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tv   News  RT  April 10, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a, [000:00:00;00] a mass protest to erupt in pakistan with tens of thousands to the city streets around the country in support of the recently aston, prime minister in ron khan, who says washington pushed for his removal because of his close ties with russia and china. joe biden is to hold talks with indian prime minister. now random modi as the us escalates pressure for india to distance itself from moscow and
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quote, downscale purchases of russian weaponry question. media once again shows ukrainian forces displaying in nazi symbols without mentioning that fact as an icon of an ss division is clearly seen in the images of ukrainian soldiers praying for victims of the war. and russia says kiev is trying to pull as of nationalists out of the battle from are you pull as the premium side loses control over the city? that's as maria pulls ukrainian mer admits, at least half of the city is now held by russia are 2 years from locals who describe harrowing experiences under the neo nazi as our fighters to previously control the city. fighting here was especially ferocious, but it is that police over now people are once again that the streets came down in that they used us as human shields, those nationalists bastards would drive into our residential neighborhood. fire
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something very loud, then ran away the live direct from our studios and moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas . certainly glad to help you with no package. john has been jolted by mass protests and cities around the country following the parliament ouster of prime minister him run con at the weekend. tens of thousands have taken to the streets in support of the outgoing leader, who has accused us of pushing to remove him. because of his strong ties with russia and china. aah!
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parliament held a vote of no confidence against him on con, following a week's long political stand off with members of the opposition and the military speaking out against him. con, had earlier moved to dissolve parliament, saying it had been corrupted by foreign powers, particularly the us of the supreme court said he did not have the authority to do so. the parliament is now set to appoint a new prime minister. con has said that he won't recognize a replacement. he appeared at a large demonstration with capital islamabad on sunday, and emphasized his gratitude to his supporters and a message on twitter. thank you to all pakistanis for their amazing outpouring of support and emotions to protest against us back regime change abetted by local merger, fars, to bring into power a quarter re of pliable crooks all out on bail. it shows pakistani at home and abroad, have emphatically rejected this. this is the man
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here, i mean with insight with the order and quite happy with i what he has
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a german is pronounced. there he is. this is with the u. s. has denied the allegations of having interfered in the motion against con, saying it respects pakistan's rule of law. but many of his supporters believe there was a foreign hand at play in the aster. but said buck hasanti, pakistan's legitimate government has been removed after us interference. all the institutions, including the judiciary, assisted in this people, those same thieves and looters have been imposed on us again to benefit natalie de tom. so boldly to now lies. and we don't want our hopes to and our children now struggling like how we did. we want to tell hell what this is not a democratic way to end to government. what does america think? they will bias. anybody that won't happen. everyone, she traced the voice against the decision my as us ramps up pressure over new jellies, close ties with moscow. joe biden is to hold
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a virtual summit with indian prime minister, not into moody new delhi has increasingly come under fire from the west over its neutral stance on the ukrainian conflict. monday's summit precedes scheduled to plus 2 talks later in the day between the u. s. and indian top diplomats and defense ministers. that's after us defense secretary lloyd austin, called on india to quote downscale its purchases of weaponry from russia. we believe that is not in their, their best interest to continue to invest in russia equipment. and our requirement going forward is that they downscale types of equipment that they're investing in and look to invest more in the types of things that will make us continue to be compatible. experts however, say similar alternatives to russian weaponry would be too expensive for india to purchase. moscow and new delhi have strong military ties and reinforced their cooperation. last year,
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we heard from an indian military analyst who says the country is unwilling to reach compromises in choosing his partners. is it on a wish from united states as well in the last few years? are we able to sell their defense products to india? indian national interests are foremost to us and they have no compromises based on that in how we choose partners. all we use our alliance as we look at the election progression. and before that, the soviet union, big guy and, and the quality article went the hardware. we have taken from rachelle or word or decades. it will not be, you know, out of the way to say that it is much more dependable in terms of availability, the price points. and also the technology, even square, which is used in that bank with which we were writing on the day in the deserts, turban space would also be used in the restroom helicopter. so that is the
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uniformity of how the spare part and maintenance is done. and so very important factor, because when you see the americans on the other side, b, which were fun, we just manufacturing the, even the similar kind of a bunch, the help of manufacturing, some kind of a gun system or artillery guns. their technology is divergent and also the maintenance requirements are quite high and exorbitant at times. so india as to where that the western media has been con, displaying neo nazi symbols among ukranian forces without mentioning that fact in their coverage of a religious event for casualties in the queue of region. you know, be cute. i mean was for the for the mainly the highlighted symbol refers to the nazi s. s. galicia division formed during world war 2 among collaborators and what is now western ukraine and poland. the polish parliament has specified that the division committed acts of genocide. its been internationally recognized as
