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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 11, 2022 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah damn, african retention your what you going on the ground, the team and i will be back soon with a brand new look despite nature nation and you censorship. but until end, we'll be showing some of your favorite shows of the season so far. coming up with his show, his russia becomes the most sanctioned country in the world, overtaking iran, we asked that round universities professor mohammed mirandi about the effects of economic warfare. and how ukraine may permanently shake up world power politics as brittany, you and usa, poor arms and to ukraine, to fight russia. and as the international criminal court investigates, alleged war crimes by russia in ukraine,
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we investigate arguable parallels with u. k. u. s. u armed israeli military actions in the middle east. in another week of bombing of damascus with princeton's legendary un special repertoire and palestine. professor richard folk. all the same, all coming up in today's going underground at 1st all week as russia moved into your grain, the global un nuclear i. e. a organization has been talking in vienna amidst media reports of alleged us by a warfare labs in ukraine, denied by the pentagon. a village russian interference, a general killing at a maternity hospital denied by russia. and as usual in a donation media, the dangers of a j. c. p. o, a deal with iran. let's go straight to vienna and speak to profess mom and mirandi of to run university. thank you so much, professor mirandi for coming back on the show before we even get to ukraine, presumably euro glad they apparently, sanctions been lifted on president rosie on the,
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on the president and the recognition of iran ally venezuela's president. my doro is the, i am changing attitudes towards iran, and do you expect her, you expect now the deal to go through? thanks vacation and is it in iran? is that all the is brutal sanctions are removed, they were never justified. there was never any evidence that iran was seeking a nuclear weapon. the intrusive sanctions that we've had in toronto in iran for years have proven that. but the united states and its allies have always use any excuse available. 10, agonized iran, and to her ordinary iranians. the united states accuses iran of terrorism, whereas the united states has surrounded iran with military bases, is killed, senior iranian officials with israelis. it's
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a fascinated people and it has been helping terrorist groups in syria and iraq and elsewhere. so the real problem is not iran, which is in this neighborhood, it is the united states, which is a pressing iranian which is strangling iranians. and which is threatening iranians . thousands of kilometers a mile or miles away from it so. so our hope is that the sanctions regime will and whether it's in iran or venezuela or cuba, or in nicaragua, or yemen, or syria or harness on all of these are unjust, barbaric. yeah, obviously the united states, it could be denies helping terrorism rusher is now more sanctioned than iran. we had john bolton on the show. people around the world can watch our interview on them, on youtube, except in europe, where to see the former us about you and of course from national security advisor. you said, yeah,
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sanctions obviously do work because that's what brought iran back to the table to negotiate over its nuclear program. it's the sanctions on iran that is brought iran to the table. well that doesn't justify anything to brutalize a population, but that is not correct either. the iranians only accepted negotiations with the united states once they accepted iran. right to enrich uranium. that was the key. so it was the united states that back down. although obama was the 1st person to initiate these maximum pressure sanctions targeting women and children in killing innocent people is only when he saw that you is a dead end that he had to accept the runs. right. but i think that that era is coming to an end the united states when it has to come to iran and seek some sort of solution with the country where it has to go to venezuela. when they
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confiscated or stolen as well an asset. and they chose their own president for the country, but now they have to go and seek the venezuelan leadership for negotiations. and for oil that shows that the, the world is changing in the united states no longer is in the position that it had held before. and iran recognizes that, and therefore iran will be more assertive in defending it sovereignty than before. even though iran has always been very assertive in that regards and about giving little, obviously denies ceiling that venezuela golden britain as things stand, does not recognize nicholas madura as the elected president of venezuela. but what way, hearing in a donation media suggests a separation between iran and russia, as well as events unfold it in, in ukraine because they say, a lever of lever,
