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rather than fear, ah, let's take on various char brain with artificial intelligence. real. somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with oh, need to come to the russian state will never be i side as i'm phoning most landscape div, asking him now knocking something up. i mean, he could been 55 when. okay, so mine is gonna be the one else with we will ban in the european union, the kremlin. yup. machine. the state aren't russia today and split our
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t spoke neck, even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with mm ah, yeah. so you did away up 3 will not sure. so i did that for the that's the one with the is butch, because my my husband nicely grasped a dumb. we've got to do it is what's the deal of the new city?
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just been a was genius that you go to her to to though is i don't like yourself that are way up still here with a with a with,
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with a ah . oh, he's a little
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one. no, i knew it. you you have a machine that was good day? yes. enjoy jill. like lily though is one thing i really was just a yes. now out of order both kristie, we just which it's a new units that are much
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smaller than that with right now what you wouldn't have to do it on thanks. is this the guy of willa carsa used the yearly your, let's get good 3 know i'm a horrible night as well. yeah. n z gillis. bruce, who's because fewer shut on by her deal. as soon as they said no, the only little silly fears danielle, good boy, willie he also has in you thought all as do sorta as little
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soon is direct getting in. now in always that there is another look, go for with you enough. i believe yours and that is out there are gonna nasa build the eel that had you live. always give you on the go to say and you would live or whatnot. associate. get it the near the yellow and then you can also be boring. isn't us? what does it just got stuck in a new city now? i he just got a massive, massive illegal or i had the public good that it's sleeps in one corner. that is the beauty of this was not there
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with the mid ideal. if one of them have been in the world now, so neither does mother he spoke, which me much richer than yes because unfortunately on bus vale of those 2 years,
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leopold shania we're going it's going to william city, put in a border of going to pick up was that have been you? oh it's fine. it's not the can let shalom oh cool i can genuinely told you look at his car now or not but switched over penelope too, but and i michelle barrenca by these but it isn't 3 of them. throws them if they just as a surprise, my other me than yours. he was crying about chin you a fuck when he's showing us the wallace cocoa, my bill is utilized, sir. eat by humans to please. if cook with on it, when you're old, she was dead. oh, can a squatter mill, but just give consort slideshow and he is the best but he is really good, but don't look at them we learned at by z e particular t u though i leave for when they pretty much stress on your phone on the water i'm usually could, unless you must be a clue bustle, but not quite little s. e a. she was really cool. that olga didn't. you will let
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him forth when she was looking at the final part treatment roster on school or ther, blue star on your kid, that kidding law at the se, them with a video i need that those are really to bring in my listed eli financial mark, the pdp, but he's in the through i left to lady rather than the with joyce m e. thank goodness to value petroleum le jamini with easily or ah, who did it work that are free with finance is worth of so i want them because you were with us glucagon wasn't
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lou for god is i knew that senior was only because he wasn't. it wasn't for us to potentially dunk a still know what do you know the style box a dock. you know what do you, what was your general? it's broken electrically. sheesh
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ah number with you got going on with the last
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couple chain. yeah, i do have so basic terminology cuz they are asking about a dollar, which if by yeah, please, can i just you and your pl junior or not, but you want, i'm still up with work at least, but she just want to sleep a small up with steel, small it here. i'm actually brimming yet a fictitious cherokee other color, but then you're not supposed to start with that before can provide you. it. does it not nearly richly but no mining company. you're with chase but fox for now. but you can, you do as well. so i'm not really sure if it to pull up a 2nd. yeah. store. there's no will. it's supposed to reach a bill and it was a good who,
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who are you? i a with them maybe. i mean, you hold on, if you give me a continuum of security ah a
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shape out this becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves, well the part we choose to look so common ground a
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a with a
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line you go when you feel i yeah. yes. all right, that you have a nice to way when you send me like why you're still wondering, you know what you get back to me and i met up with you by. i don't know which is so that's not jealous. a bumper select
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a with a a. how some with with, with
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the piano injury the lucky to you after, when you get lucky, you provided with just miss of when it was the thing is carol boshamp. it assured no grind choice uh, consecutively, cortez just on title is configured. so i guess you could do it or she needed somebody out. and i was also has it on bus a my a only did you get a bowling each or
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a new drug with a summer duck mobility with union with when dorothy yeah. blue. if you could give me a call or shoot me a question, if you only for those i do in the whole universe with wishing you finish it yesterday. yeah. that with horse give the run a are where you are. you know? yeah, exactly. it is my who are here with a national chair the arena lashley or just the recording you instead with a washer. why do i listen?
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yes. with it you maria. way know it. what does it? yes. floor got when we have read right away. know, eat the feeling fine. yeah. when we, when usually the quicker with us you really quick is where you what are you. ok. i started the city. yeah. i knew the question of course, but i need is i sure kim with you this? don't make like you how much for your music, you know, the music. yeah. yep. and you're watching new below grading, scale. zip. yeah. you were your real on grassy. if you like golf, but not when you might each good. it is like a might each go where you get the see with
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your players. if you do more. so when you visit with me, my work, it just a moment when you, when school is what's going on with, don't just create a new people are with
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the way it just automatically make it as much as you know. but i did what you got with a
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so soon as she has done yes, most of our store now shall sing. yep. still, unlike chillies been reduced to his bill, a solution i store for you or the store he of course you've not my me and i don't my direct human lowest you and got a major my was nearly at the store. oh, gina, still more started when eve got laid off and i was recently then yes. oh belittle my gift don't store was it which is cora then? yes it is donald taylor. yeah. with schools or to bullock did it just as was just gotta get a minute when you was at least looping. you really would a sion. yeah. oh my dear,
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you get us but i still picked up by schrupo. leach, we used to call and you go, but you nibble. but what do you shania look new pushing or school? luckily channels specially with i was you 3rd law below that i will a blood, boise, they eat boy copper. he said without the will. a slum live, but it's a millennia. but you live in young nursing is that she left a little slower to them in allah is this good just go whisky, gaffer, for she just needs a little well study terminology. they low and terminal in
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a storage. i mean that within a 2 year period, zayden has i did send me another little also boy with a last name for carson with believe we give you
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a lower terminal moves or somebody will put you on a lower terminal delivery cost. yeah. you know, with your company, you know what i mean also, but i didn't know what was in so mm with with a, with a,
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with a news is you will media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe. isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great?
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in a world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah ah ah ah ah, a ah
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ah, sounds parliamentary likes to bounce to read to replace the iran con is prime minister after thousands of the als did lead is supportive to the street to protest removal from power and watch. con is called a us back to you as president biden up, the pressure on new daily against support in russia. doing a virtual summit with india's prime minister, rush is placed here to make love to attend, to evacuated, remaining radical trips from mario pole with the don't by city now, almost completely under russian control. we report from inside the fighting here.


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