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tv   News  RT  April 10, 2022 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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ah ah, pakistan's prime minister m ron con is removed from office in a vote of no confidence following a week's long political stand off. he says the us orchestrated the oscar detained ukrainian nationalist fighters, admit to war crimes such as murdering unarmed civilians including women. they describe how they committed the atrocities in exclusive footage. i shot her in the temple. i was interested how a person dies. i asked one of them what the word tally any to me. he didn't answer and i shot him dead. and in this week's major stories, western powers ramp up accusations against russia over a massacre in the key of suburb lucia. moscow says it was a provocation committed to derail peace talks and prolong the conflict. but
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the inability to negotiate once again, characterizes the true intentions of keith and its line of delaying and even undermining the negotiations. we see this as a manifestation of the fact that the key presume is controlled by washington than its allies or pushing the president to lansky to continue has till it with broadcasting from our studios in moscow. recapping the week's top stories with news and commentary, this is our international. i'm john thomas. glad to have you with us. right now. pakistan's prime minister iran con is removed from office in a vote of no confidence following a week's long political stand off. he's accused the us of conspiring with the opposition to asked him over his friendly relations with russia and china. a local journalist reports from outside the parliament guy,
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miss connie's family and his party. the ruling. 8 will now sit on the opposition benches. so there is a background of this, this proceedings because it was a separate eyes, moved by the speaker off the national assembly. he just said the last session of the probably rent, and then he and his as ignition. and he said that he has gone through the details of that letter written right. if i could find the best part in the in washington clearly says that the u. s. government asked him to convey to his government, it means to find a government that if the country this motion is not successful, why cosign will have to face serious consequences? so i guess that that he will turn will be his leader, and he will follow because here so, so he asked the opposition member a former speaker, mr. to preside this session and then he left so immediately
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moved for the confidence martian and date of us are counting then and 176 members. but in terms of the country, that's marcia. now on monday, the session will start again, and the house will elect a new leader and be tracy's research about city is, are 4 times chief minister after the law, just progress offer and job. and he's a younger brother to farmer prime. nissan. off bike assigned mr. now my city, so he will the same day he will be elected because they have the majority in the house now. and the same evening they will take off as a prime minister. the vote came after pakistan's, supreme court said cons, previous move to dissolve. the parliament had been illegal. some opposition. politicians have accused him of treason. the parliament is now set to appoint a new prime minister. before the vote. khan said that he would not recognize a new government. he has called on his supporters to take to the streets and
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protest. political analyst, java had run a ways in on what he sees behind the aster. at the heart awful a by mrs. auster is his foreign policy. a he is the 2nd pharmacy and i still focused on after $970.00 there. he tried to demonstrate an independent foreign policy. he wanted to have a closed, dies with that a show he wanted to have closed on the china and the scene time he wanted to maintain a fairly lucian with the u. s. c. i think the reason the prime minister wandered in election, the reason he dissolved the parliament, was a simple, he had new equal aiken stairs come back to bark and, but the military and the opposition parties certainly are they upholstered and he has not been able to manage it, as we speak, the only default modeling party is preparing to go fighting mass really in, in bacchus on today. but it's spelled out from now now to the war and
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ukraine were captured, nationalists soldiers have described how they brutally killed civilians, including women for refusing to follow them or not knowing nationalist code words and a bit of a warning. you may find this footage disturbing. in this video, you can see the body of a woman allegedly murdered by the ukrainian militants who said he shot her in the head because she refused to go into a room with him. he showed how he disposed of the corpse by dumping it into a pit, and other ukrainian fighter has admitted to killing a man for not knowing a code word used by nationalists to identify russian soldiers. the militant said he fired 3 bullets at the man who turned out to be a civilian. and we warn you, their testimony may have actually come under the roof. 2 guys came, i asked them to stop and they didn't want to stop. i asked one of them what the word poly any to means. he didn't answer and i shot him dead. the 2nd replied that the word means brad, and i let him go. she put her also. i told a woman,
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let's go to another place nicely or i'll shoot you dead. yeah. she refused. i shot her in the head. then i got a bit afraid i'd been interested in how a person dies. seals through the her and rushes defense ministry has reported that on saturday alone, more than 80 people were evacuated from conflict areas. in mar yeovil, that's after authorities in the done yet. so people's republic warned that civilian areas have increasingly come under fire by ukrainian troops in recent days. he of, however, has repeatedly said it's russia that is targeting civilians. and he sort of monocle sort of spoke with a local woman who described the violence. we are in no one of the children's hospitals say here engine is kenzie. this is where a wounded kids from a cities like maria, apple or of all nevada. ah, arrive. they have a difference of various injuries. some have shrapnel in their bodies as some were wounded by gone, shot, some by shelley and some were wounded as they were trying to evacuate from their