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of his leveraging washington and all the arguable vessel states. of course, in europe. and the unnamed officials are being quoted in some mainstream media heritage foundation, a circle based media. it's not constructive. ab change of tack by russia at the vienna talks. well, i'm sure some people in iran, liberals will take what i say out of context. i'll try to be very careful. first of all, the regimes that imposed the sanctions on iraq for the last decade were west or whether under obama or trump, or by it. it was the united states that strangled iran, and those power was those global powers that resisted the sanctions. more than anyone else were china and russia, there is no doubt about that. and back then when the sanctions were 1st imposed, china and russia were much weaker than they were today. their ability to resist was much smaller,
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and gradually they grew more powerful and they became more resistant. so we have to keep that in mind. in addition to that, when the russians say is actually cracked, the sanctions imposed on russia will impede the iran's trade relations. because western countries we know are not going to come to rob 10 baths or to or to normalize trade. in the united states, of course, will never do that. so the only real options, aside from the global south, aside from neighboring countries in regional countries, are russia and china india as well, and so on. and so if russia is prevented from normalizing trade with the run, the not impede implementation of the j, c, k, i. however, the iranians want the deal to be to come to the conclusion and for all sides to accept it. so we are waiting to see what will happen
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ultimately for iran. what is important is that the injustice imposed upon the iranian people come to an end. have you been surprised at the global reaction to events in ukraine? obviously, europe did what washington wanted it to do, but as you mentioned, india not voting for the u. s. condemnation or even deploring rushes moves in to ukraine, brazil reaction pakistan's reaction. you've been surprised or is this been a long time coming? the end of hedge a monic washington bow. well, let me 1st mention one point and that is that in 2003, when the americans wanted to invade iraq, we hated saddam hussein more than anyone else. used chemical weapons against us, of course, with european and american support. they gave him that capability that military
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intelligence and the political a cover to get away with very huge chemical attacks, which i survived 2 of those attacks. and many people did it. but we were opposed to the war. i took part in the anti war protests in london. and the running government opposed to war because it was not legitimate. and even if the un security council had approved it, it would, it would not have been legitimate to iran. and therefore iran does not consider this war to be legitimate. when, when it opposes war against saddam on, it obviously will support or will oppose a war against ukraine as well. but i think what we are seeing now is the rapid decline of nato and the united states and its power because the united states has already been on the decline. we saw that over the last 2 years,
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the divisions in the united states economic crisis, the social and political crisis that we saw there. we see the decline in europe and the rise of alternative powers that are standing up against the old order a has never been more united actually. well they can, they can be as united as they want. but the point is that they are becoming, increasingly we can, and there are sanctions on russia will backfire because russia has the resources in the minerals and the oil and gas that they need. and the russians will sanction them as well. and as the united states and the europeans are trying to cross russia in the ukraine, and the russians are trying to crush nato in ukraine, that we can. so all of these powers and the global south, the watch is of course this,
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this war is going to create enormous problems for the world. i think you'll create starvation and parts of the world because of the rising price of grains and wheat. but in any case, i think that we are seeing a changing world, or we're seeing the end of the current world order. we're moving towards, i think, a multi polar world of disorder where you're going to have different goals. but i think it's going to, there's going to be a lot of disorder. and i think the times ahead are going to be very, very difficult for everyone. but we're going to see the decline of the united states more rapid than before. just on those weak prices, can we expect so called washington proxy governments in the global south to be stabilized by their populations who come to food bread. remember the ab spring or what's the awakening?