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a criminal organization. and such nazi symbolism is officially banned in ukraine, but streets in some ukrainian cities have been named after the glacier division and marches. to honor it are openly health. this is not the 1st time the western media has displayed such symbols. last month, the b. b. c ran a report interviewing ukrainian soldiers featuring one who is displaying a nazi s. s sculls symbol. we heard from independent journalist taylor who dock, who says the western establishment media is not going to focus on neo naziism in ukraine because it does not fit into their narrative. it is quite puzzling that the sign would include something like this, but of course it may show that the media is just becoming a little too comfortable and feeling a little bit too confident. the fact that they would portray the ukrainian soldiers here who have these nazi symbols. and as we know that there are nazis, i wouldn't even say neo nazis but nazi's in ukraine in the western mainstream media
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outlets. in fact, reported on this around 20132014. but now because it serves the west, they are no longer going to be talking about this and highlighting this. and so it's very disturbing to see western media outlets in western governments support nazis in ukraine right now. and that is precisely what we are seeing. and i think that this is all because it serves again, the interests of western governments in western intelligence agencies. we've seen time and time again that unfortunately, it is as if it is the role of the mainstream media to sort of push the propaganda that serves the western nino allied countries. fighting is currently raging in the city of mar, you pulling the done yet screw republic with the russian military. st. kid has been trying to pull out neo nazi. as of battalion troops from the battle,
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the cities ukrainian mer has reportedly admitted that at least half of the city is now held by russia. ukraine. president zalinski recently told the associated press that marble is at quote, the heart of this war. because the outcome of the battle could define the upcoming piece negotiations achieve, but i've gotten reports from erie as you can see, we have been able to reach the waterfront here in the moodle almost the geographic moodle of mario bull city. ris means that the ukrainian forces in the city itself have now been split into at least 2 pots, perhaps more because they're in the distance east. the as of steel and arn works industrial complex, which is where thousands of ukrainian nationalists are making their stand we. we don't want to walk out to the water front because there's merely a kilometer between us and the as of steel, industrial complex,
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which is well within range of a good sigh. but on the other side is the port of mario book, which is where another group of ukrainian forces troops as well as nationalist elements of also been surrounded. they have already lost a significant part of lea, a port which has been liberated by russian forces. but again, this means that a significant amount of ukrainian troops um, now being split and encircled it all came at a tremendous cost. ukrainian nationalists made fortresses out of people's homes and neighborhoods even as they forbid them from leaving those homes under the penalty of death. human shields on top of scorched earth. this is the right
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bank of marble orbits. downtown and city center fighting here was especially ferocious. but these at least over now, people are once again that the streets no longer hiding in basements. some of them with what possessions they have left on cards, their apartments and houses bud. some buildings are more or less. okay. others, as you can see, i'll completely destroyed bun and on the verge of collapse. mere streets away now or the result of the fighting, the combat. yet people here they that him so much as turn and local or flinch. uh, the sounds of explosions and gunfire. wherever you go and liberated areas, todd and weary civilians, polkas piled with their possessions or firewood,
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loaded with water. for weeks they had been unable to do, even that. now that the shock and horror of battle have worn off, they speak frankly. he was he and i imagined they used as, as human shields, those nationalists bastards would drive into our residential neighborhoods. fire something very loud, then ran away before the return. fire came. they used as an even took away our food . the lawyer kicked that. it's the same story all over the city. the nationalists, who are predominantly from west than regions of ukraine, have always viewed the pro russian east of the country with disdain. they despised as we all knew, it even children. they would make them sing the ukrainian anthem before and after lessons. and if they refused, their grades would be lowered and the parents were too scared to complain. when putin spoke of genocide in ukraine,
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against russian peoples and russian culture. this is what he meant. the kidnappings, the secret prisons and torture, the brain, washing of thousands, western press ignored this. people were too scared to cry out for help. you said you've got your they told us. if we have to retreat my room, what to city of the face of the earth, the national i sent this to us only back in 2014. i remember the national nest fast to paint and now city a woman in a keel and, and gave fess called amount defenders. and one of them turned around and told her who sadly came here to defend jesus with come to make mincemeat out of v. and that's what they're doing now. there's not long left soon, the guns and mary, you will, will full silence and the city will be liberated at may take years and years to rebuild. but it will take even longer generations for society to healed psychologically from the ravages of ukrainian nationalists. hoover 8 long years
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we're, i'd gazda of r t from mary opal. russian. daniel could join forces have freed 47 sailors from foreign vessels captured by as of nationalists in mar, you pull. the vessels were reportedly seized on sunday and used as firing positions . russian, azerbaijani, egyptian and ukrainian sailors were among those liberated by russian forces. we heard from some of them as they described what they experienced. no more grinning forces came on board, introduced himself at the zone battalion. they saw that the control console was operational and decided to break it using the stocks of their rifles in their car. the wires, jewels to him, navigational and radio hardware all was destroyed. when the assault came here, they used an excuse to come. they claimed we revising russian military ships.