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towns. now i spoke to one of the mothers that has said 2 children that were wounded as they were trying to die could from the city of val lavaca. the woman is determined to return to her home city, offer vulnerable aka. however, she is still scared about the future, thus she doesn't want to give her name and she doesn't want to be seen on camera. lots of us more, sharon began on march 28th, a land that we could have back. can't find the green card that we put to white glove from the call for you to. we also rolled that to my children in science, and we set out to us as we were driving. they started shooting that house without any warning about us getting pretty shallow. my dad was crying and begging that there were children inside do. at this moment i thought no one wants a lot, you know, i got out and then everyone who could it all city. so there were people who couldn't tell me some time after that of the shots against a woman was killed by a rough fell fire. so that she covered and saved her child knew avenue one was
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injured, but of but if it was a hugely for us from the dumbest pulses came out, they started to get us out of here in michigan and brought to the hospital in session set of railway hospital st. down lights stayed there for some time and on my way to least from the hospital, least as we get home with my child's health voice and the emergency service immediately brought us to this hospital in the neighboring lugens republic. local officials have accused kid forces of resorting to terrorist tactics. after a nitric acid tank was blown up at a hazardous chemicals plant in the city of rubies. now, now this is a mid to intense fighting between ukrainian and best forces. she has confirmed the explosion, but blamed it on forces of little guns people's republic. earlier this week, besides traded blame over the detonation of a hydrochloric acid tank in the same facility. the european union casts blame against russia after a missile hit a railway station in the city of comma tourist. can the don units,
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republic the incident left at least 50 people killed and about 100 others wounded. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski said that it was a touch k u missile fired by the russian military. but moscow says it decommissioned that armament years ago, zalinski his own advisor even contradicted him claiming that it wasn't. in fact, a russian is kind of missile. now this is going to get technical, so bear with me just a little bit. you can see and is contra missile on the left. it's fins are lower down than those on the touch you showed in the middle photo. the fins of the missile used in comma tours in the image on the right are closer to the middle of the rocket, like on a torch you. moreover, italian media has released images of what was left of the armament after the strike . missiles with similar serial numbers were reportedly used in previous attacks by ukrainian forces on the dumbass. moscow's defense ministry says the crime of course, missiles, a parent trajectory, shows that it was fired from an area controlled by ukrainian forces. moscow says it
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must have been a ukrainian touch k, you missile that hit the train station because that armament was long ago decommissioned by the russian military all statements by representatives of the cath nationalist regime about an alleged missile attack by russia on the railway station in the city of cremmit tool on april the 8th or a provocation, and are absolutely untrue. we emphasize in particular, that touch, can you tactical missiles, the wreckage of which was found near the crime, a toss grey station and published by eye witnesses, a used by ukrainian armed forces only and in another deadly incident that has had ukraine and western powers quickly accusing russia, a reported massacre in the key of suburb boucher, moscow's top. diplomat says the incident and the international reaction to it have been attempted to derail peace talks disturbing footage of what's said to be civilians. lying dead in the towns, streets was released by ukraine last weekend. and quickly circulated in western
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media. he of says, russia is to blame moscow strongly denies that obligation. both lead new ne brooklyn, with certain in cranium propaganda has exclusively been inflating hysteria around the video, which as we understand, was filmed by the cranium military in the city of butcher and the key fridge. and the frank orchestration of deceit about the alleged war crimes of the russian military has been proven. many times he was the question arises, what is the reason for the outright provocation? we tend to think that the reason lies in the desire to find an excuse to disrupt the ongoing negotiations. because when we look, the u. n has suspended russia from its human rights council with a narrow majority vote in the general assembly. 2 dozen member states including china voted against it. that's after mounting western accusations of russian involvement in the alleged killings in boucher with intense debates in the un security council. when they believe senior living, as they killed whole families,
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adults and children on a try to burn their bodies. he how to stop it immediately bring the russian military and those who gave them orders to justice for war crimes. in ukraine, we've all seen the heretic images from the towns of butcher and a pin of civilians deliberately killed in areas from which russian forces have we recently withdrawn, killed any and all acquisitions should be based on facts we british used to have been used to book them the municipal, we came to ukraine to bring the long awaited peace to the bleeding. dumbass, not a truce, but a real lasting pace. we do not have civilian objects in order to save as many civilian people as possible. that's why we're not moving as fast as many expected. we're not acting like america or his allies acted in iraq and syria, wiping out entire cities. what happened and butcher seems to entirely depend on what different sides want to have happened and butcher. what actually happened
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seems to be of little concern. ukraine did that salads accuse russia, russia and its allies, ukraine, at the end of much, russian forces quickly pulled out of the area. on the 31st, the mayor of butcher, in a video announced that the town had been re captured by ukrainian troops. he did mention any corpses, which, according to keith's version, already lifted the streets very, he threw his dear friends dear buchan community march 31st. we'll go down in the history our town as the day of its liberation from russian forces. ukrainian troops entered the town soon after. grizzly images flooded. social media, alleged and disputed satellite images which western media claim to have been shot more than a week before. suddenly showed bodies everywhere. some near impact craters, butcher had been on the ceaseless ukrainian military shelling, even after russian forces had left. the united states deliberately glossed over the