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a lot of it had to do with the price of bread and survival of ordinary people with, with things moving forward as they are across the global south. i think you're going to see major problems. and i think you may see many governments fall and you may see people die of starvation at summer. and i also think that you're going to see a huge decline in the portions of, of the already destroyed middle class across europe in the united states. and i don't think that it's going to end well for these countries, because under those circumstances, society is changed for the worse professor and the, i'll stop you there who from the renown scholar from the university of to run up to this break plus all that parallels between israel palestine in russia, ukraine is israel joins one of the $41.00 countries that the u. n, who condemned russia's actions in ukraine. we investigate all of them all coming up about 2 of going underground. ringback
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ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot baby orders given by human beings, except we're such orders that conflict with the 1st law, your identification, we should be very careful about personal intelligence at that point, obviously is to place trust rather than a, with artificial intelligence. real somebody with a protective own existence with oh, when i was showing wrong when i was just
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a whole new world to see how dizzy because the african and engagement equals the trail went so many find themselves well to porn. we choose to look so common ground. ah, welcome back. i'm still with the renown professor mohammed mirandi of town university . you joins me from vienna. iranian the media has been targeted in nato countries for many years. he g t n. the chinese are news media obviously. now, russian media, what do you think of m? a russian source is saying there may be a justification in international law by a warfare labs are indeed discovered in ukraine. that have been the w. m. d, that old, that old phrase from iraq. as we know there was no
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w m. d in iraq. the w m. d was on russia's borders. therefore russia had to act. well, i hope you are able to show at some point the clip of the u. s. deputy secretary of state. when she was discussing this, it was obvious, she was extremely nervous. the body language was extraordinary. obviously something very sinister was happening. it's no, it's no ordinary bio, but it was something in open then they should not be concerned at all that the russians would gain access to it. and, and i, it's a fact that the, this is, these are western kind of the same western countries that gave saddam hussein, chemical weapons. if it was an ideal world that the western media, cheerleading, the war like what they, i mean, i would imagine from their narrative that this is what norm, bbc would be doing. what not that north korea would be something like that be today . and cnn, today, when you watch them, it's just,
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it's just disgusting. they just cheerleaders for war. but when the war on iraq was taking place, they weren't cheerleading the occupation, shock and awe wasn't a bad thing back then. when chemical weapons were being given to sit down to use against iranians and the city of chit, when one attack 600-650-5500 people were massacred. they were silent about, it just shows the pentagon denies, obviously bio warfare and those kinds of comparisons with the address it is committed by alleged atrocities committed by nature. power is seen as watch about to read. i just quickly, i need to go back to go to turkey where of course, there was this extraordinary meeting between foreign minister that didn't seem to be peace negotiations. what do you think about turkey's position given it's an a to a member in russia can switch off a test 400 system at a stroke. well, the turkish president is a person who is constantly shifting his position one day and he's against israel.
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the next day he's host in this rate of the president, one day he's friends with the syrian president and they go out with their families together. the next phase of assisting isis in al qaeda to destroy the country. and so the syrian government on but now basically what the turkish government has done is that they've destroyed their credibility across the globe, no one trust as an add on whether it's ukraine or russia or nato, or even the israeli regime, or regional countries. just very briefly, i mean obviously we'd like to talk to your best join. i just got a very us review, ask you about syria because of the reports of his list. so previously supported and linked to major government, what have you, what is that age? you're hearing about the bombing of damascus. one of the oldest inhabited cities of, of the world, just this week by u. k. u. s. a you nation is ready will plains when there's right, a regime,
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damascus. they are violating international law. but in the western media, it's fine when they're starving yemen, a war which is far worse than ukraine, and thousands of british advisors are helping keep the saudi or air force afloat. we don't hear that in the media. these cheerleaders on the bbc and cnn and elsewhere are silent about that. it's either the races, but when it comes to syria, i think one of the interesting things is that 1st of all, these are not as far as just as the neo nazis and then not see this in europe or not christian. these are extremist groups that are used as tools by western powers, by the israelis, by add on, by nato, and by oil rich dest spots in the region that have been allies of the united states, just as in utah, ninety's are being used. and just as the contra rebels were being used against the broad ones, the americans and europeans use these extremist because it's like shocking off if i
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can iraq, the americans were proud of shocking on what was shocking on it was, it was to create fear, among ordinary iranians, it was to make iraq iraqis in all of the, of american might, which is utterly barbaric. that's, that's why they use extremists in syria. that's why they use extreme as in europe. that's why they use their extremist in the global south. obviously, washington brussels washington, brussels denies that professor moment. brandy. thank you. thank you for now, while russia has continued bombing ukraine this week, and while the international criminal court investigates alleged war crimes, u. k, u. s. u armed israel also investigated for legible crimes is continued its bombing of damascus. according to syrian state media. joining me not from california is professor emeritus of international law at princeton university and the former un special repertoire on the situation of human rights in the palestinian territories, richard fork. professor falk welcome to going underground. you're