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balsam with they forced the crew to come here to the captain's bridge. they told us to lay down took all the money, phones, laptops, everything valuable. they didn't, he does though, didn't press physically too much. but currently, i mean, there are 14 people in the crew. 13 of them are ukrainians, one as russian. yeah. the russian army visited us as well offered to provide food and water, no one offered evacuation. then we've been told to stay at the port ever since we entered it. we are happy to finally head back home. we had no contacts or chance to talk to our families. it's very unusual to leave the ship this way. some western journalists have started to question the mainstream media's interpretation of events in ukraine, particularly the situation in boucher where images of civilians dead bodies have been used by ukrainian and western officials to accuse russia of war crimes. but
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italian journalist georgia bianchi says there is no direct evidence to support those allegations. pin bellini? sure so livable leona had logical doubts about the situation in boucher. i have no direct evidence disproving the statement by the ukrainian side. some of the facts appeared to have merit. my media doubted due to delay of information from boot jump, lin, issue reports about dead bodies came only after a substantial amount of time had passed since the russians left the area. why didn't anyone report about those bodies earlier? why was there such a delay? there are a lot of things that don't make sense. and there's no direct evidence to connect the russian army with any of these crimes. none. i can't believe the professional trained russian army would engage in such an incident with civilians in a territory that it wanted to manage. the russian army can't allow even the slightest mistake because the western media, they're waiting for a convenient moment to cast blame against russia. that's why russia could not have behaved in such
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a way. the global community has come out in assistance for ukrainian refugees. a recent events in warsaw called stand up for ukraine, raised about $11000000000.00 for civilians displaced by the conflict that followed a visit by u. s. president joe biden, to hundreds of refugees in the polish capitol. it's an outpouring of support. unlike what was seen earlier with migrants from war to our nations in the middle east, we heard from nationals of countries devastated by the us about what they think of the apparent double standards this morning. president biden poised to come face to face with ukrainian survivors for the 1st time. a president today had refugees in the crowd of his big address. and he also met directly with ukrainian refugees at a stadium in warsaw. he visited a soccer stadium, turned into a refugee center in warsaw, where he got to top with mothers and children. these ukrainian refugee got a selfie with president biden, while about 3500000 syrian children who fled that country have been shunned by the
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u. s. president, out of although the war in ukraine broke out a very short time ago, the u. s. president visited those ukranian refugees. in all case, all they wanted to destroy our country. they never cared about the refugees of displaced. we've been in distress for a while, but no one offered us. anyhow. we have been surrounded and suffered hunger, thirst in extreme weather. no one helped us, not even the americans. about 120000 bombs have been dropped on syria wrought by the us and allies. nearly 400000 syrian civilians have been killed. while the u. s. has only accepted nearly 25000 syrian refugees. many accredited refugees were a law or worse to stay in europe, closure their homes. but we've also will welcome 100000 ukrainians. united states were the focus on reuniting families. but why is it because ukrainians look
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european this is a relatively civilized, relatively european. they look like any european family that you would live next door to. this is not a developing 3rd. well they said, this is your or is it because the us wouldn't like what syrian refugees would tell them? the american dream is aligned, there is no such thing. we're living on our land. what do they have to do with this? they hired bandits gave them money to control us. law. one of the americans don't care of villians live or die. they only care about the militants. i definitely don't expect the u. s. president to visit us because he doesn't care about the syrian people. he doesn't care if we are hungry or not. all he seeks is his personal interest. energy prices have been skyrocketing in europe with no end in sight, mid suffocating sanctions against the world's largest fossil fuel exporter russia. around 18000000 households in the u. k. are expected to see their energy bills go
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up by more than 50 percent this month. some experts have started to draw frightening parallels with the energy crunch of the 1970s when a fuel shortage severely impacted people around the globe parties where florida explains. the u. k is in crisis maurice johnson desperately looking for new sources of energy. he promises to build one nuclear reactor, a year, fix mistakes, so that britain is never blackmailed as he claims by russia. this is about traveling some of the other mistakes of, of the past to making sure that we are set well for the future. i will no longer subject to will never again subject to the vagaries of the global oil gas price. we can be subject to blackmail as it were from people such as vladimir putin. we have energy security here in the u. k. the mistakes of the past i felt deeply the situation is critical. the u. k has not had such problems since the energy crisis