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father after the withdrawal of russian troops, the on force of ukraine shelter beecher city. many of the corpses, little round butcher, also wore white arm bands controversial in the and of itself. ukraine claims that russian forces shot dead civilians who co operated with russia, who apparently showed support. some of the victims had their hands tied again with white cloth, ukrainian nationalists themselves commented on the hated arm band saying that they justified shooting at any one wearing them. these arm bands are used by the invaders themselves as an identification sign during fighting. therefore, ukrainian defenders may confuse civilians with russian invaders. factor in the bus and military rations were also scattered around many of the bodies indicating that they had been given them by russian troops just before. and this is what kia claims
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they shot them dead mentioning is ukraine's collaboration law enacted recently. and the ukrainian civilian who is deemed to have call pirated with russian troops and presumably worn a white arm band faces 15 years in jail. that is, if they survive arrest by ukrainian troops under these nonsensical circumstances. what hoop does the un school for a fair investigation have? it is vital that all efforts are made to ensure that our independent and effective investigations into what happened in between. so truth justice and accountability as well as reparations and remedy for victims on the families. fair words in unfair times, given the war and the unprecedented level of propaganda. and this information in the media. many have already made up their minds. the pictures from butcher testified to the incredible brutality of the russian leadership in dos who follow
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its propaganda, facts, truths, evidence and culpability. a things of a now dead, the era in this new age and motion and interests to establish guilt and atrocities . sadly have become sickening spectacles where the judges, he or she who shouts, loudest, ukrainian forces entered the butcher. after russian forces left the town falling talks with give moscow said its troops reduced military activity in the cave, and showed me gov regions as a sign of good will amid progress in the negotiations, but amid an escalation intentions. russia's top diplomat, sergei lab rav has cooled hopes of breakthrough saying he of as backed away from previous promises, was use them beula after the east, and we'll talk in response to this routing of realism and the cranium. positions are forces conducted the escalation and the directions of key if attorney has as
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a gesture of good will and to help with the movement towards an agreement and response. there was a provocation in boucher which was immediately used by the west to announce a new batch of sanctions as well as atrocities against russian prisoners war, but ukrainian neo nazis bugaboo. the inability to negotiate once again, characterizes the true intentions of keith and his line of delaying and even undermining the negotiations through departure from the understandings reached. we see this as a manifestation of the fact that the key resume is controlled by washington and its allies who are pushing president lansky to continue hostilities we will use. it's not only foreign minister survey leverage alleging this, a recent article by the washington post claims that some nato countries want to see ukrainians. continue the fight against russia. the u. s. has already handed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weaponry to give, but it's now going one step further. it's resurrecting the world war 2 era,
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lend lease bill to more efficiently, lend out military equipment to ukraine. u. s. president joe biden has been open about arming and training ukrainians in the fight against russia. and he basically look at amazon. what the hell you think we've done? why do you think you're able to fight? we've trained them and we've given them a weapons. that's what's happening. nato feels, it's all they can do is to a mass forces and, and kind of conduct a blocking action in case russia is intending to go further. you know, to the west. i'm not sure what they're actually thinking in this regard, but it certainly doesn't seem to be promoting, promoting a peaceful resolution. and it doesn't seem to be geared towards helping the ukrainian people. there are some thoughts that the united states wants to keep russia there, as long as it can to engage a battle on the territory of ukraine. and again, at great cost to a lot of people who live there in order to kind of bog russia down to kind of show
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that nato mean something. it looks like the west, which is supposed to be a beacon of liberty, and free trade is not incorporating those concepts into it. so it's predicted strategy for a defense against russia. i guess you would call it the u. s. has approved a massive arms sales deal to taiwan significantly. escalating tensions with beijing that's after china refused to bow to heavy white house pressure to denounce russia's military campaign in ukraine. and there are reports that u. s. house. speaker nancy pelosi plans to visit taiwan. beijing says that there will be consequences if she does the volume crucial. you go to the u. s. side should honor its commitment to the one china principal and the 3 china us joint communiques cancel the plan, visit of u. s. house of representatives. speaker pelosi may stop its official contact with
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taiwan and fulfill its commitment of not supporting taiwan independence. if the united states insist on having its own way, china will take strong measures in response to unswerving lead, defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity to it. all possible consequences that arise from such a visit will completely be borne by the u. s. side. adding fuel to the fire nato member states lead by the us are set to provide weapons and cyber tech to nations. in the endo pacific region and a show of support against china, our teens don quarter comments. it tried to bully china and to taking a side and it failed. nato says it's done with talking and has moved on to saber rattling. we see that china has been unwilling to condemn russia's aggression and has joined moscow in questioning the right of nations to choose their own path. so i expect we will agree to deepen nato's cooperation with our asia pacific partners, including in areas such as arms control,