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a legend as far as un, special or up, which as go, we've had many, you in special ravages on, but you made you in special opportunity what it is arguably is re lease, then volunteering to join up with the legend, though, denied by them neo nazi affiliated, ukrainian army, i better stop by asking you as a special reporter on palestine. what the situation in russia ukraine, is as regards parallels or the israel palestine. or rather, i, in the sense that the empathy and the outpouring of response to the humanitarian crisis caused by the russian invasion of ukraine has produced something
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absolutely different than they have been in over decade. and it can be explained by many in many ways, partly or renewal of the her idea logical her as the cold war is partly an expression of empathy for christian white. they become the syrian refugees during the syrian civil strife. were welcomed with barbed wire. in europe, while they, ukraine in refugees are being welcomed with
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open arms and one shows of hostility, hospitality, long hidden in britain to control the see about that. but i don't you tear is secretary general of the you and very quick to declare. russia violated the you and job to, i mean, what is he like? did he support your work with virginia tilly and your 2017 report when you accuse israel of apartheid? i know amnesty international now it's uses israel of about a do, which israel denies what is that to get there is like, what did he think of your report? i paris then are coming to the pressure exerted by the un, nikki haley and the security council thing goes out the report and condemnation. he was a new secretary general at the time. she threatened the un with funding consequences
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if he failed to denounce the report in actuality, he only removed it from the website. he never actually repudiated the report, but it was kind of the weakness of the un that it can respect the political independence of its own action and is subject to the what i call the primacy of jail holiday. although because lima, lima collapse had to withdraw the report do. and she, she left the organization at the, at the un. what does it feel like for you? i mean is 10 years since your un general assembly report defacto arguing for b, the s because of israeli violations of resolutions. susan rice, i mean she's now a. m g was then u. s. embassy into the you and have now she's about an official. she called your report irresponsible and acceptable, but she now supports
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a boycott of russia and you might have heard that we're here in whale in britain. chikavsky is being banned. m sopranos are being sacked in new york and conductors in milan. need a standard the control of the international or political and tomorrow, this car by the us. and that is a exaggerated response that has not been duplicated in other comparable situations like the iraq invasion of 2003. so there's every reason to, on the one hand, regret the humanitarian crisis that has been caused by
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a russian invasion. but at the same time, to point out that this is an illustrative of a geopolitical response. not a, even the handed legal and morrow response was of course more the guy who knew who is honey drive here in london, who revealed to us what he said was the israeli nuclear weapons program. as, as one of the most famous form a u. n. special repertoire has, how close do you think we are to nuclear confrontation? so gay lab said it's always nature that raises the threat. obviously, the ukrainian president has raised the need to perhaps rearm with nuclear weapons. and russian nuclear weapons have been put on high alert. i think there is a serious danger folk from the nuclear reactors
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in ukraine and could be hit with either accidentally or deliberately, either by turns or by direction military pressure. and then there's the danger of escalation. whenever there's a confrontation of this sort as code in the cuban missile crisis, back in 19621 has to worry about, they mutually catastrophic consequences of escalating across the nuclear crash. and i think it's one hope that the leaders on both sides have the prudent awareness of these risks. well, i'm relax reporting while we both and, and all of us here,
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we're going underground. so i sympathize with all the victims of the current conflict. do you think that we may be entering a new world order where all the were all the so called unworthy victims? as chomsky and edward herb and talked about will that be recognised? there won't be any more iraq, afghanistan, emmans libyans dubious areas, are too much to hope for realistic clay. i feel that the primacy of politics is such that the permanent members of the security council who are given them to send an exemption from complying with the un shot, to prove the leader of how i will continue to pursue their strategic now, one of the things that day at the present time is whether the aftermath
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of the cold war gives rise to a 2nd cold war or, and the unit polarity that the u. s. has claimed, in the end of the cold war and pro crime it's global security has no border planetary in skulk. that's it for one of your favorite shows of this season. the team and i will be back soon with a brand new look. but until then, you can keep in touch my all social media if it's available in your country. and remember, you can continue to watch all going undergoing episodes on odyssey and it auto come see very soon with n b c, news reports, u. s. intelligence agencies have been deliberately lawn brain, foaming,
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stories about the one ukraine through the media. those of us who have watch carefully the conflict suspected this all along. when you're losing an argument or the 1st line of defense is to lie in with
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oh oh, okay, sounds parliamentary likes to bounce to read to replace the iran con is prime minister of to thousands of the als did lead to support is took to the street to protest this removal from power. and what's con is called a us back to you as president biden up, the pressure on new delhi against support in russia, during a virtual summit with india's prime minister, russian faith, he had his make last day to attend to evacuated, remaining radical trips were mario pole with the dome by city now almost completely


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