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of the 19 seventy's. this really is a historic shock to real incomes. the shock from energy prices this year will be larger than every single year in the 19 seventy's. so what happened in the seventy's? the 1973 arab israeli war prompted an oil embargo by opec that led to a fuel shortage and resulted in global recession. the world suddenly realized just how dependent it was on the middle east and opec for its oil. britney, suffering chronic inflation, and rising prices. very similar to current inflation rates. they called spade limits lines at petrol stations. i remember joining long queues to my local petrol station, ron, or paintin and being limited to a gallon or to a 4 star wellstar country was plunged into crisis. a few observes were saying that the answer to high prices is always high prices. and so it proved consumption was curved than i to seventy's and supply grew dramatically back then the government
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even urged citizens to hate only one room to save money. what is being offered now? something similar, the labor party quickly came up with a solution in the spirit of the seventy's, koresh and energy rolling blackouts. the government should be preparing not necessarily in public for that situation. there is a lot of complacency in this country about the relative lower exposure to russian gas that we have. the labor proposal is far from universally popular, but boris found his own way out on april the 1st. the government hiked electricity prices by 54 percent. add this to a record 30 year inflation rate, and experts say hundreds of thousands of u. k citizens could be pushed below the poverty line. this will see a further 1300000 people fall into absolute poverty next year, including 500000 children. the 1st time britain has seen such a rise in poverty outside of recessions. so trying to correct what it calls the
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mistakes of the past. the u. k is now a tweak of fallen into an even darker reality. the fierce protest to have erupt it in france after the presidential elections 1st round, ended with a mere 3 percent gap between incumbent menu macross and foreign right. candidate marine the pen. now, in the city of ren hundreds of people protesting against both moran and the pen, shoving anti fascist slogan, demonstrators were seen setting up barricades and starting a fire with significant police presence in place. it's estimated that around 500 people with the streets of the french town following the election results. i said, does it for me? i will be back in 34 and a half minutes with another 4 fresh look at your new stay with our to international . ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even
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foundation, let it be an arms race group is on often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down and talk with me. i think i understand both, both the models you need to do both got nothing new. please deal with
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a, a, a, a, a, a, with the personal number here. we're here with a is, unless it is so called full spectrum that all live with strategic nuclear, to non conventional,
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your 100 good country like canada shoes may have plenty of public. but everyone knows we're to be actually sees it as well. only hope proceed, no more dollars. it will all be done and who owns the rulers of you're getting all those people are vulnerable. so there is no such thing as absent today. with proven is the aggressor tune chose is war today i'm authorized with additional strong sanctions. with strangers. you speak on the billing is pretty much the mind
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. the rebranding. all imports of russian oil and gas turbine and imposing these sanctions are bratia, has destroyed the american. in fact, mister barish boomerang, i re suffering. i think he is really hitting people in the pocket book noisily. marcia, using your, your router visit or not you. this is going to impose severe cost on the russian economy of immediately and over time. as i stated that i'm there by the we have list social and then use that for them are started a little bit famous. they saw the emeralds, bamboo, i am going to absorb it. so develop it's fixed body. how did show that 21st century is with the asians? it? russia is also an asian country. and we need to develop military cooperation.
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similar to what nature does in europe propose lower gibberish chauffeur to swing by literature. a trait was the search for new markets in port substitution. the word sanctions has become part of our dating vocabulary, neutralizer, flooded with more and more reports of restrictions. however, sanctions has an instrument of influence and nothing new. they been used against russia for decades. sunk to limit against new threats. here is porters a kick instrument of checkups there, just depending on what it, what it is that when you're in manhattan with how and then did the united states come up with the concept of sanctions instead of real military action operation sanctions can be imposed when you don't know what to do. does the united states want to go to war with russia over ukraine? i can tell you right now bed, that would not be


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