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cyber hybrid and technology. working more closely together will make us all safer and more secure. so let me get this straight. nato support ukraine's right to choose its own path, but not china's, and that north atlantic treaty organization sure is barking orders far away from the north atlantic. we have seen the shine law is unwilling to condemn russia's aggression and begging has joined moscow in questioning the right donations to choose their own pulse. this is a serious challenge to oh, soul. it makes it even more important that you stand together to protect albert values as always nato's following close behind the u. s, which has never hidden its burning desire to contain its main competitor, china only now, washington's inching closer than ever, towards a military confrontation with it. having failed to shame beijing and to thinking it's on the wrong side of history. the u. s. is switching gears into fear mongering
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. it almost seems like we can't go through a month without some new revelation coming about china. in my mind, the chinese are building a military that is capable of coercion, which requires us to have a strategy to be able to stand up to that coercion or defend the indo pacific in the broader world order that the u. s. and our allies value washington also claims china is acting aggressively by setting up military bases in the south china sea. instead, the u. s. says it should militarize the area again, the south china sea, $95000000.00 worth of american military equipment has been approved for ty, ones used with cheese, that ent, including patriot air defense systems. then there's august, the security packed between australia, the u. s. and the u. k. when it says it wants a free indo pacific, it clearly means one free from china. and so the pacts entering the growing arms race for hypersonic missiles. china, on the other hand, is sending out a warning to the west. don't provoke beijing. the way you did moscow,
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anyone who do not want to see the ukrainian crisis, should refrain from doing things which may lead the other parts of the world into a crisis like this. as the chinese saying goes, if you do not like it, do not impose it against others, all the while the west and its allies are fixing their bayonets in japan. recent poll suggested people want to break with the countries post world war 2, tradition of leaving defense matters up to the u. s. and strengthen its own national defenses. the european union with all its past rhetoric of peace, is also rearming with germany, for example, pledging $110000000000.00 to modernize its military. it's foreign affairs chief, even called the e, was last high profile summit with china. a dialogue of the death looks like all is revealed about the west foreign policy when it doesn't get its way through diplomacy. it's our way or the highway. but maybe the u. s. is trying to have another wall, like a you credible is not enough. so the chance how to was at the same time,
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they want to challenge china over taiwan. we know there will be consequences. i said about chinese minister, you know, obviously this was it, it becomes true. it will be there will be a implications and the consequences, you know, you can expect a strong response from the chinese side. so it's really pretty confusing to see. at this point of time, us cindy massey glossy to taiwan, to provoke china, to support the tower. independence, that's something that we know this is a rep for the chinese is a simply, it's hard to understand that is simply acceptable. you can see right now there is a response that popular matching china. basically, everybody says, you know this, the government has to respond strongly as soon as possible if it doesn't for me and stay with us throughout the day with more news and commentary about the stories that shaped our week and our weekly program. this is our traditional
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ah, ah, needs to come to the russians state will never be tied as on the northland scheme with 55 with will ban in the european union. the kremlin. yup, machine. the state aren't russia to date and r t sport mckibbin our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with
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. mm hm. city looking spoke with with both both the models. you need to do both nelson's meals with a, with a grain already. a lot of them bought a home for them by a least leaving and you that the gosh darn, you're normally with
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a from dish with us. the 1st one, the you know, with, with oh, is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating. but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. and we started adopting those techniques when i was station and mosul among them, wordpress positions sleep deprivation. inducing hypothermia is already beginning to
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be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do or more than comes home, nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. in the moral authority, the made america war later sacrifice for the shimmer of effective interrogation. pohden is the aggressor to chose is war. today i'm authorized with additional strong sanctions. i think you chose to list groceries as you speak on the bill in your senior mostly mind the banding, all in ports of russian oil and gas turbine and imposing these sanctions. i brush you as destroyed the american. any factors there is your boomerang. i where your suffering, i mean they key interest really hitting people in the pocket book. moses was only
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marcia using your your router visit or not you. this is gonna impose severe cost on the russian economy of immediately and overtime. there is some, as i stated, the that on there by the we have list social and then use that for them are started a little bit. he made this all the emeralds, bamboo, i am going to absorb it. so the pickup is fixed body. how did show that 21st century is with the asians, it? russia is also an asian country and began to develop military cooperation. similar to what nato does in europe propose lower gibberish author, chauffeur, to swing by lurking in trade was the search for new markets in port substitute.


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