway and cutter. r t examines who could really benefit from that. what to do with russian gas, the question,
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keeping brussels bureaucrats up at night. a 3rd of the use gas supply comes from russia, a literary fuels, the european economy. the when the war and ukraine started, the block had a change of heart by speeding up investment and energy efficiency. every one can contribute in reducing our dependency on russian gas, and who was ready waiting in the wings to help win the you off. it's russian, a gas habit. washington, the war had betty broken out, but already had dollar signs in its eyes. it's tragic what's going on in eastern europe. and it saddens me to see the satellite images on the new screen that we've all witnessed this morning. but if anything, these high prices, the volatility drive even more energy security and long term contracting before the war, u. s. companies just couldn't compete with russian fuel, which was cheaper, closer, a more plentiful american ellen g hung around in the shadows, like the expensive cousin. no one in brussels wanted to ship gas across the ocean
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of massive tank as well by expensive term. those for loading and unloading for the events in ukraine changed all that and washington smelly. perfect opportunity to rest the you away from russia. after years of trying to to earlier this month, i announced the united states with van all imports of russian energy. to make it clear, the american people would not be part of subsidizing puny, brutal, unjustified war against people, ukraine. at the time, i notice that we were able to take this to appoint others could not because united states is a net exporter energy, the strong domestic industry and united states welcomed the european news powerful statement early this month, committing to rapidly reduced to pen unsung russian gas today we've agreed on an joint game plan toward that goal. sure enough, us allen g exports is are already reaping the benefits. his reported that they'll be sending out 11400000000 cubic feet per day this year. that's roughly 22 percent
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of the world's demand for alan g. almost a double its share of the global market in 2020 an added bonus is that it will overtake the australians in guitar, eas, another added bonus. it's brought the fossil fuel industry, some breathing room. europe had been moving away from fossil fuels, while state side, the calls to go green, grew daily, the oil and gas execs thought that time was up, but not enable. we commend the administration's focus on addressing climate change and share the goal of reducing emissions across the economy. but we cannot let that objective detract from the clear and present need for continued responsible investment in oil and natural gas development. the only people who won't be so pleased, the ones picking up the tab. we have to be aware that the companies who have signed long term contracts with gas prom do receive gas at significantly lower prices than we have to pay in the l. n. g market. so there will be impact on our energy prices . for the u. s. t o a win win. not only will rake in the dollar's at home,
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but now abroad soon he gets it p o boost, by seeming to be a reliable pon an ally in times of trouble. plus it becomes much, much richer. last for europe. well, it's simply shifted. it's dependency from one country to another and in its drive for energy security, it mice ironically have found itself more insecure than ever. or that has a for me say with us throughout the day as we have more news and commentary from the war in ukraine. this is our to international ah ah,
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europe finds itself in a quandary is determined to punish russia for its military operation and ukraine. it's favored policy. instrument is of course sanctions of all sorts. but alas, it's not so simple. sanctions and gender counter sanctions. this translates into economic pain for europe. will this live when you got a good? i seen those. would you live up just in this? and you can say it's of those a. the easier though. yeah, i'm not sure the video is you don't believe peter than the alberto. see that the but i see the that they do.


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